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Thursday, February 15th

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Hi Jason Jon back with you on to alert because he's in the field. Understands plugged in the world and to probably do this for awhile large part of it is an industry report. Former below it still is below. Former tiger tigers guard play with Joseph Jackson the guys back in your member that Arabs those were good are they not there where that's going into village are environment reckless. He's now an assistant coach in Mitchell he joins us now also a member of that Draper family that we know and love here in Memphis Tennessee Fred Trevor what's happened broke. And in those days you don't I was on and I do know and appreciate you coming in how is life as an assistant basketball coach over John Romano mr. Obama. As is so blessed and it's working well around return men remain injury we town probably it's what about the day. You may tile will. Feeling touts we will sellers list is coaching something that's that's naturally you've been drawn twos at some I know you and I talked about this off the year. Coach suddenly you wanna do is that why you're doing this. Yes it is men honestly didn't. You know what I wanted to do you know coming out of high school. You know coast past Grammy Apatow and he lives and just being around him coast name you know cost item in. It just came natural so. Right at today in a Scott the last thing with the coaches and if this move at about eight assistant coach is there really gravitated toward me. They really know gay media game here or leave it allows steel playing so I was able actually. Kota coast eighteen you know scout team that we feel we just out seeing so so who's been on the nepotism and work we will wait to one point. Goes way that would cause wave to you goes way fresh out of actual get we lost a good change them map passed by reaching now. And code at least at about a thousand coast maybe I mean houses pseudonym. Causeway need to act immediately and he was like Eaton he is attentive and and exit Chattanooga EXPX me. Can I give we cannot complain if you do when you're needing he's it would and we DT nick sweet is it a come. And when I get there I mean our he knew about him he was you know he has made an excellent at bat he used when in an attack there. So when it gets when it says new Obama's self. An interview at if you were to staff and he makes me in OC begin may wind movement manned flight he wrote he was night. Steele wanted disposal as a win and he'd be there he said a step two days later I was moving in sick more serious it was it was it was a blitz. You've been around some guys and now you big terror because I see all of the national stores with national headlines with the Dana O'Neil the national right he's dubious in now with the athletic. You were taken around town and I told these folks o's for a bone to pick with you where did you decide you made him pay extra Dana O'Neil. Where did you take Dave O'Neal with your father. Had you know totally you know how it got down on the days than John showed no chicken house we support due wing who believe this my debt. Billy my ma am he might tablet. What happened Lowe's has had an honest I was there I was at school LT and clay is it. And that it takes I got it takes another demo phone it was like you know coast past get a slightly. Great day on news coming to town inflation close to come to the school to see Josh. Mike Garrett so we tanks he takes me she can into the school. We said Annie she likes based these you know was one to go around. Insulin silk and she's an alien thing she's not a tub she says so yeah Michigan and about the spinal Bruno marked as I came home. And it's intimate things. If my. Room we haven't domain. For me it's like kings lose like if Dana on mail when it came into Gaza today. Right again she'd have been here to resonate to this profile Memphis basketball all right. Things would have been missed by but it 28 K man I think that Iran and they had their Orion. This is Arnold how we feel it's all guru now mentally gets a little tents compared I had the paradigm has shifted we will not only wouldn't be out his life is like cheek you know Nevada adult you don't wing grew I have to take -- first time away and I need to go to the tournament. It's on the limit. Nobody noticing Alabi I've changed as they. They dates it chairman of the house of baby I know you came up in there. And I'm notice her like a lot of guys did so they feminists like part of yeah I've got some you know you're an enemy that's who asked who that that pain as we when you know it has you know Blake SEC wanna you know she didn't allow the interview with you and your father bear order will love the game. This will be at play as she can't at school he came to the school and she just you know want to talk just believe she would have will honest and she amid a first time I've seen Dana Lewis will work on. More on common spurring some corporate culture is so last saw her covering that evening we were in New York I believe. This has made three years ago and s.'s are not know the last but I know we know she and so have little. Fast forward keynotes now did your me you know we hear about like that's Israel relations his brother you know and apple a lot of and Yahoo! and and to win with the change we diss them interviewed the coast under attack. As part of that story your fathers that have that story that Penny Hardaway. Was the guy. That could deck could fix it where it is now right it was a ton of things and where things stand with Memphis announcement of this as a coach right now but Dana count a spot for. What about Penny Hardaway issue attempted to farm and talk to you and your father and shootings in an overture school and your dad said the pennies the guy to fix a thing in the way he put it was. He's the only got the edu is that the way you feel as well. I have so many so many mixed mixed emotion and also make Koji got to care what you say okay. I do have split but Ali I would universe and it's all of identity of people it's your photos that have been to me it's a leg though is that that is tiger great in blue so. Well honestly you know we outlet utopia we have a coast into a little too early to get my first I mean coach Smith was on a sit under army being. And we leaving new York and Kos is he inherited maybe a week man and you know we have found a need to get some at the games but it. I'd my jobs to run of course I couldn't really give till I got and so. I had to fly out at 6 o'clock. Fat fat fifteen against their twelve late he was late. Sank like we didn't do so much Linux code how you doing a tree he's like we hit it well Manny goes has been unbelievable to even if it takes and response com. He response I was like I got me great respectful and also is far speaks in the program. In at a really no matter AD you know but I do you know have Boston teens about you know painstaking helpless. These failed do you think that he can with where things are now whether it's adjustments whether it's keeping things exactly trek are wrong now. Can he get this turned around. I think he came you know with certain adjustments I guess it was Serna just as you know I think did a new stab at what percent acting not distanced them a list that I think some wind here could really mean the mean between the relationships with the city with a stay with the community with the formal would ask who they with a form of play that thing man it weakens as. We can get their banking we get somebody in there. This is the kindest cut from the myth as well or not it. Not it didn't go to and if the school noticed they went to university and if this is this what they glee I think you know produced a program that can benefit us. And I believe this'll accuses me and those relief he gives Cellini and in adult to have the Venus is bright actually peaceful one in a support role next man those relationships with those certain people. And I think he is he too. So we have we have the pleasure of having your grandfather all up. And he told us at that point that it is sounds like you agree within that she would say that the relationships just in terms of local. And we know that that that tubby at to this point has not gotten a kid out of Memphis now and in your maps you would agree with you grandfather that. That they aren't a place where they need about energy where mended but they needed third place they need to be ripped a year. Well. Helped fuel the need to be made a distinct. You know that's him in different. Is only is all of a certain extent because he'd hit a you know he's they hit the program. But. It is unless he likes if somebody does Guinness and the code that uses some these these guys Eads is Manning the people man he knows he's. He get really influence relations is with. Who takes its commitment Jason is becoming a greater Iraq and it Blase blah Rondo I think there's going to you know I think just as bad that he can be killed in Nene I think our notice. I think about to erupt just think how because it'll Julie knew right where I'm going I think our concern is and I think you're grandfather said the same thing is that. We'd all like in forget take we got to forget us up your grandfather others have tried to say. Hey hey don't analyze this guy he's got it right there is scheduled in that case with the grip you know. That kind of thing I just wonder how much of that. He's is is follow through. On his rank are right on an hour is is follow through in I think his father to let out a little pink is a part you know to get. We're not a technology aimed at these days you know coast to coast mid may be used to peak noble all right Alex takes. In also at the assessment harding's candidates for me you know he made it to cover. No but I think it is relationship you go to big in this is as one of those up you know I didn't. Fortunate enough you can copy it man I I was drama born into how it frustrates the movers amid the blue literally an elderly man like I say it. Is gut is peopled is investing news program I mean there that it would do whatever and I think. I think one saint acting like a tip on it just takes will. It just takes one to giggle it was it was due to their feet. It was chiefly. Would I determined it was those got to stay home and it was affairs for up to muddy coast fassel was not taking anyone else the six committee would goes into what for so it was still need to despair for you knowing it was. He was jam they candidate and as you know sucked. But they. Austin Nichols you know we had asked gates looks to his right I'm staying here. Caught them now carry if it is promoted to coat you know and I think. We had to do wind they can just say I'm gonna stay here once he stayed Nesta is not a local I agree with you there if you get a cable car sorry if this is talent. Everywhere and in the united. And not vote not like a good knowledge though that. That they need a Memphis hit badly because to me like that's. They got saga an eighty year old from somewhere else earlier this week and he said that the most damning thing about this Tubby Smith air right now. Is not there of you know the win loss record not that transfers is the fact that he has not landed a Memphis kid at Memphis and you can't do it there. If you don't get Mitt biscuits. Net and as you know is novels that you can't do because suck at that we are shared you know we you know got it over reignite Talladega and their grow regretted that I kept saying you know resist. But is gonna take its gonna take. Ads is I don't know when you legacy we go to clay right now we get all muzzled Alec Brad you know we get that ever present that you know immediately. Our notes on every issue you go sit in nineteen in nineteen plays low I mean when I don't like is it. Our minds up and spring some anomalies to identify these key you know eighteenth as a bull low. You know just like little protein these dig at notre out pretty. So you got to 2019 flared wheel of people noticed twenty and twenty like clay Wright is our low I mean melody and it matters is how little program. So you should identify them early. We can identifier we Guinea you don't it whereas in Chattanooga we couldn't go recruit bright gas from 2000 when he took them 21 because. They made it may grow to be is have made but admits his top fifteen program you're actually we can go identified areas. So your point that's why there should be an urgency. To fix some of these relationships because of what's coming down the party and opportunities set yourself up. For years with the talent that element that is organizing class I don't know who set up a semi say that it's big if if he can be the best one day and neither did any need to be your best one for I think you get out of 2000 in my hand my molecular evidence of that into the lead his sixteenth seventeenth 2000 thirds say was a beast too with Austin nick. So by Drake is Todd mail art Blair our Blair is Crawford. TMP new Nate the rock or not you can go down you know sort of an entertaining third I don't know. So I've have you seen that new ad you've been inside that new practice facility have gotten house compared to what you all have effects on. Man. Is unbelievable I mean it is it's like that is dropped the goats is like when walking what it takes my dad's over there. To to just see you go to C man. We will you know what how worked you know can can engage in. Some believe my legacy is it's almost amounts thinks when he meanwhile the citizens when and after I understand it. Understand a mrs. fan understand when it comes from Ku legacy we would bear. You know we don't you know we that we once satisfied with what we. 100 Gaines moved mail last twenty when he. Thirty you know so 18%. Against him facts and I days so. The decade and when will we wanted to do complex that we had in this process if need be and got to know really play just Qatar right. I was very includes two tricked you know trying to stay you know would would these fans can't focus almost think it still affair. But in a loss of cleared embodied every day Monday showed up and it gives. You bet you've been around you you you know college coaches across the country UC facilities. Aren't our job our our we won't that that that that facility was which we call the White House. Over here to Memphis. Or we won't let that should be a major advantage for you wouldn't recruiting what that's insane right now you've got kind of man you've been any utilities are are we are we missing are we wrong with that should be. Are huge tool for you do not roll it. You know Canaveral I mean is is is I'm night in game Bustamante of the intimate the between mutt I admit this in working at Chattanooga and you know steel. Keep the content coast late July and have we have probably the best facility in the United States right next thing right yeah we had a mistress and we hear we hear from year. Antonio Anderson and and while we're all right terrorist allies yes his father why are confident of Antonio Anderson obviously I'm sure you've seen his comments. Mammy it's now. Oh yes so it's like we when you see an alarm like him. It's come out so strongly right leg against the current regime. Com what what's what's your thought you know as as a fellow Lama of Memphis when you see it because normally you want you know there's like a dog at a given time that's sort of the line from alarms your life. What do you think we knew we you know see him in here comet. Like Antonio Anderson me you can't do that daddy gave his all it got its with these program. We talk about Tony as you talk about in is no d.s they tipping. You talk about you Antonio Anderson him is wanted to get you have to put on the level. Well the Melrose and great friend you have eased it tight so nothing but respect for telling us how he feels you know and a lot of belong as men I to say they may feel a thing. You know that is and they're not saying they just may not it's hard to say is dead of heart really goes you know Antonio who lives in Massachusetts no doubt no right so it's a little easier for him to kind of comments say it doesn't go back to you kids are things I love U YouTube interview below which your mileage you can't come out and just say there's things because you have too many tentacles mean different relationships that. NFL like I tell you know we can talk to tell it like assets that. You know it's sold to his commitment site that he's grown Brett you know I think it I don't know people can't edit for how he feel bad things I told Spiegel respect X. Goes in Estes so the pale like until Baghdad shipwreck as that state passion at SS which you came back my game put you talk about it came back. Back Greek became Bagram you noticed as passionate as Tony speaking with the SI he played eight pretzel and number respect until what my what do you think. As a guy who sat in FedEx form on that bench played in games where their chance for that place is going crazy. When you when you see where it is now. And an air one narrowed down to the fans who who had season tickets. But don't go. Okay and they don't go because they don't approve of what's almost whether it's on the call right now or stubs that whatever they're not going. As a former player as a guy who was cheered on. Can you tell them they're wrong. I mean is that if you know how you can I guess its orbit but does it disappoint you get. If her weird lie it hurts me so simple it person need to collect data gallons or mum or what talks to. Matt talked DJ Gallo went up fourth tenth day I mean I believe that doesn't mean Mitchell day he called me about the heat eight. Toma comes again like you know played in light decent game changer I mean he's calm he's gambled on Baghdad and never get it's it's experience. 20000 people who have room for union also when you talk about. I hate for a guy like he'll I don't know I got that night hill who got aim to whom who came who was committed to Chattanooga yeah he was able causeway to jog at least he didn't. You talk about a guy who Alex is that members who meant so and I respect him and that is off today you Thomas again Brett Al BC and I say next to unite here race. We will not tent. Your people screw you man in Walter max's experience and a lot of experience but some of equities as when he has used you know he has abating LT. He's begged Tony years Ole miss mad at if Mario had a good outfit like. So I've been legs is for those guys you know let us last is support as last he'll go through an excuse they don't do. Are there any like any lamb I got things as they keep he's the last one knit community in nit in it yet and he stayed easel and missed the. I think the rest some kind of left it all right guys you play all argue and it had it just feels like because of the circumstances right like he obviously committed energized to leopard for George attack and you know now the way the Tubby Smith there has started. Cut you know you just don't know what his effort here to be sort of forgot about it I mean we. The bat it Massey manager Matt thanks. Is Anke because you did not have to do you do have to stay you know and I know it's hard for a gallon Jeremiah who. Who is. Who's who's in mr. Clinton is the site so this this is a Big Ten percent of your butt in basketball or. It wants connect. You know ensure our shoot a feature in my here's the robe he used to Pena broke you know coast of the room so each had until just blackout and you know exactly like you know he's still got to gain. Get team just won by the late last night first family values need one yeah 2013. You know it's amazing you know at. To stay focused man because he's so hard he called up and other things that terms as they focus was called technical at. Can you stick a stake because I'd love to I want talk about any I want to talk to Joseph Jackson I was talking about and you know but tigers player in Memphis and what you just talk about everything you know here all that stuff all tough yeah it would notice and come home back when that was thing to break will combat betray Draper Jason's done and it's Hannifin yesterday. 929 FM 688 AM on the WM SSL and 929 This is that Jason John Cho live on Eddie. ESPN. It's uniter fair and ESPN. We got the home we trade Draper. And studio comes from. The family of Memphis basketball royalty. I like to say we don't guys we've been talking about. The state of the program right now and just gotta give back that conversation. This week we have been spending a lot of time on Penny Hardaway. And the rumors have sort of been out there but we have you heard those rumors at all about him possibly leaving east are those making the rounds. Leaving east rumor right but have her the growth average demand for adult I have heard Brett say he. And now we summit seats MC game Newton we spoke Mimi pinion. How to make ten minutes you know it as it is is casual him and I we always but he devastating thing about the red eye I have. You have conviction about him. As one day being in Memphis basketball a coach like are you your you obviously thought that but are you are is it again how do you feel he would do. As the Memphis Basque by coach. I said it would all due respect goes first personal knowledge or colonial war which units but if it's known if for whatever reason. You know comfortably in four of whatever reason that he does not work out. I think you have no actually collected Terry to finally end. How would it work out. I gotta tell Baghdad it is priced via your myself military Tennessee there's nothing new under the sun is 94 feet two goals. GM is staying. It lists they draw some new and basketball is saying from high school and college aid to India is steel two goals. One bomb. Players only sad to rev 33 river so. Steel basket and I'd rather people have these these questions about. That these Kennedy's staff to Peter about you know could he coach at least ask best of America mean his gut. Is nothing new ones you know basketball is steel travel. One mile to go in also and being in those candidates that don't think any coach it LL. I mean if any PKK pin is Smart enough to put tiger as a rev Wright though he's very Smart airs Mondays. Knowing him as well as you do. Announcing pictures land where you literally came out with you a baby and has oddly reserved Memphis right you've you've come up and allow him very wealthiest. Do you get the sense that he would be because one of the other rumors out there is that while perhaps of Memphis in the open maybe go to Kentucky. And serve and a callous and assistant do you think Kenny would be. Open to serving that look and we inning and let it. A year ago we had him on he said I've never rule out anything at all on a question what do you think Kenny would go somewhere being assisted first or is it it coach that's what I wanna be it's little wonder. Is is hard to say is hard to say because no new rights situation there yet situations or death situation what then is all about opportunism that they'll. Once being gay Elmo yeah been pinching. Off one off myth. Rock looking about they admit they get airmen he resolve the man he's I'll lift. You know all video in their blog what I were an era and has them out there civic doesn't have terribly this Rivera PLO. He's off the mission is all golf from the yeah I seeded he's really he's like a man this guy you know he's a mrs. guy you know and I think. You know if if he was ever I'd say if whatever reason things don't work out. If he was ever to calm. And be announced is it makes a code its members met. Man did that day with a celebrity. Agreed not only did day we would have you see bill you'll see this as she looked into some. Misses some tough travels with the fast our crews used used you start to see. Because just the notoriety I mean you got some I did it on you know you got some ideas plays es for meat for you to say look you listening BA I yet it was these these days Blair. If you cannot wake this is Lou this is which again this is what idea this is what right Ali ID DED eighties with Dean Smith gave them this is what dad. It played an app program had done you know like this that nest as like a TV guy you know can take gotta get mean day when I want the I can't he had to keep account. Add that because ID and you know that's what being with chewing your face and not act angle to. He's young man had a had a goal go and journalism and I haven't done and you have you know I think that's what being gay F and Ottawa will be able to relate to each on me on that was. The UConn brand like what amazes me about payment is that he is still sold relevant 28 team despite like he has and played in the NBA and but over a decade. But like issue man like he his brand is still so strong with young people. He soprano people yet italics what I would gone on number thirteen. McKinney came and act like that you noted we have dad to come to sign on and we'll Bart you know how to Leo we'll came in team realistically a toggle Wilfork. Well you know we head like and a movie came. It yet as to actually get these barking a false is on number get home people Lockheed losing Indiana pain while the it was like GameStop here I was like Canada there early and you edit data it is falls and it will be great they looked when it ports he seacoast. Go Abby bit to do is well Pilar take lessons and lessons sort of like. When is this the happy any that he was washed it and she sent you noticed they got in on army big elephant is which honey. Pot you should. You should be done golf and wants to be veeco usually put the gulf Perelman. All I ever see our that was worked out that's all I worked and now on all occurred so I grabbed. Or it and that's what can you give up so much of that when you become you do just what does that ice in the face look you give up a lot blip. What about the in May Gail bluff but India. You know is is you know he's engaged isn't almost similar targets are public. Screeched to have buddies appearances they have in als we will on some hail. Apple they have to do his way through and also at least it got -- golf public glossy take Seattle thinking about this thing and you know highway we get. Got to know before crew fled the country we are we read prize ring number seventeen if you go on after golf and me you know. This is a question on which of course trade drift below format the tigers now assistant coach government honest question I'm always wanted to ask you have never had the opportunity all fear. You're good friend Joseph Jackson. Had a great for your career Memphis. But she saw firsthand I mean you're you're one of his close friends. How often down it was for him and I and I wonder too if it's. You wiest of Josh is devastating Reese called the most scrutinized player in the this history made that point because now it was different with social media right people could reach out and tell Joseph what they're thinking and all that stuff. With what you saw him go through the four years and know what you do about his career. Would he have head. A more productive career. Having left Memphis. Man that's that's true that's tough question of you know and us not to discredit we. How do you mean you know donate part of Israel peoples the amount to an end points like some assist unemployed and this is a great cores ER had a great career right. I think it is time. You know we were seventeen. Was a German man almost transceiver and we did it was Kurt Campbell. I had people call me you've got Todd abuse of coach K you know to get to talk until eight. May came local jails I'm going to miss this was his solve what you number one and there was it was the outcomes is not ready to go to ask them in also. I think kids alone. Until left. Acting mandate. In his career he may have. I think he would work as always wouldn't it does not appear to me here's your equipment and always was crazy man like a tip and Ali of every man in cold and a tie is guilty today. I'd go out Manning up promising drill away here aisles are distorting. That's about myth you noticed that makes me about the sum that would GODs and also I think man says. You know if he could just block it out you know is being begin know what a dissenting aorta you know little old lady blocked it out you know you had to deal with yeah I mean in. Answer you know he had a great career here with you look at this as a muddy jazz like manager of the Gatt. Trees TO and eat large result in Mexico state is every twenty rideau and it back to back to back that's realm as ugly as you think of Joseph would have gone somewhere else and he's in the NBA. The I can't hear you say you can get a tech injuries and everything right but if everything though I think because at just the can stamp focused you know at even if you go back every one until steel come here you can we didn't make easy to turn black as hard it's hard medicines are made ice is an aunt. He did he more than a lot of guys who'd come through here. Apple and a lot of different directions sure you know in the more than Austin on more than nick king demos show scrutinized best ballplayer. Indian embers and adjust to it because you don't think about that at the time man he was that the guy after cal left it tell everybody got under him Joseph Jackson did not. Commutes to university and mrs. Just passed is nuts. Eight years 34. I don't think so because when you get a joke right it was kind of like I don't tippy goes faster coming up the coast cal was like coming ethnic state and Alabama limited exco magnet. Went to actual. Committed city embraced and mrs. It was like -- is is his own them you know Latinos like and meet other elbow feels like soft as as you look in there right now at Oakmont when he gets hard. In it was I would X I'd love. And are made a mom. Malcolm do you gab we'll barred bizarre you know Tony UConn. The UN Chris Crawford can go for it July and gains they came in as much as bad as he was a myth and magic yet but did talk was get on a flight to go to market. You know one man time we can you meet a strategy is that accounting team is it ties. Would would group you know as a state visit to jail we need salty. Creates. Delta we just sitting there he so we gonna be because that man stayed at thirty minutes later. He's in now compliment. In it was like and in the knicks used ease their complex out the data to host the at today a hosting console on his ouster marked gala hosted our denials about he's dazzled their official visit so it was easy right it was easy day. It was it was easy for us. Voted to allow forgot about OJ cage on Kendrick Garrett. What do what do what do what that what a career that could have been. If men you know that that story gets changed over the years right like as these things they did that we we heard some crazy ones about our. It would be nice to set the record straight I would say there's a ditzy will Coleman Charles karma between that they've got so that is one thing that made me feel good because obviously once upon time you know truck garments that duty at duke. We will coma so as it that it won't go to they'll war Brockman who walked into the dome this is it El Paso outtakes and it was on the team I remember trying to like recreate that right with my own face yeah end the year knows what hit I don't Marshall for your lunch with problem that we make. Mariane he. Planning gaming wield a mean look into the book. As we have cars look like Houston mayor tell on the difference if you are just passed it just a man here today may not to me that was good that was a horrible horrible but obviously we've adult about it and team right heroes. On clothes and a pledge not suited to lead is one missile coast still you know about it until it's and you can. We thought isn't your game how we Wesley Witherspoon really heated and not even that out we are indeed example just by DJ DJ is bull it would tell my girls on the bits all video guy Cottam and corrosive excelled as it was is right here but you get to come Aggies showed tomorrow we can get down to some out of out of the nitty gritty how many some us and he. I must now. How is Joseph Jackson now besides that little off court trouble has how's he doing. So he's fine until it distilled into so much his life amenities as a mother is just another bomb in a row now he's if so so come suits him. He worked Al Mitchell Foreman missy at Disney learning reprimand and one is right I would opt out of the singing everybody I know Everest like the work at it was crazy everything and I got tea you know these guys in because when I accused of playfulness admits he works hog until which Ripley's work. You notice there's just amused at full we'd go outside as we go to the cloak. So recent after emblematic of him for Galloway no immunity to beat. And what if and it may just like we. We got to go wait a mobile Osce so you coaching tricks you got your main ceremonial worked for you know Joseph worked through town is ought to but he works on passing you coach I. Well I don't eight. CP apps. I see stars force would play rallies tonight let you know he's been a key piece tools of your time it'll make it fittest state wrote don't guarantee victory can probably took. Kind of thing like. Is where it goes much coast passing mode. Got a great team win in his heart will try to enhance our well schooled Brooke is arguing that they're not Mozilla and open up high as ongoing go to work and we -- straight to an element that is being brave man could mean YouTube wrote yeah evidently he does that they will bring him back and I am while we just have you hosts the show a couple of days Menendez tell old sales and that that they would they'd be on for the what was he will talk about that notes on new act absolutely I'm waiting I'm not a lot has I miss a positive outlook well. And as an olive. Is that this is graced a brother I pursue every other a break combat stress and a days it's an attitude amphibious.