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Wednesday, July 18th

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Are back Jason and jar ninety none of them ESPN and as promised. Is name is DJ steffens you as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies summer leading vote target you remembered you just Evans or almost beloved tigers in program history. Joins us now resting up I believe in Texas DJ steffens is that you back to back in your home state. Audience that are currently at least. Currently in Houston how's everything went how outburst up I saw it I saw you looked like you injured your shoulder there. Toward the end of that last game with a group are you OK in an end and how was some early. Not okay. Days structure our folks. That. An opinion because it would happen this oh welcome back yes there weren't sure. Packard. Armed with yeah that could lose those little scared. In the back into factories in their intent but there it is. The diagnosis. Had a standards. And because commercial. School or muted. So obviously you you win the championship there in France congratulations on that yes our and then you regularly get a chance that to breathe before you're playing basketball again here. You know in the United States with the summer league what are you hoping to get out of summer league and and did you get that. Our home. Planet similarly could decide that opportunity. Two you aren't. In the states back in. By the seat being your first quarter. Include who brought their compete and to try to open to modernize the try to shortly creates an opportunity in a sort of picture. If it's clear that. Well on what it fixed in whatever it is. On with the news states called actress. That it had that's what I want askew was at it from what I saw it needs some if I'm wrong dude re signed with Le Mans. Back or earlier this I think July 5 if I'm not mistaken so in India and then you place a little bit about an and that's why I'm up a thing about your shoulder and all that what was it. Did you look at as a risque and too dumb to do this a man you know domain M and if you got hurt. Holy cow so so did you look at as a risk that it in one worth taking clearly you do it. Argue that was so those are great book. Article back Fred had a in Korea and a contract. Is something the combat stateside in here. And I could have put a marker tractor trailer so. The world it down with. Anything. Open is different news. What what was it like mass other videos there and you guys. Three and massive crowd after he won the title there in France what was it like to you know tit to capture that first professional championship. Now regular second Oslo Israelis and Saturdays two champion. And yet they'll look like instant this that the RR OL scripts is. Although it's crazy to beat because earlier this year I concede that we have what it took to put it this year. Oh in the absence now with. We have some negroes by democracies and well the computers he's not a. And you've got six man years. Big time here. Clear air carriers do they love and do they look bad muzzle. They must love you over there imagine like being you got shirts like you imagine like I hear Jared is a hero live and on if you you must be a hero inflicts. Or are. It only took oracle could always gravitate toward it couldn't. I tell. I got the two blocks. There most of the Serb piece of people that would go to as president. We are course targeted DJ steffens former tiger just wrapped up another family here with the Memphis Grizzlies and and if if you watched DJ steffens play today. Two very different. These days stead than what we saw at the universe demands at least for the first three years you think about DJ at Memphis it was I've flyer you know Alter you know author and Alter shots shot blocker. Was the ability to step out and and and stretch out shoot threes always there or is that something you developed. That your career. Now they don't always let that you bet the developing it is heard he without appropriate. Goes. Clinton or blow brokers like music. And like old news they'll conflict. In a little bit about the group of depicting and so here we are aware that it could go online order. Occurred. The carpet with a a lot of work. I'm Rebecca comfort back they were ordered out of the cold that our country. And I mean there are in our homework or. Trying to older veteran congress so there. That subcontract out the loser of the U conduct their record Shaq could say. Look like world war yeah they are so. I mean and describe. The those grew up in here. Man I'm not all Nazi deejay Marcus you're out there on the night marked pills on you the value you don't get through the tear drop in from my brother felt like old times I'm sure somewhere just past and was smile and about how about Martell. And it's only gonna chance that you know play with him and play pretty well look like meant. Yeah I'm being the current. To be phone. Elect. I played pretty well it certainly. Or. Shut off. Lou. As possible office you open the and so. I'm excited to see what happened at the future of that so that they capitalized. And I would publicly and. Real quick and what about Darren Jackson obviously they're the grizzlies first round picks yet to spend some time with him how ready is he to contribute. What do you think his game. Not big bird earth where. It. That. You I mean you can. Hear the opportunity. What a great quote until. I didn't know that the Q8. There are critical Google I mean what the ought. Quote. Welcome. I don't really happy right now opting. The the great Britain and the and I think he's that was it would. Did you we have not had a chance to cats W since the university met mr. Obama mater. Made a a big time move ahead and that was a hiring. You know alarm Penny Hardaway what do you think of that moved for for the tigers. Her particular. Your partner is the result that just all of let the thing apple or lower it coats and urged the just the change that nobody like this and that nobody in this Parker tells me that that terms. While all. Along that this is with the ever wanna. Put it still happening it. At the negate this week that leveled the conference but it is going to be our. In the near future and try to proceed in the dining. Late eight. That it broke. These and has that body hold the were you 27 years old has that that would you you've got to you've got you've got a good what. Eight more years of buoyant I've always thought and I'm throwing this at you because we've talked about here on the show that when he's done competing. That you know if you got a little left and thank. Man Harlem Globetrotters brother is seems like like I remember Michael Wilson doing that for years and traveled the globe now you Marty traveled the globe. But I disfigured man and like like other guys retirement. Whether off that might be your not retirement you know domain like you'll spell low bounce and no legs right. All our group. If so. Or right. Both. But. You have a little bit though they looked ever try to get you I think it's been didn't you is a no brainer I think did you gotten you know competitive juices you wanna keep it going for loan you can but I figured. Effort for them Europe no brainer they reached ever reach out to him. Are also. If your editor. You have let it got a little low. Blunt bluntly. Brutally and with the Brooklyn and about you. And that did in my career culture secret yet that oracle is. To address. It is. You record an at large. The I mean I respect pick duke. For an X platform where. Well liked there it would be to actually. In my through our. They have sure yeah sure sure. Dole's shoulder day after day after it is. Too and that streak so. Let's in my career. The drought where you disaster my dream it'll never happen Bob May when you're 37 or something in my idea of you know still it's still jump and you know Duncan scored ten foot goals but I guess the dreams alone. And I are on route would like what are what are. Your collective debt and you know. As you go wait a politically Miami and it's always get an average thickness are brother. Not a problem our problem ticket did you. He is the it. Memphis Grizzlies summer league par. Since the first of his time as always a vehicle editor of socialism yeah I get them on the globetrotters. All right. Yeah I think I haven't well that's what I want to find out there was that more my dreamer in knows that a possibility and had he ever dreamed it clearly has not drained about that is the disrespect and I were really you want I want to make it clear and asked the guy said it after your competitive days rhetoric. There's obstacles guys get compensated if it would have been a slap in the face about Sid now. With the economy like don't do it right now like for you really don't you're go live I'm gonna blow to our Netanyahu say after his competitive and yet he was really vets mag. In this page six of 41 of them. Among them there's dictators plan basketball period I'm aware 41 you don't do that they have like you don't you know it's it's it's for the kids at that point. Right you know you're given back. If they get paid. The dilemma what replace Michael Wilson has muffin or whatever that's so that we can lock that in welcome back Jason examination of India's.