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Wednesday, October 11th

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We'll be surcharge increases by five dollars published twelve or seventeen to supply because he's always protested these efforts of the what we're quite cautious about that event member FDIC for some lessons from visa USA. It's scary bears and I'll tell you about Dini Morse and roofing and what they're doing right now for the bottom for a check this out for every bone replacement for now. Remember getting Morse is donating 200 dollars to Obama that's right to their books straight a honor for every roof installed from now through November you see. How fathered three children who have all experience from our great care not only that he didn't you. Experienced a great care of my monitor does the family that really and truly appreciate all. It was doing it now is trying to help bottom line you've heard me talking about gaining more recent years and there's never been a better time than right now. Roof damage or did you simply just ready to get a new roof in other words get in the world now and feel good about it now because it can lead to a donation to Obama's call. Danny Morrissey you get him at 8700186901. 700 point 86 kick him out on the web Morse and roofing dot net dips Morse and roofing dot net get their world for plays and help all of honor. All at the same time. Gaining more and Rupert. It's unknown. Okay. George sixty. Team NBA season under way but tonight. They'll play pre season game number four and a lot of questions. Still. Surround the group. Including what the starting five will look like. And want to open is. Moving forward. We are some of the comments from David Tisdale all. From this morning's shootaround post shoot around. Small break it down as well is a lot of people wondering if Chandler Parsons should be a starter or. Come off the bench. It and all that. You're the first couple of segments. Each and every Monday through Friday at this very time on this very station we bring you the Aircastle bench originates at the place Watertown radio complex. As we go on the studios by the freeway we follow my in my we followed Geoff Calkins immediately follow Jason Giambi gets ready for the Gary Parrish experience. Sit at a Japanese share on Alistair cast now does that the last piece of the program the one and only known it and Benjamin. Up there and do it. Good I'm good and better than the US men's national soccer team I think a lot of people are. I I couldn't agree with pared their Johns all these people are just getting irate. Probably about 10% don't really care I know plenty of people. I know plenty of people that do care they are very loyal soccer supporters they watched the MLS they watch English premiere league. They follow the men's national team they go to the games like one national team plays anywhere in the area. There on the road right at people would go to the sports bars to watch. Elf a buddy Matt. Sydney auto. So on the other night out of those sky box and cardinal when I was there Friday night to watch entire game he was there to partially the potentially to watch the US men's national team played Panama. Was on. Record breaking night I felt like because they scored four goals. That's a that's like an outburst right delicious if you goes to show. Trinidad and Tobago very tough very tough match very tough match. Ellis. I I when I woke up and sold their loss I was honestly I was really surprised. OK so on out will get an all that hearsay because I was listening to Gary yesterday. And what he said made sense there was a 100% chance of rain last night in Chicago right so eventually Major League Baseball had to make a decision are we going to play this game tonight. Starting at you know damn near midnight apparently was when the weather was gonna blow through which is just silly nobody's gonna stick around for that. Order we just call it get everybody home get back tomorrow which is what they did. Was left absolutely nothing but pre season basketball. Any NBA and the men's national team on television last right as it. Was only acts Tuesday so. I'm sure there were people that are just. Die hard sports fans or watch anything sports related on TV they will pick their favorite thing but when there's nothing they are. They probably were watching last night I know I just I just wanted to look. And what was going on in the world sports like gold mine that the couple laps I look at and all the that headline is right there. US men's national team eliminated from the World Cup and how I liked. I thought they were like on the verge of clinching and I guess it was just a bizarre turn of events how to point system worked in the CONCACAF whatever thing that they're doing. I don't understand all this in areas like August Third World countries in a big qualifier in different spots. Qualifying different ways. But Thursday it on the outrages is basically because we're America we think we should be awesome and everything we think we're the greatest country in the world which we are. In terms of that they the opportunities we have we are there it is not without flaws that is not without faults and is not without. Things that couldn't be better that there's no country in the world it's ever going to be perfect right. Right I believe this is the greatest country in the world to live there are some might disagree I Aron. But we believe we should. The best at literally everything. If we're not winning gold medals we wanna know why. We wanna know what you know what what is the reason what is the meaning of all of this how can we not. Be the best in every sport going with all the people we have all the athletes who live in this country it's very simple so priority. To the majority of our citizens. In terms of certain sports soccer having being one of them. Yes there are a lot of people play soccer yes. Generally it is me even people at the next level or as Jeff call and suburban white kids. The thing about soccer follow his every touch what all. Yet that all this money to play soccer data plan to competitively since travel around the states and and in the US and in the US you do you have to have money but in. And in essence the you have to have that the play. Now now your ball ticket you get a ball you can throw to trash cans out IC people in parks all the time playing pick up soccer games soccer balls like which is wanting portable X which is what happens. In a country so we talk about these Third World countries. So the kids do they play because it's part of their culture and heritage by the way. And I also can play basketball but basketball's bigger here and basketball has a huge. Fan base and loyalty. Amongst those fans following them as opposed to soccer. And listen that's part of it. When kids. It's different now that the money has gotten Peyton you know to the point where your hearing about how much money to guys make overseas but that's what they do you that's that's that's like what. Kids in Europe. Grow up dreaming of being professional soccer players in America grow up dreaming of being in the NFL being in the NBA being in the major leagues whatever it may be and for the longest time kids here. When they got to a certain age. IE high school don't or the best athletes stop playing soccer and started playing the other sports. Just the latest golf has taken some athletes away now because the Tiger Woods effect it became so cool to be. On the golf course because Tiger Woods made it cool right. That now be able to that so would get in that Britain later on in the program but it's just. About a serial day and talk about what this means for US nationals louder here's the thing that I love about US men's national soccer. They've rehired by the same coach 47 different times it feels like they hired other guys that didn't work out. I want them to win just like everybody else but I am not outraged that they did not win OK you lost. It happens he got upset. Next year when the World Cup song and you're you can't you read all you Firefox and spend 400 million to estimate of the bride down there you know in his lap and why in the world cannot let. You know I did to him we had that four years ago we had the usaid Belgian game that was I think the round of sixteen and we all went. Before they show when we went and watched it up what used to be Max. And Dan Maginnis up there which is now led vacated the presence of the over their off of whatever its colonial power colonial power wherever it is over the area. I think it's now one it's one of the to Chinese food restaurant I can't remember lift so yeah anyway. We are great I noticed a noticed but I just don't know I don't know the name of it I can't remember. Blake it was pat and it was fun I get it but. Overall not to lose any sleep over the fact that they're not in the World Cup but it will be itching to see what happens to the ratings. For it and I can promise you who's laughing all the way to the bank. The broadcasting companies they got outbid by fox portable World Cup are now gone. Good trio enjoy that 400 million dollars hopefully it's well spent I still think people watched like that I want to retire we'll watch you. Or super upset that the US did not make it to the World Cup. Reveal what they're going to be sitting in front of the television. Washing the World Cup because they just love soccer that much they just enjoy the sport that much other disappointed that they don't have a team that they root for. The United States is not gonna be that the fund another report because I'm sure they have their favorite players or whatever Premier League or whatever. League that they watch they have their favorite players in the Everett for that country guitar player plays for. Salave'a. It's always the casual fan. If there's no doubt about that and they've done a good job though of of expanding and I actually talking to my former boss Randy Stevens who's now the I'm executive vice president with fox sports south. The Atlanta. MLS team I guess at an Atlanta united your FC Atlanta whatever. Apparently is just killing it they made a blouse are very good. But they've. Routinely out draw on the peg the per aid stuff all Oxley they sell out games all the time they've played in the new stadium and might open the upper deck it's apparently. It's a huge deal out parents are some cities do sport Portland's a huge supporter that other MLS team. Seattle Vancouver one dollar plan to bring you an analyst yeah they're they're trying to and it is expanding and it is popular and has. Mac my friend Matt that I said it was a Derek skybox. I'd just text me sits just tuned in the problem is all higher ups. They choose the coach and I'm sure it is it seems that seems a little bizarre to me about what ever so it was a light night in sports to say the least grizzlies or get back to work tonight. As they will take on the Houston Rockets a special 830 that time will be on the airwaves starting at 730 so. If you are going to the game remember the game tips at 830. It is nationally televised and so it will not be the typical 7 o'clock at. He get there at 7 o'clock you can stand outside the building for about a half an hour before the election but you're not gonna see the game until. 830 today on the program. Olds our college football. With bill Bender the weekend that is ahead is really there's not a lot of great games when you get the Auburn LSU and there's really nothing. The GO black I watched that. I got to watch that was kinda like a rivalry let me just to Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas the Red River Shootout. That you don't that's got tradition too it's like Michigan Michigan State last week but. Oklahoma what a loss to think it would have been it would have been a little bit more and intriguing that Oklahoma losing last week announced the story of the big. Big twelve right now is that everybody's cannon taken. One on a channel Oklahoma State's loss we thought those were the best two teams would be 12 at the end TCU turns out that there they're pretty good there in the top ten. But they. Really did not roll over West Virginia the way we expected in aid it they looked at times very pedestrian like. Yes what's your initial talk to the better about the weekend had in college football I'm all talked about the Memphis navy match up. I ESPN's Kevin Pelton old beat by two breakdown NBA. Talk as well with us as the season is less than a week away from the regular season starting. Grisly start exactly one week from sniper remember there's that Tuesday game and Russell Westbrook being more Russell Westbrook last night basically. Cross body block in nickel these pockets around the screen. I disagree got to get so angry at people on the court that he plays against am not sure what sets while he's done it against the grizzlies couple times you're not sure what sets him off. And he literally just loses his mind and Mike wants the punch somebody it seems like all the time and last night did a technically okay it wouldn't be surprised he gets phone call from a leak that we'll talk to camp out about the season upcoming yet as locals and out with the headlines of the day. And that's where we take you throughout the afternoon grizzlies back in action tonight a lot of questions. Still surround this team when we come back we're gonna talk with David theater owner to hear from David says they'll post practice today and I'll talk to him because. I can get him on the phone on a game day we hear what he had to say. After the morning shoot around just a couple of minutes audio there in the Maldivian. More thoughts about all the the notion of Chandler Parsons starting in other guys on before us and Geoff Calkins and I've alluded to this and I think it was Jason and Jon that. Went through the list of players. That make a lot of money and come off the bench I'll give you my thoughts on that because. That's still stems from that summer of just insane spending when the salary caps took the biggest jump we've ever seen in teams ended up in a situation. Or nobody had been familiar with that before so give and all of that will dive into the grizzlies do a little ring it up put three on the board including a pitcher apparently. Being bullied starting tonight for the Washington Nationals. And a couple other stories as well for you that's all on the way in our one bill Bender Kevin Belton. An hour to an animal rabbit out of the headlines it's over to the Gary Blair's experience will soccer is when we come back 99 a MES in Memphis. It's scary bears and I'll tell you about gaining more some who feel what they're doing right now for the bottom for a check this out for every bone replacement from now. Monday November did horses donating 200 dollars to the bottom that's right to their books straight a honor for every week installed from now through November you see. Proud father of three children who have all experience of our great care not only that we didn't you. Experienced a great care of honors for the for the family and that really and truly appreciate all the hospitals doing it now. Always trying to help bottom line you've heard me talk about getting Morse in the years and there's never been a better time than right now. Roof damage or did you simply just ready to. Roof and alert you to new rules now and feel good about it now because it's gonna lead to a donation to a -- some call. Divorcing you get in at 8700186901. 700 point 86 kick him out on the web for more some roofing dot net that some portion of roofing dot net get their room for plays to help all of honor. All at the same time we do anymore some roof. Think you're pretty. Good evening in the pro football games did you come this fall in the 195000. Dollar Venus won Obama and his the end take home some don't they're always awaiting want to finish in the top twenty each week to. Win one on Monday night broke cash drawing Murray finish in the top Indy for the entire season is Sharon 101000 dollars and okay. You are being 203 great games out in the entire 256. Game season and don't automatically win 100. Things changed in the years did you. I'm just seeing the Bernie did you not play slots and tables did you rewards card new members get every pig on the day assign them so do you think. Getting the pros they're putting our money where your mouth these like the 190 I. Darren was between one and you're always seems there's your. I'll call 800. I'm due to 4700 and. 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Ares grizzlies have some decisions to make they will have to be made within the next six days I believe. M Monday as the final day to. Submit your final roster moving forward. They have three cuts to make they have two guys on 2 way contracts that morning guys in camp right now. So there remains with three cuts it's pretty safe to assume I don't mean this disrespectfully to the rants got. But that the rants got his just here to get a quick look and see maybe he can be someone that. Place for the hostile maybe if there's somewhere down the road where there's need you can fill but you don't expect the rain stopped. Intended to make the final roster and that's pretty apparent now the roving debating question is so who goes next. And we talked about yesterday and I heard Jason John got by day and there's that prevailing thought and he wanted to chime in on what are you can. At Aircastle to enact a golfer out Aircastle time at a golfer you can. By Chiming in and saying hey look. You gotta keep us a first round draft pick because you've only given a one year. To show you what he can do that obviously being way Baldwin. So that means it's got to be Harrison and it's got a major Omar and there are other people saying well. If you think Mario Chalmers is going to be fine. And my count he's gonna be fine and if you need an S inch you can either bring up Kobe Simmons or he can play Tyreke Evans. If you don't think that Harrison and Baldwin fit what you're doing or you don't like their game then why waste time with them and get off of their deals now. You have to eat the money yes. But you're sorely lacking depth in the front court if Chandler Parsons is expected to as David says does that potentially be a four. I'd get its position must basketball we talked a little bit about that today. Which has won the clips we were gonna play that maybe we well. But then why not keep your mart route he has looked better. In the pre season in the other two guys and I said this yesterday in similar situations and relationships where you know something is not working out. But you think it might be able to they hang onto it. When you know that you can walk into your favorite local watering hole and see your ex on the arm of some other guy and that have a problem with that. If she seems to become the person that you needed to be that you won't. Dennis I'm part waste did you move in a different direction a similar with players in that. If you know the you can look at a guy two years from now he's playing for somebody else. And finally found the potential that you saw him when you select them and be okay with the decision that you made because it's the right move to make for your team right now. Then knock yourself out and make that decision now. Don't waste time and keep a roster spot for guys you don't think he's going to beat which you need him to be and that's the question we guys in the front office has to answer. Bottom line plain and simple. I get the connotation though that you can't just keep cutting first round draft picks the Jordan Adams thing obviously because of the they're the clear. Favor that the former coaching staff had for Rodney hood and Jordan Adams was the selection. They made that very public domain that very well known that they want and Rodney hood and the front office selected Jordan Adams and it was an unfortunate situation for Jordan to be and because he knows that you know he's here in from other people that you're gorgeous actually wanted another guy but that the front office picked you. Danny gets a knee injury that it's just not feeling better and it never works through no fault of his own it was an uphill climb but it was a mistake and it happened. Now if you are gonna what soldier Omar Mets two years later he knew he had an injury situation when he selected him he seemingly. At the end of that season eighty some flash is that they liked but then didn't play in the summer early now to some of the summer before played last year and then this summer league. I guess didn't show you what she needed to see and so now you're gonna be ready to move on from that after two years OK there's another first round draft. So maybe it's also the fact that you're hoping that one of your first round draft picks is actually going to stick around a beer for more than a year to. And as you can have him as part of your future I don't know. Again a question that the front office will have to answer. But David says they'll get addressed the media today after the morning shoot around in this is when he talked about with his roster and looking forward to tonight. BC game for. Us games. You know trial of the minutes are paying guys. About wasteful. Hopefully we intend to step ball. Did leave. Right now so. Ladies and now let's start by. Might get to know. In more than dress rehearsal. And it's. Still still guys just trying to make his name I solidified his bottom or. It's not an easy decision and it's one that David says they'll talk to me about. When we were in Atlanta. And said listen this is the hardest thing. For me as a head coach is to sit somebody down and say. You're not in our future plans you are not what we need or you are not good enough to do this that's a hard thing to do. Specially I know guys have done everything you've asked them now for guys in there and he's not doing everything you've asked a lot voice of this. Look at guys not with the program he's not down he's not down Melissa and cut bait. Cut bait and move on. Might be working now albeit still at some guys just all their lives and it's come easy and so when they have someone telling them want to do it doesn't always work. It's the hardest thing and I saw today. Before we went in an address inside so weird weird nostalgia. Around FedEx forms weren't here's who was outside waiting for the guys to come off should around John Dewey. Hugh B brown. Line Hollins went. Sean Dewey was there. QB Brown's gonna get for ESPN OK and allowances are too. He's got a look around and go what in the world just got a technical and we just go back in the Arctic group like this kind of bizarre. But lot on tonight attributed as soon and every time every chance I get because it is one of the more. Prophetic. Statements I've ever heard a head coach ever make. And through all finals you know cantankerous moments in times where he just didn't wanna deal the media I get it I understand it and there were times where you thought. He was going to be in a bad mood and he wasn't times that'd be a good mood was it was just hard to figure out. Police ultimate competitor and I have they ought must respect for that. But he told me once and I'll never forget this night tribute to a multi because. It's beyond through the hardest thing to do with young players in the NBA is get them to accept a role. And the reason he said it is think about why these guys are here they were all stars they were all studs they were all the best. Player generally on their team. They were the guy that had the ball on their hand when the coach needed a bucket. They were the guy that had the ball in their hand when they needed to shift the fortune of the game. They were the dad team relied upon to kind of rally around whatever it may be for the most part very few rule players in college. Make it to the NBA if any league we've seldom happens. Probably shortcomings offensively you know Tony Allen did in college. Scored fastball big twelve player of the year and probably shortcomings offensively. In the NBA you don't Reggie Evans did. Pretty good he was. Absolutely. A monster both offensively. And defensively and rebounding but he got to the NBA and he'll be one I hadn't said I can I can rebound and play defense for all except that other guys could not. Other guys could not simply do that. And so it's hard when you try to tell people. That they're not good enough to make the NBA because all their lives have been going off. And now that's a tough decision for these guys have to make it Davis is still just alluded to as much. If you liked the kid and they do generally always like their players are some kids I'm sure that. They coach and the player don't see that I may be don't get along and so it's not as big a deal but. I get the impression David physical generally likes all the guys on this roster. Aside from being bass will players likes them as people and that's the hardest conversation have to have but it is a business. And whose jobs on the line of teams out when it says to you know who'd like to coach for ten to fifteen years David Tisdale. Is that a reality weren't today's NBA it's usually not you're not gonna usually coach more than 678 years with one team that sometimes you can't. He would like to disprove that theory. He enjoys the teaching aspect he enjoys going through filming enjoys. The competitive nature of the sport bass was Donald's life. So you've got to put the best product out there which we you have to make some difficult decisions. Which is why I say if one of those difficult decisions is that hey look. This guy does not fit what we do we know it's not getting any better we know it's not gaining a better we don't think it's going to get any better. It's only been a year. But then we got to move on if that's how you feel about somebody like we Ballmer that he got to make that move now waiting a year in the NBA to me makes no sense if you know. Makes no sense to you and here's the problem they're facing right now is what he addressed in this next clip they're not going to have. Their typical starting five until one players healthy he talks about right here. Most of us aren't. So I don't think the first bodies will be installments it's been. Welcome back once they're capable. C. That ended the day after a lot about your options. Get the job done and. He loves and tackle more I talk to us out at the game in Atlanta guided. I I'd used to watch play when he was an only. Not a household name I wanna say we is because he scouts were on the team I don't want I don't wanna put out there. But. What he told me he's a West Coast guy. Was a couple of things one very hard for Ben tackle more seemingly it from what he heard. The necessary deal on what the markets cousins which I don't know how many people in Sacramento actually did get along with DeMarcus Cousins. Which is weird because they say off the court the guy is unbelievable like we'll do anything for the community. Is a good dude like you you bring your son around and take picture with a may be totally cool he got into the locker and got on according just. Changed into a different person. But it got affected Ben tackled more in a negative manner boss the coaching change. And as I told the status of why no Marcos was amigos that may be all he needs to break out if he breaks out. That is one of the best signings of the summer because of the money because. Of the fact that he's young he's athletic he can shoot the basketball as a former pop and lottery pick. That may be just a diamond in the rough you were looking for which small market teams have to go out fine. So of course this first five isn't set in stone until he sees what Ben Michael Moore can do if Michael Moore can give you what you need. Then maybe you do make a decision. To keep James NS in the starting rotation and bring Chandler off the bench as a backup three slash four. Bring Brandan Wright off the bench is a backup four slash five if you wanna go small. Flip things around much of Michael play up front at the five and go real small group who knows. He's got a lot of options. So nothing will be said. And I heard guys talking about all these over paid guys on the venture to high priced guys on that's not overpaid but you can make that argument. Allen Crabbe last year in Portland who matched an eighteen million dollar offer from Brooklyn and and subsequently traded him to Brooklyn this year Evan Turner. You are making me pay is Mac B combo. Timofey Mozgov out. Ruled dang these are all guys that got sixteen million are a more right Chandler Parsons. And none of them why is Moscow was starting but none of them really consistent starters for their team right. We can't look at that number anymore and be surprised I've asked you can't look at got a bench and say well look at the money he's making. Essentially what happened. Had never happened before that summer will never happen again. The NBA because of their new television rights steal back a Brinks truck full of money up to every owners front door and said here. Salary caps going up you have to spend some that you're going to be able to keep summit which don't have to increase ticket prices you don't have to go out some more sponsorship or whatever it may be. To. Drive your salaries upn and and pay guys to be either. So teams just felt like they had spent which I sat here all summer long vehemently disagreeing with. Yes she needed to get to the floor level the worst case scenario you'll get to the floor level of the salary the way Denver was not about to. OK so you pay a one point five million dollar fine. Write your one point five million dollars under the floor. You gotta pay that one point five million dollars to you know little. The guys already on your team. You give it to the guys on the team with a fifteen guys on team they'll just got a 300000 dollars in a who wouldn't complain about that got fifteen guys on your team you know what Denver did instead. Went and picked up Roy Hibbert to get to the floor level. And it wasn't exactly the most popular move in a locker and I can promise you that but no one would say it because they thought maybe Roy Hibbert could help on. And they were thinking about possibly a late playoff push Denver was fighting throughout most of the season against. But so now what you end up having is a bunch of guys that are gonna get paid a lot of money for the next 23 and four years I want a market to be starters. If you put the monetary value on it is just gonna frustrate you know my personal belief about that is at a time. Looking at Chandler Parsons with the basketball why I feel like he is better suited to ramp up with the start of the game and get into the flow. As opposed to coming in called off the bench in trying to get it going. Instantaneously. He is not. Vinnie the microwave Johnson period end of story he's not that type player Jamal Crawford guys can comment in immediately. Hit the ground running. With the speed of the game get into the flow and start making shots I don't think that that's Chandler's nature at this point maybe I'm wrong. David is the last to make the ultimate decision but I think you're much better suited using James Edison that rule role that you would be Chandler Parsons but Woolsey. We'll see tonight is a great opportunity. The play a team that plays incredibly fast chalks up a ton of threes. And looks that just flat out outscored they don't care they give up a 120. If they score a 121 and that's their goal they are going to look to just out story. They're going to put so much pressure on you by scoring the basketball but it's hard for you to beat down because you're playing at breakneck speeds something you're probably not used it. And to me it's still going to be very nice to see how this makes works and I should be fun 830. At times you're coming down great if not tune in right here we'll have all the action Korea. Mute the sound on the ESPN game local as well not be on TV because he ESPN crew is here. So this mute the sound sync it up and a lot of we'll see pre season game number four game fives couple days away and only seven days away from the start of the season allows decisions still left. To be made you wanna tweeting about it you can add Eric Cassell sat out golfer at Aircastle and act not the golfer when we come back we'll do a little ring it up put three on the board will talk about. The baseball game that's about to get under way in a pitcher that. May be was. Bullied into starting today maybe this was a whole big set up from the word go who knows. Also a tradition in Detroit with their hockey fans may leave one fan on the outside looking in because of their new Arenas possible talk about all that. And a couple other news and belts including a major Hollywood actor who apparently. October being sexually harassed when I tell you it is it's gonna blow your mind body to not offend me as in Memphis. It's your chance to win 1000. Dollars strain can. These grays and their brand on 99 SO MES PN. How bad 3 PM. Hey it's Eric Cassell signed here once again for all time low paying changing moving in the city of Memphis. 31661963166196. That is the goal you want to make too. Set up you or move it whether you move it across town across country. Size and upsides and down whatever it may be stop asking your friends to help you move they're not gonna pack your stuff. 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Were looking to close out the nationals and probably were hoping that they could play the game last night because they felt like. If we play the game tonight. We can. Avoid seeing Stephen Strasburg in game number four which was the case tanner Roark was set to star general marks a good pitcher. And has been very good arms since the all star break and facts to narrower though is not Stephen Strasburg he finished the season with a 467 ERA. And a record of thirteen wins eleven losses now again take into consideration. The post all star break. Opponents into 23 against Rourke yeah 390 ERA and went seven and five. So he was better in the second half than in the first half that is not Stephen Strasburg good Stephen Strasburg is. Good like hey yo you're not touching him were giving him the ball and we expect this to be. A win however. Stephen Strasburg apparently had a little bit of a coal wasn't quite feeling up. To the task in his 252 ERA and fifteen and four record because he battles injuries every now and then. Certainly would look better on the mound here and that's fan but I do want the guy that wants the ball so all this report comes out. They even after the rain out to dinner Rourke gonna start game four because the nationals feel that gives them the best chance of winning who in the hell are you kidding stop it. Stephen Strasburg. Post all star break by the way as good as Rourke was held opponents still won 71 average was six and one gave up six earned runs in 62 and two thirds innings. Two home runs. So probably the majority of those six home run her six earned runs came on two swings of the bat. He struck out 76 and walked fourteen in those 62 and two thirds innings. You're gonna tell me the other guy gives you a better chance to win whatever may be the reason whether they were planned possible that they were trying to not tip their hand whatever it may be. Stephen Strasburg shouldn't starting this game Manny here are some rumors like he's not the easiest got to deal with. In the end now breaking news today than that it ain't it ain't getting pink. Guess who start game four because if you're kidding yourself you can tell you try to convince yourself to Dana Rourke gives you the best chance to win game four which is just a Roni has. Put it does really shake up. What happens. Moving forward let's say they win game four and go on to win game five are after that game five. You pitch masters of as he would he could be up forty go GO Gonzales this is a do or die game. The odds aren't thinking would be you'd go match yours are right right insurers are out there even if you only get an out there for five innings and then you try to shut it down for the final four innings after that. What does that do for a dodger team though that sit waiting after sweeping the Diamondbacks their rotation will be intact. Either one of these two teams rotation could be just decimated. If the cubs don't get the win tonight if it goes to a game fives can be very instinct to see the impact it has on Ashley championship series. But Stephen Strasburg really didn't feel good and so I don't feel like I can get out there and get it. I'm sitting here as a fan going dude you better get short you know what out on that mound and start to on some BBC forming. Because you are getting all this money and be in the Frontline starter that we know you can be to sit and take game four off on the seasons on the line come on dude. Now this backfires and Strasburg does it have his best off. This go back. To say ball he told she wasn't wasn't 100% what doled out there do you think that there's gonna be some type of backlash on that if he doesn't have his best stuff tonight or today. Or do you think it's just like. You have to thought Strasburg no matter what. I don't blame you yeah. Not that I think are acting keep it's he doubted they cannot get put out there right yes put out there by. Cold you better be like a hundred X six. And can't wiggle get yourself physically out of bed your ball better be dissolved and that set at 75 miles an hour area whatever. So I believe that about as much as I believe. The DD. On the what is she a Las Vegas based instead Graham model they Chris Forester was sending that video too and her commentary today on downloads are so if you miss that. Jason John had some of the some of the audio from the interview today with said model. You want that now I she is her name if you wanna look at what's good looking girl said he's not the richest guy knows this isn't about money okay. Is about. Getting racial equality. You got a guy (%expletive) Stop it anyway that's not the second story the second story comes from an age old tradition in Detroit. With their hockey team do you know what it is then. Articles it is the not to put us in the eight legs of the octopus represented the eight games used to have to win back in the day. To win the Stanley Cup basically there were two best of seven playoff series. Hasn't won enough teams to have much more than that. Google it up Pete and Jerry coups Amano were the first two to throw an octopus on the ice. April 15 1952. Well so 65. Years about the tide being thrown. On to the eyes well head to the new little Caesars arena last night. Red wings super fan as is said by CBC nick Horvath decided. He was gonna make history he was gonna be the first to throw an octopus onto the ring in fact if you see a picture and a Corvette. He's got a stuffed octopus for the red wings. Jersey on her sweater and octopus Bobble head in his home. And apparently like an octopus he'll put red pillow that I proposed the red. Wings Jersey the a wagers in the white jerseys. On it so I definitely someone who is lived in breed with the Detroit wed and wed wings red wings. However little Caesars arena security did not think it was a cool thing to do they escorted him the police were he was charged with a misdemeanor offense and told. You're not welcome back to the rink. Ever. Look. For the first time in my damn near a quarter century I know people don't follow hockey but follow me on this the red wings missed the playoffs. Over twenty years on the street in any sport. They're adding they were longer than their nose at the San Antonio Spurs. This dude is like Johnny super fan you fourteen. As a brand new facility is beautiful. And you have diehard fans all over the place. You're gonna kick this guys out for ever for going through a tradition. That started 65 years ago. Why. These are afraid he might miss and hit somebody with the octopus could get that. But obviously he didn't. You take him up BC give a stern talking to a sick and wandered. An awful the octopus. If he doesn't again you have the same talk with them. Stop taking the fun out of sports I'm so happy to see the NFL. Bringing back celebrations and we had ducked out great dock in Minnesota experience what that's like. Jerry went on a great rant about yesterday it is it does sound like it's better than duck duck goes I gotta be honest with you Minnesota seems like they've been perfect in that game. But we had that we Hattig one team I think was Philadelphia. Mimicking a baseball situation was I like the ones where if you you know. Bowled a football towards guys and they'll fall down like bowling pins I'm a big fan of that one I'm a big fan of a guy carrying a sharp pianist soccer scoring a touchdown signing up. But only giving it to a fan mail Joe Horn put a cell phone. In one of the goal post ads and that's kind of what led to the NFL saying no more celebrations what's the problem if you wanted to stick your cell phone in the in the pad. And you can pick it up make phone call beat my guess I had I go to school so it's like. I like seeing Terrell Owens throw a bucket of popcorn in his face and show the fan the paid the eight bucks for that bucket of popcorn would like that is popcorn back. But how was a big fan of dancing on the logo because I thought that's clearly just trying to be disrespectful. To your opponent and you're just rubbing it in. Celebrating a touchdowns find glad the NFL brought back throwing cannot deploy assigned to the hockey rink. Is fine and I try to get anybody I'd get their worried about player safety to the worry about fans' safety but in the end. This guy threw it towards an empty spot on the range and less something does happen let them throw the damn octopus I say. And finally. You know Terry crews this. Yeah Terry crews for those of you are not familiar with his work is the Hollywood actor. African American man who is absolutely. Built. Out of granite is a dad used to be on the old spice commercials he's been in a bunch of different comedy movies here is Jack and when I say Jack. This guy looks like a body builder doesn't have an ounce of fat on them muscles on topple muscles. In in the wake. Of all the things. There have been discussed about Harvey Weinstein and he had heard about this Harvey Weinstein. Is the Hollywood executives that thought it was okayed it just kind of basically sexually harass any Hollywood actors because he had that kind of power. I wanna read this from Terry crews Terry crews. Ready for this. The whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PT EST why because this kind of thing happened to me. My wife and I were a Hollywood function last year and high level Hollywood executive. Came over to me and groped my pride it's jumping back I said what are you doing my wife saw everything and we looked at them like he was crazy he just grand like a jerk. I was going to kick his ass right then but I thought twice about how the whole thing would appear 240 pound black man stops out Hollywood on show would be to headline next day. Only probably would enable read because I would have been in jail so we left. That night the next day I talked to everyone I knew that worked to them about what happened he called me the next day without apology but never really explain why did what he did. I decided not to take it further because they didn't wanna be ostracized. Par for the course when the predator has power and influence I letting go and understand why many women who this happens to Politico who are you going who's going to believe you. In parentheses only a few. What are the repercussions in parentheses many do you want to work again and Brad sees yes are you prepared to be ostracized in parentheses now. It goes on. And it says he knows who he is the sometimes you have to wait and compare also the other have been victimized in order to gain. A position of strength I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent but Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrate or Hollywood is not the only business where this happened. And to the casualties of this behavior you're not alone. Dude would you ever have the guts typical crabs ferry crews. Old any lawyer let alone in that aerial. You gotta. I think these you can do anything in the world if you do that especially if your guy knowing his wife is right there so appearing that by all accounts he's a straight man right. There's two things you generally don't do a guy. Cage spit in his face be go to the nether region as they used to say on a wrestling programs for grabs. You Parse their kick their you know what that is that's an are that's a debate for another day on another shell. Because I believe if you're a fight you gotta do that to save your own you know what it all bets are off and your fight but you just walk up to a guy and grabbed there. That is like instantaneous. And don't time right there drop the gloves were going. Spit a guy's face same thing in this guy did it to one of the biggest attitudes and Hollywood. 240 pounds and it looks like he's 280 pounds of solid muscle. Wow. I do hope though as he said hopefully me coming for my story will deter predator encourage someone who feels hopeless does help someone who's been through that. Because it is apparently. Not the only guy being Harvey Weinstein something that happens and Hollywood. Seemingly all too often more people abuse their power to try to gain. Advances sexually with either women or apparently man in this case. And it's something that to me just makes me sick and and is disgusting so good for Terry crews to admit something that I'm sure was not very easy for him to admit. Idea most respect for the man not because he could break me in seventeen pieces. Not because I think he's I'm pretty good actor but because what he did right there took guts to stand up and say something about it he didn't wanna use the executive's name I don't blame him. But hopefully what he did does help that's radar put her on the board when we come back rent out college football sporting news is still better will join us for his weekly chat talk about maybe Memphis we'll talk about the week ahead as well. LSU Auburn. Texas Oklahoma all on the docket to get onto with bill better when we return ready to not offend ESPN Memphis. Home is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make it can seem like an overwhelming process but it doesn't. That have to be not with MIG this is Gary shares my friends of mortgage investors goober committed to making your home buying experience the pleasure they work hard to exceed your expectations. And then they exceed and that's why they had more than 100000 satisfied customers in the state of Tennessee. 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