Coach David Fizdale Postgame on Wed 10/11/17

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Thursday, October 12th

AUDIO: Coach David Fizdale Postgame on Wed 10/11/17


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Addresses the media now. Or pre season games it was the biggest area growth Hussein it was the biggest challenge to see this team. You know to see small areas of growth like all over you know we still. Not connect to a certain place where it's likely right there. You know we miss communicate. Some switches here and there. We went a little we took a step back guard the three point line in the second half to snow awareness stories that we were given. And I thought we took a step back from ball movement the ball to stop holding. To their credit they did a great job of taking us out of our stuff but we helped. By trying to play one on one and we'll ball. I think also you know pork. Always say it is but I just know that this a tough element. You know to deal with it when your guy fighting for a spot. And at the same time trying to play as a team and so you know we got multiple guys in that situation and what I saw was. When they got tough guys this kind of broke off into her own thing this at least initial rocket. You know obviously I'm a staff that of course but also. You know I did it was human element and you know you can't fall info would be in a little bit. You know. Taking in more. About the situation because that is their job. You've given don't Brooks a lot of minutes. We've. The main group and tonight played a fair bit with what are probably going to be the starting center guys is that reflective do you think his role in the regular season comes in is going to be a decent size for. Love me in the kid is he's a very reliable player. You know on companies and before his area detail oriented. Does all the little things help you. Also was trying to get his feet wet as much as possible you know. You know. We'll put a lot of different lineup so there but there will be a group in Ireland to play so just trying to get him experience on the flies as fast. Colors do you think we're gonna get the team like Houston when they play up tempo helps or got kind of get comfortable because the game is moving fast yeah. I'm I love it that we you know I don't like plan three times in the first month hurt in the season but. It a pretty season is great for you you know like Allison about it man as well. You know those teams present different challenges. You grew. Really what testy. NC where you are themselves. I'm glad we played them and you know I wasn't I had no problem what our pace as much as it was the mental mistakes that we made and the ball stopped. Was there any particular reason like the odd thing pin placement now. You know of a CD is a big part is do. As with a look at some of the stuff tonight. There was nothing he Gator. It's. Check out euros a hybrid five. C. Now we're just put on film that groupings within this. How okay. I'm being nice right now. With the way you wanna play it free flowing in and not so many say it's. But what's your take on just how the Gaza Allen the responsibility that comes with. Open now because there that you you really have to take pride in is in. Taking quality shots. You also have to Brian take your ball. And so you know. That is only way you can play again. You know applause all five guys is that everybody is reliable to. Make in a position very important. So right now we're learning and sometimes you see the ball flying all over the June. And then there's other times you see some beautiful basketball portable unless you know we're pushing in this movement that we gain guys over the top and you know and good things happen force we play that way so. Already SC. To us you know in a first for pre season games we got more stuff. Over the top off fast breaks. You know this early and we get probably like a quarter of the season last year you know if not more so. That part time I am happy with. You know we're just keep working and getting better. Hard as and it. Let's go to the Memphis Grizzlies statement is dale.