August 11, 2017 -- Hour 1 with guest Jason Smith

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, August 11th

Segment 1 -- Geoff opens the show by taking phone calls on whether or not Zach Randolph's off-the-court issues affect their feelings about him.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Jason Smith in studio to discuss Zach Randolph's arrest, Scooter McFadgon's warrant, drugs in sports, and more.


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Down 929 FM ESPN and you could win 1000 dollars like another local man feelings in his national contest. Good morning everybody today is the last. Chance to win again you have opportunities at 9/11. Of wind and breathed the word for the job talking to show is. Voice. PO ICE. Text voice BLI CET seven Q8 81 here in the next fifteen minutes. And you're automatically entered for a chance to win 1000 dollars again the word is voice. The old IE CE SPN 72881. Is the number you expected data message rates may apply next insulin a lot of clock what. And he has. Leave sports columnist. He's the award winning Jeff cook in. Geoff Calkins show it here. 8209 S. ESPN. News. Gentle man. Judge Jason Smith gonna roll in here and join us at some point. We talked to Jason Smith. John Martin has been Jason Spitz on a story. John Martin is like drags him in every single conversation to possibly explain why so I'll we'll talk to Jason Smith about all manner. Thanks Chris Harrington is gonna join us. Act. Ten for the 901 at ten wanna be a tenant one roughly. Statistics. Released their new uniforms last night and I I think it's something. Of. Doug or are they looked earlier like the old uniforms. No go to shut his swoosh. I IA that makes it better I am hi I confess up front. I'm not a sneaker guy. And I'm not a uniform guy. I'm also not a numbers guy let go by what number is someone who's the last personal Wear whatever I didn't know the G boasts fifty. I'm also Matta who do get them off Famer whenever a guy like there's things I don't particularly care about. Yeah like he hit his uniform and oh my god until you get your guys clicking they all say that I sound like a nice year old uniform rather than a not nice looking uniform every time and again begin their choice every time opted nice looking over till tomorrow personally uniform or else entered the not nice looking. Today weren't corn capital yours too shareware some odd so but but but generally. I was waiting for the big reveal little. Unlike last year woman of them okay uniform like that was cool yeah you know like I had that look let's say in uniform. This uniform you tell me besides the swoosh instead of the deed that was before. Yes but it they weren't allowed to put the stripes on the dias couldn't have always actions like it is didn't have the three their logo ideas could not have their logo on the actual gain uniforms and this one did correct Nike paid. So much money that they said I. Plus they're selling out every so so were there any other difference it looked to me like I reckon as Mike Conley. And I recognized. Other uniform. And I couldn't I didn't scrutinize it but I said this looks like the same uniforms and. Com I what was different I. We'll teach the the Beale street blue that we started calling it I thought it was they'd better look. I've differentiated yeah I think it's more like tar heel blue. And I think a letter below. Yeah I did the typing and turning the turning around guys I was sold are on that you mention how you're not as eager guy I. Openly admit that I am a slave to the swoosh and I I I do like the social I'm a solution I had something huge but today it's just a social crap like that exit the sort of supposed to notice is this bush. I. I mean I thought the whites all the whites look cleaner. Like a brighter whiter where its a bubble popped more. They talked more of the yeah it's popped one well and they have a DS. This is not good at making uniforms like really long history and I think you got I think you're likely that you if you saw the emperor the naked emperor let's say I like his wife I think they're popular more you know after seeing things and aren't necessarily there. Because you wish to see them because the swoosh is associated lol lets you know that I'm not alone in the thought that not a deal this is really bad you know I well. Ask Chris Harrington can't not I don't know if he's a uniform did or not. Do you prefer the grizzlies to the older how you liked the throwback feel grass. Seeing hideous blue. That's a throwback I see them around yeah I don't really like them I don't like him I think they're pretty hideous. That was a time and allies but I think the appeal the tube period was not a not a winner of that island at just as it's gonna be here. Chris Jenkins going to be here a lot of NFL. Stuff has happening including. You'll be shocked to know this I was right again. I was right again. It is like it it is it it throws and he knew how often I'm right. But I was right again just quick shot of yeah bring something that. Something having to do with the NFL plus a little irritated about Lebanon we'll get to that. As trouble with the judges this appointing ladies and gentlemen. The fact. Now if you wanna preview hello lineup. If we might take some calls in the segment 53527765253776. Because the first bit of dried news that. Isn't breaking news right now was late yesterday afternoon. We learned the Z below had according to TMZ. Two pounds of weight. Two pounds of weight now I have a friend. Whose wife. Are smokes weed he. Friend to befriend doesn't smoke weighed me. I myself as every confessed. Back in my younger days. Smoke some weed not since. I will tell you not since. Nineteen. Seventeen minority. So it's a fair fair fair distant memory distant past but. But. And this friend said that. His wife operates and Graham's. Like they don't even really deal and even ounces anymore they they deal of Graham's and and so to pound so we'd. According to the Internet that's my that's my act and live there yeah. Sixty join expert panel. That's a lot of weight. Bump and so sixty dosage form perhaps I'm sorry sixty joints per ounce sixteen ounces in a pound. That is 1920. Joy soon. The Tebow had supposedly in a backpack. Now. I think Gary got to the bottom of it yesterday. On his show. When he said Tebow wasn't their solemn week. Tebow was charged with with possession with intent to sell he was there silently we said that yesterday there's no way Tebow was but even if he'd. What happens to be financially involved and some we distribution ring at some level I am not saying his at all he wouldn't be on the corner selling weed out of his back. I think that's probably it would it means we all agree on that. That that seems like the most likely conclusion so Gary I think was absolutely right when he pointed out it would Siegel was probably Dylan. Was. Why in week. If you had to weed on an at all which were gonna we're we're certainly the DMZ was correct us like teams he's the only one is purported to towns. And the LAPD. Has said that they don't release the amount. Of we'd order drugs in in an any that when women make an arrest. So. So the question though is once we learn the five that's two paraffin and that I really do mean this. Has that changed your perspective. Do you have a different view of Zach Randolph then you did a day ago or two days ago or a month ago. I heard Jason and John they took calls on this yesterday. Back before we knew what was to pass. And every single call. Then I heard them taken as a lookout for a good long while listened to calls. Every single call that I heard them take was ha ha ha c'mon man it's Sweden who cares. He smokes a joint nobody didn't nobody thought he stopped smoking a joint etc. Every single call. Opponents by defense systems and fix our defense recent Olympics does the fact. That it's two pounds of wheat presume in the DMZ report is correct. Does that change your opinion. Some level I don't really weird place in this country halfway place in this country with week. Because you're allowed to happen in 29 literally in 29. States plus the District of Columbia in one way or another either and additionally or just generally like in DC the on the left B medicinal just you can have as. It's a weird place will be I would wade because you can have we'd. And you can. And can you give smoke weed but most employers for example will give you a drug test. And a few test positive you can get a job it's a weird cat of hypocrisy where a place where we are you gonna have we need to. But you can't have a lot sweeter you get so weak but that's weird it. Right you can like there's there's a lot of weirdness and it's because we're sort of in this in between place let's let's why it is not even really it's so happens to look like hypocrisy. But it's real because we're in this bask in between place we are moving towards we started know he'd ever moving towards I think a place where we will be legal. And and were soaring in this in between place. But the question is does it change what you think of Ciba. And I really wonder. Our capacity to love Z Bo and end Chris thank you talked about this yesterday. A lot of it has to do with his everything he's done on the court. Which is incredible. Change the franchise. And I adds that a million times not to change the franchise by changing the franchise helped to change solely responsible the grizzlies went solely responsible. But helped change the way they've been lucky and think about themselves. That's why he has a lot of it's why you should be able. It's Hawaii. I don't believe that the grizzlies regretted for a moment retiring his number. At all it's and yet we also like all along. This holes Tebow came to Memphis and changed. It key change solemn. Note but there have been three different incidents not of nothing nothing came of any of them. But one in is the Indiana incident where Arthur ray was arrested him. Current weed and ammunitions. Ammunition in it and they went looked at a lockers that were in he goes name and those had more legal substances and cars with secret compartments in them. There was the Portland deal where that bode drug dealer was beaten up another us and so. Do we not care. Because it's Wii. And who cares. Do we not care because we loves evil and bad that I we are fingers and our ears and go out and I don't hear it. Or do we actually care do some of you care. And there's another there's another by the way Memphis player. Former Memphis tiger who was also in the drug news today and we may get to this is part of the camera fattest part of the conversational certainly talked about it and Jason Kidd Jason smashed. But we have a double standard really care about him but not about Tebow. We'll get to him and who it is and and 535377653537. Sevenths it's now we know it is two pounds. Does it matter to you we start with Ryan right here on. But yes I hear that. Probably honestly it doesn't bother me a little bit well. Has not changed my perspective only about what he did this she is franchised. People messed up all the time and so obviously act blazers sure levees and spread every hour media and all that but. It did not change my respectively though relations you're our number parishioners there where Jessie sure. What thing motherland. It would anything like police say it's because what he did on the court and it isn't as we did in the community. He earned that number retired because of his generosity and because of its. This boy I don't think there's any question about that. Yeah dumb. Is there anything he could do that would make you say as by a mistake. I mean yeah it. Anybody in there any kind per. The problems right and that the that the bad beat the hell out of someone or murder or rape or the bad ones that would make you change your opinion but but nothing connected with how things solitaire when that would make it you change your opinion when that. Yes just blown out well after they got where they're. Killing people obviously. Did it change your opinion but. But this this now. I think I'm with you right thank you very much appreciate it. 5353776535377600%. I think it was on Jason and Jon show. Did not care did not change their opinion. I think I'm there. I am there I think. I think he was buying in bulk because you wanted these stupid like that but it was stupid. But beyond that it doesn't fundamentally change my opinion does it yours I think 53776. I actually 53776. We go to Anthony Anthony. Terrier was old moment there are. Some Booker who who is seen. So I'll go where you're. It doesn't giant smile of during the revoked. I still believe even though there have been Cooper pillar of community who lives in this. Example because you don't care about we'd. I don't wish. I care about who we are very bad week so it's. Or I have a short iron once upon a time call live the way more than two Carl delete. Once that goes for the court system it's not your surgical would do. I think it only like sound bad to control you are. Who don't go. For those who do adult even if you indulges in two towns like a fair amount of week. Fair or reduce. You wonder just how much you would normally be carried around two pounds a week a year basic guy who likes the red to smoke a joint or whatever and relaxed. And try to not put bubbly Griffin or something like that guy is not 102 pounds a week ranked. Yeah her. How about a third ordered there or maybe they don't count the ways I collect this from. Everybody that there are live up there and on this slow and so they're. We've compensated a total. That's operating under the theory that there is two pounds of police was this a DMZ has reported an of this report is not true obviously it changes the report was 2000 week in Z goes back pack. I think what I. It was witness the supposedly with Tebow either on his back on the floor it was good it was at least identified as being G goes back back. I. Gary nailed at the Atlanta yesterday. Zito was buying in bulk like why does he don't want you don't have to buy join at a time. I don't you can tell you is this correct basically I did I someone told me that that an ounce of weed Goode weed in California. Cost 250 dollars. That yeah. Every year mansard burn Chela or not they did Bill Belichick for. OK I saw on her foot 10250 bucks it basically that's 8000 dollars of lead per zebra that's nothing. Nothing like that's enough then he could just bought a thousand dollars a we'd bring it home LA would have to buy more. Aren't so let go by. Started search or their dollar work but we like every two of the united. There all our thoughts are nervous part they're favored to Bloomberg's. We're proud of you. Is there's less kids are sick yesterday he golden battled yeah brother Jerry. We don't call where a church so we're just master. I'm with you thank you very much appreciated but if LT 7765353776. So far we're two for two. Don't really care this guy would be upset if it were bad we'd. But do fascinate you as it was a resident weed out there in fact he's 776 I count on having some weed experts. My expertise has dimmed over the years we go to Mario Mario you're on. I don't dip. Love mail. No that is Canas don't don't know Halloween is not a lot of we. Think. What you can't edit the party pick Syria. There's debt predicted he would get their way he would get a problem like he had any Olympic gold smoke it. But the real Billy if you. Have a throughout the trust me he would add a lot audits of a load two proudly claim that the apartheid pay. So let me ask you this if I call my local dealer and I said yeah go. I need a party pack would they understand that they're get me to 'cause we does that add the term of them are. Yeah I'm an 888 picked up its diet it's apparently don't it would not use their party currently has it been specifically what does this. I 88 equity. How much and how much in Memphis would 2000 Wii because Mario. I'll tell you hear out of being good about look at get a little trouble until about eight. Expect PayPal the Merrill while but did so well we get it may not dictated that don't really know war. Somewhere yeah where did you have that you're you're you're caught with thirteen pounds yeah. What happened to you. Will the what is there public it was our first look I have so. Again like that your probation so no built being made terrible mistake but if you want to pound the way that they import these. Ticket welcome currently can get a polite man hundred dollar the now. 900 dollars a pound. That Matt welcome pretty good we didn't strategy. Do we get a big goo probably like about six or 700 put some good waigel pales man under the belt about a good way. Just you. Well how did yeah. And Baum at bat of all of it oh. Yeah let's get it came happy about dead and that is. So I don't I don't care of itself. So it's. OK so how did they became a courtroom via Dillon about the lessons. I I'd get attitude pay debts are full of fox metals craters which could not offer the studio with Laura and I also over on the athletic department my church. That's fantastic. The Yeremiah thank you don't. Thank you that's Mario he's clean up to Zach Miner has after doing got a third team bounced 3537765353776. Andrew Young. It took on the leaders like Mario statement the words right out Obama that supported by. They ought to pound a week they got a two year twenty million dollar deal they were gonna bowed out with a bloody though little weak here and whatever it ought to stand all the big blow. Kendrick Mathis and embrace everything about the medical lifestyle then people in the marijuana market. You play like that before he got here. There. Eight space program today. He is not a drug period a good plan 888 I think terrible or is pulling for the men over the last few years. And don't think anything wrong with anybody spoken a Little League now it got a truck for a living like do. I don't think you should be out on the road that tomorrow our small virtually all you get home at night I don't believe they won't smoke. All right thank you and you I appreciate the fact they charity seventh seventh is what we have 24050. Something like that so far it's it's a it's in his own route as a route 53537765353776. Alex here on. Hey man I don't think you know she apparently it is a big deal but. Built built built the pitcher is you know federally is illegal in financial Edberg in awhile ago. And you know and actually think about you know what they say they will prohibition order alcohol ability. I think you know it hasn't been bad. Hopefully we're. I think you can go above all the regular we just you know get some rest before after a lot. Although other pianists there's no question. Yeah if you if you if you call waiting your black you go to jail if you did you bring down the US economy and your wife. Usually if you you you you get a golden parachute you live and Hamptons. Right and then it'll ever. And I are they did it raise what is not well not so much what the public welcomed the politicians you know. It happened at the chain because they're like you know to get bad audio program that the date at the American dole. A little trade paint to a prohibition with app called a lot of Americans would try it out called it as big TV they had the okay. Well we've come to where we got hurt the state where you can go interest greatly detailed and intricate call you know it could be. Devastate which are fairly good job you know we we can in a rare which is capital that could change with this issue. The that's just my opinion on a rabbit called see a lot of people politician. Pro Tibet issue. And that will be looking to do prohibition. Yeah. Let it. I I think you're right does say there was a time when you get a gun to jail for fervor booze and the outlaws were bootleggers and and everything else. We glamorize that now. What kind of we've I've I can ask what you look at it did you get in trouble for weeds so. Yeah I got trouble we. And it would go to the troop exit then held for a candidate somebody I wouldn't and a vehicle but you know they ran into trouble parked vehicle and I got. But to not just for the job all the job we'd have to bow. You know but the federal law does that cup we do I mean you know people multistate so little that it early. Legal that legal but you are I think that you know. But certain they issue you know we may attack it early. So how did people all in okay cross got a job building into a career. And you know a collective group you know our. People not you know it is bit like killer people have been card because there was because it would Tarawa. Issue we alcohol or some other appeal alone ought. Takes the field may have the book you know over the past have participated. We go can be if you are of particular homicide because you flow it's almost a week but you know I'll I'll never heard that. Thank you thank you Alex I know I appreciate it now appreciate it thanks your perspectives on defense through seventh seventh or federal 607 now. I'll be back 3776. Will keep role with us so far I'd Griswold and if you have a personal story about the time you arrest that would weed. That would be fine tune is all. Holliman. Now I'll I'll I O Eric. But what almost hit it there it right down my bad well clear of the movie star like they could dominate global PC recruited you very do baby checkup with our pain and how we get Auburn's yes. Critic Ben Bethlehem or Korea this need to right. Below. At least I spoke to you can't we might. Now and if you put all your office get the double blow up. You always I'd like you are such an. Can you don't already booking your space so spook. What Nate Newton get I don't know what Nate Newton got for his for his deal. So let's all agree is hater and I asked her lover. Now we broke who regret like. Powell Arquette notebook respectfully well aren't we oh real art market keeps you go around a bit red light. Anywhere and record it. Discreet in US a are pretty well article although we already have our. I bet they'll probably people my debt debt right like I don't take it dropped below white people they called it radical caution because like each week. And Kyle did make 30 it will now do a lot of great ought to outlook but what we're. Do they pay no bad out about it. They're not that it. Thank you resolved I appreciate. 3537761. 200776. I am getting an education here James you're on. No matter how I do not change my opinion at all. It requires you were delivered. Give me hope quick but he should have insisted though you should've. Why the hell is he out there and why fine is Wayne himself. You actually issued and delivered yea I want that. Thank you very much I think that's nine nothing or something 5353776. We got a Mel Mel you're on. Why are you don't know merlot and open right with the prices go. We're a little bit off until the prices now use it seemed like he would know this. I don't hold a multimillion commitments. Did you go to devoted to agree and revenue were two week did get I was like old Chrysler over workable we couldn't hotel or you can smoke it could push. What's called super party sorry what's Kush cushions as part. You know gosh yeah yeah it really is diluted California and it shocked. Okay so what is that how how much is that going to be California. Are now you targeted at Richard mobile afford the out of power. California has put. Rail. You. So you say had to keep this a pay four grand for that week that's nothing. Perceive. It. I don't know how do you know this now. Mark. Can get you get cushion Memphis can you get like Beckham the yeah. Did it come to note that I've. If it appears that Murray admitted what it got created and why do you think I don't shoot arkush is not. Everett road to a veteran spoke when you fired coach. We're command from worst push come from. Everywhere. Everywhere and a little bit Mexico's. And it was shot at a certain illegal when it's needed and where would legal they're certainly accomplished or not somebody. Well good were we know told no they're actually talked about somebody that affirmative coach category. We need. So it's too tells a lot of little. Total borrowed and not to bouncing. Back thanks so we admitted being based apparel yeah. Thank you for clearing this up now thank you we won't release local out of wounded since. They do now after you should 53537765353776. We go to Sean Shenyang. We're gonna get better. How about the price merit and this receive about its shade on the prices are you definitely tell you what you would meld. It doesn't matter now about like you thought about it. Our panel I welcome that took out there who don't know what kind of leader looked to OK coach but it did mechanically there's a mob. I'm a bit more pleasure than they know I mean. How confident about it but now they are good people now aboard pan out and don't let that there. I appreciate it Jack thank you. We got to get to the press is unable to one more on this edit your own. I just obviously there's others may guards are negligent only about art but you know decided that. Bit more and and I'll expect that he's the only NBA player that are forty. I think desert that was it that there was any. It was a survey recently that said 70% and the players answered the survey 70% smoke way. And Jay Williams former number one pick in the in the dirt in a draft put that number 80% zone to the other 30% mental line. The only thing is is that literally. The only trouble is that is that if he actually was convicted of what he is charged with the that's a lifetime ban. Like we are stable we want we can all say it's no big deal whatever else but if he is charged with if he's convicted any warranty I can't believe it they'll they'll you know they'll pleaded down or something. That's a lifetime ban and so it's more serious then. At least according to the NBA and the law then most people here seem to affect. I agree I agree I mean there's there's there's oil on there that they also might have been calls for allegedly calls or wolf find out. All of different note I got other than ever that I did say that they're the unveiling the uniforms plus my that you could. And Ed and I just I really liked the idea of the partnership of local bonds and so on the web or another upset the solution. And I just really build it but I do look good that's elation the only other. By the pat you know what area pathetic all right better but that's all I think I think it would be great that ball got played I have a good day. The dreaded error thank you very much. We went longer that than we thought we got to take a break now Jason Smith it's gonna join us when we come back Jeff Hawkins showed any given up ME ST yeah. 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Follow callers thought that was an education for both of us. I was not unusual for you know a little bit more on a little cushion and you Decoud is she broke good good we'd anywhere you go and so it's not like. It's context clues employees and that was the bush is like cushy contracts for a short for coach coach writes a good this stuff. But they'll appreciate everyone Colin you do in school it feels like everyone in Memphis. The okay does for a living here all of that word oops we've done I think it tells we have we balls or move amazing. And that's why that was protected here he was safe here if they all do it is definitely angels. Why it we'd it is true. I don't want like. If you're a black guy and you've gone to jail for wade are. You've got to feel like there's a double standard in life don't you think there's a little bit like like that that. Say that that the crack cocaine a sure way we treat crack cocaine vs the way we now treat. You know kids who have. In a painkiller whatever 11 gets treated to one gets jail I mean I think. And I think you do see that. Are you surprised at all that nothing has a kid doesn't like it doesn't meant no one in the fact that it's two pounds as opposed to a joint or whatever and that makes no difference to. I just think it's where we are as a society today how people feel about we'd. I'm. I think I know I'm in the same boat as yesterday even ate before we knew how much it was we were saying what. Is it gonna officer almost good he's done his aren't changing that and I thank you can still known as two pounds whatever. And changing things on iTunes remote my column because I go to counseling him. That send little first column said the numbers unleaded. Does this. Change anything and would doesn't make the grizzlies regret anything it does MF said no solid core followers so you have the ones we had just as it's like once he came out the two pounds and technically his career he is facing a lifetime bandit. Well they'll get a lifetime ban. I couldn't any couldn't. Right the same shrug it off column though because when they least there's the possibility of a lifetime ban like that that possibility that he's that he's a very big time big. Which you know I doubt strongly doubt that. Well I doubt it now because of the fact that if you're a big time dealer. What the heck you've got that why you have hands on the dunk but you've got the guys beneath you. In your organization that put their hands on the don't you are away from it when you're a kingpin right that makes me think. And he's not a he's been accused of this and Indiana -- I think if you're keeping you don't have the doping enhanced your diet does and saw this county and he yesterday when he's coming out of the court. And it did she and the cameras all over in this big doom dude says minute you don't put that covered old joke that's who should have the week. Yeah at that being waved like. And they now that god protect him from Gibbs saying that's what he's not protecting him that I think you like you're supposed to have the week you're the body or why is that cabinet. Should I via issued fired dudes pirates. Sauce for reasons of Zach and this thing again. He got lax and then. This brings us all good out there yeah now now now don't give a tab becoming a jail out. He did look at no different than coming out of the locker room after big oil over the clippers. I think because he's got a what he's got a fleet of attorneys and Asia and I don't think you won't elect a guy he'll get so little so get suspended for those of you believe that yeah. Two bricks and back here get suspended the legal suspend him total team that I say otherwise and do bricks gentlemen to figure that might have had a lot of they've with the bricks comes out because. Jason's gonna have a very interest in guest on the show. Today down from Williams dad's name is going to be intent is going to be our and you speak of bricks through Amanda was former tiger star. Was a member of the 85 final fourteen. I don't know if the state. Was once caught with 25 pounds of wheat in Michigan in mission go to Detroit at one don't got a ten year old was tracked about Phoenix Suns got traded to Detroit. Them was six there were a sixth pick in the 1996 NBA draft. On actor's career was caught with 25 pounds I think in Michigan today got a ten year prison sentence did eight of those. Their innocence we've we've both seen has been back in those when he got back out of he was jailed Texas is where X is there is worry was in jail and I remember because we've book further. We when we were doing a story on the 85 team. We weeks we searched you can look for who where inmates and there's this William Bedford and he's 610 and again they don't company has got to be happy and so. That time that I talk to him. I don't actually he came back like some of those reunions on the yeah yeah I was late for him he was I remember Italy would not but William Bedford woods. And. I remember him walking into the fisherman Jeff before that before before that reunion. Over FedEx form. And seeing himself. Bedford is looking at himself on the wall those Merrill's murals they have of those forms the Memphis they target the Memphis Tigers have been NBA guys and he's up there. And he's looking at it like. I can't believe I'm up there almost like. Grateful that or let her life's all about not not even grateful life in all that. That that that was once him at one point you know his life since changed so much of and the other thing he was an all of the fact that we still remembered. That we knew and that we still think of as William Bedford the great I think he thought he'd been forgotten about and so to see himself up on a wall. And they don't tell you how you were being honored were even born then told you you would do you remember nine years old 80198500. Obviously do we weren't mitts out it's outside you know what it was re going down. African Madison just. Good music. He's fantastic shot blocker that whole 85 teen Jeff was like eleven of the twelve guys from Memphis it was all about Memphis basketball homestand. When Andre turner. It was pride baby and we had that bet bet. That parade down the middle in midtown down the middle of Madison that we're all outside taken pictures of it pitches up good it was a fantastic time and everybody was cocaine. It's. Not around it embodies that and it was crazy I know because that 86 draft that bad for was part of Lynn by Ashland Washburn partly. Bedford did cocaine was everywhere I mean those were different times. And announce or let her own. It was he got caught with a bunch are we trying probably trying to keep that lifestyle going to solve coming. Scooter McFadden. And miserly that's my next topic a good long while ago while on crane while I'm on this topic that ate before we get to scooter sure that 85 team. So many of them ended up in you know tragedy. It's just it's just that it is a it is team tragedy that came annually it's hard to go back and and and talk to those folks because they either don't wanna talk chiefly. Bedford and an instance is up until this point and who knows what we'll get out and today order gone like basketball Holmes who left. Suicide in his case as an excuse around. Ask he's around and trying to kind of trying to rebuild his life Jim you are under that sense is there FaceBook and doing stuff would love to have him on as well Matt still unable to score I did want to move on them to the subject that you mentioned yesterday. I was. 36 people were indicted 26 arrested operation. Cocaine cowboy is interest and because they're the the metro police evidently do released the amount of drugs it's found on on folks' meeting and so they found. A 185000 out cash guns vehicles. Nine point eight pounds powdered cocaine. And a 144. Point five grams of marijuana now I look that up a 144 pounds Greg. There are 451. Graham's in a pound and so let's not them like that Palin they had they had less than a quarter. Of what Szabo in terms of marijuana normal cocaine cowboy operation. At less than a quarter of that they had there that remind you. They had the cocaine that which they had where the putting money up front whether there's a disorder that we all agree. You would feel differently about Tebow if he were caught two pounds of appointment so that we sent them delivered early on cocaine al-Qaeda football and it didn't get it absolutely. But in the context of this. It turns out there at the bottom of the story. The police also described these two men as high level distributors. And they're not in custody. One is Alonso lie oils also known as Alonso Blair the second. Cornelius. Scooter McFadden. 23 weeks ago after the clock weight thing. And plot wade former tiger who scooter used to run with was involved in a federal sting his name was out there are moving drugs tied to the Mexican cartel. We call tonight a waste of her arrest. I don't know if he's been caught if he's if they keep our eyes on that list in his own one of the guys that they had not arrested yet. A home and she used to run together do they were once cup together in the car and pulled over an arrest. Of clouds at some point we were going to have school drawn to talk about Clyde he's living in Texas. Just three years ago 2014. You notice you've done little. He was Iran had a 193. Pounds of weed. An appeal of cocaine in the car. There's not a pleasant. A kilos of cocaine. It is June 18 2014. In Texas he was arrested one kilos of cocaine and a 193 pounds of marijuana. Under the that was a fourteen to seventeen he's out and we all agreed agreed to come on the show already on the show broke that epic was Tony Allen or something something broke. What's that says death is on my premium. Aren't a something broke that day and we ask him to take we push it back to next week here a couple weeks later he's this huge drug staying he's a high level operator. Apparently has been for some time. Aren't you would think his career 193 pounds career at Tennessee ended in 2005 all SEC got about. Formal policy get all of us is he got a really good player always burglar. And he played abroad until 2011. And so he's been not playing. For six years now. You think that's like what are we to think that. Of the idea that you come to Memphis and your promised. If you come to Memphis you'll be taken care of your life will be not a magic carpet ride from here on out. And yet I'm not saying that they are not that they're not blameless frees up around cocaine on that are not blaming them. The one. Do we make of the fact that Clyde wage are paired deal him apparently scooters out there deal and apparently there William Bedford was the rest that would only five back in the day. Well in America. All here's what lives just a mean. Because when you're used to living a bowler lifestyle let's face on those guys were bowlers around bowlers around another NBA dudes who got real ball or money. You wanna live their life to. And the way for them to get it once they found out they weren't going to be NBA guys. Was to move we cannot order a video radio you're not gonna be a radiologist at the table and Jeff you can you can go over to Memphis and be taken care of and live events this fabulous like if you do the right way. And meet the right people and keep it and no chili green and one ever does come there's so many who don't that don't go that route and so they're left figured OK how do why give that money right now whatever I was velocity and you hit out at this before where I say at any time. Us as Brothers African American Brothers too many of us want that money right now Jeff we can't plan we can't see it five years down the road we got to get it now because we got a we are families that pay these bills all the stuff so we want to now and the way to get it now it's up to go to school for four years you'll that you plant you go get into the game. That game because it's easy to get into. And it's easy to move hadn't yet you'll get it you can get popped but the book. The risk at that point I don't know I think guys look at his path they won't catch me I won't be that guy. But I always looked at his dude it's going to end at some point you're either gonna end up dead or prison after however long ago when you Craig pay eighty pennies or not that's the highest level you could get. It's gonna end in death or prison and yet easy to get into but it's also easy get popped and be in prison for life and I hate it for scooter. Because he's a Smart dude who has always been Smart it's it's a shame that he's using that the dope game. Using his smarts and that world as opposed to something else and you know a positive productive member of the community. I hate to see is it do you think it's yeah it's generally means being naive and ignorant mentally also stream is it like that's why we won the one when you hear that the way out is to be a rapper or a I left player right now. That's the way to breach its right to vast riches of the type you see on MTV cribs right. Is it true do you think that they're a middle class life as an accountant. Or a leg. It's either not aspired to or they want to leave begin to think about such. Let's get it that's good like you don't go from you if CPA. Hey you come and that's a great life you come from a of a good family that tells you that that's a good job and that's a good way to live than most folks are gonna grow up thinking you know what that's and that's that's what I wanna be. But I did you come up seen in those who don't and those jobs. A lot of people don't know what those jobs all of it a lot of these young guys that grew up in they'd like I just told you they see the other guy's ball and they see the guys of the big diamond earrings and all that they want to live their life to win the way for them to get it. Easily as the go this route. It's instills it's it's so unfortunate so many didn't. Because so many of them Geoff first are are Smart of the scooter is Smart dude I'll do he can be run a business you cover him as a front for a drug bill did you play did you governments plays and perhaps we prep right now the government is perhaps I was still. You're still have to still try to talk to enter into that goes under in the world do. I forget exactly why he transferred to we know might remember why he transferred out in my transferred but remember you can. Good player does this always was a good player may have declared Tennessee and now he's evidently a high level distributor and a cocaine cowboy we may try to call under the that will be something and so I got his number on Jason as I look at it William Bedford in studio. And we're in a bar trying to get called scooter leading cowboy himself he thought it sort of works is a screen name. Aghast as soon as that then that's good orchestrated. The interesting thing is that and I don't wanna the spoiler alert here. But William Bedford now you talk about living our life and be in a Boller and whatever else. Now he is doing like like our guy who called those who works for the cleaners and we can't work runs the athletic department at his church in. He's so tough love. He's turned his life around and the sagas it's been about five years since he got outlook 2011 to announce in about six. Altman found that wears some somewhere over her memorized Tillman 11 of the dealerships over there and he's a great if you don't want to rely on that for ladies journals when he comes in here to tell you where he is and if he turned his life around while there's no question asked any any always that can't be easy go from being at a super start of a guy saying can I show you way. Can I get you into discarded day like I. How about them that we're that is a different deal and when he got out to be enough and nothing. Nothing but and I like I told you when he was around offensively brought he thought people have forgotten about what we hadn't. We wanted to hear from and we do it and and who knows today what he'll say that is really crowded boat and that. OK to Ciba is that people steal. And I don't blame him for tennis people still love the people they love bright and I made a they'd love William Bedford. They loved it Lorenzen Wright we're still here whatever mistakes he maids who will love Lorenzen Wright absolutely people would love you know. I think people might have some mixed feelings about basketball homes because he killed somebody right but does a murder suicide that is all know what you can't you can't really can no matter what and yet there. But I think he would. You love real love world and any hope and then they'll figure it out we're all about second chance in the city we don't have been the goals already apologized overall that cannot run this is not a city where most of us can afford to be. Not give second chances are. In fact coming up next week. I will be in a a dunk tank for a a day at a outfit that. That that helps what people wipe the slate clean their their their criminal record raise money to help make sure some people. So there criminal record doesn't stick with them forever all called the plunged to expunge. And I will be tell people more about it if all of next week well you're nice to join us I can't wait to hear way InBev. And my scooter back we'll give me. You hear a motion if you get screwed us even find out what what's his voicemail some I figured it was is no reason he was picking up when I was going to get news rated it the show. This is why I'm gonna do the unbelievable we'll see what I thanks Jason that is Jason Jack and don't miss that 11 o'clock we'll be back in a minute with Chris Harrington. On gray is Szabo. Is uniform schedule all kinds of stuff for whatever is written about in the 90 once just to show that he can NFM is being. Two years to injuries from Marcus card. Right the Borland wants to know what you dream. Let my friends of bank of borrowed to assist you with an up to 20000 dollar Parse a lot of credit it's so quick and so easy. To spring into paycheck stubs. Visit bank of unleaded at any of their convenient locations east Memphis collier build Germantown Cordoba Bartlett Arlington Riley wolf chase. And oh yeah don't forget to tell much of boy Jason Smith sensor. Remember of 220000 dollar personal line of credit for what ever your dream has. You wanna start a new business this is the way to do it you've always dreamed about it here's the money find them on the web at bank of Barnard's dot com. 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