The Eric Hasseltine Show 09/12/17 - Hour 2 w/ Brevin Knight

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, September 12th

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Hi Andrew Gilligan now hiding yet woken up hiding place lousy Internet. Yeah. Itself but now she's going to be tearing us apart so yeah now it's hard. We figured out the game it was game three of the Western Conference first round series of the grizzlies eventually lost in seven to the Oklahoma City Thunder were Tony Allen. Took that step back three. In the corner and and I was it it was one of those moments in the grizzlies push that series seven games a big part. Was Tony Allen so what does this mean for the grizzlies moving forward we spent the first hour passed celebrating what Tony Allen brought to the table I'm sure brown and I don't bring up a few things as well. Oki plan highlights throughout the what does this mean for the grizzlies moving forward it's clearly. A shift in not necessarily philosophy able what they believe. The roster needs to look like to be successful. Jeff said this early this morning and I completely agree with him that there's no way. The grizzlies could have afforded to match what Zach Randolph was given by Sacramento at that point when he's put eight it has a two year. Point four million dollar contract put in front of them I think all the fans went up while we eat we can't really do that so you know peace thanks for everything. You've been wonderful. Will never forget the greatness that was Z Bo in this city and well Tony was a little different because it seemed to be much more of a conscious decision now. Were going a different direction and didn't seem to be it clearly was. And these are the hard decisions that front offices sometimes have to make if you remember. When the season ended. And they lost San Antonio the playoffs. The next day on this very show I said I do not envy. The gentleman in the front office because this is going to be one of the toughest off seasons they have to face. You have to make a very difficult decisions about two guys. That had led them to unprecedented in franchise history that is levels of success. It's why they make big money but it's also how decisions like this sometimes can cost you a job. And those decisions were whether or not to bring back Tony and or sack. And when you see the amount of money that Tony signed for and you heard. In his exit interview saying he didn't expect to break the bank the hope was that hey let him ride it out let him finish it out here. And let's move off. But the grizzlies and wanna do that because they felt like they needed an upgrade in athletic schism and native Ed downgrade in age. And that's relatively fair. I do think sometimes players. Earn their opportunity to go out the way they want. But we honestly don't know if there was negotiation and if there was what happened in those negotiations are what was out. Asked of the grizzlies and whether or not there 12 meter not. We don't have the details to that at this home. Anyone they won't maybe somebody leaked it out maybe. It it becomes public knowledge insight from the people I spoke to their. You know I have to keep anonymous that we're not part of the grizzlies. Side of the negotiations that were. Privy to information from both sides. Said that the two sides will initially talked. We're not very close. They just weren't very. Near the same page so they decided to make that move what it means is. It's your move in different direction you want out yet Tyreke Evans he signed Wayne seldom. Who looked exactly the way you would hope he would look in summer league. Any app that magical Moret former lottery pick. Is it an upgrade offensively obviously it is. All three of those players are better offensive players they Antonio. Is an upgrade defensively you can't say that. Because Tony could be that special defender but what he beat that defender again this late in his career will never know. But those guys better do one thing I know that every night and that's bust their tails. On both ends of the floor and going seldom will it Tyreke Evans can stay healthy I would imagine he would get that. And I think Ben tackle more happy for a second chance. A lot of people like Daniel said in the phone calls do wanna just write it off as it's the end of Britain grind. I don't necessarily know that I buy that either he does not have to end. It doesn't have to end because the data coined the phrase is no longer on the roster. The grind to me is more about the daily grind. The way this city fights. For everything I guess. Now listen most of you listening to this have been here longer than I have but I think I've picked up on that pretty clearly. That this series of fighter in terms of their people as a whole. This city is about. Self made. Success. More than entitlement. Look at the company that's the most well recognized company. For this city around the world FedEx. Started by guy small and went big. That's not entitled. That's Boston you're asked to make a difference. And that's what this is about. It's just so happened. The one basketball player cannot fit all of that. And it fit perfectly but now you move forward now maybe change the style a little bit maybe open it up a little bit more nadir athletic schism leads to a little bit more. On a fast a fast paced style. That puts a few more points on the board and hopefully. He's put smiles on people's faces. The game changed and unfortunately. A lot of people felt like the game changed and left Tony Allen behind I didn't agree with that. Amino class and I are friends I didn't agree with his assessment a few years ago that Tony Allen didn't fit today's NBA because when you can lock a guy down. Again James Harden and hold him. To well below his average. That's not passing you by. But now for the team moving forward. They'll have to figure some things out in terms of how they're gonna play defensively as a team. But on offense how to spread the ball around at these offensive weapons are better than what you had because Tony was nice compliment. That's ankle did. Brad and I don't tell us more woman come back to Aircastle Cincinnati tonight Tammy SP in my office. Gary Player from the Gary Parrish a reminder that new Amsterdam back is a premium eighty proof vodka made from the finest quality grades five times distilled unparalleled smoothness. Still to three times to create a soft finish and yes it is what I'd buy when I'm inside the wine and spirits store in the region as simple. It's also market it's reasonably priced it's great for mixing in making a smooth perfect martini or. A screwdriver. Honestly whatever you like that of course you can also does drink it straight because new Amsterdam bark is so smooth. You can't drink it straight which is among the reasons. 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They don't miss what. First up here you are you tended truckload. I got money for. Paul we're free. Fast food that comes flash floods were fast and. We don't grab by greed out it's very sad fact less likely to open again fluently about they give my bread. But yet for a solid talent of the Rivet who handed jam. Let's go right now you know hopefully it. And I won a 598. Candidates get it do it grizzlies are gonna win it. The quality about it savers for the raptors as heroes did that. Acted more into the. From Minnesota and those words here. Lenders Nissan. ESPN. If members use. His name is Brandon Knight played in the NBA. Over a decade. Is making today's Q&A today. Now. It's time to take any time soon 99 SN ESP and human AM on the day. And on about it. Well much of my actions or a lawyer and you. We've the end of the trauma. The end of the somebody as you said your big fox TV meetings anything earth it earth shattering happened. It is no different. Heavy hitting stuff so. There's never Linksys you sound I think more so. More so it is time for our two. That network and catch up or one another. Exchange some ideas for. Actually some high you're shows can ride for those that produce and direct. Analyst is. There's always because again we must exist that the kids don't wanna let. C'mon dude it's a chance to go out to the West Coast play golf in the sun hang out with each other and have a meal on somebody else's nickel c'mon let's be honest about it. It's no different than the summer event is noted for the most. All right ladies. What what you are saying exactly what you just feel a little. You said it more politically Iraq as you'd like to be invited back I say it honestly and that's why don't get the invite back it is what it is but. Kennedy here everything's going well we're not far from the start of the season obviously the big news in Memphis today is Tony Allen departing. Give me your thoughts on his time in that doesn't mean you saw all of its so give me your thoughts on what. Tony brought to the table and and what he meant to this team and to the city itself. From a player's perspective. World former player from that perspective for me it is stated. I think Frankie because. There was the longest and most playoff time that I've ever experienced. And my entire NBA career and there were a lot of that was attributed to. Words she jail was. Is so bad that he. The last couple of seasons so. So walk through that mine I've always sent what it but it GA and particular. Maybe he coined the phrase in the model that which can change you know bought it which is grim grind it. The same way she embodied that wasn't just that you Ayers what about what was. Great about a love apartment or worse. So each hole on its own form tire chains. Cause that attitude. And own and really where we're sitting in patrol. So what it's cool that there's no war and so. When you're able to do that it will be Wannstedt. What do we always knew that there were no love lost that's what. Well he won't we always talk about. It's get a effect on the game they didn't have a lot to do it again baskets added to list. Affecting every other aspects of the dead but also just most suited Jeanne. To a level where they were able awareness and so is a lot of the success was was attributed to that is they're desperate lighting and night out. Let's go back to that night and I want to tell me what she remembered because I'll tell you what I remembered briefly and then we'll hear your thoughts I remember going into that game. It was just past the midway point the grizzlies were. You don't fight and to be 500 the same place they had been a year before right around that time and remember. They lost a home game the previous year where there are ten point lead to Portland who they were fighting with and just got boat raced in the second half. And everything took a turn for the worse Rudy Gay is not gonna play he's out of an injury. OJ Mayo suspended him more I remember us all kind of sit around go on blazes were we turned the corner the wrong direction how to we get out of this. And boom they're comes Tony Allen and has that magical night in Oklahoma City a city that has a lot of love for him because of his days in Stillwater plant for Oklahoma State. He played out of his mind he had been had a hard time cracking the regular rotation and I honestly believe that night. Almost began to spell the end for OJ Mayo because Lionel Hollins discovered what he did actually having his hand was a defensive stopper. When he moved without the ball could score a little bit. And I think it kind of reminded though Lional a little bit of himself any instead of resisting. What Tony brought to table started to accept it. And the teams are in the corner your thoughts. Four I think I move back toward this the biggest thing that took away from that night words. It was a time where a guy a rollback coach. Appreciated. The effect that a guy can have on the totality of the game. Without having to be just a score right. And it and it and it allow so need to also. It was some really feel comfortable with I can do this and still be a part of the wind situation. So it I think for both sides. It was Tony can be that player that you can be. But it also solidified that this is the direction that we will cause Portugal. It in the end it was it was fun to watch this fight we'll watch that changes. We're growers say there at all play basketball what was best for them. And password I don't know understood that I was at the start building on the plate nor would be successful. A state defense and stop threatening time made multiple positions. It's going to that gar. I don't doubt that I completely agree with you 100% on all of that. And I do think they what you said probably rings the most true to me. Things that he did they didn't end up in the stat sheet everybody called on the grind father. And I told the listeners earlier I had my own nickname for him to disrupt their. Because even if you are didn't get a steal. He disrupted. What other teams were doing whether he jumped the passing lane and you had to find a second option whether he got a deflection and knocked it out of bounds whether he made you look. For a different shot than the one that was initially opened for a second it turns. An offensive rhythm into. Chaos basically is the way I saw it and I from a point guard's perspective. I don't imagine that that kind of thing would drive you nuts you think you guys sagging off you can get a ball to a guy on the wing tag darts and knocks it out of bounds now you've got to get back set. Early you've played the game at this level when you have to reset and there's only. 8910 seconds on the shot clock or you've got to go to a secondary option. All of a sudden time becomes a pretty precious commodity. And those seconds take away very very quickly that's a pretty dramatic impact on a game that doesn't get talked about a lot. Where this is this what they've told me a special defender. Usually guys that you talk about that a great defenders. They're go to Q and the guy funding for the players but Hollywood good that malls will think in that he can give these stats in terms of they'll get steals. He also forces com offered shot clock because he makes you so hard for the Gotti defending who have more sun than not. Your main options to get the basketball but now that extra second so little point guard Eddie says. I'm looking to get stay out because as you start guy I gotta get our got a ball right why aren't we are so in that time situations some on the clock but also. The office now becomes a little bit stagnant. Because you're you're trying so hard to get to its own so that's really thought about when you there those things that are bigger than. Just missed that boat but he was good enough to also give you before the statistics. Along with the intangible. And that's that the talk that is thought about this little bit because we always talk about his lack of offense and when I was told people yes he was limited offensively because. Of his range and because of his jump shot but he did scoring college and one thing I felt like. He could do as well as just about anybody it felt like was moved without the ball which is seemingly. A disappearing skill in the NBA when you and I we're growing up and I'm obviously a few years older than you but you know. We were of the same generation type. We were taught if you or defender turns his head and looks the other way you'd get ready to go and when he takes that second step towards that help. That's when you follow him you don't go before he goes you let him go get two or three steps ahead of you and then you're on a step. And you gotta lamp and Tony was really really go to the timing what that which is I think one of the reasons why you know mark. Could look like a marks already good passer don't wanna say Tony made it a good passer but Tony and made some of those passes available on and mark was able to pinpoint the past. And despite not being a shooter when teams just dropped off of them he could still merchant. Or first or oil or when you're in college. An and you have the opportunity to get it camps with no repercussion. Then you're playing as free as. The star guys in the NBA right able to get a chance and that's just our her repertoire. When you get to the NBA there'd be there becomes a role a lot of roles that become distinguish and the leaks. And it's a matter are you able defiantly role. So give you longevity. Or you continues in just try to be one of the best at discordant there's someone else that it can do with. And they better equipped so thank you it's you know you all looms. The ability to score record because we saw him do it in and start. They're just the role that you play. In those situations will work best picture career can tell you what it is and then. What what he did no one else that you than normal and does cut well. And that's forcing defenders and then out to try to find what they don't. And he's been for less than yards without actual possession would offensively back. So if they exceed the inmate who live he would get them back or when god was shoot he was always a good position that they get an offensive rebound so. They were outside what might not show up as being his points. Maybe points also could offensively but also state G effective against it all in multiple ways and a lot of ways that he effected it. They shot they missed that he is huge solely go on these lists. We saw what we did not have on how much eats good or for the game and when he was come off the bench and not lower what is. Forward Rudolph being seriously how air force is seen in some ways so. Even if he was that a major keys of why this team has seven straight years. A baby in the playoffs. Let me ask you this. It's never easy for fans to say goodbye. To their favorite players are guys that helped their favorite team reached unprecedented levels of success. Your thoughts on the move in general this was clearly you know father time is undefeated you've seen the business side of basketball. What do you say to the fans that are a little hurt a little frustrated today. Feeling like hey you gonna get this guy for three million but it's pretty clear that the team wanted to go a different direction. Well what foresters do we all. Each activated dispute be sad about the situation shows who is sort of the thing about our team what it was family situation. Yeah seeing little part of community. Their community it was a change every everything was one and so they're bigger than. Player who played well for you got to play or else they will they order a true connection. Between all of them and so I but the reality is it is the business and you had to figure out. How do you move forward forward a war. And the players that they had in how other teams that were allowed to compete against Howard they've built. And so there's this resistance from the part of that at some point in time. All good things compliment. And so you just want it to be done and NA NA respectful manner. The last thing this organization will will do bet. And you appreciate everything that they they're predicting we will never forget it because they try to do organization sort of level that they've never events are forward so. But would you then have to say okay. Sit there have to be some adjustment is teamwork it's still a little quicker they had to give little younger. They had become more athletic more versatile. And I did she Wear what the new style brings that you don't you don't forget to appreciate what they do what you do understand that at some point. There's gonna have to be some type of change. Going forward. Your favorite Tony Allen memory. Actually get this and there are one thing for Tony but it is just. Whenever he would start to disappear that says that bad mole there was that would create a feeling in me because. Our old one of those players who in May not be always statistics but. You can control a game about what you did yeah and when he would get into that rhythm of getting steals give out getting lives. That way he would get to a point where he would do would be dead tired. And he will you know it now in districts that I guess that's that's when you know that you had a goal of fallout and what he's gone out. The energy says the ability. Start to get. Since they're the combination. The play that even makes footage that energy that that is created which I'm doing that is I don't know I've ever seen it. We would somebody who's not score a major re on a consistent base. And I will ask you this how many times did you and I. On a bus trip when he would say something in the general direction of either you or me have to look at each other and go. Was he speaking English. He had a languid Salazar. Or have made the kind of crowd but felt pressured on the come what we're food ball that was. It's certainly look at that the monster yeah I think that that doesn't their problem is the most event. I had to be on my game and auto modes are big issues that somebody would show me a replay quickly so I can get a chance. And hopefully. Alligator right more times than not. I told people all the time he was crazy but he was our crazy and there was never more evident sign of that. Then before we now go on the second bus when we would go on the first bus. It would be dead quiet. And Alan nowhere Tony would just start singing at the top of his lungs. Some random port rap song of one of those bodies that she'd never heard before where like. Why in the world it's easy listening tale cook and he was just welcome. No words. No word it would it would be O a lot of mumble. Yeah yeah and then like. It was the funniest thing ever cited it. Will Mitt I will miss every Ole miss every viral because. Still are not child who is also for error out at CAD years mr. lay offs. It can hook me there was that they're our hope what so far but it would good deal like that couldn't visualize that start make it OK got to back it made double. CI said earlier this is you'll remember this I think he was was it the playoffs. Where we came out of the timeout and it's it's one of the calls where. It was. It was played a lot of it has to be his it was a year before we went to. San Diego for training camp because Chris Vernon played the highlight forum and then I had to interview them. Like that day and I was like I'm an he's gonna be angry he we came out of the timeout down by two. Like a minute and a half last he catches about the twenty foot marker the eighteen foot mark. Literally takes a three foot stepped back into the corner. And Jackson fadeaway three and I'll oddly I go you do it like within three seconds of getting the ball now. What didn't get played and we played that highlight for ever on the station was the fact that he came down the next possession. Defensively. Got a steal. Got a breakaway made the lay out I think either got fouled or they disrupted some cells but. I think I went on to say look you don't win that game without yes he took a terrible shot but you don't win that game without him playing the defense needed down the stretch. And that was the thing for all the times you may deploy your hair out there were four or five times a game where he did things that helped you win. Yeah it it was a it was a curl of the roller coaster yet let the good thing is we stay up on the high parts of the road closed. A lot more times we had just come down it's time. Yeah now there's no. There is no doubt that even when he crossed over in the open court and started to go towards the vast oil gas and went on now. Plenty let anybody know what it would say that march 1 of the billions crossover and Irish spacious. And Wear it when you get closer to bask. Yeah I 88 did a great a great job of being able sure. If what was sparked an actual deck also learn get by I think I think that certain if we are very deceptive. The one that got me the most were it was the most susceptible as that night in Cleveland two seasons ago faithfully when they went in there. Was eight down there and he had taken the previous like four or five games off. And he absolutely lit up Cleveland that he was blowing by JR Smith and JR Smith has looked around the open do what. And Irene Irvin yeah Alan JR. LeBron yelling Tyreke and stay our everybody's yelled at each other. And the grizzlies who were like twenty point underdogs won out right it is went out right like won going away. I'm unable I don't want to look or send them but I can't go out America that was one of those we won today again like. Art that they'll go one way or the other. There's going to be either some miracle that we get this win because they're all lead down in the lifeboat by one and we got this. Or. We just don't go audiences it's blown out and we got to come over from stores its because there's gonna be a lot a lot of nothing normal. They came out in Cleveland led down a little bit. And boy those guys had a chance to just go out and play and they knew nobody can come therefore the less fortunate or you get a chance. Really see how good guys what I know what they do they know that they can play. Weird nobody else special hosted the games you get a chance to see how good NBA guys are. Got that right thanks brother be get home safe and I will. Well Florida senior a couple of weeks. Yeah a little did well early this. Here yet LO a little earlier this year but the you know that means. Still some good weather for golf before we hit the that even after we get the regular season. They were lost them. I think we just like us Brennan. He's so ready to do we just announced that have been targeting load up. I gotta be good to get Brennan's perspective especially since he played only in. The value of a Tony Allen to a team it's it's it's up there man it's up there he set it right there till daybreak when we come back. 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Live from the Sunbelt rentals studios where guests appear via delaying. Ton that 82 million. NA. Fun day. Reminiscing and talking about a guy that I felt deserved the day to be talking about. And Tony Allen. So appreciates guest on an earlier in the program Brevin Knight joining us. And I hope you enjoyed some of the stories in the highlights. Also appreciate everybody on the on the Twitter. Wishing happy birthday all day. It's not. You know. It's not something I go out and parade around then we'll tell you that but I do appreciate it none the less. It's closed out rapid fire. Viera Cast aside Joseph Miller Lite name around the radio rapid fire on 929 FM DSP and. All right and cover the grizzlies served in the final play got the prisons throw a while now and will you see a more polarizing or team that brings more identity to a team that Tony Allen in your next 1520 years here. Rapid fire. I appreciate vote of confidence that they'll get there the benefits and Tony is the federal always telling me out the cast here. At that now that would make it like 907 point eight years from now. No I don't I think that what happened. Was magical as I said in the beginning it's just sometimes in sports. The right person the right time comes along and it just it it it's perfect timing. And that's what this one's. He basically. As I stated throughout the day. Change the course of not only this team in and what we thought about things. He also changed the course of OJ mails like in terms of by him playing the way he did. OJ was kind of relegated to taking a lesser role which really kind of change things around because at one point we thought OJ Mayo was going to be. A potential star all star caliber player pure scorer in the NBA. And that didn't happen on a part of the reason is Tony Allen and that performance in Oklahoma City so. I don't I think when he made that statement any was the type a guy. Alongside Zach Randolph that the city related to everybody got. March different than that might stiffen the map but they embodied it because even though they didn't come from matter they didn't you had a hard. Knows tough background that these guys are tough cardinals background let's say. Both Mike and mark we'll leave it all out on the floor and did everything they got there and the fans here respect that so. Not and it's hard to think that that anybody will come along that all. That one body the city like that again but you never now you know maybe get a team was in Golden State went from awful to. Electrifying. Pretty quickly and unselfish diverse the way they play the game it kind of embodies what the Bay Area is it's a very. Diverse community and end to end. Basically. You know they sit there and they fit their community their fun to watch split. You know didn't have the bad boys in Detroit Detroit's a tough city they finished so you never know replied it's hard to imagine that that would happen. No the grizzlies could decide to retire Tony Allen Jersey I think that's worked although it is and another situation. Like Zach Randolph where. If you're not from here you're probably knock understated or lets you cover basketball you understand their two. Rapid fire. First line it doesn't understand Zach Randolph getting his Jersey retired it's I've I said before is foolish his numbers. Will be there amongst the top 100. Statistical. Players. Of all time. Mean Zacks going to be in the top 100 in scoring and rebounding in his career at bats with thirty teams in the NBA. You don't think that's Jersey retirement worthy. Lot of that work was done here are some of those down somewhere else but he made a big impact on the teams I think that's crazy. Yet there will be people that will look at it now bill why are you retiring that guy's number in any you know what I'll I'll I'll do is point to the rafters and San Antonio. Say look no one in San Antonio as ever gonna Wear number twelve again because of a guy named Bruce Bowen. If you don't think Tony Allen should be up in the rafters you shouldn't think response should be up in the rafters either and you know what both of them. For their respective teams deserve to be exactly where it will be when Tony's number nine hazards out they'll wait till Tony Tony's done playing. They already kind of announce the exact thing in cat took a little heat for that and I think that was part of the push back with people like you're gonna retire early still playing now. No one's going to Wear it again and when he's done playing they'll have the ceremony. Now we move on to continuing talking about retired jerseys and the guy that called Tony Allen. The toughest defender he ever faced Kobe Bryant he got into Jersey number retired Jersey numbers retired eight and 24. Rapid fire. There's no doubt about yeah. That's a big day when I want or use wondered what they were going to do about that because he started his date 124. I always thought it should just be 24. Because that's really. It seemed more to me like he. He really made his biggest impact warrant the number 24 as he got older but you know look and feel retiree and point four. Not a kind of guys it really where eight there's a lot more guys aware point four I think Seoul. I figure all right doing that and look he is. When I tell you that guy when members you remember when he signed that two year fifty million dollar deal yeah Aramis I inaugural Payne and he's not work that. You know when I realized we are at a game where he was not playing. I think you ruptures Achilles is done for the year. And he came out of the tunnel to just handed check in some white ceremonial presentation about charity thing. The building went bananas. Went bananas. For him just walking out of the tunnel. Embassy inside that has not worth fifty million dollars lakers are out of your mind yeah you're crazy. And days he he means that much of that team he's up there. Alongside magic alongside. Lifelong legacy Kareem wasn't a lifelong Laker he did play UCLA. But cream wasn't lifelong Laker but he still revered amongst Laker fans but we've talked about Laker. History. I think it's like Jerry West Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant those guys played their entire careers with. The lakers and and went on to it you know bigger better things after I think I think Kobe will be the same way. Let's continue almost an NBA stuff you're Kevin Durant has released his new shoes or what they're gonna look like an inside the souls. Pretty much else everything. That's ever been said to have negative negatively. And then on top of it it has it crossed out that says sixteen in one rapid fire. Yeah a lot of it I saw the shoes for slicing the shoes look for heat. I think Nike made a tremendous looking basketball issue and if you can plan Mozart's. And go four and a lot of players love Kevin Durant shoes. And I love what he put inside of them good for Kevin Durant and that's why you know the whole thing sparking up like nobody wants were under armour. Aren't aren't they went by though she's a heartbeat over there at the curry threes. And over the over the 495. Dollar a big Boller once I guess I'm not a big Boller as I'd. Rather where statute is that it looks better. Moving on to where Kevin Durant spent his rookie season Seattle. They're trying to build a jewelry that tube may be recruit to NBA or the NHL does have a shot at either of those I'm guessing NBA probably has the bat better shot. Rapid fire. I think they both I think they have a a shot at getting both I think there's always potential for NHL teams that the potentially relocate and I think the NHL does wanna expand. I think he would love to get into the Pacific northwest. It's a niche sport but there are enough people out there I think that follow it that they would be fine I I think they would. Welcome back an NBA team of the open arms here's what the proposal as they're excited about this dual facility arena did these guys. There are trying to bring both are willing to finance on their own you know what else they offered the city. Not only will we finance our own arena will help you rebuild Key Arena to keep it around just for concerts and I went well that one that's dumb. Because Key Arena is so antiquated you need to move on from it too. You're creating competition for your arena you want those shows in your arena not going to Key Arena. I guess it would be smaller shows but they offered help them rebuild it. I'll be shocked if in ten years from now we're not talking about a team an expansion team in Seattle that's also named the Sonics because I think the NBA feels like. That's city got done wrong though and got held over a barrel. And got political situation they wanna put the arena Al spyware. Are safe goal and the football season full football stadium Qwest Field. I believe I don't remember anyway wherever this guy is century linked is that really I don't know what it is now he had but there were the Seahawks play. And Safeco Field for the Mariners are bulls right now actually check they wanna put out that area and then as if they can find the space perfect do it a lot like so. Philadelphia has all three of their Arenas and stadiums right in the same area like literally share parking lots. You would think that you know the fire department out police department things like that would be important. During this time in which hurricanes have hit but apparently one Jacksonville pizza out of there thinks it's. Pizza drivers. Rapid fire. Yet this was. What pizza that is like public enemy number one right now. Are down in Florida in the in the letter basically set on number one priority is the safety and security of our team. This is from a letter but we also have a responsibility and commitment to our community to be there when they need us with that said. I slash we need some guidelines in place to ensure both of these expectations are met. Big guideline is. You cannot do is take off without letting anybody know and you must return if you evacuate. Within 72 hours. You have to you basically give a grace period like it that storm is gonna hit Tuesday you can't leave Friday. You can't say I'm not working Friday Saturday Sunday you got to work until 24 hours before the storm supposed to hit you know what else everybody else is there one at that time. They're all leave it at the same time so if you wanna try to get a jumpstart you work into your jumpstart you were compete. And you'd. Take off. You're done that you're you're listed as no call no show and you get written out that's of this letter says will post letter on the FaceBook page. A little bit after this battle get it up to you but. And it it made pizza hot look bad because they're basically sand our number one priority is safety NAM everybody in our team and they said. Unless you're gonna miss work and and it's the the profits that will be making because nobody will be able to cook and our generators and still turn Ramos pizza ovens. And our refrigerators and will be able to deliver pizzas here. During a storm yet not good. Bomb. Ted Cruz had a little trouble with this Twitter count last night. Rapid fire. At. And carefully you brought this on out apparently Ted Cruz Michael watched the nudie movies. And like a scene. So he could find it again. The problem is the scene apparently. Features an actress that looks stunningly. Similar to his wife now. Not that it is his wife. But it looks a lot like his wife and a lot of people are gone too that's kind of grows she watched porn with an actress. That looks like your wife. Generally people wanna watch. Newly movies. For something they're not getting right. Or for like some variety. But maybe you're married to a white woman puts you love the way. African American women are Asian women looking you wanna do look at some of them naked on the screen right. Or you're married to a really skinny woman and you like. To have a little chubby love your life I don't know I don't know started all there is thrown it all out there but apparently Ted Cruz. Loves his wife so much he wants the lives an actress that looks just like her. Okay. You do you'd tankers you do you when it comes to your duty movies. Finally will we ever see Sergio dep on. Screen but ESPN broadcast ever yeah. Rapid fire. Like absurd pour Sergio. Get the opportunity of a lifetime there's no two ways about it read in the time of his life he is at the time is alive he's talking about everybody having the time I was lives in flippers or Sergio. Made the ultimate mistake of basically. Freezing in the moment which happens here's the thing as a broadcaster happens you're so prepares national TV can be more excited. But he did to compounded it was. The apology just was sold over dramatic and so over the top I hope he gets another chance because it's a tough industry. And from what I hear. Out when he does Spanish language broadcast she's fantastic what sweated Rodham on. But they were already that that crew with best Melancon and Rex Ryan and Sergio. Were a secondary crew for a double Monday night game. I think they'll get another shot but it'll be a long time again before he's doing an NFL game on ESPN and doing sidelines for too bad though hope the kid. And his career continue the rise of the stop looking apologies just go hey look man I had my moment I froze a little bit. That's Condo for us. JP is up next everybody stayed Giles hockey again tomorrow at 2 o'clock for Ben I'm Eric. Have a great Tuesday so it. What's on Memphis this is former Memphis kicker Stephen just asking. I know you sort of flattened Jewelers by now you've heard from former grizzly Mike Miller my man DeAngelo Williams tell you about them got taken from me a two time Super Bowl champ tiger killers as the best in the business there and engagement and wedding rings specialist I can do anything. Including custom designer rings they also have a huge slice membranes and stop. An incredible variety of hearings right hand rings and it's bracelets and watches one thing you count on and platinum Jewelers is that they will work with any budget and Nokia at a fraction of the price of national chains when you go ahead. And you'll feel comfortable there's no pressure. 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