The Eric Hasseltine Show 10/11/17 - Hour 2 w/ Sporting News' Bill Bender & ESPN's Kevin Pelton

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, October 11th

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Without good friend bill banner why don't we make in today's Q and I had today. Now it's time to. Sometimes snow 99 at ten ESP and human AM on the day. It's very similar to being in the circle of honor is I like to call the trap is a would have tremendous miss getting that you have today bill Bender gets that today. Let me ask you just straight out his Butch Jones absolutely out of his mind this is what he said. That was one of the best buy a weeks we've had here in a very very long time correct me if I'm wrong this is season number five so that's one of the best biweekly bad. In the last five years which constitutes a very very long time for Butch Jones which may be what he has to think about how it all went wrong when he gets removed from. The position right that's coming right got to be ready well. I think unum the quarterback against Connors maybe the last gassed. Breathe some life into that season and you look at the future and chill the they had some good but I heard from leadership where as well. So you can get cool book as saying but I'm meters and I think obviously. There's a lot of speculation now quite. Pin like Salt Lake on a computer clip from the look at look at Kevin someone you have got a good. I think he's safe now it's weird to say that Afghan war. No and that was it the week one the block on we think about that. Lesson EZ if not for a just blown interception. Text and it was undefeated and ranked going into that game against Alabama. And they didn't Alabama didn't just steamrolled them like a lot of people thought including myself thought they might. Because text and it wasn't really impressive and some of their other games as well but seemingly again Kevin someone is safe now we'll see what happens when it comes. Download the rest of the season eight or nine wins is good enough for him to keep his job seemingly every year he's on the hot seat but he's gotten off of that. This park though seems to me like it's butch jones' own do it. He's gonna go to Jared Guantanamo. Quick authorities that he is supposedly the rumor mill we're swallowing he was gonna wanna leave because he's not gonna start. That he showed up at practice yesterday and completed according to the reports. Put this is seems like it's self inflicted with Butch Jones whether it's the trash can where the champions of life I mean. I forgot which hosts edit but I assault whoever set it on our station quirky coaches are great when they're winning when they're not winning. Boys fans get angry real real quick when you sound like you're you're just saying all these goofy things and there you're not when in football games. Some belong like the narrative around gencorp all the sweet but I think to a lot Turks stands because. You know people were quick to jump on those bats in one and 41 tribal and 2407 foot birdie so what outlook connector or a request and a horrible. Eric what people get on that could well yeah and then pretty took a sudden cocaine the next one game so. It into high gear when about butch when your quirky when you say you. Those two. I'd things you know people in the future we can go so long when you haven't been championships and to help. I might kind of an M like I think our brand missed by you or I would put Tennessee. Then mission America what companies that are trying program and defend it from competent. It's and it stopped wasn't because if you wanna make this work obviously. He's trying to do everything you can this is his first big opportunity to yell in terms of his coaching career today at ad out very high level. I did think it was pretty interesting to see like he's never banned places. You know as a head coach longer than three years he was at central Michigan as his position coach of the West Virginia. And coach for 3 years central Michigan and go for three years Cincinnati announce the fifth season at Tennessee. And it'll look it's family's there I am sure they hear it to you never wanna feel like you're on the hot seat but again it's just feels like itself. If it solve itself and what it's like they're just shut up and stop with the silly sayings and go look we've got to get butter eat this isn't a game you know that date date. Rewards mediocrity and right now we've got to be better than some of the mediocre football we've played I would rather hear that can go. You know these kids are just great kids and allow maul death and they're all champions a libel that's awesome and I think that's fantastic Bafana Tennessee football fan. I I want to be champions of the SEC east police thank you. Well you want you want you want a coach with a post Salma I think. To me that the number one persona for now appreciate cultural content source Steve Spurrier even winner what did you know what I mean he came out he. Eat certain mode that he says were there were bad in both accountable LO. Well little nod to prove to be in the South Carolina I don't look at it at all that there would hope against corporate. Found statement saying why he's always felt blood and not the kind of coach you won't eat their agent. Darryl but. Well like he says the quirky one clarify Mike Mike Leach is on right now. But it was ordained an oil he wouldn't be nearly much mirrored much on an app that you can't burn or in Washington State. Yeah no doubt about that and they are fun to watch right now but when you lose its it's a little bit different when you're talking about Woodstock and hey it's like what's not just everybody is close and so. Into staying there this weekend for Memphis after just destroying. UConn last weekend and coming off that tough loss to Central Florida. It kicks off a stretch of a facing all of your opponents. On the western side of the conference or eastern Soledad I forgot which one the better side of the conference and if they run the table they can go to the conference title game. Problem is standing in the way first is navy who they've had real problems with him when you are down as many defensive players. As Memphis is why it's awfully tough to stop that triple option. Is this now a situation where it's more on their offense is shoulders to try to get an early lead to try to score and score often in early. And what may be in a situation they're not comfortable with or is this just. The defense asked the find a way to to slow down a triple option it's given them fits of the last few years. Not going to force one you know because probably going to be issued out other ways one I'd get out trying to make big trip to come. It from behind because that. But sorry you do when you run triple option and I don't you all for what they're doing. And and the worst incrementally smoke I didn't get help you and all the time fourteen not and could Mike said David Berger PRB. But he's. At running on offense in the country and I would say even maybe even the coach better than Georgia Tech because social commitment to a old bow. Is there a good game that screamed upset again it's Georgia Tech Miami. Now I thought that same thing boy I was looking and today we are at the grizzlies that a little weekly pick amongst the the employees. For the third quarter down as economic take Miami but my gut is telling me. This could be the upset of the weekend Georgia Tech it's not a great weekend for games and seemingly the red river shoot out. It lost a little luster with Oklahoma losing to Iowa State and Texas not so being where they are. It it it blew leads to a lot of people watching Auburn. And LSU please explain to me how on earth I just saw Auburn has only favored by six and a half points. Wherever one person 1999. No passable but that could explain it I mean could you be helpful Orson and I think it will be until I know you go with a competent but. It kind of battle goes on about Turkey sent them tendency keep your child alert or direct L. Pretty turned fourteen and yet you keep producing a lot of garbage football and that's what we got in order LSU last week and that's where. Kind of talent and no revolt probably probably prefer fourteen it'll probably to order Alabama will courier Washington so. And pick sidebar there quote I don't know if you watch the show be back in the eighties. The gas order whereabouts. That's awful by the way am I I'm all for like Clinton teams have some fun I think Oregon goes a little far with it but they'd look film nights here. I you don't wanna Euro bonds and he he's he's running Nike they're gonna have as much fun as they can't those Gator uniforms are urges gross they're they're bad all the way around. I do kind of think that Penn State should eventually try to put something on their helmets is because I don't I'm not huge fence they sent. But I get pushed back from that all the time from people would argue all what a classic it is now or do on this site. I'm like Baird Jones who was on earlier today was the guys on reforming Jason John. He says man at at Alabama the only time we did anything different we put about a quarter inch pounds to swing around our neck one game and one game Orleans a city state other than that. It's always stayed the same seems to work for them obviously it's finals who because they have an awesome team and awesome coach to go. Well it help people deal and in if you can you imagine and I corrupt or uniform or whoever. For the Olympics and all featuring all the big lips but that's uniform way to he would probably different watt. That being the conversation the end. I have I do admire Alabama in that regard they. I uniform a beautiful uniformed. Lawyers love the number on the side. And I will be aired in public that they don't need do that get their kids to play there but. And probably alternates were pretty cool but like it certainly took up their look like boot it I don't know how many of your looks terms what special amid what what super. One weekend house late. It was intense man in Dallas like the aliens were taken over the country. Yeah they're big and you know they brought that back on ABC a few years ago wasn't. Now let's go to that's the way to get attention didn't just play a I don't. You know but but sticking in my life or come up with Cleveland right now that she told me not to come home of the Indian boy. Yet that I wouldn't he had he had a good chance they'll clean air Corey clover is taking the mound there are so. I would imagine that they did you you'll probably be able to come home although we don't playoff baseball. I'd say at least one other games are you look enforce it is thinking because it's not a great slate. Of games there's really no top 25 matchups that are catching everybody's eye and you know we talked about LSU Auburn and at Auburn does it by LSU. It sets up that potential undefeated matchup with Georgia we just said you think could run the table tilt. But they're seemingly becoming another darling in and really. I just don't I don't look at the game and go yeah I have to sit down wants out on yeah I had to Saddam won't watch that on what are you looking forward to this weekend. Know that that's just dead and I will drop them based on purpose I mean not good for me on Ailes yes duty on Friday and Saturday at Cleveland won it without the other guy go one better. Technical oklahomans really hit LSU Auburn. Kinda interest food and walk Ohio State below point five and a half point favorite bra and a game that accurate they could be interest in perhaps and then. You know we we took some a little bit earlier up I watched Michigan burn a little bit against Indiana the CI a respond to that course walk. Kind of barrel on the Internet next week when they're gonna happen but that contribute. Every guy it's it's it's weird how sometimes you have weeks with. I forgot which week it was worth literally they had four games on the primetime that EU needed. To either have three televisions or being a sports bar to catch all the action and any other week like this where it is gone. My gosh what why or why so hopefully the Memphis navy game I know local people here locally will watch and it's at. Liberty Bowl memorial stadium but though that'll bring some thrills in the afternoon as well while pull for the tribe for you so you can go home and your wife will allow you. To come back I appreciate the time. As always I do wanna ask you before let's go sake one Barkley did end up with a long touchdown run. In the game Saturday for Penn State that baker mayfield who would also bend in the discussion. His team loses to Iowa State what's going on what the Heisman Trophy is it still sink one Barkley still losing your opinion. Barkley from now but I mean you got creamed on the next few weeks and it got a loan you know more out of the way they equate. You Paula all week and a big one against Notre Dame to both of those teams that that next weekend the week and Eric we would suffer through this weekend to get to actually chip. Going to be trauma is going to be a lot of games they're but it. I mean insure go and into the Barkley right now mayfield Barbara hang around and then. There really isn't bad guy irate now they're big jump the committee warned that race although although I mean if I had to vote today. Unquote from workflow I think what he's doing a phenomenal thing. Yet now he's east Canada out. I Chauncey yards at a time to say the least and on pace for a monster. Monster season two. To say the least always appreciate the time my friend I'll talk to you again next Wednesday thanks rather. Are you know better joining us here on the program from sporting news he just said it. Though the slate this week in his circle back at. This morning news's sending him to clean on the cover of the ALCS of that if the Indians went against the Yankees. Seriously. This is what you have though honestly this is what's on the on the docket. It's not Tony five Clemson at Syracuse searches for entry Washington State the eighth ranked teams kick out there three and three on three and tackle. Arkansas' and Alabama number one TCU's he can't state that's got upset written all over it to me. And C stated Pittsburgh. NC state now finally righting the ship in Pittsburgh not very good Texas Tech at West Virginia could be shoot outs 11 AM all. After that like in nineteen ratios have these prime time awesome match ups you know they are. Missouri Georgia Georgia favored by thirty or how stated Nebraska last dictator by point four. Cincinnati it say of South Florida. Shelters South Florida Sarah 124 after you died USC USC favored by two touchdowns. And Michigan state of Minnesota. Which nobody cares about that's on the Big Ten network there's nothing else. Nothing else or in Stanford has no real teeth to it because you're in quarterbacks out some great week is not a great week. Instinct though with the with. South Carolina Tennessee game what happens there and LSU Auburn in terms of SEC flavor to say the least after the first two outs. 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NBA season six days from getting started grizzly season seven days away every Wednesday on the broad. Program we're joined. But. A great Kevin Pelton from ESPN. He joins. Us now. What's up front. Looked much it just incredibly confusing thing I can get there. I believe me I've asked this question I'll ask you the same many other NBA yes. Do you think that the NBA in their efforts to. You basically try to eliminate the foreign five nights which they did minimize the number of back to back starting the season a week early cutting training camp down five games. Have kind of thrown that the coaches around the league for a little bit of a curve ball all of them are passing in the same thing boy this is going by way too fast. This is game four I still have to figure out minutes I still have to figure out rotations. You don't have that option if you generally not to play your players in the last pre season game you wanna look at the guys that are either fight for roster spots or give guys. It's you know you're probably in part ways with an opportunity. To showcase what they wanna do. Four games there's a lot to build some continuity if you have new faces its its seemingly kind of the backlash of trying to take care this. Let's try to get rid of back to backs. And I think the end will ultimately justified mean here but a picnic overlooked you know they'd. People ask the players and the players are likely we don't need a preceding games you're ready. Did did people pass the torch it's only preview game they write because. You know did for many years you build your practiced playing your structure for training camp all along how the all around having. If certain amount of time you do that a certain number preceding games. And we need change that it inevitably is going to no content adjustment I think. Some courses will probably meaning that change better than others and will see that on the quarter early in the season. Talking with Kevin Pelton here on the program. The grizzlies seemingly. Pretty set in what they what they have been and Mario Chalmers looks like it a little bit. Closer to the Mario Chalmers a bowl I think than people expected the notion is now maybe to bring Chandler Parsons off the bench which led to the who are the highest paid guys on the bench and there's a lot more out there than people think because of all the money that was thrown around a couple Summers ago. What do you think is Chandler Parsons best suited for David there's still to come off the bench or is a situation more in your opinion. You think he should start get into the flow of the game and and James Ennis who seemingly can hit the ground running would be better coming off the bench. Yet and I think it depends a lot on and you know kind of what the medical staff told you and what Chandler Parsons told you about you know how he feels most comfortable because. Oftentimes with guys like that you know the he'd be getting cold on the bench basically when you capture you warmed up for the game. That can be an issue and maybe that's a reason to start him but. You know if you want to manage his minutes and make sure that is loading it's not. Too taxing them I think bringing him off the bench is a good way to do that and is it feel like we've discussed at some point in the past. You know the EU the most logical person to be the backup power forward for the grizzlies. Whether that means you start him get him out fairly quickly for James Dennis orgy that it simply start. And I think that's that goes on those factors than the other what I gathered there probably is. In other predicted just perspective if you know whether you're probably not have Parsons every night. If you can be limited back to back from things like that. It'd become do you do to become easier to build continuity with your starting five if you're not starting him if he's not going to be there every night. I do wonders. What your stance is on this because as as you say that that that's a tough decision to make because they have. Basically seventeen guys on guaranteed contracts those two guys that are gonna make money are going to get Scott. Do you cut a guy if you know if you. Whom put yourself in a general manager spot give that a guy for a year he was your first round graphic and obviously I'm referring to weight ball went. If they don't feel like wade Baldwin can do what they need him to do they're not happy with his progress to this point. Is it a bad luck that got a first round draft pick after one year if you seemingly no he doesn't fit in favor of keeping another first round draft pick. Who seemingly has outplayed him or do you say we give this guy two years we feel like we can find another one I mean obviously it's their decision. Where would you stand on that would you give a guy an extra year even if you felt like he wasn't going to get to where he wanted him to get. If you're prepared say is you know if you going to decline in his third year option and making him a free agent next summer. At that point you should probably just move on because. If you're no longer going to realize the other side. That rookie contract. You know even if he does play well this season and surprises everyone. They need to free agent next year and you're limited how much you can offer him by the rules about declining options. So in that case I think it's probably time to move on it if you are going to pick ups that there you if you were going to pick up the third year option still think that. In other potential for him to become a useful part of the team next year that's probably where it makes sense to keep it. Talking with Kevin Pelton here on the program let's move away from the grizzlies Brad Stevens was on this morning what Mike and Mike or actually an air that. Later tonight in between the end of our afternoon drive show on before the start of the grizzlies and rockets tonight. How much pressure is on him this year with what the Celtics went out and did they were able to acquire carrier ring they moved some guys that were big time. I thought under rated guys and guys like Jay Crowder Avery Bradley to bring in big name talent Gordon Hayward. A carrier ring this is a team that the expectations are high. But I don't know how old these guys fit I know he knows it Gordon Hayward very well. How much pressure do you feel like is on Brad Stevens to make this a championship level team. All I think that he got the Celtics win you know a moment ago we talked about it. Teams that you know might start slowly because of the fact that they're trying to integrate a number of new players. But then at the same time I know how to watch the politics play a few times so far during pre season. I'm Taylor Blakey you know there's a new adjustment period whatsoever that. And it looked like they've just picked up is that they've been playing with each other for five years and they're maybe that's testament to what Brad Stevens is able to do to create that. I think your point is well taken and and that's the reason you know the fact that Crowder in particular would. Read so well by ES against real plus minus is why the the projections that we have beauty and RPM. Half the Celtics actually slipping from last season despite all the talent they've added that can partially because the fact that they won more games from their point differential. Which suggested that they would have won last year that's another factor at the good. Need to have lost something of their defensive identity and then the identity of a number of unheralded players who have kind of can overcome the ever outperformed the expectations that come utility. Crowder second round pick I did Thomas of the numbers sixty pick of the draft. You know that was kind of the again I need this Greece Celtics team the last few years. Now you've got all these guys do you have the pet talent who have the pedigree has been anointed from a long time and you know from the start. And you've do you need that kind of talent certainly we saw the limitation to veto of the celtics' style would they win that ran up against the cavaliers in the playoffs. But you know can you recapture that same kind of intensity and effort with that kind of talent that I think the challenge for Steve it. Tucked in with Kevin Pelton here on the program not serve he saw this last night or not but. Russell Westbrook had decided to cross body block nickel Yokich after screen. He's already angry. Ian the in the pre season do you think having. Melo and having Paul George will eventually settle him down a little bit at that fire that intensity or one of the things I think that make him the player that he is. But now there's less pressure on him to do everything and seemingly at times I got to him last year last night something got too many went angry Rouse again on the world. But having those two guys around him I would think would mellow him out just dad where he doesn't feel the weight of the world on his shoulders every single night. Pun intended McMillan out yeah exactly you like that again until like that I needed to some extent I mean this is just. Didn't how rough is always played this is how he got here. Likely to tackle the politics. You know someone who was still last recruit for UCLA and only because of the fact there's no extra scholarship open blade. Wouldn't really considered a pac twelve caliber player before that and then develops into the MVP easily. So I think it will be channeled differently that it was last seen anywhere all of these energy was focused on gun they had this mating season got to get a jury at this time. And you would do everything we. Really run the show for my team and now he's got a lot more help is not going to have to carry its heavy load. But I still think that intensity is going to be their research is two years. Yeah he's a guy that IE he marches to the beat of a different drum but does seemingly always has that chip on the shoulder but last year or was historic and what he was able to accomplish on the floor were do you think that they rank in terms of the power. In the west with that group is are they on the level that they can challenge ahead of Houston maybe even San Antonio on be the team right behind Golden State. I kind of feel like they're in that four spot as I don't know what Melo has left I don't know how good they'll be defensively certainly those three guys can put the ball in the bucket. But when I think of Houston they play a style that they seemingly just are gonna outscoring San Antonio still San Antonio and yet the lawyers who are still awesome. I don't know that they're better than any of those other three teams. Are. I would say yes to both those questions I think did you know that we mellow they moved into the team came here in Houston San Antonio. But I would still have the accused continue to O'Neal has been in terms. You know what I expected it at least during the regular season and then. I I I really like this makes the rockets have put together maybe they've got all of it to pieces offense simply. You know maybe even more power firepower now with Crist called the ability to his liking attorneys pointed out. Have a hall of fame point guard on the court for all 48 minutes. Which has. He'll probably unprecedented in NBA history I can't think of anything off the top man where can government do that. But then also. In other without god PJ Tucker who mbah a moute you have those guys to Trevor you sit and read and you've got a lot of defensive versatility and talk it. That don't allow them to play some interest in small lineups which a lot of pick and rolls and I think that's gonna make them fascinating matchup for the warriors if everything breaks right. Did you see the article by your dad Baxter Holmes about the gold stay where is amazing that. They're sitting in a venal Volvo who anybody who's ever been to an airport and seen it it's it's basically a wind place. That's about six seats at the bar speakers there this longtime warrior fans working Mary comes out is is say. Are we gonna ditch the one on one play did that Mark Jackson was letting this go around and start passing the basketball on the and the numbers that they talked about. The average 247. Passes a game on her Mark Jackson. And that was like by far the mostly by like fifteen so they're not really moving smaller town plan isolation basketball. I think they also got array of luck when David Lee was hurt man they they got see what dream on green was really capable of doing. Let's eat it does appear that they're the basic nature of their offense is one that you move the ball you play unselfish good things happen. And yet seemingly teams don't wanna copy that if there's some basic. It does I mean it there are times where I get to be able frustrating Larry is neutral observer really. C'mon Steve Kerr what did you just call Stefan curry dream on dream pick and roll the two best play and even. You know dedicated to it almost to a fault but a lot of it is really just a piece in the stars and part of it is. You know step curry is unselfish this willingness to learn not to be in the ball being in the end every single play that's what allowed Steve courage to do that. And I knew we should make it funny that in that context that he would give them Marchex and I felt heavy offense states. You know really it was an all wrong for him that more than maybe the best fit for him. I just you know listen I I get their. Coaches want it when their futures rely on winning games they wanna have the ball their best players hands but it seems there's one thing we've seen. From the NBA in recent years it's that when you involve. The other players in the game you can still have your stars be stars but the other guys tend to play harder when the ball's moving around and guys get their touches. And they know their part of the offense and they're not just gonna watch one guy play 11. Good things tend to happen but maybe who knows I guess after two decades have gone games on the radio that I'm just over thinking yes. I don't think you are being you know this is. It is really great offense but the young at the players I am. Gaffe now you give you a few days it yet them by hand and as Jerry Sloan once said he can't win the Kentucky Derby riding a jackass either you have thousands now. Yeah that he had to have players to be able to a complete at this level always appreciated brother next time we totti the seasonal B. Underway and now will break down opening night I appreciate domicile is in a friend. All right argued Kevin Pelton you can follow Matt. That Twitter and you should check out that article Baxter Holmes has an up on the ESPN web page on the under the NBA and how basically. A plate of. Cheese and nuts and basically diagram now. The lawyers change their offense Steve Kerr was sit and has been a Volvo on this waiter came around us and are we just are mumbling just. Funny you mention that we're just talking about it let's take a look at drawn up and they started using my. All men's and dried cranberries that mimic the players and what they were going to do. So all right all Curry's can get the ball here to Thompson he's gonna cut the left corner. They're gonna dump on the block incurring tops are gonna set a screen for one another they're gonna come out bald its either gonna dump to a cutter to the basket or to the perimeter but somebody's going to be open. For a couple of reasons one of home is moving to the players are moving without the ball and setting screens for each other in three they're cutting to open spots on the floor. Super complicated right. Sounds like super complicated problems delayed the lawyers I don't understand why eight and so much other than effective Kevin Durant went their mats and white 1 I am fine. But they are fun to watch. Because they moved the basketball teams that passed the basketball. And don't just isolate their superstars. And move the ball around and look for open shots fun to watch. It is our. Perfected how to play basketball the most. We have watching the grizzlies is when Marcus always passing. And scoring obviously right when they're moving the ball. When mark salt is in game in Georgia Tech it Montana senate. When Marcus all through what they called pocket. Bounced vessels don't know what we are on the pick and roll there's like a little pocket once your role when that you try to throw the pastor's call pocket bounced past. He threw a dart right through the pocket too I think it was the Tyreke Evans for lamp aisles like. Now that. Is fun to watch it might want to pick and roll run. Every now and then a miss mixing it up but if you all that's all you role as high pick and bipolar so I'd taken roller opener ever after awhile. He's gone OK what is his kids did the players tentative plan with an episode. It's a good article I'd I would suggest that checking Baxter's article out when we come back we'll do the headlines including some sports news. Bad news goes the worse for the New York Giants another player. This time. I'm not going to be able to go because looks like he'll be suspend we'll talk about that and how would you like to have a girl friend that though argued with you in the shower. And when she didn't get her way basically. Grab in the junk and this isn't like Terry crews get Graham injunction did some damage. Boy for not go hostile thing about those and wrap up the day gets ready for the Gary Blair's experience that's next 99 Demi has in Memphis isn't. Elusive today when. One at 3 PM weekdays. Get to seventy. Get a chance to 1000 dollar. ESPN. MMA concerns about this on Saturday October 14 for another jam packed full car. Hammer this thing. So we been on the garden almost trying to install couldn action you also communities might already know does not unlike a night of watching live cage fighting to get the heart jumping the adrenaline pumping iron and number. Maybe if you had anything yet well why don't play. 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Bottom of the second wind blowing in Addison Russell just about left the yard but a got. Bends over us a little one out double over to third and now. Two outs runner on third Jason Hayward at the plate facing wanna. Stephen Strasburg but we give viewed headlines I'll keep you up to date till we go off the air. We'll sit still schools and ask your group who wins this game. Yet you know all I. Who. Jake Ariana has not had great success against announced that but I picked them at. I picked yesterday depicted the cubs simply because. The nationals bats have been silent in this series and their team batting average is well below 200 so I'll stick with my original they consider cubs close it out at home. Two day on May win the blustery. Chile apparently day in Chicago looks miserable and does look miserable out there that everybody's a current iPod just. Those podshows you diet like Disney World for 2750. They cost like two cents that I know I can box but it's like ten bucks for piece of plastic with a Mickey Mouse picture on it's the best business you could ever going to just fine plastic. Digital licensing rights from Disney for whatever reason and just so extreme that Mickey on there instead of charging into bucks charged and Don burn off yeah. As for the game going on tonight's game five elimination game. Who advances Indians and yankees I got to go game the Indians on this on the Yankees have had a hell of Iran I think they're just a starter shy of really being elite level team although CC sabathia had a pretty good year this year. I Cleveland and he's the best team in baseball right now top to bottom they hit the field they have great starting pitching they're great bullpen work. I'm surprised that this is Tutu as it is but I give the Yankees a lot of credit a lot of people are all over Joseph Girardi a divorcee yankees wanted to say what they. Feel like you say Joseph Girardi job I think that would be unfortunate but yet he made it a pretty critical error that she's simply cannot make out earlier in the series. I say Cleveland at home tonight is too tough and I'll take the Indians out to advance. We'll get back to some baseball news in a few minutes but first we're gonna go to the grizzlies tonight. What's the one thing that you're looking at most that to happen tonight for the grizzlies. For the grizzlies they've got to find a way to run that rockets off the three point line get back they've got to continue to play fast we'll may have the ball. Take advantage activities you're not gonna slow this rockets being down completely there's three and all the pre season they play fast. They play it loose they chucked it out there if they miss a three they don't really care you've got to know they're gonna keep coming at you so I wanna see them. Do the best they can run guys off the three point line don't give them uncontested layups but don't let him shoot wide open threes either. And on offense you've got to find a little bit more continuity. Then you had in game three and make better passes there's just some sloppy. Careless passes that some come from not playing alongside one another ever. Really and others from I think guys just Caribbean one step ahead. With their brain of where their body was in the end not being able sanctity of. Dominique Rodgers Marty's been suspended by the New York Giants the cast he simply just won't practice today. Dad apparently old Dominic writers who Marty decided that he had had enough and yes I do believe. So this comes on the wake of the giants losing like every wide receiver they have grand marshals done for the season just and I have no way to cover practice Seattle there's a wide receivers are so I'll leave although Beckham junior obviously left the field crying what they. I'm pretty severe injury as well they're they're hoping for a full recovery but that looked ugly and this season a lot of people thought could lead to an NFC east championship. Is staring the giants in the facing in terms of just actually being an unmitigated disaster this is I don't remember seeing. A team that people thought could be really good I struggle like this and hear their next game you ready. At Denver. I think that's a loss right against that defense would know wide receivers you can't run the ball there one dimensional. Home vs Seahawks got a great defense home vs the rams again a great defense. But two teams traveling west to east so maybe that helps those Seahawks game kicks off a four point five. At San Francisco maybe. Home vs the chief's. Back going to be favored probably. May be favored at Redskins but probably not. At Oakland not going to be there there homer scout was not going to be here there find me five wins and there you can't. You can't they're looking at a foreign twelve or worst season right in the face and probably in the lines of three and thirteen in June 14. And possibly the number one overall pick then they've got a decision make. Today banks for the future after Eli and take one of these quarterbacks heard they make a trade in China a whole lot more draft picks with team wants to move up. We'll see. Mike Leach has this team rolling at Washington State Jesse does and they may not make college football playoffs will mean. Weighed in on the accountable playoffs earlier today here's what he had to say. If it. I think 64 to some. But I think the members extinct. He has extreme things that I think we do soul of these issues. Sixty Ford teams. Brow OK I data he would have four regions of sixteen teams each believe it or not. Believe it or not they do I mean like they can do the sixteen teams I believe because they think so too they've done it. Every level of college football except the one day. FCS has done it. Division to division three as some have called division to football games you had to be a top former west region had to be ranked and there was all by voting. And there was always controversy. Take for example a year when Davis got the number four seed in the west the plate number one text sane and kings they'll. A calling the games the reasoning at the number four seed as one of their losses. As compared to the team that was the fifth seed why believe that you were central Oklahoma. Was against an FCS team. Was against a team that was one double leg. While central Oklahoma played no teams or one double A Davis played to beat one loss to the other and therefore they were ranked ahead of them despite having one more loss so there's always going to be controversy there too. But what they did as did it by region the four regional winners. Two would face off and one semi final at the better teams the better team a better records home field. And the other two would face the same thing and and they play championship game guy in Alabama. Florence I believe. And it was what you look forward to. I don't see why he can't do sixteenth but everybody wants to preserve the ball games I think you make a bowl games part of it and then the ones that aren't part of it is still have them. And the sixteen to you know outside the sixteen teams that don't get in and is like all the bowl games what matters topic like does anybody care about that. The Sun Bowl now in El Paso except the two teams there are no but you don't you do you watch you know why because it's the holidays and football's on TV. And we will watch even if it doesn't mean anything doesn't anything now deplorable that it was well. They're probably in a Baltic and there probably the most people are I'm not I rarely do those actually believe it or not. Let's get back to our baseball because you talked about Joseph Girardi job plus we'll be in jeopardy one person that's looking for a job. John Ferrell who was fired earlier today by the Boston Red Sox. Yeah and down one report out of WEEI in Boston our sister station up there one of the reporters felt like. One of the reasons is. That David Price. Did not get along like let's say it was a very negative impact on the clubhouse and so I don't know why. He blamed David Price for firing John Ferrell but it is that you were David Price yeah yeah that's the case and get rid John Ferrell are you get rid David Price that's out Farrell I don't know that they can they get any takers. You the pick up that contract was I don't think it's David prices fall. I think that team had a lot of talent I think that team won the division I think they just ran in to a team that's better in the Houston Astros and the team that. Was predicted by Sports Illustrated a few years ago. To beat it 2017. World Series champions because they saw. How many young talented players they've stockpiled. And figured along those lines they had enough that they needed to make trades that they could and get a guy like Justin Verlander. I don't understand this firing one bit I thought the Red Sox were pretty good baseball team this year that held it together despite. Not getting front line starting pitching from the guiding expected to get Frontline starting pitching from. Yeah we got Chris Sale case and down based no two ways about it right who else. Your baseball guy who also on that Red Sox pitching staff did you look at when they got the ball on you went yet. That's going to be went yep that's going to be aware of that nobody they kind of held it together because price wasn't what they had hoped he would be. Add it all all I think you're ready to go on down and I I don't put that I'm done on that ran after isn't it. You'll get a fight with your significant other why are both in the shower. Yeah. This. This young lady decided that. While they were getting into an argument. She would Abigail Geiger if you are gonna swipe right on to internecine Abigail. In the town of lit it's what's I'm not sure exactly where limits is that it's in America. Just basically it started to Tara Parker. Her boyfriend's nether regions he had to go to the hospital for cuts and bruises two is testicular area. Uncool move by. Girlfriend right there you run for the hills after that when this guy probably got back together with hope so yeah I wouldn't. Now that's not not acceptable behavior right there. By Abigail dagger I'd that's gonna do it for us still no score going to the south of the third. And that's led to the plate Gary Parrish is up next for band. I'm Eric I'll talk to you again later tonight is grizzlies take on the rockets until that time keep it locked in right here on 92 none of them ESPN's Sheila. 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