Brevin Knight, Grizzlies Analyst, on the J&J Show Wednesday (4/11/18)

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Wednesday, April 11th

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Jesse on TV tonight six CD a man online and 9290 ES PS. This game so she's been. Memphis is workstation 929. ESP. And I. I went back Jason and Jon did you not have been ESPN and as promised it's been awhile. We've best and his name is Brevin Knight he of course is a TV analyst for the Memphis Grizzlies or as we liked column mr. keep it real. He joins us now Brevin I don't know a man. Until well I don't know it's been a tough year. It's been a tough year for us for all of us so while mayor Brenda we're made it through what we're getting through it is as best we know how do what I ask you before we get to the grizzlies as they wrap up the season out against the thunder. Penny Hardaway has been named the University of Memphis basketball coach did you ever crossed paths of them in the league together play against each other. There because that's but I think we did we yeah we got close you know the worst when I was playing into routine. Because of the summit are excellent and staying here. We played a lot of basketball against one another and then now that I. And I've got to the end of mild start to play golf together so our relationship is more. Predicated after. Our careers. Didn't been more during our careers. Master revenue you like this Fannie and and and Mike Miller which is not officially yet but we all expected to you like the look over Memphis and you ready to join this coaching game may be the path. When you come and I'm not it is not a problem allow Simpson to explore this change not a monkey keeps you right there PD us on the telecast and enjoyed it greatly but I think the higher. Whether you personally as always try to bring back. One of your great English is not the greatest that to play at your at the university but also a guy who has the connections to. The high school at any age who wrote that he and I'll let you guys that. Bernie and they credibility credibility to the program. Because a lot of these kids just want to know that they had a best options are who's the next level right there's no better person to teach them what it takes the move to the next level. They're pinning your your. 42 of I'm not mistaken revenue and you'll let up or would you still would you still give pinning the business of going one on one of the about 45 years on. You know I think it yeah it would convey the entire quote all court game. We've been looking perhaps gore didn't even think they are truly want him because of the size square. My aunt or if we play half court yet to have eight Peyton they've maximum number of global. I liked the get go on the power play that back that. Now obviously you know he was Delhi you know add size discrepancy that's what he'd do but yes I I like that like that wrinkle that you did when there. Brevin just in terms of obviously the season comes to a merciful end tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder. What what's been the hardest part of it for you obviously the losing isn't is never fun but just on the dated daily what's been the hardest part of this. 82 game season. Woke up to the point room I didn't. We won't go there are multiple outlook. Whom had been the this the toughest because I've only no playoff for instance. Don't fatigue being with the grizzlies and so to change the mindset. All in going into every game we're still trying to pick out what to pop this put this team and organization going forward. Has been the toughest for me personally watch I don't know but it it'll get better. Just south split it because you get accustomed to winning and you get accustomed to certain looking at the standings. Just see what your playoff seeding is not to seat. How many ping pong ball you have connection here and so. I think has been very hard to their that you. Compiler and one guy to get better but also understanding. The ramifications. If you went too much will put forward. There were times realm of the real with you missed keep it real well thought you won't give technical this season from. And I think it was when we weren't did not respect any more from the referees Brevin. I think when they start we're not a game like that would do you really think you are you all. The thing about it when we were already seeing that was boarded a shall call people on what went on a bootleg value you throw in the fact that you're not winning. And you and we're still to let regretting it made it hard because this is all gone globe here. In late date played just as hard as you know I think you want is just for the worst sort of be saying on both sides but I I did have to realize. That I have my mother I won't come down for this year this year I play out here I thought I put up to peddle a little bit this season but I'll be back next year is not right. Absolutely that's all we expect from your brother Dylan Brooks man. Really show me some this season I'm nobody that I knew he was. I knew he was buckets coming out of college I knew we were gonna see that when I didn't know rebels how much party had and how durable obviously was going to be. I just how impressed were you with with Dylan Brooks and how how big a bigger part of of the did this franchise's future use you see him being. Lost what sort of party he is a huge part of this French out little slower and that is every team needs what you call a glue guy. There's no matter what position politically and no matter the situation he goes out and make something happen when your cheek I think that that's the role that bill and also if what is seen whether it be making addiction whether it be making a big defense of late given the selection create emotion for the crown. Bill bill Bartlett saying that I think that Tony Allen different thing. Not to the level of defense it until you start to understand but in terms of the motion he get it back to this team and that's something that. People expect and so we you you stick debt you'd get their groove part of it the other side is that that I expected. I expect him to play well because you've got to play three years went deep into the NCAA so you play high level basketball but he had a healer got to have a chip on the shoulder. We didn't solve the bill. Mean pac twelve play the year he should have been drafted high. So all of those guys that he's sort of what they got drafted ahead. He made a personal issues Tutu glut outplay them in any made his mark this year. Absolutely we are we're talking a Brevin Knight. Who is a grisly scene analyst mr. keep her real. Here on Jason's umbrella of all the teams in the bottom here now we're sort of an early in the season was the hawks the suns the kings the grizzlies. There seems to be a consensus that the grizzlies have the quickest and easiest way back. To the post season when you add that hopefully top three pick is there anything that you've seen this this season that would leisure believe otherwise. Now happily I'll continue to say and so fans and just kind of just relax a little bit this ordeal which. Your main player and my colleague this entire year the big flared in which you use such a big deal and channel Parcells still wasn't a 100% the play and you look at NBA no team that loses. They're start in an index start winning and yet that it happened so what does does the positive. Vote got comeback actually. And you got an opportunity to see what some of these young guys can do you see it more or Marshall books and they would do it ended the year. And you're going to yourself how drastic so I think that the forecast for that same Stillwater which the player also heard exactly which issued before election is flat. To take one more step to get better and mr. get right back to where this team that has become accustomed to being. Do you see it would Donte' Davis reverend. Is he engaged enough for you. You can eat nothing gays enough for me no end it has little to do with his skill sets are because it took me here he is. You can run the ball well he kept the ball well this the way that he won't history doesn't get himself crossed the federal. Are put in an effort than we argue well that put the work that it takes but because every night in the NBA because this. And and word got out of his that his level you'd ever want people to question. Your motor. Right now that is the only question magically put actors I. That did that that of did you really mean a summit do you have to love it Brevin to be. To be able to do it in badly you know what I mean I maybe you don't have to but you gotta have some kind of glance some kind of 12 in our since that letter and then this is me I sense of blackened but. Is there is there'll is their loved miss and Ford is or some modest I can't put my finger on with him brother. Well look at the look you know why he's leash young hadn't played assure our I think nothing is come each home what are you plug that size now that you possess that this skills that he had. You have had to work very hard people just immediately. A ritualistic social situation because of asylum and noble want you get to the NBA. Now if ever I guess what does it look I don't like you what they're reaching absolute. But value has so what she was that more and will allow you now just stick it would be better. In this league bench at the other guy them were lucky. Of the team that's a good thing for Memphis in the city right. My thought it was a huge publicity because I want I can kind of just relax everyone after what actual history. And so it also it also gives them. At least at saint. Has in terms of the force alerted until it was goal isn't there. Straight do our show account that. You get a change in the final list now what happened to the channel talk like you need to go overseas and trying to get everything in order for you to get back to winning this I think you're only allowed them. You can have a level consistency. So long to get back to win immediately. You are superstitious man revenue got any rabbits feet force or anything like that on May fifteenth can we send you up theirs are represented to you get that. Not has not romantic. A more powerful but I'll I'll just say oh well to get our. Oh yeah all the more but I also like to sit back was there a deal out there next year bigger better right now. Would that draft pick up or every option. Sources say would go take. Who would you think is do my thing that you want to win. Right at you while we have seen they say it was three years that guy can elbows are stuck in the sleep at all organization doesn't make. And then finally Brevin sir you saw this last night at the very cool story the MBA on varying gram spent ten lawyers in the G league and the in the NBA could and you man could would you O'Brien are managing it for ten years before you wait for that sodomy would you go overseas web point. I would I would regardless the unaffordable for the market so just just because it up I you'll ever elevate. A short window you could make as much money you can't little utter waste it. The multiple years make you less money to stand based but that they that they're invisible player. Ray I was. Very evident this deal go on it happened nineteen point oh now I. Else in the game what was it would be a better partner so no look I don't like to report first also hit dedication. Today influencing years but they're forever ago lock. You would have thought the lakers. Our political play in the stables and MB BS and A actually roll. Absolutely Brett and that's always good read as I should you bring an end and we're glad that this CEO we know how tough it's been we we listen to you on the broadcast we know how hard it is and we're glad that it lease is coming to a merciful end tonight Manso thank you for the time appreciate your bread. Not any cartman or will it will be back. I'll be back. Sounds good does yes there is all right and night TV analyst for the Memphis Grizzlies mr. keep it real you realize that we had not had Brevin Knight on the show since January 24. It's been a long time. And at that we win frankly we've missed him. Says Imus Mike over there to be different in the show we have Michael Wallace hauling they're just no not lately has been we'll be talking to normal lot over the next few I'm looking forward to push the grizzlies and is there a lottery representative. The very big decision. In that did you hear the silence after just that it is this this on you need to put some thought into army audit did not care about us and chorus kids just you now you got an innovative not you can't just send Chris Wallace against the creative you can just seeing as we say hold our phones we've seen both former players that you can get creative with this stuff yeah there have to be somebody with a tie to the organization now. Pretty much I don't think and anyone like you can't just set a random infineon not. I'd like Edison Miranda Memphis. And you probably could if they're like a season ticket holders on propagated company have to be someone recognized when you figure there's going to be in front of the nation right it will divide has been my colleague. I guess who will be this I five and that's well known that that's that's fine he can't get back creative and educated. Yeah honestly can't use you know ever pair had a kid. What about all about Mike Wallace with pat. I and Amanda styled shots a big Roman. I mean that's a big role I love what Mike's doing over there but there's a big role he's a big all over there OK Mike Wallace has your vote. Like I'm an ex governor is stay with Mike Conley bit. I appreciate that I can appreciate that he does have a has had game is unparalleled. And touch it no you cannot and your man who knows he you remind you while much I respect your head game in my Blase game. Amid you know I'm not in the city he's far behind me there I would come back Jason has done at a Jennifer images via.