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Friday, May 11th

Co-Founder and CEO of the Alliance of American Football, Charlie Ebersol, joined the Geoff Calkins Show on Friday to discuss the selection of Memphis as a host city, the league's model and plans, and more.


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99 FMC. EN 99 ESPN dot. This is the cook this you know. By Charlie ebersol on Twitter at Charlie ever flown. He is one of the co founders of the alliance of American football which of course yes they took the wraps. At least off the coach if not the main uniform and all of that for the Memphis franchise Charlie joins us now how are you. Good morning jet carrier I'm very good thank you very much for joining us why I think that's why Memphis tried to settle on Memphis. Well you know okay about two years ago we started doing it and assertive white boarding the lake city games. Yeah I would say maybe a third team went up on the list is Memphis Kirk. A variety of reasons one historically had an incredibly well an individual city during the spring. Up football at times and check of all it's one of the top five recruiting cities in the united it's a football. And beyond all doubt I was married and I got married and Annette. And spend quality time ago. I and they know if I'd be more persuaded if you actually honeymoon in Memphis I don't imagine you didn't. I would have I gotta tell you I am we we got married in Knox well and spent on tribal state before we left our agreement and I don't think Tennessee is now in my. Hard all right so can we assume that one of the regional schools that will be assigned to the Mets franchise then is the school that's in Knoxville universe tennis lately so Matt. Pretty comes up and Memphis would be another. It's all right Samantha has this history of success with spring football leagues the league's themselves do not have a history of success. And obviously you all think this is you you can do it differently and succeed where others have failed. Why. All Cutler isn't. I think for the first time and in modern sports history you're gonna see a league as alternates not predicated on a giant media deals so. You on the pat you look at the history of the two attempts that really had a real shot at working in both got killed. In large part because they're television partner a short term deal we have a long term deal. And B because they weren't built around sort of been interaction what you're gonna Q and our unique is that we're putting the power control except in a band camp. I hadn't been in the end homes are thinking eighteen years ago in the pre consideration of spring week. Then we could still be around them and you're averaging twenty point guard outdated name. Which is an enormous number relative to what all of sports. And that image quality football one that means that we started out with that a prominent on the reading the Bill Polian has Michael Kirk is because. In the past you have an ad. Super Bowl winning head coaches whose coach is national championship winning at compute you haven't had. Players need to up your organization called rob and our players. All the designer leaked what and scientifically. Or mathematically. Work philosophically Coulter on the idea that you have all of these. Incredibly talented players available that you need to attract by protecting and guaranteeing contracts giving them incentives to comply. Which we do which is never been done before. If any if that. Successive believe the financial says the league is not predicated on the TV deal although you have a deed did TV deal with CBS I gather they're gonna. Broadcast the talent but the first game of the championship game and then CBS sports network is gonna pick a game. Every week. What is at restaurants and other words is it fundamentally ticket sales is that what's going do what will what will make or break this league financially over the long haul. All personal the long haul as the key part of that question because the other problem that these previous attempts that they were funded work. A year or a couple of months and that really ultimately the problem you have to be going into it. Five senate neared a ten year business plan and funded accordingly so. That's part of the second part of it is. You want a combination of things you do you want. Viewers obviously being eighty hammer and he'd rather to out and portable on experience you want a predicate the leak around you are not burying mixed. Stances burst your should be broken and click. The second thing is. By creating the director consumer platform. We're really putting the power of engagement person form our investors are venture capital investors are institutional capital investors. These were all people that really wanna see you reached. Odd as much as they wanna see immediate returns because long term business is predicated on reaching as many people as possible so. You look at our television partner has its America's most watched network for the better part of two decades. When you look at what our digital platforms strategy as it's about giving banned they've been asking for for a long time he liked integrated into C. And a way to communicate with your friend lawyer client Citic get more fighting and mobile experience and not the traditional sports broadcast. Does that mean any integrated fantasy the and all of them look practically what will that mean when I go to the stadium. Well not didn't stadium but also when you're watching homer and about the cab driving around. Which always struck me about panic is that. We keep. Creeping closer and closer to the start I start time of the game. For you'd be able to play right so he used to be picky came into thinking team man right out in the NBA league came along and you could pick your team all the live about an hour before kickoff and and you write out your decision but. Well not really how anybody what. Sport right when you electrical problem throughout the game you're screaming at the television here tweeting your your on FaceBook complaining are celebrating whatever. At that things that are happening meanwhile they're starting quarterback and their banner became got clobbered on the first play. And you know longer out shot at winning here and actually I got the Super Bowl a couple of years ago and then. As with. A player. Are doing. Television series and he's fed up and ran onto instead. You lost me my fantasy league we had a team and you think the channel to players like not. I'm not I think and it became a play their you know. Panicky right right right. It it struck out like this you know lack of connection between fans and players rob you want one there and we called the alliance line. The idea was to break down the bears in the players and fans that they have a more and it integrated extra chill to that extent. A player. When they get elected Duke Energy team will get bone. So they're incentivized to wanted to celebrate experience with the bands in the apartment. And grew up thinking that Leann Kim opting to players and you'll see over the next couple months we will all the prototypes and let people play around. It's really the first time in the ban is fully empowered during the game that you. Win or lose we're. All of the players are opposing this declared they they got back in true you know in the hours days weeks or months accord as the game play was split. In terms of the rollout he says things that will global discover more as things. Are ruled out. That I went by when will you have will we know that the identities of the eight teams that are going to be honestly. Or is it a matter of weeks and ultimately won and yeah used to reading it every mrs. this is a little bit of me being maybe overly cute wit it but. My dad told me growing up that the best way to roll story out that my clothes so that each marks can be properly. So from my perspective look into my. Football is ultimately a local expert in the spread you're you are among eighteen you amend it and you want meant it to viewers. These you don't it's not a national experience at a local spending ultimately. And so we want to take time to allow the local market true. Learn about thirteen meet their coach embrace it not just dump it all the market this and are silk and indeed seeing that response. Ben. Pretty profound particularly in DC departed and people showing up. We haven't announced he may get hot linking the players yet it only met their head coach didn't indicate to Memphis payment urging president. And you're seeing that area to be a lot of interest around the idea of putting a football team in for example Memphis. And who wanted to give them runways and they can or that in and of themselves we'll move on to the next city. And then once we have all eight cities together will start doing more now a roll and welcome back to this city one could work with the community. To announce what team name is that was you know organically born out of it this city expect. I gather you have not yet carved up that there's gonna be territorial rights to players so that therefore there are players. In Memphis he talked about this earlier that Memphis fans will recognize what they played universe Tennessee or Memphis or wherever you have not gone through the process. Carving up all the various territories I'm sure it's complicated. And I'm sure it'll be a source of some debate we'll look at among the franchises as they as the coaches as they do it what is that going to be done. Problem is you know I'd seen I seen several worse and a bit not believe it turned out that Bill Polian as open and you're like that Russell Crowe be able placed him in a beautiful mind too. Because she has. Created a mathematical system Q how you award acquaint system in each city on pushing each university would stand implies that region which she goes to the city. You'll definitely see the obvious ones like you've already named a couple that are relatively it's the moment that duke. As you expand out you look particularly at the 32 NFL teams beyond just the the 128. You begin to realize that this incredibly complex system which. When you see action seems very rational I'm but the actual. Construction of it is. Certainly something worthy of a Ron Howard old. Salaries have not been released yet we don't with the salary scale will be I gather. Someone yesterday told me that there are certain players may have marketing deals attached. It'll give them a bump their salaries up a little bit more. After every player on the legal make a base salary of around Turkey thousand dollars every single player. Well and then what we do is restructure bonuses around a political win bonus is obviously coaching when you get a bonus. There's statistical bonuses so based on creek that threshold to commute certain statistical threshold you'll you'll get a bonus. The big thing and again will I will roll this out there a couple of months really went out or expect. An engagement bonuses for example what I'm talking about anarchy collections. Are huge part of it because what we believe it that we want to reward players for great play obviously and team play. Who also really want to reward them from being a part of it and community experience I think. One of the things gotten lost in professional sport you're seeing coming backwards. Extraordinary community. Leaders and athletes like. You know Chris Long and LeBron James. I mean you guys who. We recognize and embrace the experience of being. A role model as a player but also community leader somebody who's on the watch present or any help up. Then the ball rewarding not experience is enormously important. And so we want the league to embrace the players' ability to have a great relationship with their constituency. And we look at. And that he would be got some day even if it's just I can't call. In writing the players you know decision making and how they decide to represent themselves and larger community and I think. Hopefully what can create as much tighter bond between the players and and their homes. We're gonna Charlie it was all who is one of the co founders of the alliance of American football they announced there. New team in Memphis on that announced that coach of the new team in Memphis yesterday will be getting in the name uniform and everything else at some point. One of the things that people may not know about Charlie is. You did the documentary. The thirty for thirty this was the ex FL. So you clearly have intimate knowledge of the exes ex FL not only that. Because your dad was involved and I was one of the co founders of that league along with Vince make. Man it's like that is gonna do is on spring football league a year after yours is this are you all still friends how to how does this develop. In terms of it will be a very different league I imagine but has there been that scares them that we need to know about. Now older group. Didn't. A man who weighs. Our heartbeat away from becoming my godfather. And it didn't let families friends and my father. What bothered bench create Saturday and I main event together 35 years ago and created to accept a altogether be your family friend. Ultimately. This is something that might the alliance American football preceded documentary something we've been working on a long time if something bad. Ultimately was born out of my relationship more so with. When bill Cole a long long Troy Polamalu and ample these guys to recognize the gap in the market if anything one of the things I've learned. In the processor making it home. Ways. That you had to him pout like edge and began calling optimal power expands to be your decision maker could you look at what Memphis. Team did in 2001 and turned out. Ticket sales and engagement and how much that market embraced the experience. On new do you recognize that there was something there now the good side was. They need for high quality football is so high a minute you can't put together to build all aliens. Olympic is appalling on one play well in eighteen so when you look at the executives have been announcing the team executives don't BP executives the scouting executive that we Marty started to put together a lot of it now on the market right now. And then you look at the head coaches this carriers in the Childress there's been mixed and the single carries. What we're what we're doing and we're doing is very methodically showing people that our commitment to quality is high it. Obviously marketing will ultimately be important this can't start marketing on the catch a charge quality football and then we believe that acute. Build it you can Kevin Costner had people show up. So to a certain extent I want people don't feel like day. Are seeing the construction of a quality product and then be drawn in by that the glitz the glamour not yet we're. It's an interesting thing because I do think I was here covered the exit felt human Memphis and there was I'll be honest with you more buzz around fat than at this point there is around this partly because of the larger than life. Wrestling aspect of that all of that glitz etc. and yet I guess and you know this better than anyone having done that documentary and having lived it to your family. In the end there was this tremendous drop off does that writing the ratings were great in this in the first week of exists tremendous drop off when people. In the end saw the product and I guess although there's no question you're trying to build excitement on the front end. You're trying to continue to build excitement throughout the course the sixth. Is that yeah. That things didn't know Coke made a lot of noise but I on the minimum drinking a Coke. Right here is that I said I cannot be that I'm not trying to put an about a ultimately here's a thing. Quality lots robber. Right right you think about the product that you kcal news you go to the army driving and got here aren't saying. Thank you take a product it has real value and is and craftsmanship span and in it. And it lasts for a long time there. You're selling outerwear and you're not telling you the engine inside that car that's ultimately what this comes down to I am a very firm believer. That you go slow Ugoh methodical and you build a long time I send everyone in my investors. How they can you think you're getting your money back but first or second year third year process. Then you're in the wrong business shouldn't be giving money. Because ultimately you need to be looking at this is that five to seven year plan. The story to John coach John Madden constantly tell me when album. You know up all of anxiety on the spot and he pulled his story of Lamar hunt's father. The year after the first season on the AFL. Be reporters came to him instead. Did you know that you are sons AFL locked over a million dollars this year. You look at these cred while wow. After another 175. Years he'll be out of money. And right there at the NFL came to the negotiating table because ultimately they're like OK you guys Chernoff for the long haul. For me it was important only to the rule out in New York announced so we. Instead of saying you're all the coaches didn't and here all that you know you're the big name players that are it will get. Right let me explain you why it is different I'm well funded at a great television partner at a long fight to ten year plan. I am going to take is really so and I exceeding. This typically based on their demographics. And their engagement or professional sports what you got down on them that over the last ten years. Each toward. Right I mean you you've you've built up a fan base for. Three different sports leagues in a really leaning away. And it's got a long term commitment rate and that ultimately is what we're looking foreigner cities when you look at it landmark. It will land on what they what they want and want. Sport town and now you go to Atlanta. In Atlanta is eight writing sports metropolis that really embrace it Orlando when you look at what you CR is done in Orlando in the short period of time. And what they're doing now it's incredible community they are a remarkable program Dana White credible job. That's always looking corn kitty straight big this idea of previously that. I have to be in New York City actor Ian in these big market areas. Isn't necessarily true you wanna be in markets are gonna embrace you prolonged period under going to be Wiki yup that. And I'm a big believer that Memphis is capable and interest in doing so good like gotten. Based on early. Tickets keep engagement team like the city is on Barrick. You got at all worried that in that last ten years it's it's become more to crowd. Four obviously every other league which has been successful here was all all predated the grizzlies for example the arrival of it is that hasn't. That doesn't deter you from thinking the Memphis market. There's room for real. No you know around I will tell you if you look at certainly listen but a lot here I RE com and as much a stat. A stats consumers anybody else wanted to I look at it here's the expansion and contraction of sport demographics right. And you look at this city and about the most success supporting multiple sports teams and it. Actually build process people getting comparable period you'd going to Arenas and stadiums. And embracing a college team and a national team and you can not something happened overnight happening over a concerted period and the people getting milk powder you know opinions. Well basically you need big purple cow I mean take it tiger that it hurt can it hurt second look at what the recruitment is local school impeachment is a good that he week between that mean they're the national turnaround you re. Our football and and and and lower level football engagement and then you look at it verse the man that commitment. Memphis and and the demographics have edited changed in Lampard had moved closer to a ball marketplace. And so we will look at that and we say okay this space where they're being under served. You look football market crazed college of comics there embracing other sports. Because when you look at the engagement around football and college only to shut up on get over it boring about this. Oh it's six times this tiger next closest the good export most of sport's comeback right. You had been export sport average per game rating together you multiply or fixed in Europe the average rating of the regular season. The NFL football game which is not even taking into account you want the ball right. So when you look at marketplaces there had very successful. Football programs call Orlando Memphis better. And you look at how they've embraced English sport it's usually an indicated they're gonna have I leveling gauge our football and so we eat we look at that meaningfully this wooden hut. On any level and actually on that we we chose this city's we chose we are betting big. Are on what we believe this relatively. Harrowing Automask. And I gather people can put down deposits now is that correct. Thought yeah yeah they can't it's if you go to AF dot com. On our web site you can put a you can get a seat bogged down for up to fourteen for fifty dollars. I'm we go one commitment I'll make you can guarantee you that we will have very very quality 35 dollar ticket every stadium. Between the twenty yard lines within the first 25 rows of that of this stadium because we do want this to be something where the real fans can kick it up close and enjoy the game. Try this great thank you very much appreciate you drive an aspirin intake at the time thanks we will see yours and that is truly universal. We're gonna give away by the way he integrate into the death the great like I am more convinced now I got them in that interview is. Did more to convince me about that this might possibly work and anything that has happened so I just kept thinking the whole house system. Man this guy this isn't just some light cooked up plan they decide what if there's like nobody really the best thing I've heard on this so it was unbelievable. We are gonna give way to stick it to Gould's based on gold spot for your mama fifty delegates to get but you've got 3776. 35377. Sex. If you can't get your hands on it. They can tie other. It's just got to get that break and we do anatomy as.