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All week all week. Jason had done it tonight advance ESPN has promised his name is Brian when Dorsey covered the NBA. Freest and has been a very busy man he's joins us now Brian thanks for the time is always carry you. I'm fine thank thoughts on the Kyle Anderson deal for the Memphis Grizzlies. Oil. He's an average player he's making the average player salary essentially. He's you know you are limited shooter which should not be like I am today but even above. Average defender respective sides. You know you're reading something. Out of San Antonio today that says you can play. And back up point guard back at the fight because I didn't. Know you've got such ball handling skills but. Either the hard player he sees very fundamentally sound is golf's all. She's got great size and blanked his skills aren't that great. He's a Smart players so. You know that you're the guy that you want your roster but I wouldn't say that if you wanna hear. Three or four best players you're gonna be it'll probably be good to be sort of admit guilt player and it notebooks like you can't be the starting small forward and you know that's an indication of how they think about Chandler Parsons as well go forward so. Inside edition I'm way more excited about Jarrett Jack and I have about Kyle Henderson. So oh gets its aired in just a minute I'm glad you brought that up but unlike Chandler Parsons you don't believe the city of Memphis will look back on this deal. And and lamented and curse every time it comes up. I don't think no. You know if it's art Harris spending money he's already pretty deep in the spending time so I hate. You are not every team about their this summer you can their format level exceptions so. I think that's relevant to pay attention to. I think Garrett figured that it would do what I look at it helped her sign a star player that's one thank. Every other contract that look at states and you trade this contract. And I believe that they could if they had to trade Tyler Anderson tomorrow as an example they could trade him. There's not been that many four year deal given out this summer typically. Four year deal to not eat out star level players. And that's a little bit as usual you know you get locked in that long if you get injury or something it's problematic but as right secure today I don't think it's a bad contract. Do you think this case you hear this sort of line and I gotta get this kind of true that when you know freeagent sleeve the spurs they're they're rarely ever the same. Com but in this case I feel like and you could do that I guess either way. May opinions are saying only came from the spurs and then and Andy got developed and he was that's where he was groomed to be a professional so it is it a good thing that he's coming from the spurs or is it a bad thing that the spurs didn't match the powerhouse. We give you yet yeah I've heard that before but here there has been at bat but he created we've disperse them right if I mean I don't doubt instruments. Last last year he got that average contract he had an average speed than. Idol big people and Orlando are like oh my god we are stacking MVP we just got. An average flabby you know I I bet there have been a few for sure. But again I I think Colleen are just a solid player beat you the guy you want to have on your key to execute an average player to get an average player contract I mean I really. And and that's not meant to be an insult and he does see a positive than negative T. You know my reaction is fine nice addition that we really more than that I mean it's going to be incumbent on on bicker staff still Willie. Work again I wanna say. Mike Conway markets saw Jerry jacks and those guys I'm more focused on him. If congress and has good game then you're you're plot and well let's say that most flights are gonna go by you're gonna go to Boca Kyle Anderson was far and I think that's culture transport. Ram what it before we get to Darren Jackson really quickly Chela Parsons two more years of my contract went formation dimension to 25 million. In 1920 what can they you know what can they do with it I mean if you're either this year righty in the and you see -- get from but it in 1920 as thorough you know an easy way to get off that thing you do would OKC's -- with Carmelo like how do you see that playing out. You know it's intrastate. We just had this very interesting that Levine. Contracts given out now Chandler Parsons was not a restrictive create he was done restricted. But in that contract. I would that strip Mel here. Which has clawed I had ever explained to me by die in the front office I won't even say which team. But it is nowhere if that would mean Terri is based DL again they got protects that they can get out of that Patrick I had never heard of that claw yeah. I've heard of Libya contracts we can't get insurance. On a player but the communicates to restrict its situation where that's the hard negotiating. Tactic. Typically that's subsidized going to be an offer sheet that's beside the point and I don't know enough about Chandler Parsons. The to be able to say whether his injuries but exactly the same he had moved out I guess I have a solid that closely. But I will say that when you have a guy I mean you know I would assume that this sort of situation what happened. That that depicted depressed that third set which a bar chart or every east side because he's toward these yup twice let's say meat. You know team it's our trade now. A puppy caught in what happened to the group is that you have a person of well it's it's still too much money. I think two to stretch in a way as it's just too much money out like evil even the lakers which which other Richards franchise in terms of the money they gradient their Blanchard a little bit. At two years and 36 made it blew all that they're they're saying themselves that's a lot of money for guys back up light silk. I think that's an option a year from now but I think this year. Yeah try to breach at the practical streak when every get you to be considered a bonus. Yep we are precise trial when north covers the NBA for ESPN on Twitter. At winged horse to ESPN you did bring up Jerry Jackson junior. He has been topped the bottom one of the better rookies. And in both the U tie in Vegas summer leagues you you sound excited about him brown we have reason for open Memphis you're saying. And I am not a draft expert but after the finals. I prepare for our draft coverage I spent a week watching film on the on the lottery picks. And I just love it when I saw on film from from Sharon. He is such an NBA ready player. His game translates to. Deduction of the Billy the switch great competitor on defense to me. The Big Ten is state defense of based we. And to be a defense of birth upbeat attempt to clear the air freshmen at any rate up got a pair of the idea. In their east conference yet you debts will be impressive to me. Because. Defense but the learned over time. So the fact he was defensive barb wired ear at the freshman Willy press leaks I watched how he switched on the player I looked at. And of course he could hit the outside shot. He showed a little bit of ability to score inside as well and I just I liked everything about it doesn't have a huge amount of ball got to train. And that's you know somewhat of a concern because. But I'm a guy gets to that age you know he's sometimes you Julius and they're gonna have to wait a couple get a little bit on the chair but idol big picture and ever expect debt. But 35 more pounds why am I thinking as well yet but I did but he may not be the best player in the draft three years from now. But I definitely see him being one of the three most compact called rookies. From Mecca to stops here mantra big guys I really. Really liked the film I watched parliament. That's not to say that guaranteeing anything again I know draft expert and I go I put it in the thing about Beverly guys. Typically playing well in trouble league you let predictive than playing poorly. It's a little bit more concerning is it Chia Chu played poorly that it is it's all right well but I just really like cute game. I think he's fit in beautifully. Alarm along markets all and I BQ is going to be a contributor and a factor from day one. Love to hear that now and I know and who else would love to hear that that's the best grizzlies owner Robert pear because he publicly said. He'd like to win fifty games this year you look at what happened around. The west. And that that seems very daunting it is is it possible Brian is is fifty wins. Attainable or is edits as absurd. I I don't battle I Bible look at the Laker battle with the lakers are gonna get to chase. So I mean this thing about it it's just it's hard to hide whereas in the Western Conference you know. This suns they're going to be significantly better like you don't look at that saw them go. Well they're guaranteed four wins like you do maybe a year ago a affiliate in new in the east over the last year there were teens or your like it would still it was a drag and and Brooklyn with a stranger like. But you know you are trapped people like that three and water for now. 31 at worst you don't see what the only road apple like in the left that this sacramental. And they're gonna wind gave the whole body man absentee ballots so. Like you know so last year I think 47 wins guy in the playoffs. And strange sight that'll happen right from the by trying to they'd like. Should he win the 51 when Chad you're not receive up so you know when you when you see if he wins best and it's. He may ticket you would just to get the playoffs that. So I definitely expect the greatly assuming that probably is okay. Come roaring back it's intense it's one of the reasons why I look at the lakers and I don't say I mean they'll probably make the playoffs. But I will say yeah or keep playoff because I'll look it up there a bit prefer electric example they hit 35 went last year and by you know they be twelve weapons. To kick to the eight seat from a here and idle member on the bridge when the group if that is kind of material because they were taking but. You know it each ticket count on more weight so it could appear they'll bribe but I'll say is what which comic coming back in Jarrett Jack and I think they want it now you got. A defensive minded three Matt likely you can strike you can start kind of like importing three starters. I feel good about the debt is being a contender the playoffs that same topic considering it just happened before prick. That is and special what the rest the western covers has done has deftly sand some blue wall not red. Brian and entirely gonna meet to discuss among other things how to how to coach LeBron what advice would you give Luke Walton Bryant. You know prior to guide that very high entered. He wants to be impressed by his coach and what I mean by that is he wants to have a good game plan presented. He wants to. Under pressure have to tell us delivered good option but as a coach you kind of got to have a six scared because there's going to be times where. The problem about your game plan certain non beatle and and that. Should sit in it together shall. It's got the sound right but LeBron that motel Max almost Spectra coaches not yet disrespect for them. But a lot times he thinks he she is smarter you get it done himself believe that I had and that the K that's okay it's what a lot of teammates as well welk. It cannot challenge for LeBron won't believe what you try to forge. Is some sort of partnership. But different that the pilot who had six that. Although the brother that played good defense. During the regular seat in the last few years that it it hurt it hurt UT. And they'll wandering the white cap with a foresee. Last year because well rob play or defense or much a year. And turned up the told scenes and it's hard to look at the bronze say give me more. But sometimes that's the coach has to do that tocchet to get the brunt they actually gave me more it'll that'll be a big test. But Luke Walton I figured. You know Luke Walton based system coach he was he was educated by a very much assistant coach instill Jack. Now he doesn't run the triangle but he red dot Wii a system but Roddick started the air tight system player LeBron is like the the solar system literally the start everything moved around the start so the way of Walt has coached the way LeBron has played very very different so it's going to be. A significant challenge for him. And especially for young coach that not a lot of experience. It's going to be a real challenge and the thing about it I don't look at their town like I said the I look at every day ticket finish anywhere from five to nine. What that an area where coach come under scrutiny. And you know if you're a bad team okay you're guilty locate it in the middle. When the coach should make a difference where he faces the love the scrutiny I think that salute all the credit. We are persona brown horse covers the NBA for ESPN. Brian why did LeBron choose LA is it bigger than basketball we have not heard very much from him publicly. What what what do you think his reasoning was for for the move. You know he hasn't articulated it and I assume he will at some point although it may come piecemeal. I think it's gonna sounds silly he joked LA because he chose LA what I mean by that is. She took everything that is about Los Angeles. He didn't you know looking up their adoptions there was not a great basketball option for him. I'm so beat what do argue that saw Altria. Fit that bill and from a talent depth when I get it but about stepped up what I did not think his game trip until the Altria. There was no pain that he saw that he could stepped in. And instantaneously. Be adapt to the top of the game where like Mikey Bentley went to Miami last but if you don't while people just like to move. You could you did there was an understanding of why he didn't even if you didn't like it here in LA. I just don't think. It's it's a great basketball decision I don't think that they're going to be a great pain that they could be a great team come the spring. Because they they have a different roster that could be a great team a year from now home. That you sort of betting on Los Angeles in the draw out himself that you've already got. I don't one strike against that because Paul George. Who admittedly grew up dreaming of being a lecture had a chance or stepped in to look at the alongside LeBron James who played for the lakers. In an incredible resurgent moment and eat past. At this site in Oklahoma City they're. And so this comes on the heels of the year or how we are being raised within and to get me out of here I don't wanna Wear a LeBron anymore so. I don't know what this means going forward but I do know that what the Angela sport decade after decade in the future has been a magnet for great players. And I suspect he'll get another one in there but until he guidance. You're going to be all and eight you know social team for the first time along car. Do you think something happens with quad before the start this season do you think they ultimately get him. Next year next summer. Three when I look at the spurs right now I create team that is not to fight trade the player yet. And a lottery lactic they have decided that they haven't had a chance to get your room and really talk it out. And they also have that they have their pocket which is that super Max contract they have not offered yet. Which is remarkable. And debate they have their reasons obviously. But based on the top tool and I still haven't made that laughter I think based we'll have. Phone cards to play well maybe he swapped the way bulk up until they've opened their bare butt. Not having played both cards yet but I think what they're waiting for is Brooklyn and that type offer their. You know got that the that you know it triggered the Celtics rebuild. And it was basically a mother load I think what you're saying is that you ought to the mother load it. We will consume what went to a complete bill are we aren't shut about a trade ensure that right now and you look at it pure Boston or Philadelphia. Elect why we pay the mother load white guys may walk on it for the year so it's they it's a difficult. Gable leveraged. I look at the spurs have decided traded yet belt big big side they may decide the weekly leave aside the mud they may decide in January that's probably where it's headed but. I can also see whether slope buying it because contrast here I don't think pollute the. Brian always appreciate your time is gone thanks so much. Articulate at the wake up you two is a brand wind horse covers the NBA. Four EE SPN always breaks it down league loves them. He's brought roars of the grizzlies that I'll go back in the playoffs that makes me feel better. I gotta tell you what I hear brand I don't say I'm shocked that it came from him that he feels good about search he's normally. I mean I'm out no heart breaking news here brand we north is normally a pretty pessimistic guy. Just overall debt overall as a cat is this position and then you throw a thing like I'm they don't win fifty games you figures on terror into the NORTHERN IRELAND he feels good about the adjustment the boy out absolutely. Interest of I it eat your day and all hundred tweet last night all agree is gonna be a contender. Yup they're from brown went Horst. I mean it's up to his point though who the easy ones in the list outlets are slowly coming. In Sacramento got talent that there are only got a day like Ali and avoid rallies will be able to treat McCain you should. I hall lets you better on I'll go through this that lakers things going to be interest and he's not and they don't like you're gonna make a play well it's come on and I mean they're gonna make the playoffs they have LeBron had a minute where five through eight and possibly out he he knows that they'll be in the playoffs. I mean he's right I mean it's definitely like. That there aren't any Jimmy's Irsay things a lot better than in the west. You're one and three gets the most reliably protect the clippers you'll that's an easy way yet another coming up are flown out your but yes I mean during many. And so Delhi just Antonio become an easy win depend on what has acquired. In enemy and they're good they're taken a step back well what do Minnesota they're a mess. I mean they're not an easy win for say but if you're gonna wind you know he played and they don't Nike Jimmy but well you're gonna beat themselves unlike these other local yes so that is so are there are going to be teams that fall down. That the grizzlies will be able to you know to prey on but added it you know as a bit as it is today yes it is. Daunting yeah words you used and that is what it is dead that's well the I'm surprised by the optimism. Bavaria disparity here enterprise and when the horse will come back Jason and Jon and it's united ME SP it.