The Eric Hasseltine Show 05/18/17 - Hour 2 w/ ESPN Radio's Adam Amin & Leo Mazzone

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Thursday, May 18th

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Part is you get it all right guys at Mitsubishi 1870 coming to bypassed for Joseph you'll be waiting for. I attorney don't miss dryly put us Mike and I I think it's. Mike and Mike in the morning weekdays 5 AM till 9 AMW illness has. It's time we got. Softball tournament. Saw a man whose name is Adam I mean let's make him today's USA today. Now. It's time to be here. Myself and 99 SN ESPN human mom the day but somebody. Want to control bad that this is the new exciting escalate. We don't get to do that often enough about the purpose that thought it would put more. It is it is is that you have some questions for you with all the rhetoric going on about blouse for the first thing I wanna. Start out as a homo I I was so close to simulate. What are message. I was sitting at the gym and then there you pop on his them I'm on the exercise bike or something I. But I didn't wanna be that. At at the Quebec and it's just be that guy out. I guess they always feel like they got it I always do it doesn't do it mattered dreaded tell everybody in the world that they went to the gym and I really couldn't care less if anybody knows and at the gym or not but. As someone who actually one of my favorite experiences. In my broadcasting career other than you know doing the grisly stuff was I had a chance. Out of the blue the college I was. Act and doing college radio for UC Davis went to the division to softball World Series. And they called me on that Saturday and they sedate you wanna go to the World Series with a softball team. On Monday and I went sure why not and it was a blast and it was an absolute great time so as als watching and brought back some good memories. I did a great guy I've got a lot of salt all my career and bad. It's rhetoric at face such great TVs or not done the division two World Series there won't put my career at those gosh six or seven years ago this pointed. What could have probably the college World Series now so when over Oklahoma City got to reflect upon the occurs so all. Where where did you do your DT World Series. We were in Syria were Burke junior or not there we were in Emporia Kansas and I will tell. This job you yeah Horry yeah especially when your hotel is 500 yards from the slaughterhouse that is a morning smell that oh that was the only thing that sucked about it but it and I'll tell you a political. The people that travel softball. They like the party. They they like to drink a lot there the bars were packed just about every single night but it was a it was an interesting mix of sellers I enjoy it I mean idea I know. You know the a lot of women's sports get a bad rap from male fans but I I tell baseball fans all the time it is a different game but if you like the purity of baseball. And manufacturing runs and now even with the way a lot of these young ladies and women hit I mean it's it's fun to watch. If you're gonna pyramid at any point during these next couple weeks should be it could equator but it's starting out this weekend. If you're watching Arizona or Louisiana Lafayette. Those are can you wanna watch they look that got the ball so yeah. But young lady and copy yet about which is closing in on the help side of the political world records just keep that might clip Jeff. Yeah I we had a girl that she was the all time leader Davis and nobody cares about this that you remain so but it's my shows all the what I want. I see it in that division two World Series and understand like this. She had a home run. Into a 25 mile an hour wind interface and cleared the fence still by twenty feet on Mike my god if that wind yeah had been blowing the opposite way it might have gone out of the actual baseball. Field it was incredible there's incredible split. What else is incredible right now is the the display LeBron James is putting on you were on the call last night if I'm not mistaken. Of Cleveland and Boston with John Barry. Your thoughts on on this playoff series first of all when people tell you it's been boring nobody nobody cares anymore because it's just a foregone conclusion. I go back to you hey look this is the way it was when in the so called golden years and then in the Jordan era. Nobody won by a Boston or Los Angeles Philadelphia snuck in there once the win a title until Detroit came along. And prolonged stretch only four teams went their money at the bulls when he was the bulls are the rockets and I held a sudden people are complaining about people being dominated. And it's in a narrower people instead of wanting to see greatness. Almost wanna see parity but then when they see parity big bass yearned for the greatness. It would be NCAA tournament everybody's like only gobbled up the upset tomorrow about the upset then be gathered at the elite eight and nobody's watching because. And you know I came up the American conference order. You know the big west has made some got a rather than they complained about it they go or is it got viewers are Carolina battle reached. You know kind of reflect all the stuff like that to people complain about certain things that they realized that this what's gone. If guys if you don't. Lol what liquid you can't appreciate. What amounted to a right now late I I I thought I twittered this earlier today. I'm sitting in the second earlier regarding they have the second robot I beat the scores it all bets you know at this time a year with the local TV we get to sit down there and all the games there right. So I mean look on at ten feet away fifteen feet away from us. And the things that he's doing on the floor in the speed at which he is doing that the with the power. That he's displaying while doing these things to edit his size. These off the charts and if you can't appreciate that I don't know what kind of basketball that you are the stuff that this guy is doing. Consistently. This current stretch that you did it arguably one of the greatest stretches in a bid up history. I think I'm not mistaken here. If you scores thirty points in game 20. Michael Jordan for the longest streak in NBA history consecutive playoff games thirty quote quite. I think it does not about is that it is passes are are. I mean we we compared to the Kershaw just going right for the club I mean every past crosscourt from the right wing the left corner is like being. I got righted issued in pocket while simultaneously going through two defenders in the paint I mean if you could BK appreciate what LeBron is doing. Take it from me from from somebody was watching this from ten to fifteen feet away it's remarkable what this guy they'll. Yeah it's it's unbelievable on the sanctity you know he's been doing this year after year. And it is sage seems to be hitting his stride usually you expect guys to hit their stride. And to you know point seven point eight point nine he's doing it into his thirties and doesn't show any signs. Of slowing down is this why maybe and you guys were there in Boston. They held on to that number one pick is this why maybe they did that in and didn't feel like a Jimmy Butler Paul George. Put him over the top to be good enough to do a so why not continue to build for the future. I think there are a lot of teams that are having that same mindset right now beast because. In other the west there's a chance and I'll be we've seen within it so you can do other ball straight and a they still certainly have the ability about the local and state and as good as Golden State was last year. You know that Oklahoma City team that had to rant and at star power and had a balanced team they were because that's step away if not Golden State out. In the conference finals so they're they're feel like there's a better chance to get after all the state even though there wideout is as good as they come right now in the east. Because believe Google or the conference is a little bit weaker admittedly and I think people are Chicago bought that Washington. But more so ought that a Washington that probably a piece or two always may be just a piece away from really being competitive with. Cleveland right now and I think Cleveland window's probably closing in the next couple years 'cause. Which free agency looming and with some of these guys started H a little bit all the pride I don't know how much water you can be able to keep up this pace I would give Middle East for years but. That's speculative at age 36 at that point so I think a lot of teams are in the mindset of let's build a let's make sure we have the pieces necessary so we can catch Cleveland may be on the downswing. And while we're on the up you know that are trending upward and I think often it's in the certainly try to up for the Al they have they do have a lot of question but I think last night really. Brought those polite now especially sub site PayPal that there's going to be a question that whether or not that the franchise got beaten. Need to go or where you need to go play for another piece or draft a couple of the next couple years is gonna happen other first round pick lectured. At domain joining us here on the program he called game one last night in Boston bounced back. I I really don't think they can I mean that last night up I you'll late last night what they're bad shot and Cleveland did it without making any freeze earlier today clear that didn't shoot that well three point range of the first. And they were still able to dominate the paint that's the difference right now with LeBron everybody's talking about issued in the first couple rounds and rightfully so I mean he was killed it. Should get a great percentage a lot of people thought well there's a nine day lay out how much. Longer can he really keep this pace up. What you dominating the paint and bought the that's been their biggest issue in the playoffs they had huge issues would it in the first round series against Chicago they had issues stopping job all getting to the rim. In the second round series against Washington and I think that with Tristan Thompson Kevin Love and that will run even when he played a five. For stretches of the game while he's also simultaneously play the point guard. They're still rebounding way better then Boston Boston had a good rebounding stretch in the second half yesterday but that was a little bit not too little too late at that point. When Cleveland started take a few more reporters I just feel like the pain is where the playoffs are going to be one. For Cleveland at least in the east I feel like they're going to be able to walk in a series through the paint. And abroad averaging something like sixteen point to even the paint right now in the playoffs they'll be the NBA so. I really don't. He ought to be able to paying for an entire series today when it came out but I really don't see them winning beyond one game this series right now. Talking Adam I mean here on the program Golden State appears to have a decided advantage especially at school why Leonard cannot go since Leonard has gone down with the injury and minus sixty. For San Antonio Gregg Popovich as usual Gregg Popovich self. And that. In the is reaction to questions from the media. If there's ever coached know where you give him time in Indian can make adjustments it is Gregg Popovich. Do you expect San Antonio if if cool why can't go three but goes game four. Eight can San Antonio find a way to get this done as an army did they have the wars as drummer is. I didn't think they'd beat Houston in game 6000 and expect James Harden to disappear I don't think anybody from Golden State's gonna disappear in game three. And that's the difference because yeah part of disappears or a lot of trouble could all be all bad you know even guys like Beverly and Ryan Anderson and all those guys shooting. It facilitated Bridget charted the different Golden State is you can facilitate the agreement green you could Google they intercept curry. You can facilitate Broderick Colin you need to know there's a lot of guys that make big. And I'll bet eat itself. I don't remember a lot about it like it up their defense to show they're not gonna shut down all the sudden the democratic bad shooting night. Yep that. In relativity a wide late to their normal clip which is something like forty to 43% with a big Turkey porky reporters into the playoffs or whatever Israel silk. You know I just don't piece and it O'Neal being able to counteract all of that over seven incher is bad coli help for inquiry. And they can win game three yet it is complete the ships the complexion of the series and bad at the very important game great. If they get down three nothing in coli goes in game. Or I just don't see how you're gonna be able to make up all background it on that little old history of both teams have a back down to bring up in a it's like a 143. Out of a 140 pre series in NBA history that have gone pretty well have ended. In favor of the team that had a pretty elite so I just don't he can't Tony be able to counteract everything the Colbert stayed out of opera. With that said do you think that quiet finds a way to tough this out or is it just too tough to keep injuring the same ankle and come back. You know I think it is a little bit pick up I could see him sitting out game Korea that they lose game three I could keep up shut them out I mean. But the one thing about spurs organization. In you know the character as well as anybody they care about help. And futures of the people that are in that organization they care about saving polite letter for a longer run they care about huge future. And Gregg Popovich or coach and play each of those things. So if he can't go game three is legitimate or not. Visit him. I can imagine it but they don't embryo not even playing a game four tonight I understand that some people might call that we have a white flag was at a coli can play you don't wanna play he's got to play. But feel like they're there could be in such a chance here where the urgency was under too important to our future we're not gonna mortgage. Any type of help for you right now just to try to win a game or two and a series of party Gabriela. They are too much about their future and they're Smart in that regard because of itself. I could see them kind of turning in that direction that this series continues to go tablet apps. So essentially were hadn't for Golden State Cleveland part three. Which. Apparently is not happen in a major professional sporting leagues since the fifties I believe the NHL they said it was Detroit. And Montreal are not there go to three straight times in the Stanley Cup finals. With that said. I just don't see click I know that they played it. By the minutes restrictions and that's why they're the two seed and that's why they only won 51 games blah blah blah blah blah. I don't see them have a more assists off the bottom to be able to beat Golden State this time I think that it would have been two straight for the lawyers and drink mongering not gotten suspended but. The you have to get the cast credit for winning game seven in Oakland but that's the position. That the lawyers almost put themselves in by giving Cleveland the door opening in game five with green out and then of course Cleveland going home in game six to give them the advantage there. I think Golden State comes out in and I could see that one BN. Less than competitive as it is woods is the best way I could put it. I don't think it'll be let the Nevada about the he'll be really competitive series but I agree with you had mr. Carty I think that. The bench for Cleveland has. Lacked. This policy and that together they're there I think eleven out of sixteen in bench scoring about the play up in the credit they played more into the teens are eliminated first shot I get back. Unless Kyle Korver is going to be confusion that which certainly is capable of going to be shot at the Toronto series at a couple games. But about how corporate Channing Frye or if you're a huge lift what do you really gonna get off the bench right and well blonde I mean is playing 42 minute game right now he's fine. There that that guy's gonna be fine one at what we get to play outside Tyree Irving who didn't really show up last night not that they needed to. You can defy her for a final series that we know oh expletive and other outlets where he could be I like Cleveland's starting five. This stay with Golden State started by what scares you is it JaVale McGee comes in off the bench they get treatment up to the the foul trouble and and now he starts running pick and roll and it starts dominating above the rim that Cleveland has the tendency when I was about to be really small and lack of protection. That's right in this series could be. One and obviously Currie that this is under the assumption occurring in clouds and rain are doing what we expect those guys do and upon Kevin Love. And carrier partner with the things that we expect them to build in a lot of the bad it is the role players that make a major impact I still feel like Golden State has a little bit deeper on the bench. And a little bit more impact so in that regard I agree with you but I'm not gonna let that series being not competitive he's playing too well right now I don't see him slowing down. Kawika the other back game of this series against ought to ensure. We have a bad night shooting absolutely but I don't think he's at a point where he's an elected series assuming it is it is Cleveland and Golden State. B non competitive I think it'll be a very competitive series regardless. I think that's there and adding it's hard to bet against LeBron in terms of love him at least willing his team to be. In those games I just think Golden State has so much in their minds to improve and get re damn ought to ask. Absolutely inundated the chip on the shoulder thing you don't don't don't underestimate that that's how should I actually agree with you. You and I both know that my friend essay on the call games here tomorrow night. Will be there a beautiful series a lot of people think about before her have coded I got its you don't five let. Help visually at Memorial Day based audit mud TD that I like to do so no doubt about that but I prefer not to out there. They decision between those beautiful day we have Memorial Day. I don't get tigers and royals tiger's era in interest in team hovering around 500 oil sort of Croshere. I adjusted their their enigmatic sort of the blue jays and then last night to examine the lard thing intact right after we talked you were gonna have Leo Mazzone neon and discuss a little bit about that but it's good to see my boy Jason not back in Atlanta. Dealing because he's got Memphis ties he married a girl from Memphis after a plan for the red birds so we're all pulling for him to. Get back to the old form so interesting stuff to say it was filed. I hope you get to do the baseball game he gets 6 games in the Eastern Conference finals in doubt you maximize the event number in your eye. You're looking at times but they aren't rated it massacre. Damn right I'm OK let there is no two ways about it when we talk to our TV guys about Syria in the first round gives you know local TV like you said they're gone after round one their ally. Do it we just wanted to go so we want to grizzlies when the we wanted to go seven games every time because they want those extra games as the reds when you're. When your bonuses based on her around here like Mandy and I get this or heard. Or pick a coupon yet let's let's let's weakness and move on exactly what I'm a man I'll look at W soon. 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We had that action last I think we'll have it again tomorrow night on our airwaves. It's busy man not a busy man. Yourself and Furman University he's also. Speaking all around the southeast. Is the former. Pitching coach of the Atlanta Braves and in Baltimore Orioles he is a legend. Is our good buddy as well he is Leo Mazzone let's bring them on now coach what's happened. What's going on nerdy young man. That's what I'd let you can come on the show and they want you to keep bombing that compounds. To go out. I understand that you have you might be going to deal yeah not my M going on the DL he. Little little knee surgery yeah so here's a guy is that I realized. So I hurt my knee in Boston in January and then I I thought it might be. Less severe than it was so I played a couple of times playing basketball with some guys morons suitable to my agent it seemed fine. I could dummy then I went on the big court with some of our young assistant coaches that played like division one basketball and summer other young guys and thought that I was that age once again in my knee quickly told me that I was not. Those things do have a tendency to happen you know once you. Try to take on something that might be a little bit much but yeah laugh anyway you know like I can you got to go court. Yeah and let's first time I've ever gotten some seriously hurt so I figured 44 I am I dodged the bullet long enough right. I list dot little baseball or at the quarter way mark and a lot of stock in the American League about the Yankees and about the Astros right now Baltimore hanging in their Boston. I think that's going to be a fun three team race tell me your thoughts on that yankees squad they've got such young talent. Died in the offensive side and with the loss of rolled his Chapman very few teams could survive something that will lived on the chances in Tyler clipper. They have two capable closers there if they wanna step in that role they're getting good starting pitching. Is this Yankee team good enough to sustain this or will be Orioles and Red Sox overtake them do you think. What I I think they're good look until although an army that's for sure but I think it's gonna be a knockdown drag race with those ballclub because. You know you have Austin in and out ball more relevant enough pitching to hang. But they did their part are so you get that the all you can do so. All bosses could those be there the Yankees outta there. But you know what is the surprise to me that jetBlue you can put bill last years. What do you tell abuse last year. Ali in the in the post already are rewarded her. So let me ask you this there's I wanted to talk about that a little bit mr. Evans out now. You hear a lot of people there's a new book out talking about how the new stats of baseball are kind of ruining the game and the save is one of them. Obviously the close there is a is something that you are very familiar with you had some great ones in Atlanta. Between Wohlers and when John Rocker was on his game and and guys they could finish out games with the best album. But there is the notion now of why not use a guy if you've gotten a role as Chapman and you've got. A situation where you're the home team and you've got a top of the seventh inning where the opposing team puts the first two runners on. These guys make their money through stats likes to saves but if you get a guy you can use them in the seventh or use him in the eighth are you in favor of battered do you believe heavily. That there should be a set up guy and a closer guys are pitching coach where what you stand on that. I would stay and being able to use your your clothes are in the seventh inning I'll see that the wrong or that when the ball game on the line necessary situation because that's big now. Well a lot of a lot of your save opportunities earlier closers. You know that they're very rarely commit within inherited runners in the night that he's starting with a clean heading. And I think that's what that's where you get the feeling that all these stats are overrated when you get so many say. It seasons so and they offered Pena said it best either go to what's the big deal was about due for reality silicon via that what my fastball. That's that was his approach and he was closing out games forced. And immediately it was a big deal let it get three outs and I don't either it's been made a big deal by the media but a big deal was. But what I always look forwards that are critical of the bowl president it would come into the game with a inherited runners. And they didn't score that's what I'll ward of the actual that was used to look at and into that but I really looked at it. What percent of guys editor of reason why closer kid do that episode called closer in the senate and it. Yeah I invents act I kind of fallen of that still I get where these guys won a defined role. But I'm watch in last night's cardinals Red Sox game. And Boston. May eighth in the bottom of the ninth with the game tied and they bring in Craig Kimbrel. Because they don't want Saint Louis to win the game they said look will roll the dice and they went deep and other balls and it ends up paying off even though the cardinals had more arms last night. The Red Sox end up winning the game aren't always in the game for Saint Louis at that point do at the top of the ninth I see it more. Where you'll see a closer pitched the top of the ninth in a tie game but rarely do you see enough of an away team closer. Pitching the bottom of the inning. To get out of that bottom of the inning and then he's done I think teams sometimes try to keep them in that we've got to use the only specific roles where I think. And it didn't give me a guy get three more outs and give me a chance to go back to the dish again. I'm taking it and I I think. Maybe bestseller if I were a Major League manager I might have the clubhouse wanted to do wanted to chase after me after a few with a few Louisville sluggers. But I think in the end my theory would would help you win more games. Well of course this seems to be a weekly news it never use your closer on the early on the road and didn't in the night in a tight game but you lose. Yeah free having their own with a close or exactly what you get. Into but there's nothing wrong with what we don't use in the issues and a guy in the ninth inning on the road feature colder because I didn't actually I think if you don't bring it and right. You know I mean what sort. You know I don't understand all the thinking you know this additional common sense and it is you know he could gather early pictures together or year. And you don't god knew there was going to be times. When you work and use your closer and closer needed a couple days of a breather you know. Yeah so I would I would column I called together nicely is there anybody on this Major League staff of Major League bullpen. It doesn't think taking a free concert at. Other people think it's really fascinating what are you doing here right. You know we take Tokyo if there's nobody every does think every good why can't walk David devers giving three outs in the seventh. We're getting three outs and at night what did you explain that to me yeah well we can do that we can do that but being used gay guys. They're react differently in different situations there's some of that but comparable or the seventh and and guys with clothes are soft. Don't want no part tonight. Bad guys in double that close or stop the same approach all games and tonight try to throw the metal approach. Please note that that's happy that they keep coached that's I used to approach the guys to try to make sure that you felt that there were somebody you can go to. When you couldn't go you can put your clothes are all the time. Yeah you find out who's got ice water in their veins and who are happy about it in light and I don't guide it would close or thought it couldn't close. Yeah that's been bad day it always does one make me wonder sometimes when I see guys come on and and they can move the ball all over the plate and you think that on my gas is that would make an incredible close he gets the opportunity to do it. And all the sudden he's very very different guy yeah it's a different look it's not gonna Leo Mazzone in here Sports Illustrated. Three years ago had a cover. And they had the Astros on the cover in fact it it's said. Your 2017. World Series champions. But Houston Astros is that baseball's great experience it was George springer. On the cover at the time they took it back last year predicted they would win last year that did not happen. This year they are by far and shoulders right now as we get the quarter mark of the season the best team in baseball. RD one point nine a 41 games they've got a season as they've got a series this coming weekend with Cleveland where I think if they do what. I kind of expect him to do at home which is when at least two if not all three they're gonna really solidify that stamp. Is this a team that you see that has all of the makings of a world champion. No question about it and we'll tell you what there's an underrated. There this year that wasn't there last year and he's idled forty. I don't think it's no accident that uses pictures. Are ever rebounded from last year. And you got Brian McCann yeah aren't home plate yeah and he has made a huge difference in their club plus the fact is that he still wait put it all runs in that ballpark. He's one of the best receivers in the game. It is certainly doing a great job but me back to me he says what is a huge addition to the ballclub. How about the fact that they've got. It's good guys that were in Atlanta. They're afraid that he brought up Evan gathers and Brian McCann are back together again in Houston and we're seeing what do you and you don't yeah that this thing. They don't yeah I think it's so I think it's so great I'm Obama actually reformed. When their division I'd like to sell like the way they play the game like the way they. I loved. The look at a picture critical of the people who reach. I mean he changes speed up what he basically game against the Yankees. Oh about 45 days ago or whatever what I won't watch that game. And wanna watch that series which you sit in the Yankees and order what is series with the cubs and yankees and so what's this study is going to be pushing on them going down urban and that you don't like. You have a couple division I think that the race is Ehrlich already over take that's National League east is over there yeah sure yeah and it looks like yet sure they're all the way everybody. I mean though that that the Rangers have won seven straight game yes they have great. And there are eight games behind the used to ask era begins may have won seven straight games and there's still eight games out. And you're gonna grab by the way at the a forty game mark your plans for the wild card it's done unless anything yet dramatic happens there is done and they got a great bullpen I bullpen I I really like. The youngster had to Penske who as 44 strikeouts seven walks. In 24 innings pitched which tells me one he's throwing strikes and he's willing to challenge hitters as he has given up a few hits here or there. But he's willing to go after guys rather than try to nibble and I like to see that. As well there's some other individual god. Well I think it would need only win if we don't want you when you walk anybody you don't if you are curious but yeah that's because your bank and a bunch strikes so. You know I'd much rather take that and it'd be the other way around or you're. Which were your walk of people and then you're always been to a metal base casino drive you nuts. We're hoping that Freddie Freeman ends up we're still I hear I heard the word out. As of yet still trying to find out the word on Freddie Freeman. And he is injury it's date today with a left arrest is the last time. I looked at a future yeah he got in on the wrist last night but he had fourteen home runs going in the last night Ryan Zimmerman has thirteen. But the big names Bryce Harper Mike Trout now airing judge we're getting some young players playing at the top of their game once again. It is true I think that baseball needs a superstar how likely is it that we can see these three guys with harper with Trout with Darren judge. Even a guy like Freddie Freeman and some of the other young players coming up. Really helped this game continue to grow in its popularity because it is a battle now because of all the things you can watch on TV any given night. Whereas when I was growing up looked it was pretty simple you re the watching baseball or you were watching a sitcom now they've got 900 channels of everything. And baseball's got to fight for viewership. Well I think baseball's built properly it of its game obvious is much bigger is popular now than ever was well the world if you know what it's it's basically this if you look at. If you look at hockey puck he's hoping that. You know Nashville in the weeks and again I'm more playing in the Stanley Cup they wanted I don't know yet if you wanna see. The Yankees and in new York and Chicago and all right and LA and San Francisco the big big time markets something. That's basically what sports wants to see and but now. You know the mean beat the you the small market team this great they're great stories. Small market teams are great stories but small market teams are gonna draw all the ratings on TV that you want from your big market teams that play is simple right in the end so there or. That's what you see I don't think it entertaining to do it. Young players that Babbitt talk about young players after the last two years of Major League Baseball. Having Major League Baseball has a great group put your employer and you end in people that are the people who are going to be good for a long time. I think Trout are already ended at star status. Just a little long jeopardy will get the superstar status and I'm sure miss that a few guys that built up to date from being in love my golly look what he had to double to triple the other night. Yeah look the guy is no bigger than like 56 an MRI or an eight pound. Young kids great opportunity to take it they complain that we deconstruct a meat you know to be this huge guy like in Clint already NBA and that. That they keep a great example of of young kids that they don't let that be super super human in order to return. Played professional sports now it's it's they yelled she is the only coaches that are in the game with these traveling all star teams that try to make these kids superhuman. That those problematic kids. Now I agree with that name and see and understand Dustin Pedroia and some of the other. Some of the other guys and around the outside and look look at and there are NCR day he's he's not that bin Ahmed Al will play like we're really really good player. In Atlanta I coach aus how's the coach and affirming gone before let's go. Mean we had to their 27 and 44 bit achy back from like eleven in 19127. Point four. And here and there are tournaments start next week so. Appreciated the report they don't know yet. Of the Nittany of course you have to win that or win that tournament to move on and we'll see what happens. Wishing for the best for you there and let's catch up again real soon in the now it is summertime once they get off the crutches. We're set up that hang out too late for sure. You gotta because it took. That would wee bit about this for two years we at. We're gonna make it happen we're doing at this summer for your partner I thought yes and always appreciate it. Ticker Leo Mazzone a right there the best simply the best baseballs and get spotted really as I know it doesn't or the the ratings. On a radio show like it well on some other markets here you go to Saint Louis we'll talk a lot of baseball you go to New York obviously they saw a lot of baseball. But listening to right now if you're a baseball fan it is fun to watch. Major League Baseball right now and we talked earlier about the unfortunate incidence. Last night what appeared to be. A what I thought for sure when I saw it. And now baseball investigating at the the assembled Kevin pull our in our buddy Jason mocked. An and temple are apologizing today but for the most part you watch that game. You're watching. Just good players right now there's a lot of good baseball being played if you're a baseball fan and I love it and allow CNN I'm a huge baseball fan. And I love seeing other games in the state that it is that. Right now programs righty by anybody nonsense Memphis haired actor dot com get my friend missy call 855865. Their 855865. There. 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It's that time of year when you want to be downtown so the next time you are try America's favorite for Italian right on south main spin dean parking is easy and is part of perfect before or after her red birds game every Monday night spending goes half the prize on wide anti Semitic you're about that patio lives Indy has done best one on south main about the largest burger menu and Memphis suburban lovers of love's been Dini as well it's time you give your time spending any simply elegant Italian 383 south main and spin. Now back to the area Cassel turns show weakness. The other line. WM SSM yeah plus this AB AM headlines. Is a sports station. I would cause our program every day little thing we like to call rabbits are. Palmieri Kessel thanks Joseph the lightning around a radio rapid fire on 929 FM ESP and. Aren't they start off with no NBA action tonight. We got game two tomorrow night of the UN Celtics weird cats series and then game three in the western conference on Saturday but we do have some hockey tonight. Is made every opportunity to watch my creditors while I'm not really matters to them bruins' other going to duds like rapid fire. I'll sell I thought I could see it this is a held a series. Here's where. Nashville has been fantastic in the third period so. If it's close and going into the thirty like their chances but I I would rather see them go go into the third period ahead. This is it's a great series right now it really is. And you've got. Both teams playing in an incredibly high level you know the NHL on the back of their minds can I don't we really. To see and I'm. Jump out but he had to get into goalies that are. Just plain out of their minds John Gibson for the Dachshund and decorate for the press I'm gone breads man. You look at this it's crazy because that that the breads were 41 point 912 in the regular season right. Is that in the ducks were 46 point three and thirteen it wasn't like the ducks had. This is so much better of a record and they want they were first on Pacific that the press were fourth in the central. So it there's just sold little wiggle room and hockey in terms what separates the top teams. Because you're talking about shoot out losses in games where. You know you're down one goal you pulled goalie you end up losing the game that you were with you were right there it's so many little things and hockey stories is that while the sport has won. Bad decision can change Damon and so EC teams. There eight seeds that maybe just didn't play well on finally catch their right Ron and national sketch that right now is going to be electric. In Nash Vegas tonight and I hope that the Prez do indeed pull out with the 311. 31 now lead. Kind of Macgregor signed a piece of paper that's up for debate whether. Rapid fire. And the money strife little village and I I don't think there's any chance in the world Floyd loses that fight it and it's gonna be straight boxing there's a kind of McGregor is an incredible fighter Floyd Mayweather has made a living by not getting hit and I think he'll do the same and I think he'll dissect. Connor Macgregor and I don't think McGregor will have been hit the way that that Floyd Mayweather can hit him arms. Lessen it it it's I love the USC and there are some great strikers in the US sees it in different ways to get hit there's no two ways about that. The one of the things that Dick caught Ron drowsy when she looked invincible was holly home. You know was a puncher she was a former. Boxing champion and she was a puncher. They've they've developed and when she caught her with those two punch isn't it just wasn't something Rouse he was used to. And I don't think that McGregor will be used to it either I think this gets done I think it shatters. Pay per view records I think that the ticket prices are gonna be through the roof. Both fighters are gonna make an enormous payday I think it'll probably the last that we see of Floyd and I think for got a McGregor. He goes back to the USC and then is still their belt now but as a ton of money has pockets or he doesn't have to keep fighting for very much longer. Dirt cars these frustrated with the lack of discussion on contract extensions should I think in other raider fans be worried rapid fire. Now. Now Peter King dismissed this this morning with with Jason and Jon and and I think they need to deal gets done there's no there's no way the raiders. Still think about it there's a white Cadillac pulled me there is no way in hell they're not gonna get. Dare car what he wants right. Another one big reason rewards for one vagaries of one he's the best quarterback you've had dared sense I don't know who urged and yeah. Since Gannon was an MVP candidate for a couple years because they got an oil minister Yang won the NB done they gotta detail under the grip I think a lot of that was Dan and intelligence and John Bruins offense and the fact he had Tim Brown Jerry Rice was still around James that was pretty Gaudin on a variety of running is there yet and a variety of running backs. But this is a young. Talented quarterback is he Andrew Luck no easy Aaron Rodgers no but he's really really good here's the other factor. There mold in the Las Vegas shortly they don't want a move to Las Vegas and be crappy they wanted to be really really good. And make it an event to go see a team that three years from now still has a chance to compete for a Super Bowl. You're not gonna have that if you don't have their car unless you're just gonna tank and try to get a stud rookie quarterback but you know what. There's a whole big program this Sunday on ESPN money sixty about another young quarterback that was a stud coming out of Washington State member has named Ryan leaf. Didn't really work out too well that it so you never know with draft picks so you got something that's a sure thing you keep him DeMarre Cooper to gather to say the least. The lakers thinking they're Paul George and 1218. Rapid fire. Well as I said earlier he did not. Make the all NBA team any of the teams so. They actually might have a better chance now because of the unit got that thirty million dollar potential bonus. From the pacers who you're talking about 240. Million dollars and there was I didn't think there's a chance. In health but now I think it's it's a chance that they can get him. I think it's more likely that he could go to the clippers I think if on the clippers I shot Blake Griffin. And I make it real clear that I would be willing to swap Blake Griffin for Paul George because I think they can do just fine with Chris Paul. Paul George and the Andre Jordan Griffin's game. It is actually I think me it is hindered a little bit by the presence of Jordan who's such a phenomenal rim protector and rebounder. They Griffin. Doesn't play on the interior as much as he college. Because Jordan can't play outside the paint so get a guy that can do that and can still rebound from the wing. And you just use a stretch for somewhere somehow and and I think that that's a that's a deal. We may see that this summer we may see the clippers and and pacers swapping players and Paul George still ends up in LA. Just not a Laker uniform. You've heard of the Kashmir outside girl right oh gosh that chick he had they'd go yeah in order take the young lady. From the the doctor Phil's just that he's trying to say catch it catch me outsiders said Kashmir outside she's hollow like the bar still a bar stool I love the bar still guys. I read their stuff everyday they're hilarious they allow this I cannot figure this out this girl she's gonna have some skeletons Miller is something like that he's gotten regular fire. Millions of followers unanswered and she actually David Spade anime fought over the other day and basically said guy you know she had her five minutes of fame and she said I didn't even know this guy wasn't funny was the waiter in my own Ed Davis basement of some of the funniest movies ever. Tommy Boy is hysterical it's a classic it's not. It's not you know brilliant cinematic genius but it's something that made all of us laugh and David Spade has had TV roles and some of the most popular. TV shows and of his time right. So. The fact that the guy that actually has talent is being told by some Internet sensation because she was out of control as a thirteen year old. Acting like a complete fool. On TV and everybody just flock to it says a very very discouraging thing about our society act like an idiot. And you can be famous and you can make a lot of money this girl. Let's stick to really by question and your dad that they did it because it tries to crazy because this girl outfit she eight look she's able is our family is famous for all the wrong reasons. I had no problem with are cashing in on our fan but the sad thing is she is cashing our fan when there are brilliant people out there. That struggle to find a job that fits them this girl's gonna make more money. Then a lot of graduates date worked their rear ends off and can't find a job and their perspective field it's all because. We wanna watch a train wreck and that's exactly what she is but she's cashing in on it for her more RT I say if you. Spend five cents to go see her on any tour you are worse than Xia. She sells out she apparently gets 50000 dollars and the rundown of the show as. The first part she's lip sync into our favorite rap songs the second part is she's taking questions from the audience. And the third part she's loud audience members to come up on stage. So she can roast them. Good rates what are the I look at rose by fourteen year old I mean honestly. Now why would it and why would I care about her lip syncing and why would I care to ask a question of her there's also. So so did she become my go to Dr. Phil she was making my videos or something and and her mom to perform when she was completely out of control lost her mind when she was like twelve or thirteen. And others videos out of judge she's got their ass beat couple times by. Like there's there's already -- you don't teams in what nods her getting beat up because she gate keeper Russia like she's got control. But people keep payout for so she's just gonna rather waited till the money stops covenant. She's the person that says yeah I'll take a million dollars to take mass weapons because she's doing it every time. And finally one guy is facing charges because he got drawn to Disney World and has signed. I first degree burns in December. Rapid fire well. It wasn't at the magic kingdom because they don't serve alcohol there but there is a I will say I've heard that they are trying to. Makes some spots more adult friendly they're opening that new. Avatar world called pandora at animal kingdom and apparently a lot of. Use this child's stroller to cut through crowds of Disney's art of animation resort Sunday. His wife was there for cheerleading competition and he had his one year old in the stroller. First degree burns of burns or purple so they fear that can turn to second degree burns he's facing. Child abuse charges. Wait so he got drunk are you using. The solar with a kid in it to make his way through the resort. Wow those chilling competitions get huge down there but that's that's terrible incident she got a one year old dude I know you're cheerleading competition and nothing makes you wanna drink more than probably having to be. An adult and a chilling competition when you don't wanna be there. But do you got a one year old curb the blues and quite seriously Chris if you can't have a couple of pops and I teach your kid. Like sun screen properly bonded yeah I mean it obviously Seattle's charges go no doubt about it. That's gonna go for us. No basketball tonight but there is not ego friends we'll talk to you tomorrow to wrap up the week for Ben I'm Eric. GP up next. So real. I've been discovered here. It is to breed and to get the toughest truck around with 2017. Rim has twenty. Seventeen dodge journey George what do seventeen T. What is seventeen Dodge Charger port. What do you. We're in the itself. 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