The Eric Hasseltine Show 05/18/17 - Hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, May 18th

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I drew NATO miss Riley put us might get might. I think Mike and Mike in the morning weekdays 5 AM till 9 AM WMS has. 92. Eighty. Still won the time. On a beautiful Thursday afternoon. Barbecue fans in full effect. They still do it so many families and friends on Wednesdays of today's the first real date the general public. Actually open the gates yesterday to the journal published the photos to never get first time ever writes yes. They set an apple the family and friends nonsense looks let's open it up let's let everybody watch bad down barbecued dog dressed willingly dad apparently it was awesome. Geoff Calkins that a column about it talked about it this morning I'm disappointed that Bennett didn't represent us he could do this is our swing I was stake. About doing it but. You know the needs jacked up. I don't I don't think that I have a bomb the end of three ounce three inch deep. Pool barbecue sauce and trying to wrestle somebody's probably good idea I mean your work done on it so I mean honestly yet but I still had two ligaments in can be torn don't need to be torn. In other body parts that don't need to be injured I did find it funny that they extended the invitation to all of the media and not one person's. And they've got to pass on that and basically everybody did you gardens and everybody departs as video state was either signed up by a as a gag or as punishment. And so people got to go but its satellite it was a lot of fun sounds like it will be will be back at it will be a popular event I think it sounds like it would be a blast but. I see my my thought train about it when we got the email first why couldn't do because those are. But I thought I yeah I do that potentially except for one thing I would draw like Doc Holliday who is still has. That would be my luck who just snowing phenomenal shape yeah I can battle balls which is exactly why didn't allow Muslim or Doc Holliday was. Good parts as they don't want the do it was an NFL running back and even though he's like a couple years older than me. He still looks like he's like 27. But I still think doc looks like he could throw pads on. And gated three or four yards if you needed it right right this maybe sub that we need to think about our fancy football league whoever comes in last place. Bureaucracy in the station in the barbecue sauce right wow contest next year. That is a great call that's a great husband that's a punishment that's worthy of of sending it over to the ESPN guy what's his. Matthew Berry yes right. This first let's get a title belt Jose simply titled for last place early wrote a book about fantasy football like all the leagues and he talked about this story in any kind of integrate all it's really an excellent book. I read it in and Matthews kind of count come on the show. One of the league's you have to get tattoos he fish and lastly ship gets at you like one guys literally got a rainbow with the unicorn. Like in a rainbow behind unicorn and it says fantasy football last place finisher. But what you like if you have a bad Ron did you get into added up all over the place the assault I don't wanna dads who ever like. I'm not a tattoo guy I I'd I'd seen some very cool tattoos I remember seeing some Disney World where a guy has legs that's your one of his legs by. Almost like a leg sleeved. But it was all the villains of daisy and I am so he's obviously used isn't him I'm like all right that's kind of cool when they looked good but I see other people like arm sleeves and unlike. What once why it is that I don't I don't understand if they have a meeting I get it but like it's not my thing. But who had a judge that person what they wanna do their body I'm not I'm not judging him to sing I would never do that right so I don't know that I could participate in a lead as of yet its attitude is that I just don't want want. Just do not want one. Fair enough that I don't have any plans legit center myself either bounce is not my thing I noticed just now I think but yes that that be a great. Last semester it'll we had bad the rest and I sat and Miss Piggy is tonight correct yes I believe Chelsea is on the emcee for that so it's. So you have whereas she'll be out there I'll be at karate class my my little guy. Graduated two little ninja blue belt so he isn't running up the ranks and would really excellent films he's been doing now. Body you her. And. And half. Missing envelope Rihanna had many amateur he's. He's not he's moving up the rankings quickly so I'm proud of and so he's he's he's got karate tonight's low will be there and then. Chelsea will be watching Miss Piggy and having fun and I'll be watching a video press came home. Thank you my son will be out of their joy and that's -- be upstairs watching out whatever cards teases new favorite cartoonist puppy dog pal so we'll be watching the but other that one but because it's brand it. A guy gets literally brand new when he just you think that's alert it they actually look like our two dogs okay abilities they're they're they're supposed to pond but they do look like little French bulldogs and so he's. He's east he's in the that right now but he's also is crazy he likes things like puppy dog pals with any gloves things like. Mario Brothers in ninja turtles he's got the wide varieties like the cartoonist. Like superheroes and he's got the softer cartoons still loves Mickey Mouse and he's a kind of figure it all out what. Certainly a lot of fun so if you're out there was a part of you that's awfully every is that a good time be safe the weather's been fantastic so far hopefully the rain will hold off. Two nights we've got a jam packed show for you today. We are going to talk to you. Play by play man on last night's game number. 1 in the Eastern Conference. Finals and that was Boston and Cleveland it was in Boston Adam Aminu and John Berry were on the call Adam is a good friend of the program he is going to join us. On the show since day we're gonna talk about the playoffs are gonna talk about I saw Adam actually. It is probably only a story that he and out there about but I was at the gym and I saw Adam. Calling SEC softball but the SEC softball tournament. Which they have. Early day games come on like 10 o'clock on the SEC now everything and I'm also now Ranariddh re run in spring games all the time and there's not a whole lot going on so they're running that. So I was gonna tweak till we go pain watching you know the the broadcast in the gym can't hear it but I have a great call I'd you know it division to solve all. Years ago when I was a UC Davis and I loved it it was when I series race broadcaster. But then I realize they'll look like that guy I was just tend to the gym to get my work out in. You know you ordered to consulting with them the TV behind you sure. Are well. Well no I think I got a call at the gym today. Because I I've got my one and air conditioners there's like two units for the house and one like froze over. So a candidate like this air conditioning thing affects them. I'm PH call while I was at Jim and I hate that I hate being that guy on the gym floor it's like on the cellphones I'd like step away and all at the it is nice it is never like sharing my going to be able do on social media like their launch and they're going to work out. Like I I don't mind like when people share the results they say hey look I've been working my rear end off and Jim I lost third ballot straight. I don't see a leg DA get a piece noted out rocked on OK did awesome dude fantastic Katrina. You know what day it is day for me. Cookie crisp day with chocolate you know at the end. Cartoons. Carted out babies. I know it says they do that so. And on bedeviled that data about the NBA playoffs coming up at 3053 point five our favorite guests on the show as he knows Leo was only baseball is it the quarter way mark. And will get his thoughts on what's going on out but as Sports Illustrated in 2014 put that George springer on the cover. In an old school lasts as informants in baseball's biggest experiment. Are like new experiment. Your 2017. World Series champion Houston Astros as they basically. Went to their fans said we are going to suck we know we're gonna suck for the next couple years but we're gonna build it up through young players in the draft and Morgan develop players right way. We're not gonna raise ticket prices were making money. Because our TV deal we're just asking you stick with us stick with us. Gases got the best record in baseball right now 2017 and it's not even close. That's what the cardinals were stealing their information Houston Astros they're 29 and twelve and they are eight games ahead. Of the Rangers and angels in the American League west and the Rangers have won seven straight and they're still eight games back her dad race. As of may eighteenth. That race is just about over barring a miracle. Because you've got to figure if you're Disco had to jump out to this kind of start you're not gonna be a sub 500 team the rest of the way right. So let's say they went they go to thirty and twelve right that's 42 games. They have a 120 games left. 500 puts and ninety's you're almost assured to be in the playoffs right up. That's 500 baseball for a team right now is playing almost 750 days. And so and another team that we play in 600 baseball at least Iceland right you have to be 68 and 52. Which is not easy to do so good luck. I guess and it SI may have hit the nail right on ahead without one bowl C they've got a big series this weekend coming up with Cleveland we'll talk about price our poll talk about. Our buddy Jason not looking good last night we'll get into that ring it up to three on the board a really what looks to be. Unfortunate incident last night that Jason was involved in that really had no part of in and it that was temple are in the top of the seventh inning in last night's praise victory. Over Toronto we'll talk about. That as well and bring it up put through the border closes out with rapid fire and that is the show for two day. Interesting news today and it's been a day of some really. Unfortunate. News stories. To say the least. I'm not sure did you hear about the AMBER Alert that was in Jackson Tennessee which is. Just sickening. These here are the whole story if he had not heard essentially. I'm a mother of a six year old child went to a grocery store last night or can really soaring 1 AM yeah. Brain inside left the child in the car left the car running the car was stolen the AMBER Alert went out. They found the car and apparently like 11 o'clock this morning. And the lack of thought process of people sometimes just drives me insane especially as a parent I mean there's. Times where you can forget that you got your child in the garbage you should I mean I've done that or I'd been driving into. Daycare and historic past daycare and I would like to start my day and I put back and might. Well I read that you today Carol let's go. But I don't wanna I wanna stop the car. DI not like to think he's still there like when you hear about people leaving their babies in the car and that's it's that's a tragic situation especially well I mean or what playing in the morning. At 1 o'clock in the morning. You had a knowingly put your child in the car. And whatever was so important to go yet. I would think you wait your kid up and take the kids into the store with you. In not only that don't ever leave your car running outside anywhere 1 o'clock in the morning. Nothing going anywhere is going to happen for no good at running tradition and your car and leaving it don't leader running ever. Now it's too it's just too tempting for people today. You don't know your carport or again if I ever open I mean obviously you're not gonna leave the car running with a closed garage but do you leave it. In the morning trying to heated up and let you have one of those automatic start you can keep it locked. Don't don't don't do it. They get it one time in my driveway I left the car running because I had to literally like run right back in the door and run right back I was hurt I it was like ten seconds yes. But even then I was a boy that was really dumb bells like really really dumb to do that. So tragic tragic tragic story. There and then a crazy story out of New York where will they drink and got out of hand in drunk driver. Slamming into Times Square killing one injuring about thirteen. High speed into Times Square been intoxicated. Not good and then if it tops off. The big news of today which was that. Basically. We lost two people from very different marks our own. Popularity by a from both sad profound. Impact on in their respective fields. Chris Cornell. Apparently committed suicide. In a Detroit area hotel room Wednesday night after a show. Cornell was the lead singer for sound garden you sort of audio Slade he had won album with a group called Temple of the Dog. If you grew up in the ninety's you knew Chris Cornell was he was widely regarded as. One of the best front man of bands anywhere I saw. A tweet. And a post from our buddies Jack Myers who shined down and talking about how China down lead singer was inspired by Chris Cornell to become a singer. And the fact that they got to play on tour with them. Was a dream come true. Apparently the man had some very. Very dark demons because. They did ruled a suicide and it was a suicide by hanging so whether there was a problem. Alcohol or drugs involved prior. It's not I don't know that yet I do you know we had two daughters and I know that is wife. Was trying to find him and basically. This was. One of those situations where. I don't think anybody saw this coming and it's amazing. Day in today's day an age where there is a lot of help available or some people just simply still don't believe that they can make it through. Another day in date Chris Cornell outdated. The stick. The second year of my college experience easier said my sophomore year. Basically my roommates were huge Chris Cornell fans there a point where I said dude if I got to hear one more Temple of the Dog like. Full CD play this week I'm going to break the CD and half sold out here. Two weeks ago right right and eight it was that they weren't it was not on gold it was due date they basically. They basically. We're sold out to arrest the latest war was over in like ten base. And they were sold out the rest of the way in so I'm sure more light will be made of it but it found out today. It's determined that it was a suicide by hanging and then you view had. Roger Ailes who founded Fox News. Passing away and another a political bigwigs to say the least. He. As they said in the Minneapolis star Tribune he said he mastered the art of selling political candidates like Hollywood celebrities. And he was the architect of conservative oriented TV news. He had died at the age of 77 so two big names in their respective fields. Basilan so it's an awkward day it's not or day because we wanna talk about sports we wanna talk about the NBA playoffs that for me. Chris Cornell. Hearing that this morning when I woke up it was shock. Because as much as I am a wide variety music fan and I. I don't get like a tacit don't have like a super I'm not one of those guys that like oh my god the greatest thing never liked him in high school I loved rush and I loved you too and the early you to let the eighties late eighties and early ninety's you too. But it wasn't like there was one that I was just so diehard about and when the grunge thing came along I wasn't huge fan of one guy did really. Respect and like him thought was incredibly talent that was Chris Korda and so. It was guided a lot of musicians today are saying was a huge inspiration for them. And that was a sad sad thing to hear this morning so on a morning where we saw exactly what we kind of expected. And maybe Boston fans were hoping that the long layoff would make the cavs rusty it didn't not do that at all on the cavaliers. We're dominant once again and it's going to lead a lot of people to think that maybe just minutes management thing. Has some weight because here you have a team they clearly did not care whether they were the one or two seed they rested guys throughout the season they made sure their guys were ready to go. And they have steamrolled through their first nine games in the post season Golden State also has won their first nine games now on ten games of the post season. And with a victory in game two Cleveland. Would make it and straight you'd have two teams. Going sent a note to start the playoffs both the same time I think for the first time ever because only five teams. I believe if I'm not mistaken I never ever won their first ten games including the Golden State what are some. I'm more on a collision course again for those two teams to meet or type without him I mean about that we'll talk about last night's game a little bit. When we come back it is a jam packed day here. On the program. Got to tell yet about Kerry's that's right my guys are Aries have a great deal for you I shop ship shape with various products every morning I shot there is dot com. Because I was turn onto it a little over two years ago. Malice is sick of having to go to. The big box stores. To buy a razor blades in bulk I was just tired of it in. My advice to try Ares it's really really good stuff and a delivered right to their dornin cheaper side I tried it and I found out. But their products are now only as good probably I like them a little bit better I really did like the way they felt I thought they were. Terrific quality and because. 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It's that time of year when you want to be downtown so the next time you are trying to amend this favorite for Italian right on south main spin dean parking is easy and is perfect before or after her red birds game every Monday night spending goes half prize on why the anti Semitic you're about that patio lives in. Spending any simply elegant Italian 383 south main and spin. Joseph how we can. Six NB AM. Sports station. Quite Denham this. Never Wear a white senator got by the way but I think it's the they say that kind of reminds me of these tight pants Jimmy Fallon and they do violated you love. You can't Jerry show yesterday. I saw that story on the New York Times tonight I'm glad Gary talked about I just another that would resonate. We talked about Jimmy Fallon basically has come out and said hey since you know he had Donald Trump on his show. Day. Any got the last did for BMI soft and cuddly and Stephen Comair is laced his. Making a killing it Donald Trump's expense as of Saturday night live with us on Jimmy Fallon hints. I think Jimmy sound hysterical. He's got a new ride out at universal again with Iraq are really awesome. I heard it's awesome. It's one of those I think it's a virtual it's not like an actual. It's like a movie let's let you go one in the east it. I hear that all of you have embedded forever now have a bad let's say like one of those where you put on my three legalized but supposedly it's from everybody I've I've read the reviews it's fantastic. It's it's supposedly terrific if you if you think it's gonna be like. While I mean think of the rides that are there they're the rip ride rocket roller coaster which is quite literally takes you straight up and and is attract poster of the hole it's not like that but it's it's like those and a truck mounted that the 3-D. Movie type things in your seat so yeah. Yeah I think that's I think it sounds like it sounds awesome I think he's hysterical but it's basically he said. You know a lot of guys don't take what people say on putter and tickets are. He supposedly. I takes it really hard and the reason I thought about ways that white enemy as that tight pants scared yeah it was quite as tight pants on was just hysterical to me. I guess funnyman. He's always been fully yeah he's great is stuffed with Justin Timberlake cracks me up but like when Eric Hampton might sing and saw there but. It is man it's it's a different time and so it is ratings have dropped in and col Baer is is caught on what's it like it seemingly had an insurmountable lead. I thought he said the best thing he said about that was by the way it's not. It's not about. Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show the show is the Tonight Show. With Jimmy Fallon so. It was. It was really answered side I applaud Gary for out bringing that up by the way. 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Plantation on all Branson and wind I cannot Irene country club to places and if you're not a member. Without discarded plus you know member united B plan so a good chance to see some great courses. Around the area as well we did daddy NBA playoffs last night and it went kind of according to plan as everybody expected it to. And the the Cleveland Cavaliers rolled. To. An easy victory. And move the simple fact of the matter is right now LeBron James is just. On another planet is just playing. Amazing basketball. Is playoff averages are ridiculous he's making it look every bit as easy. As you expect him to he had 38 points nine rebounds seven assists last night. James has been sensational every step of the way. A socially it's it's been. I just had a terror through the post season in the nine games in the post season he's played 42 point three minutes per game. He shot 56% from the field. 43 point 4% from three. Where is making almost three gain in almost six tries to point six Mason five point nine dressed going to the line eleven and half times making eight point four. Nine rebounds some point one assists one point three blocks two point one steals he does have four point one turnovers by Scott Obama's hands. He's averaging a now paltry 34 point eight points a game is not a game in the playoffs yet. I believe were he has been. Under thirty points. If I look at this the lowest point total he has had XI Paula says he did he had won 25 point game. In the game two against. Indiana. As since that time he's got 413335393535. And 38 he has not had a game where he shot under 50%. From the field and it's been amazing to watch. Guys 32 years old. And generally at this stage of NBA careers you start to take that step back just a little bit based on what we're seeing I don't know that that is going to be the case. For the broken chains. You look at his numbers and they are just ridiculous. He's at 48787. Points right now in his NBA career in 19154. Points this year wears 164 point four points. And we talked about all this resting how many games he actually didn't play this year. I would guess maybe 6888. Games. Are played 90% of the season essentially played missed eight games. Eight bowl games. But look at the amount of minutes he's playing now. In the pool and the policies played almost 43 minutes tonight. How's he able to do this while one it and put it somewhere in Tehran on. Over the season despite the fact that in the third set before games he played. He averaged 37 point eight minutes a night the most he's averaged in the last three seasons. Innocent of grand total of eight games. He's 32 years of age will not turn 33 until December. It is. Beyond possible. At this rate that he's gonna shatter the all time scoring record. He keeps going like this and granite I don't know what he can score 2000 points year. But I think he can play another eight years right. He plays another eight years in the first three years he plays he's going 2000 points and the next five let's say he scorers. All I don't know. 12100. To get 121000 more points he'd be the first 40000 points or in his career in NBA history granted he came into the league earlier. And careened. Because Kareem went to college right earlier. Everybody in that list out there but called right right. It's it's ridiculous and the level he's playing at a 32. And every year. You can make a case for this man as the most valuable player in the week. I know. The rhetoric right now and I didn't have a vote the NBA all NBA teams came out he was obviously on the first and we'll talk about it ring up a tree on the board. And glided Campbell mentioned that next. But even with Russell Westbrook triple double streak in what James -- that it's. You would not be foolish to to vote for this guy. Number one every single year but the problem is he does it every single year so everybody goes back. Says LeBron be in the bronze he's just gonna give you 27. And eight. And eight. And you know what nobody else does that. Nobody else does that if he does indeed go back to the finals again for the seventh straight time. And let's say he does it again next year for an eighth straight time and he gets near the red bill Russell's record I think you're going to consecutive finals is eleven straight years. I must say Cleveland wins one more. So he wants to with Cleveland and wins what two with Miami so he wins four titles. And all the rhetoric is always well Michael the rules title employee as he EST go this far. You can make a case for him as the greatest player of all time if he has more points and anybody in the history of the game. Goes to eight consecutive NBA finals. You can make a case form for the best player. In the history of the game and I believe. And in the finals down three to one to the best regular season team of all time. And came back to win. Yeah Boston. 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Memorial foundation supporting ms. Michaels on our part of that as we'll get the call 359. 1040 welcome back bring it up put three on the board we'll talk about Yale dean that is in trouble. Will talk about some fireworks in the Braves and the blue jays in the all NBA team has been announced and Paul George miss the big payday that's next 99 a MES in Memphis. The cast three. Ceres well last year Lou. He joins the show. Mike can Mike in the today's Friday until 9 AM broadcasting on 68080 am this is 929 FM RE SPN's. And he is Kevin Johnson here GM Bruce Chris steakhouse months. So what's good and Bruce Chris oh are tendered lists you as Steve prime states for one. There always is. Speaking this is when it's that time a year or seasonal records mainly inspired by this season's first nuclear springing up all of its. You roosters shift in the source some of these flavors so you know you're enjoying fresh ingredients spread into the AP. 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Now back to the area castle tonight show where guests who appear via the Lander is he's done solo. Broadcasting on the doubled and says yeah. On six ABA yeah. Men places or station 929 SI. Yeah okay. I. Getting ready for deem a number of full or in Nashville the ninth. No basketball coming up next segment Renaissance is. Adam I mean he was on the call last night of the cavaliers big victory over the Celtics Leona Sony joining us in the second segment our number two double baseball as we had he quarter. Way to market every team has played just about forty games maybe 41 maybe thirty nine's. The Houston Astros. As predicted by Sports Illustrated three years ago all potentially. The 2017 world champions certainly looking I'd just like that although they took back the predictions last year on the baseball previously predicted them to win in sixteen or should not happen. But they are head and shoulders right now is above the crowd 29 and twelve we'll tackle the amazonian about that. So close out the rapid fire but right now read a little stuff we like to call ring it up put three on the board. Besides who really need the hurry up and ready PA. We now 82 nines very castles and. And every day during during an output three on the board when we get wrapped up we will have a prize a day the giveaway every day. Gets you more tickets to the Memphis to more pairs of tickets to the Memphis one point five on Saturday what is it June. 3. Starts. 5 o'clock it's a weekend event so we have two more players coming up we will give it a caller numbers do not call right now. I see those lines are allowed out having gone about as good as him out right now busy and out right now and then when I call for a you can do it our right. First story last night watching the out braves and Toronto Blue Jays. Because the baseball game and become a laugher as had a hockey game with Ottawa smashing Pittsburgh. It was down to watch little baseball so while my son was. Finishing up getting ready for bad I was watching is our buddy Jason motto is come on. This station many many times I was proud to have helped Jason last year. In his. Cornel challenged that dad. In Memphis they do this in a couple of different cities it was a lot of fun and helps his foundation. Kate Kate for cancer. I watched Jason on the mound and he looked really really good. And he was facing Kevin Clark is a really good young outfielder. For the Toronto Blue Jays and what appeared to be a situation. With a note you count where Jason kind of quick pitched temple Ari came up like he was gonna go into a full set. And just went into the wind up in through a nasty slider that pull our weight that. The law are. Immediately after swinging and missing looked. And said something that I appeared. Or that I thought appeared to look like a homophobic slur. You can obviously imagine what that word would be. And Jason mocked and Kurt Suzuki both kind of went yo what what you do like what's what's the deal and Jason my town looked at them. And the home plate umpire has stepped in. Jim Carrey and Joe Simpson or on the call basically said dude your boxer and the box you gotta be ready for a pitch to come. That's not anybody's fault but your own I understand that baseball players when they're in the box do not like to be quick pitch. But if you watch. I wanna see is Johnny quail that has about seven different types of I'll wind up to try to fool hitters. To me that's well within the pitcher's right if he wants to go any long gated Weiner to throw off your timing and he wants to go shorter wind up to throw off your timing. On if you're stand in a box. And you see him get ready any quick pitches but that's him make an adjustment. That's not me sticking up for a guy that there's been very kind us. And I love seeing back in the bigs in and pitching very very well after his first outing. Where he gave up two runs in an inning Jason Lott has not given up Iran sense and I think it's now either eight and two thirds or seventy thirds and almost you know full nine innings of of scoreless baseball if he can continue to do that obviously is gonna stay. In the braves' bullpen for the rest of the year and that's what we're open for. Can't employ our senses apologized. Baseball is in big investigating the incident. He said he acted in it surely he was frustrated it was heat of the moment the problem was what it led to was the benches clearing and then. Jose piece today in the next inning and an eight to three game at a home run had a huge bat flip. To which. Several ways braves players had something including Kurt Suzuki. Did in the benches cleared once again. IE you know benches clearing baseballs is so funny to me because you're never gonna actually throw a punch but. Going back to the pull our thing if he said what I think he said there's gonna be a suspension here and I think it's going to be a probably a hefty suspension. Whether or not that was acceptable back in the day whether or not people allow that to happen that's not now and now people are more sensitive. Two homophobic slurs and is in there a sense until homophobic slurs as they are to racial slurs and none of them had any part. In. Talking to someone like that you know and even don't have any party and if you're content up with your bodies but when you call somebody that in anger. And there are cameras everywhere I would imagine that can employ are probably gonna see suspension and I would be surprised if it's. Not at least five games maybe even up to ten. Next story. The all NBA teams came out remembered then that everybody thought I would be upset. Because I wasn't able to vote for the all NBA teams everybody thought I would be. Just. Absolutely. Devastated by the fact they couldn't vote friend VP of player of the year you know what I said. Actually happy. That I'm actually happy about it because one it's one less thing after the YouTube it does play. The local broadcasters a very awkward position take for example one Paul George. Paul George he made the all NBA team. Would have got about 31 million dollars in his next contract. Potentially from the Indiana Pacers you know whose name is not only all NBA team. All torch. The first I'll NBA team the first team all NBA is. Obviously Russell Westbrook and James Hart in the backcourt LeBron James. And coli Leonard are the front court. And with Anthony Davis. Staff curry Isaiah Thomas in the backcourt for two. Yana side of the Como. And Kevin Durant or the forwards and Rudy go there was a second team all NBA senate I. Not rude eagle there Al lot of love that I don't think you necessarily should have gotten and I really think that Marc Gasol is the better player but go there had a terrific year. It was John Wall and DeMar DeRozan in the backcourt for the third game. With dream on green Jimmy Butler and the Andre Jordan the third team up front so mark salt and make it but Paul George did not make it either. Can you imagine a Paul George missed it by one vote. And if that one vote came did not come from a pacer. Person and that's thirty million dollars on line do you think Paul George would ever. People look at peppers again because the boats it made public well here it probably assume they did on purpose just for 'cause right maybe he's an I'd interview or maybe didn't get along with them whatever it may be. It's a really awkward position to be and so those are all NBA team members. Mark assault did not make the all NBA team I was a little surprised by that because I do think that. When you put it top to bottom I think he's a better overall player and both Rudy go there and the Andre Jordan both. Jordan and go bear. Are terrific defenders terrific rebounder mark is a much more skilled offensive player. But I do you think you look at it you look at the success of their teams and that helped them along the way and Marcus on the out there and Paul George out there and that's a costly omission for one mr. Paul George final story. Little note to self remember that anything you do on the Internet is traceable back to you Ben Hogan. Taken part take in case a dean at Yale University a prestigious university nonetheless right Yale University New Haven, Connecticut ever ban that there's actually ivy on the walls. I can tell you that I Ben and I can tell you when I was there I was there to call it division to semi final football game between the University of California Davis in new haven university. We played it at the Yale Bowl we had the meeting of the two teams before the game at the university club at Yale in I get into the university club at Yale. You graduate from the app otherwise are not allowed and hence I was not allowed in because I was not part of the meeting or part of the university club so I stayed. In the lobby while I waited for the people we are going to dinner west. It is something to be walking around their know your literally one of the dumbest people in that nonetheless where I used by the way it is a humbling feeling. But at Yale University. A dean at that college has apologized for in her insensitive Yelp reviews of restaurants gyms and movie theaters. Including hot takes on what white trash customers would find tasty and employees she blasted. As barely educated morons June shoe. Who is of Asian descent. Dean of Yale's. Pearson college apologized. For the offending her views which had been circulated among students for several months after the Yale Daily News published. The screen shots on Saturday to put it quite simply if you are white trash this is a perfect night out for you she wrote one revealed a Japanese restaurant. This establishment is definitely not authentic by any stretch of the imagination and perfect for those low class folks. Who believe this is a real night out over salted in greasy foods side note employees are Chinese. Not Japanese. The problem is. She's responsible. For advising about 500 students and fostering. And fostering. Familiar comfortable living environment in keeping with the university's residential college system. She basically is about diversity at Yale university and here she is talking about white trash and Chinese people working in a Japanese restaurant. The problem with this is this. Insensitivity. And ignorance really knows no bounds you can be an incredibly intelligent successful person. And have a common sense of a twig and apparently missed you as the common sense of its weight because. Whether or not it's super insensitive to call someone white trash. What if someone actually does like the restaurant because they have different taste of what she asked does that make them white trash now. It doesn't. And the comments she made and then she went on to talk about fat people another thing else. Are out there and listen it's not something to it that we just saw Lamar ball. Talking about staying telling a female reporters state is Leonard Jason John doubt about the mob reporter kind of went back at him. It was on talent to our show but he talked about Jason whitlock mean another donut making fun of Jason what locks wait. In none of this is okay. And whether we wanted the angry that those that societies become more sensitive this things or just accept it. Is irrelevant the fact of the matter is when you are trying to preach diversity and talked to students and young college students about the importance of acceptance and you're on Yelp. Talking about a restaurant being a place for a white trash family could have a wonderful night out. You're kind of doing exactly what's your preaching against right there are so. I would imagine she's in a spot of trouble and I would imagine they will probably keep her around but on a very short. A very short leash so to speak Scioscia gets in trouble again that that might be the end of her career. At Yale and don't ever underestimate the power of the Internet people once you put it on cyberspace. It is going to be there for good. There's a lesson today during a platoon on the board one hour on the books one hour ago we got those tickets to giveaway to pair how about callers number seven and eight dollars number seven and eight. 535377653537762. 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