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Friday, July 14th

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Lottery. Just remembered athletically responsibly. Instant games from that Tennessee lottery. You know 829 FM ESPN since the end. Are we an offensive and an HD one. The best Memphis. It's okay. CD. News that. Yeah Friday's via. Wherever you may be and I mean that with a all sincerity because I am certainly happy that it is Friday. Big week here at 929. Appreciative again to. Close call. Form of Memphis as well as bank of Portland we're sitting down to SEC media days. The pre season rankings are out here to discuss that in just a bit. We'll also take a look at some odds according to the people of the financial stake in it I would be able Las Vegas look at that. As well in the coming up next segment. Gonna work them on the man who lends his name to the show Aircastle time. Will join us live from some early the grizzlies. Pick out a 10298. When the last evening out in Las Vegas they move all line today to take on the my Amy he's so we'll have aired on with us to discuss. All things summer league and much much more than lowering an apple put three on the board voted three stories that we have many able to. Dick to take day. As well as possibly. A woman I got it I get this story for you and then you're gonna you're gonna cry. A holding call lost a woman one million dollars. A holding call yes slightly on the football field. A holding call lost the woman one million dollar don't play how about. Happened I'd be upset if you lost me a million dollar I I think she might have. Added that you get into that we'll get into what what you are legally able to do if if upholding called pod cost you one million dollar so we'll get into that. Got a lousy perhaps going to the WW eve we might discuss that either an area put it three on the board or possibly might have to bomb that back. To rapid fire. Then at 305 to speak with John Martin Jon had Larry Brown on today as well as wade Baldwin. We'll discuss. About his show today and whatever else comes to mind with John Marten and then at. 32325. Ish real walk on Jason MacIntyre of the big lead of at S one. To discuss. Everything in the world of not only sports media he's also got. A power rankings of the Western Conference as we head into next season free agencies not even done. Then. But we can still power. We must course hollering we must tolerate no matter what number one rule yard play like (%expletive) today. Number one rule we must power rank as soon as the season and so we will discuss those as well. I kid but I actually agree with I think the way that he he broke it down he's pretty bullish on the Minnesota Timberwolves will tell you why. Because I'm asking why he's bullish on the considered timberwolves so that's so we got coming up on the show today. But again as mentioned it. I was in SEC media days all week down in Birmingham Alabama drew back directly after the show yesterday. Was able to get back and then now back in studio today and I'm happy to be here with you we appreciate. You've taken some time the voice that you just heard Ben Hogan big day on and it's our current introducing a. All right manage side it's par for the course this week you've been pretty busy we've had interviews off the top of the show pretty much all week. It's just nice to be able to look across the glass and see somebody else there. Yeah and it's it's a great face you're welcome my gift he had them Oprah it's just a face for radio. Exactly have carried out for you no doubt. The stash of radio I mean you know now in I don't know if a take I think. I'll God's way only admire dominate it out was key to me under sixty because otherwise played dominate one of those unless charges falls basketball leaks. And about searched all she can't you cannot record of just let it. As you mentioned SEC media days couple of the freak show highlights that come to mind. On the AM marine head dude guy the guy that wears the ring on the head though did not disappoint. I think he was leaving his our banking job that maybe move to come and hang out with the C media days. I possibly yeah because that that would that would make sense that wasn't nice reminder as he clearly had reproduced it was a nice reminder that that guy. That guy gets laid it. Not that employers. I was a nice little reminder that I ya like in a that's that's the way their work. I gave my promised less well. As some would said he though you would be so much better he never talked. It's like and I thought our guys not getting paid that's what I'd get a the issue be banned if Obama does not win the national title. I do actually greeting that was your theory the fact that you should dot. That we hit which hit ban him because I think that is that guy's life I think validation com IA I mean I think. They issued. Man it and SEC media days FL which is what this. Ring on the net and let. The rain should only be allowed what about the championship belt because these the unsung hero of the outfit is championship belt but it works. It says I am not only. It guys this is that a 24/7 defense. I think it I think it is right because bam is always that UH you know world is that that's that's how they're a well you know a carrier briefcase don't. Motive I as the sit arrogant or just don't represent a decision because. Because it'd be the David said are you beat a guy that catches in the muddy the bacon doesn't waited. That would you the other highlight yesterday. The Auburn tiger dog it's OK I'm not he'd been did did TV convey how small this dog is. On looking at picture right now because on Twitter. I carry van horn mentioned that the service dog is waiting to meet his head coach SEC media days. And that's the person that is holding the dog so I can actually see. How small underdog is because I saw some things like I don't think he can base like this dog was like. Why the closest they act it wasn't it your key but it looked like a small York each year and eight. It was. The most. The New York. Will what I was confused about is you look at the guy just to get the picture of that do you see a picture of the guy I saw the guy yesterday that the guy is not it is not in picture. Okay this guy. And this dog were the most confusing match I've ever seen in my entire life and the like this looked like a guy. Because this is like the most this dog was this little light Q Mike Boyd ought. And this guy looked like that. This was a guy that owned a house where odd dogs sleep outside if you will change up like this guy looked like dogs are for hunting only. And this dog was like the sweetest little light light Arnie looked like some type of small carrier. And so. I was thoroughly confused because the owner and the dog did not match up whatsoever. He has ever been prouder of anything and he is to be the guy. That. Dice is that that dyes his white haired dog into tiger stripes. When I saw yesterday I was a little disappointed because I'm like I don't know if this guy will ever know how much of a star he is on social media today because I don't think this guy has a Twitter account. I think that might be true but this guy was well aware of like. I do think like I think the the I think the thing that he and bay marine head guy have in common is that this like this is their day. I this is their Super Bowl. Like. You know for for us nerds like the thrill of going to college I'd seen Diego like that's our day like that's for real shine at or we could all be bite. This guy. And like these two guys like their date is 100%. SEC media days. Hammering guy has candidate SEC media day because I'm not kidding you. Fact I was like African peacock. Strutting around as he was coming down radio row. Like heading towards where he was gonna go stand in line and and might have I'd get all kinds of attention world TV cameras would would kill them or whatnot. Both of those guys like they had like 88 walked down like. It was clearly a work well rehearsed or word travels faster than they do so that's a point everybody there had already heard that. That either the rink is there or pay have you seen the guy with the don't pay at the tiger because Jeff SP and what was the reaction of the dog. The dole was not. Like unhappy like you know like when you when your dog is clearly embarrassed by you. Which is always like a weird that a weird reality yes I guess like hey no. I permit that and now you don't. I that doesn't work that you have I do hope voided your existence. Is for me to not feel lonely I that's you've got it to you got to Shane every other female on the planet has that as does a fantastic job of shaming me. That it will not be year. Might look at you Carly. Absolutely not. That the dog did not have that reaction. It did have the reaction when it was like surrounded. When the dog was surrounded by white. 3040. People that we're trying to like get a looking get Cali. It was clearly uncomfortable. But I wouldn't say like that. I would say that the dog was like unhappy because when the owner got to do all the TV shots when the local TV cameras and wanna get. The shot of the dog walking up and down the hallway. Let's just say our dog was well rehearsed and certainly had a struck out ever on big brown would pose that the horse racing horse would pose. Kirk for pictures like he'd put like that 10 (%expletive) I he had like his signature buzz yes our daughter as trucks. He cited it does feel like it this is his that this was. His or her I'm not sure than it was the name again of the actual tired out I don't I don't know shall tired on ballgame was that said it was a surged on. That's what I hate I had I had by my questions about the service dog use our wanted to know I it reminded me of a service dog that. The owner might be it might be a little kooky. And so they answer the papers like I'm sure the dog is designed to help keep the owner called. And I don't begrudge that but I don't think that this was like a seeing eye. Say nine opens earlier I I'd I'd just like couldn't quite figure out. If it was a service dog out my question was other than being adorable which I'd give you credit like. The dog it would still right but other than that I had my concerns so the neat freak show high lived up. Is fairly ten team else wise like it it was. You know we had the the only state yesterday and you know we thought maybe we had a chance for some fireworks with Houston night I shot at Houston. Really really appreciate you keeping the radio dial going released today yourself. But overall it was it was. Must say it was like lame but it was certainly there was. It flat and I think it felt flat because you know I talked about this. Right now the SEC's kind of in transition as it pertains to all characters. On a Spurrier. Gone is less miles. On it is fun coach out as coach O doesn't even take his shirt off. You don't have Johnnie Mae and sell you don't have a polarizing figure like Tim Tebow you don't have that guy that's a lightning rod yeah there's nobody that's. The best player in the country. Borrow nine that everybody wants Ted talk to and get their hands on everything like that it says. Nick Saban there Alabama's there and then so is everybody else in the SEC all. I do think the other issue that I noticed was that the one guy that could maybe possibly have been a lightning rod. Was she freeze and Hugh freeze has the he has the ability you know we always talk about like the best thing. The best thing in wrestling is to get half booze and have chance like cheers and you want everyone to have some type of reaction to. The let's go Sina Sina sigh yes mentality yes 100%. That idea. The problem though is when Hugh freeze gets in these settings. Filibusters for sixty minutes like it's not it's certainly. Any he's doing the right thing I'm not saying that this guy should embrace being a wrestling heel because publicly let's be really can't do that like. If this for professional football. I'd be okay with him being a wrestling heel but I understand given that it's it is still college athletics he cannot become a wrestling. You can't sit there and embrace embrace the Bill Monroe. To me that that's the closest that you had to being the lightning rod controversy instead he got sixteen minutes of filibustering. On eat you've got a whole lot of nothing electric speaking that's fine like that's that if I would have been coaching you freeze from a PR standpoint that's exactly what I would have told to do. So it wound up being kind of this. Overall you know. I was I didn't feel it during manufactured stories the other issue I think is they've got to find a way. You cannot put. Right now the most interesting coach probably in the SEC. Is Brett deal. You cannot have him go first on Monday because we have nothing. For the next three and a half. Yet coach speak yes that's pretty much what you're gonna have for the most part most you know assimilate some may surprise you but. For the most part it's gonna be coach speak and I don't know what. We would have gotten if the Houston Knight deal old did not come out the day before Ole miss I don't know if you freeze would have filibustered that long. But I think we discussed him being prepared for SEC media days and then prepping him. They probably tracked him down way to say hey do what you can to just stay off that topic. Oh yes now that it's being aboard everything it's an ongoing legal. I saw ongoing legal investigation say you wish you'd comment you can't buy it's an ongoing legal matter that's fine that's Don Don I ended in a story. So does things as we turn the turn the table of turn the page a little bit to the actual football we did have they have the results. I love the pre season. Voting from the media. Georgia is predicted to win the east they got 1381. Place votes. Florida was second with nine east now and beg your pardon 961. Place votes Tennessee third. South Carolina. Fourth Kentucky. 86 Missouri seven interestingly enough while Tennessee was. Ranked by the media to finish third in the east South Carolina did received 51 place votes. I of one thing about Tennessee being projected to be third and the division. For me. That is going to be able to give bush chose an excuse. I guess you're last year they that was supposed to be the year that they actually grab hold of the SEC east and when that she she's. And they disappointed now remember Jackie did finish second in the SEC east so they don't British psychic they finished third. All we're prepared to do that so that means bush shows that exact it was supposed to do. No. I do actually but it took George a one year to get back on track another projection to win the east I mean all. Okay I'll say this I picked Florida. And I picked Florida because of the same reason that you just mentioned. I all of a sudden I'm supposed to believe that that Kurt let's get real. Hard definitely lost some games last year with coach. Oh he lost to Tennessee game didn't coaching I mean and a lucky he'll marry but still. Writing but I mean that that game should. They they eat they outplayed Tennessee for the latter part most they basically gave them on site taken part in a position to talk Gelman yes so. It all the sudden I'm supposed to believe that that all the sudden now they got together by Alec. And love with Jake a decent. I see plenty of more. But right now I can see the same thing I see oftentimes in Georgia quarterbacks he's got a got a fat face he's got a big arm but he doesn't really have a ton of production. And that's that's Tallahassee like I I know that they had a lot of drops last year not taking that away from him but I don't compare him to. When you compare him to a kid like Jake Bentley who's completely under the radar nobody would talk about Jay Bentley throws passes in prison water and there he does more has. A deeper yards per attempt. He's a better completion percentage he faces more pressure in Jacob decent any throws fewer passes off target. OK I would I'd rather roll back. So. Write to me that's I had in just all the sudden says that predict that. All of sudden now George is put it together because by the way the other issues don't I don't I look both are running backs Seychelles Knick job. While means I'm not I'm not crapping on them and ought voted for both of them now. However that offensive line is garbage and they brought in a completely offensive line and they try to rebuild it overnight. They usually doesn't work it's usually the longest process of rebuilding is rebuilding an opposite block so for them I just don't love them. And for me I feel like Florida as you work question marks and I also think Jim McAleese a better coached and herbs. I McAleese the king. Ever going to as well as its offensive mind why why doesn't why don't they score more it's like. He has had. Just an absolute garbage quarterback and at best this year he's either got leagues I hear who's experienced seasoned guy. And then he's got flee they Frank's he's his guy coming up so one of the other both are gonna be massive improvements over any thing that he is able to play with. Yet when he had his guy will Greer. They actually put up a ton of points like they were they were clearly offensive power. Will Greer decides to put on 45 pounds in six weeks and shows to do that the chemical way and all the sudden will Greer is gone now is that West Virginia but. We're back to him having his guys so I'd personally like Florida more. I'm done whether I know on we'd put to the west I'm done with trying to think up a way that Alabama loses. Yeah that's so that's always. You try and do that then what diseases harsher like I was there it out. Yes and so I'm done against them I don't even care if if to attack live well winds up being a quarter regular I don't care their quarterback controversy ensues I watched. I like split nationally in department under quarterback all I'll say I watched them win a national championship and one day they were routing or attaining. Cooper Bateman in Jordan are out and out takeover so. I am I'm not even more of such so that was basically the way came down in the west I took Alabama Auburn LSU. Arkansas a and M this to be settlements that are myself. And on the actual voting I think actually the voting with the exact same yes Alabama Auburn LSU Arkansas in them. This state. Again I am still just totally baffled at the fact that his defense like. You are right it is inched like his bill bitterly disappointed that you kind of been touching yet. It's Tennessee is Butch Jones of expectations of him just this this where they are now is like it go you're supposed to command and quote bring it back to the top of you know what. Not necessarily where they were when Philip almost every at least. Compete Ford DS EC east title last year especially the year which they were one is that what it's like. Well let's get foreign George appellate once every cycle every four years you theirs for seventeen they could pick you compete. And this is now your five cracked. Yes and so there's no way what is the excuse at this point now. This is is entirely your roster. I don't know what they excuses and saying for five years Butch Jones group sales and recruiter he can't coach. He's an interest in I used. Aaron and the kid I mean to me I don't goes back to me. If you're going to end up being the team. I got to do actually think one thing that do you think Georgia's got right is they did try to rebuild their entire offense five. By becoming a downhill running team with a quarterback for the big Armon says downhill running and then plays over the top. Again do you think that that's an I'd probably a better formula. But it's likely Tennessee. If your quarterbacks that running the football feel like it's very easy to keep Tennessee from running the football premise though. And right now we don't have a runner here right there. Stuff. And up to it felt like at thirteen in the east the coveted. I got some good receiver there's some play makers outside they're so how many more years you guys should these guys for us to develop into years as the competing next year the year after a rain. It isn't always gonna be with bush shows yet again once every four years must be competing but. At least you're still always pick headed Georgia. For the most part it was Florida and in Tennessee and in Georgia now it's Georgia Florida Florida Georgia whichever way general area and Tennessee. And that's not what. Based that was not how Butch Jones was sold to a fan base and Al. Expectations work they're gonna be like this but now it seems like is everybody else's expectations and I just think that they made a mistake by not going after Chip Kelly last year then I'm. I pose this question before we get to air. How much. Has Tennessee's recruiting been impacted by the fact that now not only South Carolina a better program than was in the ninety's. Clinton is obviously an elite level program and they're a national champion but you're in year out Oakland's in the huge player. This used to go to South Carolina all the time and get only running backs and get elite. Only talent definitely plays a big part of that but now even like north Eli. You really good drill recruiting classes and he's still getting but hey that's the difference between getting light. That's the difference in getting somewhere between ten and fifteen class in the getting the top three classes. That is the difference and what you have unless in that top ten class you included Shawn Watson or you'd you include eight. Gained changing tide quarterback. That's the difference that's filed in making get away with. Having Jake poker play quarterback and when national flat. They're so good everywhere else it doesn't matter. And up everywhere else has holes like Tennessee has holes in their roster and the only way he really account for holes in your roster by having about a quarter. So I don't know it's just it's. Just the thing about college of all those ads completely and utterly unknown predict the pastor of so. Beyond Alvin of course being right in the playoffs but left the the outcome of the game to game is is just absolutely not he. And I highly recommend that you don't ever investment because it leads to really sad Saturday's. However we got to get to Aircastle tiny as the mandolin is named to the show he is. Out in summer league grizzlies went last night 102 and 98 where you talk about that. As well as the other developments that air saw last night out in Vegas 99 FM ESPN. Who provides the best entertainment and Internet experience and best at home Wi-Fi experience. What's your stream of five devices at once brings you Netflix on X 175. Megabit per second for the most how. 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All they want back is what was taken from the visit for the to learn about your legal rights the consultation is furry no recovery no free. Morgan Morgan for the Now back to the Eric Cassell tonight show where guests who appeared via the lenders visa unfold live broadcasting on the WMS says that. On six ABA yeah. C sports station. You see Friday. Happy Friday to you wherever you. May be. The woman lost one million dollars. Are they holding off for anything about that we bring it up and put three on the board the grizzlies continue. Summer league play. They are now four and threw out some early. There's his last night it could be 10298. Win over the Phoenix Suns. Then Marty Sanyo is a big picture. Really also continuing and at Vegas is Aircastle time's terrible cell phone service because. We're working to get aired on the line but let's get both tough let's get let's get your thoughts your first. Back. Would you think about. Somberly. Do you do you really care whether they went hitless. No I was one of the great and I think here I I know you're not gonna kill if you don't playoff game bright light coming a little bit. Yeah well it. But when. I think you'll talk about this all the time what I should when they got up their bench out there in Vegas and blah blah blah it gets annoying because you have the same players out there anyway. And your bench is young yet get a bit of playing time I did it but still. But I do think that made the grizzlies their expectations were there for them to. At least be one of the top teams out there. Oh I do agree with you on that and it is good to see hey this team did have a little bit expectations and there is the idea that. The biggest aspect seventy guys that you were looking to produce the most I didn't think it is encouraging that way seldom has been as good as he has a guy do you think the fact that. This team is well when he gets late into the game they're finding ways to win I do agree with the I do think that that's a a bigger positive than it is negative but I guess my biggest issue is that I equated a lot with like spring football. And when you think about spring football. I just feel like it's so far away from the app. Actual games that matter and then on top at least it was for in football it's usually your your same players this isn't a roster this is maybe. You know realistically. What tops probably three guys that could end up being roster guys and realistically you're looking at probably only. Wayne selvin is definitely going to be I think a contributor I think you're happy he's gonna be somewhere in that maybe fifteen dead twenty minute. Range depending on in games depending on. Injuries but I think going into the season I think the expectation be NBA you know rotational guy. But other than that I mean Dionte Davis and they'd like to be. Over a rotational big but I don't know if you can expect that at this point. And then drove Morton kind of seems to be odd man Al. Based on the signings at the grizzlies have made in the backcourt I think yet to think that way Baldwin's not in exactly be in the third data data plans. Mean am I missing anyone. Don't they rise and or Iraq is or is it bark is ready to be. A rotational wing. Now but the Dolan Brooks I mean. I mean you get a save these guys eventually won't be part of it I'm just saying that I don't expect them currently bright bright. I think the only I think the only reasonable expectation. For a summer league roster member to be a contributor. Right now she's he's Wenzel. Right now and that's fine with that's fine with me suck yeah I just think the part that I make the point I'm making is that what I say. The outcome for me just doesn't bother it's because. To need. These outcomes have no impact in no bearing upon them the roster that is going to be this coming out season. When it comes to summer league. I just. I just think that people the people overreacted and other reporters like you know just toll crap on. But they say it doesn't matter but they're like judge they Davis isn't you know doing what I expect him to do legally twenty years always still Raleigh still try to pick. All all I'm not even try to do good. Old football guy take when we she say oh summer league you know doesn't units summer league basketball who cares I'm not trying to say that I'm saying is the fact that. The actual results. For me don't really have any impact because I view it. Very similarly. Delay that I would view you know pre season camp in the fact that. To me the overall result isn't what matters what matters is the fact that. The guys that you need to be part of your team the guys that you needed to be contributing. Those are the guys that I want to see producing but overall if I don't. To me it's it's sealed an example like. I'm more interested on the aspect of I want to watch how the guys I think could eventually be part of the grizzlies organization and be part of the NBA team. I'm more curious about how they develop that I am about whether or not this team Wenzel is right obviously to watch the game you dread your team win. It's always cold we like all right we're seventeen so early chance or whatever we have as is that that's that's cool a lot of perhaps maybe think about parade route is always fun you know can we do some early parades and you know where we hang the banner it's always fun night there's bought up on the radio were talking about the Florida though Memphis Grizzlies nowadays talking about Alonso ball again this third triple double in some early on his third pair shoes yes. Because that's I mean you wanna see players develop and yes I I guess what it's all about it's not about Wayne honestly he's not about winning losing it's about developing your young guys it's a lot like my early baseball. You know you're my. Early teens are winning that he'd rather like you'd rather your team win than lose but. Organizationally. They don't care what the record is they wanna know about the guys that they've made the biggest commitment and investments and and they want to you. Make sure that those guys are developing in not only developing developing in the manner in which they would prefer them to develop that which is you know organizational. We are better able to now get Aircastle time on the line Eric good day welcome to you welcome back to your own program could had a bite. There are a well I feel back into the actually it was waiting Prius called it. IPhone in Las Vegas literally apparently just does not want war. Oh I don't know if that's part of it but the overall game plan B powers that be. They just tell yourself on they can't call people you know so I don't know. That twelve to go two ways like that's. Neat in the event that. Maybe you know someone at Holmes caught a check on you and your number BA year you know. Failure on our network. Your gut our number eight at the blackjack table and you know maybe it is. Yeah so maybe yeah but in the end up however that you're trying to you. Had your radio show call you probably not great that capacity but you're also right. Also not great if you get kidnapped like in the hangover in your phone doesn't work probably not great that pass either. No no no no no not at all I don't know belt that was literally at any because god that enough at a launch on the on the porch overnight or whatever you are color look at the full amount of weight to get off. Robin in body thanks my outlook is. Still 147. Degrees outside so so what is weird thing. 47 to get there as well okay here's a dry heat of Sloan doesn't dry out here are always loved it could occur. Oh. We're discussing several they ousted leader is his last night with a big win the then you pop the positives that we use that we were just discussing his. Obviously any time you have a guy like Wayne's Elden Hughes. Yes and playoff experience he has experience up on the big league. You want to see him to come out and essentially play exactly as he has he's dominated at times he's era looked very very solid he's looked like a guy. That certainly. Has a future as a contributor in the NBA not saying it'll be a superstar we certainly looks like a guy that will belong in the NBA for a considerable length of time. Overall that has to be positive and then when you look at Dionte davis' first out he looked pretty good to us in the fact that he was able to get you know the midrange jumper going. And then I thought wade Baldwin at times hadn't we we've seen at the turner issues but at times I thought he really attacked the rim really well. And the thing that I really liked was at the end of the game when the grizzlies are down to they had to get a defensive stop and they force one on its a really good player. Yet now. Quote sir I was sort of wine you're actually tracked buck apiece stuck exactly what you want you. Which is. Which is basically. Charities a viable NBA player here viable NBA player you know he can do and certainly it's that the umpire. And he's backpack used he's got a real chance to win the Somalia beat. Because we keep wanting out it would not surprise you point out that this probably get PP. But it's not a certain thing my first team all subtly which is such. It's you know it doesn't matter along breached the scheme of things but it could figure out that you feel utterly if you are showing. They're better than the guys out here which is gut. That the outdated the second you and I talked about yesterday and that what we talked about clothes he's got engaged and engaged in that second. As well as he has the entire trip. So. That was good but what what my problem that was Lester in the second half. He had a wide open trip in order that you stick in the whole game and he just he acts on it and click now keep going like keep shooting your okay. I thought that was the best of late all one that we've seen and there was still some minor mistakes. And they are still sometimes driving while with the down the stretch he really played Smart at all. And the last pocket that he got which was the woman is vigorously when we're when I was tied it by the eight. He basically went right at eight is pretty bullet that tender offer for the for the Phoenix Suns and just bullied I mean just bullied him to the box. It a little push off which you know maybe it is called make it doesn't admit it but I'm. And a great up and there was like OK that's that's what you need to do. Aside from just trying to out jump out quick everybody you can out strong people couldn't lay at his side so. She's figuring it out and that's good I mean like you gotta you gotta see those moments that feel like okay. We're feeling OK about it he needs to give you tend to fit in better. Are backing up Mike Conley or you know whatever whether amber at receiver in open up more course that that the past weight ball when retreating. So we've got and what a. Again I I caught your attention these schedules and can think they're not here is the will be they lost yesterday everybody what that really upset that galvanized the get a day off. Now the the team that didn't win our our plan today and ankle all this may. They wanna be here Saturday and Sunday and they wanna play Monday night they want what money at the clock and try to win the championship. Of the assembly which it's not a real championship well you know what if you don't plan economic might as well when it right. Could agree I wanted to ask you this because you mentioned points Elden and I've been around a little bit you've you've clearly been around him more than I had and I wanted to ask you this because. It strikes me about wings olden is. And I'm not making the comparison from the actual gain perspective I'm making it from the non governmental perspective. I certainly Sheldon I seal lot of the same attitude. Nikolai Leonard has as it pertains to being a professional basketball player. He is all basketball all the time he's a man of few words like when you ask him when he asked him questions he's you know he's not really there to be. The media darling and every time we're here and talk he mentions about being in the gym and for whatever reason like I always kind of oftentimes I hear guys like you know we're always which can't wait to get back in the Jim Kelly he back and enjoy what kind of roll my guys. I've for whatever reason believe him Hickey seems like a guy eats sleeps and breathes basketball. It does it's different with which quiet structure very different coli is literally if it doesn't. Helped him become a better basketball player until article it. Extra cautious not like you're out elect. It's not too but it's pure luck that if Europe's and I was hurt ego less of you you are insane but you are insane and driven. To be awesome and it can benefit us. So. That's great it's similar went out some other things outside that but you're right I should it'll. I liked in the week you know I get along great like restock. But like I did an interview would come after the final pool play game and it and it's just like heat it eat them like said he man of few words. Yeah I understand that in the and that's okay. And it's a key I think part of it is when you are. High profile. Collegiate player and a lot of people are looking actually coming to campus here crackled all the crew you're supposed to do all these things and it doesn't quite go the way you audit was. And now the Senate Leadership under act like your name's not call. That's a slap in the face of reality you know that back reality slap it's gotten a lot of guys are out here and it's crazy to me every year initiate a two or three guys. There it didn't get drafted that are on. Exactly zero team's radar. And they can play. And if you realize we are I was talking about this just we have a seat in particular that Charles I was called sir Charles. He's gonna take a horse and they want you out here and I'm like what are you doing here he's like I love. But okay why because in all honest here let's be realistic about that this is not great at all the watch. Honorable it's just not we are a lot of guys claim better knock at the NBA players if you're comparing it to the NBA in its not great basketball watched. If you accept it for their pits aren't. It's our. There's a cue it up there. But there's always guys that you see that you go how are you now are playing in the NBA how are you not getting a look at you realized. That's how good the guys that are playing the NBA all our they're that good in everybody that your ball I'd never forget I edit. When Brian Cardinal act on the air. When Brian Cardinal was with the currently their legitimately coming I could get five guys from my church. And beat Bryan Hartnell. And he said. And I said. I say it there's no chance of that like it like Brian Cardinal compile my church which electric there's no chance that Brian Carter will go to your church we can score her points. In a blanket and on if you want if he's that good and that's that's what you realize shall for when that bank. He's now realizing hey I can pull off and I am good and his performance yesterday. Cheaper at least. There I mean like that it would wing that got there wait that got. Pocket my sheet the fact that this waited waited as he always yeah yeah so I got it dead. But down the stretch from the critically needed Barack if it was blamed seldom go under the basket scoring multiple different ways. Whether it was a jump shot 00 with a three appears as copper as get there here's what you hope for. You hope it doesn't take this in two. The regular season. And goal. Too confident. In there that like you're not in a bully NBA players like he's only a couple of text and that's okay as long as he realizes that. He can copy and not feel like he's acted out there they can be a starter going to be an all star you're sick and you PH got it gives you. Productive. Viable NBA minutes and answer about insult and if you ask and so. As crazy as you know week yet about the grisly draft auction where they got on the market gone right. They get control a tactic in China and guys. Or undrafted players. That then productive to Michael Green went south and I mean you don't even me to continue after mentioned most of those two guys are as to prove that they look. Troy Williams they hate it what Angela Troy went in he has been outstanding out here but it was well prepared they had a lot of guilt you know it is what it is. It's totally aspects that I really do you think. I do think is a positive addition about the Shealy especially now as somebody these geely teams are becoming closer and closer to the parent organization. What you think about him baseball how many times we hear a guy you know called eight you know on. A foray player a guy that's ingrained AAA in Major League Baseball in bounces around and bounces around and then maybe eventually finds you know. By the team that you know 2930. Any kind of having having a productive you know 45 C. On our air change. -- burst out peppered tomboy I mean that he's a superstar horse because he's you know he's but he's a way I mean you know that's the best he can beat. US for Latin and. Yeah I mean it's it's amazing though right. You what you. This is where eight people they don't see it on and other out of on the level that I am last enough to see it on and at the same and any professional sport. You don't realize. How good these guys so far. And how good the guys are they're trying to get an. And you know whether it's football or basketball or baseball or how. Hockey or tennis you know he Tucker when I was trying member John McEnroe I got a big controversy. About and that this Serena Williams wouldn't be let go 700 ranked man in the world right like that. 700. Ranked man in the world is still be 700 best tennis player in the world when there are. Millions of people playing catch that guy goes out to a court anywhere ready is. He what are. And he beat the breaks also anybody likes. He can go to any local club probably employ a the average guy and you're not gonna score or don't have your literally knocked out or point on him. Unless it's just like he may accessible you're not gonna be in that way and he's got a heart of the world. We're Scott we knew we had this discussion actually went two days he'll get. Goes Wimbledon was not going to pack how bad did it feel if you're a global. Could be to get it's like one in the world like that you know you're really really really good. But you're not good enough to win. Wimbledon because the guys that are had a viewer just batter. A singer seemed wary today. We're like two or three points change the match to know they always get looked at it like acute distort it and faint. Think he you know he's got to go make a lot of money but they're still competitors they while we're perpetrate. An adult. We hear on what your out of many tour. And you're good enough. Could compete which can't won a tournament he can't he can't sustain it for four days it's. Particulates. So leveled at the top players in the NBA. And even the bench players in the NBA Iraq. Is just a different level and. That's why does the length although that brought back all the wrapping up back up at the same thing we're back but it's so fun to see now because you're realizing that he can collect. He can he can play in the NBA and. Those sort of fun conversations we have out here because the dot just got to talk to the coach you look at it like any luck what is sort talk about who Kevin who can't quite tired yet heard. Hear anything other than about what insult other like yeah he's good. Like he he can help you deck. And that's guard Andrea Puckett helped Weickel it was 20 am. Six rebounds and three were reassessed you're talking about he can come off the bench guys not gonna destroy you every parent has the ball here actually you know. Maybe in fifteen minutes give or take a gunpoint. You know out of a nice defensive play here there that's. You're bats also eager fired back that's that's goal because. You're not paying him millions and millions and millions of dollars in captivity the undrafted and these are the fine if you go our. It helps and when he can make those on the guy. Completely agree and I mean when you can get a contributor on a rookie deal it's it's it's it helps you. Especially well on a team that has you know three guys there Max deal guys. Air we appreciate your time a man thank you so much for joining us clarity on Monday. If you ask Jeffrey thanks but it. 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As well as his visit would play ball. Today on his show we talk to John here in about ten minutes but before we get to that getting quickly get to three stories have been able to get to summary up footprint more. He sent to bring in the Syria. Is ready DA. We now 82 nines very Kessel time. Does double is running back Ezekiel Elliott Heather is has received a report from the NFL on its findings from an investigation into a 2016. Domestic. Violence accusation against him and Elliott is repair it is preparing. Irresponsible league sources told ESPN's Adam chapter. Elliott's response is expected to be submitted sometime over the next week multiple sources close to the situation. Told show after that Elliott could face a one or two game suspension but the league has denied that indecision on discipline has been made. And says it could not be made until the investigation in the calm leaked. It sounds as if Ezekiel Elliott then is preparing for a one or two game suspension. I ask you fantasy football expert. Would that keep you from drafting a merlot no ads is to blame beyond I'll think. Yeah I'm in my initial Minardi kimono my rankings for that the offensive show and done. I'd I'd particularly exec it ahead of William bell because those talking camp about Kurt. About lady on bell possibly losing some touches you know surely good impression but duck. Now is Richard I mean David Johnson's number one yeah I'd like umbrellas and seat yeah I mean I'd I'd. This is the top three running backs in the NFL and I don't think there's any question about it and if you can get through the first week or just traffic adding later I mean I guess that's that's that's my advice. Also think that it's not the world's worst situation for Ezekiel Elliott got it carries the ball upward sometimes in some high games forty times a game. I think it's not the world's worst thing that he's missing two games of gears. We say that is a giants fan and don't they open up against the giants not you're talking about. The can I pick which two games he gets suspended there is that is that the that it did you open up against the cowboys in the medical because they are all big. Yeah. It brought to the by the giants in the Broncos and so yeah. Oh yeah. The epic unbelievable cool listen.