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Wednesday, January 3rd

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929 SLX 688 am on the WM FS I had 929. SPN dot com this. CN. There's an NBA insider for ESPN. Doesn't offer ESPN TV online. He joins. Us now Brian I doorman. I'm good guys are excellent and first of all we have not talked to you in in a while so congratulations on the birth of your tout how how is how does. Fatherhood congrats. Well it's good except for you know like tickled to be like ten insists no here in Boston tomorrow. And the concept of giving stock is now cannot be able to get on this now a bigger issue that it would have been a year ago that's like got. How's that and that's shell Ford silk I'm gonna give up before the more you try to get out and wow that is sleeping and that's that that's out different. Why how would you. You talk about being in Boston what do you think about as they have Thomas last Natalie looked really good especially with LeBron. I don't think anybody including Isaiah thought that he was gonna look that Q and hit the cavs knew that he was gonna be debt free flow and it probably would have arranged that we could play tonight. In bought having a good you can tell by the weight plate he didn't have. They could've brought it back three days ago and he kind of played it you cut Saturday because the played here at night. But they arranged it so that he would have plausible in my ability to play here tonight know what because he'll want to hear from him I think they were doing it to protect him from himself. Because the key it key to become big here and tried the gill and forty might re and I re hurt himself I think it was actually a Smart thing to do but obviously. Seen him score seventy points in nineteen minutes. He was great ego and made that made that site he'll beat you want it to come back. In the ground running and that means the air out perfectly. Brad is respect between Kai real LeBron or is it just sort of a passive aggressive. Had a facade between them and and and that they really don't like each other. Both interest gap. So there you respect somebody not like him right yeah I spoke that strays their resentment do you think Brian. I mean let me see right now everybody's got their own story sure. I know that immune. On the record. Both in one on one interview and in front of the group booking a guy at work were giving each other justice. They're both they and wonderful things about each other kind of talk you talk Karrie would talk about his decision. To be you know is conscious decision to be on the cab or he's held down a little bit because he got a competitive team so. Either he would lie. And I can't believe in now and more. All. Things change very very quickly make a change back but. I mean I always I I have always help. At what he's going to be a decade long partnership and after hearing them talk about each other Ngo and I I I called my clothes fit with them on the record right that's how might. Amid a debate very gets a call it now but it happened everybody sort of lawyer adopt mobile and it got their own story that I not only that that's where we are right now. If he if he's something similar to what we saw last night visit better than that he's somewhere along that line. Does it push Cleveland above Boston does it push them right to the top these were effect. Let's go ahead and technically could Cleveland. Even already the best team in the east I guess if I got. It'll assuming everybody's healthy I mean did that strict. Secondly I didn't help the cast offensively. It make a much more dangerous there but debt. Does that help them the fact that you're 29 in defense movement like you and help men and thank you could argue that makes a war on home. And so. It's a beautiful story and I also think that they you know we're heading towards January when the doldrums of the season and that's a big fire that team up. But I don't think it closes the gap with the warriors. Now step curry sprained his ankle in which the cup and final and that's the GO two and a half weeks then. We're talking about it play different discussion. But look at things that we don't know assuming everyone healthy DeKalb or not. Or seven against Golden State. Which I pay or without in my bid did. The circumstances of sort of that they carried departure and what the cavs roster looks like Derrick Rose. Do we have any idea where Derrick Rose isn't in like what the latest within his legacy OK mentally. You guys. You ask that you could ask that question a weekly the last five years. I don't I don't know. He has the bone spur in his ankle I'm not a orthopedic I don't think you can recap the bone spur away. And the only way you can rehab the only way to get rid of a bone spread interest to have surgery. More or you just play through it some people might go on for years. You know. But it even if you look hard to send help the idol can keep you playing right now I think that someday he in the cavs very aware. So given given those set of circumstances. It pet has this been. The most impressive stretch of the bronze career I guess I guess you could go back to that. That first finals against the spurs when you look his rise and how bad it was. It is this up there with that with the way LeBron has played with some of the best throw performances of his career. Yeah I mean if you look at the highlight of my 201011. And you feel explosive he was look at it now. Like he's not his athletic peak. By the way he controlled the game it's never been better now he'd spend this kind of player in the playoffs last year I think the differences. Because of the idea injury because the carry trade. He's now doing it from October on word whereas last year it left open a couple of years but even built a back issue that slowed him down. But the last few year. He hasn't really gotten going until like Turkey where like it gives you make a political year but the year they won the title from him he kinda you they had a back issue any kind of went through the motions separate album month and then he won player of the month of February march and April and they won the playoff dominated. And he was every bit as did Dan I think the difference is you know MVP race has often framed. Even though it's not it's not one but it almost always trained in November December. And the last couple November December O'Brien hasn't had a gap down now he's got the gap down I think you CNET. But I think we are headed foray fourth straight meeting between the cavs and warriors in the finals breaking news but in terms of the way that this cavs team is constructed. Where would you rank it in terms of best suited to it to really push. The warriors are championship. Well they're kind of the deepest. Cast came abroad ever been on dating back to the first time around. One inning and their bench when they go to their it that struck out strained terms were. Only one time on the bronze career has he ever had a bench player on his feet and averaged over ten points and Ray Allen. A couple times clear in my hand while he's got three guys averaging twenty. Now he's got jet stream Dwyane Wade. Cup or at last why I pick up the dance class at its sixty bench while the tech in that particular why so. He'd never play with the bands like this. But that said I hope it's in the face and tell you their and there are. Both your way in the title with this team and they were winning retiree I don't know that answer yes by you know that that's it it'd definitely the deepest team he's had. And the cavs. Would have won a lot of games that will continue when a lot of input their bench play and and Dwyane wondering who like their growth has been rendered. You know kind of irrelevant it is it has Dwyane Wade has been so good hands playing in that role I don't wanna say you'd. You know gone pulpits Carter but if you watch. The weight weight has morphed his game this year it's admirable. And I believe that Dwyane will be with LeBron the rest of black how many years Wayne has left whether it's one or two or three I think he will stay with LeBron work LeBron is. And I think he will play this well I think this will be his shot third act if you. Brian you know we're trying to figure things out with this resisting that in my goodness it's so different to what we've been through the last seven years and jamarcus sauls name obviously comes up people read about it what do you do do you trade him to keep him what do you do my question to you or we all just dreaming at this point for those of us that that are. Intercity and in and what you could get from mark. A real dreaming at this point thinking that that a team might be willing to give up a first rounder for you for him. Do you think a team would be willing at this point in mark's career to give up the first run of form to basically ran him. Well their first child hears their first round here's. In elk like is it a first rounder they can be a lottery pick. Like that cavs have from bought from you know bought in the war on what or all or if you look at like the pick that. The that the you know the the the Celtics have. That the lakers tactic could be to five or get a lot architecture tropic you know they have bought yeah yeah I think markets all get a first tropic. I don't know Pete get that high kick but I mean I hate it seemed to need to be greatly contention here to bring Tommy back and know you can quote you know Don Tripp moved. And see how they play before February 8. And feel a goat to me at the pretty big decision. And you'd have to get an ML and inner thing is that. Who'd make in the hall and incomes who owned the team right you know it is the market we know. When crypt and ads that don't make that decision. Are they think he has. If I though I'd kick off rebuilding stage. What does that mean to their tenure with the cheap and they get to stay until it could have at. About whether they get to stay in Europe they get a profit from Robert if they get to stay until it what happened to you up with a lot of other factors here. They're playing good but to me I think the big thing is another seven game out of last playoff spot that would have to see her left it it. It's a mountain. It's not doable but it's a mountain and I think you know it's more realistic look at Tyreke Evans. Because if you if you if you multi region and that's essentially saying you're done through this year. But you know what do they get counted back the west they dope you know what they went eight out of nine. Or nine out of twelve or something like that and what do they do I mean can get it could don't have the answers to yet I think it's one of the reasons why. There's probably three or four different tracks that they are planning. You know inept front office XP helping develop that. I mean you know they'd get the overarching thing about you can on the team is going to be a whole working on July 1 you know that's what attribute a big factor that when you talk but other team. Don't have that same variable. We are of course talking to Brian when a worst NBA insider for ESP am glad you brought up. Sort of what comes next when you bring Mike back that was my very next question because. To me I don't know where you come down on this it almost it almost feels kind of foolish to think that by bringing back Mike. In a week or two or whatever it is that you can really make a run at eight because your seven games out right now I'm depending on how close Mike is I mean they're playing some good teams and the next six games they are home. My worst fear Bryant is that the grizzlies bring him back. And they finished. Three or four games out of a ride indeed right in the in that draft pick that you do we have and 28 team. You've just now diminished because you you made a run. And you didn't get in so how how do you I do you mentioned having three or four pass against. Do you just. Is a touch and go and you reevaluate as at it day by day. Here's here's the issue and in Memphis. I kind of feel like and you know armed. Robbery and never come ons said the but I kind of feel like the and a total rebuild it's kind of off the table. Because it's it it's hard and that mark and them in the right but big like if you take a look at the pacers. Are right. The patriot he had its sixtieth sixty win team in the mid 2000. They give a rebuilt but they never. They never you know took all the way down in my tank. And they and they put it didn't on the fly because frankly in that market. They can't afford to dates yet afford to have to secure lock these and because it would kill. Financially all right. And so they about rebuilding is going back to me at sixty win team by law. By taking out the draft right Hibbert made big let you make wrapped all George I think he was. Student a lottery but he was like in the mid lottery and they they never had a top three picks. And they rebuilt that as another doing it again. But they end up having to move Paul George but they'd be due in a way to keep and tentative and yeah they're probably headed for like the seventeenth pick again. But they're there their team is engaged in late and you and the Iran they met without a slap. So that I may I can get you the group which are probably. Look at a lot like the pacers cash each here rebuilt the team EQ you can't catch. So you'd have to kind of do it on the fly and that's why. When you look at a Conley. Common situation or you look at Gasol you have to evaluate it sort of in those terms are never mana. Say because you know it was miserable when they first got to town I get. I don't public business it's that's how that goes they can operate so I would think what the patriots have done. Is a good thing you keep an eye out back and unit can they make back at a trade for Gasol. On whether they do in February when they do in June try to they make that I betrayed because you know. That would end up being a pretty darn good trade yeah looks like for the pacers. Brought a guy we follow pay close it is to cause you played over here at the universe of Memphis will Barton can be a freeagent 2018 did not do the extension with the Denver. Just curious from your knowledge what kind of market do you think they'll be for him. And six seasons what he's made about 1212 and 16 million how will he go per year what kind of market you think the B for will. Guess so so a guy like will Barton is just you know two years ago he'd probably get fourteen to seventeen million Yucca. It she you know this is one of the reasons why don't we wanted to pays and and not you know be inundated even they want anyone out clips they want to have this new thing okay. Because well Bart is going to be in a situation not yet know what when we talk about a guy like Jonathan Demme OK okay. Dot instrument is the guy you have a great here in Orlando let you know which I pay attention to him because earlier the awful. They got him like six million dollars a year and and and. And Jonathan Clements probably thought he was gonna make like again like fourteen to seventy. What happened was the first wave of money gets spent and he was sitting there and like oh my god what a life happy ends up in Orlando for our. One of the best bargained contracts and so will Barton to me is and that don't know maybe somebody would cap space. Love will Barton and come dead and makes him an offer on July 1. Probably not though probably. That you forgot it's gonna have to wait the second wave and there's wept money you get mad and tapped the last two years has exploded district cap it's going to be almost flat so. The guides were created and sixteen and seventeen cashed and the guy to a free agents. In eighteen and nineteen are gonna have a proper time which is why they wanted smoothing. And will Barton and got its seventh and I like that check it here man Wally second tier freeagent go we're getting overpaid. His best bet. Will Barton best bet is to get paid by the Denver nugget. Two ticket could stay there or not become got to be created the problem is a nugget like to spend money may already signed. Gary heritage you extension their due to side chipped it extension stateside plum lake they may not. Do quantitative easing that pops may lie or other reasons why. He changed agents. You know between the last contract not contract. Radical more things where let's ago Mantilla Parsons has missed six of his last nine games. No no real sign of when he may return I believe the official injury designation was right knee soreness it is. It is this is a set I mean in terms of ever hoping and praying to get some kind of return on your investment are those days done. So Mike Epps isn't that bill Chandler Parsons has time but in his career. But viewed at the Mac player he's never gonna probably deliver on. I'll be whether it it meant just like. I we cover story at any certain what I grew up with Kenny Perry signed a ten year 36 million dollar contract in like 1990. President shame contract with the Thai elections he played all ten years of bit. And cats and pitched about it and for that's an and they couldn't and make it drove them crazy but yeah okay. He go to San Antonio or. And like I did incredibly great beautiful little player speaks and eight help because. The content came apart there we kinda walk down the court walked out on the court with that contract. So my destination it's going to be really hard to Chandler Parsons. To ever. BT doesn't it look at that as a helpful player one he's playing under that contract. When he got another contract when he and another market what he's viewed differently. He may have a chance to do it could be a technical player and save his career but the guy that the group we sign is not there. And it looks like he's probably not coming back. And so and so a mighty atom in like playing but I knew my being that guys who wrote that. He and look there's no Q I feel bad form but I'm not cry because he signed the contract knowing that he had a rough you know. Get we've seen as a professional sports you Euro beer beer. I don't know it's gonna be done about it because he's got you know two years left I don't know if you're gonna do but. He can do I think he can find a way to pistol play in the NBA. That without knowing how do you feel like I did you know. Even the top spot. And then lastly Brian is David Tisdale a head coach in the NBA next season. They have your right yet so like some. Like if you. Some teams are gonna change coaches are gonna want a guy like. Bret Stephens or are Erik Spoelstra. They're gonna want a guy like I've heard in general manager described the meat they want a curious coach and they want a coach it's going to be. Adaptive to players the coach that's gonna change on the fly and it's gonna be open to new concepts. I don't know that davis' interest me even though he was with ball we will group quibble with style changed immediately guy who is. The content and and rally the troops and get them by another guy like this as Monty Williams. My Monty Williams is going to be a hot property at the head coach DOE would've got our future but there were no jobs. OK mark won the guy that his players in New Orleans looked and great run through a wall for. That's got to coach davis' bail he you know I think it's going to be even though he obviously didn't get along with mark at all. I don't know what game is still going to fit the bill for it sort of the new agent David Jones I think he's sort of even though he comes from this (%expletive) system. I think he's sort of more you like an old school school coach don't gonna have to be right it I do believe he will. Coach in the NBA head coach again I just don't not every single job that opened gonna be the exact ship different. Brad is the best demands that they cure all a much. The view is Brian we endorsed. MBA in center for ESPN brings it every single title I don't know if there's a more plugged in guys I mean loads. But my goodness I'll always always learn so much about the NBA we have brand winners it's always a a treat earliest.