Cynthia Johnson, Jevon Carter's Mom, on the J&J Show Tuesday (7/17/18)

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Tuesday, July 17th

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Broadcasting on 9296. ED EM man on line at 929 The experience that she's been just so presented by the way. Only on Memphis is sports station 929 FM much ESPN and. I have back Jason and Jai 99 after an ENSCNN. Has promised she has become a star. Over. Over the Las Vegas summer league there's a video of Percy was prominently featured in one of the grizzlies social media. Video she is the mother of Javon Carter. I am wonderful. It and it went this is John Jason is on others and it's nice okay that's okay because you know effort that allowed they'd be cliche NN day and John Deere and jemaah. That's a can't keep up. Did you see by the way had just happened did you see the grizzlies trade it doesn't involve your son obviously did you see that have been well as news. Yeah. I'm sad about it more use than my home. Think about my dvd. If he does gum on the other things. I don't I don't know how well enough not to like this and everything I know about it my ally against the pop. What do you think about the rest of Javon teammates that he got the no how to get the know any of them at all. Now on now I really don't know any of them you know I just know. A little bit about yeah of course years and how is going to be touched at all. You know they were recruited together. And that that hit that don't really know any of the guys here. Well you will very soon obviously so let me ask you this. Are you are you're from Memphis are you from south Memphis. He can't factor OK okay so look out now so I graduated from carver just western car rice goes standup comic Heidi cobra yes I am I'll tell us I spent plenty of time and if so how did you get from that as he moved to Chicago. It actually born in Chicago OK for the analysis rate in Memphis and want to became adult double batch issue. What brought you to Memphis originally. My mom. OK I got in the. My mom mom we admitted that you know live you live in Chicago and also we all of our lives and the winter here McCain to a severe form. Pressure wanted to move from the south where we'll be you know much better. In his neighborhood mom mom my wife's from Haywood knows I thought I heard that on the on this Mark Jones thought about that on some really good that from Maywood and that's Michael Finley and Doc Rivers of five members correctly right. Yeah that's where Deval what I can do that when he was brain swells when you're Maywood Illinois. So how was how was it when you found out this amended it did it feel a little bit like destiny. That that Javon got drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies. When are the last period of basketball. There haven't gotten sick and the got the book that should should they let him out. The basketball players and because of that that nothing could have been ballpark actually happened in my life really grip would look not only that was my only in the eighteen. So not the bullseye. No I'm not the book I've never actually not what I not a bad about it and go well okay then about what about. I'm gonna try to where we left on the mop that from into. The agreement we will only. In the eighteenth that I advocated thing about because there. My heart and count me I have never had a connection to Chicago. Even though I'm probably appeared you know. A lot of my life method that always call to him at a party it. I saw a story that said you knew at the age of five. That's your songs going to make it to the NBA what would you see and then was it was the RDB you know bounce of the ball or I've got one that's for now wanna be able to say a year from now he's going to the lead them what I need to see. You know he was kind of bounce the ball before he could bring. In leading the Al Sabah. Because you know it is popular his brother hit it. I would have brought an operative and hit it uncle everybody played ball. So he's from a basketball at least a bit about I give it to continue him. In a stroller that's before he got what 42 walks and was raised in the jail. So you know I like almost like not playing basketball was not an option. We're we're does he he would go into place. Where does the fight come from is that you is that coming up with debt planning its older guys where does that fight in him come from because every time we see him. That's what he embodies readies a fighter your son's a fighter. You can't cut and he have a cousin that Indiana has. Older than him we can't keep the rock are who could. Did a great basketball player he graduated from the top right now. And he was always they grew up like Brothers. And so you look I'll with the competition. So people are always great so he wanted to be good golf will always be a good asking how they get the body could be better but yellows wanted to be a good it keep. So that was the motivation between Barack and want to be allowed and what is there. And then how good his bid in the local play and I wanted to play with them and against them and I guess you know that that Bryant will be with you. He wanted to get to a point where you can be sure they didn't sound that this man. So I guess that's what you get fire all her life. Not that we are crystal elicited just she's the proud mom of new grits guard Javon Carter. What to think of as the latest I had doubts what did you visit W proud of his Vegas performance and are you are you a tough critic what you think. What has shocked by. I mean the guy that age you know grieving nation in LB mountaineer nation where were fully aware of kids. Capabilities and what you can do what we're used to seeing ample form like that. Good imagination even continue that you know without it deliberately like wow OK maybe can't play. I'm like now but I think you know there that they have a Lauren. Profit for the year because you're going strong deflect from high school to college. There's college to the NBA for they have a lot of learning he had yet yet to do but he'll he'll get into it you gotta put the working it. There's no doubt about that let me ask you this what what did you think as a mom of of Bob Huggins. When he was rude crude and Javon did you like Bob initially after like Bob the kind of guy who. It may take you awhile to warm up to a what you think of Bob initially in the recruiting process. Now I don't think I acting because. Locally I guess what should actually on TV is. Is that those that can't see how that got about other than the bobbled the black he would like Riley can you know got a heart chill out that there that. And now I'm in machine go lenient. My big hit Tobago you know I am literally Colin and he'd be here the UNDP is still hunt he'd be here to me because these she. He's you know he can't moment when he. We have to get past that waste but when he's not union. College. Is that the really good guy. And I feel like when you hear him talk about Javon like Javon sounds like one of his favorite players that he's got a less like a son yeah I they had a they had a great relationship is that kind of how was. That's exactly had to work I think they can't something very special because you're not spent a lot of like private what. When they Barnett picking him they would you know he would be over at her home. And so they've faced a lot of time together and Bob Huggins. I think look out Foreman and made sure. He knew things since those are things outside of basketball. Or or involving basketball like a car. You know things you wouldn't you would need to know lucky gonna to a great. Basketball. Symposium. Last year about how in Javon got a lot of great useful information. I guess for gat that would be into Seattle and you've you've you've believed would go to the NBA. So information they would need to know about the NBA and about the insider like a trap process for. I financial partner. Dealing with me and socially our campus sapping our how can stop. And Bob Huggins you know selected him to go and take part in and I know it's pretty expensive. But he he believed that that was information he needed to know the that he believed that he was going to India it. You know like Johnson it's it's all worked out so beautifully right it comes to the to the team that should that you root for the style seems to fit your son so well with debt ridden racked I have to ask those mom. You don't. Was was going in the first round that mattered to you all as a motivation to him I think I heard someone asked him in the summer league. You know you went you went second round is at a motivate her for you you know most most players would say of course was that something for you all that. Yeah when that last name of the first round called your fuel deflated you just you just excited to be peered taken period because he was a first round talent we both know that. This is a strange at all if not in Miami Heat this man and a better it doesn't have anything to do what you know I hear. Is mom most valuable post. Thought he is being hit the person. In my life that actually years more than anything in the world. Have to me. I did it like he means the world wouldn't this now. Right. I understand there's. Basketball the NBA is a little bit. So they're they have the they have better players nappy is blackjack and expect their. Community a big idiot what idiot. So many parts only are level on our web. RYL effect around this man. I just wanted to see him get his foot in the door. Because he deserves to have an opportunity. Can do what he was born today. And I'm really looked inevitable I mean no matter what what what patent trip to get to the NBA I knew that when he within that. But nothing ever come need to do a lot about look at the bolts of what he'll. I can now he's not that school books are the people came looking for you know it it was always a situation. You know like he looked. You know under rated at a high school players so when he was being recruited for colleges ability you know the small universities in the west sitting in America would only do once school. That even game and all power. Regret that was his only top level the really crazy looking he'd like the only college she really knew about what Memphis university. They got into the big beard well I can't. Only now coming from the Chicago land area and they analyzed the world came to America. So he wanted to come ineptitude like OK I get champion method. While momma gonna be America's got that but I am probably the bench Chicago but he knew outlook moving recommend that this already graduated. So it title packet and then Nelson being relevant matters segment as well you know waiting. What do you get on the part. But no offer from Memphis on. Well not. Not that it and let me tell you this view is when he he was what class. Of 2014. They needed a point guard that they used a mom they needed a point guard desperately that year but I know it worked out welfare okay they've made it worked out beautifully firm for both you and Javon right I mean that's I mean you guys exactly what you wanted to do and you're you are here in Memphis in the end. Alien look irrelevant and that interventions like that that I have been where she wanted to go but he went when he needed to be. There you go if not you're you're exactly right Diego let me tell you this no shade but Bob Huggins. Just passed there. You you guys write you guys at the right thing when matches are exactly RG argue are you living in Memphis are you gonna move to Memphis what's kind of the plan. Don't really have a plan on living in Chicago now. You know it it's always a possibility. That I could come back the message coming up at the compound that. An amount of metabolic monitor all need to know that. You know if it did not know whether. It's the people like Matt not alien curry and that a beer vote of the people that are the closest to me in my life so you act indefinitely. And up and that's what you have now. I will let us know our cobra we'd love to hang out gets in studio this has been a real pleasure mr. Johnson thank you so much for the time and congratulations. It would amount segregated there's nothing you I'll have a wonderful day using them. Saying. She is Cynthia Johnson she goes right up there on Obama honestly does with guns away. I mean we're talking about the goats right there guns away and I I don't know whose product it's it's it's close. About that he wanted to go to Memphis and they needed a point guard so bad idea what was he ran didn't he was not right he's not rank it was now ranked. He had he had just like those corner rivals has offers where Akron Green Bay Indiana State LaSalle Loyola Toledo Balco Mercer and west urgent. Boy Memphis needed to Von Carter. That year 'cause I mean who was there are important are they year. Kooky Powell and Orton did buy dells like the Mardi Cunningham a cookie Powell Lou Holland they needed to form a part of bad. I'm limited to Marty good morning experience I am a channel Ahmet channeled what's his name mark Ernst dropped dough ball. If I got. I'd where Wipro Josh on the bus for hug me. Is true of it is all its Ahmed I don't know enough bits but it's like you know if you look at your career you were admit this when it was going down to Austin has town. Just fine just our problem in the future off iron and I could retire mullet. Being coached to be tough right there's no better coach for you in the country ballot without question Jason and Jon 98 united fan yes via.