The Eric Hasseltine Show 11/13/17 - Hour 2 w/ Jason Smith & Sports on Earth's Matt Brown

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Monday, November 13th

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They have won their fourth convenient that this location. Besides it being downtown. It's now available by him. Casey and John she. And he's doing work. In the area. And I television whose. Kind of keep being fired home a little. On the subdued side over the monotone. Because they are having its presentation. That's the BMO Bradley Harrison something probably I should listen to them because it's about the developing. A career moving forward with yours right. Most definitely. Something I definitely need militant group is quite probably. I want a guy who does not need to do that because they're show it is enough just. Taken off every day every week is they get better and better Jason and Jon every day eleven to two. If you're not listening to you definitely need to be at one of the holes of that of course is my body Jason Smith who joins me every single Monday. What's up brother. We'll do our attrition or wherever I mean you guys are doing are you guys are doing great I mean I am. Blown away. With how far you guys have come in such a short amount of time it is not easy craft and both of you guys who had never. You know John I don't want to ask but it never really hosted a show. I can't argue yeah no way I mean he's still you know we will all polls give him a little little props but you militarily I know you're the engine driving the train again I can't if you if you an idea let's hear how he talks to you I would I would reach browser you can look at a couple of open hand slaps every now that it's dual port. Well you don't jump at me anymore but what worries is of course it might explode. As well prosecutor doubters Saturday if he does like to ride Bennett a little a little bit don't know but you as a senator and I think you know your list of guests has been fantastic. One of those guys you got on at times has been Mike Moore well. His name obviously is gonna be on the forefront of people's minds but as my normal tell you he's got a concern himself for the winning a football game that's this weekend. You know if you covered tiger bass well even from episode called on all your life I'd I would imagine this is as good as you've seen. I'm not only this football team in football program at the position they're in but that's the way the city feels about them. I don't oldest is definitely a foregone conclusion that he leaves if you look at it he's now you know make it Enron's where there's a ton of high school football talent here. And people it's cool it's cool to be a Memphis Tigers fan like you're not here in the well I root for Tennessean football Memphis basketball you know that that those days are gone I think. Now there are an end and I mean you're you're right that's sensed what we don't know yet is is this how high on the list for some of these schools Mike's going to be. Is your first Georgia it is it is the arkansas' first choices he could you look at and they need. Because he's so what we've got to the first two incidents in Iowa don't take a look at chip or whatever to look at Dan Mullen. But you want around the list two years to your point. About you know it out the door hit me enough. You just feel like. Because of the situated from the what's on the field. And you know you've got Riley and you know you've got into Miller and you look at the timing are you said will you go to court pressure. We don't know Dave Moore is the guy Romo ready Davis is the capsule in terms of charming. It makes sense was cute but to your point you'll you'll know. Where these schools are going to be at when they found when they're ready to come back gold also so a lot left to play out obviously. But what she said earlier short I think you're right it it is a bullet of a different feeling in it struck me as so this weekend warrior in the our Sunday morning you wake up and you look at all of the Holler and college football and couldn't watch or not I'm bomb danced to the turnover chainsaw from Miami. And year you make sure we make sure you are you Robert Ferguson may have been Miller how much I miss. That's a conference we develop our midst Memphis football this weekend it was new to death with a new feeling for me because right. You know you're watching reformation movement that matters now it's relevant so you'd there's something to miss. And here I am saying can. Well gosh we saw those titans are about altering product let's course came on Friday and it was certainly it does Oregon and wolf we'll talk about it but that's what made me. Gosh thank gosh for that they got from the football right now you know that you got that in our view that you got the peach bowl opportunity in common view you can take care. Of all your business it is Eric we've never been in the arms now we're all your hopes are all your hopes so little with the football team displayed the season. And hey. From what we saw Friday I mean it looks like it's going to be alone basketball you're so usually it's the other way around right at least bad and I appeared to go where. Your chart and I don't put all this or hey all right back while pierce staples basketball right well that's say it was a ball so it's it's it's it's unlike anything we've ever. We've never been in times like these in turn led university level department. Yes I got purple ball right now thank god they've got another game on Saturday and because the basketball player and looking so good. Now it was a struggle we'll get an adult clinic in I think also it's it's it granted it's it's not college but that you know having the grizzlies be better than people expected that has all but certainly the football team. It's been you know that's your right it's spend some act I was like you I was like in my hotel room Saturday and go to her wish mental decline. Right now I know I mean I just once of them to stagger for auto. Even that was Friday night I wanted to get more desperate living Friday night and anything in my ward can't match as the otherwise why don't have to watch this terrible Stanford. Washington game right now and so. That's a great feeling to have and that's testament to both. It's both Jessica went that aren't and I only get. Good weather I hope they get their dues or you are at stake Saturday right I'm in good yeah he comes in Europe and eleven they have to stop. He's not just Paramount titles for the monsoon hook Fastenal the forty degrees around they're facing a ninety degree heat that the night's. Football fall weather day that's what I hope that particularly for the programs and what a nice day so we have all been saying that one of the orchestra when one of the Athens you know not. Editor problem but did you know everything wired up their announced gave it to look what. Yet they care that hasn't yet but you have other caught a break with yet you lost this weekend so that you only have to win wanted to travel to you got more Christian. The he had bought into the last week it but this is in each airport around and united we'll take care of business in desperate need to do it all those scores script. This is the first time now we're talking to them about winning a championship. Format that would deviation wet idol so. I think you depart rather I don't like to do about this in the gamer. Don't look at past position that he's impeached you ignore each spoke they should be focused and you sort of there will be on our. Asked me to leave general after the UV this is their I don't we know excuse that would be absolutely. I don't think it would be. Horrible and obviously he wasn't a supporter but you would you would lose that opportunity to born I think that that's it that's its neighbor and it's massive to be that he. It's massive for recruiting is massive bird you know everything that. The school is wanted to do that would make it they're the greatest single football season and that was tiger history and whereabouts that's fantastic and so. I think they'll be ready to go they I I was. Really really pleased with the way they came out against Tulane because I've looked at Tulane team. Is vastly improved and you didn't just overlook that because you never last you're doing gave them fits at one point itself. Certainly good to see that I hate it. Gotta talk about it give me your thoughts on the thus both in my just guys had gone to the break. Jason I watched that game and it's not that I don't know the names because they do because we've talked about the names and Jessica actually is don't know anything about eighty of these guys I don't. Remember ever going into a tiger basketball season right and look at the starting five and go yeah I know something about that are pretty much every one of and it goes to something about the guys coming off the bench at I don't know anything about any of these guests coming to a target. You know we've we've talked him didn't indispensable they would patrol where he beat you at charm and I'd Keokuk it's earned and you know but Jamal Johnson who infallible former NBA player book loud for the you know he's going to be free to be okay good player and but what your right there there's a point where you're watching them the first and you're saying. Well tubby won everywhere you for important Ogletree can and that girl actually look like a basketball payment and welcome Libya be little bit harsh wood bat but it was starting Eric to watch that team on Friday. And receive their first and to see. And at feet and playing Alabama and we said it would it would have shorter and you're looking for your top seven guys if you include column sects in the game and for the FBI investigation. You know the other three got injured. You do you're going to another team that's that's a shell of what it will be pretty forget shorthanded as shale. A vote to talk without program we expect to be this season what got it's got one that's not what I thought Alabama being out there that would show up a couple of opting we all expect them half. And for everything to go right here. Further another 20/20 one foul called Alabama. The other guys that they do you have the the town the one left arm Eddie the freshman Daniel didn't detract him they got they they get a foul trouble the first happened. And your mess until 1112 politicos in the first half but not building I usually end and trailing by halftime saw unstuck Erika at halftime France. This is the least talented tigers basketball fans I think I've seen since stick price. And so you end and that's what you're stuck doing right using it when was the last time. It felt it hoped. And I proper for you know forget trying to be nice at this point because that's what we did. You know in the in the weekly look look we gotta go encouraged my outlook see what they got he claims have got all of them got there are let's see what that that would create a basketball. And that it and that would also be the saving grace remember that all of your windows wait till the predicament. The basketball we don't fight it was for an awful and it it was it it would disrespectful. In the sense that. Chatting to you about it the universe demands about opera Michael quicker and look. I know I'm I'm a reasonable person I know every program as downtime best burned though even she shipped Egypt where we want a few years ago would. Any change in the came back out and that you know what almost are taken wanna know nobody back and protect. Yeah every program bounces back and Eric that's my thing with this well. There was an opportunity here after Josh is out here. To build this thing back up relatively quickly and I think. I think they thought that's what was gonna happen I think they saw with the law she's still here with the weight tubby Smith and coach you talked about a future hall of Famer there's no question about. That this would be a quick fix what they didn't realize was that. Saudis and with that staff. In today there in spirit they're still doing the way the wake up because of years and years ago and I announce other news that won't work at Texas Tech. It will work at minute vote. It will not work with the university that was the only way to more years you gotta hustle got to you know be here fear however since. You know fathers say we you know and heard from W a couple of weeks recall that I would go major what do you mean it's a couple we pulled one week's test he had work to other. I mean are you kidding me so so that's part. Eric that's why I'm. I'm frustrated because they've seen what it does seem to be able to. There's a lack of urgency. In this sense of urgency that I that I and disrespectful Tutu to build cadet program in terms of you know what you cover behind but in terms but also what they're paying you and you resource of the kind of resources they got to. You've seen the pictures of this park to celebrate its one beliefs about it's it's fantastic. To me about facility you know state of the art. You gotta get players in there I thought. So three consisted of Myanmar in more than in the Williamsburg than the in my boards that are on him. Hot stuff you're looking for silverlight and could that's usually the kind of guy who might be optimistic must pay a great wolf if you could still get calendars within next three days you can. Did did you go to would make sure seniors to reclaim well but but air traffic whirlpool ourselves that we look at that roster and say everything will be okay. Also marks got to be done some serious work and any good at all that says the work that that that's steps it will be may not be good enough social our with stones. Well with what we saw on Friday and stunned let's start with the weather blunders they are quite a huge still love. Skill level issues you're not a sort of open couldn't get any better very quick. Yet the most good. I mean listen to produce things. Alabama had the guy that generally just is happy having the uniform planes aren't you. As part of a front of his own where the little white if you look at the chrome did at our noted there is no earthly intention of shooting it'd. Well again until the despaired wait basketball players and does not that. The clip of what it at that guy go on. That's the guy that every college team announced that walked on their kids to hear before the end of the game to tie and jacket three they could have played some or smaller. Could've played division to couldn't wait any night but he wanted to play Alabama he's happy to have the sweats he's happy to have the uniform. He's happy to get in blowouts and in front of the home crowd go out and maybe not chemistry and and get a day out of it in couple that they. I'm not only does not in my I don't know we'll examine mark who our thanks thanks. Whether there people who affair will be into our own country isn't look I think what you can do you can give him a but you can also. Know what's going on behind the scenes and see the way that's that's working and no. But right now it's broken right and right now they're they're not doing an effective job are under a paper for all the criticism over. You got to give Joseph a lead all the credit in the world because at least until the players that didn't have it because the film they got one guy working on the staff over here to discredit the we because I think. If you had Tubby Smith who can coach his tail off I'm never gonna take that away from the city yeah. Do you have tubby Smith and surrounded him with workers got a little off their tails or. We'll bring you haven't held a coaching staff this I think your computer governor Bev cook duck the issue to restore turned to old ways to kind of walk column when I get storm. Our evacuation that you need to step it right on that same page when do all the work on renewable got work together work for a much aware that the problem. I hear it's you know I've talked about this he doesn't have to play the game. Did you know he can do it the right way and he can do it his way you don't have you don't have to play the game that like seemingly everybody's playing. But you at least have to make some sort of effort. And you don't you don't have to play at the same way that you least have to acknowledge that there is a game being played and if you're not going to do it that there are things you still need to do to. Try to find success and I don't look at him like he said he can go to tail off his his record is just speaks for itself. But I I think it's frustrating he said it's not what they're used to here and they wanna see. Results and I guess when I can't blame Memphis fans because it always gotten them. So in on all the people saying oh you're being too hard to be into something too hard is basically saying c'mon dude. You can do it if you care to make your way we'll find success we just once you do it and like he said it's disturbing when you hear a kid's father say when we had heard from a couple weeks will he need. Alcohol problem down or if that's your plan. Exactly are all over the phone so I don't know what you write this instead that we can dial it back it was simple matter though you know what that you're going to be a little better. What you can add that started make them do construction equipment Yahoo!. Yeah that's that's that's that's about it not for what you pay it not for the resources being dumped in the program hum you're not they're not we're never gonna accept mediocrity you're. Copy and wrote down these and we understand we did that we don't try to pull the wool over our. This is not going to be that they NHT could win it Lucas still believe. I think at the end point right there always appreciated my friend Noelle proceeded back at the ranch tomorrow. Tucker I noticed Smith right there you solemn. On the Twitter and you listen their show every day from eleven to you Jason and Jon then we had a quick break when we come back. Sports on our spat. He is gonna join us Matt Brown's gonna join us talking college football. He had a piece about bush Jones will talk him get his thoughts on who he thinks should replace. The bush Jones at Tennessee and what this past weekend did for the the cultural pull shake up that what he thinks the a result will be. With the final fourteen doesn't think Auburn has a shot I mean obviously they have a shot that doesn't think Palmer will be too. Alabama in the Iron Bowl and send everybody into a Tizzy is their who should be there are so Woolsey. Mack Brown joins us next in sports on her body to have an ESPN Memphis. He's 63. Gasoline was thirty cents a share. They hillbillies was number. How long these stories Wally tiger. Those service sector is. Players surged thirteen. Locations of. PC. 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With this upcoming four game homestand you want pregame or postgame. Entertainment and food and drink and make local. A stop on your destination that night local locally owned and operated of course as we said. Their slogan is eat drink play they do what they limit local is fantastic day of local track today local. Downtown on main street or in midtown on the square on Madison avenue featuring play a local. Matt brown. Comes counts triple for sports on earth he joins us now let's meet today's Q&A today best in sports. Oh now he's. Matt always good to have you on by a appreciate the time tell me about the Tennessee coaching situation who do you think he's the right candidate I put my add two cents in earlier on the program for Chip Kelly. Wow. I think Chip Kelly will be a home run for anybody I don't know if you would like the Tenet the situation right now. One you know what one of the biggest culprit has he would back. As much as. Those in Knoxville don't wanna you're at it. Florida is the better more attractive job mostly because of it recruiting territory occupied there. And that's gonna be true first it's got brought. Is okay earlier those schools or could look at Nebraska which would be different recently and there are. If Beecher particularly who. I still have some skepticism about whether both feet chipped in the FT CU could be seen they've really dislike all of the responsibility that they had killed beyond that he did actually coaching football right and there's a lot of pressure especially at a place like Tennessee that. Hasn't won the way it wanted to win any in the last decade. You know I think. I think. I get noted that the possibility you have to make that all discovered they should be our insurer rescued everybody should be calling too Kelly right. They are British because Scott brought to and may be spoken of but don't wanna hear it but and that he should absolutely be going Mike ravel so. Right now I think people understand in Memphis about that this guy frosting is interesting to me because everybody seemingly just assumes. He wants to go to Nebraska I think Scott frost the Florida makes way more sense he's dirty get footprint. In that state I think you restate its Central Florida makes sense but you know it's hard to turn down. 34 million dollars a year more than you're making right now. I easy for me to say that but he's got a great gig gonna Central Florida he's got this stamp on that on that stage. And I think that that makes more sense to me than him going back to Nebraska just because he played there that Nebraska program just not. What it once was and I know he would love to take it back there but I don't think it's as easy as people make it seem. Yeah you know I don't know I can't speak for what Scott fraught with faith in but it seemed like eight the open like Hedberg was parked situation here has started to. You have a better chance to win there we know that you know they're. In great recruiting territory they've won. That's at the championship that century. You know despite he'd probably very well you can win their you can win their quickly you can win at a high level quickly. Just as they walked up on the ballot UPS and that there would be Kiki what he took that job he was elected. That he wanted a place where he could recruit and waited and continue to be a better chance to prove himself and liked it lower and power pipe jock. And you've you've done that quickly and built a reputation and I think that if Florida didn't get Chip Kelly get fish go for Scott well. Slept yet. We never know how much he all of a moderate going to be a whole way they're going to pay a lot of money it for the right coach vacancy that we know that. But it's just so hard to recoup the Nebraska right now it's not the ninetieth about eating outside that there are. I must go flat compared don't want to hear it if things have changed and it. It feeling for that program that may be what counts but rather than being the most powerful or waiting it out football and being lookup and good but they'd be our coach to get there. And given what Scott trot has done. And a decision he made I would think you more likely to pick the Florida job but and you never know about how much attractive bits be the album mater old. Right Todd and Matt brown here on on the program from sports aren't covered college football and I think that that's. That to me is what she would you just said is is a reason why I think it to Florida's is much more attractive either way. Let's be honest about it both of those teams need someone who's going to make football fun again it's just mind blowing to me to think. That it is boring to watch Florida and it is boring to watch Tennessee football right now. And we look in the NFL and you see. What the rams have done when they got away from what Jeff Fisher system was an almost people that were taken your golf was going to be this huge bust now just like an MVP candidate. Because they simply open at all it's even easier to me to do so. I think in college football night I see what you're saying about Chip Kelly. But that's the reason that name came to mind is we go out in and run it up and he just it was this goes on kids at LA. The origin. So that's where I just you know you make a phone call you back to Brinks truck up and say how much is it gonna pay to. Because if they make it fun it's going to benefit down. In the long run without question but like you said maybe if he doesn't want all the duties that do come with being an SEC coach and there are a lot of them the coaches' shows and things like that. Then maybe it's not the right fit forum. Seemingly though we've seen Nick Saban would take over a job and he doesn't dual that the things that way that. That some of the other programs would like him to do either but he's got some rings that allow him to to be that way what are this weekend do. In terms of the shakedown play Alabama Auburn now has a whole different level of of interest. From around the country Wisconsin was so dominant it's hard for me to not think. That even with this spore was scheduled to have the way they've played that they don't. Get the nod as well they did this weekend what Kay just how crazy did it make things in your opinion. I thought it could offer some clarity at some respect from them creeping that another aspect that you are the big it equated to one. Yet he's he got interesting because all you're. You know we cut output yet and yet they can routinely get to in Alabama endure to workers and shoulders above a bill. And now offer comes out and make it clear that you know if you Q what is the rate than Alabama got to go to Jordan Eric. There are banged up or besides there obviously really good or Alabama there're there're top. You can't national title contender like always. But it's still not going to be an easy match up with the way Auburn is playing right now. So you certainly can't account the tiger and air can you tolerate it got them in that operate in order to all the the thing you have Miami. I think he raped you mile up the my am. You know they've played really well get predict act last week Yury a lot of those doubts after all the coat went that in that week to get. Do what they degenerate who deserve to be ranked number three going into last week and Miami shut down their running game made big plays on defense. You know I don't I don't go to Miami the national championship team that they deserve to be right I have the number two of my key ballot. I think if you raised doubts as to whether they are playoff contender. And in the third they don't say that. I think this week. Might have had a shot I'd theory I mean I don't see how big commitment to going to lose sight but now given what has happened at stake on Barkley given. That price below bids it. Pretty much unnoticed playing and you know I at midnight. On entry off Stanford and they can make all of a freebie most memorable performances of the year when you look at our state of Oklahoma State and then last week. Against by far the best defense in the big twelve be it 300 yards in the first half. The easy it can be really hard to lose sight. It's crazy to you because you think about. Where it was an an M at one point early in the season they were talking about them. Especially if they beat Ohio State Nancy Kwan Barkley was so good. And it's kind of an EEE I agree with you put it is an awkward year were it it it's taken us this long to get to this point usually we have a pretty good grasp of it. It is shifted. Multiple times and if they get to the playoffs NIA you know of if they're rolling right along and and which by all accounts are going to do. I think it is the right choice. As well you know you were talking about the the clarity in the SEC. Or you don't like it did it basically puts that emphasis on their what kind of shot do you give all burned to knock off. Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Encapsulates everything that there was a reason hurt nearly all of the reason why you people Ohio and Auburn the week we're going into the year. But I kind of were put on display on Saturday against Georgia I mean I wasn't a fluke when they're irrespective of Dorgan critical mistake I'm part of that. That helped operate and run away with it but all the members of the dominant team on game and look at. They're you know pro V. Uncertainty around all of the past couple years to cut the color. Overshadowed just how much better than you and the stock each year were you present to improve. Over the last 34 years in the epic really good. Good because the other recruit welcome them steal the lid on the credit side what do you hired a fantastic job without all the defense he took the fun nasty end. They believe it or dissolve the blood look at weakness again so you have got the fact carry out celebrate his. The fourth down a bit guilty you've been I don't know that he can't win the hunt the may be a sleeper contender to get the New York. I've been searched for them it quietly played really well you know kind of forgotten when he was back. Eleven times or whatever wanted to compliment. But you've got a really really efficient it is the eleventh nationally and at the rating ever get over nine yard attempts. You add all that up at all but it's fixed a lot of the problem it's a critic but got mauled bum for Howell. If they got conservative I blew that lead against LSU but yeah they're they're kind of clicking now and so poppy stable when they needed them. I am I if I would I'm going to pick Alabama when that came up short because why would you don't have a blight. You know at that Jordan Eric it's up click play at an Auburn. We saw mr. B state run the ball a little bit better than expected against Alabama with some of the injury the Crimson Tide have been combined that with a disruption. The Auburn defensive front is able create. They absolutely have a chance. You know it's funny you mention that conservative and and does smiles on and going back to what you said about Miami it's so interest do you see. Where these teams have. Have come from because. It offers put themselves back in worse they beat Alabama and they may win the SEC title game it's gonna be hard to tell them no you're not in the playoffs because. We look at them how strong the SEC is. Yet that they're they were dominate that half against those you just think if they want that team record they would update but it would be a whole different scenario that we're looking at. Right now as we talk with Matt brown and Miami's the same and I want your thoughts on Miami because. I was not on I was not on the bandwagon I really wasn't I thought Virginia Tech was gonna get them. And then this week has just like I just I don't see how Notre Dame doesn't win this game by a touchdown but. You know the line staying where it did to omitted that the boys in Vegas is the boys in the desert Brett prosper dot com noose on them. But that was Chester throttling a hole for the field I mean yeah defterios make an incredible catches and it in an offense that. You know thriving off what the defense didn't move the football. And you know wasn't great the offense did just like at the school where the defense had a big hand in that put. That's a team that barely escaped eating a bad North Carolina team this year that had plenty of chances. They get a blemish on the record but seemingly somehow always found a way to win. And now there's a rank where they belong I agree with you I think when this thing comes out I think it's I think it's gonna be Alabama won I think Miami's two. I think Oklahoma should be three and I honestly think Wisconsin with how well they played in the way they dominated Iowa should before. The fact that cape community dive on the board without the script that bump on my if you ballot but you know competent. You can look at what they did. You know Iowa port 55 point button at Ohio State now that would never be explained but he still did unequivocally vote that game or cup and help them the sixty thick dark so early rightly important. To pick sixes so. Threatened if I'm very much Dave with confidence even as early good defensively and they run the ball well with Jonathan Taylor a freshman so. Look at big old reputed to have been left they'll have true enough that they you know the way they beat Iowa. If they beat Michigan that we can that they'd be presumably Ohio State in the Big Ten title game they will have earned their spot. And I. I don't think we're going to do that but I think they have a chance to do. So it certainly makes things literally drifting down the stretch here it would help in a Miami have been met with somewhat skeptical the ball you've been bought. Another dog playing well right now Miami yet at who fought that team that ranked. In the top fifteen nationally and all but the deeper than yards per play and they're they're applaud the little inconsistent. But there are pretty complete team could very well coached obviously it's just Mark Richt and I have been rejuvenated your mini he has done a great job with that defense and honestly I'm mad at myself because actually go to one of the first people on the Miami bandwagon I wrote a column saying they can win me feedback and what may or June. And I did actually take them to do it and I could have been a little bit more old with that I want them and now you're they are where. They if he's the only neutral Gilligan and they'll actually have a great job we're looking at. Should be really interesting to see how this so. How it all shakes out in the next couple weeks Matt always appreciate that my friend can't thank you enough for for joining us and let's talk soon. I've Matt brown from sports on earth. As I would break down a little college football always cool to see. An NBA hall of Famer just coming out and playing a little ball that would make the Bucs head coach Jason Kidd had come out shoot around a little bit got baskets and here I cannot say so taken a few pictures with them. I and it's wild to think of the guys that I knew and it does seem to those high school. Are needed don't personally but we art school played against him it was one of the best rivalries in high school basketball. Going in the Bay Area back in the day he was a superstar from the word go. In high school and I stood at a job with this boxing should be really it's NC. Tonight's action we'll talk about that and a whole lot more when we get the headlines next Aircastle then joked that he united Femi espionage that's good. For live coverage the Memphis Grizzlies in the Milwaukee Bucks game tonight on 99 FM ESPN grizzlies pregame with Gary Darcy 630 with the play by play at 7 o'clock. Eric Cassell tying Hank gal on the call. 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Right they're 5465. Blocks circle plaza Leonard's pit barbecue sermon a hundred champions. Since 1922. That hope in you and I've been over their for the buffs say they pay US farm raised catfish. Just about every single day either open Sunday through Thursday eleven at 230. Friday and Saturday 114. Leonard's pit barbecue. Listen the bottom line as you wanna walking hungry you will the only with a smile on your face why because Leonard's knows what's. People need and watch they know how to. Philly your belly and keep you satisfied. And listen a side. And a guy that loves to. Over indulgent Leonard's can they can can accommodate that very very easily with that ball say. With all the great stuff on their but if you're not hungry enough for Boston and I understand that duke. He had a grateful 94 as well the big wondered then you have the brisket sandwich I was that it was delicious it was delicious. So delicious that we didn't get chance to a split off in fact we are gonna pick if we're gonna do half of that you know the old couple thing which you have made me feel little creepy as it was anyway. But you're gonna take half of the big Leonard and then asking you have to Christensen counselor promise you looked up but the big honor and it was gone because I crushed it. I did Chad possible dominates us is those bullish as we have the ribs they sent some of those over the station a couple of times. And trust me when I tell you they do not last very long. When they come to the radio station Leonard's pit barbecue. Again serve and hungry man eons since 19225465. Fox plaza drive check it out such a cool restaurant as well all kinds in this doubted count memorabilia and stuff. And really down to earth just go. Ole southern cooking and barbecue stuff that wolf really upright Leonard's pit barbecue swing on by the launch tomorrow 11 AM to 2 PM Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday at 230 I should say sunny answers Friday and Saturday 11 AM to four letters pit barbecue walking hungry leave with a smile on your face Ben Hogan. Let's do the headlines. Right grizzlies bucks tonight in Milwaukee where you are which take about two inches. Very tough. This is a different looking box team than what started the year the addition of Eric Bledsoe really gives Jason Kidd an opportunity for this team to play fast and that is where they're going to be incredibly dangerous. You get got us on the co poll out in the open space and good night did it suits. It's a wrap and that's why is averaging almost 32 points tonight Chris Middleton. Is a very very good shooters well he's not shooting the ball particularly well this year. He's under 30% but he had a 43 point game they've got guys that can put the ball bucket Bledsoe is a game time decision tonight from what I'm hearing but if he does go. At a pinch did you think about this box team and it's Jabari Parker can come back at all which is a big gift because we're talking about a young man. On who unfortunately has had two bad knee injuries and you just hope you can. Give them something but they've they've got they got the makings to be really exciting team. They got a beautiful new arena being built right next door which is crazy because last year we are here right around same time. There was not a little bit and you pulled up to date it was like. All you know why can't add things up already show that I'm like wow Michael Wallace it. And off I just an arena being built so fast I would out of the hard time thinking I didn't do it right though so. Basketball or Milwaukee's going really well right now Jason Kidd got a good to go on so it should be fun tonight grizzlies are gonna have to. Find a way to slow wanted to combo down as best as possible here's the crazy thing about Jonas. He scored 31 point seven ranked so first thing that comes your mind is like volume shooter ray he's just chalk it. Not if it's not out of the you know that's not totally inaccurate promise he shooting 59 point 4% from the field. So he's taken twenty shots a game all you know a little over twenty game. It's actually placate the point wanna game I don't know how it's it's 250 attempts. But he's making almost 60% of them and he's not doing it from three he's only thirty point 4% three point shooter. So it's just like all my gosh this duties just driving to the Iraq on a regular basis he's a good foul shooter not Corey. Chris doesn't have their hands full in this piece of the games. There you know swing your record in the positive than negative you think about this it's a five game road trip essentially it was broken up at a two trips they went tonight their three into. And that's all you can grasp. When eagle on protein dole played all above 50500 on the road. That's what you are looking for that loss in Houston. You know David there's no I talked today for the coach's corner Ernie does that look we just didn't. We didn't come out with the same sense of urgency. That they did and that's partially army but on our guys as well they the grizzlies have to really. I hate to say it this way they base they have to ramp up I think more than than usual because. Dayton they right now are no longer going to surprise you because there is going to look there there are again. And their reputation precedes them now Seoul. Hopefully they'll come out ready to go Kazaa it's not as boxing could run right by here. Don't have the the feet up on the plane just yet they come out ready and ready Iraq general. NFL action going on tonight Monday Night Football dolphins once again in a feature game. In the NFL there take a look at there's Panthers are favored by nine at home who doesn't need more dolphins football on primetime right I mean it's like every single week it seems like the dolphins are on Thursday night or Sunday nighter Monday night it's three weeks in a row. The winds high and mean and nine point spread the Carolinas and playing really well. And what we've been seeing I think in the NFL is the good teams have been playing well continue to play well the rams yesterday just stomping. The the Houston Texans that the vikings continuing to play excellent football. You don't were watching these teams that are playing really well continue to play really well. The dolphins really wasn't as close with the raiders is they made it look at the end where they got a late touchdown and two point conversion and cut it to three. But the raiders kind of dominated that game in the second half and even in the first half. You know after Jay Cutler got off on off to a great start that that's the crazy thing about that office. It is you know Adam case brought in particular to supposedly he knew the offense that they can't score. Now in the beginning and it seems like if they're they're they're awful if you dig yourself a hole on the road Ramona football. It's gonna be really tough column I am gonna be interest to deceive what did the panthers' offense continues to look like without. Kelvin Benjamin because that was that was a big time target for Cam Newton I just have to trade and make no sense. To me whatsoever and painters are right there and how are you gonna give him away and let's. You just really don't feel like he's part of the future and DeVon conscious is is everything you need him to be so. I don't know I I I think the Panthers win I think nine is a lot delayed but you know in today's NFL it's not seemingly so one home teams are just blasting opponents lately. I'd take the points but I take the Panthers on the but to win the game straight up. All right stick in the NFL. I report coming from CBS sports that last ditch effort probably not going to happen there is a possibility. Several owners are looking at possibly removing Jerry Jones is owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Easier I don't know how you can. I can you do that. I think that if they would have to fight they were all up to vote in favor of him doing something detrimental to the wellbeing of the league itself in the wealthy students there we have. If he sues the league over Roger Goodell we get into the Roger Goodell contract situation. Entering an output three on the board because as I said in an hour ago and I'll reiterate. Roger Goodell lost his dam mine and it asked him that much money and never use some private jet for the rest of his like c'mon do first of all why not guess right if. He million dollars from each week which is 860%. Salaries and I get it. His point is and I can see were seated him from his look at the owners going yo I am making you guys money hand over fist the league is as strong as it's ever been. Our TV contract is gold. You guys are walk into the bank every single week. Because of me and what I've done which I don't think his 100% true. Roger Goodell caught the NFL the perfect time. The perfect time being that people were disenchanted with baseball because of the PD's. People were wanting to be a continued it could still NFL fan don't. Fantasy football. Has absolutely. Given that the NFL I think he huge shock me I think it's why the NFL as one they are as one of the big reasons fantasy football it's an once of you know it's a once a week event each game. And you know you've got other sports experience what basketball is is really to me taken steps forwards as well. Because it's exciting again and you get guys plant open implant three. So get Ellis is kind of you know behind this but not really took me. And so you know with the going back to the Jerry Jones thing to remove them. It's the most valuable franchise. In. The sport in American professional sports. Arguably the most recognized professional team in any sport in any league in America. I think it's you you're that that's. You got a better chance of winning a lottery go point powerball tonight there's that are Mega Millions. It tomorrow night whatever it's if it's not gonna happen and I get it like that the owners are looking at Jerry Jones going yo dude you're not you're not helping the cause right now it's not helping because you're hurt the cause. I don't see anyway this gets them. The Steelers have done it again they're touchdown celebrations yesterday ginger Smith Shuster live beyond bell reenacted. AJ green Jalen Rainsy fight. That was also didn't think it. First of all they need to worry about playing a little bit better football than they did against the Indianapolis so as not. That offense should let the colts up like Christmas tree come on did it that was so disappointing. To look at and the total zone and oh yeah I mean they're dead they should've had just monster numbers put. In the end wins a win and they're they're great I love the celebrations I love the Canadian League one where they did the limbo they used a player is the as the limbo stick so that was I am a mall for this man I. I think it's very I think it's crazy when players have gone into view. You know I don't feel much sympathy for Mark Ingram. Going into the stands in buffalo and end you don't get in beards or on the yeah you you're out at home we're what you you win like that's those are fans of the other team. And people are crazy just think about that today. Because he sought a couple of times and we saw what in Tennessee led 11 lady came up it was just double burden whoever was for the Bengals yesterday. We were drive has perfect yet and we were driving in Q. You know the Staples Center or play the lakers last Sunday. And we get these guys stand outside and wait for the bus the Poland you know double burden us I skeletons. Shook my head. And I thought about it animal like that. You know if you get someone that it doesn't wanna be disrespect it like that these guys you know this it was just us. Average looking guy probably about 58 about a buck sixty skinny. Mike did you double bird someone that's 648 in 230 pounds and they cannot want peace either keep double burden I'm not you know people don't think about that. But I'm all for haven't fund that you just have to realize where you are when you do and so I'm I'm I'm down with the Steelers and the and the re enactment can speak pretty detailed and McKenzie fully fit and it was just fantastic. Thoughts on Martellus Bennett. Black knights. There's things bizarre and or in Green Bay and the Packers. Let him go and you know a lot of people thought they were let them go some to go retire and then they say he's got a point Lieberman whatever he's saying that the team doctors were. Don't on this Martin got it and he goes out and plays for New England so it's like out I don't know what the think he's he's a patriot now. You know he's he's got all the talent in the world there that'll tell the world he's obviously I think towards the tail end of his career but. Did do was a really good tight end you know originally drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and you know local was never gonna out play Jason Witten who just kept you know rolled along with age. Police had a nice career so I don't know I didn't really hard for me to understand what's happening there because. One minute you think you guys Don and when they sign an agreement I was excited because I thought all right that gives them a weapon now he's back in the win one. As a chance to finish it out Cole does knock yourself out and and in right off in the sunset if that's what you gonna do or stay there for another year after this. And finally Carlos Beltran announcing his retirement from Major League Baseball got a World Series ring with the Houston Astros this year if all is the all Famer. I don't think so but he's close you know he's got over 400 home runs he he hit. Below 300 but not that far below 300. Played well over 2000 games. Really really good player really really really good player. But I don't abilities wholesale and I don't think the committee he may get it on a veterans committee vote down the road but I don't think you'll get voted in. By the writers but I'll counts he was a good guy too like other forget John Miller when I would go home for the summer when he was with the giants. You wouldn't say Carlos culture on you it's a Carlos don't talk like that didn't like but why do you say it into an adult job and I just drove me nuts. Listening to open John Miller so go to these Grassley who might act or critique. One of the greatest baseball announcers of all time but. I'll never forget that that's what ever think of Karl's thoughts on a ticket yelling at the radio once someone I heard John Miller goes and here's steps into the plate Beltran and my distance belch Carlos Beltran liked ultra just say ultra. And now he was really really good and I was happy to see him get a chance to win a World Series which he did. But I don't volleys also have a really deploy them. Do you take you Betty if he didn't hold on as long he may have been because he is like them. The best postseason hitter for five years Spain when you have the Mets and then back are the Astros dispersed them with them. There's no doubt he was clutch he was clutch wanna mattered most and the game was big he was he was as good as it got no there's no doubt I don't think so I don't think he held on and I just was. Tripping over himself in the outfield name Willie Mays when it was planned for the Mets was a shadow of what he was. When he wrapped up his career and nobody thought about that you'll remember belts on for exactly what you said that he was a great post season hitter. Really good player all star caliber player with hall of Famer. Still if Fred address not a hall of fame Carlos Beltran should be all right my fair enough I am a Fred McGriff guy you know that you know I'm on the down side dog trained for all the numbers he put up. And literally gets zero talk about it because. He didn't use the PD's but put up numbers and and any other generation are hall of fame worthy but because he was so overshadowed by the guys that 5060 bombs a year. Nobody thought of that way and so that's that's kind of the the thing you're running into now some of these experts. Hello player held a career to say police and you play twenty years in the majors that's something to say. I don't do thrust GP volunteers we appreciate everybody's time today will be back with you tomorrow back in studio. For Ben I'm Eric gray is bucks in a few hours until that time. So yeah. First let's we'll just. Brady took place as the cantv. In week in every thirteen through nineteen. Downtown restaurants are free three course dinner for just twenty dollars and seventy. Ocean seventy. When you're congested grill. The reservations. Audiences go. Source opportunity sales event is going on now. Via series is the best selling diesel utility vehicle in the industry sitting in the stands for being durable and will. Right now you can get long term financing is closer oversea and eight PR for the 48 months or break customer instantly. At December 31 when some CS or go to promoted usaid dot com. This is sim golf and you've heard me on this and other stations for years. Many of you know make. Do standing up for Memphis for a long. I am running for Shelby county commission district seven. 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