D.J. Palmore joins the Geoff Calkins Show

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Thursday, October 12th

Geoff Calkins welcomed former Christian Brothers High School standout and current Navy linebacker and team captain, D.J. Palmore, to the program to discuss his journey to the Naval Academy, his time at Navy, this week's game at the Liberty Bowl against the Tigers, and more.


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Don't succeed here. Nine ESPN. I see is it's. No. Yes CN. So my pleasure to bring in DJ it Alomar he of course I graduated from Christian Brothers has gone on to play. At the Naval Academy where is a linebacker and a team captain navy plays at Memphis in the Liberty Bowl Saturday and DJ joins me now aren't you did you. Right Jeff are you on. I'm good thanks very much for coming on I really do appreciate it's a take me back to when you're in high school and making the decision to go to the Naval Academy. How did that unfold. Well back part of my junior year commissioner kind of visited my school. Current introduced we do they look at me credit card dealer who was and until then who kept in touch. It'll Barack Obama school to a car and our school and we all boys school through which people understood. Very appreciative of the fact. Oh and then. A relative an official visit. And February. It was a good meeting between the commission made some of the players. They appreciate it same brother that aspect conflict. Well there's who have visited as part of the same thing where it was when it different here are particular to myself and for being held a players here tomorrow. Barack we each other I knew from the real. I knew about it and wanted to be a part of as a football player. Were you Tom I know were you surprised. Is that you weren't you I was a had a great career at navy you're you're on the on on national lists for linebackers of the year your team captain there. And you'd obviously played well Madeleine football. Ed Christian Brothers but I think he won two state wrestling titles in an addition. We surprised that you weren't likely that there wasn't more interest from more big schools I don't think that universe in Memphis recruit you at all. I know they did it I'm not gonna departed but. Is presented as it is what it is. And then maybe their loved the first so. Right so when you go there. You realize what is the commitment by the way you're you're there obviously freer for years and then what's the commitment for service afterwards. And as Favre years active duty after here are our graduation so a few different service you can go to begin may be armed marine ground. And navy surface warfare submarine warfare than maybe parlay into there are a lot of different things you could use but it start years from minimum. OK so what what year making that decision around the kitchen table. With your mom and dad. What when when a lot of kids and make the decision it's however are gonna get a college for four years you're making a decision where I got to go to scholars for four years. And then I'm going to be serving my country for five so it's nine years of commitment. That's a different kind of commitment and it must take some I mean yeah obviously have to know what's right. Yeah our own speech about faith and steadily buffet drama Barbara probability marine. And people are so we got. Just meeting other people and they told us that have come do they look at me commit to talk it out a talk on the graduation in there's no there's really no way to know. And so weird you know and it was innovator in it but I specifically Petraeus. And they've got it worked out. So do you know you said they're different things you can go into do you know which which which aspect of service you will. Be pursuing after your football career is over. So we've run out of about a month but my first preference was marine ground. Marine ground which this. So Maria be Marine Corps or so after graduation. I was debating school are all the basics about being an adventure officer armed. Not every marine. Ground officer is in the journal survey are we all have to know the basic skills. So what target TV SN Alter your element special actually via our learn more rough record. And house and go from there it. And how do you I mean that is serious stuff and why is that the one that you say what you do you rank them and then you get. And then they place you. Are you would you rank them on the you have a ranking. Apollo mission and most who get their first choice proper social and during your round and then after that out surface warfare but just in Russia. Are you can go wrong with any service. Because I mean there are Braylon here or your leader in all positions but I think the marine Marines are more the team aspect. That I kind of thrown fourteen now you know never to shame that is your cars what team but. They have a similar team aspect and that's what drew me to look towards record. Put on a deejay tell Mori is so of course graduate a Christian Brothers now at navy Naval Academy wears a linebacker. And a team captain navy plays. At Memphis Saturday by the way I don't know whether you started it. But like another seventeen Memphis kids up there are good seventeenth but there's a lot there's a couple from Blase and I know. It what what is it easy do you feel like you have sort of a Memphis. A group that's that's gathered up there at the Naval Academy. I that we definitely have a little group I would ask apparent out of his seven of a success or just just on the team. And there's some others and others force and so across brigade. I think the Naval Academy got normal exposures. And I think you're pretty strong a conduit and they have to realize there's something after football. And I mean I don't think he personally just that I know what is going to happen he's doing with the purple program has been doing the last few years associate joining a conference tells the address. What's the arm does the first year I gather the first year's hard for anyone at a military. That one of our our country's and hmm military academies. Is it different for football players or as an identical does everyone go through the same. Stuff. Well we under the same studies have battled long title bar at the end of the day armed there's definitely days where I didn't know part of make it. I consider far relieving our all of us being there being a part but I you really. Disparity teammate. And as you get through through into the same thing and outcome was different about a military academy and you know your traditional civilian school. Give me a hard day what was a hard day in your first year. Part of it part of the first schools just this is Charlotte and no one day wake up. The study all the morning's. There was some breakfast go to class all day meeting their lives for a full walk regular meetings go back to class. You are after practice in the national practice you we have an artwork on where. And then that's just local law these empty beer refreshment you have things are pro knowledge. At all at all other classes on. No military regulations and there's a proliferation. The uniform especially administration's. Ito and military effort in there and that's. Especially for hours in the wake up and do it again. Public every day is our bad. Unbelievable I'm talking to DJ Palmer are right under football. What's the football delight obviously. Navy has been tremendous. A force in the conference ever since they entered the conference. Came in a Memphis two years ago beat Memphis here. Ed map is up to the Naval Academy. Last year beat Memphis there. And now you come back and you play Memphis again why is Memphis why is navy so good. Our state are you underestimate us alone. But I recently. Due to sort of on our stadium. And I look over at us and they don't get paid to your house cross while we are. I've only got these guys that he's played talkers we've you know part of an entirely and everything play. And they're gonna do are at in the last year we've got beat our conference championship and an occasional talk to us and our us. Not a big reason why we didn't get the job done so it ourselves Colombian dust covered in your regime. Are you smaller than me that you but is there is it a smaller team than most teams in the American athletic conference. Our own me personally no I don't you listen here's Jason seem like a large pumps you up but generally. Yes I sort of a look at around what our corners. Don't have a current receivers and like the usual my size and arms like five times faster than you have. But it definitely has our Russia going RD armored car to sixty to seventy. But we were getting bigger within their but he will be probably only ever been bit. It'd definitely be yes we have the size difference. Now when you when you think there are are practicing. Do you. Yup said the scout team that is like this scout team this year this week is a runner to triple option on you whereas I presume last week on the planet are forced it does. I mean you see you must see the triple lot would you would you. We set the triple option would you be able to stop navy's triple option if you had to because metals has no rocket duo amassed. I have to be honest. I think Peralta as a coordinator is probably the smartest man I've ever seen a little field. So honestly. That there's no telling business south of us here. It must be fun to watch and how you get the grossed a little bit on the sidelines when they at least sixteen play drives at probably a good day didn't. That is sure you get those long drives review you learn stuff under your little bit. Freedom out there. How much fun wasn't come back to Memphis two years ago and then when that game deliberate well. All those who also understood that you know they were there ranked a top McCain now on we're gonna win my games and shock the world. I haven't tried this is associated might that be in my hometown would go to play ranked just a take it as a regular game army garbage and went into my parents after the game. The July transmit. I'm leading up to the game industry darken it again. Right OK and one new us study Memphis this year from. Looking at tape. Looking at Riley Ferguson looking at Anthony Miller who by the way did you play you must've put them into FEMA. So what you think of a man are you not surprised by his success I take it. I am not surprised at all I think I get it says his senior year you have injuries and kind of you know it did he wasn't a player he could have been sort of kind of kind of play through it. Sold frozen off you know when he was done the things he's doing a mistress. So when you see this offense what's the challenge. There's a lot of experience doing a lot of experience receiving corps quarterback all around you pretty experienced a really have. A weak point. A to place on the run game. Correction make it returning or hear about are we should have receivers that make plays so release trying to take advantage. But the quarterback trying to confuse. Two compressors or he can't get off. Our community. It must be nice wherever you go bomb you go into a stadium. And although you are sure the other the other team wants the wind there's no question there is this overriding respect for the Naval Academy and and that's true at every stage and you go to I'm sure it'll be when you when you come to the Liberty Bowl Saturday obviously the folks out of milling Tim will be there and big number. But that must make you feel special and proud a little bit of the service that you've chosen. Armed doses you know we are Croatian. We're never really be awaiting if you know I mean. We have few common luscious everywhere especially since people all over country in the navy and Marine Corps. To a trauma to get into the cancer no matter wherever and have a pretty good fan base pretty eager to supporters. And that that is kind of special to me. Taught him a DJ Palomar by the why not no one is still in your Twitter handle you can follow DJ at. 901 DP 31 so you still amounts in that aren't even though you're in the navy could take Memphis with a. Are you mean wonder. Out a disservice to mean shall whatever I don't know what can happen to it. The league background some of that one day. Well did you you're awfully nice to join us thank you very much and thank you for your service to attempt. Operators of course. Thanks appreciate it. See you Saturday that is DJ how from being able to. Unbelievable and I was the whole time significantly. If I just wanted to go and say like I'll take a bite. I don't have the companies that say I did one on list in the Marines they would look at meanest like looked. Well I mean I just look at diamond I hate to say you know you be talking about the different services that you can be yes right and I'm sand. Put me on Shia. We can't give me on a ship or maybe somewhere in milling ten would be good to doubt that people milling that would be good. For a ship would be good and everyone else sourced and he wants to be. He wants to be a marine on the ground. That's about basically running the naval look at naval base's golf course that battle I began on my coming back to Memphis. Yeah harder harder root against those guys really impressive I'm really impressive and I'm glad to have mom are able to take a break. Just talking Jamaican Assam has got.