The Eric Hasseltine Show 12/08/17 - Hour 2 w/ John Martin & Raptors radio voice Matt Devlin

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, December 8th

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Right it won two World Series championships I'm not mistaken. And blew up the game bolt on. It's bizarre. That's bizarre. They think that. Two or three World Series too heavily to a player of the year that aired Gregg run up like seventeen Atlanta Braves with a strikes on his big east Texas with the was the one when I was there. A little bit and he said leave on Hernandez yeah. They leave on Hernandez threw a curve ball had bounced in the opposite batter's box they're great called strike. Dosage Hulk if he's just getting through today games as possible and then the one where. Doesn't three and nine he says yeah where they rebuilt yet that's what I don't AJ Burnett Josh Beckett they had only has yet and out we didn't get through it and I. Do you have a I do love American athlete and I can't say I disagree with him Christiana and all the security said now. Has no doubt that he is the best soccer player in history as he won his fifth ball alone dole you know belonged or remains now golden ball well. There is physical Moeller golden yeah Colombo. I.'s latest win took him to the same level as Lee and all messy. The most of them honors of the football's most prestigious individual award but speaking at a magazine that. He dole is being dual magazine. That organizes the event Renaldo insisted he is the best no other players want any it may as many individual trophies is me and I'm not only talking. About the ball on the or that says something now. Not only to work on doing in the gym like people think it's a combination of many things legends like Floyd Mayweather LeBron James they didn't get to this level of perfection by chance it must be. Many factors coming together to be at the top and stay there must always have more talent than others you know I respect everyone's performances but I don't see anyone better than me. I always thought that. UBU Cristiano. Is get that stupid bust of yours out of the Portuguese airport. That looks like they are the that is somebody else is like this that's awful isn't it. It's terrible if you haven't seen it go ghoul. Airports statue of Cristiano Ronaldo and it'll go wide. There's a good looking man they didn't exactly make a mock as handsome as they possibly can we're overdue for a break one hour in the books. One hour ago John Martins joins us next we'll talk tigers will tiger is cycled and everything with the one of the co host of the Jason and Josh our next 92 anatomy as you know. We'll look at you 92 million SN ESP. After he had. Its enemies you. Investments this the best Internet eighteen feet and began. Everything that's in home like I experience. Feel so lets you. Like I know perfectly tapped him. She has over seventeen million why I. It also has the fastest. If you get up to five. If your Internet service where they can't eat well you get the idea. 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Apparently is a little under the weather his voice is dropped sixteen octaves and now sounds like he's a 65 year old man I half expect them to have a a shotgun on his porch today yelling get off I wanted to bunch of kids. I doubt about it ever held out at the shotgun and he finally got. PM sephardic guy yet really like at a shooting range of hunting the pistol let us about a actually back and no doubt that Al Gore got all the yeah we we LD had a house said. Don't get broken into. You know every so often because I carry out this you know the one that everybody gathered in an upset. Are they as well today when we gotta gotta. This group of their stride here again to try to told that the credit for the good golf door and shot one dead right my back yard. You did I. I'd stay happy they're not their boss just said hey listen ralphie from Christmas story settle down the red Ryder BB gun you're not taken out black Bart settled down a little bit at yeah about walls suits your eye out kid. Bad shot I gotta go at a rate slowed but not like not not at. At anybody or about a hundred arbitration. So all I needed to lie and I listen I went one time with my dad to adopt club which I am convinced. Is done club was more about guys getting away for the weekend just to be boys and drink and talk all night as. I was a kid so I went to bed but I woke up and they were still like go on strong about 1231 because my first real experience around. Like adult males like booze and it up. And they like they were cool about it like it wasn't out of like wine but I was like OK I get this about the like the next day. These guys are hunters become all for now they think about a might. A crazy is this these guys are up like all night long now they wanna go fire guns and flying things. I just let it get it right now they did and they gave my dad I can't be the shotgun. And it wasn't like posturing thing but like I I moved here and I moved it in a direction whether people on my guys I just reached out. And obviously for obvious reasons now again on me I'm good site is shut the BB gun over the weekend I. There is that you're shooting range to be sent off to forty and that new and their sponsor on the station. It's right there before Kirby wet and actually. And it's well and at what it's anyone's set now towards the mall and supposedly have a says it's nice that never fired a gun. I'm never fired up and in my life where there have been done. The real Russia should chart that's right year. That's what I hear come on exactly what role he wore when he played somebody else in there to stop it settled down. Sent them there should just settle down I gotta I gotta cheered throughout. I got a kid out there did. Do not joke about that back. Crossed as of the few guys that their drops in my. What you did that mean brother and your good dynamic. I can only do I don't mean to be Dion and that stuff I atlas stock. Good news this week for the Memphis Tigers is and I in fact I even. Chat a little bit with their athletic director Tom Bowen via text message and he was incredibly excited about the resigning Mike or Val. Even though it's good that type had to deal it is. How long do you expect him to be here in Memphis one more season two more seasons or do you think he could be a guy. It says say look I'm happy here and I got it rolling year Scott frost this morning are now goal attempt window basically said hey look. The writing was on the wall we can't seeing guys with two and three losses it ranked ahead of us because they were power five and we were group of five. And quite honestly it sounded like it pissed him off and he just said all right screw this I wanna play for a title. I don't know that might marvell is that way but I think every coach wants to try to coach for a national championship. And seemingly in the end today system there's zero chance of that happening empower an amount out of high school. Yeah that's yeah that's why every every great global pop closely could you know I know I applaud like if you read. If you read about it departure. He was he got cold feet you know there have been there already available to leave UCL rightly divided okay. We're undisputed light words twelve and O and you know I'll bubble well and V cast mobile operating and that's not good enough yell and and mark and that's a reminder you know that under this current format as long as you are a group of pipes last opt out by team you're just not gonna get the respect it has also going to be harder kidding man I mean. It could be harder put these you know. Top flight high level group a pilot programs to schedule. You know beat these are Bob opponent you know that would in theory help their case. To crack it play out because. It as we saw on the capable Ohio State you know they had wanted to be able to just play any other team besides Oklahoma. While they're probably that that's got a law that's a win. And what. With only one loft on the right today we maybe probably about a different top four I don't doubt right they're just they're just let let them let go. For a really good out by teams to schedule. Difficult you know late. Out of cartridge so yeah I mean I think that's kind of up it's always been the case right again but it is a reminder. You're better blog as you're in the group of five. I can go about the money Bork because look at what Bible Belt they get by the motivated two point six million dollars. Yeah that that would have liked it would it would not be last in the SEC people making more than bill bill the last. The the lowest paid coach in the SEC that power buy that that'd be cowed by counterstrike and they would get the bottom of the few people thought about the money. It's really about the platform a kind of what you can achieve and what Selig is enough. Yeah that's why I'm surprised quite dark with a Gregg Marshall that was out there about it yet could live look at that got me America quick carpet like. You know it was like you view of the David Dellucci gave him you know happened when you're cover start a bit like you're you're not make it up you know make their debit card. If you do you're not gonna get the you know it sucks blood. Such as light meant that the black. It's wild how in basketball. Like the committee Smart enough to look around and go okay well this team. Even though they lost four or five games. In this team that lost one or two you look at who they play you look at the RPI you look at that can bomb. So many variables that we can get. Duke playing Kentucky we can get. The major games and then we can also get. Games four of the mid majors you can get Central Florida led book without Alabama booked with UCF and they booked with Memphis and in those tournaments you can get those games but it cost of all you said. If I'm Florida State I ain't jumper at the bit if UCF comes knocking on my door donate through it and state rivalry. It'd be a lot of fun for everybody involved and it's a lose lose for Florida State. In two aspects one. You're supposed to beat him so if you don't be dumb. You're looking like all right let's add teams for a state to. If you beat them it's not really you know impress recruits for the second if you lose. The other Crisco blame me I mean we should look at Central Florida if they're out they're beaten Florida State they could be better so it's impossible scheduling your own stated you're in that situation. And then Marty ago. Other teams are gonna want any part of that unless they know you're going to stink out loud when UCF was O 111 I'm sure that we Blu-ray and I'm off thought. Yeah come on here at least you know non power five big. You're a good conference and when Scott frost got it rolling out imagine looking forward they're trying to get people plan and they can't get it. Now that adds to what you know and that's the way it has been and you know what Arabia that if you're at your power five. To do that you know what you said there's really not let you know amid yet the by the way get the pay them. You know come your can be a place so. Why would you want to pay somebody who has the opportunity the potential to beat you in 08 and it in this sort of hypothetical universe. Yet this play Alabama. Right and Alabama led to Alabama beat the crap out of Memphis. Well I guess well the committee you've got to look at that women say yeah the other great went proud ample Barbie bit the way they did you cannot look at that totally respect the bullet calculate program. You know because they're out because the power bother you didn't you know on on a given year is that I get the respect they deserve so. You know let's talk and that's why. That's what the expansion to definitely be very happy and rejoicing that. That Mike you're gonna be here is done and how long going to be here I don't know albeit in some way can happen to rebuild not totally. Like you and I got to go from you know ten wins eleven winter. For wind everything like that. But he got our quarterback which you know that's everything you know before you can add you can have all the leverage what. But a good quarterback in NB AC. It's going to be hard working guy by quarterback he blew it and obviously. One of the best receivers in the code generically Miller. Move for whatever reason get snubbed every single bound to watch western award list. But boy they're still in good condition they've got. You know catcher Taylor junior door oh you've got brought a barrel Henderson. They're bringing so many pieces back. On the job inside the ball a Machida Carter on the view besides they'll still be a desolate bowl team. With particular movie be a little bit more so it's it's a great time to be a bit those cobalt and there's no doubt about it. And the opposite side of that is it's a doubleheader Saturday at FedEx format Saturday night grizzlies game is pretty well. The tickets are pretty well sold out Larry I've talked to the people on they got there's some tickets available tonight but. People gobble up those tickets to see Oklahoma City and to see the grizzlies out there against them. I wonder what the attendance for the and noon start for the tigers against Bryant will be they are winning. They just aren't winning in a manner I think that people are going OK there's hope. I've heard you guys talk about I don't wanna be little point enough but it does seemingly become more obvious he stated. The best move maybe to move in a different direction and just pay it out over the time which is what double the life of the contract. So if you go on for three years you can do it over six. Do you think that you could get a Penny Hardaway and at one point five a year. For six years and say look at we get it it's under paying but if you do this right won't won't make it right by you when it's also in them and we can afford more or. If negated turnaround in two years we can give you more but we just can't afford it right now what do you want that job. I mean what what Bob did liable. You know looking good right now. It goes coach and you don't eat you coach them up coach besides Guatemala. You know I think maybe it would be worth it's salt because ejected jumpsuit and data you've got to jump through so many sort of troops. Tip tip toe where computing world that it could make it so. But he's coaching you'd have to sever ties with you know a new baby well that kid and everything like that so maybe one that's not worth it to him. But I did yeah elicited their victory if you wanted to get college basketball coach. That your aspiration to be done on every level that hey you don't look cool that I wore. And and the universe in the divers your job there taking it would have a heart are beleaguered now I don't like cal other people's money. 'cause everybody's situation is different. Bookings made money over his career I get salad you'd heard I don't banks club should they can they can work out something. Planet salute to put together a package that would be good enough for Caylee if there is a didn't want that dobbs show. In it but getting I think they're still options out there that are. You know more attractive than the current one. You know I think that's the thing yet remember I don't think the next hour they make you gotta be on what I era develop a super extensive fire like this woman was. All but I still think whoever it is could could could do a better job you know given given the our resources here given the players here. I think you just have to beyond its what you did at the Argentinian are convinced administration had to sit down and you need to do so mad and you know figure out you know virtually goal you know look what coveted. If I'll be doing it a good inadequate job in recruiting I think it's a would be no. In between got to get better over the course this either like. I mean there's just such a drop off that you get pat they're taught to guide the Jeremiah Martina Davenport like acts like this team can can you know technically get out of this team. Whatever you get out of it but there's just there's the hard ceiling is our chaplain on. How good and how he gave out any game this team can win or is that just the best it to reality so. Aren't you gotta be all good mid air what it's kinda. What kind of move on from mistakes and I think permit this the sooner they can do that the better off their back and. I at last thing you say are you pro thank you Sandra thanked well how do you think Heidi I'm they I caught hibernate there. It's it's very temporary contracts that none dress didn't take. Look big but to duplicate about it is they may have to do it on purpose you know legged major happened so far it's just kind of happening. CIA to lay it out I I say play it out and throw the dice and don't create a culture of losing you can change some of the pieces let. Don't let guys go out there and get used to losing I wanna see that and I want. I wanted to like Dylan broke seem like they're the culture of adds cool we lose I don't want that decided. Like that I've I've got news Baghdad but I'm doing I'm not doing it. All forever a beautiful. But once she's been so that. A that you know this group please pick situation you know I I I'm trying to maximize it you know because they don't have there's potentially important night Jeter would never happy place. Every single what's it protected in nineteen is it top twelve protected its political Kuwait one through 8 protected in 19. O'clock what are obsolete stuff. That's not like you have you have to hibernate in 2018 and get this year's I don't know this year's pick this just take a copy protected. Love you had to pick bishop a lot larger Tony nineteen south papers that. Worry about twenty nines in 190. That's why I'm trying to maximize the tickle us do that what a bad attitude of the bid there's a good chance that. Like I could I'm of the belief as good if you got a guy like mild Bridget who do contract potentially seven or eight. You know we talk to good intraday to good yes good PW got a guy they could step in and be a contributor for the group and immediately so all the sudden you call it looked like march. By I hope your channel are they Ed miles Linda bridges like who also. Back to an IQ I can feel complicated shot a course that it will it. You know I don't let go to got a big OPEC had accomplished if it instead. Mike comes back this fight I thought we get to eight they call it they have Gupta reported shorts and then I'll jab did you know thirteen I did have a project. And I liked it it it is and I think that's what would you have with here. Is that you're targeting already miles bridges you got to listen busiest I want mock lottery Dion very heightened. Marvin Bagley Luke had done stage Michael Porter. They had a grizzlies and sharing Jackson junior my Obama right after that Colin sexting Kevin Knox Michael bridges then miles bridges Ed and those Utah. I like Baldridge just because you sort of like these that he has electric have been you know good guys. Can do it all he is shooting percentages are pretty good eastern Portuguese are going up. You know he's equally true of they'll obviously Alipay Cogent Carl Lindell. I got all the payload of a god can do those kind of things so yeah Alec are sold out for about bridges are a I would like conflicted. Definitely feel more about them but I have the he's good context it would really work with with my colleague that backcourt so. I'm all in all about bridges to get these sound like. The guy that committed do you like the most immediate contributor so shouting did you get that if you got a bit of all that is trapped. Did you don't have to worry about 2019 because you might be back in the playoffs so. That's that's the best to lead at the best case scenario I don't let it play out like that it's too perfect. But that that would be my job Walgreen bought every course an area. Got around have a great weekend brother Raul I'm sure I'll see it out of the form at some point yeah red. Or I don't know who seemed it's probably not it doesn't sound very telling us now I we've got tickets here what do what do we got. We have two players are getting caught in our lives and we have compared to two more hours. To prepare for tonight's game yes and to prepare for tomorrow night auditor for one. I while we give way to prepare for tonight's game is that another parent here so we'll give away three prayer for tonight's game they are upper deck. And all three are latter pair for Saturday I'm sorry so to repair for tonight's game will be aware right now callers three and four gotta get down here by. 530 that he was in the upper deck color screen for 53537765353776. 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One of those tough years but you gotta go through on every now and then it happens you and I both know that but he's got other than that my friend your ball clubs playing pretty well. Certainly AM Macon some noise in the Eastern Conference been playing even better as of late. As I looked at the numbers don't matter I was curious. The minutes is seemingly are distributed more this year than have banned. In recent years is this kind of concerted effort from Dwane Casey maybe keep guys like. Kyle Lowry Jonas balance used to mark DeRozan. Fresher longer healthier longer and and get them ready for a are hard playoff push come April 1 man. Absolutely I think on the wall at this season and Eric that. I think they understood bald specifically Chico's Carlyle in the margin rose in new. I'd say men's double top five top ten in the league in the moment claim that they needed to back off about it. When you look at the best form of lost or how all this itching roster. Our ball. We're reminds me of the world war of those you can change where you're playing and why it's right and ten players want to have multiple. Minutes why double digit minutes and I've got something that was definitely conservative leopard because. Elections in the last couple of seasons and back out while we waited a year instead of the rules of intrusion. He just signed two year contract and they want to make sure it won't. Yeah he's ready to go on the postseason service you can get porridge there's the when he came scheduled. That all teams at. The wacko. Ball is ball she's been beneficial all global head until one year after each night against Sacramento and the clippers Sunday Monday. And then no more four or five and then you add in the end of the ability to look quite different then bleed early in the year but law on the right. Keeping house managed or under those conditions on the stumble on a personal. You mentioned how I'll get into the depth here momentarily BE talk about Kyle and the development. He was here are right after you left and really I thought. Was she was in trickle it was crazy I tell people all the time. This franchise took a much different turn one early season night in Cleveland. When Kyle went up broke his wrist and and and a couple places was out for the remainder of the year. And then with the subsequent fourth pick the next year the grizzlies took Mike Conley because they weren't sure what they were going to get back. In Kyle Lowry gets traded they give the keys to the car to Conley Conley has turned out had a wonderful career but Kyle's turned into a pretty damn good career himself. It becoming the player he's become. And the leader he's become you see it on a day in day out basis how important is it to that ball club. Well there's a saying in Toronto as crowd also were the raptors. That certainly is and the clothes. You know teachers saying he's a three time all star. I don't think that anybody. Probably open that would be the case after he was traded from Houston's two trauma. But he was given that opportunity to be a need to guard people they need. Point guard for the first time truly in his career trying he's excelled in that they've been the port consecutive. Postseason that's for the first time in franchise history. He's been one mentioned that all star he's to changing offense change this year air insert your game and streams. Well what body's not hidden the ball all too much. They did shooting 41% from three as can double doubles he has five point rebound double bubbles. As well as point assist double doubles and I know that is scoring average is down permissions in the world book. He's really that was you have to disclose short positions in each really bad ash all the lonely level now for the last student. DS scorn almost a 112 game how was the offense changed what are they doing differently. Is it just more pace is it less threes or is it more threes. You lose Terrence Ross the free agency was kind of one of the three point gunners you do bring in CJ miles I and Kyle shoots the three really well DeMar DeRozan is the atypical. NBA player today or he can score everywhere putt that three point line and even cannot get a few there but for first more than mid range drive to the bucket game. What's going on what that offense edits leading into so much success. Well this year in the basketball a couple of things when they got swept in the second round of the Cleveland Cavaliers air. You've decided you're the president Jean so it is time for culture reset that really had a few whip. You have the off that stride where. Are you need to adjust and he's bald with the way that the NBA is going well that's even 65003. Short tempered in the NBA eager to get. 59000. In the last five consecutive years victories have been made in the year prior. And so yes it is breeds but it's also sharing the basketball. And you can look at DeMar DeRozan surgical supply the sister gate. Into the backcourt combination. Of mobile I'll read and Jim Rhodes and sharing the ball. As really elevated this offense and also playing the pace yes they're turning genes over in getting out Enron in which is certainly key. Getting into early offense engage all the great addition. Fred then we done directed at Wichita State can't speak highly enough about what he's been able to do broach it reminds me as I mentioned earlier a little bit. What QB did in the early age here. When you get 15 point one way and another five on your mother right this second five requirement for the raptors they really do a great job. Of pushing the pace playing within immense amount of energy and a combination of ball and it has been successful. That's our. I expect they're fun to watch have always really liked watching this team play and I do wonder. With that death. You know it becomes the question do they they've been act. Active at the trade deadline in the past they want got Serge Ibaka last year they've gone and gotten guys in the past. Do you feel like they're set up with some other young guys if they feel like they can make the run this year where they make a move or they intent on developing. Guys like Jaco fertile or are owed Jian a new book. I don't and out of Indiana they're rookie this year. What do you mean it's hard to predict the future you and I both know that the let's say they stay on this pace in May got a shot. To go get somebody dangling out there on at the trade deadline do you think they'll be active. Won't. Well that the agency to see how credible ball here you got the raptors. I've played huge amount of home games in the east we're back out on the road for four games or I'd walk home heavy schedule. Right around all star and heading down the stretch this season. Couple different things one OG and you know be worse it's expected to be the lottery pick. But unfortunately blew out a neat. Drifted down to 23 spot you're Jewish or excited to out and check for the Toronto Raptors I really felt strongly that there are some people thought. OJ would play until January February that that would be BK city vehicle like this sort of the season. And she is indeed eight NBA. A player that you have to have Beck is that the three. Big he can shoot 23. He can guard multiple positions. Are so why don't necessarily know that he would be a lawyer. That would go either way. And Jaco purple. It's somebody that has great speed. And then also within eight NBA has the ability could go party switch is. And then on the offensive then there's a great job getting on the offensive glass and knows he can't do around the basket are really good show. Yeah it would be interest saying to watch and observe and see what happens but one of the initiatives of the raptors whose band aid not only. Do they want to win there. But they also want to develop talent at the same time it's extremely typical questionable though. To do that and they've been able to do that thus far. And that's not to say that predict when two starter in this week although we remind commission wanted to Jameer Nelson. Maternal certainly has that ability and then OG right now is starting and then you have a Norman Powell coming off the bench she decided extension through. It's played really well since coming off the bench coming back from Minsk injury in the next mother. In bad energy players like a Pascal C Wacom you can rely on the course so just did mix right now. What are the expectations because as a team he says swept the second round by Cleveland everybody kind of just didn't even put them in the conversation when they were talking about this here they were talking about Boston obviously talking about Cleveland people talk about Washington make a mad. That run but I looking like you said a very road heavy scheduled to start the season your fifteen and seven. Hey you know just lurking back there you're nine and one at home though you Marty played twelve road games than other road trip coming up. So it gets a little lighter moving forward in the success they've had. Al on the in their home building leads you to believe that made this team can get into that. 5055. Wins CE LC's inning and get up to where they have home court advantage of the fans expecting more this year they like. Hey look it's it is what it is we got to face LeBron James herb. Boston without lineup. And you gotta go roll the dice in that second round and see what happens in May and put your best foot forward. The world situation here because last year the raptors really had an opportunity to win the east. I think these two games back of Boston and they were created under the regulations and against Boston. And so. I think you need more so now than ever in the NBA the playoffs are all about cheating also all about getting home court advantage. They also all Obama pulled in Cleveland as long you can import the beleaguered they've won thirteen to grow they don't have a cheap and they don't have Jason Thompson silk. I think they could be dead in the west and I understand sort curry yeah it's out right now by our avoid. Golden State as long he can. To see how the postseason Conaty ball to try cheaper directors get back in the Eastern Conference do you think they had the ability. Two win fifty plus games again absolutely. When you analyze their seven losses. It's they play in San Antonio lost state led by. On the road to Golden State in two minutes to go old after the world is in this position are. Coming down KV makes it shock our message is shock her long to shock. No one home lawsuits against Washington. With how child wall. That's when you kind of look back up but it was a person being back after being out for fourteen dates. So we know how travel in west back he needs can expect the team. In their warrant it would be a big faced Boston they didn't have tried re. Raptors have a chance to win it at the end ninety odd man before. Is there and so what do those emissions and shut that I'm content and typically make silk. It's a team that can compete. With I think the best of the Eastern Conference teams but what have we didn't see. As we know. Think they'll Cleveland I know everybody wanted to write Cleveland two weeks ago but how can you with LeBron. And ultimately the Celtics look like. Needed a little bit of a surprise to me each conceded no other youngsters where to restart this year they've been absolutely tremendous and Jason Taylor's bed. I knew sensational. Yeah now they added they they made the right move there there's no doubt about it. I think you guys are I've always liked that squad and my impartial because I'm such a fan Kyle's as a person and I as a player that I always think that you guys are right there is one of those dangerous teams and hopefully that this is the year that they cannot they can break through that had a full year. With Serge Ibaka and Marian and some bigs up there they can really help but should be a lot of fun take it easy on us tonight remember that this is. No this was a place you once called home let's. Let's tell the boys it's no no one necessary beat downs please. Well well look at our. You stayed dead bodies you know last year Marc Gasol put up 42 games to rub out and you never know. Are heading out on the road and I understand you know the grizzlies struggled right now blood. You can't take anybody lightly that's this year. Always appreciated Sam brother look for senior over at the arena tonight thanks and anybody yet I'm mad that one right where former grizzlies television announcer now with the Toronto Raptors we've got. Three pair of tickets for tomorrow night. One pair of tickets to pair of tickets yet I was all confused so I got them all added up front we got to pair yes to pair wanted to hear one of merit. Collars three and four again 53537765353776. Again they are in the upper reserved. You do have to get here by 530. So if you can't do either one of those things. And don't call let somebody else that will get down here and pick them up and go to the game. Use these tickets for the grizzlies and thunder tomorrow night pop socket like they're actually pretty cool I got on the phone. Right now 5353776. When we come back we close out. 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Artists are all football ads coop city so orders are all puts an NBA. In college basketball action here in the city of Memphis this weekend grizzlies have back to back tonight tomorrow night and Memphis Tigers. Taking on Bryant. Tomorrow at noon. What's your outlook on the story. Totally went all three it's going to be tough though right. The Toronto Raptors for those of you that don't wanna know the inside scoops seven and three against the west this year five and three. On the road. The key according to these numbers. I'd keep the raptors under a hundred if at all possible they are one and three so only four times in their twenty games. And now broken the century mark they're fourteen and four and a score over a hundred. They are six and one when they hold their opponents under undersea got to be able to score and hold them off. By the way don't trail against them going into the fourth ready for this. Fifteen times they've had the lead or have been tied going fourth quarter. I'm at times they don't want 151515. And 08 clean slate tonight stuff and then you get a team that's well rested so. It's so cliche prisoners after just worry about tonight and then for worry about tomorrow tigers should be Bryant. But they've dug themselves holes so it's not a surprise me if they lose speculating because they've trailed at halftime there's yeah there's been favorites they were underdogs in northern Kentucky. I honestly don't know much about Bryant aerial know more about their can bomb rating on where they are at. Obvious that all our I am sorry I am not brushed up on my Bryant university. There one NA. Don't think Bryant's very strong as your summer to go with the at least one tiger what are they tiger win. And hopefully we're talking about 211 for sure maybe even 31 I think you get the grizzlies are being you're one of these two over the weekend and then get to game Monday against Miami. You put yourself in a good position. Do then you have a tough game of the Washington you beat Atlanta maybe edit that came to Boston but you've at least tread water in these six games you'd like to try to go foreign to. If you're gonna get back into the mix but if you get at least tread water. And so might get ready to get back which will be probably. I don't on gas and sometime. After Christmas. Get to that Christmas holiday where if you go five and three in these next eight games before Christmas. Then you're don't you're not in as bad a shape as you look but if you go below 500 the next date you're digging a hole that's going to be hard to get out of Rio de real deep. A speed of returns quite Lenard scheduled to return to San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday if you're a Houston Rockets in Golden State Warriors what are you thinking right now because. Spurs are three back for Houston two and a half back from Golden State a did you think San Antonio is gonna catch both those teams. I don't know that they catch him. Houston last night was dominant again they blast the Utah in Utah there's going aren't fourteen game their defense is that a 102 point seven they've won eight straight. The point differential on the lawyer's point differential or both at plus eleven. More than plus eleven so that tells me. Both teams are planet incredibly high level San Antonio will continue to batter they'll win over fifty games but as you and I both know. San Antonio cares not about the regular season other than making sure their home court advantage which I believe they will. I believe they'll be the third seeds can be hard for them to catch the lawyers or the rockets the way it's going right now what it does is it puts pressure. On the lawyers and the rockets to be the ones he is opposed to the two seed. Santonio is going to be the three because you do not want that second round matchup if you can avoid it. If you can just simply. Win a few more games than the other and be the number one seed there's a huge drop off between playing and I don't mean this respectfully that Campbell's. Or the blazers are the nuggets who were all right there around the four seat I don't think the pelicans will be there at the end in terms of the foresee or the jazz were the founder. Com or anybody else entirely but I do believe that's probably gonna go to Minnesota and they're the fourth best team. Big drop off. Spurs. Timberwolves. One team more experienced than anybody can even imagine the next not much experience all of their Jimmy Butler self. That one seeds can be very very titles can be as she watched that race. Baker mayfield it's Heisman to lose tomorrow night Gary at right and it is as. Bryce love isn't really a dynamic player to watch and Stanford run blocks balls anybody in this guy just it's chunk. Runs like team gets teams you child passes. I in terms of child plays as coaches call them plays have like 25 yards or more. But baker mayfield was terrific yes they lost the game. To Iowa State and look a that they struggled in in a couple situations that. Are you a thought maybe I'd say yeah it's gonna take is Heisman Trophy candidate you know possibilities away but. Down the stretch he was just too good and they were too good as a team. You know they finish the season. With eight straight wins they finish at ten and one and I'll win the conference. When the cash and chips they're into the conference. That's what would want us an ounce or ten and one. And you look at his numbers and they're just ridiculous. And look thirteen games against the rules for 4340 yards 41 touchdowns and politics. Energy that 41. Touchdowns. Five picks all by the way he ran for 310 yards but that's. Staffing that's that's it. That's a no brainer and a crazy thing was Lamar Jackson in the beginning of the year was going bananas and we had this kind of flip flop back and forth all quarterbacks. And baker mayfield suspense study other than that one game that they lost. Mean they're thirteen and Elvis is and this is they're not even inviting anybody else. Probably. And then finally best game on the NFL Slade on Sundays the vikings Panthers. Eagles rams or Seahawks jags. Eagles rams no question about it my mind few explosive offenses. The other games ago don't get Iran vikings fans there's only gun I got a lot about Fiat jaguars are as well as the Panthers and vikings I think suits you I think they're both gonna be slug fest I think the jaguars have a real good chance when I came home Seattle's all across the coast. No doubt about it and their defense is legit though little those are put a lot of pressure. On the whole Russell Wilson who. If he wins there and as a big game my plans upright and that MVP stuff up. Are people talk about that we'll come back on our Monday we'll have a Heisman Trophy winner level winner but away just wanna say this for all of those of you that either served in the army or the navy. Enjoy this weekend it is one of the classic traditions in sports have been told so many times by people you've got to go to that game one time I will definitely watch it. Those kids out there play. For the love of the game some of them have MS NFL aspirations but in the end. They're gonna serve our country they deserve our support so if you're on the tube on Saturday watch a little that army navy game in my little love for Ben I'm Eric. GP up next. Go green is go tigers will touch on Monday C. It is because proud to announce we've been selected as the official refuses. We'll stay in the AutoZone liberty bulldozed and deserted look as if he's doing well. 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