The Eric Hasseltine Show 11/13/17 - Hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Monday, November 13th

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The knock off the Milwaukee Bucks who have bolstered their roster with a trade adding Eric Bledsoe from the Phoenix Suns. And boasts. The brightest young superstar in the NBA right now and be honest I in the bulls' scoring. 31 point seven points a game he is sensation we'll talk about that but the big news today. In sports in the Tennessee area of course is the removal of Butch Jones is that coach of the Tennessee Volunteers and we will discuss that. As well each and every Monday through Friday at this very time on this very station we bring you the Aircastle to ensure originates. The palatial Entercom radio complex in the Sunbelt rentals studios Sunbelt rentals 1800 no sweat appropriate when you mention. That you heard on the show you get 10% off your first equipment rental was Sunbelt rentals. Sunbelt rentals dot com on the web Sunbelt rentals 1800 no sweat any job big or small Sunbelt rentals can help you with them all summed up Reynolds. Get that 10% off your first quote around my mentioning that you heard it right here on the program. We follow my in my we follow Jeff Hawkins we immediately followed Jason Joba gets ready for the gay affairs experience Satan in the BMO. Harris Bradley Center where people are getting ready for tonight's game I mean most Aircastle on other said the connection back in the studios in Memphis. Is the one and only producer of the program known nickname Benjamin. What's going on air sorry oh little little early start an unexpected starts. For the show today I have a problem here. Oh I tried to the dollar to the Internet and I can't tell but effective tax soared in the skilled they gave it doesn't work. OK it's not like you can just walk home and get it right now now now I'd say yeah that's not like I can just go hey you know once so. Yet now I have a a minor issue there but so will work through it and see if we can't because I don't think I'll have access to Twitter so you can't sweep program matter Nelson to enact a golfer maybe 87 turn on the our media wireless just yet that. Right now I do not have access to battle them on my phone and it's very hard do a show and look at formal time as you know Ben Hogan. It can be distracting so it is at Aircastle than that now golfer if you wanted to we could program we are gonna open up the phone lines in the next segment. And gets you ready for a busy day here. On the show also next segment we will open the phones are wanna hear from you Tennessee fans out there that wanna have something to say. As to who your next head coach should be in your eyes I have some thoughts about that that'll give you here. Momentarily. And how I think Tennessee needs to not screw this up it's very simple to me to not screw this up and it's very simple. He knocked. Put yourself in a position where your university is struggling to find. A brand of football that will be not only. Good football that all lead to victories but also lead to people being excited about Tennessee football again. Com people are never not excited and that's the thing about it so given that here. In just a second at 245 we're gonna do the we're gonna do bring it up put three on the port segment. Leading off of which is Roger details losses damn mind just out of his out of his gore but I get it. You never know he's gonna get some unless you ask for it but he he shot for the top. And a lot of people wondering it's the NFL should dissipate hey that's a cable find somebody else to do this which I'm we'll see we'll see how it plays out we'll do that. At the top of the bottom of our number one top of our number two Jason Smith joins us every Monday we'll talk about tiger's performance against Alabama. Com and what it what it kind of looks forward to the rest of the season the tiger football team two games remaining both at home SMU east Carolina at east Carolina. Is awful so you expect a victory there which would essentially clinch a spot in the championship game however. I was told yes or the other day then that. The championship game for the American athletic conference will be played by the team who has the better record of the two that go to represent each side so. If the tigers were to win out and have just one loss. They would be South Florida to beat Central Florida. To host the game if not it'll be in Orlando to my knowledge I believe so I I am not 100%. Are clear on all of that and I apologize for that meant to look into that looked things in Canada Lola. Tactic today with morning practice and everything so we'll look at that little bit more either way tighter control on their around us and we'll talk to Jason Smith about all things tigers. At the top of our number two and then. Coming up in our number two at three when he. We're gonna talk more about Tennessee and where they can go for a head coach as. We will. We will get into it more with you at T in the first hour but then it 320 Mack Brown. Will join us from sports owners and CEO wrote about Butch Jones. And a football weekend that was a college football weekend including Georgia. Getting. Blasted by Auburn on the planes I apologize to you Auburn fans for my lack of faith. In your ability to defend the home field which you did quite well I even saw a replay of another game where apparently Michigan State just didn't feel like coming to Columbus hackers. They looked up and it was 35 to nothing and Ohio State absolutely pummeled. Michigan State a big game of the Big Ten. This but the bill the real big game of the Big Ten was Wisconsin who. Was dominant defensively against Iowa and that's not a member that's an Iowa team that just beat Ohio State. And we were talking about that Friday Maris and there's something weird about this I even mentioned Scott van pelt on a show said. You know I don't normally take double digit favorites come taken Wisconsin here because everything. In your brain tells you Iowa should cover this game coming off that went right. Everything you just saw all week before tells you I there's no way I would shoot it like a two touchdown underdogs. Yet they were lucky was that close because the only points they seem to Muster their mustered up port to pick sixes. And they went for 95 yards and someone in the third quarter they had 95 yards in interception returns. But they had eleven yards of total offense in Wisconsin just absolutely wreaked Havoc. And I think they look every bit the part of a team that should be in the college football playoffs if you want my opinion about that. I think that it would be a shame if they're not another schedule is what it is. But I think of Wisconsin runs the table there's no way you keep him out. All of that final four playoff situations we'll see how that plays itself out to talk to Mack Brown about all that and we close a little thing we like. To call the headlines. So that's the rundown let's get right into it here. Yesterday it was you know obviously. Coming for a long time and it's something for Tennessee fans that I think that they were ready for. We talked about this all season long it's wanting to be a gimmicky coach when you're winning. Meaning you can have things like trash cans on the sidelines you can say they were champions of life. We can you know these guys are all just wonderful people and quirky and blah blah blah stuff that Butch Jones did. When you're winning nobody cares if Tennessee we're sitting right now with a chance to go back to Atlanta with an SEC east championship under their belt. No one would have a problem with this whatsoever but that's not what happened. Tennessee. It was not playing football the way their fans expect them to you at all you know look they got off to a decent start they beat Georgia Tech. They should've beaten Florida about it and absolutely blown assignment. Every site you remember when everybody was saying hey look in off they just run the table. The only game they only game they loses to Alabama he may not be gone and I looked around arrested are you crazy thing to the way they're playing football right now that this team has a chance of running the table. You remember me saying that on this very show it's like I'm not trying to knock Tennessee because I'd. Who would love to see them do well not because of a Tennessee fan but because it's great for college football when teams like Tennessee your gullet. But just watching them then you're a Tennessee fan there wasn't a prayer in hell that they were not on the table now and it released talking about how this is gonna netlabel. Two gave up exactly. And it's. It's not something Tennessee fans are used to. And then we kind of looked into it to butch Jones and what he's done his coaching Krishna if anyone wants three years so it was kind of moved on move on to the bigger better job. Well there is no more bigger better jab to move on to. And unfortunately with all the recruiting that he did and he did some good recruiting we saw that the rankings of their classes they were solid. They could never Muster. Up what they needed to win the games. That they needed to. UConn coach at Tennessee and you've got to beat Florida. You've got to win games like that. They did that last year but they didn't do at this UConn Tennessee the Tennessee you can't just tread water 1789. Games you've gotta be winning 910 games every single year. Asked Phil former. They let him go since they've let him go it has not really worked out so it's always one of those things were be careful what you wish for. But here's the thing that to me. Would make the most sense we're moving on here on everybody's talking about Jon Gruden right. Everybody is Jon Gruden John Jon Gruden John Bruton right. I am not on board with Jon Gruden is the next coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. I'm picking up the phone I'm getting Chip Kelly seated on the phone and I'm saying what's it going to take. What's it going to take to bring you back to college football. To replace. Dick. Would love to see an offense like he ran in org. Remember this the same Chip Kelly it took over after my body. Really turned that program kept him up there. Was recruiting in Los Angeles and out recruiting USC and UCLA and bringing kids from LA to Eugene Oregon now. He had the backing of Nike and that was obviously something there but I am pretty sure he could figure some mouse out. With Tennessee and I'm pretty sure with his connections at Nike that he could probably get a nice little deal done for the volunteers there. I think they are what right now or they had dieters are they under Obama I'm not sure this is a yet beleaguered Nikes are they may be nineteen either way. Chip Kelly knows how to you know dial that phone number two. The other thing he does is play a brand of football that's fun to watch. They are really they were really fun to watch it or did they play too fast they play opened they were innovative. He got to got to win the Heisman Trophy that's now playing for the Tennessee. Titans. That system led to wins but more importantly even when they want going undefeated you don't Oregon football was. It was fun it was found guilty. Maybe at times you didn't win all the games that you thought you would but it was fun to be a part of it it was exciting to be in the stance. You want people don't want anymore. They don't wanna pay 200 dollars for two tickets. And a bunch more money to park and a bunch more money for concessions and then a bunch more money to donate to the annual fund to go watch 1713. To go watch a team now be able to move the ball to go watch a team run it into the line not be innovative and not score points. That's what they don't want once they also don't wanna watch losing but if you're not going to be exciting even winning can be taxing. So this seems to me like the most simple hires I'm not saying Jon Gruden wanted to have an innovative system Jon Gruden is a great offensive mind. I just don't think 200 in the college game will mix the guy hasn't coached college football and for ever. He hasn't coached in the NFL and a long time and it's a whole different ball game. It's a very different to be an NFL head coach. And had your general manager goes signed guys with your approval. As opposed to going into the living room of an eighteen year old kid. And out working Nick Saban and out working Jim Harbaugh and out working Urban Meyer. And out working on the other young coaches out there that have been doing it for awhile and putting together a staff they can do that as well. Chip Kelly knows how to do that Chip Kelly went to the NFL the first year. Seemed like it was gonna work work nick falls was unbelievable in that offense number next hopefuls 32 touchdowns foreign fashions every school. Or my got a Chip Kelly to make Nichols we'll discuss what could he do if he had late. An incredible quarterback that can sell pork. Because NFL teams shall all fast defensively and they can fly to the ball. That your speed advantages in such that you can just run the system that's what's at Kelly's system to me looked like it was always predicated on. He had faster players he had more open space and had his guys getting in to set open space. Which made Oregon found a hatchet man you didn't turn away from watching and organs football game because you might turn away and missed a sixty yard play. And that was always the threat. What was the last time you were seriously so when parents are watching the Tennessee football game because he thought hey at any point they could break a play. I can't remember exactly. Again just the Florida game last year right. But again it seems so very simple doesn't it seem so very simple and so very easy to just say you know. That's the guy. That's the guy to go yet. Not somebody from the Nick Saban coaching tree not somebody. That's been their before not somebody that's this or that. Innovative fast opened another name that they should look at without a doubt is my doorbell I don't know that Michael bell. Is one that's just hop in to leave I think we all kind of figured it was a foregone conclusion to tell what's conclusion with Justin went. And rightfully so you don't you have a chance total par five school until matches dollar for school you're gonna face this all the time. I don't get that same sense as much. With my Nobel now maybe because I haven't really spoken to him about it and he always has the same answer about it anyways so speaking to him about it you have to get them off the record maybe. Even then I don't have a good enough relationship they could say coach really c'mon are you really gonna stick around. I don't complain of tea leaves but that's the type of offensive mind the Tennessee needs Tennessee needs to do one thing. Make it on again. Tennessee used to be so much fun to watch they had players they had guys that could chuck it all over the art whether you like DC Claussen the hot. He's pretty can go to college quarterback and he could throw the ball over the York. Whether you suck thought some of the guy should have been better than that they were lower than they were or whatever it may be just dobbs was pretty fun to watch when you turn them loose. They got a ramp that up again and they got to bring it back to where people. Want to watch Tennessee football because it's exciting and to me it seems like the best. Option for that would be. Unload the bankroll the gold it should tell. Now I don't know what Tennessee's finances are. I don't know what they can afford what they can't afford. I would imagine they can afford a lot more than some of the other schools I would imagine that they can go out and pay a coach a pretty hefty sum. Because if it works. You're going to see the money in return Nick Saban is worth every putt there's only one Nick Saban. There's only one Urban Meyer there's only one Jim Harbaugh. And there's one guy out there to me. They showed he was a really really good college football coach and put his team's regular positions when his name is Chip Kelly is name's not John gruden. Jon Gruden may be the splash that they want because of all the ties and all the fame and notoriety. What happens three years down the road when Jon Gruden looks around as you know want. The broadcast Booth was better than us I don't need to deal with this craziness. I don't need to deal with people. Chat me up and tell me how awful it is. I get that there's family ties there I get the Jon Gruden. You know maybe would love a challenge like this. But if I'm Tennessee. This seems like such a basic and easy decision and maybe I'm off base. Maybe I'm the one who's thinking it's easier than it really as. You guys tell me. Who should be the next coach at Tennessee. Who should be the guy if you're a Tennessee Volunteers anyway if you're not blown your chance but you're honest about who should be the guy they go after should be Gordon in my off my rocker. Should it be. Chip Kelly in my own point. Think it to me seems pretty simple make Tennessee football fun again you know we always had these sayings now since the the election and make America great again also stuff. Pretty basic though with football I didn't want to go watch and not be entertained. You wanted to go sit out there and watch a team. Score twenty points and try to win with defense that's not the way a lot of fans are more people like excitement people like fast paced people like. Scoring. One of the reasons why the NBA is getting better ratings now. Because teams realize they have to play faster they're gonna compete. If they don't have three superstars they have to play faster the grizzlies a play faster than they ever have before they're still 29 in pace and only. Every team Italy is averaging just about a hundred points a game just about every team only there were years were only three or four teams were averaging that. It's making people wanna watch. It's no different football and it's where I think the volunteers should be focusing their attention. You tell me 53537765353776. Will open a phone lines take your phone calls next butcher all Butch Jones as outs. We knew that was common but who should be next. And how long would you give them. I don't put whoever takes over the job. In a tough spot for this first year I get that but remember Nick Saban didn't light the world on fire in Alabama his first year it took me a year to get wrong on the when he got it wrong. He got a role. You can't compare everybody go to Nick Saban that's a little bit unfair because he's a special different coach. I think should Kelly's guy though that could make Tennessee football fun again and really give some teams in the east a lot to think about what point a wide open fast paced offense. You tell me 5353776. We'll take your phone calls next ready to that and ESPN Memphis. Pat is an independent truck driver and he owes the IRS a lot of money. It was terrifying that was gonna have to. Some light truck they were gonna take everything from us. Good thing pat listens to the radio. I have been hearing the commercials so I contacted optimum tax relief. Optimists stepped did it got to work on Pat's case. The leaves were taken off my bank account my money was freed up they were so good they are that. Best at what they do it. Pets completely mind blowing IRS disaster. Taking care of by optima tax relief. Ultimate safety an unbelievable. Amount of money talk about it relief. Big trouble with the IRS. Listen to pack. You don't cut your own air and you don't like the IRS alone. 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He said my doorbell or Dan Mullen and Dan moans a name that's going to come up. Should be action does the for a job being open also creates another but you know competition situation where. Maybe Florida goes after Chip Kelly maybe they go after Scott frost which I think that they will it its Central Florida so it should be Ecstasy. Bernard what's on your mind. Up yeah you want Eric. Can agree would you with a group Ukraine but. Streamlining. That I hope to panic and people were listening in right now there's no one is talking about. And it is okay to help pond but the bottom of the iron. All kidding really be familiar. With focus and own dealing with Alabama and I page. It lists Lal should be saying there should be brought out. I'm not denying there should be brought up (%expletive) beat Mike Shula. I'll when he was at Alabama he could but really what gave you see another coach. That's what you're duplication defeat feeds which we have. Are carried out. Care about he's doing real good lead up there in Akron and took those three guys. Let's smiles might you look at Kerry Bowden I think will be our clerk did because the bottom line and you wanna have gone. But you want to have someone that's familiar with the Alabama. I understand that act I just think what he's OK let's let's go through those names first last mile certainly familiar of Alabama a great run at LSU but she saw what he did offensively. And like refused to that goal weight from I mean he had unbelievable recruits and so. I guess winning can cure that and he certainly want an LSU I would lean towards that name a rather than the other two I thought Mike Shula was not great at at Alabama he's he does know that took out the program. But I mean listen you can build a program inside now right now the system of monster. And they do need to find a way to do it and I don't Terry Bowden potentially I could see that he's he's had a good run Mikey set up there. You know Dan Mullen saying coming up isn't just in to put down those those aren't those are crazy but I don't think that those who beat top choices. Right off the bat I think if you strike out then you're gonna hear those so a couple of those names potentially brought upper I don't think that that's. That's too far off the radar appreciate it and thanks for listening. Ian your next what's up PM. Demand. It looked upon by all the time if you will continue to be coaching situation could beat people solitary little Google really. It all on down that they're weekend October. And evidence for that problem policy had previously. If you don't be Alabama. It certainly imagine Adobe photo beat Georgia can't be Alabama don't do it right like if I am not edit it in my permit. But it but the bank. Quote comes a leg got you beat it. So I know old enough to tell you golf is being funded. You got me Bulgarian bigoted little bit before the named red meat on the ground in a bit like you knew that if that talent. Level of lead to even give ties with the fear amounted to no avail Laughlin and doesn't plan to say they thought well that even Oprah didn't tired. What happened there. Yet now that's there and that's that's why I asked that's why I put it out there to do you guys the fans of the Tennessee football program. I just think when you make it fun when you bring it back to where. You can you can get out there what organs defense didn't suck it wasn't like Oregon had bad defensive players. Bad guy go third overall aura and that I think is just signed with Seattle Dion Jordan is his name right then he was a Boston Miami. Multiple injuries that suspect is yap yap at ease but they they're trying to work him back into you see the skill set. Org and had a really good defense and organs was known for their off their defense. It wasn't my Chip Kelly just ran out there and and said all right oldest. Will score fifty and all the and the 49 and and win by one they were blowing teams out so. I agree with you I think if you're if you're Tennessee where I think that the the thing that you said it made the most sense to me as. I'm not worried about Alabama a and if I'm Tennessee I'm not worried about album's first thing for my mind more about Georgia worry about Florida. Because right now. Even though Florida seven an awful year to Georgia is way ahead of you now. And Florida still seemingly had a view your kind of third banana right now and that's something does he fans have been used to they feel like they should be on the same level. What's Georgia and Florida and right now they're just not so I can get back up to that level. I think the fans what would open that up I appreciated Ian thanks man. Obama laid out which lament you got a brother. 53537765353776. Mac you're next what's up Matt. They are you there on about oh where are all items from another name. I call the last Javier segment I don't know if you admit in this name. Article about the usual Jon Gruden should generally. But a name that popped today that they were talking about it but not so award there's. Casey Rogers difference corner for the jets. You know it's quite particularly in the late eighty's or ninety's. He's a totally guys from Humboldt. Also wanted to know which is a good about it. I had heard that name before. I'd adding the jets defense is fine I don't think it's. Terrible that they did you know the jets were an interest in stories here because everybody thought they may be one of the worst football teams to ever play a season in the NFL yet the sneaker with four wins and a lot of it has to do with the defense. So that's interesting to me I just always wonder about NFL guys coming back to college it's why am not wild about Jon Gruden. He said he got half the segment I might think about Jon Gruden is this one he's never. Coached at that level it did. At the college level to my knowledge he's coached collegiate football but he made his name in the NFL. It's a whole different animal I mean like either very few guys that can go back and forth look at Nick Saban when he went to the NFL didn't work. Just didn't work came back there's a phenomenal college coach the one guy that's a really to me that I think it had the most success of both is Pete Carroll. And Pete Carroll struggled as initial NFL gave them went to USC then goes up to Seattle on Pete Carroll's found a way to do it very few guys can do that. I don't know about coach writers. Yeah I give credit if they don't hire him maybe bring him down out of your tendency. I would. Recommend it's sort of sparked today he alert you know Al Green shoot out on a not so. And I don't know home. I knew I know reverend when he played for Tennessee but I'd have been really cute and put them you know an NFL I don't know you've over the jets were you know. Oh I'll just wondered if you parties and chasing Roger. I had not and look I wouldn't I think that would be a great move to bring him down as the defensive coordinator because when you have a guy that has NFL experience he can heat and all that room and get those kids. Looking up to him saying hey look I coached at the next level I know what it takes to play at the next level so follow my defensive scheme and that's. That's gonna be key for whoever look at I Ingram and I know they got stopped on Saturday by Miami but look at Notre Dame has done this year. In the offseason Brian Kelly paddle through and got his staff he had to fire guys that have been with him through thick and that it basically say look it ain't working. And I hate to do this but I've got out to keep this multi million dollar job and and to do so I'm gonna let you go. Good luck I hope you enjoyed the time I I allow the of that that business is business and that's the tough thing to do sometimes. But there until they went out and got sick on the they went out got a defensive corner and then went out got guys. They've they changed the complexion of what they're doing now granted again they got stomped on Saturday by Miami. But they've had a hell this season so to me the coordinator position is going to be a big tire front if if they do say settle on Chip Kelly are they make a run at Scott frost. Do you bring its its its got frosty bring the guys that you have a Central Florida already at its Chip Kelly. Moody's ego get that wouldn't be a bad get for the defensive coordinator spot if you asked me at that would be. Something that made a lot of sense are. I think you have to conduct this if you. Are. All. Open outlook was doubtful you're third. I act but still I you know there's some reason you can point to and it's been frustrating I feel for balls stands because. You felt like what is recruiting classes and you thought that this was going to be the guy to be there for awhile. And it just it worked out it's unfortunate that I appreciated and thank you very much. Are we had time for one more recent Thomas is on the line Ben Thomas what's up. And then how you value. And fantastic. Listen I've. I have a bill the volunteers situation or they'll look bad situations and embrace her current situation. You're right distance of that that's when it comes down to two really good coaches. And ultimately Torre's. It's it's it's tough upping my Nobel was should stick or light or a draft upping their lowest circle ordered out I think. So it. I think to Kelly the greats. Have more problems for the young volunteers and and repression. Our staff as well but I but I think when you're out in the world to bring out a really intelligent well. But ultimately I think Scott Foster you have to consider it. No replacement Walter cerberus towns but you know what. I think they're just gonna distribute. And and it could ultimately be a very attempt to estimate where ultimately logic sources of what being. And they're bright they hoped the ship Cali one Mercer what do you think. I appreciate it Thomas. I don't know let's go here because we're a run on gas and I. Brady spoke to me had a shot at Michigan you will see how it plays out you know the rest of the time. That he's there is the interim he's gonna finish out the season I assume so arm. I I'd prefer it like I said if it were me make a decision at the first summer college Chip Kelly Tom Dan Mullen certainly listening to the phone call. A bomb that I think the money has to be right it's a really awkward. Or interest in situation when you think about it because. We Dan Mullen you're in a great situation in terms of that is leaving alone. Should school on collecting paychecks and and having the ten win season mixed in with a lot of 81 and seven when seasons as long as you're not getting drowned on a regular basis and Mississippi State gave Alabama all they want this weekend so he's got things going while there. Do you jump that ship it do you jump that chip and and the expectations are that you. Do better and that's it that's a tough call man there's something to be said about familiarity there's something to be said about. Being a spot for long enough. My doorbell there that money's just gonna be. You know through the roof compared to what he's making potentially so yeah. What's what does he value is again taking a situation is Scott frost him picking a situation everybody seems to think Scott frost. It's just gonna Waltz back to Nebraska replace college football and I don't know that's the case. He's got a good thing going at Central Florida and he can recruit in the most talent rich state possibly in the country what lead you wanna compared to. To Texas or California or Florida and then you talk about Ohio and Pennsylvania. Those are the big boys on the block and he's right in the middle of floor. And he's winning games were they are really really eagle it and obviously he wants to move up and that's understandable. Made Eagles right down the road Gainesville and stays in Florida. And brings that excitement back to the gators I think that's a guy that they're gonna go after art that's why didn't really think. Chip Kelly of Florida it necessarily is the same thing but I am sure of Scott rosters down and then to Kelly will be on Florida's list as well because same thing with what Tennessee's going through Florida football this dozens who don't watch anymore. Included days the Steve Spurrier. Yes that's not that far removed Urban Meyer. Even Urban Meyer. What for Steve Spurrier Urban Meyer you Enron's and they want the heat. They want to. They want boring to watch even with with Ron's a eighty's they've kind of fallen off of that and that was a little bit surprising because you know. Should match point looked like he had to draw a Colorado State was exciting. Yet it just didn't translate to Florida for whatever reason and obviously they've moved on. From that situation so obviously you get to within the big name schools and is easy to look at Fred coach's hand. Those are coveted jobs. We'll see who they end up with in the very near future that's gonna do it will phone calls appreciate you guys Chiming in when we come back. Com. We best get a text from again it's a Michigan fan said Brady Hoke is not a really good note no yes no I didn't buy that the united you don't have the hard to tell people that you just off base about that. I don't agree with I think in reality he's a bind for the last two games because I mean he was great at setting it goes worse he was great at San Diego State. There are guys that are just better in those mid major schools then in the high pressure. Take main jobs and I think Brady Hoke is one of those guys potentially maybe I'm off base but it didn't work at Michigan it did not work at Michigan Wanda. So when it moved up. All right we'll take a break when we come back bring it up put them aboard Russian could tell. With some hefty demands if he wants comeback as the NFL's commissioner and I'm in my thoughts as to whether the NFL should do it or not that's next that a team out of that ESPN Memphis. Super live coverage the Memphis Grizzlies in the Milwaukee Bucks game tonight on 99 FM ESPN grizzlies pregame what Gary Darcy 630 with the play by play at 7 o'clock. Eric Cassell kind of take down on the. 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Million dollars is what he went on once we know we'll get support her family and pays bills and all that stuff yeah is get a few things and I'll watch lifetime insurance for his entire family which hand is fine whatever I don't care about that that they use of a private jet my man if you are make course you million dollars you can afford your own damn jet breaks go buy one. Yeah co pilot you can use it whenever you want. This is ridiculous identity his agent as he shoot for the moon as as what agent should do. But I think if the NFL doesn't stir crazy because I don't think that the NFL is word is solely because of Roger Goodell the NFL's word is for multiple reasons one. They have and and part of this is Roger Goodell they've handled situations off the field. With swift judgment and a lot of people looked at one point or frustrated with the way the apple was not cracking down. On guys making mistakes now we've got another situation going on more guys you kneeling in an NFL. Fans are upset about protests and you know. Not that you eat whatever Roger Goodell I'd do that I don't know if you you put the blame there on that. The NFL is what it is such is because Roger Goodell he's got a good. There's no doubt about that a good enough job to nearly double your salary which is already thirty million dollars come on dude give me a break. The NFL's word is just fantasy football's date gambling date. It's a once a week event. So that it is not rocket science. What Roger Goodell is doing is not something so specifically skilled that they couldn't find somebody else. Who's got the same type of intelligence and know what they couldn't comment. And stepped in and run a week and to keep it prosperous now of course the owners love the owners love them because that their pockets are being line during the Roger Goodell era. They're being line for a couple reasons not just again it's not Roger Goodell to me. Expected baseball is form on a little less popularity. And Fermi I don't understand that because I love baseball and I think baseball has go to C span and a very long time. Blood. People just aren't as into baseball as they used to be. People have gravitated towards football and the once a week deal. But she gets some issues in the game do with the concussions and things going on like that then they've done some things do I think. To really. What's the league and a good light now obviously the Russell Wilson running into the tent and then running right back out didn't exactly look very good the league does it didn't really police that. But overall you know the NFL's as strong as it's ever plan and yet we still talk about the ratings are going down a little bit they may be going down but they're still monster. Calm and composure pleased with the job Roger Goodell stopped but I think you're crazy if you take at fifty million dollars get on the use of a jet for the rest of his life. I don't care about the insurance for Stanley fine it I think that should be. A standard for any commissioner. If he you know and down the road you say all right wolf you know balls where the NFL we can afford to keep your family medically insured. For their lives if if you like. But the other stuff just seems silly to me and so over the top item. If on the NFL owners I'm probably thinking hmm let's let's see some other candidates and see. If we can't. Keep things a little more in check 59 dollars to me is ridiculous. The use of a private check for the rest of your life is even more ridiculous but there are now you never know you can get it unless your ass right then right. I wanna watch out weekend it was in college football we head the number one team in the country knocked off and defeated soundly by Auburn and now everybody has Auburn ready to knock off Alabama who had their hands full with Mississippi State we saw the other games. At night and had big implications including Oklahoma just thrashing TCU. And then Miami really just put a number on Notre Dame Miami's interesting to me in and probably was one of the most interest in story lines of the weekend because. We've seen this Miami team shrivel up until recent weeks when the competition level elevated. It's very grizzly like of what they were doing if you wanna compare to your favorite basketball team in Memphis Grizzlies if they are your favorite gospel team I would hope so but I understand it or not but. The grizzlies have that tendency to put a little leveled their competition number one Alabama just squeaked to beat Miami remember when Al earnings you know Miami was. Sweet to squeak by Andy North Carolina. Number one let me reset remember when Miami to squeak by to beat North Carolina remember when Miami was struggling with teams that. Didn't look like they were all that great involved all right when they get Virginia Tech they'll get their real test will be answered that passed. And then followed it up with another resounding. Answer over Notre Dame. Over the weekend they get the inside track and if they win the ACC title in the ACC championship game they'll certainly be there. Notre Dame's loss and then takes them out of that playoff contention even though they're scheduled. Has proven that it's pretty. Pretty tough but with two losses now. Notre Dame is out of it I think Georgia is out of that even if they go to the SEC title game and win it would be tough for them to get back into it. So it opens the door for Wisconsin and if it were today and we had to look at it I think you don't. Thinking prognosticate getting ahead I really do believe your potentially looking at. On Alabama. A Miami. If they beat Clemson and to a once they came and Oklahoma. And Wisconsin final four so we leave the way this gets all thrown into a complete. Tizzy. Would be if Auburn were to beat Alabama and then beat Georgia again then you've got to consider. The factor of a two loss team potentially going into the playoffs and we'll see. We'll see the Iron Bowl to a lot we still a lot of football left it's it's always amazing to me how overreaction. We get every time the polls come out every time things like start happening. And yet it's seemingly does always play itself out you know what I mean it seemingly always does work out where the teams that are supposed to be there in the end are generally there. In the end the one wild weekend it was in college football tigers had a weekend off they'll be back in action when they host SMU. This week. And. Finally Ben Hogan if you have the Los Angeles rams is the most exciting team. In the beginning of the season everybody little that you like you were crazy correct yeah that's exactly what they are right now though. And it's just as goes to show and going back to the two television time at all the ball. It's sending football's fun the rams are fun to watch right now the rams are teen dead. Deserve the credit they're getting. They deserve the accolades are going to get Jared golf is making his case for most valuable player as is commercial once and it's pretty clear that. You really could've gone either with either one of those guys and it would have worked out for you but the other thing it proves is. You have to as a coach put in a position to succeed Jeff Fisher did nothing. To help charity golf succeed seemingly and did nothing to open up the offense with the talent that they had now going out didn't Sammy Watkins added another piece of the puzzle for them. But Todd Gurley looks different and Robert Woods all the sudden looks fantastic annoyance or just lighting up scoreboards after scoreboard and the game that everybody saw. Which was the national game and that's 3 o'clock slot yesterday was the one that I said. The Dallas Cowboys needed that win more than the Atlanta Falcons and that was one that they really had to have because. Without Ezekiel Elliott for six games you're gonna wonder what they're capable of doing while the falcons after falling behind seven nothing. Punish Dallas the rest of the day and I think may have just opened the door for dallas' season. Two unfortunately not go the route that they wanted it too that's tough break you know it's a tough break that you lose a dynamic player like that. They've got talent all the football doesn't do Dallas Cowboys but they ran into a good team of the Atlanta Falcons are gonna have to face the Philadelphia Eagles still twice on the schedule were playing. Some of the best football in the National Football League if not the best and I think for Dallas and that they now have five games remaining and they've got to win three of them they've got to win three of them I think if you want any shot whatsoever. And make the postseason and it was not a. Not a good Sunday. Before. The Dallas Cowboys couple weeks to get to you before we. Head to the break at the top of the hour that Israel put three on the board. Right there I am getting a couple of weeks in. He. My telephone so I just got to pull the Twitter apple did just. Still seemingly I have heard the password and ends they use it hit for the wireless here at the at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and I can't get on the line. This is from jolt he said on why Chip Kelly might not work at UT. At the 2017 SEC spring meetings will be amended hiring bylaw adding a hurdle to any SEC. School hiring Kelly the rule states if an SEC university also hire an individual who's participated in an activity. The resulted in a major NCAA infraction university chancellor president must consult directly with the SEC commissioner Greg sent you before offering employment in 2013. Orient received three years probation and Kelly received an eighteen months show cause penalty. I think the SEC would be crazy not pull the higher go through. If that's the case let's just silly. Terry says Eric why not Mike Leach he coached with how mommy at Kentucky. Great offense in great interview Mike Leach is a great offense and agreed interviews offenses certainly farther down I would I would look at potentially point Mike Leach at Pullman Washington. If he wants to leave Washington State he's got them playing some of their. Most exciting football ever if not the most exciting look fall he had I'm in the top ten at one point this year. You know they pay you you didn't tell me he couldn't do the same type thing Tennessee word be easier to get more players. Could be a name that that they go after RT Jason has Mike Shula was ten and Tony three Alabama and Terry Bowden was 29 and 42 and Akron. LO Wellesley was I I wasn't wild about Mai Chu was named her. Terry bowden's either fruit from the caller but you know some people have ideas. He said the rumors should stop the Torino and Gundy make more sense to me. Cross name is often toss companies linked to Nebraska job he's going to open which it will. Ross and his camp know I still think Scott frost isn't just gonna be married to go back to Nebraska. I just don't see that I think he's looking at the best possible situation. I do like the idea of of of Bobby Petrino morsel the Mike and Mike Gundy stand at Oklahoma State. He allows local state quarterback Oklahoma State that's had that that is my Gandhi's. Passion there. Rod nieces loves each of toll with the bulls put his teams were not good defensively they weren't I don't think they were that bad where they've been an increased. There's been a few years but I don't think they were bad I had somebody ask me about Lane Kiffin. Yeah but that's a great stuff I think a brick Lane Kiffin says C Paterno takes Arkansas job like 2001. Nine all over in 2010 K here's the thing. Hey here's the thing about college football right now is Oklahoma's defense that great. They get lit up by local state right G alternative. Make the playoffs. They're probably in the clubhouse right there when the big twelve title game they're gonna be there why because our offense is also. Alabama's the one like exception there and Miami's defense has been great this year to. But he can go where you have a phenomenal offense and you would seemingly outscored people paid twelve pack welds and what happens. On a regular basis so I don't know I just and he was that it. That's gonna do our one is in the books appreciated but he can still we add air castles and act now to golfer at Aircastle time. Act not to the golfer appreciate everybody chime in and there is the Tennessee coaching situation took an interest in turn we're gonna talk Memphis Tigers though the tiger basketball team fell. In their opening game to the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ben I got to be honest with you I turned on the TV I watch again in my hotel room in Houston and I had no idea who's on the team. I literally had no clue eclectic but I looked at the roster and I I just I mean I knew the names I didn't recognize anybody who has. It was the most bizarre feeling I'll talk to Jason Smith about that next I'm not trying to knock Tubby Smith for that. Because it's obviously turnover and it's obviously things have happened in in college athletics at times. But I legitimately didn't feel like I knew any of these guys are anything about them whatsoever. And I don't know all. Did how many people actually do we can we don't know what David Nichols Terry can do we don't know what these guys can do yet and it did not go well they hung tough for a little bit. And the announcers were very complementary and say well if he'd also Tubby Smith team Obey local channel played excellent defense Alabama got the better of them. Without their best players for their top six players around that ball game. I'm not sure what it says about Memphis move informal get Jason Smith soft on that and on the tiger football game coming up this week against SMU. That's when we kick off our number two hour one is in the books I am at the BMO terrorist Bradley Center getting ready for grizzlies bucks. Bands back in studios he got it on 92 at a time ESPN campus. Do you have persistent knee pain is need pain affecting your daily life you may have an option medical researchers are evaluating any investigation a device for people who still have knee pain following meniscus surgery. 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