AUDIO: Vick Talked About His Influence on Youth & His Camp in Memphis

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Wednesday, April 4th

UDIO: Vick Talked About His Influence on Youth & His Camp in Memphis


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Why Gary care shall we are not do not have ME SBM and next guest is one of the most iconic football players of my generation he was the number one overall pick. In the 2001 NFL draft you the four time profile bowler. 2010 NFL comeback player of the year no quarterback has ever. Run for more yards and a season or in a career his name of course. Michael Vick he's gonna be white even higher on Sunday hosted the B seven elite playmaker showcase series. You can register at B seven Memphis dot page demote got a CEO or white haven high on Sunday starting at 11 AM Michael Vick. Joins me now Mike it's Gary Parrish I can't think enough for being here. They gave great traveler. Recruiter now it's my pleasure let's look at camp that white haven hi this weekend anybody grades. Five through twelve can register Ed V seven. Memphis dot page demote dot CO like I said. Or you can register on site starting at 11 AM at white haven hi if body listening I tweeted a link to that website you can find it at my Twitter feed. And I wanna ask you this you've made millions of dollars you have plenty of ways to spend your time including in television. Why are you choosing to travel the country and put on camps for young people. Uncharted and make the Graeme getting better try to make the game of pool ball. You know it excitement. Ever abandoned and that can be pretty Kato or go clear. Develop clear clear understanding the game went Hispanic or are there. The the physical part of the game and you know learning to have fun and you what we do we can't we go out there and the intent. You know we do. 10 went through they can do rao's first we really treat. Be cute and make sure that your daughter rite trouble will work problem trucks. In the correctly. You know for autism very fundamental game and we computer there in a good bit made good things that you can do so. Our group for the greater good of the game of football I love this so more about low watching you were air crew. And dedicate. Respect goes a long way with the speaker out there Concord in my life that was our. Any time a former NFL player is gonna step on a filled with children. We young people it it has an impact because. By definition that person has been where these young people want to go. And yet you're such a different level you're you're an icon in sports in this country. Because of what you did at Virginia Tech because of what you did in the NFL I imagine it's been this way for almost as long as you can remember but when you walk onto a football field. Around these young people I imagine they just wiped out what's it like to to be in that situation to watch these I don't get attracted to you because. I don't even mean this in any way other than what it is you're walking living legend. Thank you appreciate. The thing I won't be cute it was during the want them to look at me and trade pact can be. This is good if or can make more mark on the game on our own game four book the same way the PP and it's not far effects is right there reform it is streaks some. And discipline and dedication like a trip for. You know it's friction freezing it's safe to drink and you know it's taken. You know prepare train interaction. And surged forward and find. You know I think you know it's apparently true prefer surfing. You know when they see me they couldn't walk around it and interactive award them no actually and older. Okay are so right to. Achieve a level third level of excessive spotter. You know but it sank Serbs he goes tree it is everything you read the secret Berry you know the total package. And if I try to be in the purple and inspiration for creative. In all across the country. The values of my platform to do that because or. And if I'd been there for like a picture of them are back on the game back he be escorted. You know in the public interest in hiding it was you're not the only thing goes well is being content. You know look at paper that accomplished split then allure of the seas cute counts if you and in sling the rock career in football tackle. They are getting in the way it goes equally. Talking to Michael Vick NFL icon he's going to be a white haven high on Sunday for the V seven elite playmaker showcase series. That's coming to Memphis you can register V seven Memphis dot page demo dot CEO or on site at white if an Ohio Sunday starting at 11 AM. Did you go to football camps when you're kit. 45. Luckily might have school coaches they would attribute my mom. He couldn't afford Obama has quote treat you into their recordings of her around a cute thing. Being a hypocrite and act and then showcase my talent through compare my. You know muskie was sort of you know everyone that was around my peers. So it really went a long way. How we wanna kind of become this isn't you know I don't know secure one camp that would sort of be heard here I was told this story that meant that. It was too. Greatest experience of my life because they're terrible it's actually looking at. Are an NFL superstar. And I loved the fact that these cute could do have that in their presence. You know even if it's all the fault that was going to leave would have every bit lack of my career and and hopefully help them develop into the clear that they wanted to come out. Obviously you had physical gifts at a young age that other people simply did not have how early was it. That when you go to camps like this they would recognize adults this kid is something special he can do things other people can't do. I think everyone always recognized on colonel it wasn't until I got through with doing a trick where. I was able to showcase. My speed and better. Extorted. A considerable amount of weight lifted and quote contrary current under strict diet that I didn't have you know when I left home to go to college. Also the structure of coping showcase you know different traumas but mark almost always reckon that are bigger or stronger arms are gonna burst it was during chair. And every chip level whatsoever pink everywhere on. I'm point include an after also. Bet that the same so there was always something that's on people's intrusive. Are being helped them. You know America would recoup what are gonna look like Orbitz saying you know common and I ask going to console. Was going to trigger alert. They're definitely not enough up I don't know this doesn't have Michael Vick over Virginia Tech start number one pick in the NFL draft NFL star four time pro bowler. Here on 99 FM ES PN com. Eight I don't know how familiar you are with Memphis but you're going to be in south Memphis have white haven high school you mentioned you come from an at risk. Situation there's going to be a lot of kids around you on Sunday. Who are also in at risk situations. Your ups and downs have been well documented I wonder how much if at all. Do you talk to them in a group setting or maybe even one on one about. You know learning from mistakes in overcoming obstacles it there's there's an unbelievable message that. From that because of your experiences you are capable of providing I'm wondering if that is something you focus on at these camps as well. He had built and is very natural. I think he has been around me quote unquote in the supreme and it's almost an increased amount would increase cook. You know they feel like they have the liberty to come out that you went in a big joke which they they countless. You know they wanna ready. You know from a quarterback who think independently. Or through a series that we here last year and you know. It was the same way cooling. And in this if this can't sit basically agree that competition that it poetry. And that we dual quarterback skills count between Italy really confident and you know is. It could serve one of all of them hey you get some low around them. Target Michael Vick here on 929 FM ESPN. We've got to camp coming up at white haven by the B seven elite playmaker showcase. Series is coming to Memphis is going to be on Sunday at white David high school you can register online at B seven Memphis dot page demo dot COB seven Memphis dot. Page demo. A dot CEO do you miss playable on all. On this and then a mr. transport. You know I miss being around a guy has some has been in the locker room there's been an. You know it is it that wasn't there. You know this before and tawdry game. Expressed here at the ago old to implement traffic back on this street decrypt on this. You know being in the position where it could make all the white countries it's. And the pressure amid the crisis. You know so much their person in my life in northern gold bullion have contribute all cute little white doctrine actually is it is so. That I got to play quarterback it. I had no the feel that I don't have. I don't know how you do before I got 319 keep all I got engaged got their motive they're good expression upon the ultimate hooters. My prayers go far they've come that goes great but I you do a better and I am that I dogged him Michael I cannot do not event. ESPN I got a couple more things before I get yadier there at the quarterback prospect in this draft to a lot of people compared do you honestly it could be a lazy comparison based on race but he does run around he does throw what it's. Former Heisman Trophy winner. Lamar Jackson when you see him what do you see. There are a lot of potential a good guy who can come when it does well on our nuclear danger. They're not saying that I think he can improve order I think the rest of the world also. The veteran quarterback in the draft and that's every you're so the moderate guy who you know has tremendous ultra. And I just didn't go quite according to become industry packet to vote this guy. Packing plant around him and took clear that earned him to a computer screen and you know to train treat their. You know in the foreseeable future they can wing gains were and I think that's kind of. The last thing before I let your dorm wrapping up here were Michael Vick NFL icon B seven only play makers showcase series come amendments on Sunday. Is going to be a white haven high school Michael Vick is going to be a white haven high school. On Sunday before I get yadier I have to ask you about your cameo. On the television show Atlanta where you ought to cut the rate thing. People for cash outside of mr. clog among them they're going among them Donald Glover scared that it was tremendous you were obviously comfortable. On camera and I gather you've now been approached by. Actionable clubs about they do show up able they get to race. Presumably drunken idiots outside of the club. Late at night which is hilarious his chance I'm gonna be able to go to a club and race Michael Vick. Probably not for the right drag. And liquor liquor here we are those who current race in the gas. It's gonna be put right price. While thousands of power McDonald and Lucas. They're saying about that meadows got exposed in new and very few people he Lulu. Go full. You know that I know about it opened part of it is here come true not true like now. Beautiful book which was so long is good to oppose the article box and do different things and you don't open man opened them clicking like they are trying to do the most operators and beautiful if you don't father has attracted the banner and the special article. And I got a different folk in America treat depression don't stop this bill. A tremendous amount of leadership we are quieting animal could attract. I tell you not every former professional athlete transitions well into that post athletic career and yet you've. You've been great on television you were great on Atlanta's in you've obviously got a bright future. In any in front of the camera and whether it's in studio for fox or. Maybe even on television show or movie who know their so like you Greg thought everything. I can't think enough to be here and I look forward everybody being able to see at a white haven high on Sunday thanks Mike. Thank you are correct that's Michael Vick former NFL icon. I really do think that in terms of making an impact on young people. Yeah up palm there are very few people who have been as celebrated as Michael Vick and obviously there were ups and downs those are well documented you can Google them if you're unfamiliar. I'm but he has come out seemingly yes come out the other side 37 years old married for children. Obviously working. Television but also putting on these camps which. He obviously does not have to do but he's doing it in this week and they come. It took to Memphis specifically at white haven high school is the V seven elite playmaker showcase series are grades five through eight can register online right now. At V seven Memphis that page demote dot CO or at 11 AM on Sunday the camp for that age group. Is from noon to two and they grades nine through twelve. Registration is at 1 PM and that camp's going to be from two to 430 that's this Sunday out at white haven high school website B seven Memphis dot page demo. Dot COB seven Memphis dot page demo. Dot CO one.