Corey Jeffries, D.J. Jeffries Father, on the J&J Show Tuesday (7/31/18)

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Tuesday, July 31st

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As promised. Corey Jeffries is the father. A DJ Jeffries a five star local product to yesterday do you committed from Kentucky. And reopened his recruitment quarry joint it's now a court what's going our man crazy day yesterday. Oh yeah absolutely. So. What was yesterday like. You know just after DJ puts the news out. Did you guys was your was of foam blowing up like I mean what what was yesterday like. There was no outcry DM well mammal all the blood level it up goodwill where there and I. No we are out slow. You know I would MA AM goalie got Collison college coaches you know get a call tomorrow didn't you stay in Beijing. You know they have big kick out you know I'm very Leo we we we also want the ability everybody. Vote you out quite. So I'm not sure if you know this you you by actually know and now Kentucky fans might have Reno told you want to litter but. Vijay is the first player. To. Oh well look are you to a tropical outlook at the wheel well you know nobody although I try it didn't you know I'd check engine blew. You know what what commit somewhere they know that let it play and no ball a bit. You know. Did tell Nick Berg I see it it would take me. David eventually eliminate it you know it out of the hot. You know I made a legitimate you know he was feeling good today you know I think that then can you do that they'll come our way he would block it would have been voted RA. And the commitment from I didn't know that there's this new comedic bit. You know we don't win outright great trail and I'm in an outright it. Did we get blow blow that you're not made it did look IBJ content of the aisle I didn't nobody could make the right street leads urged. Then I'd definitely absolutely respect that has it been difficult for you as a dad is up. A C a little bit on Twitter and and and I suppose at some point like you got a jumper and you know this is your son your talking about as it has it been hard for you to kind of see that. The negative reaction from Kentucky fans on Twitter roars that is that just part of it. Followed every you know it it benefit me but you go out photo album I'll let you know home audio over the years the week we feel a little bit. In doubt. If god be good which. I don't believe it 000. Admitted he totally did you know lately and and we can't say that I didn't I didn't know we have a copious amounts well right I may lower rate patrolled let's go well I wouldn't be integrated. I'm good. As soon as you read as soon as DJ Zoete wanted to go under the direction UN followed all your Kentucky people. I love you we are we're talking to Cory Jeffords is the father of five star prospect here locally DJ Jefferies. Would you still consider Kentucky or are you guys this category and a different direction. To be a religion man it would it would no we have we can't let them and it would. Our job with little you know oh. Well let me know if they could accommodate all we we worked our luggage and. When you say unprofessional and they just not handle the news well today I mean I think. They they did note that in parted the way I've stated that out of it hasn't army. Out of the end of bad but you know I mean we we've we go give it to a more like I did little we know we. Oh yeah get away that it could relate to what we've got. So basically it sounds like to me from what your sand from their reaction that you know they're probably they're probably going and a different direction as well and as are you in that is going to be the way it is. No way out we thought they did they let you know like no doubt they'd give me a bit about it they keep within the so. I don't know I don't know what I. This out would know what to think either calm that when we had you want we had to on the day of the DJ. Made his original decision to commit Kentucky. Penny Hardaway was not yet the coach at Memphis it was getting done but it wasn't done yet. And you said at that time you know you guys could not look at gifts when you make in this decision but it Betty he was the coach. You would take a long look at it. How much of a motivating factor was penny being at Memphis. How much of motive motivating factor was that in DJ's decision to open a back out. Well below the level local food with a big but we've already. You know get rid I would not like we begin real quiet regulated very low you know that would look good. All told probably of the game and you know there. Let you know they went quite well and I hear people read and it. You know they can they didn't know Bobby can get avatar with you earlier about you know about no bid to commit to him about what it would mean. You know what I mean ain't broke that we were read 00. And yet it did that we don't you know let's. Hope. It and they did they say. You know I hope you are big huge if we go below do you wish they could. That absolutely this sounds like you know an are not much of it you wanna get into maybe not guns says but it just sounds like. York your idea of being a Kentucky commitment and and and DJ being academic commitment it didn't really match the reality of what you thought it was going to be. Executive editor that let the world go so. You know like I say let it could trigger the global scope well we want Ali who could get regarding the baby. Maybe they had apparently doesn't in BA BA get off so it's indeed lead and gasoline are religion so we focus day to do their. We awkward talked to Corey Jeffords he is the father of newly available five star local product DJ Jeffries are you mentioned Penny Hardaway did call yesterday. Yet they ended and can you just kind of share a little bit what that was their offer extended Izard understanding of their being an opportunity out what was the conversation. Well you know I hated it there oh you know we are great aren't staying late. You know OK either I think you know we didn't we're excited about it is it. Restore hope would be all right I guess I don't know yeah. He wore that at duke built rhetoric will be great eight and will not be good Obama did it in eat now wait and better. Got a so so were the other schools are you heard from in addition the Memphis. Amid the pit mistake we didn't steak oh. Well parade route they would artwork ago. Admit it they've ol' me are in the data solvent. Call was are we away from the issue jobs badly golf wow I. Yeah I doubt that our they did tell all or maybe it in the woody beg borrow Greek debt load but we shouldn't let bill Lowery is. If we aren't just try to Gonzales when he Adrian yeah. Yeah a drag out guys you're both went over there and we can do that would they re trial legally those big important bakery. So clearly obviously going to be a lot of great options for DJ is this. You know does DJ have an idea because as you know Euro Twitter you get it you know your your base you're in the Memphis metro area. The idea is that DJ. Deep committed from Kentucky to that to go to Memphis it is that is that fair or is this truly sort of a reopening and a total reset of the recruitment. Well let go to reopening would take bidders in many of them take you don't seem let you know whether they're the only you know forty can be viewed in the no we don't go dark out quote we know we have fare so. Do not mean the bloated. But aren't quite the UK but still you know our menu you can do it we don't take it though they'll take a look at everybody everybody at their career and it. Any mayor we know we both would be you know I mean there you go oh wait you know development that we go well. We are we're sort of core Jeffords he's a father of five star prospect did you Jefferson. From Kentucky yesterday the first player under John cal Perry Kentucky to do so I'm just your thoughts on the met the staff obviously they have not out coached a game yet but. You know as you mentioned a buzz everywhere you go you cannot get away from Memphis tiger basketball Penny Hardaway you know Mike Miller Matlock said Mitch showed just your thoughts on. On that staff and what they've been able to doing recruiting so far. Well maybe it is why it didn't take it go to a ball every rental car. They get down to our god they make it comes nearly a liberal there that you would look like oh you're you know like like I feel like. Like to hear about Alfonseca duque did and there is our development program we mean I don't know how big do. To guard got it better than it did have bad. You got every bloke and big bad luck would have it but I know. You know it's a bit of the guard had told go whenever you were. And they have big big we'll give give some argue they. Low level. Debt we of course our records ever again the father of DJ Jefferies our our dejudder in James Wiseman close at all 'cause obviously you hear a lot about that. Arm on the a huge fraud are they pretty good friends DJ NJ advisement. Okay how we get that big a hurry as you know. They are. The bank can't articulate ever cooperate bag in Ocala real to govern their little. Regular I'm David the bad debt tied orient that he did I elegant Gordon dealt that they play. Kingpin. What other city they play to get to delve deeply. Obama beat beat it beat in Australia they view you know they've played jumped so you know I didn't have been no we do feel very well while small car. How familiar are you with the the other. Prospects that Memphis is going after I imagine that's something that you have to consider you know as a parent you know you one of you want your your son to go to the best situation for him. On how so how familiar are you with sort of met this is other targets and and and how do you think DJ pits and all that. Probably your number or should be well loud but it. They negotiate elite with any anyone up from like the that you value that killed eight people make the right place. There are legal leg there right playing all illegal don't put that evil dead does this give I didn't view this line. People that are played a stab. Noted that the beta one welcome although it felt betrayed that. You know we believe we ring and then we we lately trend that no not play you but you know they would like it contemplate the trinity and they would veto it Walcott. You know make it bacon bacon no real flop open date as well is that it is probably wouldn't. Yeah I mean active day like of everybody as you look at the NBA elect is are they dirty their positions anymore you know everybody can kind of do everything at this point. We are or saga to Corey Jefferies the father of the Jeffers. Real quick wanna go back to the decision to be commit one more time because you know obviously DJ was asked about it every time I play basketball game you know. Are you gonna consider Memphis have you heard from Memphis and the answer was was no way in and it was note throughout until obviously yesterday. Were you surprised I mean were you surprised that DJ wanted to go through with this or could you did you sense this coming. I'm just your thoughts as a as a father we know when it happened in the process. Well I'm glad I did it because I am yeah nobody you know. What kind of what about a meat or you know maybe it will it will lead which led it is our board did not beat it's gonna love me which you. So you know I went to go and I know I know what like military ill wind you know what he's in Libya it which you are. Dare dare say they reached out and order it now in the started it about it. We begin at the local content of their apple went either. It did work it would go get bigger it would actually read it. Yeah with a debit coop. A negative thought by the Arab for the Gary would have had the news if you want the group that wouldn't say they're wondering if cannot get. I got you well at in terms of I guess what's next you guys plan to get over to Memphis are not official in the next couple weeks of what's kind of the idea there. Yeah you know we Lugo giggle it's so weird bit is in no mood at the state. In oh will be allowed only two right now that we know sure. We will result look at it and development you know don't do it then if you haven't you know make it remic directly. Now a big net cord Medicaid tea much I appreciate you coming on a breaking it down manga to catch up enough hopefully we can do this Gibson a man appreciate it. Operation yup he is Corey Jeffries the father of DJ Jefferies recently available five star prospect minute did you hear about it. They didn't handle the news well and I think he has heard the word unprofessional. Arafat. You know. Oh my goodness if you were one of those. Who thought that Kentucky was still going to be in the mix I think you've got your answer. They are there out yet doesn't sound like the Jeffrey Stanley has any interest at all. And and in you know maintaining that relationship but there you go listened. I get it. I get you know dads say in we're gonna take our time we're gonna make the right decision this time but c'mon. We we I had tickets. You know we got to officials Memphis and Mississippi State I think it's I'm feeling pretty good and he knows who rep is as a recruiting me by name. He knows it did you know DJ can fit in. You know I think we weren't allowed that interview are welcome back Jason and Jon at a Janet van ESPN.