August 11, 2017 -- Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, August 11th

Segment 1 -- Geoff welcomes Chris Herrington to the show for "The 9:01"at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss Zach Randolph, the future of the fairgrounds, Elvis week, and more.

Segment 2-- Geoff discusses Kush, the NFL, his latest column, and more during the Take Five.

Segment 3 -- Geoff delivers his closing argument before the guys listen to the worst performance on video of the National Anthem.


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Now it's a nice new lawn Nintendo won't. And then 901 commercial fields outcome. Then listen Nintendo one for Chris Herrington and. The second joins me now Chris what we listened to him. That was live forever bunker or come and the neighbors who were down this week and it lighted at the garden along with all the broken bones. On the actual quipped I used that feature that's on which some in India eighty. Seat and Palmeiro from a couple of years ago which is what my favorite. Umps got marshals relic. I do remember that I remembered you Holcomb singing the National Anthem once upon a time at the grizzlies game libel at a business game I do believe. All right so few things I wanna get to first of all the grizzlies revealed their new uniforms yesterday last night whatever. I've never talk to you about this do you care about uniforms is it something that you care about I looked at bay uniform and here's what I thought. Looks like the old uniform arm and I am not like hideous uniforms I felt like the MLK uniformed. But I don't I'm not I would not call myself am a uniform aficionado. Where you on uniforms and on this particular uniform. I care about who performs a little bit more than some other stuff that people care about a lot like what they actually don't care about at all is the Jumbotron and how or when they were updated the television like I'm I teachers generally focused on the court or on shots exact in the arena all in all. Which obviously see on the Jumbotron but not like that's I think I don't get excited about. You report back here about a little bit and I used. Are like the grizzlies are you almost say pat you know in recent years. So I guess I'm glad that they didn't appreciate it that much did they look mostly the same. I can't speak to the aerodynamic aspect of the design I guess but arms visually. When the really main differences that took away a little COLT. Or at least they get cholera and then put an IQ until Warner I would read or optical optical access but. You know our hobbies or so good already and so I guess it's good to torture that arched. It's funny we have now had. These uniforms color they play in the teel. Did it. I don't remember. And I mean I don't want to let people change happened it's sort of a long. All right we'll do exactly coincided roughly coincided lieutenant edits all armed and you're wrong about that and. Okay what did you think of the the TO. I'm not a fan I don't know their people work and those certainly they're just eked out should I did not find them try to highlight. There are more or shade of blue with a yellow access. They have now much are. All of the various uniforms that we've seen over the years. Do you have favorite steel like the the you know the red ones the the that that that the throwback red ones obviously our. Al yes so I don't yet correct the red falcons look like whites are subscribe to look those are really tremendous. I would those are certainly by far the best of our backs slippage I am not yellow and green being the worst. But our direct or produce uniform to elect you know put the courage or which are essential now the current. Sort of what the white ones were plucked the blue and yellow stripes on its side. Actually heard and I don't know how it works with uniforms and I don't know if there is a if there's a time period under which franchises feel like okay. It's time to refresh a uniform and and if that's different for a team like the grizzlies could don't have as much tradition as it were connected to the uniform. As it is for a team like the Celtics the lakers which do have tradition connected to the to the uniform. Even heard scuttle but it's very very blue scuttlebutt. That the grizzlies might someday go red. On and that the hustle is sort of a precursor. To them are going red. And they certainly moved too far and the product focused outside. A name that sounds so police cheers but look at that. You know whether that remains as popular so new this we're also knows. And we are you thinking they don't do this couple slide a sort it out until they didn't like just go back to the sound of legally recognized that the one tied huh. But certainly the sound thing was very popular. And the hustle what actions should be borrowing heavily from the secretary and an aim at the top all the numbers were shot and each had a bite to it right. And so that does you know that's in the area called ma or ghost go to our I don't know but it. Certainly that would very popular with the sounds and the response from all the imagery that's come out on the potholes also the bird I'll so. The news that since you left the studio the news came out that it was two pounds or if TMZ wheat board got a presumably believe the report although. The police have not confirmed that and I haven't seen that anywhere else. Does that change anything what you thought about the story yesterday from yesterday. I mean they'll have you know I don't like inseparable walk around like some on marijuana had a project. Your article critical or Sox hum. And Agassi I've mystical what I always said about I don't closely you're about. About her marijuana just. Whichever way it candidate on this or I don't have all solution that one out. But just Secretary General principle so there are only apply to this particular story and that they don't apply to that kind of cost I meet people who each are all. To make assumptions about all sports stocks that are heavily rooted in America and in what they wish to be hurt. So or or or the other way I think there's a lot we don't stop alt sport and we should be on. Reluctant the past part judgments. That are rooted in India and they had the lessons or. NBA schedule has started to trickle out any thoughts on what we know so far. I was so surprised to see the grizzlies not part of some opening weekend the order Yonkers as they had met the larger war. So alarming given that we knew that wouldn't be the case I I the issue of sort what they could out I would chairman of the Christmas Day gain that much I don't watched. So it's Christmas spent a couple good pretty good that didn't come without thought right. Like I gather I ever lose Matt that I smelled smoke and I'm not knocking at the and then subway it would be nice and tight. This situation are just certain that he yelled I agree all completely alone but that's not. And to my travel that might and we expectation that might Italy that is not people are so Karl watch a dvd. I watched those games sort of most art and so I don't really care. I'm but I'm very person receive a real schedule which will clerk will call economic week. Yes I am too and we'll talk about it then I you were the the coliseum event last night you've written about him and I know one I've weeded out. Out your story about it you and I both went to. And I have to say when I read. When I read the story the news story about it. And I heard about yellow sticky is being put up with people suggestions. I had this horrible flash back to what it was like 43 years ago or whenever we were last doing this and he borders are putting up. Oh I would like an aquarium. I would lie to day. I would like AI BMX trail I would like AA. Zoo I would like today. And it just felt like they've probably they've they've put all of yellow sticky zap and someone's probably from the consultants is charged with writing them all down. And then they do whatever hell they want I can't just say they just do it disorder drove me crazy again there was a different feel to this one though and may be more practical field to this one. There was a little bit less freak outs I am we've heard your gathering your idea since I need to compare what perfect for better or worse it responsible pretense of that happening. You look at the war in two years ago what it'll be able sort out what to do able but it actually higher ground or call eight stop each. Leading their idea that there was none of that if you show up. If you want a post it note on the wall like at that it is who we do your idea orgy idea courts don't allow. We're not gonna give a presentation it was mostly bare. It seem like too so that people involved process and talk the media or anyone else showed and sort of to begin a total pro former process something published component to it. But it got very strongly YE. We're we're actually doing it this time and we most we know what we're doing then and we're gonna get better soon admit this is what this is worked out all right. And the mostly what they're doing is what. Well what is different in what he's saying she warned. They're not they're calling this our assurance process correct approach or will it might impact are their round and armed boats. You know in terms of connections and match and street Chapin and record it sucks. But in terms of what developing wind had been truly. Made it clear that to parcel of land another record character around talking about. The young former liberty or an area which includes no talk policy I'm estimating paying them a little bit about the little parcel. Along trips what happened to him between them circles and Clarkson or bad ya. Children's museum and so. The more capable stuff that was in that ever Wear everybody to vote you allies have our our our console these deals until what's bad. And like Tony the policy and an open there at the theater because you'll have. Don't want talk about that. What I get out of it is what are you or do you sports complex in in the work you sports you know about the ball all at all. Wrestling you know what apple multi use. Indoor. Humidity gymnastics down at both spots supplement her basketball at all probably. There are what the the party group trying to build a youth sports complex and a common effort in years. We'll probably be some greens green space. To play around the you know park area. All around back. That's an impartial and and then the second or parcel I think I hope it is. The leverage to use port stopped or. It solemn. Light retail restaurant and hopefully hotel some kind radio parking garage deck and spouse. And then the big question that's left out there's policy. At the coliseum is not when they talk about sports complex that's the point of our. And so the question does does the coliseum. Candidate survive the auction at some part of this other thing they're doing a lot about music that is the big open question. The youth sports complex thing means they're gonna build a structure some sort of giant gymnasium type of thing somewhere and we idea. That yeah but he's a light up like two six basketball hoops or Toronto or six Bible ports are rove who had you know yes it would be a new structure. Okay and then so then the bigger question is is then in this game the context of list with this with that maybe some some softball fields and a little bit a retail. And new building before I. Does that are based or halt all something that they're shouldn't do that sort of this. All right so then whatever is an endorsement youth sports complex so where and what the hell does that it's not it. I have a hard time seeing how the calcium does fit into this and if they're not we're talking about that guy. So but there is this sense that the doors a little more little map that was a chargers Arial. There's some talk you know may be among others saying it could be a little Allman eighty. Are you some huge eighty current or whatever sports complex ready championship at the coliseum or whatever it. It could beat this server some sort of culminating auction. Regarding the exports in addition to home sooner or whatever you consort graduation and all that. I would suggestion that would immigrant leaders said that I would suggest that. It's possible that somewhere all the slicks could be that strong with a metal pothole and a few years whenever there go Landers and around that are that are entirely about oh. Also don't think that I also got an ankle or anything more. And also. A lot I think. You know I think until they want a small or been used in the Landers there wouldn't be realistic and actually turned out of people looked at her. That is something that is smaller that is less travelled aren't Hispanic forum where there are Allah Arctic are all. I look at an anchor. Or anything of a recent meeting that you are another thing that might happen. Yeah. That would be awesome I think if if literally you're back the hustle as you said as a seventies vibe to it already you have them playing in the old seventies. Whatever coliseum. That would be a happy turn of events if that actually became part of this lakers have a good weekend and we will talk to you Monday. This hour and ten from the commercial peel the night no one is op I'm. And we did that you can read more about what happened with the coliseum stuff last night at the first open. Fallout we take a break when we come back. I believe I mentioned I was right about something. And again. We like really appears that I really really write about something again. I will tell you about that and more on the back with the Big Five just got to Germany to. NFL history. Hey guys my name is Jason tells firefighter from fighting in Arizona and I love firehouse suffered. Because the more subs they sell the more they are able to help save lives in our communities. 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Kush well we're talking about cooking and people called in to tell me what Kush one yes we have a lot of we allow a good education from people. While bush was supposed to do is good like it was shorthand for good guy but the local police officer tells me that and and and and and that's not true at all. See maybe we might have been getting some and miss and fantasia. Kush where it's an advertising is originally from the Hindu Kush Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. I am a local police officer. So bear so Kush with a cash. And is actually at least according to the local police officer doesn't just mean good weeds seem like cushy right. It means K usaid from the Hindu Kush. Area of Afghanistan. That's a very different deal. Then. Then out there than than we thought otherwise. I I do think that we it was really remarkable and Ira and I appreciate. I appreciate their money inside there we got on them. We did hear from our listeners. Today but I wanted to correctly thanks also wanted to tick tick tick clarified Chris Harrington said. We are question one because these uniforms. Change from the teel the blue. And some points out that happened exactly when they moved him to FedEx format coincided. Perfectly when they moved into FedEx or are you happy with the blue yes and ice if they if they adopted. These sounds uniforms but they column the grizzlies they want to sensitive would you be happy. I guess against the reds are like the red white suit and I I definitely agree Chris but don't the white with a you know build Beale street blue wherever they call and in this NYSE Gallic. It's classy I what's next. Number two who are cricket beautiful music if you could. About stuff that happened. I was just. Emphatically right about something. Remember after the NFL draft. You're about to turn. On the Chicago yeah they learned. We're trading off. I get midfield for this team. Already had my glove yes what a bunch of idiots and that was the from. And I came in here the next day correct me if I'm wrong. And I said that idiots are idiots yeah you first of all I believe this firmly. Whatever you can't get the quarterback in if the quarterback works out. New York the and it doesn't matter what you pay. And right now. It appears that that again who knows there was a headline once upon a time. Truly this happened in three seasons headline once upon a time instead leave out tools Manning like that that was a pre season game or is there. Once upon a time in circulating yesterday so with that caveat. The troops affect your best you look absolutely awesome yesterday there is no one right now in Chicago who would take that deal back and they should know that the time. If you are an opportunity to get a quarterback you get a quarterback is why I honestly the bills frustrate the hell out of me like I think they drafted a good corner and gave his wife and be good corner. But to Shawn Watson looked good. And yet it like just pick up as they stink. And I want next year and at that one stands. Pick another one next year yeah because what you're absolutely dead and so I'm Mitchell travails he comes in last night. Those 99. To start out. Well and by the way whoever wanted to do not have to Mitchell too risky but yeah. And macaroni becomes that he throws a pick six. 128 quarterback rating of twenty and seems that if that is not good for a month and Mitchell should this becomes the and eighteen of 2566. Yards a 103 point one quarter back. Raid takes the quarterback Jake quarterback Jake the quarterback if you're convinced he's gonna suck OK fine don't take him I'll take him. And then take it one and then take another one of and then take it one if you can go sign a free agent Mike planet and it. At a player like that should Robiskie you do that if you add a third. It doesn't matter if a quarterback you're absolutely dead and the teams that are stupid. Are the teams like the bills who think that they can just looks. Went along with my Rod Taylor. Or the teams like Jacksonville. Who like think Mike is available David portals is gonna do get Blake portals is gonna get it done let's put it. Take a quarterback. Quarterback and take another quarterback quick portals horrible. To five picks and a practice the other down just give it up once once they stink hole apply it more fun. I had to bet he's he's going to be awesome I ask you this though if you're the bears to just starting now. Yeah yeah I'm eager to start on the planet and it right now they're just going through the right now. Pollen that's so much that they that they moved up for the risky it's that they needed to spend on a line but hey Glenn and then to after the QB at two. Caroline does stink still lines things put it that you get the quarterback. If he's saying they should have paid eleven findings should use that money to get an offensive line that's fine Obama but what people are screaming at the signing of Lennon moat good glad and most weren't they restraining. What a what I heard was the screaming about. The drafting a Mitchell too risky there that's what prompted this agreement that was over the loud as there was definitely what are you doing paying strongly enough. Money might yet when I got that much money yes that's fine or whatever like I. They all do it. Literally it doesn't matter you don't have a quarterback you stink yes so I don't get the quarterback if you get a free album did get three of them work out. Get the quarterback the people who say don't build the team room quarterback first and then that you know. Now don't do that go get a quarterback affiliate quarterback you're absolutely dead rabbits next number three it was other NFL news last night a whole lot of NFL moves last night. Including tax and lynch on NFL network last night's lies it looked good not great. No you're not exactly sure on either one of them look good on such Iverson ended the great either but Paxson look worse it tonight 42 yards. And when you see what. This is why people say it's unfair loans and fair debate when you seeing. People looking as comfortable as to Shawn Watson did two nights ago and as the effective as to whiskey was last night what you need glimmers of that from a quarterback and if you don't have glimmers from a quarterback then you start to wonder. I was wrong on tax and I thought he'd be good news it appears that I may have been that may be wrong on Paxton. Putting the bad news. I think they should have taken Paxton. Because there's no harm and then you take action and if you don't work out then you pick another one it's a thing Harry just pick pick pick pick that they think he'd taken quarterback. Other news Derek Parra that. Do you think it was going to be a stud yes ideas Kennedy's death structure he is a get the quarter to two sacks last night they're Barnett from Tennessee. Brad analogy he was if you think you can even. Now yeah. We'll bring an Allen now I don't talk in general are renowned. Yeah I know I love him. He's actually going to be good or go to I don't know if he'll be you know that is Armstrong and professional bass lessons yeah. I don't think is Armstrong enough but go right yeah I am on record as saying I have a brand I ain't brain and and I think Austin right now at an Arkansas you'll love him even tell you about talking and receive and I was Brandon before. Your bread and I think they bury chat at Arkansas ran into the Kyra we Brian yes. Yes he was the one and out dual Chad Kelly and that fourteen point five did he have his house was just was it was our sights set on fire. It seems extreme yes especially when he went out hatteras you can see here. Other news. A letter Florida played last night he hit nine rushes and 31 yards and heart is fine but it's not a great. He is that it's. Gore Vidal or more yards a carry. And then he comes out he says it's easy yeah he's good looks led an awful lot slower I thought it was a lot slower than I thought it was for having played the SEC I guess I was spoiled. Prepared me for the NFL as we know it's what he sat. If he's got bigger. I'm always had reservations not quick enough I explosive and you know that's what let I don't love his vision in you know I talked about like that thing that we love the most are running back we don't care they're in a straight line the fastest guy but if they concede a hole and and kind of feel the defense like I don't I never felt like he had great bishop buddies is just a great. It's why behind as a college player but as an NFL player. You give me. Herschel Walker. Or Curtis Martin. No I think Curtis Martin. Curtis Martin did for how long one and he's still like it in his thirties you saw warnings that her first big strong fast do I and I in the Odyssey awesome college. But it's the other guys who tends to be intended. To be more successful. Some bad news from Miami Dolphins that he had the best quarterback issue Renyel this yet rake on McMillan who knows where. I'm like there's sort of the centerpiece young linebacker is gonna as. Yeah he's in a brace and you've already lost quarterback. You're actual quarterback mountain quarterback of your defense who. Also Los and that's devastating for the dolphins meanwhile the pastor just like everyone in that. Everyone in that division either stinks and it's getting worse stinks and it's getting worse by the moment. So it is going to be an absolute cakewalk. For the pats. Through the through the see them finally get a break it nice it's nice to see trying to mend a tough run for the guys to see them finally get a break. I what's next number four. NFL news sent you all do you think you. Dahlia. Is going to be suspended. As early as today. Is what people are saying suspension could come down today. And at the report the latest report is could be as many as six games I thought I'd share it. This confuses me is that Jerry Jones said he explored this yet he had got to the bottom line that. And he realized there and he discovered that there was absolutely. Nothing to how can it possibly be moved that. That he could be suspended for six. And he conducted his own personal investigation they said it wasn't even a matter he said she said it was nothing said everything was say okay. Precisely right according the NF I guess the NFL does not see it that way according to Adam Schechter he's being investigated for domestic violence. Suspension started six games there it could be tacked on it could be knocked down but. Seems to be at six games very much on the table. So that's it what does this change for you from does this change anything for the cowboys what you think the NFC east general I think I ate I think it's. I think the giants the cowboys are very similar again and if they don't have seek Elliott for six games the giants get him opening night. I think it's wide open I think I think that division to be one at ten games this year and sex. It is next number five. Another Republican we don't have a number six today doing it and we're gonna have had look at the number six it would send a refined and that we knew Noonan of fine. And NIC what's next and you're going to be using your best voice. You say in his best ones and number six. So number five the PGA we think we did not mention it in two days and the major being played what is. Yes something out of our music yeah love it yeah I had. Was asked what it is it'll just picks you up and carries you along. So right out Kevin Kissinger. Tied at the top Kevin K is there of someone you oftentimes plays here and Memphis is tied the tot he is at six under. Currently. The big names I should say he's at six under through nine holes he leads by two DA points and you're born all in San Olson Olson. He's he's Danish asking me yeah he's Danish I know that he's it was in the year two or. He is also there for Anderson the team back Rickie Fowler is that three under he is three back Brooks kept up. Also at three under. Patrick reed is also at two under Paul Casey at two under the decking moxie yum is that one under. Louis whose days and is at one under Jason Day Dustin Johnson at one under. Rory. At even Lucas Glover is one of her and Jordan speak whenever he tees off at 130 I've. A sex. Numbers. So that doesn't actually you know uncanny irritated. Well no I think people are hypocrites. Because here's what that way here's what I will it is what I. What I hear all the time. Is that people like good news right and did that all week all week. All we focus on is the negative name rank and I'll write a column about tubby. And beavers stop it to stop that with Ted I'm sick that you people are haters stop it we write about the balls and they say. I'll tell you anything about that that that family again he's a loud mouth no good enough that I got I don't care about that gave me some good news. So yesterday I wrote a column. That was at my. Last point Brazzaville and three counts that children know a single column. I've written a soccer professional soccer coming and at this column. But my favorite town that I wrote about of all of them was a column that was not about sports that it was about a six year old girl. In Jackson Mississippi. Who. Is bought. And and her mother. Wanted to take her to the orpheum to see the little murmur it's okay and she knew this would be hard because you can't see The Little Mermaid or could come up and you can. Listen and end here at an experience it like that. But you can't see The Little Mermaid and so they city you know we're gonna de registered six year old girl who actually thinks she is secretly a mermaid. She has a model fan that she wears inner keep cool a Little Mermaid and the etc. okay. So. Unbeknownst to the mother. A friend. Called the orpheum. And set hat. Is there anything you can do to enhance this experience for this little girl. So what is your feet and it. The you can now when you go to movie theaters you can get audio that describes the action that you're seeing Josh right and that's all taped you know right babe in movies come Medicaid pick you can go whatever. And it's taped. But for live theater it's not much harder look at the timing is different you can't just like they're trying to get him and now. The Little Mermaid is swimming and what you can't know that Jersey it so it has to be live commentary and so. They orpheum as doesn't typically do this it actually Doug Bennett once before. But here's what they did actually even knowing it was a little girl family discover that the little girl showed up at the orpheum. They wanna they found a headset from the Haller and senator turns out makes nor has the actual kinda had said that they needed. They went out they found a headset they went out and found someone who works for the blind who could do. Who could. Go ahead and narrate they got they that the show can provide a script. When this is happening this is what you say whatever. And they they did all this. The girl shows up and it's only then that they realized an hour before the show this economy out for the show we got some. Only then that they realize it's a little girl they thought it might be an adult baited realize it's this little six year old girl. So. So they give it a headset which a little too heavy. And this took a sound engineer took the person that brought to took the decision to go do it it took on that they had to go find the interpreter. Like this is a heck of a lot of work right at a time when the if you ask for extra mustard at your table and people sometimes rolled her eyes at you yes if you call anyone and ask for any kind of customer service all the time what will they did. Sorry it's can't do that can't do dollar that's impossible movie can't do that I would that's what we do in this country now and yet here we are at the orpheum. They went to extraordinary. Lines. Even knowing it was a six year old girl it turns out of the six year old girl. She puts on this this headphone. And that the woman who is the interpreter said that she. Didn't even. She started to read the script that she does a scripted too many big words to shoot studded wing and cheese and some Booth yes she's just wing it. And she said she just described in what was happen. And it and the mom said that when this started the little girl just lit. Up and that when the aerial the mermaid. Crossed the stage. The little girl turned to the mound and said mom she has beautiful redhead. She had no idea issued beautiful red hair except for the inter Porter has just telling her inner ear that she had beautiful red hair. And so it was an experience like none of that they have ever expected like none they had and it was all because of the extraordinary energy. And going well above and beyond by the people at the orpheum. And then by the way she got to do a meet and greet with though with the text with the with the cast. They happen to and the woman who plays aerial. I'm of course leaned down and got underneath talked word because that's what you do when you talk into a six year old girl. And the first question that the six year old had was. She was able to figure out why are you wearing what why you have legs on why you wearing flags or question your mermaid fair why are you wearing flags. And she said 'cause. I have to keep that a secret that I'm a mermaid so what I'm not on stage I put on my legs. And so this girl came to Memphis she's from Jackson Mississippi. And and and it was out of the goodness of the people at the your fields heart that they went to extraordinary. Lights. To make this happen for this little girl. And at a time when again as I said you can't get an extra pack a mustard sometimes without people just roll their eyes that you. Aside write that column everyone says that they love sweet stories you don't click on that come. Nobody. I'm not shocking nobody knew nobody quicktime at all. That's fine like I mean I had to weather comes went crazy yesterday that whatever that but everyone says they won't want thing. I write what I think is the Swedish story the reverend and a little while. A bottle local institution. It goes above and beyond people might tell you they want sweet stories what they want me to do is to rip Tubby Smith. And talk about the marble Brit take a break I tweaked its trailed by the way GO FF underscore pocket CA LK I had asked. If you want to deign to read it back in a moment 929 attorneys there. Jeff good kids Jason Smith Joseph. John Martin and I guess we'll tell. This type music college hoops. Memphis Tigers football in the SEC covering. That six NBA yeah this is a million. ESPN. That. Summer is quickly coming to a close that means football and more importantly tailgating are just around the corner. And if you think about. Really spruce it up that wore shirts that you can own your tailgate to tell you how to do that Jeffrey right here from the Geoff Calkins show on 99 FM ESPN. Or say about so called located at. They corner of operationally in the regalia shopping center locally owned and family operated since 1859. To new fall offerings. 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Thanks DO NE 25435438. Easter is fine dining and casual atmosphere with today's first field. 40% off did you go to get cars to police is Suzanne restaurant in downtown Memphis is yours and give my Hertz dot com. Now 829 FM 68080 am on the telling you about this that and 929 It's. Can she go on. ESPN that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just got sped up. All it's the closing argument presented by ten ration Memphis yeah. Okay. The Memphis Tigers have a scrimmage tomorrow in that Jackson. You should go I went last year a lot of fun good to see the Memphis Tigers. Placing who's could see who's not as good most of looking good now so that's happening in Jackson you caliber murder from the plane ledger wrote a piece. A doubt. Demo room and he makes the point. That he thinks outside of Nick Saban. Dan Mullen may well be the best coach in the SEC west he do you think they're very interesting. He has in in his nine years. Coaching and all messed. With some statements said mr. state he will now have. This coming year will have made it three different almost coaches that he's coached against and the eight ball and have. Like I think that's quite something like he's that this is Fareed he's been through three of them at this point. And they are picked to finish last. Pretty much every year or close to. In the conference. He had been in the in the in the SEC west he never had us. He is bomb he's won two the last three against Kevin someone. He's two and two against Auburn's got smiles on. In his last four NE three and one in his last four against Brad Beale about all of which artist sensibly quote unquote better programs. That's a hell of a record. Heat that's the thing like last year really the first year you ever point to where he didn't he didn't win all the games he's supposed to win life normally. They all like that's the thing play for me for a coach like. He gets the most out of what he's got and it. I mean right there's the records I dare suggest as much if you were higher and our coach in the SEC west you take that trip but first yes. Move would stick next I would take Gamal. I got that this'll just be a woman I've had this discussion only for someone three different guys that'll probably and they all kind of agree overview PLO would it be Obama. Still silent. Now not a war on I'm not taken warned Iran. My Mel's on. Deal allows on an illness is vacant in my opinion. So deal mum now sign someone or you're on. And then mollen. You do that coach at school or whatever yeah it means a head coach I think Dan McIntyre anyone of those yes you would take Dan over. Do you think he if he weren't in the city stated to recruited high level I mean that's the best Iraqi gets grinder he gets the occasional high level Leo lowest guy but basically. The yes I think I'll be heavily job like if he had anything afforded to have you got the Florida job yes I that you had I think they got flooded job by the way. Would he have done better than anyone who has succeeded Urban Meyer at Florida. Yes I think he would have. But yeah I've seen irritated some people there. TI yeah he most certainly an exciting that's why he's still a few days this month and is that making India braces yes it's why he's at Mississippi State. But still adjusting peace and I don't necessarily. I don't necessarily get do not necessarily this agreed with that what is next few years reminder of the day. We'll just a woman at a county fair in Utah has been going viral online. Forum supposedly again will be olives a whatever else is usually the judge. There are suggestions that this might be the worst National Anthem I. It salute. This is at a county fair and you talked it is the Indy summit county fair demolition derby I. I'm not making enough I promise I'm Alicia and I mean literally count if there's one thing they need another demolition of the county far. What did you talk was that god fearing country glove and go state yeah go. Are you confident that right now I ask you to stand up and sing the National Anthem. In front of 181000 people. You can get it I'll get all words. I would get all the words but I wouldn't suggest that anyone wanna listen Doug I'm I think I forget the war under that kind of pressure I think I forget the word this is one long run on sentence. Yeah it's a tough one man it is a tough for snow so it's a tough song it's always want us Americans are fortunate all she was doing was singing the anthem at a demolition derby and now she's gone viral. Let's hear her efforts. And there. Yeah. And its. Start now. The. I've not anything to do. We're. Okay. Went there. Mad. Movie. You. Wow. Minutes. OK so yeah. I'm staring at me dirt easy the man. Now laughter. And it's. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then. Yeah. Yeah. And then. Fast. Paying a clue. Who she. Me. Along yeah. I think yeah with a face like her paces so slow that. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. The tell people. You tell people applauded. People when you don't hurt so it's so true it was over there are so nice crowd affects. Here's what's coming up now is still up next on Jason and Jon Michael also join him at 1245 Tim Walton will join it GP. And fortunately as we'll just five. Yeah I don't have a run like this film is that 5 o'clock or 520 or so priceless and admitting we'll be back Monday but for now word here is done. Today is Kevin Johnson here GM Bruce Chris steakhouse in Memphis. So what's good and it restricts those are tendered lists you as Steve prime steaks one. There always is. Speaking a sizzling in that time a year or seasonal three course menu inspired by this season's first nuclear springing up all of us. 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