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Thursday, January 4th

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929 FM 688 M on the WM SSN and 929 Most warily as the proud owner of a thirteen and one regular. Out at Auburn big win. Couple days ago against his former team Tennessee he joins us now Bruce how are you gonna talk tea. Jason are you guys still meant everything to secure our way how that web at Winfield how did not feel. Well you know let it rev Wright baker feels more because it's chemistry at eight the truth of the matter is it's just it's a big win for Auburn. Who have won the building in a long time and every good ranking whoever wrote in the that's critical of your map because the permits so step it felt really good for about a day. And out on Arkansas you know he he you don't have much time to celebrate. Absolutely not so when you go back to Tennessee is it sort of like. Ed do you have people that you've got to see if you can place you've got to hit is is it does is it that kind of thing still forty. It it is all a note got on our culture our secure our live there are earned. Are there two friends and certainly you know still there are on you it promotional occasional. I walked about that building at times early in the morning related that would eliminate. And you know you can get attached to certain things and there was so much emotion involved in in in a lot of things that we did all with basketball and dome there you'll cook some written and and the player that we had. Reagan hosted the opinion or is there that was knocks bills first billion dollar fund raiser. That was really special to be able to do that it raised money for the cancer centers so it's wonderful wonderful wonderful memories and but it does it does turn that you realize that it's somewhere likely short. You know dust to dust and to give Benadryl or outward appearances and but by. After playing in it and they get over its credibility credential. Right you got another ranked team you got to face as he mentions Arkansas would. Bruce yellow with me we're supposed to be doing this right I read everything from CBS sports that com that said. Well women without Austin while Daniel real for these guys they're not gonna win man they're not they're gonna fall apart Tucker what's happening coats what obviously is happening who stepped up. Well they either do your players players players players. Report that we're all how it's about these kids. And aired on our pick a couple of playing long when you bring back. Some players from the year before we won eighteen games a year go our freshman or starters and and and they learned some good some bad and so ugly about the secret before we didn't pretty grim corporate brochure and we didn't finish possessions for their rebounding. Are you are transition decrypt what a real problem we have fixed some of those areas. That now all of a sudden they're leading just being able to get a win basketball games so you look at it like for example look at Arkansas they they bring back. They got likes governor eighteen years or five starters. That's one of the reasons that a bishop McGuinness sevens built talent. That's why their routine and any doubt we're we're a better team this year because the first time. I've had a and our guy outgrew our nucleus that's returned. Yeah and and while we're sort of on the subject it just kind of wanna get this one out of the way had to with everything in this sort of went on before the season coach how have you sort of compartmentalize that every with every day you do the day today keep it from being a distraction and and do your job not doing well obviously. Yeah well it looked at you know it's possible understand you don't believe about half of what could soon. Or Eric are happy how public here. You know it it a lot of stuff got kind of blown up. Yes we have current players whose eligibility. Has not been restored yet. And yes there were some things that did take place regarding. Their eligibility that put them in a bad position. And that's something that we have to be responsible for an accountable for every vehicle through a number of steps to trim took a look at our program. But obviously couple earns one unspoken eleven dug it up their number two aren't so I'll bet we will either one of those things would have existed. We've been not been able to cope with the process. Are sort of partner program TARP program was in good shape at the same time it's it's it's terrible that these kids. Who were victims in this situation. Aren't able to be out there another ball ought to be a bit shell are in school. The ball practicing. They're eligible for everything except they just haven't been able to play. Whether that's status is going to change during the course of the season we don't know we still are in the process of trying to get yourself eligible to certified. Until that time we're what we're gonna roll what we have and there are better at what we haven't been rolled pretty good. With all that being said and and all of this sort of obstacles that were put party before we see the start I mean thirteen and one through fourteen with a win. Against a tough way about it I mean you must be extremely proud. Out of of this the way that everybody's come together the season so far. Well I think the key here is what guys trust each other when it more about the name of the parameters you're good their so they are at. And and and they're the real body and to what we're doing it in real accountability. It and all that doesn't keep yourself that chance that's all it doesn't hurt to go to where they just get so mentioned it to the guys. Can't stay together they've not Qaeda. Now we have prepare or is it when our response we only have our guard our scholarship. You know we have you know the other couple weeks ago where most. And I literally had six guys available so to me I'd want god it was an awkward flagrant two I want got to hit with a concussion. Another died it was cramping and couldn't play. And so like six guys to recipient of that game so you're in things that happened in a in a Eric short roster. You're right now we're kind of managing our our way back and go to this popular. When you do Malia our guys look everybody's contributing everybody goes through roles. And and and that goes along way towards you know putting a team out there that can be there can be success. We are we're son and daughter basketball Coach Bruce Pearl big game this weekend against Arkansas to coach football season is over. Over there at Auburn tough loss to the national champion Central Florida has Auburn caught basketball fever yet. Yeah I you know it took body of their that we have sold out. The last two games open all the at Cornell and UConn earned this summer break. We out there aren't them for the rest of the season. We don't have any pairs of tickets left. Wow almost every ticket sold out we got a but much of individuals. Chair rail or epic like that put these kids play so hard. But based on what so look at that not a guy and a roster we're gonna secretary. In an effort Lyra. And edit edit edit people sort of just bought it and earlier court it was noticed ultimate competitor are I think. That's number one is look you can't win absolutely sure competitive. And and that's kind of where we're at right now is is when people come to watch our team play our guys they don't archive have a chance to win. And and that's it hadn't been the case for a long term may be adopted to the days of you know somebody's record or coral Barkley or or close clip palace and in Chris Porter. Coach is what you just said about the attendance in the fan base sellouts no pairs take a look. How does that compare to what the situation was when you took the job. Oh well yeah obviously we've we've made a lot of progress you know in that area as an epic that. I you know why are. One of the devices I would give to anybody. The so I try to live there is that that possibly can you know it was an arbiter of what we do. Sometimes you feel rented or at least. Sherron current tracks the last two years. That you Whitaker words you're gonna leave that you're losing their art expo which are which covered nor did as a way to have a chance that's successes to date yet. I mean just didn't take him I've never planned on leaving anyplace I was. Our stated the ability or nine years in the written to echo our favorite currency if our most nugget. And I love Milwaukee before years because. The Tennessee situation was such a huge step up and opportunity and there are always challenged a player could be the best that they can be a and control you know okay let's let's see about democracy and go to the highest level could adequately addressing people Covile parent. Dot repeat it you'll have Tennessee at the look utterly gaga part. Hit a crack at it just kind of leaves. I really do I like to hear it and got operators are really really special place so you're here. The letter where you are lightly you cross pressured. And then you've got a better chance to have some success and if if if God's plan as you pull up and do some different okay we're not fit. In it you'll do that when the time comes but that's enables us to took took took to jump in the community server the community make an impact on the campus. And Ed you're too much is your look is expected much is given to me was expected from me but when you return it back. People won't support you and they want the Auburn basketball competitive again. Coach I had to be the bearer of bad news but CBS sports tells me that you're gonna lose three of your your your only a winter it's set up. Are you gonna go for fourteen in league play now seriously how much when someone when when you're written off. How much does Bruce Pearl use. As a motivational track how to use you don't and echoes the game we don't look at that stuff we don't need it we does go yeah I guess circuit it I saw the shirt. Give us the real when somebody writes you off like that how how much you use your jumping moment. I'll bet it's all about jump all over called a little over because here's the deal why aren't they care about the history tradition. My team cares about this year and so I think it was and and look I don't mind our first call. I don't even know the writer DiPietro did it and guess what I have respect or on our respect the fact it's all right a look at the sharks. Are they look the public I want the people let it all out of your hate. But but it was a way of telling it like he look you know this is how we you're viewed. This is the respect that we heard to this point it's okay to most of we're either gonna prove you're troops CBS sports right or wrong. And it disregard it and it was it was good to wait for me to motivate them. And and we're gonna have to do that again. You know against Arkansas that's what I wanna point to a lot of what about the Arkansas Peter try to go their separate server for the third straight hear yeah we're trying to get support for the first time since 2003. Should be no sure what this sport more. Absolutely and then last thank coach for tough week by teams as of today. In the SEC tons of good teams outside top 35 you guys Missouri. Florida Mississippi State is the leaked into it in a good healthy place and I knew it feels like it is. Never been better and it's never been better spent and the reason it is. Are you go to the I don't know how strong recovery he would but I can't say the from top model. You know we're just about a strong and anybody the big twelve certainly can make a case that but you know all the usual or the bottom report seems literally you know good luck picket their. And I you know we're picked anywhere from nine to eleven apparently was the clerks in our rights pick thirteen. And they beat Purdue who is got to go to winner prospective and big tent and an epic beat NC state. And and and they know they almost could assure beat North Carolina though that. They've had a great reverend so anyways the league is good. Our our league should get seven or eight cap teams are current. It why not. Why should be SE CB what does it look look look at you know that the national champs to game with Georgia Alabama look at. Baseball the final a final good baseball look at the final assault ball. He'll look at it across court. If the FCC is the best conference in the country why should it be. In this basket. Actually coaches always always plus cats double visited saying the coach. Garrett Christian don't know it yet he is Auburn basketball Coach Bruce Pearl.