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Monday, June 25th

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West Virginia native Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies on the show earlier and now another West Virginia native one who has won more than 800 games of the college basketball coach. Mostly at Cincinnati and West Virginia to school he's guided to the final four. He's been a sweet 163 of the past four seasons in a big reason for that was the presence of the player the grizzlies select with the 32 pick. In last week's NBA draft Javon Carter I'm of course talking about Bob Huggins in the West Virginia coach joins me now hugged it's scary how you can. I'm good Gary I you don't have. Things are right I appreciate your DN here obviously interested in talking to you. Everything but most notably because that the grizzlies took what are your players. In last week's draft with a 32 picks would you Carter was ranked. 299. In the country. According to one recruiting service coming out of high school I'm not sure he had another high major offer. And yet I gathered you offered after seeing him one time what did you see. In Jabbar Carter that clearly that nobody else. Well we will come and also the transition from the big east and big twelve and not very successfully. And we can't have. Guys that played for the wrong reasons. And I've sort of gotten low deploy to playing with great enthusiasm. I want 8 o'clock in the morning. That is me. And he's present full court yeah the one man full court press on this or move his feet terrific. Not so there are so we got to revert. It's so be in so he ends up at West Virginia. It got it matured at the time frame correct this was right before. You had decided that to start pressing it is our belief that first year you went to the press was Javon freshman season did you recruit with that in mind. Not recur and because I loved I loved isn't NGOs. Unloved and how much. It appears that he loved again. And you know what you get guys who love again multiply it and play with great enthusiasm there will get a whole lot better. And in our got those in and gem like he loves being in jail he loves working on this guy. He he. He's. Is very. Pretty much perfect rooms perfectionist and everything he does leader he is 3.5 student. You know. He's he's a guy who would you say hey there's some kids at a hospital they'd like Forster who already the first put his hand up and so bill. I mean he's just. It's hard appliance ultimately goes wrong you had a that the law office or. Talk to Bob Huggins West Virginia coach here on 929 FM ESPN. To your point about him living in the gym and warning to get better. First two years at West Virginia shot around 30% from three point range the final two years at West Virginia it's around 40% from three point range is that. Just a byproduct of hard work or did he actually change something or did you change something with that. That's pretty much I think a by product artwork I mean I mean we work with a little bit. I mean gets his shot wasn't all that bad. In India to understand that when he got here as a freshman we we had two long stay in pretty good way Jerry Brown who's who's pretty good. Note you seniors in the backcourt so you know it is a whole lot different coming in as a freshman off the bench when he got you know. Your comment for one of those two guys in here you know they're all child that it took the bit to get back yet. Most rhetoric so. In and just patiently so. You know we had pretty good players were pretty good pretty good a guard good guard combination. You know you just don't play with there's much toughness whenever you're. You've got upperclassmen Avi and then when he got his chance. He made the most. 21 Thursday. Gary got his ankle rolled on I mean almost broke it so those guys are out so now all of a sudden. You know he was he was really the guy that of other guys that we had that we talked to play at a point site posted. So he was thrust into that that position. When did you know okay we got something special here. Not take. I think that happens over time when you you see the drive that he had. When you're seeing how hard he's going to work. What he's willing to sacrifice it is to get the word wants to go. Talking to Bob Huggins West Virginia head coach here on 929 FM. ESPN does he just two on Carter drive people nuts in practice is does he practice the way he plays. Because I imagine that's got to be tough for whoever he's matched up where. Outs if Israel to that. It is early talk for those guys. And again and options because he plays that portal I mean that's. That that's what he goes about things. Can coach that in that somebody or is that just something they have to have. I think you gotta love again and and and he loves again you know that in the and that's what we call our our whole focus went from trying to recruit guys were to two. Annan says certain situation in the let's just go get guys who applaud. When that. When you recruiting. You know because you're so limited in the context you can have with a player and how many opportunities you have to see somebody how difficult visit to try to. Had to figure out who loves to play or who's just play and as it is I imagine it's challenging. Or to watch doesn't take plays off and figure that day you know the third on the commitment it do anything different for you. I mean to a degree I mean we can modify their behavior when I don't change. We can modify it with a modified to a degree. We think you know that the NBA was a possibility for jemaah. And last year. I think last year last year he he just he just kept getting better and better and better. And he he really put a lot of time mention ball. You know he was cut it shouldn't little. He wrote it work through that all. You know dirty just he's he's got a great family I mean he's got an unbelievable that play. He comes from very. Discipline home environment. He's. He just does everything right I mean he's. He was the senior athlete senior basketball player of the year. We're issues which is earlier I think that it combines. Athletic ability academics. Community service and I don't know something else there's four there's four requirements and he's like an impossible. You know I mean he just. He will be he will be unbelievable. In this city in my office. From. What I know Obama ounces and how much they you know they care about their people because you pick got Nubian community. He'll he'll be at the hospital he'll be he'll be. And their incursion. People that are murders occur. He's just he just got them right. Talking to Bob Huggins you're on 929 FM ESPN arm. Tony Allen is one of the most popular professional basketball players this city's ever had primarily because. He just really took pride in the defense of into the court really got after it on that into the court it does seem to suggest that if if the same fan base that that if if the fan base that loves Tony Allen now gets a chance to appreciate Javon Carter it really does. Seem like a great fit. Lodges are I wrote quote the from. But I was the first round here what is he's the best that I've ever played against. Even if you would beat. He's chasing you down on. And so you're always you're you're always spoken for. It I mean he's got he's got physical though is now mean he's he democracy. He on. What he's got a harder changes we've got to picked on or. Loves to compete. The target of Bob Huggins you're on 99 FM ESPN all up and have been the core focus on what your team is defensively so much. And what he was defensively so much. That I think he often get short change on the offensive into the court where you know he averaged big points per game. That's it at least in the last couple years at West Virginia as an offensive player does is he better than than most people guerrilla. Here you have to understand that he broke the single season assists record this year. You broke Fritz Williams were fresh fruit senate before all first it was. He was in the starting backcourt for Miami when it won a world championship. When he NBA championship then. Mean you'd think of of the people who have come through here I mean you think about our road in journalism rut or Fritz Williams Will Robinson. And on and on and on all of. We've got pretty good players don't do here. And you look at the record book in this guys all over. Again in a lot of things. Free throw shooting and insists. Isn't Steele doesn't mean he just. He he he takes a lot of pride in what goes. Did you know in advance of Thursday night that the grizzlies really had him on their radar 32. Oh are. But did not. I talked crisper much when they were when they were announced in the so that's the first daughter might you not talk crisper on. I'm rose I'm elated I mean not I think you know not a lot of people don't know which you know how much. Respect. And appreciation I have sitting in my office sir and their appreciation for basketball. And I think you know this guy businesses. He is perfect for instance. Wrapping up here what Bob Huggins legendary coach at West Virginia before I let you go I don't wanna get your thoughts. Com on the current basketball situation at the collegiate level day in Memphis which is Penny Hardaway guy you coached against once upon a time. It is is now the head coach says you and I've talked about many times before. Bomb like I I grew up like in the middle of that meant to Cincinnati rivalry and you worry larger than life figure in that rivalry. Somebody who com you know was. A big sports figure in my childhood and basically anybody my age. Who grew up in this area what do you remember. About any act as a player and those times when you of course were at Cincinnati at any with a player at Memphis. Or it was great for. He wasn't good it was very it was a it was a it was a great player beat you can do everything he could shoot the capacity to handle ball. He can defend I mean he was. I thought I thought he wasn't good all around players they're there wasn't a country. And I and I sides that is on another option. Earlier. Orlando called me and I and I and they were talking about this guy and agonize and I think it so much of the blues I mean if you think about it most dominate in the NBA. Now. It was it was Michael Jordan. And I sit here's a guy maybe a little bit bigger. But has the same kind of skills that can can play the game. It the whole game. So maybe maybe. Not Michael but that's about as close as you can get much. And not so virtually everybody called I think you know just about everybody called because we played wartime. You know Hodges. Here's what here's what I think you're right. Think I think. Then he hasn't hasn't had the chance to. Two to be alert factional. To me to meet that that the program has never been sanctions since they love America. Larry was. Memphis he was. Memphis basketball. And and nobody nobody can amend a map hasn't got anybody that he wanted me he'd he'd he'd block messes up. And and I mean really had a great run. I just I just I think ready to do the same thing. They're players in hostels or always been worse. Obviously just one last thing he's got people excited with. You know gain in. In the ways that you can measure such things season ticket sales cells donations recruiting is is on an uptick. But do you sit as somebody who has done this at a high level for a long long time. Com how difficult it is. Who transition from being a high school coach slash you know grass roots coach to coaching at a high major level. You know against the Cincinnati he's in the Wichita State's in the Hughes stands in the Connecticut's of the world. How difficult of a challenge is that going to be for getting or would be for anybody tried to do the same thing. I don't think the coaching part. We've got much child just everything else. You know it you're you're goal from. Vietnam high school coach we're your you know its its future high school in your work and what your pitches and nobody's asking you to. You don't help raise money no possessions Celtic it's always asking you. To go. Go speak to alumni. You don't have to you don't have to go out and spend the whole month of July on the road trying to recruit guys. You know away if away from your program I mean it is that they're there's just there's so many different things that you have to man. And I and I think that's what people don't realize where we're way more than. X and O people. But the people in this business who have been. Really good are really good at a lot of things the speaking stuff that you have to do you know it's just it it seems to be. Never ending and in years to be able to. Two. To balance your time you have to be able to. I'll make sure that you. Have time to prepare prepare your guys prepare yourself for what's common. Game after game after game when you play Italy that that's got good coaches that. You know in a big twelve. Which is Jeter's sixty or 70% of of the coaches in this split up into the final four mean cycle but that's never happened before. Bomb. The players to come honestly I think second most amount drafters of any league in the country and we're the smallest. When when you think about. How competitive this slick isn't you know stuff like you looked out there so like now coach that guy. I think there's nobody has agnico problems. It at the bit that tiger league it's just that. And you know could you coached in a whole bunch of different leagues but he and yours in particular right now. There's no easy out it's like even if you're in the ACC there's at least places you know you can going get wins in the big twelve. I don't care how good you are like winning on the road is is damn near impossible. Absolutely and and and that I don't know what I'm saying about what what penny just walked into. Kelvin Sampson. In the army you look at the coach Natalie micron and coach you've you've you've looked at the guys. That. Any Ehrlich and coach. And you know it's going to take my a year or so whatever they get to uses his advocates and her but. You know that Hardwicke it's partly because it's it's harder places to play. You know when when I was in the big east here you know almost half of the league didn't play on campus and that's a whole lot different than planned and picked twelfth when your air every game is on campus you've got students there. You know we don't have anybody that wears helmets on so. But other than that I mean it. It's Ross and I think you know all that those kind of things are adjustments travels all apple dealers it is. Take some potential that you're used to. That is Bob Huggins the legendary head coach at their West Virginia and the man who recruited in. And coach for four years Javon Carter's like 32 in the NBA draft last week by the Memphis Grizzlies hugs you the best I appreciate to carve out a few minutes for me and I will see you on the road I assume it had to Tug North Augusta South Carolina. Here in a few weeks. I'm sure we'll run it they chose somewhere. You'd about tiger appreciate it. Our bodies that's Bob target take note of the West Virginia Mountaineers really good stuff on Jabbar Carter just talking about. He just loves to be images and it's one of the things that we discussed in advance of the draft. Not necessarily what we're talking about sector Olympics but. At the top of the draft every year is there's. Any number of guys that have star potential that have unbelievable talent and what separates those guys. Often is okay which ones. Are just naturally gifted in in and they like playing basketball but they're not gonna live in the GM and at what wondered ribbon to be special. Which ones like aren't satisfied with just being. Top five Pitt are satisfied with just being a multimillionaire. Aren't satisfied wit. Just getting in delete just being a starter until the story all the time about Kobe Bryant he's an extreme example but. A guy I would want an MVP who would one world championships and yet. Com had a reputation for still being in the gym middle of summer 40 am like he's still got after it every day. He wanted to work every day he add all the money in the world all the accolades you could get. Top ten player of all time and yet. To the very end of his career like he still wore as if he was trying to make it and listen and hugs talk about Javon Carter like he seems to have that. That same kind of mindset like dead set on being the best version of himself but he can possibly be. And willing to out work everybody. To try to get there that agreed attribute com is doesn't guarantee success. Well ultimately you gotta have a certain talent level. To succeed in the NBA the days that that's a great place to start. And the idea that you know the grizzlies have been looking for. Sort of game changing backup point guard for a long long time. You listen Bob Huggins talked and you start to think that maybe. Maybe they found with a 32 pick in in last week's NBA draft Tug was great appreciate him being here and we back a decade ago.