College Game Day Host David Pollack on J&J Show (8/9/17)

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Wednesday, August 9th

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We're back Jason and Jon did you not have banned ESPN. And ask promised his name is David Pollack he's the college football analyst. Three yes it is here on behalf of our raid. He joins us now David how are you mad appreciate the time as always. Under all vote other on Google this and what have you been to. Brother summer bring great. I won't sell to admit that Bob allies ready to get rid of me. On the mid may there are people out here all the time all day every day and so I think she's down. She's ready to delve tossing the ball they've been amended to bargain at all cause blood is that it would also. Osce even hanging out with the home is a best buy has been guy hanging out vineyard you're you're downtime. And I tail and everybody that was that was our best friend aka the blatant. But you're exactly right David Villa because of policies and his right around the corner. Before we get into what's gonna happen this college football season just just your opinion what did you make of what happened. With Hugh freeze at Ole miss and in the aftermath. I'm fortunate. I think I've seen that as much as anybody I'm not from the people that you're ever gonna try and it jumped on people are not of I'll postpone the people because I know that I've made it a flurry of mistakes in my life and I'm that was technically Barack. How shocked I was surprised and you know obviously get a lot more I don't know missed the last seven years that. It is I think I think I would just go along and everybody else in this. I've heard that there are probably. Absolutely not it's been viewed more you dug into the Maliki got about a boy you. Read about the more information now you're just that they can back him. You know that could trigger a good reminder of college football and make future of the world are. On our toes because we've got to make sure we didn't think the right way to do it included all across country and there's a lot of wind I think that'll that are blurred encroaching on the crowd sport than. I hope that would a reality check for a lot of different people. What do you think sort of the first step is hurt Matalin can always come out and he's obviously addressed his team needs addressed the media but in terms of getting that group focused in Oxford. What's the first step for him. Why you gotta get by and let me cards will tell you did. Years and pretty Kean you're gonna have any kind of successful even whatsoever you gotta get players to believe in you and believing here so. They got the shares met again. Which is what what do you think and and give my base of casino and then prevention because every ten seconds there's there's a Twitter alert to take a look at. The good ball yet chastened and let the squirrel you know coral shiny on the distract and to me they got it got given something. Focus on the hone in on a recent rally a reason why I think there are a lot of a lot lot which you freeze then in the way love the players for the players know that the players know how. Our approach it with you until you gotta be nothing on their part of the Islamic there's. They would cheer and they bring that same energy and consistently every single page and start you've got to get somebody to bully even expect heavily developed in the bully. There of course targets ESP Inkatha loyalists David Pollack was here on behalf of power it. David what did you make of Josh Rosen some remarks about how. Human beings with our schedules human beings being guys a boycott for what they don't belong in school with our schedule. What do you think of those coming you play cards while high level obviously did do you do you subscribe to that. I felt I don't describe this same area I'm now old Pedro because here's the thing man. Let them 1% of you that we are gonna get an opportunity to play and you know well and that that's not stay on that that's. I mean every single year you have all these guys that leave early. They didn't finish their degree to build up in why don't they automatically and starting school need to be. An important issue is so caught they'll go become a gimmick come in the while they got a lot of attention and yeah it is not a target two bit of literature we can't work we act that we could actually get much Kool Aid. It didn't get critical command of this schedule absolutely it is difficult to practice every day and ask the what stage did you almost. You know got that call my bills. Get much pain in my school. About working that job. To to pay my build on the war entry jobs to pay my tuition must go with absolutely taking care of and market betting seek so. I think that we have a lot to be. Fortunate for I'm very blessed for that opportunity I had to be in college and my school and court. And tutoring in to help me you'll take all that stuff that that we had because otherwise I'm not sure how much of except a little bit I needed a lot of extra help. And SEC has one team ranked in the top ten the coach has told David obviously Alabama at the top it does have six in the top two or five Big Ten have though has for the top ten if we reached a point now where Big Ten has better. Or are we doing what we used to do with the SEC are we over rating the Big Ten what effect. Well I think. I think we have a debate this year from jump street that most of the cabinet actually only been like you know what it is back in that are being call click here it. I think is bad that he's the best. I this year we targeted stock. They're not all about that issue got one but she didn't look how we got Michigan vs Florida. The good barometer there I mean we get the judges. Not the best in the Big Ten not the best team in the and they yeah I'm TC. That's the other arrogant each other so I think. The days of Graeme yes he is that there are the best in Thursday's. Should be over Dayton could prove lecture at their ball even that was phenomenal and they won the championship that. Last year that would that would put together they ended treatment about concerts and I think we have to be willing to more can adapt to whatever we can vote. A lot of stared at quarterback coming back in the SEC I have no doubt that you could plug it back in college football that's. That's a fact you look at the track every year you get in there but right. But it's an important state. How to stay off Michigan do you see what they're pumped up the last couple years there but how about some pretty bad and good football players give. On a course and going inside the SEC then. How wide would say the gap is in your estimation between Alabama and in everybody else LSU Auburn Georgia Florida how wide is that gap and. What protocol dribbled between Alabama and everybody else has been pretty stated here you know and their level looks and they expected absolutely insane I mean. It got them out in 2000 they've they've been right in the morgue polled the majority group and always in the top Bob always. We understand the problem they've been in addition to VA did seemed to make out what upper and the B yes some of those times I let such. It's incredible the level of acceptance sustainability that adds. But I think Bob the gap that they do I think yeah the big would. Then and everybody else involved but oddly twisted the most is the most important thing to me about yet is he this year they hit each. About having to order going to be much improved. Lord is going to be much in crude. I think Florida you go what in the right now they got the they got more people speak yet they got meg that we used back in the day when you let guys ordered. Get out and not likely act like Britain Scotland. They got the pulpit why they got good running backs. Equally as hard or believe guy here. The bull by the horns and play well. We can actually they're decent if you want to know before returning starters if you question of the bench are not very bright because they've been. Kind of cap they're free to let go are your next cat the Levy thing. Imported their lead but then that the year candidate so I think all the got a kid that expectancy there. And then we're record of course talking to David Pollack from ESPN you're here on behalf of power rating through the power your school program. Tolerate is given young athletes the chance to earn a share of one million dollars for their schools how can people get involved David. Ultra small at cal pulled edit it will come out all the solid in the all this money. And I both programs where it all starts in I think anybody I've played charged on a level I played. Professionally I'd go with the best experience of life and I think their power ball was the target school programs offered all be schooled grabbed great experiences. I've got a name and try to muddy the vehicle program. If you share written or video message or at play at RE dot com and tell us what we need to get the ball tell which are schooled me. So weakened we can come in imparting Wiki and hopefully make your program better make it Rick so your blog a little bit that they're good at their site global. Awesome to get involved Ari become less than four relates ago they've I'll never forget it it was the first college football playoff ranking. Two years ago that this came in ranked number thirteen. And you get on your soapbox for them tigers many said they're ranked well this is adaptable yeah this what you know men they love you here in Memphis. Well appellate that it blog there were out there that I thank you don't yo you're fighting and yelled realized that yelled down to. Yeah you can't please everybody. And the bottom line it would you pick against somebody or somebody to highly rated and everybody get them yet but it's part of our job but I appreciate that its roundup that gives. Baghdad doubt appreciate your time thank you so much great stuff ironed out. Leo yeah it is David Pollack really good dude and yeah I'll never forget that man because it is came and it was still like distort them oh yeah member of the day. At that time it was the highest ranking for a non power five. Team. And he still said yeah oh. Memphis is right through glow in Alabama is ranked who hot. At that tiger I think Alabama had lost to Ole miss never to rank right up that's right let's rock and Memphis came in they had they had beaten on this and they were number thirteen. So I got a problem with that was an investment firm and as you silly predictions. Now an idol that we needed at this easily predict we got to get through Louisiana Monroe or what gets you one week at a time one and noted. One and I. Are we got big during. It is big ring will come back in just a minute Jason Dunn and it's not a fan via via.