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Wednesday, May 16th

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Drug testing on the 8296. NBA GM and online at 99 The experience that she's into. And by the winning. On Memphis is sports station now 829 FM RE SPN. I don't bat Jayson the John did tonight after NB SP and as proud as it's been a big point. If you are interested or participating. And sports. Gambling here to help us break down the future is Doug is series and ESP Ian Baker the co host. A behind the bets post college game day on ESPN radio he joins us now Doug coward you. Well well rejoice seeing following the Supreme Court ruling on Monday this this is good for your business. Out of that so I would imagine that would foreclosures from a personal standpoint it'll even wrote Betty you know just. Ian L. Are Jews light. There's a big butt out out there and there. Really and it does. Not that that they're but it did dinner at label things like that. It was good to find the pat but first domino all the erosion of that stigma. Newton and you've been in hot demand to spread the gospel it appears there's a man looks like well everybody one stated here about this and that's gonna change the world a minute frankly I'm out on the you know. You know that guzzle apartments if it changes everything doesn't not vote. It got at least we think it does now at interstate depending on the estimate whether the American gaining their people are higher and they. You know so people being reluctant 400 billion dollars is that the United States. Illegally between offshore boats and local bookie so how much of that is gonna need a lot to do that people don't get. Of legally or it won't change your market be we're gonna keep their local guy. Right exactly for the convenience because I mean you know I can. You know I think I could pointed to a three or four guys right now offshore is going to be and it's it's it's much easier to do that I managed to sort of and how they regulate that let me ask this Doug. Will Lane Kiffin lead the charge. Brett Favre for coaches openly discussing points spread is he gonna be the guy like he's got to be the guy. They're bigger correction I forgot about that that's funny all of but I doubt people. But I doubt you wolf you. You think they're. Others are do you think there will be 888 caught a comfort level with coaches talking about this is a brick wall or do you think that. There will still be there reluctance because it is such and it. The alleged talked about the stigma and an even though it will be legal hopefully. I still felt like there will be a little bit of a reluctance to talk about it. Yeah you know I think there's got to be careful that they can be of the game I think that the important grown up on this because. I know they talk about being edit these but it does acknowledged being at sea they never say ailment and try to get. I'm Mike guy now he Kurt joked about yesterday and it was weird art. On this day I got myself. Right but you know they they don't wanna talk about the words what you read because it is goal is there's so much overlap with the actual ultimate again. And yet there of course are gonna Doug Azaria ESPN acre co host of you behind the bats podcasts are you of the mind dug that legalizing. Sports gambling will. Decreased the odds in the chances as it were of games being fixed. I think you'll have no bear. I think people who speak that. There was Everett can it going to need it seems sort of potential. No matter what they get that the it been going on forever like on Monday that the government did all of a sudden then an invite. And I get it on a law I adding people are kidding themselves. If they thought like. It got worse or better or whatever. It's been going on forever and it's not like it issue impact the people who do it on the underbelly of things. Are the ones who worry about that we have more legalization. And more bought nine. That's only good thing. Put it on the businessmen athletes professional athletes will never ever ever wrote game they'd make too much money. They Burke coaches and others the rep read that in the NBA about a decade ago that got it all at least you're worried about. And audit is going to be more regulation more monitoring. With the involvement of authorities. Bought. It's just not an issue at the professional level and get the bookie there's still a good bit. And I would say if the book is still going to exit. He you have to worry about more. The boat book he's getting bit. Looming. That's the that's what it it. Are these states gonna end up paying and integrity tax is that we've heard about it where I nerves tons of questions surrounding it right the leagues want their child there want their chunk of change from this. And and some of the speculation is that they'll charge an integrity tax. I've seen that a former new Jersey state senator says no way weren't new Jersey's up in any. Any tac. Well I'll let you sit back because what other players that we originally were all of your integrity he would not then opening comment to. The sport Betty industry Google does that anymore. Gain in more integrity that not that. Not you want it solid at Europe for by Barry Eaton that spot and maybe because right now about eight federal site at the what you 5%. And that is com. Sort of like you know get a handle it be because there could deepen cooperation or compromise. Problem east Fort Benning authority that are stopping to gain if they do what can be gained well. If they want the league who cooperate they didn't get advertising space in commercials and more. A form book is game and the Jumbotron or Bob if you build what you Ogilvy up being in the arena has our. Arm or just pamphlets at the arena or even on New Jersey gal that wrote it restarted in the NBA. To order the part of the iceberg quicker they wanna cooperate that ought to be up in they'll get in exchange for that accurately. Some willingness but know that but they were part about that they don't need the permission of the league that do their rights the league. Our light Lloyd art cockpit but so what all we needed a television monitor eggs and a box or a ball we need. Now we are course of conduct is there an ESPN anchor co host of the behind the beds. Podcast as you know Doug it's one thing for for betting to be legalized sports given to be legalized another. For sports leagues and entities to embrace it so let's kind of go down the list here we'll start with the NFL will be NFL embrace this. That is a million dollar question wonderful wonderful point on your part. And will be a media sells that really stubborn to get up is no longer bandit and inept beyond orbit it. Brighton and you brought the cop that. Com you know like I don't think this battle get a goal out part alcohol advertise you commercials so that we got up the legal doesn't mean they're all about it. They're very careful with the audit in. I have a feeling they'll be very low. Do you all until they get that's like the pot. I felt like on the other end of that spectrum is the NBA I feel like they are probably the most progressive of the major sports leagues do you think they will embrace it. Yet Adams over on record want to break it for the money reason but I don't like and what he did it all the law is too big one. He's like I'm not necessarily that the biggest gamble ordered broke audit and gambling but I also understand it here to stay up to might it will get ordered bitten regulated. And you want it done that federal level and that different for our listeners out there that what happened on Monday. All Monday did was remove federal ban but the federal ban is gone all the states were banned separate about it which is grandfathered in the early nineties. So the federal ban has removed right about every state can proceed according to it which is and it appetite on a state level that at bat. State legislation that would be so I broke that up already earning. On Monday they just removed a fan and about every state are up about. And the lawmakers demanding other constituents than what it says the board of morality and all that. Every state going to be different bought. Every speed all the need money in the local media Ito that the best way to do it because that's really hard to get this kind of ball you move money overnight. And then how about the NCAA. Very sticky it feels like kinda dirt because they give a college athletes are are. Getting none of this how do you think there they will approach this. But to that point sort of principle but spirit of things how is that different than before Monday right now they're true or. Is that. Up until Monday you know like death that was all going off guard perhaps dopey. And again they don't need be at Detroit permission. All. Yeah I at all. So so how soon and a house sooner or are cannot walk and a tunica Mississippi in the casinos down there into Atlantic city of New Jersey and met and make a bad on the bottom of the playoffs like are we talking days are we talking weeks for these steps that have been a bit. It sure. All of what has been going on. Jersey what happens a lot about it all done now I want to read it that it. Some form of legislation. But those states were all ready for that and. You know I think that city could be up and running but all reason and juror I will definitely be up. Couple weeks. Levin let me ask this about this Doug I don't know that it where you come down but if it is if it we we are obviously and in Memphis and Tennessee. If it is legalized. In Tennessee. Is it just going to be one of those things where you'd do it on your phone is they're going to be a place you can go to do wit like us sports book like. How is that gondola look. Right so so. Jurors either earlier or introduce a bill without the app or technology they wanted to revitalize Atlantic City right and also. There horse tracks so that can be brick and mortar over the counter but they kicked down the road introduce a bill agenda to incorporate. The other speaker that it 2018 and that's what people wanted to convenience but there are being in these terms a light bit. You cannot just like he ready to strike leading all said. Sports betting is legal under state. And so let in Ellis is rubbed backed out of our directly serve the you have to pay a lot of money. Great Mike Beebe and you have to get the awkward you wanna do the app but beat the future is that what the app. And it's going to enable people to bet my comfort they're all they're going out. And there have to put up money. Or that can be out or there's going to be broken brick and mortar places that allow you to do it over the outer. And what's gonna happen to be GPS under all that you're into that he's set it up. And you can do all that if you fly out of business auto Wednesday and Thursday hit thirty wanna get on an NBA finals game you can't you're. Because you're happy you're not GPS is not in the state even though you are resident and you'll be out in the state. Yeah the end of April that bad as well. I and then do an ass before you were gets out of here Golden State. At Houston game two looks like Houston is a two point favorite. Who'd you liked. You know what I really like she's in first quarter I barely got there and I really I'd love Celtic game why I thought. I just I wish the Celtics walked lap back you know absolutely love them all the points in game three three that big. A lot of handicapping about spot like what the spot for the team and that means right. The situation that the situation a place REIT that Houston but you really saw them fatigued. And the warriors are just pressure weather because of the injuries or because of our rotation and a lot of isolation with a rocket cell. I don't know I can bet against the warriors team but their spot says Houston. I think I get ball the small play on the warriors. Got you guys if they went and I mean it's a sweep right obvious they're not agree Houston's not winning a game and oracle. And incorrect but they have a knack for being super. Apathetic and weird times I don't I think he's been getting the bat that that I am. Yeah but. Eighties he would let the warriors team is is really strange they were crisp in game one which I love seeing that they have a knack for turn overs and boom and it. Strange strange place so I think he's in command there interest whereas like a double there double digit favorite against the kings they might lose burst the rocket they get maximum effort. Depp does appreciate the thanks guys are thank you for the time will lose again soon. We appreciate you go yep is Doug Zairian ESPN anchor and co host. The behind the bats. God cast there you go out and also post cause gaming on here on ESPN radio guys on return FM yes piano.