AUDIO: Yahoo!'s Jay Busbee on the GP Show to discuss Oilers/NFL in Memphis (8/8/18)

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Thursday, August 9th
AUDIO: Yahoo!'s Jay Busbee on the GP Show to discuss Oilers/NFL in Memphis (8/8/18)

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What are you never know what's gonna wake up and read on any given day and is where I was exposed today to store with a headline that read this way this city dedicated NFL team. So that sounds familiar it turns out. But it's a story about Memphis Tennessee about what you're the Oilers played at Liberty Bowl memorial stadium the man who wrote storage Barbie from Yahoo! Sports. He's nice enough to join me now just its characters right doormat. Until roaring start everything's gonna my one I won't keep it to look at the know your busy but I do when asked at the start. Obviously there's a million thinks war you know we're in any of us to write about on any given day how did you settle on this topic. It dates back to when I'm we've been shipments by during that your I was there are that our cause their running on a Sunday afternoon. And doesn't sort of open and and going to recall and I realize you see. The orders bingo game and there are probably about a many people. There are you want that your average start to what else starts but that goes around topics and not our respect it's strange game in order to learn more about title screen shot. Let reading it there of the first thing you hope is that. I hope the author understands. That it wasn't just to see Haiti in the NFL but but why that dynamic just did not work in. Obviously as I get through the story you you nailed it. A perfectly and part of that is because you experienced in real time part of it is because you also talked to people who could properly share with you. The weird relationship Memphis has with Nash Phil. And vice Versa Memphis was never gonna be excited about. Temporarily. Holstein. Nashville's NFL franchise it if you know that it's so many other people knew that. How apostle pulled the people who re in the all there's organization. Didn't properly understand that. Yeah I mean there's no blame for this at all nobody nobody anyway points all the players that I talk to the front office say they all understood completely now at this this was just kind of or Saint Paul on at all but. Was kind of odd unfortunate bystander in this whole deal. And yeah it it the redraw the Oilers had better watch it or ownership I can understand that. And clearly they they just all the other I specifically on that. Our order stadium or they didn't water splashing stadium was not giving your east and currently a talker but he Eric. And dining Mexican goods I spoke to orbit so. Without even really thinking this track you know let them also got an ugly and also look at our overall. It'll happen literally just a matter of we want to look at the decision between Ottawa so. There was it is not that they claim they thought poorly eureka ridge didn't think at all. I'm gonna do Busby from the Yahoo! Sports his column earlier today the city that aided its NFL team. It's a great read about the year of the Oilers played at Liberty Bowl memorial stadium it seems. Best I can tell if the decision basically came down to a lack of understanding of these dynamic between Nashville and Memphis but also old. V idea that the liberty ball though not great for NF the NFL. It head it had boxes and Vanderbilt stadium did not have boxes and they want the revenue that goes along with boxes until they were willing to play in Memphis as opposed to national given the benefit of the hindsight it would been so much smarter do you agree just a sacrifice whatever revenue that was and let Nash still get to loving it's FL franchise one year earlier. You're absolutely right and there was also batterer selling alcoholic beverages chick couldn't do it chatter felt there was talk of course to that new stadium or Knoxville I'll play at their but the idea played in front -- thousand seat which which would have been anti. You know that was appealing either so yeah I mean in hindsight it shouldn't just just bit the bullet gone ahead and extra weight around. In order to work it to start to build that bond rather just fracture whatever Obama might have been between not beat duke western have a tendency in the nineteen. And obviously this is twenty years ago so I have. An understanding of it and a memory of it because I was an an adult I was I think technically in college but still wanna dog. But I I do remember a lot of the details that you had which does some of which were. Once the Oilers got here and recognize awhile Memphis is not responding to this at all it's like it's like they. They either don't care or they hate Nashville so much that they refuse to care. One or the other. And they start trying to reach out to make it matter in Memphis once storyteller as. And I did remember this at all they tried to have a parade down Google street to generate enthusiasm and excitement. And I believe it's Eddie George who tells you and we get off this bus or what how are we get often. And there's nobody they. He's a puppet got like a hundred people there we just like they have all roped all but there was nobody outside the ropes and I put it just started going to buy him Beers from street vendors in a that it was designed to be a parade but you can't really have a great if there aren't any people what is it. Yeah I don't try to tell that from a year of regular outlawed it right now and imagine trying to control lost interest and in a team that don't we really ought to mean that's not exactly the fundamental problem and so yeah. They oil Ers expect it to promote started and that it. Beat the main take away the fact that nobody believes that this is that it's dollars used this as fuel Mateen. He's just purely get stronger and two years later literate Super Bowl. Well that's the other thing that I think gets forgotten is that. Though the Liberty Bowl that year was. Clearly the worst environment for a home team you can imagine and perhaps the worst of all time for any home team they actually want that at home they had a good record. Yeah there were six until they had a good team they had these young and each warships Steve McNair thirty year yet going bishop good smack yeah well you could solid core of the team there. It's just they were they they were doing things like you know coming out Saturday night's game was so ultimately keep them they'd be edited or about to fail when you don't worry about which to cook ware that would would think they were all the corporate. Higher seed and certainly. A look at feel sorry for self players and certainly there are so right now. But it's delicate nature that much talk fertig given to a group which does feel like you're anything is part of a community. What I like the one of the things I I do again didn't remember and like could even imagine being possible. Is that like you said they would fly or get driver boss in the Memphis every Saturday night. And then stay and a hotel that is not of NFL standards but then also they've. They would take individual transportation to gain input they would get. So quite far removed from reality in the year 2018. Bet like you'd be you'd like may be calling your buddy who plays. Armed quarterback and say hey meet me in the lobby at this crap hotel in forty minutes and we'll take a taxi over to our football game like what are the war that is such a weird thing to hear. Yeah I talked apology guy that could not ask actress who wanted to work hotel what what do ordered out of the lead recruiter of them are they they decided to be out of respect for the hotel you're going to which is like you've probably probably won't let up by. Yet you know Eddie George was telling me that story about that haven't take individual actually catch you really need the ticket she also works that you liked it. You are high school he picked team blocks. And these guys are annual gap there. Doug today buzz beer from Yahoo! Sports the column filed today the city that hated it's gonna vote team it's a story about the year the Oilers. Played inside Liberty Bowl memorial stadium last thing before I let you go and I appreciate your time. The one refreshing thing is because you never know. If people actually understand even the people who experienced it and I know that you said multiple times it is to take away. I have from the story as well. Whether it's Eddie George Bruce Matthews these guys have had to live through this incredible awkward experience perhaps unlike anything we've ever seen in the NFL. Like they didn't blame Memphis or seem to walk away or leave with any like. Just awful memories of Memphis that. They attribute to mend the end they like understand that the organization they played four. I'll put this him put this amendment in this put them in this ridiculous situation. That they should have never been and and is speaking on behalf of the city of Memphis it it was cool to hear them. Tom not piled on Memphis because I don't think that would have been in in some ways an easy thing to do. Yeah I mean you always want to have a villain but in this case it's certainly about ambition and the city benefited by epic of the red curtain next year's event. Four years after that the titans to tighten actual owners debacle they get the grizzlies and that we don't know what happened since then so it would expedite. An upward trajectory for the city and then in pro sports science. But yet you're called it and who are so creepy pretty dark car to your sports editor. I thought could eat that apple pretty former bear it out. It definitely does seem that when mr. Busby from Yahoo!'s board to get a read the column yet. You can find it calm at Yahoo! Sports. Website obviously but we've also pleaded from the 99 web site Gerri thanks so much great work I enjoy agree that today and I can't get up for join me. So only so much I appreciate it mr. Busby from a Yahoo! Sports again you can go find that story. It's out of the city that hated it's NFL team it's a story a well done story. About the year. That the Oilers played. Its home games. Inside Liberty Bowl memorial stadium.