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Tuesday, June 19th

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Drug testing on an 8296. ABN and online at 99 ESPN dunhill. The experience that she's been. Memphis is sports station. ESPN yeah. I. Facing a judge got a bevy ESPN and has promised. We column around these parts mr. keep it real there he is Brevin Knight you know from the grizzlies television broadcast. He joins us now brother was a brother. Not much regard at all and we've been trying to get you on the show for what like 34 weeks now no wonder that not that offseason hits you're still able to catch Burress stay on the golf course this year at the golf course coach Bob Boyd and kind of put all to decide a little bit I Smart and we appreciate we appreciate your time he came back in for the draft write you back in Memphis. Yes I'm back in terms of true love and enjoy a fine draft party Nash actually are yeah. You know the ability to have this type excitement in the all time are you this such a winning change. Did not it's it's a it's a great time we'll get to that in just a minute but the first before we get to it to the grizzlies what was George wrap the week like what was your draft process like obviously. You picked in the first round sixteenth overall by the cavs what was George raft process like in the days leading up to that to draft night. Nerve wracking. He gets I was I was lot of guys that. You could be at this number or you could be at that number it was. That the joy it was at least I was invited to New York so so might sort that I was don't go high enough. That I deserve to be in New York during that time. But it is it oil try that also is. That your joyful because you know the dream that you pass so long is this almost there and so therefore allows that anticipation. Is building but they'll also just just fun and enjoying the Taj thought. You can go to a lot of places you don't do a lot of things were free and you better enjoy it for free right now because response literal. Bread and I've always wondered about that event how much you can enjoy it and and how much there is a real fear when you're invited to New York in the green room. That you might slot I just from a couple years ago with a a kid we'd love hear scallop this year and in watching his face man because we knew my guess is a little bit different you felt for the kid more. Just is that feared just in the back in my when you're invited up I guess the best of the best. Probably not but the ones that maybe don't know you know maybe like counting your situation is there is that fear real that you might slide yells cameras in your face. It and it Israel and how really real for me because it went from being that well paying eight. Now having to wait until it which has came back around a sixteen man show. It it it goes from your word but happy and one that they can't use Sydney like. Collegiate they'll hand should backyard there just called my name and I saw it there is that you know you get that you get a little bit of worry as you sit there a little bit longer. We are court's order to Brevin Knight mr. key to realize so let's talk about. That pick that number four overall pick it is a premium pick and obviously that you know dependent on how our six out you could end up with really good player who contributes immediately and I guess for you Brevin what do you hope the grizzlies accomplish. With that number four pick. Well hall where they they get somebody says they have a very good understand what else where they are right now and any kind of where and that there aren't they projected to be. And we owe it sort of what between being in the situation we're doing what or who greater player right now. And so you let let you are still at the mercy of the reaching the head of Hewlett Coolidge age and then what do you do at that level Forte and so it is. Mean there's still a lot of things that are up an air hopefully there are so what bet. Ready to contribute now but still had that nice upside that aren't so. Revenue mr. Tebow real mr. park you got a couple parcel famous couple guys you really like their. That you think might be around for just is your favorites. The good thing about it is so that the doctor's kit are like because I think she enters a hotly. The top players. Are ready to contribute right now insert but I also think he has done at least that now look upside. Of the guys that you wish they are in men are in that position you know you look at and say look how much more can you pull out the only bigger. You know you sat there yet and nod to the camera so he had to go into court date that you. We don't know can agro anywhere only start look at somebody that the Porter actually it is just it also took out. And that he had already dealt with a lot of health situation also. I you don't know if you want to add that to the scenario world. Let's think back surgery you know he says that he under persist there at least two out of use back in nineteen years old friends so that's. Very hard to deal was so I think those are the badly hit it on the cheap there let. Of those top five. On and I think you'll likely get some light and great a player right now but you know if you get that got it ready is how much quarterly grown you don't. Mean look obviously a three young is not going to be in play for the grizzlies because they have Mike Conley and and they're very happy with Mike Conley but what do you think of him as a prospects the odds are I am. I am pretty skeptical of trade young simply just because of his size and his stature I know. If it's it's ironic to hear me say that when my colleague is here in Memphis and he's kind of built a little bit like my colleague but but I am a little bit more skeptical of tray young as a you know spears is that he's being billed as the next death. What do you make of trade young as a prospect revenue. I think he would really great towel I think we all apprehension that you have. Our Hussein and Al I have but I. But because of the range and yes you shoot the ball up is that you have to do a stringent further worst yes of course they. Jim do creative and stay away from. Bigger defenders so I think give it relies on this situation ready go through it Igawa are you are allowed him. Just still play a step church stepped current type game great keep in addition to those those shots. Maybe this nominee we get that you wrote or try to make people are restructured car and now I have to set the offense I think they play closer to the he could do more to get to play close to the basketball court to defenders. Is they the defense that shifted if you just go. No way you're all but in Shreveport then didn't have a great chance look at it this week how high scoring pretty yes that's what the rules are. Are are geared towards. Thought up he thought he won't have 88 Hackett will come here. Do you think the center position like as we understand it Riley when I think senator I think of Shaquille O'Neal just. Physical dominant force back to the basket do you think the center position. Is being phased out in the NBA. Hold would not because some little love and allow people make it has the during these are you also and so powerful and all dirty here so much switching going wow. That certainly could be able I these big need to be able to set a screen when they were so small mineral sort of build up I guess all school. I am socially not right now you have guys that or are able to be switched more. That arsenic at 611 and guard the sentinel but they get a paint so it is if you can't still have a big guy. I had the ability this initial paint that but still had a little mobility I think that which you ahead of the game. An entirely to a gain of use that screen well. Not just used to it guys they finish or above the record tablet guy it's a little ought to. SA force at double Seymour can't get a score so I. I think it is. May be fading out because there's just say there's people that think that the only way to educate these except that you make it jump shot right in India right now but there's still. Other street to regain that if you can combine it and I can't would just say medium range jump shot or they can come with mr. Well I was gonna ask is somebody who you know who played the game and you obviously played in and six Q&A payday so you would know better than most I saw a video on Twitter of him. Just Suton three relic he was like student from thirty feet and he does make it a Jack was. And it was a it was a recent so I obviously wasn't what his plan but. You know Shaq got kind of ridicule because they could make free throws he was just you know under the basket guy do you think he would he could thrive the way he did. Back in the 2000 today or do you think his game would have just been different do you think you would have been shooting threes and learned to shoot threes and just period. Well I think he would have dominated the game the way he did back when he was plant because he had a dominating went out you have Lee should jump shots and child. Not think that was a product of how equal is that woods was in the armed services so he was not taken that and I cut I played the day. And so I think that that mentality but how would still be there today in today's game because he wanted to big proponent big today. I can't score inside. And so I think that he understood that. Second B eight dominating feature fourteen if you ever got delegate total volts or Algeria at any point time. Even get a eat that or accused of our more profit rebound. Just think that there are still a place to date gain. For real servers. Revenue ask you a little bit about Marin back earlier third you know the narrative on MM by says go for the one asylum once on a point. You know maybe it's when he intend guy Ozzie and has the production there on the offensive side entries are coming and do that. But everybody's got that other side the Cohen says old defensively he's got so much learn duke had to play zone when he was there you know just doesn't have those instincts. I forgot the play the you can tell us. When you look at Bagley is he not someone that you think can improve on. And we're what you were just talk about the switches and how important that is now. Since he's got the quick twitch apparatuses and since he appears to be an intelligent basketball player can he not and can he got improve and they're good possibility does. Or bread and is it more if you don't understand that early you're never gonna get it in and know that will always limited him I just don't like. That's something he can learn revenue model. Well that that this thing do it can't he's learned should be a play maker and they learn to score in different ways and at NBA level but shank. It differently everybody's kid that we talked about at the top of the draft pat who are probably be all and yet that everybody everlasting maybe you're right defense of deficiency. Where everyone's agenda or every group because his laptop than. That they heart warming finished and I and our lead we have gotten our league looked like he has played out at the L hall of Bartlett is what you can learn. The offensive skills. The ability to grow with saying what you do right out that is so badly I think. It does that mean that you've become a Lamar Odom type player now word and I start to be able to step toward the basket and to think or does that mean you are more like gay. Junkyard dog type player where you'll get some stuff around a so scraps or which are how hostile work. I think it short for him are being at duke he was like a man and against which it was the cute and you just so much so much more physical than their way out. That age I think you lose that a little becomes an intraday dip but the knowledge that he has gone up to grow and adopt the game until a comprehensive. Affected the way they did Kyle. Brevin puma just called they ask me ask you how much it's gonna take to get you to slip into some Promos for the reason that this Columbia season deal we made you lifetime deal do you have a number of revenue for the boom. But it it any good any you know what they've put out there that you say you would have made me aware so what was the summer you know. Update there will be all and I'll stop every day and every color would it be to duke did have a studio Kirk. Yeah why not start the commerce when converse historical was going strong and then went over and Warren. Aussie they get I guess they broke it out from Jersey weekly operate our I was network anywhere in the air and what player but optic secured money. And then have been rebuffed. And I go and more remember I remember this I had a pair I'll raise my hand here is Jason Smith would say. I had a pair of the star varies and I loved them. Man that they want but are there are sort of break. There's just so much while look at all the hockey club a buck up I think it'll come out of my ought to undertake a list. I don't have it to the days the sale loans. Man listen Dylan Lou there was a great companies if you word if you get daylight Julia and look great you're down within the. Negative de Mayo one was the place amid out of yes it is Brevin like you you know how this stuff goes on a basketball court like I give it there's been in money and they're trying to make themselves legitimate but like. Do you think DI drains got a Derosa on the court for warmth in the locker room level rose then man. Music that single bill ball about the what they do it and a time when you start wearing Oakley. Leakage you can't they wanna get ridiculed without question it. You wanna show you enjoyed it checked that this would lead me exactly I don't terrified at regular fall just regular talk about the law itself and honestly that. He asserted its legacy and a little joke well. Not that's that as I said that the bottom line on the manager to grip at the table rather newsman on Thursday may get a catch up. Thank you for the amount. Yup third they'll look at look at a lot of people out there and we'll have a plot they're good night. Yes our good relative brevity is are Brevin Knight mr. keep it. Real. He's exactly right I mean at the end of the day we can joke about it we can laugh and all that. We could say you can buy your you know your new. You know Bagley one and boom a growls whatever they call it as Sandy's but. They're getting that check that check and it's easier to easier when you got. Jay-Z and you heard in Europe and above all and we got what. We cans going to be wearing them I guess it's like a cult removed and well be able to say you know some might get on issues use like called daisy. Come on ball I mean that's an ultimate trump card it covers the studio yet talked to him about I mean went out today in one go away. They'll arson and and to our dude edited what remade it go away where's Marty I think it's may and we thing ha ha I also I had on hiatus or something. I hate him maybe some other company you don't know whether absorbed on arm of the professor Ben. I know I'm very familiar with a and worn those like John and John's favorite player for a good stretch of his life the professor yes no don't tell me any different and only woes. I mean not you watch all those mixed I enjoyed watching him yes I got a FedEx over the Peerman Dow went to one I would appear out of I went to one of those in one mix tape to worse if probably the pyramids on I enjoyed ourselves hot sizzled who else was there a lot of sizzle. It's as they narrow on that's what the other that's hot sauce fu I probably robot sizzle suit maybe then never skip smile that was Rafer Alston just if moment helicopter. Are you out of the lead for. The UF a believer. That's exactly they would have been good athlete. Are you would have been the new you know you keep trying to sign up all this tigers for harm ought to matter Nassau they feel just respected. What are you all these guys sign a frail one in Harlem globe for to us each equity or money for yeah did you compete get to be you don't have money first this is this is that's the easy money. As though that's that. As the retire on money right there yeah hot sauce also went by hot sizzle just just on us for the cold of people did exactly. Anybody else from there weren't overly amount. I think gale we had a professor Vienna hot sizzle we escaped what what their fat guy. When they're fed were to leave there was always the fat in one guy. God I know for a the the guy that was doing the of the announcement and he was back in intimate and he had a great job he did you're gonna grind what he passed a I'm into my name any bid people are escalade Jackson that's against the odds and escalade was his name apparently apologized he's no longer with us. So I apologize more mother of the issues. And neither others except Britain's got some boxes you mean exactly. Match him up on that novel animal on the I would come back wrap it up Jason Kennedy's benefit ESP.