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Tuesday, July 31st

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Broadcasting on 99 succeeding. 829 espn.com. This is. Memphis is sports station and maybe 29 FM. ESP. Back and break. We are back from the break and ask how miss his name is. David size is the president and COO of gold strike casino into Annika they are having a big ceremony tomorrow at noon. To celebrate a very big day in the life of Runnels than many people like Runnels in the midsouth. Legalize sports gambling in Mississippi he joins us now David Howard you. I don't we are doing very well how excited are you for tomorrow and just you know the future of of your casino and for Tamika. Now where we're incredibly excited I mean this has been a long time coming and keeping a close eye on the development and it's unity got that is that passover repealed and and we knew Mississippi you look on the forefront of legalizing gaming you know we go on the trip together and a lot of work but we're glad it's finally here. Well I had this is an absolutely the most incredible thing I've I've never ever thought this would happen. And it's about to unfold tomorrow Dana are you just stoked big time. We we aren't real a lot of excitement you know. Sports betting is he knows not to about gambling issue at the new activity and a new amenity to provide our gas and you know we all know export bring that about gambling to export more fun at all part of the world the sport and and really what to the past console war for the world really. And we're excited and now we can offer something new and hopefully bring some more people down Machida could check it down and we're also investing in making sure we're not only offered sports betting we offered rate of armed people can actually watched the game right for the can only put that down they cannot spend and spend the afternoon spent the evening you know how some wings have a beer and washes it Ricky tipped. Also have you guys had to install the bunch of new televisions like what sort of gone into. Being prepared and being ready for sports gambling in Mississippi. If so this sport banning it felt that a lot technology involved we ought to want to make sure that we can take back that if they status tracking them comply with all the regulations so. We we were actually look that lucky we have a kind of a retro now led kind of a quick serve placing kind of go into a lot of great student and eat it there. Data ready taxes they don't. Absolutely perfect for us to set up aren't betting bigger fish and we have a pretty large dining area that are ready had a budget TV so we actually install additional certainly by the screen. We got to keep working easier if we have quite two when he it's week by keyed in that area. It's perfect it's right adjacent to the area where we're sitting at sports betting that you kind of go in. You place a bad and then go not too far ordered them fruit order a bucket of Beers and watch to keep the rest that and it really worked out for us. So if you wanna come down her like on say Thursday before all the big games said. Many K good that it can now place are your bets and all your favorite games in just and they go home right. The threat out civil. Yes and it to them start starting tomorrow at noon you'll be able to come approach in any day seven days a week will be open and come down click on the that you want. So what what is the event tomorrow gonna antenna obviously you want everybody down there for that what what's the plan for the big event tomorrow the other person bed at noon what's the plan. Yet still who we are gonna have oh wait media coming by we also invited a lot of our most spoil our top customers a for the property. And remember that the key to all come down we're gonna do you know little. Bit of a small press conference and do a ribbon cutting. And kind of broke party commuted it's a small party of eleven DJ food drink and we wanna. Really just celebrate that back that. Finally this state in our property has legal sports betting line we're gonna have to try to keep spoke over the joint task we have Stanley Morgan met this native who's gonna come by. Kind of a local sport to liberty to hope plays at first that. And we have a few politicians as well joining us in order to make sure that we make it and then and try to get the word out could you wanted me to keep would come down. Check this out whether tomorrow or there or afterwards and trying to fuel we got. What it would pit throw yourself and elect the middle of September 1 of October on a typical Saturday dinner how many people would you project that would be. In gold strike. Play in all the games then there. It's it's a good question we probably should do an over under a poor people shall I guess we do. But I said that there's a lot to pick to be I mean I don't come to all you dirty though we we on the board got up in Atlantic City and when they opened ashe's exceeded expectations I mean I mean you know not a sport that that the prison that market even exceeded you know just the first month what's been going on in Las Vegas and we're hoping we get something similar but it's gonna be hard to say I mean it it it is a little bit the track of the week. We add the state and at a property wouldn't be the only nation but a sport that. In the entire region granting the distribute going to be the only state in the FTC reconstruct your import I think it would get a lot of great interest so I'm hoping we're gonna get long lines of people coming by if nothing more than to put the future that's down are gonna come by and check it out. But they really anything to go to Google were happy. No matter what we were tapped to be able to open we're happy to be able to offer at. And even division the few people coming by putting a bed and taking a big gamble will be content with that another two world you can get a lot more people. Now that she got you here do you have any numbers surety stats about elect how much. If betting is they go on I mean he's got to be massive numbers about. The people they're using their cookies or their friends or whatever I mean it does it seem like it's kind of an underground currency goes on. Yeah. You know typical lot of analysts or else they're trying to ask me how big market really is you know I hit a number doubt they're thinking that you know as we legalize we're getting a across the US for more more space start adopting yet. The market to be a six billion dollar dollar and into the turn into the round of revenue that that would generate you know a lot a lot of good here because you're you're you're now taking activities that are. Right now really happening in ways that aren't data arm protected are really good for the consumer in your opinion doing it in a much more protected regulated way to not gonna generate tax dollar because the community you know that can get paperback. But still going to be. Seeing that go one underground you know we we know that but now at least because pride in really good professional regulated option for customers so. You know any anything goes and right now obviously is what they've always been big and about you know we owned. And operate a lot of support both been doing it for 26 years the company so you've been doing a prolonged time and that's really allowed arrested you know really be the first two mile in this state you know hopefully ducks. To really 22 offered in Mississippi. You know were hoping don't open that today but tomorrow we get there were the costs. We are recited David side president CEO of gold strike casino. There in tunica side has got back from Vegas has must first time in Vegas so I saw the sport spoke with other all the boards and all the futures I mean is is that exactly. How it's gonna look there it in gold strike. It will it will be to some degree I mean we had to do a pretty quickly we only had two months to get it up and running like that you were lucky that we got pretty good space or. You are gonna Pete odd board to get your budget screens is not gonna be quite the scale in this side of what you Talladega because those were designed as a sports book from the beginning right we are in the preliminary stages of working on designing. Kind of a longer term facility. That once were able to kind of finish that will be able to share with the public until that this really go calling a provisional facility right it's going to be great in the kind of get it through the next year and that would work out a conglomerate tranda. Probably will be more like a traditional or buck although one of the things that you know even in Vegas were trying to move toward this. Getting away from just a sport but really export option be all about sports sport should also be about chicken wings and beer and budget screen to watch a game I think the future is really gonna the combination sports bar and sports but how. Which were starting to do in Las Vegas at some of our properties. Has a more speaking for our property to. And at the end of the day later you're projecting you certainly hope that it will be you know turn out large crowds with you know I can imagine on an NFL Sunday cut out Saturday march manned as the eye could see I can be used. I'd give the day regardless of what it is it's it's you know it's a breath of fresh air right like it's new life for a four your casino. That's silly and you know well a lot of a lot of what were hoping port open looks up and put on the map wedge which you kind of customer you know we we we we get really great. Loyal customers have been coming to a three years and have a great time and we take great care of them. But you know the sports you know the average sports bettors probably you know usually on average a meal in the mid to late thirties. That the customer the probably haven't come down a coach Gregg and allow Libby never been down there right or hoping or now you know we can attract a customer you get the from a brand awareness to the top of mind and they've been tightened in the come down to the top. Absolutely Davis I appreciated Matt thank you for Todd congratulations on which should be a very big day tomorrow. Legitimate argument that he is David sci president. And CEO low. Of gold strike may do just out to you I am blown away. I find by year by year preparation and an entire interview I mean your your natural you can done it alone you really could do you ahead of the rest of the show that things going to be big and it's on and the I don't think they know how biggest enemy is going to be here well like when I think about it and we talked about it before when I think about tunic and sports gambling. I'm not gonna go down there like for farmers and I'm football now but I'll go down there for like a Pompeo and frisky bite buddies if I get a first plays bonus or something then. I might go down there on you know cause loss Saturday NFL Sunday and you know double if they do it right it'll be well received this going to be fun to that's America loves football and they love that nine games and it's always been there always will be yeah but but like the biggest scale the largest scale time you would go would be that first weekend of March Madness in because you saw fifteen million day to think about that all day you just take off Thursday Friday. Yeah up and despair in the week in and tunic and it'll just keep going to seek a better bet on baseball announced but it did you could mean you can always been our future is like for example in Vegas you get the grizzlies 501 to win the NBA title he's one throw away money and again Monday that its fifth everybody put a dollar you know you a bailout money and now having. But on ten dollars but I'm a hundred dollars K speaking of cash we get a thousand dollars you're going to few minutes this guy's been radio Lon Anderson I think he knows that clock brought Ron is coming over from a place where their heart breaks and so will you it's okay we Q and I easily get immediately damage and it's kind of be like hey you know it's you know that Israel and I we got a great Ringo at 1215 and I use this you nonstop talk in the he's getting his cabin balcony that gets a lot of this guy at Drury gave care to give me some waters around. All right so we of course got a Runnels and here in studio from 1045 the river you can hear mornings what Tommy awed by the time with the line and actually we were supposed to Monica six who we -- we come on at 530 allowed because they're doing right it's a leg up on ever body yup you're like David sign go strike you when we first round first one day I will come back let's get to in the rundown Larry Brown. Have you guys know much I love Larry Brown he has he's got some he's made some public comments about Penny Hardaway. Hope we will go over those I hear that bit that Doyle has compiled a quiz for you. If you fail it got to leave the basis we were determined your competence is yeah sports amid the sports quiz Memphis sports is a great and all we're gonna put you up to a week Ramel Jason had done at a Jennifer heaviest via.