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Friday, May 18th

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It's. Broadcasting on 929688. PM and on line at 929 he has. This is sports station. They haven't done any good on a Grammy yes PA and that's promises they've his body marks the front office insider for ESPN was part of the NBA draft lottery show have been seeing a lot of body marks lately joins us now body Harriet. I'm great guys are you good to hear from you as always so there is a report. On the lottery I visited I go to the way that the grizzlies hoped it would and they're picking number four and there's a report that. Other grizzlies are considering trading down how likely com did you think that is for the grizzlies. I start moving back yeah it's in somewhere thinking yeah I mean I think. I mean it's certainly possible. So to of that. Does that make sense for both sides. May you know maybe that is the name really may be a little bit too rich for. The clippers you know and said he getting to the players at twelve and thirteen make you know get a great deal potentially impact player for so those are expect. But it is similar scenario that you are is that possibly that. Look at content cost you four I don't think show and I think that's something else you have to. Yet he keep my the elegant all your options I really do. You know either moved back. I'm staying wary where ER Asia who could fall. TU RE estate pack I mean you're gonna get good player if you give you peace they were. Today where you are. Not to lead the Andre you are probably got a cute. You know probably more about leeward Jerry Jackson and or. You know I don't Michael Carter and Michael Porter I don't know how to put him in that equation I'm just. I am concerned about. You know I noted Backus checked out none I think it's a little bit of a risk at you know you're yet up or pick and he missed out on. I think that's something like that certainly but had to concern pitched battle in Memphis where. You know you've got you've got hit on the pick and I mean we've talked about it a little rifle ye needle have likely he'll have to pick next year. EU he's got marked in might keep under contract. In Chandler sort of you know foreseeable future any EU really. EL EE can't take a player who is going to be projects. And hopefully by year three we work out or needing to got to come in here kind of player right now. If you if the grizzlies did move down and and they were got serious about doing their body like what. In this hypothetical universe could you did. A decent play your back could you get. And maybe a guy that's fought out of the rotation and her god it's far out of favor with an organ like is there a possibility about moving down that you can only acquire and a different pick but also. A good player as well. Well it's interesting because. It essentially dominated big draft where five you know you're probably gonna look at five and six players in the top six are going to be big here. So like if you look at Philadelphia who had that ten. You know does that make sense moving from Ford to ten. The get somebody you know a year beyond the sixers roster or may be some deal done down the road but if you're Philadelphia. You know you are scheduled meeting got via RS are so who you feel you can indeed need another big. So that's kind of that. That's the mindset that you are. You're kind of looking at here but yeah I mean I think I think Beagle would be if you moved. If you could move back that you can maybe get a player that can help right now as well as it's something that doesn't. So that it doesn't move you completely. You know out of the lottery. But your former front office gossip as well ask if you were in their spotted four would you would you go Jaron Jackson junior doesn't sound like to me you would take port that sounds like do you think that's a little. Too risky what would you do in that spot for. I'd be safe. Now that I would be. I would be more conservative era since zed yeah I still and I edit. And I think he can play I think he playbook positions Korea I think I know he's got mark there. I love this people those guys on the court together and I would be pretty pretty neat just getting generic it. I think he guard force. You know I think he's a little bit of work out mark congress offensively. L com. But I knew I I would be I would not like sure you are urging that little too. You know I think Tracy Morgan eight to ten guy that hit the back in the lottery Alec context and but he got my colleague. An and I think you know picking him up for a little bit. Little bit too early here. You know Linda Carter you know he's kind of a mixture of big Mo bumblebee got more I mean I think the big thing is that. You gotta take your attitude is market so part of your future you do independent contractor immunity if he's not. Then pick one of these big to baba. And maybe he would mark value is under un on the mark but from the all the old Ted is that you know you just talk and people you know close to Memphis and that they feel that witness picked. With some stability at head coach is scarce if they stay healthy that there's no reason why it came can compete for playoff spot. But if this thing and take off immediately next year with whoever they did that draft out I imagine they got to start looking him mark because of I'm not mistaken he's got the player option for the year after. After this coming season he could he could walk out all of in ought to matter you. You're you're you're right and I think if you go through another season like he did come. This past year then markets sold going to be a point in his career where he shouldn't say you know what maybe I'll know that contract in gives him Lisa money go Clifford GMAC Chiming in here. Your your window he. Is closing yes exactly that's what you're you will you have to look at not just now which Iraq although he look at your their tax she need got. You got guys under contract for next couple years but eventually he'll be talking a year from now and you'll he could be in that that same spot and he did not bat an eye out perk. You have to have an I after the future west. About it to what degree Bob you tell me if at all. Can look at dodge its control where it goes in this draft and did you think him after the info about you know I'm not committed to a yet. Is a way that he's trying that that is the that's was trying to do. Now I don't I think I think the message was that. I am about to tip off. For my Euro league team I don't final four yup. And the last thing I'll do is put out there that I'm. Go to Sacramento or go to Memphis and I'm excited about the NBA and then you rock the boat this weekend a routine that struggle and champ because it was there I think. I think it was a little bit misinterpret it and I understand that. You know you know how good things that you say one thing in them and get to them between a person that America it has been like. So all the certainly got his point or like it'll play Sacramento and I don't think that was the right I don't doubt that intent of the that it I understand that. But it did that it is an interesting case because you have a European player. That will likely not be here the month of June because his team Spain will be playing. Late season. You up teams going over there to meet with him and I'm more likely not be here for the draft show you're gonna have. Happy go out and get your get a medical from him his physical from an agent. Your. Dorn a year and you somewhat you met with him now lord maybe this weekend or nearly final four. Because he doesn't he'll have that advantage like eight. You know Wendell Carter trade Yahoo! might come busy and you know that in you know let's spend the night with them and sit down that. You really get out that a good good comfort level there. And speed have died since. I think there are some fits that are better for him and others obviously. Of that of the top teams that are Bergen top three because everybody seems to agree there's no way I guess not not no way but there would be unlikely that he falls out of the top three. Which of those teams between Atlanta Sacramento or Phoenix do you think it is the best fit for Luka. I would say probably Sacramento. I do because unless you can put in gear box together with bogged down by tonic that your car your three guard rotation. You know it is what I thought that this would have been a perfect no doubt I really would let me thank our guys are guys wrote it up beat up they've looked at what would be the best there and and that it was the best on just because of what Mike Conley may be quite make all the ball yeah. And that they would that would got to use and that he's a big guard similarly been cement but he's not pure point guard. Don't ask him to bring up the ball against pressure. I think you're gonna you're you're you're run a risk there I do I think you need another guardian of the bottom corner of the tree after which he. I didn't think Sacramento G-8 summit of the instructions on going to his first year. But I I look at those two guys together I think that the connect could possibly work. Are the chances the grizzlies are able to keep Tyreke Evans on the eight point six million dollar mid level exception that she read about and in terms of the break Dan you've done for all teams in that you wrote about this a point six and they keep him on that you think you'll get more. I think that is market number I really do I mean just aren't looking down here. The team now. I have. You know the cap space I don't see Mitt teams like Chicago and Atlanta. Doling out spending a lot of money you know who knows what else making it to come we know that Philadelphia and LA. I think that the number I think you need an 189 million dollar guy. With that that I mentioned that these there that certainly a high priority list. The mid level exception this year which is that number come but I do it yet mean and actually go there and saying well I would say no but. Just how this market has started to shake out a little bit there there were a part into it for free agency that I do think that it is that retiree want to be like in that kind of word. Number it's a look at a contract feel good about the look at her contract from the grizzlies Tyreke Evans look like then. Well mode using god for years started 886. Need to give a 5% increase they are so I mean I don't know I'd go out. For years I thought now that the big skeptical big commitment they can get him. You know if you lie even if you want to bet on himself again yeah and did you accuse you deal. Get a player option for. The second year let him thought he beats. In free agency 2019. At least you have him. You have room for another year I think that's something that may be you look at. Yeah we are of course talking to Bobby marks from ESPN drop since our. For ESP NN and that's really about it for the guerrillas in terms of what they can do right I mean they've got the they've got the mid level and they don't have the biannual because they used it last year. On Tyreke Evans so. In terms of what degrees can do it's basically just get a guy for the mid level and they're done right. You're right yeah I mean basically they're creating it is June 21. You know the night of the draft and then he'll we held ten days later based on May be controlling around instrumental on the edge with that. Would that exception and then you have the hope that these guys that because arranger this past year the you know my colleagues. Recover I think they will end this is kind of what your. This is kind of what your group is. But it about the disaster just just in and just real lift it if if they don't resigning him what you're saying I'm I'm encouraged by it sounds like that number's gonna fall right around there but if they don't. And they didn't trade him last year at the deadlock are NBA folks and look at this front office and say. Stupid. That stupid I mean I think you'd have set point as far as. You kind of bigger bigger Kiel and seen here as part how how will it where you will be held at the deadline here. Are you will only get sector or pick back. The only is that more of a belief that you think you can resigning him in this sector picnic and I didn't see it came out there willing your first compact and that is really gated. And that kind of took him basically. Basically took them off the board. I don't know if you could got a good second. In just being out of on the rental for three months old now I I under I got I know I don't that this was your time you're there were heading to the lottery. There's not like you're keeping them that look for the playoffs to date may change and I felt I think it made a decision that you know. What you can get in the second round probably would not work. Limit eluding him where you thought you could maybe bring him back. Bobbie good stuff is always meant a great time on a busy appreciate it thank you sir so I thought yeah dep is Bobby. March front and center for ESPN.