AUDIO: Wojnarowski joined GP Show to discuss Lebron, the League, and the Grizz coaching staff

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Wednesday, June 13th
AUDIO: Wojnarowski joined GP Show to discuss Lebron, the League, and the Grizz coaching staff

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Don't hurt her in the business that Adrian awards and rob can make the big interview. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports these are giving Barry show me your view all. Presented by lose Chris steak. Movement ESPN all of the scary things repairman. Gary are you pleasure I mean everything's all right I'll keep it too long I know how busy you are but I want to start with your co why Leonard column from earlier today because I. Mentioned it in the opening segment just about this interesting. Situation. Disbursing collide. Find themselves and it seems obvious that they're better together for a variety of reasons. And yet things. Undeniably got sideways this season as you reported ultimately at some point Kauai and pop are going to sit down. And see if they can make sense of moving forward together. You expect them to be able to make sense of it. I think the chances. I think opportunities there. Pretended to appeal I still think there is day. I I think Hawaii's strong connection at San Antonio is right Popovich I think he's still urged on. About him I think he liked playing for like eight. I think those guys are better when they're dealing each other one on one curses. Others who ventured into the relationship over the last year and so I think if they can find a way here. To. Get on the same page medically. He took a medical oddity organization like last August and eat eat eat don't you. There is an organization you wanna be able to oversee data are certainly have a strong voice and at and you know an act contract you know he's able to. It did spurs are able to offer him a 219 million dollar fighter super Max deal because he's met the criteria wallet be aryan. Defensive player of the year and so. Nobody else can pay him nearly that much and and you know there are ordered I think the spurs want to report before they say in just wrote that offer on the table. You know knowing the spurs DNA and their history how they. Approach. Going for the players in the relationships they wanna have they wanted to we conducted and he wants to be there and and so those are things that they still have. To work through between now in July free agency. Let's pretend for the sake of the conversation that pop exits that meeting unsure of whether. I call YE. And at 219. Million dollar contract going forward makes sense. Would they actually look I'm nothing this is likely but pop when they actually looked the move him. This offseason. Well I mean if you'd think there's probably me more than one conversation although. Don't times and tighter and and I can't think they'd betting contacted albeit it at that and heart to heart. They don't want to trade I mean they don't want a trade on the they had called the trade deadline include Boston an eight. Resisted then ended. Don't Gregg Popovich is almost seven years old and not really looking to rebuild he's not looking to get young players and picks that's not. Its future and I think always try to do the right thing for the organization. And try to lead and a good place if he's gonna step aside here at some point but they wanna go for it and by. They've got to decide if they don't offer him that contract in and remained using whether it will wall. If they don't inflating and we want you to go back and play this year and that would have to re earn you'd have to meet those criteria again. He'd have to make all NBA air defense player and BP. One of the on real NBA teams. And then but battled a quite wanna do that he might then say they allowed Adidas who beat now. Because I'm aka stay anyway so glad we're not there yet but if they had to trade him it would be really difficult like Heidi get value for salmon. I eat if you're keen that. Would want to trade for him redo would Oklahoma City didn't just roll the dice and say I think we're gonna we can use the year which have been just got to stay we have something boarded up. Or do you need to be in LA or Boston or maybe if Chile where maybe you have more confidence. That you. You can recite this guy you would probably have conversations this people. Both forehand but there's a lot in play here but I think that focus for the spurs is to find a way. To keep tremendous city gather. And then you know kind of run back a team here with LaMarcus Aldridge and and Kauai and see how well they can recruit team around them and open and poppy creates each faced LeBron and I would think that if Gregg Popovich and RC Buford wanted to sit down at a table. And meet with LeBron I would be surprised that you audible bullets and I think the respect he has or. That organization and popped so you covered all that would still be a difficult proposition I think. To get him but but they would look to change that yet I think why locked it here in and do that one also only want to do try to figure out a picking in public LeBron. Talking to Adrian Woodruff Kia from ESPN on Twitter app will OG SP and you bring up LeBron he's obviously. Going to be the dominant subject matter until he announces where he's going to play next. Right now. Odds makers. Seemed to put. Of the best odds on the Los Angeles Lakers does that. Correlated with what you're hearing as well. I don't want to say I'm hearing anything in the eye I mean I. I'm not hearing anything I think it makes sense on a lot of levels there's no question it's it's the one where. You know like you understand why the oddsmakers would do that right like it they cap the cap space it's LA lakers. If Hollywood he's got home there are multi multiple older. Too so. That there's other reasons you do that com. And anywhere else he would Gil except for Philadelphia. Among like let's say lights big market in teams that are. I'm actually has a better team than the lakers do that anywhere else it would have to be sign and trade or Q what happened got its roster. And Claire like cap space to create room. For a broad social harder anywhere else to just make. It's free agency more complicated and makes it more interesting because you know LeBron tell late in the NBA camp like com. They're probably get a carrier partner for sure sure. And and try to create the space or. I try to talk to Cleveland about a sign and trade. And see if that's the way they can acquire. Do you think Boston would be willing to do that because they'd there has been speculation that and for basketball reasons purely basketball reasons you. You know. Sign and trade LeBron goes to Boston Gordon hate us out of starting lineup of theoretically Tyree Irving Jalen brown Jason Tatum LeBron James Al Horford that's three all stars to rising star Bret Stephens coaching at what would Boston be willing to say you know what LeBron come on if you wanna come there will make it happen. I don't I mean. Again I I don't think anybody would like if LeBron is knocking Richard Dore. I think anybody would consider it I don't see him having interest the boss I really don't I don't think he. I it would surprise I I'm sure the I I I've no doubt he respects. You organization and the team building they've done in the coached. I just. I I just don't see that one. I just don't eat out or is really. Being very practical for him more be in chick sitting maybe you'll he would want next sight I haven't got any sense that he really doesn't interest of that. You know another alternative that I don't think it's discussed a lot but I I imagine it's in play on some level always like to staying in Cleveland. Obviously clean yet clear there would have to do something to convince him. That he'd be in a better situation next may and June that he was this may and June what if it's even possible for Cleveland to do something to make. The Cleveland situation compelling for LeBron James. Well here's what I think Cleveland or years. That they went to him last. Last. It was so I guess late June brightly June. And certainly week we can get a deal done for Paul George. I think we we can get a commitment for a image if you make a commitment. Paul George do like this paper a couple of years or opt in is BOX and and abroad and wanna do it then so when he had a chance app team. That that's how what about Paul George and carrier ring. He he wasn't ready to commit so. That docket back had a player like going to be available like what the you know what Cleveland would like what Cleveland oh. Would hope they can do it packaged that it takes. And Kevin law but I don't think he critique of a look back telling you. A player the caliber Paul George not and so. They're a tough spot I think it peace days. Maybe they've got a short field AVG try to reset to be secret to a one year deal. He could no longer eat it 200 billion dollar deal he wanted there five years but. If he decides that like Coleman geography and family. All of those reasons I'm on this day but. But it's hard for him I think. Into the harbor anyone a look at the roster. And look at where there's shut up and say a mistake and I just think we're gonna. Like we're gonna we're shut up the win at a higher level. If it is then but you gotta part of that too because again. You know carried it one play them anymore and Paul was willing to calm under the right circumstances so. Like it could be very different team. Doug and Adrian what you're asking here on nanny to nine of them he has been on Twitter at loads ESPN. I'm we mentioned the lakers and like I said oddsmakers project to them and for a lot of sensible reasons to to be the favorite to land LeBron James. If there is still Alonso ball situation their low bar is continuing to pop off about the coach the training staff whatever. And then there's at this track. That law and so released tick cal Guzman said I don't know whether it's a joke or something to be taken seriously. But wait there's a lot of Alonso ball stuff going on around that franchise. Is that something that the lakers are gonna have to resolve it but something that would at least. Pushed them to a point where they might consider moving on from what seems to be a more complicated situation than most anticipated. Yeah and and I mean I would say a lot of people anticipated that the exactly how we're gel and I think eight. I concerns it would go this way almost going out weigh in you know you're you're only gonna survive like. You know your value. To any team or any organizations it'd be like. Like how much you're willing to tolerate how much much value they have that who will tolerate. They're testing that likes. It's like do you think this is a good idea to be to having like it's childish stopped to support free agency like I would Paul George or LeBron James are gonna. So ally I didn't like what I saw like today like that can be why I don't go but these things add up and it and it speaks to. Build the lack of professionalism in the atmosphere. That. You know com's that is public Mubarak is a constant. There it's been a relatively constant thing in at some point whites. You're not or the troubling more insult our operatives say it has some say that that's not what happened because. You know like loud literally a player and as chip you're really good point guard but. I got a leap at some point the lakers Brandon who they are supersedes. This. You know nonsense and end at eight that it will at some point right like so. Obviously the C Powell. You know what he would you know where the lakers come on free agency they've they've got a lame somebody here like there's there's a lot of pressure. Magic Johnson Iraq point he came in there. Stalling IPO we're gonna be that guy who could the worst superstars. Back to the lakers Mitch Kupchak couldn't do it in a Jim buss wasn't able to do it in their at the end of their ten year. And so there's a lot of pressure for them took to land. What you know they got these two full scholarships or they have access to get the two full. Max slot and and they've got to find a start it still is one of Alicia. The warriors championship parade was yesterday and Oakland it was mostly just a good time when Jordan belt to get drinking Hennessy and Nick Young having a blast there was this awkward moment though where they were talking about Kevin Durant contract. And Bob Myers made a joke about he doesn't really have whatever contract he wants that was just for the media and Steve Kerr made a joke about maybe we'll give them a mid level and they were both jokes and you know Bob well and you know Steve well and you know they were just joking. But let it come across at the bit awkward given that. Iran is I'm not going to be psychologist from a distance but he does seem sensitive to stuff. And it would just made for this weird moment I'm curious did you see it and if so what do you make up. I did make much of it I mean I think I know the relationship that. Bob Myers house with Kevin Durant I'd seen him joke he kidding with him. Like they like debate bust chops back and forth a lot I don't different when there's people there's a stage a baby but but I I just know. There's a great relationship there and they do you do a lot of you know Bob never takes is a very seriously and and I think part of why the players like Jim is he's trying to disarming that he's got a great. The bust chops the superstar player and a lot of those guys he's not the deck is tiptoe around them. And and I've always kind of found that they like that a lot of players are hoping they like Batman about pop so I I. I yet YI I I I understand. Without maybe not everybody may have that perspective and how it looked I'd I would be shocked if I would be really shocked at Kevin Durant. Spot. 22 about it after it happened I really would. That's interest in wrapping up here with Adrian would Rouse you from ESP on Twitter at would you give last thing before I let you go you broke more news yesterday about JB bicker staff staff. As he continues to assemble edit what will be his first full year as the grizzlies fulltime coach. Arm as someone who. Knows this league and assistance. Better than myself for anybody listening what do you make of the staff the JB's putting together. Eight that are really get that the other Chet foresee a change from. Orlando you know he's got a background in San Antonio Indiana I think. You know Jerry Stackhouse who was very well regarded Toronto you know got the final twice as geely head coach was coach of the year won a championship. Without doing Kate she's staff per year there. And and without choking candidate this year I interviewed New York. Among other places. And then yesterday by you know metallic out of ginkgo group comes that it got a big Knick coach. You know went and played in the league at. Worked with the caps you know trying to keep you up that the elite you know most you know when you least you don't let players who are willing to. Co coach in the MBA. And he really wants to do it right he league then came through with a capital that was not a Memphis shot. I I think he's done a good job and I think that some. You know JB has always you know he grew up. And the coaching family obviously is that burning indeed around it his whole life and and I think he has a very good sense of with the right guys are who. Who fits his grouping title we're. You know where he needs to compliment himself an app but the good complement each other I speak I think he's really happy I. I think he's really happy with the group people together and and I and I reached and give the marketplace are so many openings this year and a lot of guys already. It's filled job but he literally could Jala. That is bigger wood rescue from ESPN make you watch him ought to television the technical why letter column Make sure you fought him on Twitter. At wool ESPN you the best buddy appreciate you being here are tucked itself. Are right that they do Walter askew from ESP on Twitter. At wal would you ESPN I won't pretend to know the ins and outs of NBA professional basketball assistance but. My eight. Understanding is that. Yes. JB is putting together and won't confirm that arm is an impressive group of guys and Stackhouse is somebody who. Yeah it could've very reasonably been a head coach in the MBA as a yesterday. You know he was obviously involved in the raptors search that ended up going to nick nurse them. A long time assistant of the Wayne Casey but. A stack was right there in the some people who thinks that actually got that job and now he's going to be here the other guys that JB is higher that since around the league. Is that he's done a nice job assembling a staff and and then depending on what happens in free agency in the NBA draft a we'll see if that staff can get the grizzlies back to respectability. In the 201819. Sees it more.