Draco Calls J&J to Explain Famous 4th of July Fireworks Video

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Tuesday, July 3rd

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But all of my god the phone is ringing. And you guys in this folks listen man that's all it is are reigning ladies and gentlemen. What a birthday treat them as partners shot of the persons that backup Kerry this is this at the cameraman yeah this is the god who would say you got to back up to very. Unbelievable and apparently. This this gentleman is with us now. Welcome to the shows are. Gone are our. So you heard mr. back up Terry. It is very obvious needs here look good and though the guy in the. Yo bro OK what's your name. Sir George won't. Tell minute jog in the pro seas off the shirts man they're not they're not making money off it all and yours and your moment. Good good good so. Well because of and we did note on the Bab Al Lowe put the people who did a business we showed it also that we go to your country it will elect mr. soon. Give them one into the yes. That money should be coming back to Darian yell. Guys have represented soft as it. And it was a definite phenomenon now we'll have all right Ali I don't I have I have lots of questions Draco do you have a minute. When was this when that this video take place. All layers are I was last year where we all act. Mara what part of town if you don't mind why hey hey hey dad who donated. Okay. And then and then you gotta tell us a little bit more about theory yes who is there. Was terribly but apparently it appears that you could you tell us about our first look first crude. Okay see what is he in the wheelchair permanently look like yeah like a cast on. You have now are you appear use who you corral or wall banner then we answered overlap are probably gonna bail out Amare earlier tomorrow. All FaceBook. Okay so to areas is is cool that he's healed. Are very clear Kerry did. Are you no matter regional realtor and two years ago doing but I. How has he always been in a wheelchair like what's his life story. I have always do we return yeah it'd be built flow of years bit broken here. And chemical plant in two we're Richard is it. Sees it not knowing you brother I thought maybe yell had been tortured into your little bit not knowing his condition changed but I now Osce Terry was in on it. Actually your report. He or the part you know build and Broward week he would be able to what they used he used a load balance sheet bear bush. Last year we measured you go deeper at large bid for hours in a quarter give too weird you're. How far drama Libya paid out they had these people who are no. Am going to cost rally their base even. Let all midnight you know I had no real problems would like velvet night I didn't hear these basic did this. And Greg are you seem to take great joy in and Dodd and Terry's plight there. I. Well good in the record book in Edmund Edmund would've been that it would be you know where to go well they do we need to leave. Well I got my hair match up. Let's get this money back into the community they listed those representatives on Amazon. They're very clear victories don't come communicate with the real men do movies video. Bo so we get out lavish some of rebels. No sure way ready so it's a more they so I told you. You hired representatives win when did you when it blew up I'll bet you when when there. Where they scholarship based column lead the nation they are getting cut at one of marcos' than any Rodrigo. Talk to me and bears his way. You went from there it like it is not a but it goat barrel. In box below collar bomb about the video age you know him and that whatever comic crew will undergo a particularly. You know we try to speed between upper it was you know we're we're close knit family so we cannot do owed and also an okay is this memoir about it. Because their candidate. The car about the war record to learn you know on the out like bill passed through my Brothers that a year earlier today yeah. So glad that is low but Draco who who do you believe like Kazaa a and I can see where this could get you know little Dicey who's the star of the video is it you know with the commentary or is it Terry. I believe there's yea your coach who have come here it would be deal or once it cleared out ought it is good man it would be a wheelchair may have Orton. We've been you know there's no let it beat anybody ever spent about it would be weird Serb. Half a it is all so that is as you call that and then I got down Draco man thank you so much you for listening have a much safer fourth of July there in the last three years. I revered birdied. Deserted you. And let's give them automatically good job I'm glad you found a job he did a service of but the for the community today it's really. See I told jobs don't count Borough brother sometimes up paints you in the wrong light exactly. I'm just trying to make my city better. I didn't even know was in Memphis that when we aren't all that I had no idea was in Memphis last year this is somewhere this is like the day you defeated cars cue from Memphis. Dot now it's much like that. I feel even better about it acts. That was awesome. Absolutely it was awesome the man's listening they're getting money aren't good how are every bit they split it carries not allergic cheated by would have put that on Amazon. Terry's not in the wheelchair anymore to does that danger for you it's great news and I totally residues of Earth Day until it was just temporary. You already had a cast on this was an accident councils optimize its confined to a we'll know European ministers trying to get out the situation in Iran over geragos speak at the end of the night anyway. Terry got a Mac are got back what a great story.