The Eric Hasseltine Show 09/12/17 - Hour 1 - Tony Allen tribute

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Tuesday, September 12th

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66 does not know one. Port 334566. You can visit the web. An accurate connections dot net is more famous than you the truth folks who actually live in the a lot of time downtown don't spend much time on bill the preferred destinations are actually just all the bills street most notably blind bad this is Gary -- from the Tony for years about black bear the terrific mark Oman have friends is just up the trolley tried to downtown on main street the address is 119 south may now make it easy Gloria. I'm bears on main street between Peabody place again so within walking distance. A FedEx form an AutoZone park the kitchen it's open till two every night drinks and serve till three every night you could say a related by a band is always something going on god Texas hold on thermos. On Tuesday Thursday and Sunday night's trivia on Wednesday nights like music on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays and hung over like a bear grudge. Is available on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 AM the next time you're dad dad do what I do when I'm looking for a drink or butter both hospitable I'm barely won nineteen Schaub made for more info visit blind chairman does to our town has weakened by the menu the calendar events everything gets blind bear and I don't walk and on Twitter employee and their members on FaceBook thanks for the memories. Didn't limit us if remedies do more. ESPN's. Voice of America. I made is sir. Ugly gloomy rainy. Tuesday afternoon and a lob city. And it's a day that the end boards and inevitability of change reared its ugly head a monstrous nation. As we all found out that Tony Allen is on his way to lose the Big Easy. Did you mine and the New Orleans pelicans. As there newest member. We'll give him that. Hard and heavy throughout the next two hours each and every Monday through Friday. At this very time on this very stage we bring you the air castles and show originates at the palatial Entercom. Radio complex there's we column the studios by the freeware we follow. Mike and Mike we follow. The jets. Calkins. We immediately follow. Jason and Jon we get you ready for the Gary Parrish experience sit in the captain's chair I am your host Aircastle time. On the other side of the last recent program one and only known nickname Benjamin. It's going on there you go and I am great. It is I've worked thank you I appreciate seeing enactment of you're gonna forget then of course I regularly about I because I would have. And happy if you did. Does I try to forget them all the possibly can't. Because you forget that's anniversary for God's sakes I remember my birthday now. No well what do they know. Now we know you've all you've heard that. It's art you waited until like the last minute to give a gift like you remembered day job it was their anniversary which granted in all seriousness. Not really the most unforgivable thing for Ted. You weren't exactly born. And knowingly saw them get married right unless you were not they're child like from both of them. Well liked and some kids I'm sure it may be were born before their parents were married and maybe were. At the wedding in May be have a memory and maybe they just didn't didn't want actually officially get married them into it was. Or nothing now you can remember it booked for the most part I would venture to say probably about. 98 to 99% of children. Did not exactly. Know the date of their parents anniversary because they want dare. Leading goal true rank up. So your gut. Or god. So that but thank you and thank you everybody that has not been signed on social media. In that it is my birthday today 45. Years old I'd prefer to say 806. Or 902 or what Emerson RT remark and make but I do very much appreciate people out there that have. They have chimed in and said happy birthday. Very basic today. If you are looking for anything other really then Tony Allen coverage should you've come to the wrong place because. For me obviously this is something that has been a big part of my career and life for the last seven years in that span Tony Allen's presence on the Memphis Grizzlies. The helped coin the phrase dig coined the phrase invented the phrase essentially. That. Has kind of dominated our dialogue oh about the grizzlies. Over the last seven seasons over a playoff run that is second in the last of the San Antonio spurs' third in the NBA to the spurs in the hawks. But that many teams may never see playoff rounds like that a seven playoff year run in a row especially. In today's NBA is not the norm Blake when you do that you've either got. Incredibly. High level talent. On your team. In a market where they're going to stay. Or you just had the perfect mix and for the grizzlies it was much more the perfect mix and they had incredible incredibly high level talent because Marcus also. Multiple time all star Zach Randolph was a multiple time all star Mike Conley. Many people believe for many years was the most underrated point guard I don't think he's underrated anymore. But although not being an all star people realize he plays at an all star level. But it also was the right mix it was a mix of of characters and talent. Then it came together under I'm old school head coach and then when things couldn't be worked out with him. His lead assistant who had been with all of these guys throughout their entire careers or entire tenure. With the grizzlies and it kept rolling along until last season. When a change was made once again it's so. You just don't see that sports are ready get into that here momentarily on the program today we are going to be joined. Not by grizzlies television now an analyst Brevin Knight. And now I'll give let Brad and give his side of things spread and obviously playing in the NBA off for well over a decade and now has been with the grizzlies. I wanna say 910 years. Because it all kind of runs together analogy you know holder. I know for me I've been here seventeen in Bremen was a player when I came and this'll be in my seventeen season Brennan was a player on the grizzlies roster at that time. I was traded in the draft day trade that brought Lorenzen Wright pal Gasol and Brevin Knight to Memphis for. Essentially the draft her for Shareef Abdur-Rahim and I think it was like Brent price or somebody but. DK is gad is an insight on this is anybody so we'll talk to Brad and in these 3 o'clock hour and let him go and let him talk about what. You know he sees Tony Allen's value to this franchise and on the memories that he's had about that because. It is a day to discuss that and really get into it so that's going to be our only interview. We're going to be ring it up put three on the border where we'll give you my three favorite Tony Allen. Memories in terms of games. We'll tell some stories lets you chime in in the next segment and see what you have to say. Are on the phone lines are sound off segment top of our number two give you some more. Talk about the NBA about what this means for the grizzlies moving forward and what this means for only front office but also. In on the coaching staff as well because. They now have to fill a hole that has been filled. By guy that routinely was regarded by not only coaches but opposing players as. One of the toughest perimeter defenders they had ever seen. And that's not an easy holds always felt sold in all of that today locals out with a rapid fire whole step aside from Tony Allen Arkin does. And I have some fun and wrap up today as we get ready. For the Gary Parrish experience you can tweak the program at Aircastle to an act not a golfer at Aircastle time act not a golfer. Is how you can get in touch with us today before we do the sound off segment. In our next segment let's get right into it because. When the news broke it had been probably. The most. I don't know. Inevitable. Circumstance. Of a change without actually having happened in a very long time we are. Basically two weeks away from training camps opening and the grizzlies in the process of the summertime. Signed multiple. Two guards and did not resent Tony Allen so for those that were holding out hope. I'm sorry that that they didn't work out the way he wanted blood it was pretty obvious for a long time that Tony Allen was not going to be part of the grizzlies. Moving forward. I don't blame people that wanted to hold out hope I don't blame people that looked at Tony Allen and today. This was my guy. Nine was my guy. He was the guy related to the most he was the guy that I saws are sold grizzlies he was the guy that was my favorite player because as quirky and as goofy as he could be in his. Crazy is he could be out there. He pretty much embodied what. This team was all about. In terms of they're grating as their toughness they're willing to fight and they're willing to play the game a little bit differently than everybody else was playing at. And succeeded doing it Tony Allen. It's cliche and I don't wanna sounded as corny as it's going summits on some corn. Tony Allen approaches life a little bit differently than most people he's just a different guy when people ask me to describe Tony Allen Mike is crazy. But he's our crazy and more happy to have him because he's crazy and he's on our side and we couldn't love more than we do. Here in Memphis now. With all that said other shortcomings within every relationship. Tony is that it clock ticks on. Is going to lose a step is going to not be as quick to get into the passing lanes is going to youth. Not to be able to finish in traffic or crossed people over. At times when there were people around him the way he had the past and that. Takes away a little bit of a weapon takes away a little bit it is edge in the reason why you overlook the fact. That he wasn't great shooter he wasn't a great. Scorer purse say he could put all the bucket what he did it with crafty and as he did it went with break aways com. But she can never question his toughness eight yes he had times where he did not play. And injuries linger a little bit longer than most people thought they should. But I can promise you one thing every time I saw that guy come back from one of those absences when he had something nagging. He generally came back like a house of fire you don't believe me. Go to the box score the game in Cleveland the 201516. Season but ID were down their hateful way. By the fans as they went in with eight guys LeBron Tyree everybody played. The grizzlies beat. In just beat him beaten soundly but finally cavs were arguing each other and Tony was a big reason why he came back as explosive. As ever. It's very rare you find a player they can galvanize a fan base and eighteen the way Tony did also. Never perfect so you're gonna have. Head spotting Tony at times over committing to a passing lane gambling may be a little bit too much but that's what made him who we want us. And for all the times we wanted to pull our hair out because on a breakaway Tony Allen goes to the Rehman misses a wide open lay out. As based say on the broadcast for every one of those that happened. There were four or five other times in games where he would deflect the past or take away an angle or make a guy change his shot. In although that doesn't show up on the box or help you win games. There's no two ways about it. All four of those guys. Without them. Any one of them. This doesn't happen the way it's happened the last seven years. For Tony Allen just happen to be that he coined the phrase all our great grind after a night where the grizzlies. Desperately needed a win and their backs. I would say up against the wall but they knew it was a critical moment in their season. And it didn't look good Rudy Gay wasn't gonna play OJ Mayo was suspended. And the grizzlies were playing really good Oklahoma City team. I'll Tony Allen did. Was change the direction at that time of that season. And the direction of a couple other players Tony Allen doesn't go out there and shine. When OJ Mayo comes back from that suspension. Chance he's they'll get more minutes when Tony Allen showed what he could do. The minutes started coming Tony's way and it became very clear. OJ Mayo is better suited on this team with that group for a six mandrel. Which is not something I think OJ Mayo expected the have happened in his NBA career at least at that stage of it. But that's so good he was. When he was on the floor. And although the steps. Maybe got a space slower over time although the gambles didn't always pay off. You knew we still had. That one moment NM just about every night where he can help you. And worry could do something that would make the crowds stand up and share. Nine more hang in the Jersey in the rafters with a number and normal Wear and after that point and nobody showed. Because there'll never be another player for the grizzlies. That is like Tony Allen because there'll never be another player in the NBA probably that is like Tony Allen. As crazy as he as funny. As a reckless says he is. Lockdown defender. He found a balance. On an imperfect game it doesn't fit supposedly today's NBA. And turned it and to a multiple year run on all defensive teams. And turn it in. To becoming one of the most beloved players to ever put on a grizzlies Jersey. And whether he's planning New Orleans plan anywhere else before his career ends. Will always known as the grandfather here in Memphis and that's the way it should be. A career that was once in jeopardy because he tried to dunk a basketball after a whistle and ended up blowing out his knee. Turned it to prosperity. And admiration from the city but very few others to adversity. I tip my cap to the man I miss him almost the last. And I wish him the best. It's an unfortunate reality of this business but sometimes we have to say goodbye. Let's just say to buy the right way and you hold on to the good times and that's. I think what will try to do today. So when we come back we'll open up the phone's 353537765353776. Is the telephone number your thoughts on the actions. Of the team to decide not to bring him back or your thoughts on Tony Allen and your memories of Tony Allen however you wanted to say what everyone assay. It's gonna be your time to do that and chime in on the program and let me know. 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It's open till two every night drinks and serve till three every night's you to stay up later by a band is always something going on god Texas hold on thermos. On Tuesday Thursday and Sunday night's trivia on Wednesday nights like music on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays and hung over like a Bear Bryant is available on Saturdays Sundays starting at 11 AM so next time you're Deb Deb do I don't I'm looking perjury got butter both pocketed by Embraer 119 self made for more info there's a blinder Memphis stacked on the street combined the menu the calendar events everything needs blind bear not a one. On Twitter implied fair Memphis on FaceBook. Driver Sebastien about 2000. His day in and get one. One more search a backhand has bowed out and Tony Allen has put the grizzlies back up seven Allen snuck into the front court they saw me Tony Allen. For the basket late today and gets the crowd. I'd vote my film and 3537765353776. Who examined. Your favorite Tony Allen memories or how you think this situation went down or. Anything about this feel free. Lot of people wondered whose Jersey will be in the rafters I don't wonder that one bad animated tells you which shouldn't. This has no idea the value of what Tony. Brought to the table. And us. Different team different dynamic but. So many similar situation Bruce Bowen who has his number twelve retired. In. San Antonio. Program brought to you today by. Ares. I started sharing it varies over two years ago changed the way I look at things and terms of my shame I don't have to go to the drugstore anymore have them unlock it cabinet and get expensive razor blade cartridge is out because. My skin was sensitive enough or I couldn't do the disposable razor thing I had to have a high quality stuff. Or else it was not good and so when I try to Ares I was a little skeptical. 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The shave gel and the probably covered go to Ares dot com slash castle cemeteries dot com slash hassle and don't wait get started with Ares today. IPhone lines don't up you could China got a couple open. 53537765353776. Daniel started off. And I don't have a markets are thank you man. I had had to pick. Not in the studio I can promise you that. What that we want to get the B I'm so glad to know the shallow such great wolf standing and medical. And one of the most beautiful opportunity to hear how did you get your story you know Jacobs story you know just so we don't just limit it everybody that is going to shop and initiated they grit grinder man I hit. Give us debt. After allowed that to be that committed that we could that I did pay the people they get a win because it's not meant it like he. Basically when I. For who we on the ground that they ever want to bet I would probably feel okay. Now that it can't without a college campus treatment actually admit that embodies the not a player that could have been regarded holiday even repeat here. You better take a look or more of the bad people can actually embrace an opportunity like this but people who are great content match and I'll get what you say every championship team. Have a great ground control until blockage or migrate all got a break but Tony hello to get a bit out of how we all of breakdown of or go to the next couple of grit a lot of carmaker wouldn't have a little bit in the city I love it he gave it to you guys have been OK everybody cold and we don't look at because it always gives Greta later this young hope that the product yeah. I'd let Daniel thanks -- appreciate it maybe the first that we haven't had to drop him any finish the goal. Yeah within the relegated amount of time. About that we've got solid. Except it's such it's a good news day a key part they're old heads that's for your birthday yeah no doubt thank you very much so it's. It's just got an old. So it is brought me and I like cold Wendy's Hamburger Helper today. That's just as going to come in there it says they only give it keeps on given right there Zack you're next what's up man. All right. I'm 78. And out there wasn't a greatly. Airport on about what to greatly Tony Allen has been on that team there and both forehand and back. To have big on you know that obviously I hit a little like it's for everybody you know. But like I don't know really dame without boasted. Right bought and I think that this was the right thing for us to do that organization. Because. The way to coach said that it took them you know. Just back in Tony did not really fit that too much. An all day ever since I've got a new last night about Tony go to New Orleans although they get it. May have to back shots for Tony got edited career on. Are capturing. In a meaningless game against Dallas right that that that suspect that subsidy. Yet that would have been bad if that had been in the swan song you're right. Is it really would have banned. Shame it's no wanted to do I didn't think there was any chance that he wouldn't get a look and I'll be honest with the I got a few calls about Tony. From people I know with other teams that have. Basically power to make decisions. That have a voice in the decision making process and one of the teams I got a call from was New Orleans somewhat surprised that it happened I am very good friend that works there and I was honest and asked me a few very poignant questions I don't wanna get in what was said. But. I said listen I yes I use it as much as I hate I hate to say it yes I I think that can happen because it was very clear. That he wasn't going to be a part of the grizzlies future and that's OK you know that's fine that's the decision process make. But I was gonna do everything I could do it in what little I could do to help. People realize yet that I could the guy still has some value to the team so. I wasn't surprised that it was he wants to be honest with you and I am happy that he gets now they're needed to still play. I don't loves this city and you want the best for guys either have always been good to you and Tony was always good to me I appreciated thanks that. I am. Ten point we talk about the young fans of this team. They go about fans aged. Anywhere. From. I'd say. One knee one and younger for sure that you gain even go into the mid twice for the most part. I don't really remember a time without sacker Tony now. Because no one really wants remembrance of time before is actor Tony to be honest at the end that got here a year earlier. But you're talking about some bad teams before that. There weren't a lot of kids. Ready to wrap agree is out on the street I mean there are still kids or fans were still kids it into the game but during this run the amount of people that we see on the road. They're wearing grizzlies gear and grizzlies jerseys. As just. It's not even quadrupled quintupled would everyone say is magnified 1015 times yeah more than we've ever seen. People always and other Arenas and so it's. The month of steer. Parts of the country. And you know expect the walking in Milwaukee and see like there's a roller grizzlies fans that they're they were integral to all you don't expect the locked into Toronto aside from the Vince Carter jerseys. But see like Conley jerseys in Gasol and there they were. Near these little loud what's in this stadium today. Yeah like you said. It's not even younger fans I mean let's be honest there's a lot of it took the easy grizzlies for people to kind of be like okay. They're here. We're gonna embrace some alike this team like what I like what they do on and off the court I like what they embody. Behind them ended this built organically. Throughout through Tony exact market Mike. You know she has said that dated dated. That was the best part of that was built organically. It was built naturally here they brought him in from outside they brought in more in a trade Mike was drafted. But really it was the second chance for Zach was an opportunity for Tony because he didn't think Boston really wanted him mark got his first opportunity. And it just matched it just was right time right place. And Norris. It is rare that that happens when he does he want to work out. As well as he could and maybe you could have worked out a little bit better something along the lines of of a deeper rides a trip to the NBA finals they got to step away from that. More be more runs to the Western Conference finals or Western Conference semi finals. But all they've experienced levels is accessible on other teams have not. Clippers never been a lesser counts finals. Know everybody is little to everybody. And everybody props them up every year like they've won seventeen titles they forget that's the other LA. By 3537765353776. Tom you're up next what's up top. And then how you stood out you. They'll look for how to protect thank you. I'm disappointed and I'm sad that they have gone to ignore orange. Give a classy classy. Fellow either he's just a dollar loan lovable guy that you ought to be around. First team all defense have. Just. But what you're actually acute humanitarian other players on the court and in the locker room are just get over under our. Are cured they're good times third there is no there will be no. Other drives other than Tony Allen and I think. They. Befitting. Just like it is the fact I think there's a quote for TARP up there numbers which. And that ultimately build a statue for both of them outside of the arena or anti whichever. And ultimately you will not ever Wear all their cameras again because here are what Eric. Both those players are classic I don't care. If people have a right column always associate that it you know what that's their opinion but to me and you everybody up in the city. They're lovable guys they're class act. CIA and talking to Carson CA and Barack votes so they wanted to win the title of that there is well. It is my understand that this is that they're just saying what someone offered you one year contract to another change. And however much money at all or do you can't turn on the other regardless you know what they are much you have to go aren't they that I got to do what I got to do look because actors guild now. And my other electorate in question is this one of church you have such. I've I've really agreeing. This team should and need to bring back Tony Allen. Obama won that whatever that time comes bring him back to disable it Jim officially announces retirement here in the city of Lopez and I really thank. David citadel head coach put up a bottle of really local. It church that is partly. You tonight a couple more call also wrapping up. I think it'd uplifting. News certainly are part mr. when he comes back and ultimately serve a chance to bring back a check of chippewa thank you sir. I am thanks. I appreciate that Tom I don't. Think there's any doubt that we're tired answers and I think that if they wanna sign and the like a one day deal among them retires a grizzly if he wants to do that Baghdad would have no problem. With that I do you think they'll be a statue but I think it'll be a statue of the four guys. And I'll probably be out front. Well grows more yeah it'll be it'll be the floor together they'll they'll have a picture the for them somewhere together and now they'll build a statue for them because. Let's and whether people wanna accept that are not again I was gold acted you don't have to accept it if you're outside the city it's our thing. And if we wanna do it as a city and end of the grizzlies fans will clearly supported but who cares who gives a flip what other people think army. Ami. There what other teams don't criticize that other teams have statue to guys granite some of them are all time all the all time great players. But for this team for what they work to what they became because of those four guys yet all forgeries on the upper rafters and it's going to be a statue all the. And statues are also built for guys for when they take care. Per parents when they take their kids to go see a game like I remember watching him play and it was awesome you know you can you share stories about watching that player those players play. When you're care you were growing up in the area. And that's what all for these guys are you to grizzlies. There's no doubt there's no doubt about that I couple more before we had the break. And then we'll come back to regular blitzer on the portal give him a sabres three Tony Allen memories earlier next. IE I'd really appreciate what distorts Derek GA tocchet took during all the stake jump don't do it I'll. Critic or you know costs so much talk about. You know it is all this inability but outlook Smart lady earlier. It was very bitter period. Basketball march and so it was consistent jump shooter. Asia but it is being an opposite can help because outsmarted. You know coding to the basket if need be always do. Where is cats most. Don't make great great great actually great great. But it was Smart where even old albeit with disabilities. Are shaky bank. I appreciate that Errol I I don't disagree with that I think there are times that that Tony. Lefty got a beyoncé. Everybody including the all time greats had little deficiencies in their games we know Tony struggled shooting the basketball. We also know on defense. Tony gambled a lot and times of gambles didn't pay off but he's he's not gambling like that a lot of the plays he made it changed games would not have happened so. With Tony it was you take. You take the bad with the good because the good outweighed the bad overall. When it came down to it sometimes back in the run plan but I don't ever doubt that he was a very intelligent basketball player. He understood what a needed him to do now he didn't always. Necessarily pay. The closest attention to some of the play golf balls and now it's that was just doing was Tony was. A guy he was kind of like a wind up boy you'd just wound him up and let him go. And go you don't sit there and guide. You know somebody's windup toys you just let him run it out right and that's and that's what he did as what he did. I and I'll tell us the story later but at the nickname I had form was different from the grandfather because of what he did. And I SO wasn't wasn't trying to make it stick but I still want to tell people that they're like yeah I can see it's all play out here. In just a moment Lee you're gonna wrap up our minds what's up buddy. I didn't have birthday and things like hawks thank you else stop its. But I stop anyone ever says that he should not be editors got her dark secret all the saves. And an auction this year. Instantaneously he's created prayer act instantaneously. In Memphis and he take Chris on the face he should. He should get his Jersey retired certification of that so that that he should be it's. And sticking crisp on the face certain that they say have to say let's see how do you do that you have Zach tackling Blake Griffin. Sony taking Chris Paul on the face mark hitting a three from the corner last year and LA. And Mike I don't know might pick in the pocket and of Austin rivers or something. There are going to be good idea good foursome out front at the personal purchase a good thing to do so around the sides of the arena not only with your best or players or your core forks but clipper natured as well. At a certain certain you know you go to grad is jerk. As if I'm it basically. It body. Does get a global consequences as painful as an actor right you almost it almost a man lyric there I appreciate gets jamming and when we come back we're going to. I'm leaving my favorite three Tony Alamo so I don't think we have highlights when we're just gonna make some highlights and when we come back out of brakes were talking about Tony Allen today. On the program is on his way to New Orleans to join their morals pelicans we are happy form we are also sad that we are losing a mandated that helped build. What this team has become over the last 78 years I know there's gonna be attracted up to where they've become they've never won a championship blah blah blah always hear that. Always hear that from people. Do you think making the playoffs seven straight years is an easy task and it's it's something he just sneeze that goal economic teams have done. You go look it up and tell me how many teams have done and out of thirty. Right now. Had a current seven year streak in the postseason and an overall you wanna look at up. When the league expanded to thirty teams how many teams have bad play consecutive years in the playoffs that match seven or more years. Many. Any. So it's certainly something that I think his work. Celebrating to say always welcome back. When we do a getting my three favorite Tony Allen memories and the nickname that I thought he could have very well earned but when he was dubbed the grandfather there was none better than that Aircastle Diageo -- united ME SP announces. Listen to the Gary very show for Memphis basketball recruiting insider Keith Easter would CD store today at 420 and 99 and ESPN. Still one and only Jesus these two. Yeah. 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And for all your good. His son bill there. Scenario where. Reynolds America's. It's out the fan favorite the grind father happened. 3.3 left in doubt for Jackson news second 12 fully. It's going to the Western Conference. Why don't. Now back to the voice of the grizzlies and the area canceled show live from the Sunbelt rentals he knows where yes yeah. Yes CN. I wouldn't be here. That would be one in my rang out what's real or bullseye on your momentarily from the but that moment was one it's. After a lot of years is suffering through some bad basketball. The grizzlies got one staff within the ultimate goal which is going to the NBA finals. And Tony Allen was the one who put it on ice with free throws and Oklahoma. City. But still little ring it up put three on the board. Besides you really need you know. Hurry up and ready skiing. 92 nines very castles. And and day today obviously in honor Tony out work and a pretty themed on the show. As I said hmm early in the program. The reason being. His impact on the team. And not only impacted this city. Which it stated impacted the organizations. Fan base it dated impact and so many. People so many different ways it really did in terms of their phantom now. Is it. Earth changing you know light. Groundbreaking stuff now but it was indicted. A fan base completely related to lobs. With open arms at times he drove them nuts and at other times he made them jump out of their seats. But he was a gad embodied what this city was about. And it taught me what this city was about and obviously impacted my life because. One my job is always a lot more fun when you're winning. And to my jobs all held a lot more fun when people are into the games in what Tony Allen on the roster people were in of the games and it's amazing how a legend and start because all it takes is just one. Bizarre. Moment in time that everything clicks and everything clicked that night in Oklahoma City. From the fact that OJ Mayo was suspended the Rudy Gay not playing to nobody giving the grizzlies a chance to a lot of people feeling like here we go again because the previous year. Right around the same time of the season they were right around 500. They went on a little bit of a losing streak. Marc Gasol got injured and before you know it. The grizzlies had basically kind of given up on the playoff hopes and that you're probably rightfully so everybody that you're in the playoffs. 150 or more games the eight seat with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Who face the lakers and they were a fifty win team as an eight seed it was not. Grizzlies that your finish forty and 42 but they'd shot marked sold down because of a shoulder issue. And they knew they were missing a peace the peace that they thought they'd gotten in Ronnie Brewer. Who after playing exactly like two minutes nineteen seconds tore his hamstring and was never to be heard from again in a grizzly uniform. Right or straight guy. The grizzlies gave up a piece to get him and he legitimately. Two minutes into his time in Memphis got hurt and was done for the year. They opted not to sign Ronnie Brewer because they could get. What they felt was a better option in Tony Allen. And it felt like they could get away from Boston which is exactly. What Chris Wallace did so the three memories that I have the most. And I'll just go to these as as best I can with with the details. And hopefully you'll have some memories here or maybe he's a match up obviously the moment you just hurt because. Everything was going. The grizzlies weigh in terms of opportunity. That season now. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you like a lot of other national pundits well that. All right this guy's healthier back guys healthy it would have been interesting to see that series at Russell Westbrook and healthy. But Russell Westbrook at that time was also a different player. He could go on. Stretches where he basically ignored the other four guys on the foreign try to go one on five and the grizzlies and actually had some pretty good success against the thunder. That year now by no means he can you ever. Sit there and convince yourself that the thunder were a better team without Russell Westbrook they just want when Patrick Beverley after a whistle blew try to died at the ball. And click Brussels and eat it it kind of sealed the fate of the thunder at that point they knew what their fans knew it and I think the grizzlies got a new as well. It went to a fifth game rigorously decisively. Or able to advance and go on take on San Antonio. Now remember. In the previous series they lost the first two games to the Los Angeles Clippers. And lost game one convincingly. I'll never forget that feeling come out of game one the clippers beat the grizzlies up and down on the floor all came. Made it look like man against boys in retrospect. When you look back on it maybe it was the worst thing for the clippers because they got a little overconfident they got a little cocky. In game two then candidate Chris Paul fade away with. Ironically enough Tony Allen's hand right in his face. Really edges that. An incredible shot great defense better offense not much you can do. Shot at the buzzer to one game but the grizzlies came home what that confidence. And they won game three by ten erred by double digits. They won game four I Donald that they went back to Los Angeles and went back and forth and into the fourth quarter. Tony Allen's defense Blake Griffin tweaked his ankle a little bit. And the leadership of the rest of the guys took over and they won that game by double digits and came back and close it out with a four straight when. By double digits. But when he hit those free throws especially for a guy like Tony Allen who played his college basketball Oklahoma. It was pretty amazing and to see him go on line guided had struggled at times from the free throw line. The port series clinching. Points on the board. It was pretty awesome and it was a pretty special moment that'd that we all still think about and talk about. On to this day is one of our favorite moments in grizzlies history so that's my first favorite memory of Tony Allen in terms of on the floor. My next. Would have to be nice. I still chuckle about this because. Well let's see who last year was what does 1617. And also 1516. To 1415. Season. So is the playoffs in 2014. And believe. Or was in 2014 season where Tony Allen came out of a timeout. And about five seconds into the play call Tony decided. On the left baseline going away from the grizzlies bench. After de Jager had probably drawn up a play that was not what ended up getting a running to take a step back three to go back in. Just hop into the corner and fire a fade away jump shot like he was Reggie Miller. As we all know Tony Allen and Reggie Miller heard not in the same realm and in the world of shooting the basketball from long range. Tony struggled with that so on the air I. Because I was bewildered at the time since the author are you doing. So it's got played multiple times over and over again like didn't get played. Though was the fact that he knew he had made a mistake he came back down on the floor lock down. The opponent got a steal got a breakaway got to lay up and then lock them down again and now. Basically. Making to plays and help the grizzlies when the game. And that wasn't the quintessential Tony Allen sequence and then now and nothing was. A moment where you're scratching your head or pulling your hair out or screaming at the television or the radio or just go on my gosh what are you doing. And then two minutes later of real time whatever it is game time making a defensive players stop waiter. He basically. Helps you win the game and that was Tony Allen. For all the little things he did and all the the mistakes he made he made up for them multiple times over with plays that don't only show up. On the stat sheet. I said go to break I would tell you my nickname form and my nickname foremost the disruptive. Because he disrupted everything around him sometimes his own stuff. Sometimes his own team's offense sometimes is on team's huddle sometimes is on teams' meetings wherever it may be. But he just disrupted things when he was in that mold and was generally on defense and was generally opposing teams' offenses. Last Brevin Knight about it but it. To a man if you talk to an NBA point guards along pretty much tell you the same thing when a play breaks down our secondary option has to be picked. It really does speed things up in the deep chances of success dramatically decrease. When you got a guy that's playing the passing lanes they like a maniac the way Tony Allen did. It disrupts things and that night. He disrupted his team's play. All out of the sequence but that disrupted the opponent to the seal victory and that's probably my second favorite memory. Other all my third memory and I know I could go to the kicking Chris Paul on the face and I you go to a lot of them but it was a night in Cleveland. Two seasons ago. Where. The cavaliers were clearly the best team in the Eastern Conference the grizzlies were battling injuries and just doing anything and everything they could hang on. The playoff streak seemingly was in grave danger because you looked at the schedule and he said wow. You gotta do this idea that yet it is and they went into. The defending Eastern Conference champion at the time soon to be world champion Cleveland Cavaliers home building a place that even when the cats have stunk out loud. The grizzlies about a hard time winning. With eight gas. Eight players. LeBron didn't sit Kevin Love didn't sit. Tristan Thompson now thinks that carrier ring plane preacher JR Smith was out there as well. In those eight guys essentially led by Tony Allen shocked the cavaliers to the point where they were arguing with each other on the floor. It's one of the single best individual nights I ever saw Tony Allen play. In a grizzly Jersey. His first step was explosive. He was literally blowing by JR Smith at every opportunity then carrier ring to the point where everybody was looking around saying where's my help. There was no help. And as the grizzlies jumped out to an early lead which will happen sometimes in those games eventually feel like. The talents can went out that night the more talented team did not went out. The team that had more heart. It had. More energy. Than that. You know bigger you know a lot. One. And the reason that they were propelled to that them in my opinion was Tony out. And it was a game the one we looked back at the end of the season. It was the difference. Between the grizzlies being in the playoffs. And out of the playoffs. Because the way they closed after the Mario Chalmers injury and everybody just trying to pick up the pieces wherever they could. Put that on a position where they made the playoffs by winning one more game. Than the other two teams. They finished 42 and forty I think the other two teams behind him finish 41 and 41. Had they finish a three way tie it would have been a grizzlies that would have been out of the post season. So to me that performance. Was pretty much another quintessential things Tony Tony would sit with nagging injuries to the critique of some people have felt like he could go. But it was inevitable whenever he came back from those injuries when every came back. And played again he always gave you. An African major go to it if you're gonna miss two or three games in a comeback like this feel free to miss two or three games. Whenever you need. Because he came back in a sensational manner and it really was a fun night it's one of the more memorable nights of my career despite it being. A regular old pre season game in March. In Cleveland. Where you didn't really think you had a chance to win but the difference was between this and just your regular old pre season in prisons were almost twenty point underdogs on the game tipped off. That's unheard of in the NBA. But word got out of the roster was going to be and who was in and it was out. And it wasn't that crazy. And Natalie the grizzlies and not lose they want. It's the equivalent of about a forty or 45 point favorite in football. Getting beaten out the differences. Obviously play 82 games. On any given night. But that's a massive difference. And the grizzlies were able to pull out and Tony Allen was a big reason why. Spent a lot of fun there's no doubt it's been a lot of fun. We'll talk about what this means for the grizzlies though moving forward next. At the top of our number two and then now we'll get to Brevin Knight now we'll close it out with rapid fires we put a ball Tony Allen's off to New Orleans. We've paid our tribute will talk about what it means for the grizzlies one where Richards Aircastle times or many to benefit me as the amount. This hey it's Eric Cassell signed here once again for black move saying changing moving in the city of Memphis. 31661963166196. That is the call you want to make too. Set up you or move it whether you move when it.