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Friday, August 10th

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About Jason and Jai netted 29 FME as the in the pre season is officially under way for the rest of the NFL including. But Tennessee tied to rod Davenport covers the Tennessee tied for yes peony joins us now to row what's going Ahmed space of time. No problem I have carried out on the well we're goods are you come from Philadelphia right that's where you cover the Eagles before the titans. Yes sir how would you compare the markets. I do completely. Different market. Lot of titans have outstanding fan in Iraq and has been great. I don't know that the passion. And intensity and fire they Eagles fan brain can be matched by anyone. Blood is influential floor. I guess I love the interaction. I'm someone out of the talks out with with the fans know which you guys so media people so it's been great so for. Is there really a jail. At the Philadelphia stadium. Did it they it they had no issue one at the bit stadium. And then it delaying yet they have won it now really and use. Not that. You know I think that things happen at at games whether it got a tapered down and you know it is not a bad as his lead out would be an old fans it's just so passionate man I mean you look at it they have an open practice. A couple of Saturdays and go. They had 40000. People there could open practices that go download them as. You know you know addicted there about about it politicos that it movement and so on and that so good you know like that I insane. I'm CNET that they support thirteen two and you know we'll see what happens this year. Yeah you appear to be Amanda keeps it fresh with a boat houses world's Iran has that is at I consider that a sign of sophistication as I go way back with UD UN to practice everywhere you go. The outcry that the both sides flag and it sounds like that I like to bring you know I don't Wear regular neckties. That door and appreciate and I don't do any guy who went. You know being told actual regular season start and yet it is crucial vote that's where I thought big. Love that's something that I like the ring visit you know that that's Smart that's left out. So obviously you're covering the Tennessee Titans here and it if we units speaking of the titans you don't make it change. After winning a playoff game unless you want radical change. Especially offensively which I think is what thereafter we didn't get an and an extensive look. At the for at the ones last night but what we did see looked good. How different will that offense look. You know under Mike Vrabel and in the new policy. You know why I actually did a post on that it post your your ears and our comp and it just a couple of how markets Mario the world beyond least. What took policy it is. You know that you're gonna it being thirty I years into you know the year 2008 anywhere all Clinton are on multiple. Where they're at their ballot. Just he more regular season mark PO. You're gonna see Marty go to used on who and play action itself and that the floor mat floored it though he has done in the past. I'm they didn't do that much which Eric off last year but I mean it worked out pretty gotten more and move by an election year where which on the day with a rampant era call. It the whole idea what is so quick catch and throw easily reach. Give the ball out of the quarterback and and hit the receivers hands and apparently pleased. And that's what people should be excited about guys like Corey Davis went out the types they want Taylor someone else. I think when you're not a twelve person now. With those quick throws in which Donald Smith and and Delanie Walker. By the way. On know that they're better twelfth or OPEC. You look at both of them they are absolutely it matches and I talked to Mario doubt bout that they can't wait appealed apple put him on the field. Because that makes his job easier. So that's open and look at. I think he you know it's just going to be more bounty look at effort drive right. They were eight they had fired at a five run lead one of which what the design. Run for Mario and and had street has so please click go out in in their first drive and they were very effective. I think a note that their policy is more temple and that felt the net you know. I'd like to see that because I know looking. Coveted. And Carson would always tell me he spoke out public talk to him about that up because it fascinated. And he always would tell me how we create the sense urgency. Whenever they had a stagnant period at all it imploded at temple it'll look and see things start peca so. That's up and I think you could expect slumped on this type of threat. I think they are to be really excited because you have air and real well in India how little these are weapons. At this all that Brazil really good shape I can't honestly how the court. You know has been impressive in in training camp he's someone I knew he either one will give him out and speak. And now allow him to make things happen RP blocks so they're not to be excited war. I know that the first drive you know would be effective and you know it kind of staggered. But it definitely out there should be should be expect. What should we expect around what do you expect in terms of though. The way they use those backs Derrick Henry Dion Lewis that you mentioned you think would be abounds will they roll with the hot hand well they use Henry to be a battering ram early use. You know Louis the finish them off how do you think it's gonna play out. Our. Good OP. About it's that I would say so more like 6040 Coca it will go with the hot and you know so it's only could be you know Louis expedient and and Eric Taylor 40%. The court have really because it. And one of the things you mentioned Eric Hillary as a battering ram them in a big guy he. When it comes running in that apple. I actually liked the no no it's better at the inside runner. And he'd been able to content himself and even though he's he's not only the Yankees 200 rounds. Well he's still you can bet that so and I you know five B it's small unmanned hunter did beat he's tackled all of Italy he gives small and they'll get behind those guard the pop out you know up on the line backers at the second level and who knows look at happened net. I think our fans should expect. It's an explosive run from Derrick Henry you know he's the guy that. You know run and outside own. And and reading his keys you can put its foot in the ground it about that thing back in. He had to accelerate in the not meeting what got you where 42 ground got that little beat big run there. One of the things that haven't seen that I saw that the you got at least until the you that was new. Was knew he. A random quote evil guys that really good you know on the move yet but they have an outside they'll let that they were also I incorporate a stretch in my opinion all. We had it down outside the app or even exciting and what in the defensive end. It is you know paint him as kind of feel that aired in the dark or in a lot of cases that senator would pool. And they'll clear out dead Alley. What a run in and that's how he saw do it I get a lot of long run they kept up the that they need to do what with iChat client specifically. And allow him to you know be that guy who want an open things up. We are course on around them were covers the Tennessee Titans for ESPN on Twitter at T Davenport under war. NFL last night big time free agent acquisition Malcolm Butler got burned. By the Vontae Adams it's it's it's one play but but it it was it was pretty bad. Often times and and you know this to run went when patriots let their free agents walk they don't duplicate they tend not to duplicate the production that they had. In New England is that going to be a fear going forward with Malcolm Butler. I don't think got to be a spherical forward one of the things that. People underestimate. An under ray about the plot to adult at least. And if you go back a lot at play. He beat Butler immediately the pilot show decent recovery beat you to get back into his hip pocket. But that was a beautiful throw by opera on it and eat you know wanted to open up and look at some time. You know the other guy's gonna make a play that's what happened there. I think bothered when he's someone that have to get a handle on. And if he doesn't get its hands on he could lead to those type problems but I mean you live quite a gun that by the that I don't think there's much to worry about. At least there watching him Boca Cory David that's some of the guys here and I'm not equate David. On the same level that the Arctic adults but. Still seeing the technique that butler's use the network and all and I don't think there's going to be an issue it just something sometimes these please app. Throughout the last couple years it's been all about couldn't weapons around Mario right can't accurately judge him until you put some weapons around seems like they've done that for you for what you're hearing. What's that number one area of improvement for him where's he got to be better in terms of highest priority this has got to know this has got to work this year. I think the highest priority in what has worked its years in more consistent. The console and this thing that I always seeing from our news. He'll make a spill you present Google yeah. And then he'll make another or you like act gonna eat notably good at playing hill he put sort of roller coast. And he could that have become more consistent player that's that they're working on a candidate who work on it footwork was going to be important for him and it. Transferred that from the drill between here. To actual gains in auto credit do that. Yesterday so that's not the net key here is that the be more consistency. And you know that the main thing that that there are local force atop the coach pat O'Hara. You know he's an awesome coast by the way the QB coach yet sixteen plus years of threaten experience give it deeply tired terror terror of being. In any it was Sunday that back a quarter that call. That go through it but. You know that that helped him market the profit ability to be able to catch the girl. I think for him it's about being comfortable I want to get caught the wouldn't be consistent. A good thing is it's all written year what's the strength yeah. It it's volatile oil play Jackson who slept in Gaza animal parts of the Middle East that goal and on and on like. Thought it would that it brought well you know catch a thorough and that's a yeah obviously he's at or in Oakland and I read option under chipped out. You look around the division and honestly Andrew Luck is thrown again to John Watson is a monster we've we've. We know already the jags defense can overcome the mediocrity of Blake bored holes where do with the titans fit into this is. It's actually slick one of the best divisions in football. What are the titans that ended this. Yeah quietly out the bottom that the that this will use dollar. I think they've if they're right there with the jaguars go in there right there with detective to be honest with you. Roster wise I mean if they have a lot of talent on the roster. Now offensively you don't have that one guy is okay. You know we absolutely have to stop it might eat you look at. Objectives are you going to go over and we can't let that dictate. How how this game and beat you go look at that the Texas open yet new happens is now on a part of the when you go against the titans you can't say OK well you know put out so it's so. Delaney walk over I'd be critical to their yet but that's kind of one of the things that they used here there and is that ballot the fact that they have the ball back to my expert covered Eagles that's ordered that things have really. Mean it is so typical for Bill Belichick going to get them in the Super Bowl. They they couldn't take away one particular thing because that you did everything well. And that lack think it tighten the all that rather it is striving to do to speed completely crossed the border am out there. I got to ask you Veronica wrapping up Potomac from Philadelphia would you consider them the favors a bit in the NFC or what would you pick Minnesota would you pick. Which picked the rams were you going you you like Philip. The I like food because you know Minnesota they got that god has actually turnovers and and and indeed you know I'm allergic to pressure. It names Kirk. But I think of all the either under center that team is not going to do much. The rams are prepped them now they're definitely oppressive or. You know you can't just go what is that all paper and then and hope it's gonna work I think it remains to be seen if there was an Eagles. Unlike a lot of other super sports champions. They deny keywords you got to guiding it regional companies will be to nickel guy. He got ballot Goddard the second round being the best tight end in the draft class place Trey Burton. And he's actually you know an outstanding player also so there will be in good shape and oh by the way they adequate and. Iran and this was a pleasure under an education and thank you. Yeah pursuant. The talk appreciate the opportunity. Fitch who wrote the demand is two Rhonda port covers the Tennessee Titans for. It will come back Jason John edits it and then yes it.