Coach David Fizdale Postgame on Tues 11/7/17

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Wednesday, November 8th

AUDIO: Coach David Fizdale Postgame on Tues 11/7/17


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You feel good resume on the call are still go win a moment anybody. He's got we will develop and Libya style. So we asked to go through mistakes. Officials. We have to go to long. What can I come from those guys. This field Newton and you'll live to leave that in there and go skiing yeah it is simply makes plays and and crunch moments though something we noticed our front office folks noticed only lost some. He always throws for the occasion and crunch moments in the zone us until we really like Obama finds a way to help you win mom when everything's okay. Absolutely they really helped us tonight. I think thrown eight boards I think it was almost I mean really helped us tonight he's not talked to him today he was just really out. Plan uptight tonight so messed up its own. Free mind. Just fly around and be athletic. And I feel mistakes are aggressive mistakes out there. It's a hard play hard and competed and helped us and apologizes instrumental. Honestly I just always really competed. I thought we had limited breakdowns. Against him in the office the office which was only compromising positions. You know always you know me I'm always prize Terry's office. Geniuses I think again it really puts us compromising positions so I just thought that our cars and good job and compete. Marking a great job just don't always communicate and quarterback and.