Bruce Feldman on the Geoff Calkins Show

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, September 13th

Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports and Sports Illustrated joined the Geoff Calkins Show on Wednesday to discuss Josh Rosen, UCLA's trip to Memphis, the modern quarterback, big college games for this weekend, Ole Miss' prospects with the Committee of Infractions, and more.


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Down five Bruce Feldman pummeled them Bruce Feldman C asked me. Course reporter for fox sports FS one rights for Sports Illustrated and the man who actually did. Write the book on college quarterbacks it's called VQB. And it is out now in paperback I urge you to. Read it Brewster has been impresario. I'm doing good morning get so Josh Rosen is Roland in here. To the Liberty Bowl Saturday. How good is Josh Rosen. He's writing about pure passer in college football. You are easy as. Really really believed are into what you can make every lot of crap but I layer throw it deep down field. I get good side the really interesting thing about road and it. You know and I got into the on the QB a lot where a lot of the kids come up. That and all the time and her parents spend you know Portugal is our quarterback coach's job further came as they really really good it. Actually rank competitive tennis player and how will this ultimately you have a guy with really good footwork. A great hand eye coordination. Is now part out of that. Really try to cook it a competitive not perfect football he's been kind of a polarizing figure because he's he's spoken his mind is very bright kid. But god he now that I know. You know and I felt out there very intrigued by our country has pretty much everything the question is understandably are you comfortable win with a personality. What is its it's funny here about the personality and obviously he got a lot of flak for what he said this summer about. High level academics and high level football not not matching about to me seemed the least that I thought he made a reasonable case I think a lot of people. To understand the industry of college sports we'll tell you that is an uneasy fit for a lot of folks are a lot of circumstances. And I thought he caught undue flak for that. You hear that he's kind of a juror I mean he I. I know he was not invited back to the Manning passing academy after he went one year he was not invited back a second year and that does not happen easily. Is that yeah. I don't I just sort of imagine Jay Cutler what what what is the personality wrap. On Josh Rosen. Why updated you know I happen if one has he made this starter Scott questioned very about. You know it doesn't look all that sort of option here from arm you know the rumbling here. And he says anyway he's certainly not about jobs elderly coach Josh Carter but really I'm. So I mean you're coping with a I don't get much agricultural communes. You know so little I got from him in the book in the gets the ball back when he loses right. Seven years Ole. So you can try to get knocked out and I think either one about what we are but it is obvious that debate are we where it should not set. So you know I think about it and immaturity come out and just he speaks his mind. You know he's. Even created different you know or usually don't nitpick at age playing quarterback. Where it liked. You know it he's all all about football but I think chopper rose and if you ask him. And you get him if he'd on the right braille mired you away you are just about anything you consider something bad cop would talk about it. It's sort of like the other you know all this up about. You know whether he's a jerk or not we don't I think it is here that you just trying to get party's very strong minded. You know this story we have a book about. He went out to let the pampered and out and he was by far the best quarterback it in there and along our but David Shaw was not thrilled with how he. You know alcohol that he would be that comfortable that quarterback. Because he is very confident in his guilty poppy guy who by the way out starter out our credit that he would be that you have a lot better that he was. You know basically told David Shaw that formed solely your inaudible. I don't know radiating fit as ever had and they do even better let. You know that you're definitely did not shy about speaking of the modest bump up that include that our people vote. This was several years ago obviously how did you identify him as some when you write about for the book. You know I would not want these quarterly cutouts and there was it was I heard it was a really good quarterback class about southern cal or. I am borrow about a limit and that thing last. And they need to watch it was a part of it how I don't well highly touted as if toward what should it Ricky how. It was the pirates are guys who bombed out of the US he did not do well transferred market by the do anything to bear now that it junior college doubt your elite starter. But it turned out there all that popped them. He's solid shots though. You're always better than everybody else on the war in Iraq are the people I knew what a staffer coaches it's OK but yeah it is so much more help than anybody pat. Yeah it could like they're David Shaw. Just didn't walk you know what injury water that they've ruled that happy academic if they get it out but it was just stayed very very. Interest any. Kid and you know that parents are proud he was kind of just goes a lot there I'll be honest. I think you're exactly like doctor wrote that you covered up on a regular vacations you know going your work and how he get a neat little lock their it given. He seems Smart I'll be Yahoo! like I'd but it's funny silly people rip them for what for what he said this summer. I like the more than ever like the before after what he said the summary an end he said it as a guy who is an honors economics student who's not taken general studies and whatever and you're doing that at UCLA. You're not a moron. That's certainly true and. Now at an alt well I think some of the stuff that could go look it. We could isolate runner you know one of mythical national title page up possibilities are explored enough. In Long Beach and you know a lot of work to help. Raise money so some like it is. Here to who you know who left server financial background and it probably does so there are they could probably go away. Yeah you have to do to stop and he did that and that is very. Very proactive with some of the very creative and how he hit it up about that probably sixty years old. Talking to Bruce Feldman of course with fox sports FS one. Rights or Sports Illustrated but the book is the quarterback and is now out on paperback and it is about how these. How modern quarterbacks are made it's funny there's so much right now you look at the NFL and everybody complains about. The state of quarterback and motivate baby rattle off though. The big twelve teams that just. You know seemed to be in a quarterback more grass and yet when you look at college football particularly this year there's fabulous quarterbacks everywhere you look. Is there it is there a disconnect they just producing quarterbacks who are not NFL quarterbacks or are we about to CA. A Renaissance because of this particular class. Yeah I think it actually something aware. You have people who brought out every thought that come into their at this stage cluster are known in football and sports but I think. But he is like inflammatory way over the top statement. Get some level attraction. You know I'm not recorder digital television or quarterback. Collapse that ever come out the course you got restarted and new look last year there was a quote. You know wrote in law is a great player and yet. If there terrific rookie season it was. What he came from one of those systems that people like oh it is you know stamp murderous look old style that. It was pretty unconventional in the NFL life and I think we need what you know but people here although he thought that you can play we can develop some of these other. There's nobody with more unconventional how they played and how a home blood actors I expect the fact that we have it under armor all are and and the bigger hit but you know I talked to while the Cobb I don't remember those are are the ones I did it at all or better. Andy's shirt. He wouldn't cut at all you didn't think he could quite often and rebook them but I have a under the I'll call that column and enduring outlaw alcohol obviously result. You know I think what you get is. We yet you know what were out there in the media we can pick and do whatever we law WW that is the worst thing that America is about that we either an hour. If you're exactly right even this year's class was pretty well. Became disparaged people disparage this year's class. And they they mocked the Bear's fur for the deal for too risky obviously. Lots and falls Kaiser falls. My homes. And and and yet in Kaiser wants and your best ski and homes. You can afford long term starters right there in the first round like I don't know that they can be a four for four advertisers looking around I guess I was gonna be four for four but that's a pretty damn good class for class that wasn't supposed to be much. Exactly and you know what reluctantly get spotted backside of the look that guide our work whether box. Brady quiet while local you know I against and hot water back in the studio I really good career plate and put them but you'd think would be. You know conducive to try and transition well the quote whose side there's more. And there's no no major character she's a neat and I turned out that you know throughout the beard oh big arm quarterbacks. If so it is so I don't so art project. And I think that you know it didn't matter what kind of there's a new law in doing everything we are part of behind the cloak and I would bet you look at their are. It is in forty years of bad luck and a wallet right or Andrew Luck is like you know he's he's not looking and seeing them there's a lot of issues Barrett it's just. It is really really murky opt out but wait until and even the guys who know. Certainly don't you don't know they get a law. A mom. In terms of the quarterbacks seem right now obviously baker mayfield. Had a huge game has made because story college football Sam Arnold is living up to expectations. Lamar Jackson is putting up crazy numbers faults and any of them and what they are doing this year. Yeah I think what triggered it last week he's going to Columbus and Trent back at Ohio State is that you do on the road at night it is quite as stated about the way. You know they thought he Westbrook who won a political or they lawsuit they are running back. A lot of in part of the aisle for the lines a little bit but I thought what he did was the biggest statement so far. You know why I love what I've seen so far toward Jack but he's gonna step away and then. The occasion that the Yahoo! last week. I mean I thought content Eli is in creative Greeley now better I don't want black you're they had eleven back in Auburn well blah blah well. So martyr when they visited him. It'll light them up and leave until victory you know I think it detonated almost impossible for got a repeat that I would earlier I would order. Could the expectation. The market leader of the victory I think he got a Pelé we met out of them you know there are happened in forty plus years you update got to win it batter what are loot it. But I think that. All find out way more because that is the youngest of the Purdue and into the North Carolina the big you know not be. You know a lot of help out you know collegiate capital. Obviously that's a signature game this weekend became that used to be always the signature game this weekend was Tennessee Florida. I went to many at Tennessee Florida game would not miss it back in at once upon a time. They were always. There's two top ten teams invariably. You had Spurrier Fulmer here all of that in fact ten years ago this game was the game or Florida. The two quarterbacks for Florida were Tim Tebow in Cam Newton who scored a touchdown late. And yet Florida and I can't score in Tennessee has their own struggles. Where what is the state of that rivalry and why has Florida never been able to figure out. In a how to put points Michael. I think it's really got a lot of moving parts addiction by going to get our and to coach I think it is not about not part of the split them. I mean he's a Smart guy you but I think when you look at it and so much attrition. You know bunch of fertilizer but a bunch of different receivers coaches. And I think ultimately you know like Saturday admit I don't want your quarterbacks. And I think you know one government able literally settle down there and get a read on the awoke real look oh look at that and eat. You know get the pop the EE an hour ago at Morgantown, West Virginia. So I think it's been so many moving parts and a lot of this the third youngest big picture why not and not going credit that he got from the backbone back. SEC title game is crushing years but especially easy these there's never been so mediocre. You know you look at the week piracy as that is but the pothole that a lot of the Derek Dooley era not what George dug out of it is still not open their climate up you know we'll see it in a loss. They're Dirk boy that was a plan up acquired a great leader and they are always been a job stops. You know made a lot of place that I I thought they they they hit some really good things and what not challenging no burger asserted that it. Albeit they can build on that I. I inherited a better shape right now I'll hold. Than what the gators are just because it. You know going into that week the opener of the gators are all look substantial nuclear energy bass player like I'm not at all that the general that you look I don't have a guy. And you know dialogue and bigger and bigger issues sort because it. You know the hurt and every you know why are there so it's just like you want girl claimed. Where what what Oregon Oshawa I would like to welcome this game not me it's. Yeah I'll sit up but they match up a lot of different reasons that a lot when you look at that he cannot figure it. Talking to Bruce Feldman fox sports FS one get his book the quarterback. The making of modern quarterback is out now on. Paper back to more questions than that knowledge ago. One is about the Ole miss situation I don't know what you're hearing what you're expecting obviously shape Paterson speaking of quarterbacks is putting up huge numbers. While all of these and NCAA proceedings. Are ongoing in any thoughts from sort of what's unfolding at all less. You know just I'm not be all I think he's got to put up huge numbers are good receivers like that that's all go out. You wanted to say it could murders Bieber of the area people are Latinos are not these sense how mummy of the Kentucky and I had the power it. You know I've got and I think. Government and got a bit so excellent that may sound wins I think get a real here we get our job to him. If you look at the and the that you were going to you know be out bishop and move up. I don't think there's a lot of heavy 83 and I'd like big name guys who are cheap people in this job. Depending on who know they get through years of ovation. You know Oakland more weird person that may get you know another year or even bat. Just hard brick will be looked good but you know are we gonna do that now. But god you know I think what what are herded. They've been able to really big gallery just trying to focus on hey we only control control what I think players' outlook it pretty well from that but I think that. Just kind of get disenchanted master master the scene. Those on what what I think will be telling is when they're out there or law out of those players react to it just occurs. You know that would people's you know when everything's kind of looked at it trying to stop people can people then you know he pushed it and then then client at all but what starts as. Yeah a little more turbulent. You never not voter act act because that is. Not such a mass so you know on top of that there would be no apology believe it or not. And then lastly a week from now there's going to be a game between. Texas NM and Arkansas with both coaches. Com feel my heat and plus you got maybe guest roles on I don't know whether he's feeling the heat. All three of those coaches imperil. I think so you know I I wouldn't. I think Gupta Bobbie the most goalie but at Auburn which like art are two different Auburn ball late Carl let the way Auburn played last week at Auburn got. Really your role in the I think they're concerned do you Obama I'll be you'll period upbeat but I'm last year it was like. Bet I can get LSU were little old outlook going back to work at hooters now. I went wrong purple left wild dogs. You know we got the fact that they have looked awful last week even though they wanted to go there yet. And I know. Now of the bully I would Arkansas. Ankle not long walk really want Brett feel about the work out and and he's got jobs. And I think they have to because the point it looked out flap and look and you know I think actually all three guys are good coaches and ultimate question I think going all work like you think at all you know. In some power all it is more you get it yet who's better than these guys to go into the FB you act in both political mix ate it. It is not a lot of guys out there that look that way so people go to Larry Fedora maybe created for it and our law which outlet you'll be bigger approach. There's no guarantee you that. They're gonna quote guarantees that you guys are gonna do better what you how I mean it's like. You'll get if you let what Nixon did it change the game a lot of people Aaron craft a lot lot lot lot of work. Bruce wonderful talk to thank you very much love your work and we'll talk to Deborah. Oh yeah that is great Bruce Feldman Bruce Feldman CFB. Onto it at the book is the quarterback.