The Eric Hasseltine Show 12/08/17 - Hour 1 w/ Bleacher Report's Mike Tanier

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, December 8th

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All right Jewelers are conflicted clause spending the summer seawall. All fifty states. We'll be getting ready for coming to super cuts for our attention to detail and signature hot told finish here not just ready. Super ready check in online today. On ninety. 680. Okay. Sunny yet very chilly. December afternoon went there seems to. Have arrived. As the cold front pushes them. And Memphis Grizzlies got a big weekend in front of them. And some big games in the NFL as well so we will get into all of that double Saturday tomorrow. With the tigers and the greatest. And a classic college football game tomorrow as well as. The announcement of the Heisman memorial. Trophy. So big weekend ahead. Let's get right into each and every Monday through Friday at this very time on his very station we bring you the Aircastle thanks showed originates out of the palatial Entercom radio complex or we call on the studios by the freeway we follow. Go look and lingo we followed Geoff Calkins we immediately follow. Jason and Jon we get you ready for the Gary Parrish experience it and the captains here I mean most Aircastle Diana the senate last resort program one and only known name Benjamin peeled and what's not. We'll still there can go and I am judges get that pops out and they're given away tomorrow Nigeria eerie eerie but undervotes already on the phone it's already popped. Nice socket. Yeah it's cool. I series around Chelsea has one so it it I've seen it before himself but it's cool it's it's a cool little gadget giveaway and it's one that I think the fans will really enjoy tomorrow night is social media and nights for the team so it's a it's a three game homestand. That starts a run for the grizzlies of five of their next six. Essentially. Or find an exit now essentially at home. And if you're going to get back into this at all if there's any chance of that which Jason John Ward more so talking about the the beloved tank job. Which is they've played out but don't worry about wins or losses and actually more preferable if you lose. You enjoy that me and. I did in that here momentarily. Because I do wanna discuss that and I wanna get into it. Here on the program so I yeah I it's. It's one of those tough situations but if you are going to get yourself back into it it's got to happen. Are relatively soon I cannot happen now much more down the road you cannot dig yourself much more of a hole and you're not exactly look at it two. To cut case not that anybody right now for the way this team has been playing as a cupcake but he had to pretty good ball teams are ball clubs coming in including. A team and Oklahoma City you all those struggling still has a lot of talent they lost the Brooklyn. Last night let's give Qiyue it's you the lineup and then we'll get right into it. Other bleacher report's mites are near wall join us in the next segment talk NFL do little rain out put three on the board. Odds to close out our number one John Martin from the Jason John Cho joins us at 3 o'clock in at 320. Former grizzlies television voice now wars of the Toronto Raptors on their television network. Matt Devlin and join us at 320 talk about this year's raptors team and then we'll get to the headlines. And close it out on a Friday and wrap up the week so. Last to get to let's dive right in the notion around town and I've been hearing this quite a bit is that the grizzlies would be better serve you. Either a trademark of soul and rules through it and try to get as many assets as you can or be just keep gunmen. And attain the way that. The way teams have been known to do to just you know play out. It's funny I talked to a former player I don't wanna say what is. I've had a I've known for a long time you use a player back in the late eighties and into the ninety's. And he said he wants played for a coach that came into the locker room and at a get a half hearted speech and using young player economy said one what's this all about he goes hey young Fella. It really is okay if you don't put your best foot forward tonight if you catch what I'm saying. The team is fine for clearly wanted to maximize their potential on the lottery too. I get his go to players they possibly could the guy that I spoke to was eight. Good player could score the basketball so could actually had a handed and possibly winning gay games so. When he heard his coach who wasn't coach much longer say. You know it's okay if you don't really put your best foot forward. He really did not take it because like every other NBA player I've ever met. There are some of the most competitive human beings you'll ever run across which is why as I watched this team and they lost games the one thing I. Haven't questioned. Is the effort have they come out flat in stretches yes how's the ball got stagnant and the offense bogged down yes. Has the effort and there are though I believe it fast and maybe you don't because you see. The slow nature of the offense or the ball sticking in guys not really moving because. The continuity is not there and think that that's a lack of effort I get that I would get if someone's day. I look like a lot of effort to make coming out that third quarter in New York when they got run sixteen dude opening quarter. And say look I can get why you would say that but you also see the effort on the fight their way back into it so. I just look at this and I say hey. You're never gonna convince me. That. You can tell an NBA player don't go out when a game. And they're going to be OK with it in if they are OK with that you don't need that NBA player on your roster. You're never gonna convince me that. Even though everybody does say they're tanking. That players are going to be OK with that some of them won't get it but others may not now sometimes injury dictates this sometimes. Coaches are saying hey look you are not part of our long term future even though you're one of our better players but clearly not Barbara long term future so worried are going to aid trade you or B. Sits you down and take a look you guys that are going to be around Mosul walk well like the lakers did. And they signed big contracts that in the same mas god and World Bank trying to remain competitive in that really lucrative off season. But now neither one of them are there all Deng is there but he basically doesn't even have to show to the arena they're basically told stay home we're not going to. Waste our time. Seeing what you can do we know you can do we need to go on a different direction but we can't trade you is not apply. And I get to people say that's tanking to urge these guys tank you know that's thanking god. It's not something that I think is as liberal as people seem to think it's not throwing around the way people seem to think I had just tank so that easy. It's just not that easy the bottom line in this league is this. Everybody. At some point or another. Pass to take. A tough season pass to take a walk past the take their comeuppance what everyone assay. They have to take. They hit. Either a group of players. Rounding out their time ice getting older. Trades contracts expiring free agents departing whatever it may be you have to take a roster change in turn over. Unless you're San Antonio on and seemingly it just doesn't matter but. And you have to take your lumps. And the question really becomes how quickly can you get back to where you were or even better. After you take that season of taking your lumps and that's why it. This. Focus should be if you don't think that this season is salvageable. There's nobody down there that right now doesn't think this even this season is salvageable whether that's accurate or not you'd be the judge. It hasn't look good the schedule is tough your eight and sixteen. But when you break it down your what. One good stretch of ten games away from being right back get your one stretch of going. Six into. Eight and three. Nine and four in a stretch. And all the sudden you're right back and striking distance I got to do that over a sustained amount of time and that's why. These six games are very critical because five of them are at home it's a really weird twist in the schedule. You played Monday against Washington you played Wednesday on the East Coast you play it back to back home game set. Friday and Saturday this weekend. You're gonna play Monday at home against Miami you're gonna play Wednesday on the East Coast Washington. In your comeback in playoff home back to back on Friday Saturday next week as some of those games and are you game winnable Atlanta's not very good right now. Miami's a team you feel like that's that's one merited. Now the rest of them fairly tough battle how Washington Wizards look Woolsey. But Toronto was good Oklahoma City got talent Boston pretty good when you say they're pretty good. They're pretty good ball club. And so that's and then Mac it's you know a couple of days up before you close it out with two very winnable games if you're playing your basketball. Against. Phoenix and Los Angeles Los Angeles Phoenix in that order to be precise. But nothing can be taken for granted in a sense of urgency with his team. If you wanna be critical pass to ramp up and ramp up immediately. You can not a forward. For this team to come out. And play a lackluster stretches the way they've act they've got to find some model of consistency. And that's. What needs to change immediately if that changes now. Then. You have a shot and if not. Then you can examine I think it's a little too early to talk about. Dumping the roster I think it's a little too early to talk about. Should you just tank should you just get guys healthy. Because we're still not even into the new year but the deeper the hole you dig. The more that talk is going to continue. And it's weird I did an interview today. With a station in Oklahoma City because they're gonna play the drizzly Saturday night I said and you guys were like seven enforce it and we were foreign they reform well. They were for no one going to Dallas with the fact that back with the Dallas Mavericks that essentially looked like you could be six and oh yeah. And you're five and one after that wasn't just seven and four it was five and one. And then seven and four and then the eleven game losing streak command so really you are five and one. Went one and three in your next four games won your fifth game and aired at the seven and four and it all started to come down. Crashing around you with the injury to Mark Prior to Mike Conley and then more so than all the changing and that the shuffling of lineups. No one's gonna feel sorry for at a seven year run in the playoffs it's been wonderful the fan support and great. Considering the situation advanced course in great. And I hope it will remain that way. Throughout that there are people that felt like hey. You guys are the ones up front that. Change the roster you guys are the ones in the front office and in the coaching staff that made the decision to go a different direction from what had been working. And now this is not working and that's frustrating to some people and I get that. Change is inevitable at some point in the NBA. But you do have Marcus all under contract for two more years are fairly reasonable rate you do have Mike Conley locked up for a few more years. And let's be honest. As critical as everybody wasn't Chandler Parsons last year when he has enabled playing granite. He does I was laid back to backs they limit his minutes a little bit he's been productive. It's finding that continuity with this new group of players that's going to be the key though. And it's not like the situation in Miami where you have three superstars. And they start in the first seventeen games I think seven and generate nine or whatever and then 1:21. Of their next morning to you. But it does matter and continuity and understanding of one another's game does matter. So hopefully they can take a big step forward tonight. But just have to start playing more consistently and you have to avoid those stretches like they did or in the final. 34 minutes of the second quarter and the first six minutes. Of the third quarter in New York they were outscored 274. You're not going to overcome stretches where you get outscored by 23 points. As basically saying. For the remaining. 38 minutes of the game you've got outscored your opponent by 24 points are gonna happen not happen. So we'll see if they can come out with a more consistent effort tonight against a very good raptors team led by former raptor grizzlies point guard. Kyle Lowry when we come back we are gonna talk about the NFL. And when we do discuss the NFL talk about the suspension for Rob Gronkowski. Was not about the contract for Roger Goodell talk about a big weekend ahead. Where we have the former number one and number two overall selections or are now leading their teams to potential division titles meeting up this weekend. They matchup between the Eagles and the rams and if you would've said I would be saying that in week fourteen. That the Eagles and rams will be playing the marquee game of the day I would have thought you had been sitting at the bar far too long. But that's the NFL. And so we'll discuss it next with Mike in the air from the Bleacher Report you can tweak program matter Gaza that act and that the golfer. Matt says amen preach on honesty if we are going down go down fighting. Honestly if we are gone down go down fighting hate the thought of taking on purpose I don't think there's a player out there that agrees with banking either so we're on the same boat. Go downswing and try to be as cohesive as you can. And if you lose you lose losing Sox. There's not a person on that plane or in that locker room. On the traveling party that enjoys going to New York can come home of eleven point loss especially any game where you're up by double figures. But it doesn't mean I'll decide to east are gone hey let's see is starting lineup of these five guys that rarely play. And sit Marcus all and to say enjoy the view from the sideline and then working. Take your site. Take your slide. And I know some people don't agree with that as they say if you're not gonna make it anyway you might as will be as bad as possible on I don't agree that you don't read a culture of losing. Because your open for a better chance in the draft lottery. Doesn't seem right. We'll take a break when we come back Mike and you're talking NFL football with us from the Bleacher Report that's next attitude out of MES behind. Let me season is upon us NFL season is full go college football bowl season gonna be here before you know what college basketball heating up. NBA is on every night for these busy times watch the game Bob the party bunch of opportunities above ninety. May was to have drinks and this is Gary Parrish recommended that if you're gonna bottle but why not specifically a bottle. 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Twice as large. Starting at 299 only add Robert Irwin Jewelers. Rough weekend last weekend for the NFL a lot of violence. Kind of a dull game last night. But the saints. And those color rush. Light on why it's looking very. Seventies of them I expected Archie Manning become running out. I'm Dempsey to take a 63 yarder. But nonetheless the falcons running wanted to seventeen as they intercept Drew Brees late. Week fourteen is here. It's not more about everything moving forward Mike and air from bleacher points aren't Brevard joins us now. Make of today's Q&A today the best in sports. Oh and he's you know. Yes. Mike thanks for taking the time how are you today. I'm doing great you're talking about Archie Manning running on the feel we can even get Eli getting stir up controversy also did not take what we can get these days. Am I crazy in that Michael does that mean I was gonna lead with what happened in the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati game and and the grind ask you deal. But MI creek like when I heard that news. I just looked shook my head and just went. You've got to be blank can get me. Like your seasons in the toilet anyway you're going on the road across the country. You don't have any wide receivers or semblance of a running game he's been running for his last I get. He's had a bad year. But if your band Mac could do how do you sleep at night doing that to a guy. That is started 210. Games in a row and it's not like he's benching him for a guy that they took with the top overall pick as the heir apparent. They freight invention for geno Smith. No offense to geno. But his track record isn't exactly going to be you know turn and heads right now I thought it was embarrassing for that organization. If port geno Smith he's always a guy who lied to in the middle of these situations. Even though you just try to show up I got a quarter usually gets. You right it's not fair to him. Is it unfair to him and it was kind of mentality that it was actually bill pulled out there that. Eating get even web ready let off the bench you liked them back up over the rookie isn't ready yet. That's a that's an indictment on your coaching that you know we've seen a lot of brought rookie quarterbacks ready this year and some of the computer and an extremely I'm ready. But I bet you showed that you didn't do your job one that any kind of expose yourself on that. Well what shocks me is how often I see NFL teams who look like they're running it their team the way the guy at the bottom of the fantasy football message board. Seed you know but it circuit oh yeah we're we're we we walked a season. And everybody pension quarterback I don't care regarding put that. And the Hokies aren't supposed to think the way like the angriest guy and around the world record they are looking smarter than that I'm I'm always shocked when they I shouldn't be but I am shocked when they act. Act that way and make decisions that way. Look I get Davis lead and I thought I'll be honest the I honestly believe if you went around the city of new York and said who is Davis lab. You would get. Ever even from people concerned cells die hard giants fans probably for differing answers. And probably 60% of the people would know it Davis Webb was their third round pick for you just mentioned Peter men. And Davis whether Mikey said he scares acting like it's a bad fancy team. We're not even talking about first round draft picks they. They geyser didn't bench towards like what LOU Dolan. That's exactly right and then you know I'll hear and wouldn't you know our let our experts and I I I watched equal plot actually smoking plots are saying you know remember. Remember that bit the head coach in the as the coordinator watched this guy every day and know whether he's ready or not and then. That that's architect if Patrick Kay Hayes and and then there have been those who'd been a head coach and coordinator polluting themselves sometimes they think you guys are ready and not wedge he's quick but that they are I'm going to evaluate she knows met. I because I haven't seen it cappuccinos and give it four years with the jets and off through practice somewhere to get some real art and what you said on a road game with no our receivers look bad offensive line. That's ludicrous that so they that's not good for our decision making that's reactionary knee jerk real decision making. Described as being a good football decision and EC that all too often end up on these. Document my tin ear here on the program how bad was that Steelers tangles. Monday night beyond then afterwards you know they're they're trying to talk to Ben Roethlisberger so they've got to get a quote from a region says that's AFC north upon I was like my man. Look wanna your main guys. And it wasn't a dirty play just edit a horrific injury and then one of your wide receivers just did like. Exactly what they're trying to eliminate from the game and I'd get that it's football. Well when you see a wide receiver take out a linebacker and linebacker is laying on the ground with his hand shaking because he's trying to gather himself. He never sought common. If that's what we're trying to eliminate I get it I get that there rivalry but it. It wasn't a good look Jon Gruden was very vocal about it as was the Monday night crew give me your thoughts on what happened Monday and how bad it was for the game. Well there are a lot of factors there and one was sort of like the weird penalty vector and at separate runs and a different way out. Because I think it's that that pilot play in that brutal play back and attack people the most of satin. First phone to get something like garages a year injury you know those happen in football every few user go back and being Mike Utley is interestingly contains a bet all of retirement added. Adequate we should be depleted it should take us out of the game. Well things like that happen. I think that you have all these extra curriculars so I won't say about it is best. Gillibrand tweeted during the week about the number of personal staff called. Unsportsmanlike. Torn into unnecessary roughness as. In games. And the. Bengals Steelers history over the last five years that it would double any of Iraq rivalry Soviet leader endemic to that particular rivalry we go back whomever playoff games it's that are. What the NFL have to do the Bengals and Steelers are about the play we'll take this up next year as they need this sand. The commissioner Troy Vincent. Derrick Brooks and James thrash about you do the appeals whoever booked for these scenes they're dark they're part practiced Wednesday and Thursday after practice ever had taken me and the NFL itself solve these guys. This is what the expectations are this is what we'll do this and what. That's been happening in this game you've got to get bad injured seriously injured. If you are pro active about it you can get these guys mind right if you keep waiting for after the fact. They get sucked up into the wide re in the AFC are worth and that you did this to be an acquired a stake it sucked up into that take them out of that well for the games starting you can be a living some of these problems before they began I think that would go a long way to help. Talk on my two years and you're here on the program last night was another example on some people's eyes of wife Thursday night football. Needs to go I a lot of injuries Alvin Camara who's been playing so well rookie running back left with a concussion. In their names to go keep going down Kenny but Carl tree Henrikson. I Ted Ginn junior and Michael Thomas. Would temporary you know temporary leaves from the game with injuries. And a lot of people on the same said look this is 100% what happens because we play on Thursday night. Should they start eggs I know there's money involved but at some point for the sake of the game. It does feel like one of the reasons the ratings are down is not just that did the lack of great teams I think it's a little over saturation I think when he talked about NFL football the past when you knew. You have to watch on Sunday and you had to watch on Monday to see your teams they were there and when you mix and in the college game you're talking Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday. There's only so many nights that a lot of people significant others. Male or female at that aren't football fans I'm not gonna just say it's all women. But there's guys MLB football fans as whose wives may love football are gonna say yes sir have the remote and take three and a half hours out of your night. To just watch football and do nothing else. I just feel like this Thursday night game. As much as they may think it drop draws revenue is hurting the game a little bit MI wrong. At thirty years ago you had to look compete with beloved boat was like that that you could easily admit some truly do aside held at all that was. Typical expected to be looking affirmed. And anything more on your computer anything you're on Netflix and every other new scheme that event as life like it as the game itself or better. So it in Beijing and on all these different. Places is harder and harder and harder. Here's the problem we have right now and again yet Wiki that we just saw a game where. The guy everybody wants governor Lamar was quarter to four plays and true greens to walk people was blaming injuries after the game which wish resonate very well. We importantly I should say among fans and this is what you're recruiting supposedly right when and that's how went down. Fans perceived it as an inferior and potentially dangerous product and out of it really is or not you can. Do statistics and on play well you know there aren't really any different and injuries in the game doubled or quadrupled in. Can't perceive it that way and looked at protection as well at all about adding the NFL. Should look at the possibility. Of lowering the birthday package you don't have to eliminate it but lowering yet you have the opening day and Thanksgiving have like three or four of those specials. Don't have a during the baseball playoffs get out of there don't have if you see that you're creating keynesian he can't do what what are we talk to give teams enough of a break between. And and when you lower lake that'd be more of an event. And you can look for the game two you have and you eliminate the injury question that a deal and they injury questions they look you're looking at the door and is on three days rest we got rid of that ability so that you're concerned that that make something implicating him and maybe turner knows about it. I say just go back to the old way they used to do one until the college football season ends. And so we get candidacy you don't duel until December you do that opening night you do the Thanksgiving and then you do woman December. When there's no Thursday night college game is even though your that let fans of the college game in the pro game I think differ a little bit. I think it does overlap and you're you're given. If there's too many choices as you said and so make it so. Now we're hungry to see the playoff races let's put some good games with teams what five weeks maybe make some bye weeks later in the year. Odd and put it in their but it was such a rush to get every team on a nationally televised game. That now a lot of times we just keep crappy football on Thursday night some people are gone. Yeah I think I'll tune in to whatever does or you know whatever my favorite TV show is tonight instead of last night wasn't good either with the officiating. Expects unpaid blood and I is what it is. Give me your thoughts on the Rob Gronkowski situation. How bad was that play he's only he's gonna serve the game suspension but it is this one made. If it happened to let's say he had done that to a quarterback. Or somebody of a bigger name is a suspension longer in your opinion. I think if somebody else did that to Tom Brady yeah yeah absolutely we're right reads I etc. I'm and eat you know that's the problem look at NFL discipline right now it's cracked up koehlke gets a one game suspension that. That seems okay because okay a lot of guys are getting one game suspension lately and then all these guys get one game suspension for a lesser. That's you know what you do is that you choose to do was bad but it it was a rocket. And then it was yeah and and that was never game suspension before and and then that the other guy got a game suspension before that so. It is very inconsistent and the NFL goes on these little ones they kicks and mood swings about what it takes. It doesn't suspensions and it needs to be a little clearer about that so I. I didn't have a problem marketing suspended for a game I was concerned it was going to get overturned because everything gets overturned doubt. What I think should be the case is that suspension and move as far as. Should be limited to extracurricular activities the place. The after the whistle stop eccentric Saturn that's for the suspensions aren't gonna. If you do like milk some guy and he in the open field with a bang bang play and we get that they could cause injuries launch there should be penalties while. You don't get suspended for that because you are just playing the game as a rough game and let's circle back bad decisions to make. Separate that a little bit and we can at least start to make sense a consistent at first looked at this what happens goes well grant it that's that's hard to spend that. Other guys wanted to be an attraction people ought to make a great player over the Merrill Mike Mitchell complained about has great player over the mental. All the roof blew by quarterback throw the ball to reform the iPad is still too. Anyway the gates expanded farm that Barack treaty that the Palestinians without better than what they weren't gods I welcome wanna get suspended anyway. I might as well just Laura my dad probably don't report that that's the worst spot well. I got my Mitchell's comments about that word tremendous and forgot who he said I mean I forgot who the the player was he city it happened to him where. A pass was missed was thrown poorly. And he's doing exactly what he's been taught to do it is a contact sport. But because that guy that he is targeted to hit and that targeting like weeping but has in his sights. Has studio lower. To catch a ball that's missed throne and he is in full speed can't slowdown and all the sudden changes directions he get sting for fifty grand I agree with them. It's crazy I IC clean hits and I hear guys go. Lots of fit that's a 50000 dollar fine if I mean. As much as I aides say and is the father of a five year old. Soon to be six who. Is enamored with watching football with me. Wants to go throw the football seemingly enjoys playing football more than playing basketball on baseball right now is gonna leave me with a decision. But if he does wanna play football and I Letterman trust that they will teach him the right way to do it. He's playing football and I got to know that I know there's a risk involved and I have to decide whether I'm OK with that these guys have already made that decision. And you're playing professional football you go over the middle. You know you're gonna get hit again this is the bottom line as long as it's not dirty as long as you're not common form to the helmet. I think they'd gotten to a point where it's like. What we just play a passing league let's just let's just throw seven on seven and just suck it over the yard and let's play seventy to 63 football. And play flag football of the greatest athletes out there and I didn't and then no one wants to see that either. Well I have part of it is okay if you. Put it fifteen yard penalty or whatever. For how much the how many hit that is. Clearly are unavoidable for the reason is that okay you're still saying this is the full on the state whether it out of what we're not at the football mistakes as you throw 50000 dollar fine and not only penalize a guy that Mike Mitchell a multi multi millionaire that's a big part for him yeah here's what you're saying that the moral mistake you're saying. You're out there doing something at work to perceiving it dirty elegant and his response that will be made it impossible to play this game and you need a separate those saying I don't go up or down not gonna do anything purposely injurious but sometimes guys are gonna get hurt playing this game. That's when alma thing that these are thing. Ordering that we're gonna make you feel bad about yourself we're trying to do this and in the best possible way. Then you're sending all kind of mixed message to all over the place and back again the character and can tripled trickle trickle down the colleges and pretzels I don't like the targeting ejection cool college. Because again he's got to try to make a big place like pepper these circumstances and it's almost like you're a bad person for doing what you're doing. What little woman that you go to noble sport you don't know what this thank you and younger players don't know what to expect and it clear out the message and they depart for everyone to make that decision. I I agree and I think that that's starting your own college is tough when it all guys are watched. I'm Memphis tiger I think he was in the UConn game as a safety name Austin hall who is a really really good football player. And I and I mistakenly thought it was in the site and I wanted to happen and so I thought it was going to be suspended for the next game which they had to have a man. Against navy it was actually in the first half it was a clean hit it was a hit or he just went and did everything that I saw was done right. They review at if he's still toss the kid for the second out it didn't matter to the tigers scored like 89 points that night and UConn was awful. But I had that been a meaningful game. That could've kept to Memphis from doing something that they had never done before I'm going like you guys gotta be kidding me with this I mean let's protect the players yes let's eliminate dirty hits yes. I wouldn't have a problem that they suspended UG Smith Shuster for the taunting. That they hit itself yet he blind sided him but you're taught them. Block and protect your guys I mean like if you're running and they always told us had on a swivel you're not looking you're gonna get backed. And in both football and lacrosse and it was pretty simple I know where your surroundings are. And now it's just I don't know I think because of what battling a player was Tyler I efforts armament Carol tweet it and it was an Andy Dalton asked to Tyler Wright for that that was being discussed that. I don't know I just think it's an interesting situation and it sucks because we're going into a weekend where we have two teams that nobody expected to be here with two quarterbacks. That one wondered if he would ever be any good in your golf the other people wondered Carson once looks OK can you really take it to the next level. Both of them are NDP candidates and it's the game of the weekend that nobody thought would be. And yet most of the talk this week has been about Caracas and about the Steelers in the Bengals and about these hits and I think that's the that's the sad thing about it is. That football game on Sunday is gonna be held a match. It could be hauled back to Detroit the fact that they can look at those which is on fire right now. Which takes based people out of but you're right and that's something and thoughtful look at the reflecting badly on the product. When all of these other stories to work was worried that they won a talent. Get it going back all these things about suspensions are another thing he had up on our wish that they would look at and college as well. If the idea. Maybe a security state big guys up for a series everything got the upper quarter of ladies should speculate the putting these little mini. Things in place can help with the fight can help restore order if you say that. Fire fifteen yard penalty you have to miss the rest of the series because of that hit. I think you create let some some leeway in between for management's serenading a little bit but apparently doesn't he cried the pocketbook and doesn't totally impact the game. OK guys thinking a little bit of speed a little more creative about that I know especially college the solution to everything it punishes student let's think of some other way of doing that that I that are quite like that. You get Manfred take advantage on a cell before busy weekend thanks Mike teleport catch up for the again down the road. Our pleasure take care enjoy your weekend you see your brother Mike in the air right there from the Bleacher Report. You can follow him on Twitter at Mike in the year TA and I eat our talk and and ask how when we come back rang it up put three on the board one young man from Japan has very wealthy. The day and on his way to Los Angeles the play. Possibly two away or the Los Angeles Angels will tell you about a guy you may not have heard of but you should. Scholl hi all coming. Is in Los Angeles Angel. And if you saw the movie this out he may be the Japanese version of Steve Nebraska we'll tell you WiMax ready to manage MES and office. 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I'm not sure exactly how you see a show I shall raise name. Oh Connie. Has agreed to sign with the Los Angeles angels and sunny on the car might be gone who in the hell to show my own time. Well let me go and tell you folks you are seeing the movie this out when one Brendan Fraser and Albert Brooks. He is the second coming of Steve Nebraska the Japanese version only differences. This one at bats left handed. With a sweet enough lefthanded swing that people think he can be a two way player. Oh Hani was put up for bid last week by the Pacific Lee's knee on Tom fighters. For the maximum twenty million dollar posting fee. He had until midnight. On December 22 two agreed to a contract. With the team ready for these number. Oh Johnny was 42 and fifteen with a 252 ERA in a one point 08 whip in five seasons as a pitcher with Nippon com. He hit 286. With 48 homers and a 166. RBIs. 403 games maybe San 403 games 48 homers did the math Major League season as point four bombs maybe 22 bombs point bombs. But apparently his swing is just a thing of beauty. And on Wednesday the angels traded minor league outfielder Jacob Peterson the twins for one million dollars an international bonus money and I came a total of two. Point 315 to spend on their autonomy offer that's what he took. And that's worries that it. He wants to play both ways apparently his fastball. Hits the gun. At a hundred. In his swing is so sweet they may say. Think it a DH spot. While you pitch. It's incredibly difficult to do I've often wondered why some guys don't try to do more often you remember Darren Dreifort. Yeah he was at Wichita State was just they lights out pitcher where and when I say I smashed the ball yet they season as a pinch hitter he was such a good hitter. In college eased to just match but when you get to that. Professional levels they want you folks someone thing you focus on pitching. I look at it like this. If you heard that voted both kids that go to both. And all you're doing for your life as playing baseball right. You're gonna tell me you can't practice pitching for two hours and then get the cage for an hour you can't work on your swing. For an hour a day why you pitch for two hours or work on your mechanics and work on fielding the position. There's funny enough time and a day for guys back on apparently this guy's that good how good Aziz Eric. The angels went from fifty to one to win the World Series to thirty to one in a couple hours. Now is there a wager where I can go to Vegas on if he ends up with the root for the stadium before his first appearance. Legal scalable. I promise you there's a wager though fuel strikeouts when he seven batters on 81 pages. All that's what he that's what Steve Nebraska did in the World Series against cardinals the final strike out one Osborne Earl Smith better known as Ozzie The Wizard of Oz. I've watched that relate to many times on late night TV. I waited many times that it's embarrassing as one of the embarrassing things. But I tell I think there's an embarrassing fact that's yes I've seen this out far too many times. I seem terrible movies are too many times you know I think you know my guilty as pleasures and the movie is an absolute pile of steaming crap in terms of the story line but I loved it because of the surfing scenes. It's called North Shore. Never heard that added you know never did not familiar with the North Shore Ariel now. Gregory Harrison who was in trapper John MD it's a show before your time as well I've heard of he had peoples who wasn't changed quite attractive. But then like nobody else you would ever know. Except for. Every Al Reese is husband Laird Hamilton. Plays the bad guy. Lance Burkhardt. The thirty surfer Lance Burkhardt alone be in the water wetlands Burkhardt. Lesson learned from marsh or it's embarrassing to admit that I own that a one point oh my life. Admin. Ordered in Dodd's. Story number two other day have indeed elevated offensive coordinator Mario Cristobal. Studio head coaching spot I wonder if the ducks aren't thinking to themselves. We could've had. We could've had. Our dad back we could have brought Chip Kelly back we could have had Chip Kelly back him or again instead he's now at UCLA but I don't know that they could have known. That Willie Taggart was gonna fill a vacancy at Florida State because I don't all the people really understood. But a ten year 75 million dollar contract was awaiting Jim both Fisher nonetheless the players. Wanted crystal ball. On Twitter it was reported that they had a seventy plus players signed petition to keep him in as they head coach. And he would indeed assume that duty. Origin was good this year they really took a back step won their quarterback went down for a few weeks. I've watched that can play I can't recall his name right off the top of my head when he's really really good and eased. Not like us scrambling type guy I thought he was and I just and Herbert is his name. And he threw for almost 2000 yards which isn't much in college today and I'm monster running back and Royce Freeman. But this kid. As all the good he's only a sophomore this series 66. To 25 and when he was out they were just a different team had thirteen touchdowns. Three interceptions and really seemingly. Can be. Are really high level player moving forward. When he was in the lineup they lost just one game I came to Arizona State that they lost earlier this season when he was out. They lost four of five and that's what derailed their season so it Mario Cristobal has a good war a relationship. What this young man I think it's the right move Oregon has announced there had coached as you know Tennessee finally has a head coach. And seemingly the coaching carousel is coming to a rapid all his everybody kind of filling. Their open. Are vacancies other baseball news by the way. If you hate the Yankees you made me more because now John Carlos Stanton apparently is open to potentially. Being traded. To the New York Yankees this would not sit well at all in Miami for what reason Benjamin. Because Derek Jeter. Bingo does it is not looked incredibly suspicious. It Derek Jeter's part of a group that buys the Miami Marlins in the first they moved. If this group makes is to trade. A guy who hits the ball to the moon to the Yankees unless they get a king's ransom. I mean they've got to get prospect after prospect after prospect. At least three or four guys they can beat every day rotation Major League Baseball. Position players or pitchers I now have to be everyday pitchers obviously starting they've either got to get good starting pitching and position players that are going to make an impact. I don't know how you can look at this and not be. Incredibly pissed off if you're a Marlins fan. What is that thing judge Stanton has command said that the fourteen she would you know welcome a trade to I think of the four teams that appeared in the league championship series last year right whereas the cardinals and giants already have two deals that the Marlins have I agree like. But this they agreed to do but stay in the one that has final say. If you find out that though. I think you would love a spot on Saint Louis honestly EC said no he is wanna go play for the giant I know that's crazy I think he would absolutely love it I mean just. Because guys think of where they wanted to go and I don't maybe he doesn't maybe he has traveled to Saint Louis and said I'm not a big fan of that city I don't know but that would be like the second coming of Mark McGwire there and. My little thing is if it comes out dead as closer to the season as he gets if he looks like he's not going to get don't and then all the sudden. You get a garbage traded it since the Yankees I think that's where Matt's our global will be under but. A friend of mine of course she's cubs fan in me since the attacks go stand for you and I was like thanks. Act that would surprise me if either of these mining Marlon would season opens next year because of hold snowman and it. Guns they're already selling well we're doing it is tricky Gordon do. I really gets his. Vetted for TDs this is the most incredible PD suspension members in my life. Because if you've seen B Gordon is aren't arms look like pipe cleaners obviously he's not doing to get Jack he's going to recover. But he gets suspended the guy I was hit like 360 last year he's a great. Contact hitter and he gets traded to the coroner's. For basically not gonna go play center field there it's like if you've got all kinds of talent there what is what the world is happening. I don't know is that they can't draw and off they don't feel like they can make enough money at the gate whatever it may be the parts in a really weird part it's in. Over by a Little Havana. And you drive by and on the way from the airport to downtown Miami or to the breakaway area and it doesn't mean it's a beautiful park but it just doesn't seem like they draw well enough to keep these guys and is a very. Oakland Athletics and a mile promised Miami's get people everywhere and got money everywhere. And they get wanna get a good team they should be able to keep probably seen this before they've won two worlds here.