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Friday, March 9th

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99 FM six ADM on the WM FS and maybe 29 This Sears and Jason John show law. Yeah yeah. To. His dad. She. They've done and has promised his name is Chris Broussard an NBA insider. For FS one he's put it on the king national summit fourth annual. It's gonna take place next money Dexia to be admit this this weekend he joins us now Chris how are you. I'm doing great how are you got to do you are coming tomorrow when he didn't hear. Not slimy and that night I arrived uncovered from LA a lot like well it Vietnam horny or something like that but better. Well it'll be a law ignited travel bled out would you forward to being there. Well we're late night city Chris you know that we got some spots for you if you need him. So should I expect like hundreds of people at the airport. Agree we are not are you are you flying with Disney. And because he's been one of the west which I regret that vote vote total momentum there evolve Cheney do so desperate are you realize now that you're. The war this is what we're thinking Chris when you have him next month that's your event. You Graham as the head coach the universe in Memphis eleven different title by that or that's what we're thank. Wow yeah that like Tubby Smith obviously had a nice career college coast Brit you know didn't pay any Hardaway and where I'm sure they're thinking. If he would be able to resurrect you know they're great college tradition that lift it at. And ate out they broke it by giving players from Memphis US so I know he's gonna. Great jab at the actual coach Baird obviously got much love and respect they're so. You know it makes sense it makes about wishing that led the best of luck. In terms of your interactions. With any. When you talked saw him when you hear him speak like do you think man that guy's got the chops you know to be able to to run a high level caused basketball program like Memphis. Yeah I haven't spoken what opinion a little while obviously are covered him when he was in the league and in Simi dumped her backward Brit. You know he always struck you ever obviously got a very intelligent. A guy that obviously had a tremendous basketball IQ. And you know. New big game and allowed a bit and the best coaches. Our point guard you know inadvertently it's the way he was. I also think. The fact that. He got injured in you know he probably would not be all right big bet that could almost be said that the certainty but injury derailed his career. But I think that gave him a different perspectives to cover a lot of great players who avatar metallic. They have trouble understanding. No player who doubt that I that marched out you know in and they don't become great coaches or executives many of them. Cheney now has seen both sides that god is superpower in the superstar. Air and the guys that you know what it as talented. Because the big knee injuries in you know had to work a lot harder could understand. Kind of the prospective. Of the role player. A so I think decades it's out in that coated I love Oprah Show but it certainly something that could help real. At the cult. Absolutely so tell us about the event the king national summit to discuss. Faith manhood in sports obviously Penny Hardaway will be a part of it don't strawberry Lionel Hollins tell us a little bit about low when doing Chris. Yeah argue it's problems in honor of founder president of national man's movement called the king movement ever really is just about. Help me boy and me and you know become the great men that got trade them could be in the there is. The citizens the role probably in their community. That you know they were created to beat. And it's so we have a summit every year we're having this year in mid Beijing commemoration. Of this sixtieth anniversary of the deck deaths of Dr. Martin Luther King we look at me and member of the king coming they're somewhat Saint Louis. There were Cisco. Which Florida new York New Jersey Atlanta Charlotte like all over the currency Ohio. Com and the end of course to have a lot to me and for mr. Baier. So it would not be like you went to the father Lou workshop or Saturday. Where we treat high school boy about fatherhood mayor who they are there. Obviously Bob burger at a spot that listen this is a big problem in America today. We're going I have Darryl Strawberry speak. Friday night and we all know that he had a tremendous baseball career counted do you rail. By drug abuse and addiction he's gonna speak about how you overcame back. And lesson he learned you know Brunette that dirty. In their part Saturday night we're going to have. Aid citywide three on three basketball turned it culprit we got him animated wanted eighteen and over or gotten out of high school. And they would our outlook for high school located Charles. It's a hundred dollar entry be the winner of each division and its spot underdog and I'd know I got the blue grit their belt yeah it would have this epic come out. Banking go to king Mo red dot term king who live dot com. Error register. And each player will get a uniform and so it's going to be a great event like Dick Cheney under way. Lionel Hollins and Keith Smart will co host the event. And there are shares of being would be that got the reply admitted. There are really should be a great time and a great week here and hopefully we can aspire. People live mistress. And really. You know help calibrate so I'm not saying. To the community that lasts a long. Chris I know you as you mentioned you've got two divisions for the for the three on three turn emit. To continue level with Meehan and and and consider adding a third. Because our our run I really want our team here to be a part of it's up so can you just add a division. For black and mild smokers so that we. And I thought we can have a chance to actually win one of these I honor my partner or partners lungs or they're shot. Yeah I read where you wouldn't consider doing that we're gonna have bad sign a waiver that it. Really no way I'd have to balance the court Bloodhound. Yeah I mean hey come on now is not just about where deluded when you come out. And no matter what kind of say do. You get out on playing ball either you don't play it'll be something that people wanna come check out. You know it's you mentioned a memo when asked about coach Lionel Hollins many of us in Memphis still very much admire Lama hounds he still lives here in town are you surprised. That he had not enough I'll realize obviously moved on got the he did get another opportunity with the nets pretty surprised that he's not. All of us sideline as a head coach or did did did you was it cat it kind of fizzled out for him effect. Well. I would be surprised if he. It being considered for other jobs or forward let's put it that we're happy are you big adventure it would bet you. And so that let me wanted that read it wouldn't let you go so I. You do that you echoed that gitmo. Yet as some really good except obviously very miffed as. And do we know what the net is no to some degree hungry and so yeah I think he should definitely reconsider. Act job begins to open up. I don't think it would be fair if he's not now. They're a good thing about why it didn't want it they have actually really get hire or rent like you. Yeah I don't currency collapse head coach at old school right up and old school like I think you need coaches. Good culture he's got into it too laid out of the law. And yet still be able to relate to a player to understand him not being a bit effort simply embarrassed that he did it well I'll let. They have made. Some very out questionable. Shaky. I think outright wrong coach's decision. There and they don't it recently I think getting rid of colonel Holland the line you can get rid of David Packard bell wasn't about no he had the issue we are off. By Rendell is a good coach and I think they saw that in litmus. And so I think you got to you know do a better job working through those things. If you're demanding Israel routine because don't over 200 Cogent that you got to let go. You can argue that they do here could argue Yeager is a good tow and on the yeah yeah there are good job obviously the play at your response didn't you back there. You have backed a lot of those solid in the Arctic that the so you're right I mean they are pretty good coaches. I'll move it shortly whether they're caught in between. Has it really. Sure hadn't won a championship I guess what effect. Let out all three were successful and none now. It looks like it seemed kind of headed in a different direction. Yeah at what point Chris does your reputation. As an organization. When it comes to discarding perceived successful coaches. What point does it catch up to you. A good question army obviously. Different organizations. Have different reputations. Any can. You know make people look at you and say what that's not a well run organization. But money talks and at the end of the day if you're three. A ton of money or the most money you can overcome that. However where roof where can hurt you is win the money equal you know wood off things are equal and acting don't hear art there that's willing. People really look at. No organization or how well run it is an air got to choose the one that says better run. I'll started apple and a reputation like Beckett begin that hurt corporate. We are we're talking to Chris Broussard MBA insider for asked as one Chris last Bob Ryan earlier on when Nash in the same question. Do you think that that the NBA has found a team for the warriors to fear. In the Houston Rockets obviously we know what their record is when Chris followed James Harden and click of all play. Do you think that there is legitimate reason there for the warriors to be afraid of Houston. Apparently I wouldn't use the worst fear I mean a lawyer isn't good enough out there loves. Accomplished enough where patients hear anybody say oh they don't cheer anybody they're very counted it they'd get a best team in the league in the world. I'll publish news network but I don't think he's been at the very. Good team and I have yet been built up 30% chance in this series against the Golden State which. It's still the underdog but I think that's a lot orbit champion didn't we need people are given them calm like I think the ward your biggest. Issue. Could be day that help the staff Kurt Frankel a you know this is becoming a recurring thing we know the issue with the earlier in his career he was our work you year. And Howard is to be coming back if if curry in this appeared right now it is not beat eight. Alms but every chance to a point where like he's not available in the playoffs. I would not consider them the favorite to win and our public considered used in the site. Staff I think Armand Correia is the bass player or a lawyer. About big step because of the unique quite he's quite issue anywhere arranged. Is constantly move without the basketball that fact even know he can shoot out of thirty top forty feet. He's still a great. Offensive player in other ways he can beat you off the dribble got the great bought at least you know came to finish at the rim can finish in the lire. He is so unique a huge. Brad your defense out so our that he really did repeat Tibet seem particularly on our division. As sellout without you know if that were the case. Outlook for accused they could beat bill I've been advocates say they're both healthy you are debuts at this shot I think it would be a great series. And hopefully it would live up to it'd be a great six or seven game series. And interest do you think Cleveland. And I say they start out great effort tread that trade deadline and all those moves in and kind of leveled awful but do you think that was enough do you think it was enough to get them when the lights come on the playoffs they're the team that comes out he's their back and the prospect of a final. Yeah it sure did not begin to have fired if LeBron is dialed in and help the I mean he's still by far the best player in the east. Were you look at him yet supporting cast. Compared to say Calgary Irving the ball yeah or. DiMarco road running well I mean right there and they bat really good debt. But I would think what we've got good depth now what they Cleveland got a better report. Actually been fatal whichever it well. Rick beloved a full review all our news yeah either torn in ping guy is actually not use the definitive second option there without our urban night. So. Yeah ot think Ljubicic coming out of east. I don't think they have enough to beat Golden State. Unless Cabrera goes ballistic and being younger athletic parts that they got that straight give our. Really mesh together well let if LeBron James Kim. Beat Golden State where's this supporting cast. That would be an incredible accomplishment ever gold. That like to try to say he's ready to Michael Jordan I'm not one of the big the second best player ever blog well know whether they use the best ever. That would bring out real very your cat yeah immunity could take into group a role player and Kevin Love and win the title well. Hopefully. Date. Really get too high level agent challenge whoever comes out where. Chris you mentioned you're an LA right now. That's all that they'd like people would like at least in LA would likely to share that residents with LeBron James after the we kind of I don't know if we come back and forth on this weather is going over the he's not going. What's the latest as you understand how serious a contender is who they are the lakers going to be for LeBron James a summer. Well when you talk about that Brown's future it's off speculation coming out talk to people close they're all your situation a lot. I don't want nobody really knows except LeBron I'd probably out 30 my god think of Cleveland wins big east going away. Exciting into the final bit they lose to the warrior in that pops. Six game senior board seven games period you know you can yeah you can look at it and say you know what Rick Cleveland is light years ago when it next year. I think that would be enough. Code barring. Wit to think about high lottery pick their Brooklyn great this year to pick pick this year. And Weber I would trade back predicted it would bar stage or a great battery. All are or if they use it every bit of that great draft. This year. That might be enough to compel earned respect. You got Philadelphia you know we deal elevated bear exhibit. The benefit to stay in the big east you know he called bare their obviously the best team and ease right away and you have two big wins were not big we let. That this call two great young player to actually think I have the ability. Could become all time great debate stay healthy so you could theoretically think you can compete with the best team in the league. You got used it if they don't come out of the west. I think you'd be a challenge to fit LeBron would say is our secret off by you know. I didn't decrypt all the hard would it fit well together so he can look at mayor Ed and the lakers. If you weren't there would talk Georgian we know at this sights set on the LA. The battered the contender right away every dog nor do bar anywhere in the contender but I got good young talent would lob the ball. And top cool deliberate endangerment too is rare book. You know you can theoretically look at that they would say okay how would put them ahead of the warriors just all paper. But you could look at it and say Barrett in an elite scenes. That is they worked together and come together pretty quickly you'd have to give him a shot. At winning this championship. There there's not about here is Chris Broussard NBA insider forever as long going to be in Memphis next month. For the king summit that will feature Penny Hardaway and Lionel Hollins Chris always good to catch up membership jarring in this here Chris thank you. I got no problem would give fortunately let's give people signed up at bat Butler. Yeah it's a little workout days Chris appreciate your right. Yet he is Chris Broussard.