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Friday, April 14th

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His name is Mike Miller. He's a current Denver nugget former Memphis Grizzlies you know on do you love them. Just wrapped up season number seventeen and he joins us now Mike what's happened in man. What are about how you freelance season number seventeen in the books how you feel and. A retired law. Those slot as a great this year and you know got better the team. Body feels likes of Lou focus on the that you knew about it but it. I noticed there at the end of the season you started to get like a lot more Mets like you were you are plan. And at the end of the season like you're playing thirty minutes again. But you know it's automated to develop I still love about all the news you know you closed. I know there's it's a lot of fun to go out tomorrow. Obviously actors about the level of violence and jump into the play twelve to thirty bullets and body is looks sort of describe violated dictated by the aboard your residential. We're curious about what's the what's the plan man come on back perceive an eighteen year 37 now your your Roland you're still in good shape you come back. You know I hope so you know obviously got a so hard to answer the question after being away at the tablet for six months sure so get back with the family though. We know what other discussion roundtable of the C what's that sit through everything Donovan went so it's fortunate enough to play seventeen years. About the unity Keenan but it is not the right situation is that the right that would that would normally is the producers. So disgusted the next 23 weeks and moment but from what. Drives you. Wind when you're making that decision whether to come back for you know the eighteenth he's obviously your role as a player. Has diminished throughout the years obvious and other did did organization that we appreciate you for everything you do off the court too but. What what's your driving force you know when your when your making that decision you started today to keep plugging along or not. Or person falls what what level kids law you know multiples of fiscal actually which is greatly. We go from. It up with a it and it's ago they wanted to do you figure out how gullible old. And then you know certainly is but still love that was what. Don't want the government forces but there is quite long enough to. And it made you know good money don't financial system anymore. It's more below why didn't adhere to debt that I love you good luck beloved. You know still be on the court he goes to get deployed throughout recorded and played well a lot of actors. It people's minds and so you don't do those things help strive for a candidate recruitment but I was assertive you know what that's from them. On the let me be aware of the parliament that we we've discussed that. Well Mike if it's if it's okay with the family we wanna see you play at least three more when she gets a I want to complex but listen real question still wet when it whenever it does the end have you thought about afterwards we we had Tayshaun. All on a couple of weeks go Tayshaun Prince. And then he really didn't have it was as we just insane question you'd have a plan and he was he was still kind of hold out hope that may be a team would pick him Laporte ever. Have you thought about life after basketball mode what you might wanna do. You ought to you know look at the budget different options. You know fortunately for via a bit held you know in the view of basketball no way forward with some of the best players but coaches in the world. And so. It I've that would put some thought into it and to jump forward with great talk about you know. You know hopes will be all the luck in those two side by and the years you know and you know for helmet he wanted to keep playing well. Which stated that these world so I can understand why want to keep blinders and you know would have hoped to expect him. I've got to make that decision for myself a goal for the beautifully that I abate in this summer post they usually beat it says that I have any control over. So you know to tap that preparation and although wanna do next is is it important via its same tablet and it's at the evidence isn't so we've what solutions now. You know my kids like conservative older sort of evidence is boo or. We are of course tarts and a great Mike Miller current Denver nugget for a Memphis grizzly. I know you guys are on the wrong end of it but Russell Westbrook definitely set the record the triple double record against you guys. In Denver. I mean you've played in this league for a long time you know how difficult it is to get a triple double on one night let alone. 42 of them what was it like to I mean did you see that up close and it what do you make of the season that that Russell Westbrook has had. First of all. I think he did that BP she's calm you know when you when you see what he's done on bulls some. Proud to play at all. Is that just how hard place that everybody I mean we're a little while the public to talk about game he broke records obviously against us. He gets 1516. And cannot believe it. Then and you know taught young kids and say look there he's cheap out client as part with that try to break a record and play the part. Met him he the stamina that the may have outnumbered the bad know what he has to do to win game trek game. Is the MVP out rather well abroad but it seemed those guys put them much deserved a much better you do those things. As the adult adult where. It is very very impressive. And obviously. To the bottom triple double but he had the ship went seventeen seed and had one. He put. It quite what they get that order tool so you know it. It's it's a process made news again would be the they have an all of more than they've been at all or. That the play at that level about a minute to play each game and and could bring that energy level ever ever again just shows you how much you put that to his work public to put it to probably by. On the heels of speculation that have allowed them but you don't have to go do those things all the court to build an office in to me that's most important thing. You know you mentioned your head one you've flirted with one the other night on Tuesday against Dallas and Tony Romo I saw yet. Yeah 87 are you want you are far away from number two there might. He kept outlook that the the Florida goes and goes on and if there is on your back out there quiet. Being a part of the league the league you've got a little bit different now a little bit easier to give them. But it's nobody's that he needed more than you know I was actually you know reviews you do unbelievable. Level. In terms of what is and you mentioned stamina and diet. You know you you are one of you guys in this league of its view it's Vince Carter started with you guys who've really been in the league for as long as you've been a lead. What are. How do you what is the best way to preserve your career what are the things that go into. Making sure you can be in this league for seventeen years way as you can sort of think back. What are the most important things you've got to do to be in the NBA in and NB a mainstay in this week for outlaw. Well most important news is who will work hard craft. And second rate is about church stereo. Turning that into okay what you do to a certain age knowing when you gotta go work smarter and harder. So you know how much rain but first and twelve years is include the college right now. I've got to go it didn't change my game obviously out strictly just shoot those little different and so it's it's finding some strange that for what you're going. An epic the most important thing that that hurts a lot of people. Mr. you can release are you go the law goes steadily. Because it's it's inevitable the longer you play. Different roles going to be. And and you know as competitors you see people you know play admitted they used to play during and they used to go to do. And and he still wanna go do it. But you know knowing your role on your team at that. So you can read your ego would do so for the team it is. A topic of the probable support I think that's the thing that kills the most people are unhappy about why haven't been better served in the shop in East Europe. Put position. To succeed like that you know put it. Your job is completely different the sooner you can realize that branch ought to let the law human league and in violators of the basketball because. There's he had people out there. Or you we have we have these published you really love basketball or do you look lifestyle you love basketball in the. And to add to your point about releasing the ego I think it's a great point as we've seen. Both sides of that with the grizzlies one is Allen Iverson. Who thought that he would come to Memphis and just run the organization. Did not want to come off the bench and obviously that flamed out. And right now they've got a guy named Vince Carter. Who has come into a starting role but certainly was not that at the beginning of the season he's forty years old he took a lesser role. And he's driving so we've seen both sides of that and if you're not willing to take a secondary role. They can pick your flame out to your pool. It's very important and blah nothing Brent parts involved also every record he's credible or dubbed it like a toll it is not known as the shooter now he's a very good shooter still out obviously athletic which particular. The most up obscene it is or resolve them as they could particulate. But you know there's there's so much wrong for for guys like him as a league is all of you to accept different role because he is so vital and what what happens is doing now what they're gonna be doing well portion because you need guys that have been there before you get the can make big shot. Good thing about accurately they're veteran team. Now anyway so that helps but alternative type O is our post people released eagle itself sold needed on a bunch of different games. Ecology could have you know these reports not to probably not have to impede this year but if you can if you deport yourself too many plays you know. Four games in Vietnam but just eat sensibly dollars will be communication being every situation. If you can really set eagle in the author of course those are at this in order you know that you value that's for any team in the league right now. What do you think Mike is an inevitable Colmes at champion won this is also known. I don't think it's inevitable Oak Hill I think obviously. You know. There in the front runners by then you know. Everyone out there. That it's there but the seem to have put together on paper it's. The champion. On but the west is tough moment there really is I like Santonio in the west you know a light. You know every matchup the last century first come quite honestly. Even the Portland. The old state war and obviously the old stable would that series but it still treaty and you got guys that are key neck and I can win games by themselves. There's not that great coach. So I think the west every matchup in the first round CA is very entry to be typical. You know about putting my body on somebody had problems signals they felt like Alex and it don't I've got beat a big settlement could come other. We know how big a blow it is for the grizzlies if Tony Allen can't go this series and looks like he won't be able to how much of a chance. Mean obviously Mike mark. Oz act of got to be great. How dangerous the go and no I mean it will and we just hard to say you you really like the spurs and it's their time a year a home we're looking for whole Mike obviously a much OP votes. I you know let that thing the best thing that. Or. That was cut off of them. Is their cordon as the guy out of it a few acres of them have it out. Oh really does hurt because he's you know he's the one that's gonna make collide the right point albeit a lot more difficult by itself. You know that that that would be. I'm fortunate boulevard but peppers doesn't really need right now. Vote that is the core group of guys have been there on the organ here but there's this crippled his group of guys that has given San Antonio a lot of problems in the past. So it it it's not like it's gonna be it also pride that like we can't handle it this group of guys. With what might get bark and beat both in and yeah obviously he had been there and bought the pieces around it. All it is gonna have them ready you're always does she knows what he's been a play great. You know with a great to be sent O'Neal we've been that we've been there for Miami so. You know there's the experience there's definitely help well as there are going to take one of the the first of yet no but I bet that's the biggest key to this little series. Then you've obviously got the you've still got the AU team here in town in 3:3 AM a mom and Ernie diaper hold that down to dame loss from east is on that team mark Freeman. I've asked you before Brooke I I think it bears repeating why is it still important for you might. To have the presence here in Memphis. Especially with the AU team. For a first vote them out of the present there is of Ford's future is I've spent more mud belt lights you know outside at outside of on well I'll let all of you know I've been and so many different places but most of my adult life has been a mr. Reid not move them back there and then from mediate youth program and even to execute you talk about wolf Merck and have great futures and had little. In my whole goal and it was beginning in about strength and beaten up helpless seventy years not seen you know kids with more talent than me. Kid. The longer be were bad for the view. Because of what they have what they know what their talent levels are but don't write it. So for me it's about give these kids the right opportunity whether they're whether they're good enough for not. You know sitting up. Routed through it worked well at the palace so. And their life whether. The right direction but change your life. Both saying we have more important than seventy years and now even more more humbled by it. And I want dude if you give you opportunity maybe have an out in the course you don't quite well. You know what people are added that it not a bit about the Pitt buckled it is a move in the right direction. So that they can make it in this themselves known and that that the most important and it's always done. But the more more scene you know you look at their people that are better than me at bat the ball not make it avert. There's an inside joke you know why is that it's always small things. And it lights in general. That that changes course and what direction donut hole which brought program Richard Bove now. Pick the right not left fork in the road. Now that about a menu are doing a good thing here in Memphis he is Mike Miller current Denver nugget former Memphis grizzly one of our favorites for sure Mike man Mike thanks good to catch up as always appreciate all you do run. Thank guys wrote Richard yeah. That is that Mike Miller.