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Thursday, June 7th

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About Jason and John 99 FM ESPN and as promised DL Hugh goalies and accomplished actor radio host comedian his new book. How not to get shot will be out June 26 two and five shows in Memphis. A typical comedy house weakened he joins now Diaw scored a man. Yeah you lament the more I everything is good appreciate your time. Lots to get to if you go wanna start. With with comedy with everything that is going on in the world today is is doing standup and doing comedy easier than it's ever been. Or is it harder to joke about. Everything that's happening in the world. I think it's a you'll probably starting out you grew up in that environment in its probably a harder you know because. There ought they can't beat them by committee. But even I audiences the way they respond deputy do you get the lap accident and the Italian audiences. A kind of training camp what they'll accept what they want is is it is in the same boat. And look at the rubber gloves never known as I am not going to worry about what I think it was about Vietnam manufactured for the Islamic. And if you want rake up I got on the comedies. They would be the and that's that. Kind of a communal thing. You got to get more of a lone wolf like I could mean he. Would loathing of David if you take an Ambien and later put it up and and the immediately let not hate black people out of there. I opt out. About inadequate he's. Those who knows what have a Dylan at things have always admired about you managed is. I think you enlighten. And in forma I come away from your from your shows up Banco a better person. Well as much just as much as you as you tickle the funny bone wind was that always important that you you know has some comedians man they start out. Physical comedy you know mama jokes. And then get to a point man maybe across worlds where they're you know they're gonna stand for something in the wanna talk about societal issues. I've always since you like that guy like Chris Rock was is that always been you were did you get to that pull. It all it did not open because people talk about about what it's always been my prospects I think now people appetite wet for Beckham. Like when you look at the president now days 61. You know aptly. You Oakland at the plant them. Even old they waited let go date back contact but it was this. Respectful and not feeling for the man that I like and it didn't kill two people being killed the viewers. However the I don't know about valor that they can leave it at night so I don't know you they have an advantage when you need that the bronco so to me it's important. Say that they feel like a bit earlier ante and take care and duty. Be in the air like the people what they would pay you know. People particularly from what they'd like but ultimately it. That's cool group. Mean I you've been married more than thirty years now what's what's the key to a for some linesman Marion let's go now and I'm on the road. This separation. Is that really that is that it. You come back and analyze it with. I think if they get an a because update for poem be it though he gave. There's. I'm Mary Bono Wilma could have passed out they and then. More out there I think we get it done a lot better than me but I could have done better so I heard about the got to pick the right one. Deauth Ottawa's inching last night it's the fourth quarter it's a close game. And edit and in Jeff Van Gundy stops and says you know LeBron is just not been great denied got a day of triple double. Arm. Yeah you know this thing about a problem you late Ukraine and I'll watch a lot of great players. By one at and I think the lines of obviously the month greatest players ever existed I think physically mentally I think it is dominant players. But one of the things are always. Wonder about eve. They they often they'd be big he didn't think they take away from an umbilical we wanted to win it doesn't count. But first read doesn't count because the one that would check. But yet while we're into but I think it you have stated it's LeBron. Doesn't have the landlady of the way and if he doesn't have carried Italy I think the difference between disputed glad that he omelet date Carey gave him retain. Seven now they did a great player dominate player and player that you really like that would carry. Let global game last night doesn't do what he does these. It's in I reject the tape of him though I think he's been greatly but I never liked the idea is always you know gold never agreed with the Miami game tactically demanding that goes somewhere else. But he he ate in like he is like you changed coaches and teammates. And you know he's he's been on the team mate coming though because everybody's trying to piece in the public that allowed the Golden State beat where they did. Philippines. And the reason they and we and it could be in draft form global trying to be as big as they don't agree that he would build. And it and it I'd like order like old soldiers having a good bargain they were great together. They went because they believed to get and there are real pain and I mean really park would be. Vault. I mean what Devin Gregg eleven point. At night it may not be needed in any deal wind and yelled out. Come home and I'll like bolts on Odeo as well now they don't get Nigeria and you can put it near the Arctic simply no question probably. In the email but they debated they haven't you know gone out golly because ultimately they drag on your right step in and Angela. It's a little depressed and go right DL I mean you mentioned your Laker Fran and and honestly. If you're not the best team in the east. You know you gotta feel like you don't even have a chance right against the warriors and its whoever comes out of the east and it's probably going to be the warriors anyway just if it feels kind of depressing but not. But I think about it they bought into the lie like that but all of young players again right now I think it would be like it was a little. No question a bit differently and you look at both the demographic doesn't believe it but ultimately I do like. But you know the media and has put all the criticism is even if the Bryan little with a decent outfielder for the illegal with. I'm still mad because he goes. There's a code is two guys like Harden and and and and and and Nadal do the same thing. They both lead the ball for a long time they draw the you know the one about goes stated their ball boy and a but it fitted with great expectancy of everything. A bulky and big debate they do they love everything about it. On the an eight. What we exactly yeah no doubt we are course on the DL Hugh gonna be doing five shows here. In Memphis topical comedy house as we can get your tickets will be given away today and tomorrow on the show. Okay go back to LeBron though really quickly via because I think it is so much bigger than basketball with him I don't think we talk about it enough. This is a guy who was anointed at the age of fifteen or sixteen. As the name of Michael Jordan and and there have been countless players who have sort of had that same label would have come through. Basketball and and they washed out all gotten on drugs or or or whatever and and this is a guy who's had that labels and he was a teenager. It and I honestly think had had has surpassed that right on the court. You know indoors there's no. He's a guy who you would you have you know who the real expectation of full and they competed. And I'm problem that the kind of player he but the kind of mania. You you'd like you could never do. In the barn today was and it felt that that probably. They're never telling it like watching a leveled out the NBA is that it clearly the players Leigh. Yes the ball clear you know honestly and I think the broad day and take it a deliberate they are them and use it to do a lot of I don't know I don't know that we can a player. And happily do what he's done it probably. You know and you don't still there on the court nominee he liked my commonality only stated take it Latin Italy. I think I think the by the fact that he will play. He's openly dating him with that occurred and I want to collect the medal. You speak out crowd he'd give money he very vocal. He's the leader on court docket he did they as far as quarterly the is that on economic growth. I don't necessarily. I think that what that. Luminaries that people stand around like him like. A golden they move the ball everybody else wait for him and Atlanta and he might look dribbled over the let me on the side you can go to the basket. Or ticket that somebody else but in terms of what I would expect that from what he delivered it is no doubt there's never been avidly and what I expected in court and that that was that Agilent full manual. I was the only athlete I think the and those. So those extraordinary expectations been met art well. It's these kind of piggybacking off that the wrong question you know. Why oh why I was might not like that during his career why was it more about so my view very it was at the time was it to him that we need more from him at that time. My Michael right now. You know the Al yeah when you lose some I was a writer for a daily. Couldn't duplicate the runner up equipment that gauntlet they have it in opulent policy indoors and he did well. Likable by due to a club invites you to. I think the more craven made it. He's a crate and do even driven mad wanting an equivalent. And today and that was and I take it that live when that Arctic of them who liberated. Play areas obviously you know a lot of people it is the going to be the report but people there and then made but the greatest humanitarian aid that is up for debate I think it is what it. A definite like the way he did note that the very. Delta two. And great players and I think you need to be killed secretive about the you'll never Padilla. A great player that does have some level of them but I think now. Michael it was never bet he would never been there about not between that and about that the entity state law. It was also a different time without social media right I wonder how different would have been if Twitter and in the Gramm of FaceBook or around. Like solo thing and let let happen and yet what the lip of the Indian supporters got on what the two law. Like ultimately. Doesn't matter the apparatus that you communicate. You would ultimately that you of the New York it would've found out. And we to a mom probably beat and we either wouldn't we knew him around the net and we do curved let deed we have put so you know. I think that ultimately than Medicare but social apparatus. It is important people would people the people know everything about baseball everything about. On him from all whatever else that the media wanted though about it but I think that ultimately it was America and that there aren't a lot of people. Well what that upgrade it if you make that much money he looked beat him out in the at all stated that it ignited. I feel you know afraid of anything. It is exciting actors that's they're your prospective event. I know you have a book coming out June 26 it's called how not to get shot. What Dell what can I expect to learn from this book. It is done I'm glad to get sat and other by white people. It. Is called. It can't comment that you and a other you've got and other vital likely because every time Dominique is a murder bubbly. When he didn't round. If he didn't break the law if he just comply. So I'm about what I'm Megyn Kelly sale of the land look at David. You'd hardly let unpalatable. Without him by the white people. I probably had like legs and I'll let you can't publicly at Yale. He came gold star bulk we he would go to your BNP's it would be a barbecue. Look at little bell almost deal they have gotten bail. It's likely that there is severe to critical and it out of all the things I've ever done. It beat it is my third book. I'm I'm the one I'm proud. The and you were I thought on the well on most things about to what I've been known prepare for this interview with that was a two world below and how did you. How did you get out man and what advice would you 'cause deal we got we got plenty of it here in Memphis where 65% and everywhere in town. What advice would you give to these doses that don't think they can get out. How do you do it. Much out do we they tell. He's got to leave it. You gotta live at the bad thing about it is one of the view the wreck basically anything about it what it is it's about yeah. Yeah about it and that. Daddy's. Surveillance yeah it's been banned but all aideed. Let me and the area I've started working side gamble late Monday it was what you ultimately that they've been. The most difficult or the most physically it it would. Quote typical things black and yeah and it's typical because you don't really. Believe it is anything and he's he's right there and play. The days. All you he would all he knows what you see I remember. You talked earlier about how. Now you know talk about the things that he's well. I'm always done it from a perspective with the with a narrow because I can get I have a bad thing about it but it does go. It's like living in a fiscal you can only public benefit both live in an old but without. Angela Moore is an update. If these numbers would do. How hot beautiful I'm not someone else into the gonna feel wonderful. But how many beautiful things in the world and they knew how but the group is truly well. But I think right now we do in the world that has never valued him. I told them that there was nothing and when you wouldn't believe that about it though. Like when everybody it is. The most. I think what they did phrase. In god slept in America's. It's a black couple. There is absolutely no such thing as black a black club that would mean that these multiple of what most white people in Cuba likely. All eight of the Dubai needed was land that guilt by let. Ballclub there's more than is that about. Well why would Cuba of the crime is about academic. It about it what would you have somebody black on black crime that would apply. Bit of an error in. Criminality and the biggest indicator of crime. Is not the color is it topic. Of heated debate that black people live in in the open it is it poor black people. And they tell you stories collected if you believe it when it would lead to out of bed one in baked out those. Sixty people to call Wendell white aren't the only collectively get up they're cool it but who got Connecticut because they were clean it up. They got panicky. Who. You know Orlando they'll call it what they think on a wild crowd. It also or they'll got a lot alike well. You know they don't ever they're gonna do walk into what certain take some important people you know caught that little car. They talk about Chicago Chicago for fifteen months straight now thinking straight they collaborated throughout nobody talked about pick of the got to use. What they do it celebratory about it so we believe him and he's an and so forth stated we believe it there's no way out and we come with the daily. In the position it's now so before we got there yet but it. Good to get amount and I was just a yeah as if you're going to present I was gonna ask you have how many times have you have you been through Memphis via. Oh man I've been welcomed them at the Seoul on liberated appeared. And the team and so as the chairman minute thing is we asked Osaka and you alone turn. If you component demand that undermines a bass pro shops that you believe it dated the bears' rookie if it hit a vote of rewrote the rhythmic electric. That's BS had a good time as we can be under the going to be doing five shows at chuckles how many hours DL is that I'm a fan boards seeing you this weekend as an honor having you can't. Thank you to yell come on out and it ever memorabilia book and I guess that another let people do political week it Larry they had pictures in granted. It's very satirical but we actually used to it that they have seen it is very funny but part of what goes up and here on Amazon and Barnes & Noble pre orders to the public. A multi Kermit hey thank you for this program. A minute ago I care is the if you lose. A pursued him joining that showed two day what do what do book title. A body joke and I'd be users these dead theaters to see that argument and in the atomic when he decided to write about it dozens of he can and to pretty. Inflates our problem is that these are huddling in my view of the levee give advice. Are you guys know how not to use just one of our favorite pastimes. We have like I mean I was at a I was at a comedy club in New York you know that's world. They missed once compare how much did you get don't have a lot done actually I was at a comedy club Christian Vuitton and there cultured yep and frankly there were some things they talk about that were just too long culpable for me laugh about Rula Natalie there were several black comedians out there who were. Who were making jokes about like beginning job by the police and it's just like they are comedy I mean because that's that's clearly a topic that. That's contemporary topics now and I'd like active argued that target now in on the Mike you know one of the comedians is like. As I mean it just they're just there's I mean he's like he's he's literally. I'm making a joke about that. I'm looking over its humans can elect. You wanna lab which came I can't I can't really hit on a black guy making a joke about black folks in god I like Jack and laugh. Even though it's funny yet and one of the bids at an targeted vote. Via what are the bits that black comedian did with his name was it's a rod small I don't know I can't use he's a pretty big time guy and you know on the east on. He was like. Why people. Mass shootings that sisters Bain he thank you guys just love that series and don't get it. And it and it was on culpable because it was like kind of true. And you know that's connect commons one of the things comedians do that they try to bring levity to those heavy heavy heavy situation and and and it gets uncomfortable did it because it was I was instant India and ideologically. That if his instead it was even like interview because it. Because it is us and you're excited for year two satellite Vieri better. Not now I am as I don't edited the premium and a naw they are given millions of what is the F vehicle you're sitting right there on the front buys you pay I Hillary got it right to get roasted it becomes a few but job I try to keep panels that low profile artists like that you don't wanna make yourself an easy target. And never. Didn't know you urban resident article aboard new moon who go out of my way to not get roast that you want to go fresh you want to give and the in the no ammo been have you been trying to stay quiet heckling. In fact and so DL like you said he's becoming America's for a long time and adamant that Tommy store mandates do business with the comedies on which was on over to square back in the day that idea and he kind of when he was Guinness start everything he came through the comedies on the lot and if you tell me it's funny story DL. He was supposed to get offstage like 11 o'clock. And his manager standing in the back of the comedy club with a flashlight does this is all the shows this and is older shows. He's flash in the flashlights and yet you need on and off the Iraq I don't regret it up. But he went to 2 AM this 'cause he was feel on the show so I've heard I know world at the much you can't ever. Average shows very credible sub Betty really really good copy it and. And I thought well it would you your loans and and I lateral found got faith when they won't do we go we go to the early show 730 so we can give back if it is babysitters out there we have that's that's mired live to our boarding there live with kids and you with kids. With cute Iran and to put that on this. Hold that all of us and our Joel welcome back Jason and done did you kind of envious via.