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Friday, October 6th

Brian Banks joined Jason & John Friday in-studio to discuss the new movie being filmed in Memphis about his life and his incredible story. 


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Yeah. Tyler back taste and judge that is tonight at NE SP in very excited about our next. Gas Bryant makes the film is currently in production right here. In the city of Memphis Brian banks himself is with us now Brian what's up man thanks for being here. So brother thanks travel in the house may have the street yet amazing you know what waking up every day out here is is literally like a dream I wake up and you know you have that moment of trying to find clarity ending your relies ho hum I'm in town shoot a movie about my life yeah and so every day is like waking up jumping out of bed and run into those gives epic at at the Christmas tree in army but the gift is a movie set as though for those who may not know your story and I think that's why it was important for us to get in here because there is a movie being made about your life and palm. How would you describe your story in why there is a movie being made about. You know what if it makes sense I would describe it as of very unique story that happens too often in our society. I was six year old kid who was wrongfully accused and ultimately convicted of a crime that I do not commit. I lost a a number of scholarship opportunities ago play football and college I was eleventh in the nation I mean everything you know my life was pretty much set. To go play ball and that. To move on and that aspect and and all that came to a raging hall. When these accusations came up in 2002. That was your story. And it is that it is that a tragedy or is it is it not that is a one of redemption and I would think it's it's more the latter but you can hardly look at you you had some tragic circumstance most definitely innocent man in prison that's as tragic as they get. Yeah extremely tragic I'm not only for me both my family and what we had to endure going through that whole ten year ordeal of mean trying to prove my innocence while the same time trying to live somewhat of a normal life from while having these stipulations state muslin and labels you know put against me. So yeah I was definitely tragic but. Always tell people would own judgment about what I've been to judgment by Howard go wooden things are still here today capsule and and in the fact and I'm still here today now free mail in my in my my name and record clear. You know sky's the limits men and I'm just trying to stay positive and water off the. Dead before we dive back into your story because it it is incredible. Memphis has a chance to be in this movie yes that's and that's the cool part so next Friday October 13 out and white haven high school. You got a chance to be in this movie volunteers of all ages all you have to do to register is BB movie actors at right that says. As that man is going to be certainly going to be out there. From 530 to 11 PM I mean regatta margin down there from white David high school. Tons accused tons of parents I mean everybody is welcome we trying to get as many people out there and make it as live as part. Who doesn't want to be in a I was gonna say like we let you know they say like say Nadia in Memphis you guys can be and do you have a man outside I gonna have about 101000 because you are you give your offer free travels up at thousand dollars in cash prize as part of snacks entertainment and you get Dicey in like a major movie here oh man listen that Memphis opened the doors to us a c'mon parent and and make this film. I think at least that we can do is turn around and trying to to community involved. On such a huge. Huge film absolutely so to go back to your story. What was the psychology. For you win you need you had to take the deal you knew you were innocent and you knew you had not commit the crime but you took the deal because listen what we all know that the courts doesn't get beat up your when your fighting something that cost money it takes time. And you're still face and you know 41 years or more if convicted so what was the psychology for you. During that time yeah. It's funny you brought a taken and deal because when you knew going in right now in United States 95 to 97% of all criminal cases in the United States in some form of a plea bargain. Only three to 5% of those cases are actually going to trial. As I mean everybody's guilty means you've been forced into a deal exhausted into a deal you don't have your mind the other retailers is a low and I got hired attorney pale light of these things are expenses expensive right. So you know you have that aspect of it but I think for me you know and common to that realization that I wasn't going to be going home but the truth wasn't going to be coming out. It was hard to take in and it was a lot to take and there was a lot to see my mom. To laud as she can sell our house on her car to pay for his lawyer and pay for all these fees and all the stuff go unanswered. It was tough then but you know what at the same time I had did. Put myself in his mind frame in mind set of I can allow this one moment in time to dictate to duration in my life raft and I think that's a mindset that a lot of us have to have we're going through things that are of the don't want to things that we don't want experience. But it's not when you go to was are you allowed to affect you what you choose to do as a response move forward. And I had to keep that in mind that five years in two months I spent behind bars. From sixteen to 22 and then that other five years Estrich costly pro to GPS my ankle could live within 2000 feet of in his score park. I mean although the circumstances that you can think of I have them for an additional parties so for ten years in my life. This going back to like you said that tragedy. I had to. Relies and no one was gonna work harder for me to me and I have returned at the tragedy into triumph on my own. How does a sixteen year old figure that out how to use we like you talk about you so young anyway you get out your Tony Tutu weary years so like your school so yeah so you're angry you're innocent you're screaming you're innocent like at what point in the and that do you reach that it kind of a piece like they've been there had to be some peace they're to have to say man I'm not gonna let this drives me. And sang most definitely and I don't think that comes with age I think that you know when you're stripped away from all distractions and all of what you noted be true in your left was simply yourself if he really becoming a fork in a row where you're either gonna continue to find ways to distract yourself you are only gonna be still and listen do. I to be still. You know regardless of what our was going to wire was going to would even go. That'd the accusations were false I was were loads what was happening was happening. And I do we had to do what it and I think that sometimes in life we. We. We just have to deal with things that we have no control over. Was it your innocence and proving that they kept you sane from day to day that's just what yeah yeah and at what point do you like. Stop saying yeah no I'm like god I would want it but no luck amid is that I'm it is adamant they give what did you say that every day like the other the big contenders daughter like nowhere yet you never stops and it's a yourself you never stops and Tutsis to to you you you're spirit you know men has always something that you're constantly remind his. I shouldn't even be in prison I shouldn't have these charges I should have never been convicted. You know but it as far as what kept me more four man my faith. That's you know regardless of what had happened what I went through my faith never wavered in our had to stay strong in pain because I knew that. This was just a moment in time our life and that you know whether it is got fixed and resolved or didn't. It was up to meet suits who bring the best out of what was left in my life and and I couldn't stand by and allow a must have to wait on some money goes to door for me. Yeah you know it's one thing to make mistakes in life and MB and that in that spot it's nothing they had a ripped from the well it's at a unit moved grow its and somebody else's Q do you now it's. This crazy when you you know you you use you're labeled and given all these these brands of of a monster and predator. Oh but knowing that you didn't commit their crime every time you leave your house you feel like you're the one last look over your shoulder yet. You know because used you know you hear there's this fear of of of of being in. Perceived and and view the wrong way you know and people start and believe the hype of you know you do something that you know he didn't do it really is a psychological game. An and it will take its following him and in. It is just something that I would never wish on anybody you know and I think that's why we're. And that's why not for me I'm I'm I want this film to. To represent that that there's so many people who have experience what I've experienced. And regardless of what your race is your political preferences your. Religious background is. I think we all can agree nobody deserves to be put in the cage for a crime that they did not commit absolutely you know. We are we're saga to Brian banks again you can be in this movie. I you have to do is send an email if you want to volunteer to be B movie extras at It's again next Friday October 13 and white haven high school. You have an exonerate shirt on it is our allies has played says exonerate and your pardon you work with the California innocence project. Can you just sort of take 'cause there wasn't enough for you to just get out of prison you know. You know you maintained their innocence and you wanted to clear your name so can you just sort of take us back and take us through for those who may not know. How you did it because it was pretty dramatic yeah just take us through how you went about doing that yet. Make an extremely long story short. I was is was probably four years and to a non into. My five year pearl tan and I was at home on face on FaceBook and I notice that had a friend request. I click on our friend requests and and there was the the accuser. Are her name her based request simulate FaceBook trying to while friends as as amazing is that makes zero sense it snows. And I. Was asking that we let bygones be bygones and so forth and he's argued that. As much as you know and then a hug to work as well how did you not freak out their moment and go crazy what you know what when your life in your freedom is on the line you have to. Play chess and not check boom and I knew that that was not the Sunni for me to to possibly have to light shed on what actually happened. And I was six you know we were successful at doing that. It was. All. It ought to place and and private investigation office where she came to meet and speak Armenian. In that meeting admitted issue lied about everything that you've made the whole thing up and we were fortunate enough to get our reach and tension on tape recorded while. She did you know ha no she didn't know at the time when she found or does she have a record as she recanted her re cancellation. I then went inside and and there was this whole ordeal only minor and truckers down and Yemen it was. It was clear as day once the investigation the proper investigation started to take place it was clear is dated. No crime was committed and I spent nine years in my life at this time. Incarcerated for something I didn't do and then there was all the bombing and wrong right at all over different departments always different. You know people who had these high positions within our judicial system has to go and and and starts. Fix the wrongs and it took a year flags operation which in. The world of wrongful convictions that are really short time absolutely mum my attorney right now and just Brooks do. Founder of the California this is project has been working on the case now for almost twenty years and you were a woman them the death penalty as a plea bargain. Went to what kind of plea bargains that torture would be it out and the other that would be. Yeah I as his life via and I guess that it you guys that's been your eleventh but it's a crazy world space wrongful convictions we look into it and see how easy it happens. On what circumstances they have been and you realize how often it's happening on there's been over 2000. Exhilaration as of yet. And there has been no concrete. No breakdown on the number of people that may be incarcerated right now. Wrongfully Brett. Since this. Does not just pretty is that is that five years that he's been in prison. It's that it's that label brother know a lot of television like. And I'll take it even one step further not only does it it it not only does it strip your witness you are committing a society in people view your different. But it also brings upon a disconnection. To your friends to your family it's suited to life that you once knew. You know people really remember you bunt away you leave. Right so do you leave at sixteen you come home it's winning who they remembered as six exactly. Yeah and we what you remembers from when you were sixteen yep so. Eating get to see the transition that took place and give them these like your friend's life means life and vice Versa didn't see your transition bending it to see graduate high value home and everybody's happy to see you there is is this connection were happy home we used you know opinions out sodas is whole psychological thing of bomb now put these pieced together by myself. Trying to get my life back in order and trying to restore what's left of of you know my dignity and respect and everything else. I mean it's it's if it really will go beyond just the person who's put behind bars it will touch the family with test of friends it would touched. The community. You know especially when we all realize that person never to meant that crime in the first and you were obviously very gifted football player you had you committed USC at the time I've verbally committed to yesterday I was eleventh in the state as that a linebacker at one more year and Chrysler logo and I mean yeah I'm and I could went to a number of universities yeah. And the amazing part about as as you get exonerated in this is how many years between you playing football has it been ten years ten years and you get. You get the trial with the Atlanta Falcons added that happened had that go about the dated I was exonerated me 24 2012 a walk out of a courtroom a free man. And our first questions that the media asked it was what do you wanna do now it's freedom and then. At Oregon plan and you know working on train of four of potentially. Try and comforting NFL and that was would no guarantee and talk to a scout and talk to a player or coach renting a sentence at. There is a one though Barbara to inject that comes about a wanna be prepared and ready for tossed our bus Mumbai and Jim a year in advance. Win the California innocence project took off my case and began fighting in our start of Biden towards getting back in shape in the gym so fast forward to. Pay your free what are you wanna do now. Politically football and his team month that it wants to give me a shot against who you are what are working anybody on your Tina. And the following day my phone rang and it was you know romance and phone hello. And you know voice and other hand say on the before allowed back in Iraq final wanna hear you got the right memorable who was the best. And it was actually Pete Carroll in all I coaches Seattle Seahawks. And he was a same coast that was recruited me when I was excited just how about adulthood USC trojans and was a bit like force our call me here reorient his recruiting dance all over it yeah. They're so deserve that and or go to get an opportunity at that to hear him yet again it always started with him and no. Several trials later assigned with the Atlanta Falcons and you know our well our I mean like you syphilis are gorgeous remember going to bed. B Hanley wood a monster and we can and the next day and and haven't Soledad beyond the way and people see in the real you and you know getting his opportunities and you can a fair shot at that your dreams and this is surreal and it is day it is still something that I. I look back on and I'm so thankful about Farley had that carpets in Tulsa because as you mentioned that's not one that comes around. You know and I exonerates and don't happen no and when they do is usually 1015 exactly used on the lines error you know even if you were physically. Cable playing football you're not down to one in thirty years later. Written on them yeah absolutely we are course target to Brad banks again you wanna be in this film are going to be in this movie some might be their next Friday white haven high school. October 13. You can sign up BB movie extras at Are all to the film because it's obviously. This is all perfect for a movie which is why it's being made new -- understand that this mayor right here was an an Oscar winner. Did not have the he signed away his who has rights no royalties as a result of this is your chance I've done that make you can get it back obvious what and why or why Memphis did to film the movie. You you know what that is. Through the the love. That Beck comes from our director Tom shady you know a lot of people know him from. Ace Ventura movies and the nutty professors Patch Adams Patch Adams and I am. You know Bruce almighty Evan all my am in the list goes on this guy is one of the biggest directors in the game. He. A broader his entire life from California and came to Memphis years ago. His brother has been here in Memphis are involved with saint Jude's hospital in such already under way yep there's family has done so much for the city. And Tom thought what better way to continuing. This this. Give back to Memphis then to bring a movie to a tee and jobs and opportunities. And and I thought it was great editor absolute you know and and so he knows everybody here by knows Tom. And he's an industry you know let Rudy win these new. Finally our community negative you're doing a good date oh great I guess it was do it as so we you know we are film an entire movie airmen that's awesome. Now that is and it's about June. I'm manages your pretty hands on yet with this thing amendment I'm hands on but I am also you know aware enough to stay out the way you and I mean soon you know it is there is to have. There is creative genius at work them on Russian media echo last thing I wanted to do was question. What made him successful all these years in knowing those babies don't know whose plan you. How does hearts yeah as he's the lead and underground and TV show he's. He was NC ran inventories are gonna astute he had this tasked his brother is amazing I mean amazing amazing amazing to see him. Do his thing lives and the way he turns it on turns it off. It's almost like you talk and excluded from people man is talented brother now how it would view on the physical side of it he can net you can't measure they're right what are you doing you know war. We have been training the last several months in arm when we first met. And I say you know what if you if you if you give me an opportunity training and I think it's you physically to where you need to be George pro am action did it and not only trying to sell large tornado right you can't play it in a movie I don't know I don't know that I there has to be a somebody's faster and ends on did you manage your hands on in the guy who you're playing training you amen and we put some weight on to Republican Nancy look real good so he's he's definitely. Do injustice in a row for sure did and you can't comment specifically but there are rumors out there it is going to be a special cas so. We're we're all very excited about it I'm where I mean I don't know how much you can tableware around the city how do you guys shot. You know what I'm still you know learn Amare ropes around here but I know we've been downtown on no we. Don't some things at the local jail got obviously that you know we got to. We've got to revisit that for sure has been a tough one. You know but a lot of it has been downtown a lot of has been over in a new union area. Album sending Zeneca. Well enough or not did you put as a right there through streets here are we know they are bottler in union like we're gonna argue Gucci go everywhere else they're got. Just the terms of dead you are are you are you living in Memphis now are you go about what about you how how involved are used in that aspect. I don't know anybody. That I can you know has. Had a movie made about a life and I know the position that I mean and how unique it is solid and I want enjoy this experience as much as I possibly can we hear film and the entire movie here and if I had in my way I will be your audience hard time filming it. So I mean I plan to be here you know if it takes a month or two more months I'll be here in town. Try and all the group food out of failure apparently where have you been able to stop by yeah. Source food yeah thumbs don't go ahead and as social love dead just as manga has tried to go wrong lord have mercy Tom put me on that on Syria and our first preseason I mean as a go to yet and thought by the wing guru. Okay it's remember that the wing guru of an amazing sauces you know you know the first persons that wing who I love it immediately below. Assessment since Jimmie blow it up man and then lastly before we let you go man why is it important to tell the story then man. Most important question of law. Because I'm not the only one. I'm not the only one and because there's so many before me and assuming it is going to be after me. And I'm not sure why. My story develop so much attention and and then went worldwide in people wanted to. To know what happened I'm but he did. And I I think I wanna take this. In a few seconds of a hall of fame. Two. Shine light on other people's situation and I told myself that if I got candidates. This dark hole in my life. That the last thing I would do is walk away from it and not. Turn back around in my hand and today dark hole and pull somebody else out of no one deserves this you know under the same law firm that got me out of this situation in California has project. I'm Melanie advisory board and innocence project so I'm hands on I wanna be involved in the activism. The awareness. The marketing. The promotion whatever I have to do to let people know that people are being sent to prison for something and they didn't do not I'm an idea whose purpose and I think go to this for nothing. And run. You know it's amazing man won't we appreciate to come in that are we visited SARS you choose and I ever saw him use this as an opportunity to. To 54 man we appreciate stopped through Bryant thank you interrupt. He won't tell me how to us on yes up and give what overtime Friday October 13 if you wanna be in this movie again this could be your big break no settlement. The B movie extras at Appreciate it meant they sir that in a minute wrap all of Jason's done and Jennifer ME SPN.