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Tuesday, May 22nd

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Broadcasting on 99 succeeding here and online at 92 million this year. Speed is that it takes. Only on Memphis is sports station and 82 night event. ESPN. I'm back Jason and Jon did you nine F and ESPN. And did nobility and is the one the only Baird Jones he's just product Alabama product. Now the SP NE as in area what's going all made some jazz how we're doing good to seal. If there's ever some are actually been here in studio numbness on the phone a lot that. It's pretty glorious and here I am an all man when he gives star I tell he's usually happens at night intimidated them them and you're not saying got over these EST if you are. Man's man. You want all the awards as we said earlier before we enjoy but I am saying. Argued I think that's the best I mean I hope hopefully I didn't think fewer of them change I don't think I don't know that there's a reason really to change its lust for the better I hope I'm the same guy I you know. I always tell people like. My in my career honestly if you're not Alvin offender prior order hazard now with us that's normally when I talked at some people are so. But I was like the worst player on our team probably. House audiences I'm just telling it I want although we had every Sony credible as a there. I still don't understand why. You know like anyone paid any attention to me at this kind of wash my guy every time and try to do my job and then you know you look up then. People notice I guess say it was a bizarre ride and and a you're starting your role and that's would go and that's what coach and ordinarily role they let the match there have been many awards. Are handed out in the history of time and they oblong deal. Every award it's ever been given out belongs to you. How well. I don't I don't have a whole lot of folly awkward yes or pardon them like that's gonna now as I don't know we got I don't know we've ever asked you about this are did you did you hand right. A letter to Jason when you committed. Is that true. I that's what Jason said I could be journal about the handwriting part I don't say yeah I'll get him out of hand and I did as a cup and our medical and allowed me to break it would delay announced a deal earlier Peter yeah irony here. Austin to lose that UH able to him for that differs nowadays I don't know it has and I wanted to be as simple process since. Yeah I added one to the hole dramatic if video thing where right you have a pet tiger you know who. Eats assert economy you know or someone you know had to be a RO Reilly I just thought that you know there's all kind of like bizarre commitment things. What I did as judges draft of the letter that explained where I was going. And I told everyone when they can release of that actually told this in the U realism. Few minutes before a realist and I don't mean again he alleges Arctic area got to take care local guys in any area is well my experience with a local guy and I always like the local guys in Alabama and you know it's again it's a it's a good relationship man most people I think. A lot of players have the the mindset that like the media's out to get me my right and I always try to tell guys you know if you if you are nice Toomey you hang it out just look at oil well with the exact. Then the other actually help you they can help you you all have them in the pulpit of your message out there and life and exactly and then that's obviously that sounds manipulative and encouraging manipulation nobody is a part of it and does that mean it's just that it's. You did say it's a people business how I just like any other business about the people a year if you text a reporter back. A promise just wants you have them there they're getting text them back he has talked to him and you know than than sometime in my day if favored. Tell you about some on the horizon in my becoming you are now an up and now you are kind and owed some time now they want to. I join the the dark side yeah and so you are here actually year you're going to be doing a podcast that's right is it on now as it on the origin I don't know if you heard the pockets of actually listen to its caller origin I don't know from I'm assuming there's no kind of you know secrecy but I think it's on Nick Saban these it's our little save that they're the origins of nick stay right where do we start with the origins of nick Sabin that's. I guess somewhere West Virginia probably if you're related to technical yeah technical as it is urgent that Saban but. A man it was it's gonna commute on the talk about it is that it was a heck of a journey a day if I could Brodeur for fifteen minutes on. On this which ironically it will be a few minutes. But. I'll never forget like my whole recurring experience out. Actually grew up next door to Jimmy sexton and so I grew up now liking Nick Saban because he was. Don't know his client and actually went to some games like as a kid. Yeah and and as it's on the sidelines as and because of the Jimmy how this passes than anything ever won and so. I'd I'd heard I'd admired him for far guests and asserted recruited I looked a lot of from places. Early did love Alabama in general is what they were and when you know they were ever and they think my. Junior year they probably went like three niners and it was just a I wanted to win but I think. And so history and occurred about is different schools was looking at Auburn not only to allow them fence that much spells and all resident of Florida really hard Tebow is there in out yup I wanted to win. And then it all changed and all changed when nick Sabin. Went to Alabama which it was that it's not hilarious story because. You know he's up there semi go to help them negative and our member and he went and the whole time I had some inclination that he my ago. And he went and he can't my house pretty soon after land and sat down with me in my family had lasagna. And kind of pitched me this whole process they you know you always hear about the cross process that's right. And I don't know for for whatever reason I was hooked I was like I got to play for the skinny tell you have the lasagna was KER eight or is it is is some kind of Italian cinema I think so yeah he's Italian a right in the right yeah SI mean I guess we're trying to be on brand there aren't enough. My motto is meals on this and you know I'm not afraid of that but it was you know it's at that kind of started the journey have ever every coach tells you. How the same thing as far as we're going to be and I went all its games you're gonna be a player but and I hit his pitches is different like. He almost even though they were coming off 3976. Was even his first year his pitch as Morris like hey do you wanna be apart some special. And we love to have you it wasn't like they approach you're gonna play no it was an over the top rose's. You know you're going to be challenged here. And we're gonna accomplish some special things and ever I told them for whatever reason when he said it. I believe that and off all your won a lot of games and sure enough when that they can a wanna say in this is again not everything. Due to me are I would say I was 150 as this may be about I wanna say as a starter it was a 46 and force up. Pluto is it was just pretty you're absolutely incredible inter has not bad at the four years I started we want a national gyms or three years I mean who would ever dreamed. I would have been so it was a crazy run. What what coach Saban say about. Coach tar ball taken Michigan coach take you know his kids stood against the no wonder how bad that South Africa next Tuesday and at least on friends when he rolled his eyes at that woody what would he say about what what our balls off our story about her all first of all we we just. This that the plan for the guys are open to kind of a random idea for a nets from all about yeah hassles lit and here there are so absolute. Harbaugh he worker be very hard to Stanford. OK so I'll never forget I say this voice over price five years he called me in the locker room. Right at the BSE government leg and a thirty point underdogs. They just beat the SE literally there's the players in the background as a great message that. Appears it's Jim Harbaugh still every university which is beat USC Florida coy end. Tell you about the coat back to normal I like you know he's a young like kinda at all go hang in. Anyway. So everybody else when I committed and went to Alabama you know that because again I wanna do the right way it's our call everybody all the trojans have a command Alabama and wanted to be surprised you. I appreciate all you've done for me is the best was best auriemma family. And so all the coaches are generally pretty nice you know there's a that's great you know Nixon good carriage slogan like T we have to do well I think most of them some what mean. Our ball literally blast me. Why he's like what are you doing you've got to come to Stanford is a good beat her sister forever. By having away it was the most bizarre I'm a seventeen year old kid and he. It was wrong it was there it was bizarre that goes with everything that we are clearly not his duties of it was bizarre it. And I. Here here you can't tell that to a seventeen year old now right and it's who's going to Alabama though it for next favorite but you gotta think though Jim Harbaugh is not the only coda has done that. He isn't he until he is one of a kind so. Our fast forward. And I uttered those were on air force that area it's not very awesome so. Passport I'm my first game ever called the pastor Michigan Florida. It's my first came ever call and so how it all again to my first ever production meeting. And you know it's I wanna say it was. Joseph test and holly road and. Black what did you think we're going on TV we're the ray Yorker you know and so walking in and markets churn and I see Jim Harbaugh and only one or real remembering. And I ago Tony he shakes my hand he says. I'm still matters you. No rule. You remember Lambert like that. Yet gotten to him out like that'll do that's who the Ottawa school I thought it was I mean so are are added I'm not bitter I think it. He's coming after sitting on the track you watch her title that is just an emotional and I lost yeah and I said could you have the leeway to years of better I have absolutely no way you want to have you know you build with the 49ers up. Anyway it is he's a character on let's say I'm not. That's sort of none intended to be derogatory says that. He's a character you really he actually isn't much we characters like Houston and that's the point they can it be both good and bad yeah he's he really is character and the I think he's a fire competitors some guys who played for life is gonna mixed bag of torture or does it played formed or niners. Anyway I don't know it and out like when does not I don't know I don't know whenever anybody like what I like this for all this junk Lee dawning that if I had left a glacial out in right there that's the big question as we haven't seen any results I know and it I thought. When I call on the first game of the year or that I didn't realize the photo was that bad yet might bet a book that defense was going to be one of the best teams in the country which they were. Pretty solid and they had some good players on their butt at it offensively generally. Got it they are so help it's. I don't know it's a weird it's weird deal obviously good to be very issue see this a bigger forum and he shaved Paterson is you know now is eligible. Whipped to answer your question you can say and what year old that in his eyes absolutely sure he's well all eyes aren't that amidst. You have to take him South Africa all us. I mean isn't overkill for them to buy it's OK its are hurting device what it's got to turn the -- and exact it's not a ridiculous but a lot of money it may I don't know their tires are but it may turn into like getting like oh I get to go to my assess South Africa I by the you know here's the thing though that you got to realize as. You know it and I am not a cynic I am a realist says things have seen up close as. I I don't know these numbers of top mad but I guarantee you Michigan's and making a bunch money. So threat as things that the universe and carry either the put out a few million bucks probably right but they're getting him back here for full domain. I would say this like I love social or not the guys it's like those blow it up. But what other business in the entire world. Can you spend like forty million to make ninety million like some of these schools and Mike what other kind of there's not a whole lot of business models. We can do that's so mean of course these universities like. Sure spent a few extra million bucks right I mean why not to take himself averages were mega so much revenue right now on TV and in obviously Harbaugh has been given the brand of Michigan. And I'm sure has been good for their piggy bank as far as merchandise in all Legos and TV rights in the Big Ten so I mean as long do and that they're probably. It up and all the fans the big question is how when the fans get Russell's I think is the big year. I think he. He's got a Villa has that this year I'll be honest it does appear to effect that is going to be in trouble than people he needs to be on that does that and got back to where they should not last year but I think so I ain't got that South Carolina team urged all. Over achieve big time I think all of us James actually pretty coach people don't get enough credit I think is he coached they didn't have a whole lot of players this year. But that was that was a bad loss know what's the whole ball game that was a bad loss this isn't this isn't it was frankly very difficult to watch as well there was sent out thousands pose a brutal it was like what nine at three that meant it was it was a lot of who wants to watch the Outback Bowl we ignited three laugh you know I mean there's there's that's and it's after the hour bag. The other was the Al bag I don't know about bag this obvious legend says I'm trying to be you know politically reveal it feels Gaza most dribble was the Outback Bowl because they're trying to figure out there when the blue and under the or the stroke I mean there are if they are things like Erik doing it this trip. I got to figure out what I'm going out back you get. You'll Americana negatives there man there are incentives you know and I always said. And if you're out bag efforts of all her out back executive who wasn't actually love outback but I'm a huge cheese Fries guy you're at the cheese yes with a spicy ranch now that that's the take if now if that was the war really get rid of the sharp. Put in the Fries and beyond a little more time and then you will be urology and amoled like Dario as a matter who's in the lead in the outback ball you're all it does that we have Baird Jones and studio obviously. Award winning Alabama line in the time in a Bellamy asked you this. What do you make of the situation. A quarterback that that is going to be a question that you're gonna be asked the products our aggressive 154 more times before the season sergeant has on the generous side so we'll get the first look I've already ever said this a few times and. And like the searching is like I kind of got not troubled like I got an adverse reaction. From some Twitter folks last time I don't think it's. Really that was a conversational and I think it's to a and it's not that close exactly but I have been of some people still seem surprised and I say that I'm kind of look around like. Did you watch the and not get it. It's only half beyond the god you who says that kind of stuff. But I mean when it is just I don't know if your football guy you watch him into it just. Opens up the sovereign soil by that I mean it it's it's not even necessarily. As much by the offense it's it's the way us all the players respond to because of the new player there's a new level of excitement and intensity. Guys are fired at me ever is you have all this freshman receiver coming alive I mean it's just different I don't and it to me like general seven apart if you quarterback battles normal like the team kind of knows who's going to be. Enemy like the team gonna have a guy if they're like this is. Really who should be up and Norway massacre it takes now not that the NSA at all that the team decides and now there's other factors. But a case like this like. And I had I don't have any serve first inside scoop like I know the team is overwhelming I don't think that's accusing ever likes jail and Molly Daly is a nice kid. It's just that to me the body language of the team told me that they follow it tells the right move. And I was there responded I got their won the national cable definitely and by the way of one of the guts his moves of all time I know that was like people non. Our oil is obviously Jenna and that is so guts it out their guy out here longer Poland and I incredible army. And I says let me just kill one save and so box yeah while we're soap boxing here at brother gets a break just was through my hero I'll we all we have over a dig at our. So I think what makes saving great. One of the things but the thing that really separates them for other people. This he is never afraid to adapt. Like like there's so many great coaches and leaders out there whoever great method of great way to do it. They do it that way for certain amount time Lovie Smith and time got around them but not no questions like those guys are great they had a method that away dead at. And there are got. Big save in as always evolving literally I mean he's always bring a new guy and new point of view he's always looking for the next thing I mean think about like a guy who. We all those low crazy Lane Kiffin right yep he allowed hardly given never once that nick you were crazy including people close to that that make it what are you doing to Ireland Kiffin right. And I'm not this is saying and Wayne was the guy. But but the idea that you would go out there. And hire someone silk contrary to everything you ever on offense darling because he saw us with football gone right is that he gets it and there was no Johnny Denzel display. Kind of salt salt away the no huddle everything was gone. And so we got to change we got to change or die and that's that's kind of it is MO forever. It's his constant reinventing himself. A the next the next entomology right and another example. Is you look at 2009. Or or even 2011 the defense of Alabama and I don't about the stats the sunlight 2009. Vs 2015. National championship teams. The the average front seven guys thirty pounds lighter. Maybe he he he anyone out and saw a K I can't out recruit these Big Three hundred pound. You gotta godaddy dot I got I gotta get some guys who can rush the passer up he goes out and gets Tim Williams he goes out and gets you know Jonathan Allen these. All these super athletic guys that can rush the passer up and now they look totally different than they did. Just five or six years ago right now is complete area Benedict as he understood he understands where its go yeah that's pretty impressive that a guy. That takes humility when all that's success of the way you've done and yes it doesn't take humility to say there's a way to do better even though I just want to read for national championships. I need to change everything. Right and if that's pretty incredible and that's why keeps winning he's winning a meal I get another example is as a for like he brought ambush Jones like people like Y arena but just. Because maybe that shows us some good ideas I mean he's he just gathers at collects an as a zealot that distress as possible. Bush Jones is still talented guy like I'm glad this got an idiot I talked to when I was up there and he's a Smart intelligent every. Indy is some silly marketing employees yes and it and eighty it's a better PR guy who says Bush's Traficant corn ball not the best idea absolute never easily by ever vouch for that trap there is no he's he's got no for the situation. Where trash has again idea ever this. I'm trying to say is cool. I thought it was not a whole has said the guys enjoyed it like they got Ollie chasing them like dunking the ball in your rat boy you don't wanna be a clown man I've made this point and you're exactly what was coach K you know decided what bass balls on the one and done so I've got to get with that I've always said the best do that they would just in one I know you're familiar with our notes local and bring it up high school of but Terry Tippett did. I would see him and he Josh pastor practice he's right down on said the storm here before he's going to he's he's he's drawn out Josh is pressed and until and coached but like dude you. You've been doing this for years what are you aren't from this young guy in that was his point is right you're never done more than ever done adjusting the best on I think the best do what you just that would knicks don't there's no Delhi I was younger gives you an example spies about spokeswomen at. And every. And he'll look at or am I mean really look at. Like Steve Jobs is an example I mean I'm not a apple expert enemy constantly reinventing it constantly changing finding the next thing you know I mean it's really. It and it takes a certain amount humility is a leader to say. You know even though I'm on top right now need to go out there who learns this they are that is totally me coach me if you tell me what I can do better at and that's that's a that's pretty. That's a pretty incredible quality I think he has and about many have stubborn ones we'll watch an outlook coaches are stubborn they are they are eight I don't hear on Saban stubborn. But they are stubborn and they do not a lot of them don't wanna be told that there's a better way to do I mean just have been. Heated arguments blue line coaches for from the media timeout on dollars a better way to do it and in other like you know shove revenues of thirty years and it's just that's that's part of for us part of the sub culture of football is like this stubborn ass yeah. And the fact that he obviously he has some of that but he hasn't enough humility and vision to see were things are going it's pretty amazing there really is and penalty is enough credit for that. Article what things will we can and you you got another busy got to take care of to do this all day with you as always pleased to have her come back anytime and unlimited yet and you have a real job now about LA what are you don't. I had some on the financial advisor working a place here in Memphis local closer to Egypt financial Erica I don't talk too much I'm I'm getting like really edgy like this might be a compliance violation. But it's yeah defies funny and I'm a lot of joy and a more either or or ambivalent what are they go you have yourself to go I think Goetschl with my money jolly a lot of money now I know he's not this has floated just as CEO and here he will decide days' rest up relax fancy exactly you can tell you can't hide their money or not that's no doubt as hard as I'd try. I can add to our future loafers army has press guy his seat is Roland are so the the only news operating about now on the NFL is who is not attending OTA right all the easiest all these guys are not attending organized team activities now. Most of them are stars in most of them are embroiled in contract negotiation on if you were still the NFL and you had a country and ago she's coming up would you be attending idea. Who. That's that's tough man it's. That's all that the way the contracts are done I mean it it seems like. It seems like it's changing I mean honestly MBA. And MLB if you're not a contract year they have a lot better than all the money guaranteed rights that's just the big thing is that. I guaranteed so why would I go to UT is already especially if I have any kind. A contract negotiate your own and the four ideas like. You know and other sports they don't really bull you as much say there's such a bully culture in the NFL like. You know it that your bad guy for not there and they're finding is terribly sorry that is yeah that's he has looked like it as hilarious how. Yet that the the team's push that narrative like to their guys in the media to assess this kind of everywhere like this guy must be a bad guy and there are always stories that come up it's it is it. Don't think that's us bikes through that stuff is all. Enormous that's all that's all planned by the teams are Smart these guys they're bail out money for reason they're Smart. But now it's. You know I think absolutely I mean obviously depend on situation. But if you're if you're of a big time guy. And now you have a contract and that's that's really your only leverage you have right it was a news organizations pressure they were position I agree and in normally it works out pretty well and that's the thing if you're too willing to do it well he did. Pay the price if you're gonna play and I got to realize you have some self awareness that's true as well if you're a guy who. You know that they're willing to part was then absolutely ask an OK don't do that the economy. Eleven on Belle I mean. Now that's a weird I don't know if I would have done all he's always on the look out it all done. Because I mean he news in the franchise tags and a little different. And yeah he Ozzie wants and a monumental some money and which is planet but they've worked over Kirk cousins and a skirt at that hurt played it just right bigger cornerback Ike is usually doesn't think I'll never have a dozen quarterbacks is a man it's that's the life right there at it and that's how I'm for the budget. Quarterbacks in several backup quarterbacks that's. That's a nice job out there were and that not a contact cornerbacks in man that's an opt amoral making three million bucks a year or something and just being a back apple local board it's. That's a fun job literally and I imagine yeah. Your back O lineman he got to give him a lot and yeah it's not quite as fun of them. Deride the time that you and it's gone headset to me you to look cool site you'd get signals sometimes you get to a camera you know every now on this journey you know your wife and family get to see out there on the care and announcement August. I have often your bins you advance and it's a good gig for you ever take it most like it is and here you know you're not gonna be part of it is losses dollar rotors had things go through it feel for those guys for sure but it out alive and records and that's all right I'm not bitter it was a great. Yes that's what they can do they can throw. And the funny thing is. You know some of them are not even that good of athletes in other biggest thing just throw it really well whom like every sawgrass banks but some are like like our guys to. Like you would not drafted directly basketball team guide him and liked it. Maybe find a different squad night I don't know if you're my guy you know these guys are register for a million bucks a year and nearly hearts. Because this guy can throw absolutely no assistance on the way the world works sometimes. Do we gotta we enjoyed doing this with you as a black. It always does now Iberia do it has been brought to my attention I'm going to be in this EC US alumni bass are your what you are you on I'm on team Burgess a little gusts. Eric and they've warned me. That it's I starts June 4 no major importance heartwarming that you have a team a gives him. It's right now not very good but we we have fun now I don't know like are you like though are you the football player I think it's real physical out there that you here's the problem is that you know as depth. I'm not a good enough GM to get physical any more than like. Again front and on the court few times and like it's a put that's what a lot of stuff out their Maria. So I mean I don't know I doubt I try to do that I can and I get so tired that night. I like put me on the John Mark whoever that is the worst player out there and I are on guard that guy as he sandbagging you that's right now I'm kidding yeah I'll island I know give a guy. And I look at the guy like what you feel is not and I don't want any motion offense kind of stuff like who's the guy is gonna just said the post like death for now I'm guard I don't know how well are you a big man are you the post are you on the on the perimeter like what's your game I mean that's the lightly I'm finding I -- touch around the basket right now is soap I -- chuck bass Wilson's last season a perfect on now leagues up there and I'm terrible. Let the preservers as last year was probably 20%. Of all have lost everything. A more golfer now like golf they Viennese hustled me like why they can't job out I mean I did was awesome and I'm good rebounder still an and a good distributor ownership again I let's put back IIQ player as you know I don't know I I never artists I mean I I never worked and I don't work and it's that's the thing. That's a big they lost forces like don't respect beauty don't work at it yeah exactly a Molly's third out on the golf course. Is the guy who's like actually pitching a temper tantrum every time it's a bad shot. Ever shake it may have had you ever practice golf. Right do you expect any good there's like I expect to get a full a look at that's been hundreds of many thousands of hours practicing because that it up did you expect trying to with a golf club. And you know private driver and like you can't do that's how sports work knows like yes I'm guys are more town knows by. You don't does you here don't deserve to be mad right now megabyte you don't you haven't earned that right you are practiced enough so if you're one of those guys like there's a golfer. Go right go with a range okay if you go a little more now you earn the right to be mad but don't be throwing clubs when you never practice in on its popular at the good that's a good at this sort of an out I'm gonna also boxes out and I'll tell you on the world yep I'll see you on the court. Did read bring it I'm gonna I'm Powell makes your body you I can tell your soft you will finally nailed that you're one of those guys that when you. You know push of a little bit you know you got to figure out what's inside it's true of the business barometer has in the next few weeks working on the that's right that's very common man present is always a pleasure it was fun always got the Spiller is Barrett Jones a comeback Jason had done at a Jennifer ME SP it.