The Eric Hasseltine Show 08/10/17 - Hour 1 w/ Rams Radio Voice JB Long

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, August 10th

Segment 1 - Eric opens the show talking about the Zach Randolph arrest in Los Angeles

Segment 2 - NFL Merry Go Round w/ Rams Radio Voice JB Long

Segment 3 - "Ring It Up, Put 3 on the Board"


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WM FS is an issue important to be an assessment. Don't listen to see an east Arkansas nemesis. On menus okay. Sixty. This game. Beautiful Thursday afternoon cloudy now let. Still armed still in the midst of summer despite these kids being back in school and pre season football kicking off. And apparently in LA they celebrate summer in their own manner. Zach Randolph showed that. We will again and that momentarily we got a lot of NFL oriented day. As well maybe give you a little break from the we talk. Nonetheless. We're ready to Iraq in all each and every Monday through Friday at his very time on this. Very station we bring you the Aircastle Diageo originate out of the place honored on radio complex as we don't the studios by the freeways follow my in my we follow. Jeff got his immediately followed Jason Giambi gets ready. For the Gary Blair's experience it in the captain's chair I. I mean I was there castles and seven masters of the program one and only known nickname Benjamin. What's going on there hey Dylan. Good actually personally am great I it's good was that Campbell clinic today this morning. Some odd body the former trainer degrees drew Graham and my physical therapist Michael. I was actually on the treadmill running for the first time supervised and it went swimmingly well as they call job. Poster child for recovery. I do realize how fortunate I am an angry and I got some very good advice before how many surgery. Back in in May Day. Prior to that they had to wait like make sure you're doing things that you don't just go start smashing chips a lawyer and in chocolate milk and watch and you know movies and now being acted like you gotta you gotta keep working out and try to keep as much weight off cannon and basically. You know would strengthen the muscles around that is once they go when they're the muscles are gonna lose and I realize how lucky I am a Cy Young man today. Then it's. That clearly like had both knees were dying and was it looked badly the scars were he had serious work done and he's young and those amok. I also saw the biggest power move I've ever seen. In a gym type set it's setting because you know when you go to physical therapy there. There's basically like exercise bikes elliptical machines and people are they're it's not a traditional weight room now there are weights in the back. And a lot of the guys that worked there will go work out once sounds crazy you'll hear it like it's noon eastern here and waits like drop all over the place it's hilarious. But. Student clocked in the physical therapy today. Mind you there's people like just. Killing themselves try to get better rate this dude walks in with a bag McDonald's. Just that a straight big bag a Mickey d.s. NEC is doing his staff offerings like I'm good. And I went bad is a that is a strong. Strong move and for someone who hadn't eaten at that point during the day. That was those brutal. It was brutal that's bold yet. That's almost as bad someone bringing the d.s onto the airplane it would have been as good as someone bring in making these two that neighborhood in Los Angeles last night is apparently a lot of people wanted it. After everything that went down. He would have been heroic in that situation correct now. Holes. Unbelievable but he had no so I had had personally am great I hope you are as well we are. Set to go with our little trip Q. To Nashville for for the raiders and titans like I talked to the titans got yesterday. We may end up with some extra tickets to sell not give away so of left to figure out what we're gonna do it really depends on because. Brad Carson has to clear it with mrs. Brad Carson who is. All wonder she is awesome too great a basement brats why she's a sweetheart I'm but clearly as like dominates that house. There's no there's no two ways about it right where she's yet she Stacy is is. Wonderful and then a beautiful family but I think Brad has clearly if if he can go Bennett has already said he despite being a titans fan he's not going. And so word it's like right now it's you and your group John mark and his group. Mean in my group and there's a couple of appeal I don't know TP wants to go probably not it's not really I don't think that's TP status and after Laura met game ego. But so everything's good no complaints and also just waiting for the NBA regular season schedule to start. And I get things wrong we'll get into Zach Randolph situation here. In just a second first let's say what's on the program today we'll run it down and get the angelenos. NFL training camp merry go round the radio voice of Los Angeles rams JB long he took over last year on rams moved. To Los Angeles. 225 rule you put on the same vital eyes once you know what you put on this. You input ring up a thrill board you could get off my lawn Labatt attack again I admit I had to switch between the two segments. And it's a figured we we did so I don't have any anger don't have a tenth of possibilities to deal with grass today. Well who else. We Lola is not that that's that's that was well played great there Brian Glass-Steagall and only John a son there's these 225 had to switch he's at 305. I asked him about. He covers like sports and pop culture on a national basis like the rim of like what the state my is about marijuana around the country. I mean literally I'm walking around Boston the other day and in dudes just. Risks and Roche right in front of me I mean just like and it and it didn't bother me never dies. But it literally goes back to like how different things are. In just a short amount of time since it started to be legalized run our country like nobody batted an eyebrow he voted down that five years ago. People would have pulled out their cellphones and probably called the police on right. Now there is like yeah whatever just part of the society. But I've. You see I mean Mikey literally in Denver you can be walking around and there's dispensaries all over them up right I was I was there yet seen it is yeah they're didn't there and this is no joke like around. Coors Field and around downtown Denver there is a dispensary on like every other block and there's one block where there's like. Six in this bar area for obvious reasons people are gonna go out party that night they can make a little stop there before 10 o'clock or 8 o'clock whenever they close. Have what they want for the night right there was a coffee shop and a dispensary on every corner and a pizza place now they're confident if you don't add so we're have a launch in their Islamic right around the court you you'd literally see. All walks of life going in the air from. Kids in their clearly college age. Dudes it look like businessman dudes that look like guys that have never been in a job in their life. I mean everybody is just something everybody dozens in today's society when I grew up that was not it was not nearly as prevalent nor nearly as popular. It literally goes back to I think we're really took off was when. The music industry started embracing it and what the U wanna say sort of rap music what we wanna say certain elements. The music industry all different facets and really embraced the one that really didn't it was country. Because they just injury and racetrack and like beer and whiskey for the most part. Ball when it was embraced like that it became cool for kids that date. The Snoop Dogg doctor is the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre video. Is one that's legendary is in there and they're just pulled Chris is right now in their act like and they said that was a huge thing because both white and black kids. Got into it they're so will tackle Bryan little bit about that. We're gonna re fire up the merry go round as colts radio was Bob Lamy is gonna join us talk about the an apple schools cause they're very tricky situation right now. Andrew Luck is literally not thrown a pass as of yet and will not play this weekend. And according to ESPN who have the coaches on the hottest seats chuck O'Donnell's right up there hall. Chuck put out a survive somehow everything outside the Dow was down ranked the it was him of the G hammer and heard of or both they were both gonna be on the GM's gunshot put out there but. If they don't have a good here and don't content in the AFC south believe me I think chuck got those days are numbered as the colts head coach we close it out with rapid fire. That is the rundown for this Thursday you can tweak the program out there castles and at not a golfer at Aircastle and act not a golfer by the way on the Twitter page dated posts the video of the ads yarder. In England that vindicated my fear of getting knocked over a railing on a billing as he knocks this innocent bystander nearly into a double. Decker bus. And it's it's it's up there you can say that's just no way already send instant while thanks for the invite to the titans raider game. And he would wanna go to let's say they're enemies of payers and he wants to pay for tickets elderly can come. I told me I respondents think you got to get Claire Smith have been Ellie as well. Yes. And you gotta be cash. Is not a credit basis this is. Bring the cash. Go to the game right under advanced it was funny so I told John Mark about it and John like so like when you need the money but as I was gonna my campaign and everything today and in my. Just by time we go to game John. That's you can't have tickets until I get money he has he might he donated tomorrow Leone upfront I'm not like. Start a fund and my putting this in the bank. But today he was supposed to present you have been the first question but he said he's got to go so I think I work. Where did you go Matthew says that feel like well I think until I feel like Willie Nelson glorified it before any rapper that's good point. Willie Nelson definitely was into the and downs what well before the rappers that's that's a fair point right there but I think it peak seen. Mainstream popular with that video became even more popular than it was really took off at that point so. That's debatable but we cannot talk about that now because. News broke today that Zach Randolph the former grizzly power forward who is beloved in this city you'll have his Jersey retired by the grizzlies. And out will eventually had a ceremony and no one more overworked fifty again though. I was arrested in Los Angeles on charges of up possession with intent to this should be now here's. Where everybody first got confused the first question I got like isn't weed legal in California it is. But not used out on the street and it is but only in certain amounts so you can't just walk out into the middle of Hollywood boulevard. With a brick sized you know. Amount of we'd like them foundered due in just say. They smoke up everybody here we go right because the initial reaction is this. You only have that much because you're gonna sell no one's gonna smoke that much the problem is people now lob it so much you bring a brick to a party if it won't last. It's like bye and a two cases of beer it's got great. You come to a party with a bunch people do you bring two cases of beer you better. You better get what you need out of those two cases and put it next year because the rest of it's just gonna be consumed this is the way things cal. And I think that's probably what we're looking at here I don't know for fact but I know well enough to know that. Zach is one who is taken care of his friends over the years sack is one who has. Helped his friends outs act is the type of guy that knows his friends aren't making the type of money he's making and he likes to have a good time so he enjoys having people that. Not only he trusts but people that are around him that are. A similar background and mindset and Zach grew up puff. In Marion Indiana he's legendary he's. Interview on the stationery set I was a Jack in dude like these against skills with these scandals of Jack and duty and his brother. Used to get in fights all the time it's just wasn't part of what they did and. It's interesting when you think about how people grow up and I remember. On this last trip. We were in a souvenir shop outside Fenway Park and people my age I don't know if you remember this band but she used to be able to go in Sports Illustrated. In order posters of your favorite athletes and when I say like of your favorite athletes I mean like pick a sport. Taking eighteen and there was like eight or nine guys. So you can order like six posters for like twelve dollars or ten dollars and they would ship on to your house. And they had white barriers around the picture in the name was on the top. Will you go ended your buddy's house is an acquisition see who had what everybody at Michael Jordan and the first couple Michael Jordan once and they say. Michael Jordan one or Michael Jordan to Michael Jordan three and and they sold out but then. You'd see like one guy had Eric Davis for the Cincinnati Reds because he was a hot yet of baseball put them one guy had. Darryl Strawberry one guy had doc Gooden one guy had Rickey Henderson so everybody had different things. The way it was explained to me was that. The way Zach grew up like they had pictures of like. The gangster disciples leader like the data found of the gangster disciples things like that like it was a different way of growing up and so those are the guys that they looked up to end those for the guys that aura around them those were the guys that. That they related to and that's hard to get away from. You know we assume because guys get out of a tough situation all the sudden they're going to become like other people that make those types of money. And when I say other people make those types money that are not athletes let's be honest unless she won the lottery. To make millions of dollars. You either have to be incredibly intelligent and innovative. Be. Fortunate to be born into it. But Dan if you're foolish it will be gone before you know it. Or. Have. Just. An incredible work ethic and just a great relationship so many everybody's story is different here about self made millionaires all the time. But with athletes. And let's be honest because their main focus is always been playing sports they want staying after. To do extra homework they want staying after to try to figure out a chemistry experiment that might change. Our company's future right. They stand act after taking a hundred extra ground balls at shortstop they were stand actor she is fifteen more threes they were stand after. You know running better passing routes are throwing a ball through a tire whatever it may have been. And they get sanity some enormous contracts and for the most part a lot of them came from. Economic backgrounds that don't match what they're about to get into thank. And for some of them it's hard to handle. And so all of a sudden you're thrust with a ton of money you know what happens when he get a ton of money. And I coli it's it's light sound effect except the opposite the roaches come out of the walls and come to you. Like I mean by Roche is is people looking to either get you to invest. To put their money in your care however it may be. Some of them incredibly legit others. Incredibly. She eighty. And deceitful. And some of the biggest scum bags you'll ever meet your life. And so they don't know who to trust they had an agent agent generally has a guy. But they trust the people around them that knew them before. This fame and popularity was thrust upon so that's who they relate to. Tell a story the first time I met Zach Randolph often times it'll when he last. I'm sit around the entered the lobby of the dubbed the Westin hotel across from FedEx Forum by the Antonio Tarver fight thanks for. And here comes act ran off I heard all the stories about act. Anybody that worked in the NBA knew the stories about sex and I was always told by my buddy Brian Wheeler who's a radio was the blazers. Better guy than people let on. He just got into the NBA at a very young age didn't quite have much leadership. Around him to follow no one really said hey do this don't do that. Be careful this be careful that and Zach was just count on us on to the point where. The story goes that Steve Perry said Zach Randolph looked at them at a practice around the holidays instead promised and we get off for Christmas. Steve cursed if we don't get any time off for Christmas were here or work in this is the pros. Society's myself Tillman Daisuke I do the radio for the grizzlies this idea and Brian just O'Brien we weren't aside the fight he told me if I cite a sale or use our wheels my guy. And we talked for probably about 3045 seconds. Not anything what I expected super polite down to earth you know you expect a guy it's a little street frank. Now that side of Zach is certainly still there. But it was different then why expected and I think that's the thing that people always. Didn't quite understand about Zach there was this public side of Zach. And the private side of Zach in the private side of Zach was more. Towards where his roots where where he grew up the people he grew up for now. People that you and I might not think the savory as of characters. But he still felt the loyalty. And it was community into the things that he's done. But he also felt the loyalty to this community because he felt like they gave him a chance to be him. And people here respected the way he played in the way eagle one about it and the fact of the matter is that he was upfront honest about who he was. Am not perfect. And activists sit down and tickle of the I increase of the piano for ia and belt out some Beethoven and an act it's you know. Like this high class grew up in an incredibly. Fortunate environmentally to have the benefits of a first class education and all of the troops and spoils that came with it. Grew up in the mean streets of Marion Indiana where people fight all the time drugs are prevalent gangs are prevalent. But I was really go to basketball so I got to go to college and I got to the NBA. And they millions of dollars doing it I'm gonna make mistakes I'm gonna do stupid things. Because sometimes I just don't think things through I think. This'll be fun because that's what my friends deal. And I always respected him for that. But hours respect to be able to talk them about a variety of different topics here so as this goes down I feel bad for him badly for him in that. I don't think this is anything other than him being in a situation and just my personal opinion. Where he probably had a bunch of weed for him and his buddies to smoke which to me in my eyes is no different to me shown up in Ben's house for a party. With a case of whiskey and and a half a keg of beer I. Say it's party time fellas. I promise they were doing industry and they were doing it amana where people eventually called the police. Will this. Blow over will see will this be something that deters him from starting the season on time will seek. I think in the long run it probably does get reduced her her dropped altogether. But if not. The one guy that won't hide from that he made a mistake will be Zach Randolph and that's what I respect about him. Whether or not he was you know sell it or not is irrelevant I don't think you probably was but. We always there's her surprise it wouldn't be the first professional athlete to. Be able to buy a bunch and then turn around and try to sell you get from linebacker get enough back where Yuri get to use your side for free Iraq. Sometimes that's how these guys thinking it's it's it's on four. Did he brought some first presence about you know comes up is taking out hustled. I'll be right I could be that's it well that's not why Davis be allowed to run possession he tell us how they pay debts and telling you stand now yeah. Let's say they're called to the scene and you know and also sparks the racial debate is that I read the TMZ thing and all the sudden the the racial. Side of the people on the comment boards came out like all this only happened because he's in a black neighborhood and he's a black guy and it's a bunch of black people down in this part of LA it's a rough neighborhood and they're gonna keep them in line if this happened in a white man. Bullied what you want on that and that's I'm not gonna tell somebody they've. They're right or they're wrong in their beliefs you your freedom believe what everyone what I know is that he's out he posted bond. People that I know that have contacted said he's he told them he's good everything's fine. And I'll probably go beyond. By the time I said none. And you'll still have number fifty. Retired and you'll still have a ceremony down the road you'll probably still suit up for opening day for Sacramento case. Is what it is. I hope everything's all right let them I hope it doesn't the rail I think and I hope he learn a lesson from this to maybe be a little bit more careful but she doesn't. He's a grown man and he certainly. Can handle himself we've seen that we'll take a break when we come back read doctor JB along the radio voice of the Los Angeles rams. He's gonna give us a little. Preview of the rams this year the NFL training camp merry go around later on in rapid fire because we don't have a lot of open time today actually even in the maybe even in. Reno put three on the board the ticket numbers for the tiger basketball came out. Carrying shaft talked about yesterday is just not denying that a 35 year loan ticket. Attendance is not a good thing. And not a sign of the programs hadn't in the perfect direction. But I have heard opposite sides we'll talk a little bit about it later on today up next though the NFL training camp merry go around rocky battling you know wolf. Head out west to the Los Angeles rams right after this night Jonathan ESP NS. Yeah. As your old clunker got you down. 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Most nine crime riddled part of the state anymore like it's got Iraq. Alan Gonzales from ESPN overheard from rams joint practice with the chargers. Quarterback Jermaine Johnson on taking his helmet off before swinging it charters wide receiver dontrelle Inman. I'm from Stockton man Stockton. Came out of me it really did I'm not gonna take no mess from nobody I don't care who it is. Enough if you had told me that twenty years ago out of in my life. The difference dot continuing dad played super towel. Now it is. Nowadays. JD on his radio voice of the Los Angeles rams they had in. To their second season after a foreign twelve year last year their first year in the City of Angels let's fire up the NFL training camp merry go around black. That to you by Natalie knows. As though there you go. Pasta subs salads and morph itself even a north Mississippi tradition for over thirty years now. Okay. Los Angeles programs and their radio voices debut on. Tell me about that practice man said hay makers were flying teams are going at it or you at that. Who and I think there are two main contributing factors the first was they had just done the same exact session that they had to at work out. On Saturday prior so there's a reason why NFL teams don't play it back to back my galloped twice in a week and then at this time a year particular. And then secondly. Because the chargers are attempting to classify this year and this move as. I'll fight for LA which from the grand am quite this really doesn't exist I think there was a little bit of electricity yesterday's practice. And intern there were better than 101000 grandstand on handle the chargers know that this in their territory so I think he'd be environment. And the fact that they had just seen each other. 58 crier. It was a perfect recipe for a little bit extra cricket circuit. All anybody thinks I mean any time and I think that teams know this too. Anytime you have a joint practice it any news is obviously a little bit different as both teams are in the same city but let's say it's what was it last year the that Texans and the falcons or whoever was on some level is on hard knocks last year I think and so. If you guys are now slash insurgency years ago he had brought knocks last year's two years god which I think was the Texans and they went to the falcons and their elected we expect this when we go. Into a joint practice because you've been eating your teammates. If for the first few days and doing all these workouts now you're hit and somebody else and when they hit back elect. What the hell happened and kisses and it's I think it's good for them get it out of them now get the frustration out now and it's it. Let's be honest about it it's a violent game Dicey to each other this is is what it is let them let him go out there's swing was never understood why try to punch again with a helmet on but more power to the refuted. Detriment you Cornell is a bit brave by taking its first we get the whole mess started but I'm thankful and I think everyone is that it didn't detract from what was another really productive work I mean the benefit of these joint practices is. The depths of routes that you get I mean from the coach's standpoint. Those sessions are better actually than preceding games because your pre season game you have your starter and for what a drought may be sure it's yeah. And and you don't get equal reps for every one but in these kind of orchestrated two and a half hour affairs. And not only do your starters get more rest but you can just get more allied action. Often down your 3-D forty even and so I think. But compared to those with the chargers and taking advantage of the geography. Will bode well no matter what happened on Saturday against the cowboys and what is quote unquote a game. Jamie law exact oh yeah quote unquote is a pig part of that statement right there eight game it's it's it's a glorified practice with. Scoreboards in ticket sales and like you said it's better when you can step on the hill I totally agree with you. As JB lawn joins us the radio voice of the Los Angeles rams it's no secret. All eyes are gonna be on the rams' offense this year they've got some tremendous players on these pencil gets them momentarily but when you have. Last year's number one overall pick in Jerry got yet Todd Gurley who had a down year last year after really bursting onto the scene. A lot of people are wondering what this team is going to be able to do. On the offensive side of the ball so tell me what you've seen that you like where Jerry Garcia is and how tiger early is preparing. To try to bounce back after a tough year where it honestly you can tell me if I'm wrong on this. It just looked like every team that played the rams is like we're not Clinton thirty beat us because right now we believe. That's the one weapon they have and if we just make sure we take that away we got a real good chance of slowing down he's inexperienced quarterbacks. Yeah we can do a whole show on this topic to be honest and turned it cliff note version. What you pointed out about girly and off and flash sure is true but it also note here coming up and down you know spell there are defense to try and take away Yorkshire tractor that stops your. And so just because the boxes loaded Arnold and any offensive coach or head coach will tell you as an excuse for not being able. To run the ball better than a 3.2 yards per carry calypso. Yes Todd needs to take some ownership on that they have addressed what they feel over the primary. Sure come into the offensive line especially at left tackle by bringing in an aging Andrew Whitworth. To provide some protection perjure got blind side the leadership in the running game. Especially employees in the locker room and and not you know the whole staff changeover. Led by Sean McVeigh who as opposed to Jeff Fisher debate young offensive oriented head coach and looking back on this staff that surrounded charity last year as a rookie. The 21 year old transitioning from. What we call the air raid spread offense at cal into an NFL Hubbell. There just wasn't enough help either in terms of passing weapons or I I think we all agreed on site in terms. Cilic. Collectively last year staff. Had one year. Working with the quarterback position in the National Football League. This year staff is like sixteen or eighteen and that includes not just that today but Greg Olson quarterbacks coach who has coordinator experience and that Wheeler who is now offensive coordinator comes over from Atlanta or had great success with Matt Bryant at all itself. They're kind of doubling down on the investment in Garrett and ultimately it all on his shoulders. Whether or not he can absorb that and make the best supporting cast around him. Other proof will be in the putting soon enough but I think the rams have given me much more viable opportunity. In your cute and a season ago. As I look at the roster there is a name there that I was told by a friend of mine called game. For his team in college against this young man's team and as said you've got to keep an eye on this young man. And that is Cooper cop probably not a household names a lot of people. But I gagged it in the FCS. Rankings was lights out he went to eastern Washington and an incredible wide receiver talent there but maybe not a lot of people have heard of them and I know a lot of scouts were really high on this young man. I think your friend it right on the head and when I'm not doing and I felt so I called. He would have been all pac twelve every season he torched Washington State. He torched Washington Post secondary that has. Put all kinds of players incredible secondary he destroyed or again. So throughout his career even though he was in the FTS he had plenty of results to put on tape against. Yes and power five. Competition as well. And but the buzz around camp is don't be surprised as Cooper cup and the leading leading this team. In receptions I think you are featured are looking to him as. Brenly safety valve usher in the receiver hurt beam that was plagued by dropped in which receiving corps last year and it complemented by the first day that the rams had this year Gerald Everett. Another small school player but a former basketball player would freakish athletic skills good they're gonna come out in the tight end not wide receiver hybrid roll. Yeah yeah he aid any of these big debt as of Alabama write the date. That'd that yeah yeah he's like massive but he's got he's got to learn their agency is one thing and I think you'll agree with me honest as you see at the college in the current. It's wanting to have a guy that's played football all of his life and end. It and really gets it and is just happen to be good at both like Tony Gonzales who played both intelligent. Was really go to both it's another to have a basketball player that clearly isn't gonna make the NBA but his 67 a phenomenal athlete to earn 45 pounds ago. And look let's get this kid on a football field to see if he can catch anything they try to do that with a kid out of Memphis and Tarik Black who ended up making the NBA but when he first got done. After transferring from the university Memphis to Kansas. He went in caught passes with a Aaron Rodgers is the Packers say yo. You kind of fit the mold of what a basketball player that we could turn into it I'd and should be it didn't work out he made the NBA so that's good but. There is an intimacy to this game and at that highest of levels that it takes a year to really grasp everything. Yeah I think it's really intriguing experiment for a lot of reasons first. Oh lift up tight and even lifelong. Who have arrived in their first year in the NFL. Is really really small did not it's not a position that god and then. You guys rookies and succeeded and very off especially when their football career he pointed out the football background is limited. Now Sean McVeigh. Had two of the best I've been in professional football last year in Washington to utilize the tight end group more than any other professional team did so you can get the sense that that's stood the direction he wants to go near term and long term whether or not the rams have beaten anybody in the house did you matured in reading company did last year. We shall see right now collectively the tight end room has eleven career catches. We season Jason Witten and the cowboys on Saturday in a preceding game he has multiple gains. Eleven clutch reception grant illustrious in all banker so that's kind of what we're doing what here in Los Angeles at the moment. Yet and that's a you know that's part of rebuilding now and I think that's the thing they've they've people have to understand and I think it's it's crazy because you do you bring that up where young tight and struggled. And it does always make your honor we always talk about the quarterbacks and getting in there and in being part of the mental game and it works of with a tight ends do you see a lot of young tight ends get drafted really high whether it's first or second round and the fans expect them to come and and turning to Tony Gonzales overnight and when it doesn't happen. And the criticism stars come on some of these guys just they they lose that the belief that there are good enough to be at that level on itself fragile mentally. Believe it or not some of these hawkish human beings. Really are and because they'd they'd they'd been the best all their lives now they're told and you're just nothing but Abbas and that's hard for some guys to handle. A special in that position not offensive coordinators around the league wanna leverage right now they ran. That big body who can run because that's the easiest way to create mismatches as opposed to trying. He'll lockdown corner on the perimeter. If you can have someone who can you know block like linemen catch like a receiver. And you get him on a linebacker that's where a lot of offense is on a web. Yep no doubt about that as we talk with. There is some talent there and there are some guys on that defense they can really make a difference Erin Donald is a monster. I'm a lot valley gold gold trio love of the four linebackers in the 34 set I think they're really good. It's just tough if your offense doesn't move the ball to keep coming out and trudged down the field in today's NFL tell me how they've looked at and what the expectations are for them this year. I think about the last year there relief for two thirds of the seat of an animal where Eric got into just carry the load. Beat them down and and there are some attrition and I think there was. There you're just typical circumstances when your team at all not a legend when you're up a bit about it. That being said I do you think they've returned our core impact that can be a top and it's not up by defense. Wade Phillips has had its first year impact at every stop along is. Career in terms of immediate. A delivery of pressure of oil production of all those sorts of things so I think he's a great influence on what is. Very nice young nucleus. Errant at all holding out currently we have not seen and yet it training camp but the police. Around these parts of that everything will sort itself out sooner rather than later. And we'll have a happy ending so you know he he returned as. A number one rated defensive player in the national football you know based on pro football focus is trading system. And look when you have what do we think it it out and defense when you have what is. I think and arguably the best special teams unit. In professional football you're really just asking your offense the B league average and there are you become contenders whether or not. The raiders can go from 32 in the early to middle cheer we shall see but that's kind of what I think the other units and certainly the fan base is looking for. Yeah now I and that's it even if it's not to sixteen if you can. Get into the Taiwanese and get into the mid twenties or low twenties and you're taught him. 889 and seven you're talking seven and nine and that's an improvement and steps forwards sometimes in this league it can lead to I mean just look at the Tennessee Titans they started against us sort all the sudden it clicks and it's amazing to see. How quickly it can happen after you know everybody's wondering if it's going to happen to you blink an eye and and teams can turn a corner just like that. But it this way but it but it where the rams won two games last year won two games and without scored a touchdown yeah. I saw that amazing and it. After their win total they didn't score a touchdown in the game. I mean am I gonna. And that's and a pile on debut Bjorn exactly call on hair on fire football last year you know spread the of the offense in Iraq on the old. The old run and shoot with the Houston cougars back in a day's work. You know that Andre ware was thrown eight touchdown passes a game that's that's not what programs are. Put yourself in my head my first year in the league and we don't score a touchdown until we create. I I didn't do that for you wanna bet I'm not gonna lie but I know he's in tremendous opportunity and wasn't a touchdown. I guess I can put it on YouTube which has self in my headset on the grizzlies were winning 23 games of past and those 23 games came on nights where it looked like the other team decided to take a nap he's still barely won. Hey you got into the ground level you paid your dues and no I'm never gonna cause it Johnny come lately and think they're all right. Got that right my friend got that right as same as on year and as often I bunt and I appreciated what I please tell those guys they charge a hundred dollars from barking outside your stadium and that's ridiculous spent we're in all seriousness I hope I have things keep getting better you guys out there and I think he'd be great to be great for the city Los Angeles and I think they have the makings there. It's just going to be getting that offense to match up how good that defense is where they are mountains ones on the war. Well gotta pay your credit to our next year you got a brother was still before the end of the year we'll catch up on the season. Go to alliant I'd rather they get. It steady long right there cause actual games and. Los Angeles right in there and inching team because they do have a good enough defense to make it turned. But the real big question just comes down off that's. If the quarterback can't move the ball as good as tiger early as any and we says it's no excuse but just not nearly as it's a different day and age in the NFL. You you can't rely on a running back mean in the Pittsburgh Steelers were three yards and a cloud of dust you know all the time. And just basically. Ground control. Ben Roethlisberger looked good but he was not like just airing it out. They woke up and said look we got a quarterback that can really throw we got wide receivers that can really run we've got good running backs got a great offense like let's open this up. Let's open this up and let our offense takes some pressure off our defense because what you do against today's high powered offenses. Is just put your defense is back against the wall said for the first part of the year. They were holding teams in check they were losing games inch in low scoring affairs. Put after awhile. You keep having to go out there after three and out after three and out after three and out after three now you just can't do you can't do it. It's like playing defense in the NBA for forty minutes and your whole a team in check but your offense isn't scoring. A eventually that team to your home in check is gonna go on it and all twelve will run if your offense isn't scoring you can't catch up. It never spectacle quarterback like if the defense at least respect you you can use the run game to control clock but if they're striking a line they're stopping your only. Only four offense. And I wonder and I wonder how much of deferred tear gas is having weapons and I wonder how much of it is this dude literally. Up until last year had never taken a snap under center in his football playing life. That's a big difference. When you play and that's spread. Wide open. Just catch it in the on that shotgun and just turn and throw. In college that need to see more the defense to different ports yes and it's also you see the defense acknowledged that they don't have. All eleven guys. Running at breakneck speed right there may be one down their defense is an NFL player may be to the signing on your play I sure Alabama and its old. But ascent we faced. So we want against. We'll see. JB is a good did appreciate MR. Coming on here that brought to you by Natalie yourself for it check out Natalie rose FaceBook page because that's where you'll find your opportunity and are the longest running fantasy football league. In DeSoto county date takes 72 teams are still some spots available they put an end a 612 team divisions the top two teams go to playoffs. Talk to them about it and it's not all run an easy convenient web sites you can get in on it as well on top of that it's a great place to go watch football great pizza great sounds great sandwiches. All the way around the salads. And great beer specials as well Natalie else. Right there on Goodman wrote bringing you the NFL training camp and armor to come back ordering you know put three on the board including two former college football stars. Arguing about a game that won one and one lost and stole none of that torch every day and the boldest twelve year old in America may indeed live. In Vermont we'll tell you all about it when we come back and tell them ESPN Memphis. Ask doctor distort who. Mike in life in the. 9 AM broadcasting on six CDM this is 929 FM RE SPN's. 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Named Richard Watson. Any stress reduction policy is part of his glasses Dario. It just it just a handful of announced. This is what it says the stress reduction policy. Emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved in order to avoid such situations in this class. The following policies will apply your ready for this. All tests and exam will be open book and open notes including the use of material on your laptop. Being winner all tests and exam will be designed to be completed. In half the allotted time. By the majority of students dame another winner that means it's a short test and it's open book. All tests and exams will be times you assess low level mastery at the courts material. Sign me up now please. Everybody in Georgia clamoring to get his fans like that. If you feel. Unduly stressed by a grade for any sensible material or the overall course. You can email the instructor indicating what grade do you think is appropriate. And it will be so changed no explanation is required. But it is requested it you consider waiting 24 hours before emailing the in structure what do you think happened this dude. Like the day after class and all the people saw other grade and it was below like compete plus even a B plus. Hey he's reserved professor Watson. I got a B plus. But I turned in everything and I showed up every day and I participate I really think I deserve an angler done. Great. This is got a tip off the university administration at some point which they finally did. And as campus reform on reported. Eight is adapted policy was taken away by idea by the students. Leadership group and so basis CNN class were you show to do as I would show up just if I knew this was his policy I would show up just to make sure I got a seat. And I said hey he has he said no explanation needed right. There I think I deserve the name. It does seem to know why. I think it deserves a man I was there every day I tried my hardest I got to see but. I feel like I have a low level mastery of the class and that's all he said I needed to known as the got to seize up. This is from that area. Benjamin as the dean of Terry college of business at the University of Georgia sent this out two days yeah. I want history of the University of Georgia military college of business remains steadfastly committed academic excellence in the classroom and maintaining. The high standards of academic rigor and her undergraduate and graduate programs in recent online report published a syllabus they Terry college of business professor and placed on his website. That's Silva stated his creating policy would allow students. Inappropriate input insidious type and of their own grades. A wants you know that that sold us did not conform with the university's rigorous expectations. And policy regarding academic standards for rating and explain this discrepancy to the professor is removes a statement from his eldest. Rest assured that this televised proposal will not be implemented in any Terry classroom and he says Terry starting because there's translation. Remove that syllabus from your record or your asses fired. And when your make and professor money you know it's you don't wanna get fired I basically what this dude did. Is is probably designed this class months in advance never changes anything lets people don't open book open note. Thinking if you can't go open book open note open laptop and get an eight. Then you're an idiot largely idiot it's Smart enough to read this still abyss. Vigil just email me you'll just give everybody I can you imagine like that administration seeing him turn in his grades and like everyone of his classes. Hey you had a 172 students in this class a 170. Of them got NA. To all of them got an app because they never showed up their rigs and it read the syllabus. Still sign me up for that class right now I don't I would have loved would have loved. To a bad guys now granted I do believe that learning needs to happen and occur in the classroom. But the bully me I was one that would absolutely going to my professors and find out how I could bump upgrades and I didn't. Deemed to be high enough right needed to and generally work that if I had done Richard Watson it would've just taken a simple email and I miss him. I missed having him as a professor of that stuff that really did suck and I did. What do you think the boldest twelve year old in America less than solidarity told you so obviously gonna give me the answer Vermont's. Vermont is the was it should for the yeah you were paying attention you've probably read the syllabus except in your support yet you could've gotten out of sports yeah out of they would have NA in that does it last. If you add professor light city gonna set sir I know where everything is latest in turn in the homework on time and it was my fault I just didn't read it right so. Yeah I think they deserve it okay then you get a name there yeah. The bull this twelve year old does indeed lived in Vermont his name is Ben Diebler. And then Diebler plays for rim or Vermont Little League team that was in the New England regional final taking on Massachusetts with. Ben dealer coming up to the values RD one for two with a RBI double he leads off for Vermont they were up seven nothing. ESPN post it as he's getting ready to step in the box one for two RBI double and Diebler bats first in line up. Below the wants to RBI double that put a little fun fact. Has a crush on his teacher and in parenthesis it says so up mrs. Stevens. Why do they put her name out there do. If you heard it right. It's not miss Stevens it's not ms. Stevens it's mrs. Stevens so that means there's a mr. Stevens who's probably home watching with mrs. Stevens. And it wasn't even like what's up it's sop. SUP this kid could lead off for any team I am coaching for the rest of my life. And as you know what he'll bill you'll get on first and he will take second and third and walked off the base when you don't have the ball on slap you in the face of it is batting gloves. And then dare you to chase him back when you have the ball. And then mr. Steve you'll be gobbling it whole life. This little as miss.