Daren Bates,Titans LB/Memphian in-studio with Jason & John (5/19/17)

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Friday, May 19th

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Guys and Jason does actually get. And as promised. We knew the Brothers Ian Robertson returns we had a ball last Friday because tomorrow. Genetics force having its fifth annual make the right call football camp over Liberty Bowl memorial stadium. Last week we had gene and with Marlon Brown will be a part of the camp this week. We've got gene and within a tag team of folks. Or all of we got Jean break everybody down we got there rates across from a so Omar the Mormon faith both Christian Brothers and olive branch star. First three years as he gave just ravaged. First three years and last about Bristol went on Auburn who else we got to build together though the other Bristol we leave mandates. When mechanics of the bears tigers and are you about yes. And now I thought guides our ads are barred price over there it's very peaceful. From Minnesota Vikings defense bit. A W we go week we could literally go to war right now in these do anything close who got Lil bro. There you little brother you and you broke and you broke the news our show last week that you know how to do it in in addition of this and run and he's caption on the head football coach at fair that we I'd are really excited and they really excite you must bid you talk to those kids over there they must decide that it. I'm telling you we my first team meeting Monday. You know I got a call from he would take closed at this guy that's my adult. In order Carl from him he was congratulating me na congratulations to host. Assuming you gotta come see America seek seek ski you don't hear me. And a I had seen the key did what his word of mouth you know he would upcoming album anything thinking like why. You know. And so pretty pretty excited about a quarter Atkins. He seeks he's gonna commit to tackle in and dean but he's a big keyed in on look forward to. I usually in a high value and gotten a lot of these of these coaches or are you keep the other coaches offer Emanuel kibo the other schools awful you know that's a thank you got a player these days with some other schools come after you and I try to come kitchen I'm not understand and understand it may have but says singing those guys I don't when those bills while being. You know I'm there's just tell me you Omar Almonte first day. It in the team lead and they like coats. Mean those in the guys goes no Cologne on his campus coast. You know me benefited and will to win a lot of Politico this coat rack you know that's gonna know they're pretty excited me we 30 week. We get out ran around mainly just the energy you know seen the community come out and we try to bring his way back this effort you know absolutely I'm not I don't think it's going to be a trying to thing I think weakened expected to bring him back brother not now Bates and debates and we talk about Marlon Brown did in here last week. McManus everybody all these guys are participating. In your camp tomorrow they'll all be involved right right righty we'll go get out there's too long man what are the star. 11 o'clock mayor registration is live in a cloudless. This box office live say is please get there early to register at 11 o'clock. Will be on the field role in its way focusing you know like 300 up their last in an added to it now like an H Rousseau eight to 78 to seventeen exhibiting in the deal we offered eighteen free AZT. Course slots from being genius for. We dornin for free so I initially keys can go to school for free me Gator one of an Angel a different live a better life and for parents for parents of prospects it is a wanna be involved as candy got some for them to somebody's got bars in the United Nations just don't put a minute and in the sky about its mandate and the Boehner. The bonus doctors and wanna speak to the payers about concussion awareness sudden cardiac risk. It is set at Piccadilly for opera and the full day you go those options are there may it'll come out you only good to go watch his son get a chapter in the it's off well rather than that a lot of net debt debate is bird. How often give back home. Target that was and Armon has a lot easier than being in the oh. If you are confident care in the. Now Jean would you Allred went well don't tell it would Jean before hand was as they're developed over time backyard it's murdered for you. Part of that's part of it at age group other analysts tell me this thumb. You talked about being in Tennessee now being in Nashville marchers are contrary it would be a dollar battle even. John Martin's greatest to go down to go solve the complex of these tight that's how we lost our two best special favors base of both O'Brien talked Kyra he's here to little over here yeah Kara Libya because our delegates are not leave the man who signed a three year deal nice you get their money it's about this new opportunity with titans. Our mass grave are glad to be first. Never Darby and play for the type of him as of right is the jays should never have been out targets may approach to be you do that you announced a home town team. As is or blew up a car Mateen rather sedate they should've made the playoffs. And they almost in abusing. All revenues last year Oakland. But this the abuse of big big big new began victory for a for the Tennessee ties. What was that like 'cause you you finally broke through and Oakland. Yeah I made the playoffs obviously Derek goes down with a broken leg my Christmas was ruined maps are yours was due largely marked out a sick man lad anyone open the president during daylight that lay out like a lousy. They get while we wanna play action this is ridiculous they were up by like thirty points was it was it hard though going from a place where you know like they're gonna be really really good leg and legitimate the next 67 years. Gone to a place where they haven't broken through yet was that a difficult decision. Our mom a recruit hard. Look at you know gone back and it was the Q do you look at the film and our share how they played every game they were and are there you know. Got lucky gambler right there they write draw and an Iranian Arthurs route you can see that loses. One more step that they need to add a little keys Kiki DT MF do the same way for us our woke. You know you can feel OK news if you believe it Bruce Irvin right. Are bigger here and I got clear Riley say the nearly got originals so you know you see those days and just name might be. Look good on paper harvest you and me weren't necessarily the type. You have made your career. And special things right like Eminem I even and I gave him you can really car about a career for yourself if you want to do with that kind of stuff right so they if you describe in your position to somebody. Like what what do you do like what how would you describe what you do and in the NFL. May is arrests suspects detained grew just sort of marcos' Terry Lewis Carl do you know you have to do guru it. Two to be the best and and does so from every team team or a stamp borrower Karros pertains to want a guy like that or maintained you know. There are longer amount Burgess are just from arm back around is this almost as attain tomorrow a three player of the red removed. If I have to give back estate that you didn't do it you know if I had to go oh block or return to do this in the army to do it because. I have expanded my horizons you know the more you can do better for restless a lot. A lot of guys like would almost look at that is like an insult like a lot of Hamas but they've got criminal they are on a starter on deep without the ball you can play like I mean there isn't there something be said though for being able and to do them. Girls who have made. Or how a space for our god before me. The united Astaro duo would that I didn't know what I did not understand announcements think that is priceless thing Karl how are we starting defense or in a never got conspiracy were. Would come and sit in a fairly narrow prosperity Crusoe this. So this guy over on gently placed with Tina and he played for twelve views fifteen and so is right you get the and you hated who are you got to keep working part in this in a farm to ways is through to make yourself the best off you know. A figure yelled craziest ones on the team. I got after us god don't I don't blow stuff up you have to pay a huge used is surprise so it especially you know go I need those aren't. Is that an issue is that what you eat is not leadership but absolutely absolutely. Every team every game programmer who played him twice a year wars. I have a combo would attitude because they overlook me are who wants he gave his hands and I lose our you know. Now that they began to play every stores being closed or pay close come of saying apartment Barrow you use a big boy you together we have the warrant. It was right now the target there was big harvest the from a key moment here today. Did I have bring us a discuss physically it's it's it's it's crazy but the last Hamas are usually with Christian Muslim and olive branch you were damaged for Europe's if we go to all of them but you were you were a safety then that could hit like alarm back. And you you're in here now you're allowed back over the tide. Did you take up the whole tape local what did you almost look like DL sub what what do you what do you what to heighten weighed down now what do you want. And around that is alarming and October of stiff arm live to Tora two birdies. How do you keep that up. What's what's that what's it like for the UN and other guys and young audience isn't just you know you got to Yale days yet another 23 hours that in a way that it didn't. Eaten a live look at these auto yeah I got a. Yeah I played up half of trying to figure out. I got they are residue this whiskey which used to receive a true outsider you with with your former high school coaches vote both Fargas was was a Castro NC VHS it was a Sam sold out router value with those guys are. I counseled well he wants and are somewhat in chart go fishing will soon. He descended to see him his as far as two car park beat the crap to fish or chart gloat don't count ya know kids who are they get that vision her target. And as you somewhere that would dollar and we talked about with gene and that's one of the reasons he seven you're having that they won't concussions for these parents because that we with all the information we have now been cousins and what can happen. Is that something you think about or every every day because we got the information that I've got to. A good. Obvious or be concerned about my health and after football was as something you've got to put on him out of your mind because. When you're an NFL did you you've got to be locked in like how do you approach should visit you know what I mean is is that he just holy but hopefully it doesn't happen to me. And you put I reminder do you think about safety and it every day very. Yes let's think about faith or early February. We'll fill you know if so traumatized the way we tell our. Here are usually used you know he's showed he's about a recount again today. The big groove going attained that way she can feel better about your particular sort of knew better about him. Longevity and I have a conclusive and I haven't graffiti shirt from the work. I ask you that question because I've seen NFL guys some number not many with a bit of few that said I would not let my son play. Because now I because I've been I don't know what it's likely you're in it would you would you let your kid play were you comfortable enough that there's techniques out there. I don't look just because our our warm and teach him absolutely. Right correct way I would never say I wouldn't that much I'll play a bar. As in Colombia and bring must have to do it over I would devotees from the corrode the right way we're going to keep his fiercely. What is the less than that you have to learn. About being a professional in the NFL and everybody has something different what was the lesson for you what did you need to learn. He'd he'd be in Libyan is who booted your time again early RO get ahead of the game Estes Omar oranges. And is counters mayor Phil mayor could you see other guys doing most of you are from older he is foreign places and mixing room. You'd maybe YouTube BR government eight use. It looks like as and you to you you mentioned earlier. Which come over the titans it looks like a perfect spot looks like a team that's ready to take over the AFC south and I'm sure that's how you feel this does it feel like you've got all the pieces. That it blew up on both sides of the ball and they've they've added some receivers as a quarterback. Does it feel like all the pieces of data kind of take as divisional. There are girls like Iran's right Ilia like this are on paper it was real you know Spencer is an afterwards that is going to be our growth easily movies yet come up. Formal week. OK will be doing it who served in bill Hewitt and after. The a little at the Israeli can be door in Europe and if these playoffs are digging here. In this this a little bit is for both theology and at and reviewed debates but but if you guys would give advice to. To have to kids to guys that are high school now that want to elect all have them that wanna get that college education particular get that scholarship. Possibly apology and go they NFL. What do they need to be doing right now to prepare themselves or to get ready because are allowed arsenal has chosen few can go. But how can you get yourself prepared what all goes into what they need to be doing right now. Well first I think you need to have goals. He start over regular goes and you mere remained every every morning you wake up you bristle too if you look at those goals those goals will push you. Two door and would you have us how you didn't go our considerable pleasure from experience right what you do army told. On Amir you're ever more and I always go about our seat OK I want to be LCDs. Wanna be. I'll simply match. You know or even more in our wool coat would have goal in my own the Bil academic RO you know me so everything. Indeed was tall as my goals. So I know if I wanted to ask for the token play astle at a discount to tease conduit and you know to me because there are 1 beer that I -- ago. So just things like they keep it all mom keeping me Danny de L home mom or where I'll wanna beat. Where I wanna go and no one is attainable and a new one is the time and you know about you based religious or. He has around him but it hardly ever set boundaries from Arthur. When a cancer over school he wanted knicks whose schools are you never have Sid Barrett man argument leaders today are among you have to do from everyday occurrence different ways and train for. Whatever sports you plant in men are from over. Down Cuba Cuban bandages or sport. Sharply Tuesday came even if his. Is now would be cool thing you blew it can help you wanted out are you know best part of new Obama movement had a nervous about industries are upper. Much of basketball burial tegra. You don't its. Didn't want defending you imagine it was all a bit. Yeah I forgot about those days manual you wouldn't did you like the glue guy. And it was a beacon score. Is that a better. New grad Chris gore I don't look and how might put up a little boy. How I bet they let him shoot the Hawaiian Gardens out. If he was going to hold you wanna get in front row and that I have. These their daughter also that they go knock us out earlier that let you as everything they've got the arm position. On the today when I got to parallel and I made John Hughes you know ourselves and maybe they are you know mobile and Asian all of the murder. I don't look at the old order. Gives up. Are we now I know I know how he plays man I have to see a play about now I played stupid you fell all the time in Paris. And I got OK okay. Mike writes it's too. I'm a united party nominee I'd go on a life time in his with the US I have like here you're quite a lady ever allege trauma team that's only way that worked as devotional record where's the national center ring out from Auburn was 2011. That the use targets that got them. Yeah WM what my day got tomorrow miles over the planet in Afghanistan is studio dog out of the full group two. Went there was I didn't. BC news that serves through the wow at all one I figured that I man. You say through bank of fully let you go you're in Nashville now predators are in the in the western promised by our comment mine are you like into really and the hockey. My AMD to BitTorrent to get a volume. It helps you know you did great hockey Plavix it is did you wanna skates and I am kind on that bush. It's an episode where they say they have been those that led by abruptly that. A good thing Ortega took up arms so. We've been to again armored room three games he is in the army units aren't you have got you the F thriller video aired yet you really get Jersey. Our our view tomorrow crow bush. Our minutes you and I got Mahmud how about it you know is going on like the attitude. Every time Margo I learned from you know are we learned no more rules in that third term away. I really guided down there are very excited the fans and their t.'s new material this low carb. So amount of idle land and I understand it now modest than the players who live by the same term. And is is is foreign and Evans who crede got to go to game six that it has at the plant. Yep I had to be in a plan B is everyone on this on this column OK and and as. As some more good times in Nationalists there based gene Robson a whole crew in here. This Saturday make the right call football camp registration tomorrow at 11 AM at only around yes sir present a balanced this is our our little good to catch up welcome back in just a minute war moved into is that 125. Days and John at a tennis then ESPN.