Bulls Guard & Memphian Cam Payne in-studio w/Jason & John Thurs.

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Thursday, August 10th

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Jason and Jon did you out of bed ES PX got some very special guest in the bill then that's our. Chicago Bulls guard former lottery pick may have did campaigns and a built along with Travis king I don't ballas. Good look at this moment so what's dugout going on as we can cam what brings you back home. My gum awesome thirty week in from a foundation. Is. Syria a couple of things got a vote in these panel take place on Friday. An accident in on a Saturday I have my basketball camp. And in Sunday. I have camps down. It's going to be a great experience. Have teams coming and playing games. Is on affairs of the camp on Sunday so. And is on bill a lot of hostile and honestly I liked it's a given back early in your career brought us about Brothers they wait they way low while takes awhile yardage given back early is that the sun's been important view all your life. Yet as those as says there's definitely a big thing from me folks helping you. It is as high as that's while wanna doable causes. I wanna I wanna help more. Of one hill board of what I got experience Humphries are a lot of guys here that and did a lot of a lot of things and gave back some of I wanna do what I wanna be guided it went over and beyond a moment. From my foundation is is that inspire young men and women. The wind that it says it's it's again lightly success none of them out me educate is spiritually academically athletic. Well like as you include women they allowed him to camps say you don't use in and we needed to obviously for for boys especially from from young man. Which include never got you got you have girls and women you just that you have everybody you wish you got some and I've run storm gets you dead include live. As a field just to be back home and how often are you able to give back the spin off season here you have train in. What's life like for campaign now. I had this my second time I come back to Memphis and every year. I know I'm going to be able to come back cities and armed I'll play here a couple of times and a season but. Up front come back to a streets after the whole year and this one town is is a major importance now. And fill light is going to be a great opportunity. From my family absolutely afford of people in masses and as for me to come back every town. Around this time in August. I think is as this is a big thing for the community them so I got the bone of an off Friday you got coming through for that knows a big deal. Got. Back tackle in gig as Kelly who brave I for the wizards. My dad Ron who Clifford says. As they can end here is my teammate customary state also. Plus we got wheels we got a jury rooms on their rose in Georgia Clark's in Hokkaido we got a lot few phone different scenes and I mean this says about me building relationships and as best as Tesla lives as people do we we we do we could ask us that aren't are now. So bill relays is that those guy has now become a support me. What about the home Westbrook ma'am I yell like tighten OK he's the man I did fassero you know of course I excellent he says dad bags and today actually is crazy brought it up he'd get back to me today. And tell me you will be able to make it a low blade he deftly say he's on track the GS on the do well overseas so Brett can't do now about ten. When you make those militias of those guys we saw saw you when you came back laws and a tragic yet yet the whole team basically come with you okay see buildings here. You were tight with those guys are you still when you when you move all like you did you trade to the bulls used those relationships are still there right you're stuck on those guys about it. You're not there but I'm imagine your as tight with them as you work. A pop I must say as tight welcome. 'cause you know the mesmerizing overall bit yeah are you with them every day we we've serving every day. As almost like school you will everyday home so we dated as it I got traded now what do. Old different new group would I got to do relations with him right self summit got that I was real high wind OK see I mean they're relationship never is gonna leak you know I can tell us in the day may he be right back out. I don't like what is it will be one of the yes of course so. My Guns 'N Roses he's got to make it so is liked. At a more vulnerable our roads as Adam McKay would it was a and it's a struggle to be your and it says. Is as on the entire religious at that you Bill Weir okay see him I had a great sound those as and I had a a lot of for the first in my address is on a slight. I never forget those and of course it's the first pleasure when you know when you receive the drain yes and every game day. But now with Chicago I come and M game of the season this kind of awkward. But it goes on off fought today and and now are apparently showed these guys and now we get new jazz and and is this a just another parent just keep going over and over and over again but I mean as my eyes not hard to do. We have we F former lottery pick myth via campaign here Syria which obviously I'm just curious for you ma'am because. Your journey is like we have not seen one like it in a long time to rise to go from laws and lightly recruited right Memphis takes a pass on you. You ball out of Murray State and then you turn yourself into a lottery pick like. Just what's the journey been like man from where you came from to where you are today a main. The biggest the biggest lack conclude is that this. It's like when you go six plaza DC there roller coast from outsiders is Hughes you like I got Iraq dale and you get on Iraq it eagle slow. You go real slow kept in account fans and you know take units as crazy ways and I mean this SaaS success is success isn't a straight La. You don't go to gives Dow's as close to says had just just how life is and with me is. Comic comic cumin then a man how's school going Mikhail is like you say out and I think you recruited. And is this tells god path that that does what he tells me it's taken. We go to college you gotta you gotta go somewhere and if fees you somewhere where you can. Model output. The chief and it goes that you want so I want to Murray State and I fell back a player right away right and so that's where I want to go cool. And don't give them desist from the start as a freshman. As is Hughes for me. Sunday gam me expose their. Edit I was able to make mistakes my freshman year someone a sophomore year came out as a policy guard I was I was way better and Willis and I felt like. That day held me it's a what I am today in they would go to mistakes as a freshman coming in named a starting take in my team so they cannot see. My sinking and it caused a prisoner embassies in them in the NBA is is crazy. I got our act camp until somebody gets what you don't do this idea. This idea roller coaster is this is as some you gotta go through and Brad and the biggest thing about it don't give up on don't give up on monitoring. By what's been the biggest less could have would you like it did happen so fast for human leg so what's been the biggest lesson for you like become an a professional. I'll say trust the process. Dead dead dead going to be the biggest name just a process goes. Because you you don't know has gone you don't know what's gonna happen he almost all have beat you can't control a lot of things you can't control. Allowed you can't control clothes put annually you can't control much you can do when you're opportunity or your name is call. Art to have play our and a guard Dan do is you do bigs guard there and do with the colts were recruited to do light Gobi yourself go play and a fun. As one bank have fine. Is big time. Would you see about this. Detail and you learn about and doing your homework on cement hasegawa represent. It's funny because camp play don't actually AEU program allows affiliated with. And always know you know always loved him as a player but he. He wasn't one of the star you know they use on the same same way we would make. King and swans are I don't know whether you're in Jonathan Williams a three that's a good Americans are are those kids were ranked in. You know going to the Nike camps and those things. And are you note that the coast now what I always say. From our world is spotted it first was tied Dayton. Tied dazed segment Akayev Craig from me and give book yet and Todd if you notes are Todd is always going against the grain is our. Newest superstar you'll scrap and gnarled. I would call details over at camp would be illegal immigrants score. So I thought you know and I can be honest. I didn't think he was India's player coming out of high school our city's Columbia good Carlos player good source how Bernie Ellis into he do Rio ED I know he did in his heavily actually do it completely. Are they believed it is possible czar would be learned this has us on our school did but I. After expressed in the year. I got a car from one of my guys it looks our players and he says. Panicky campaign had a great season are in our watch Letterman had a great Chris you're cement acute MI have a chance in oh. So your senior year you know if you can he stays with it. And our questions first with three gangs in his sophomore year and it hit Lee's art miscues is on your first round. Now whether it was this year you know to his somewhere you're not I'd still didn't know so I want to see in my app because I like west players are so. Our drove up to merge. Watched the game. And the the first thing that I noticed with him was cam let the ball roll. You know he's trying to save time on a big part of grown block out he did that almost every play. Analysts on Carla swagger that he was going over and in this thing was his colts never. It's Pete never say they need but I can't move the ball away no loot past postage rate is the main us. On this got trust him. And I washed and they gang. And they won about points ignore him he played a really good but what about points are just watched. How he controlled the game party controlled his teammates are he ran this so how he was leader how he presented themselves. And it it was at that point that I say it you know this is mark Garrett goes recruiting had a chance to recruit other so a couple of other guards in the threat. And I are locked in on them at that point and told his dad up select his first where it can. You know commons tropics the process. They dragged it out all the way to the intimate review as well and leaving you and you know I'm blessed that he went with us and has been a great relationship. Before that you know and an even better now. You mentioned can say you do is also remember. Him I don't know what Greg was in you don't value that one. Was the fifteen and under some of the peace and hopefully we enemy or today it was the color I was out of sixteen and under we wanna hold it Katie that they re Disney taking college Avant two Basilan the JaJuan it through the path and then who who are that you mentioned that he wasn't playing much so that's who was the starting point was this aircraft. Melissa hey did you. Carlos or Carlos who. Nadal who is in an accident. No no no no no disrespect at all and Michael Arnold probably would have liked to who was. He's from the what is Carlos hard doing now. While you are laughable that we don't know we don't know I'm not using I think it is a noted luckily I don't remember whose name I don't remember that it that it. We talked about this today because our in house look disappointed I was at peace and this in our. I actually was talk and morneau isn't anybody there claimant pizza you pay me all brought predicted them to be there. Oh champions are you eating crow and yeah woods but being camps talked about it and we didn't realize the peace there is the most Levy bit our. And high school basketball period for some bar and camp actually in that group. Where are only champions that ever came from mrs. yes. That was actually last year that the brain mrs. while when I and so program was together yes or seven years. And l.'s only time. As sixteen and under and seventeen and under team were both in the aren't scores aren't a stokes. And shagged it was a team loss and our Lebanon last in the early as hours in the day so that was a little bit of Memphis history. You know they scam and I'm always say they want to be as group that leftist ever played. Which I would never agree with says that 88. Mrs. while it's it's they would Penny Hardaway moon and knows as. Agency their practices that are but. Those are some quick. Man I got questions about the coaching of that team that cam was behind astute. Car as hard as Arnold. Art school and I cannot remember where his Derek how does that does he was what the coach OK okay somewhere that yeah if it feels like an even they end. That you've had to prove yourself. At every level and you're having to do it again now right I mean even though you're a lottery pick you're someone bulls actress Donna as well the point guard. Like you've got to prove yourself again meant does that ever get aren't does that ever does that wrapped does that rate several get. Wear you out. Non causes Lewis combined chase is always somebody at the top. Feel like you never albeit slow if not it to suit its own alma so out of because I. Caddick Hugo data Q will be you know like Russell Westbrook commode you got a long time they have figured if you've got a little time zone. Are hard at when you are healthy now what can you tell me what should my Chicago Bulls expect from this is that it. And like I say is it's. We come play. Which comic the playoffs to have a sandwich they have restless we dollars and we try our mistakes and he's got a the only way to win the east bay went 35 games and make the playoffs. I guess I hear I hear about it what's that way if I'm able I mean. Air by I think is not albeit good year for us because we gave away a lot of pieces that they don't really know we had legit music to minors broke down over the know we have and I'm looking forward to this season. I can't wait because I feel like we've got a set a lot of people. Those sellout of the I'm Israeli Jews start came were you happy for Kay bee that he got during a single state of course of course I'll stay he left OK here's the bullet. Ignore his involvement right he he gave his auto Casey it is also. He's as medicine nosed businessman on the and he won the championship and I'll have a full. And the finals MVP I'm really happy and what was it like in OKC when that I went down like as as a team they what was the whole thing that was a light. It was crazy it was there was very hostile. Especially when they came to play those. And OK CN hills it was crazy it was crazy is that it felt like. The tentative game ready came back and I mean. A lot of people always wanna be apart post I'm game but there and right there. It was it was Syria. Was there a moment of where you can say hey former teammate welcome back Corwin needs at that is that. Is it just you vs us at that point because you're on the other side. Wood will will would during the season. Popular roast those those as as mom ensor. Is always us against them namely adamantly game and it is always us against him that's the competitor and so I mean. That test as does the guy look go to be the leader. So he come and game you know say your use. You would think she exists that anger is personal were absolutely bliss what looks like on the floor off the court. He won the fun as close as that may. But this is his demand SI take every game I FBI think as if that we was that scene that we is Davis as the U it don't matter who else. It don't matter we that Hilton don't Matty is as us and and this we don't cry. And I mean this as dead as a good way to Liggett. As that is. How many times you were his cigarette at folks asking about. The pre canned things into rough would you must get asked that a million times is seen here. But is is is as good as Louie did that's Louis Dale I'm a bad start. That you are him. Home. It was as. Ours is like spontaneous eye I see on the go and end of the day it's anyway I'm. I got and he's 100 shadow he's the crews are slotted home those outage on the no fly down there on the tee. Locate well although although that now though. Common in. Greek from Thursday Angola Dugan has so coming in is automatically lie who is a Mario and they know you're a lottery pick come I'm so when they wanna test USO is is gas oh. One at a Maine is that. A win this they say fear but it Alice's quiz questionable about how to laugh feeding. Had to laugh come in feet and Russell Kevin Durant so those like let me make shabby at it's him offers cool. Smarmy and that it was like man you know. Just click cancel mes they at a distance. With his saying they're trying to count. Hope I hope you keep data they beat me to lose him and they they there's 7 AM so as I okay. I feel like I'm a star negate him so I comment they are done they'll hand saves a full practice and there. Am forty gained first receiving game. Rests a count or remember just gotta gotta get this is thinking Erik please donated and it is off the top. And eases star from there. So 82 games. 82 different Nancy. And we just add you but I mean is a hand state bureau has a hand saying is that this is this on the let the steam off that is terrific against. I mean it. I have fun doing it. Rezko bro were pulling for you Chicago man we appreciate you coming back to Memphis and given that as a big thing of course campaign at TK is so you appreciate just how fellas. Senator Specter said anyway one more thing yeah on Sunday. We have an giveaway at the camps and alarming given away forms of apex as schools of violence in the schools started or about to start for some people so. Automation. Lets on about them that the city now. Homes leveled Clark cams in some anywhere outside via it was whistler. When is live outside the Daryn hey Daryn Andy do you KV back home. There you go Doug go and Osama. A man I holder by come outlook as next here. I wanted to leave and bear it and not give out 60700. Beckman love to lose that I saw thank you ghastly Gaza. Oh absolutely and have you come back and yet he can Jason and Jon and it's an event ESPN.