AUDIO: Tony Barnhart (ESPN) SEC Media Day 1

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Monday, July 16th
AUDIO: Tony Barnhart (ESPN) SEC Media Day 1

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Throw to be joined now by Tony. Mr. college football columnist for TMG college sport writer broadcaster for the SEC network. Tony joins me now telling L. Jeff from doing great I just walked into the Lou the big room big media room at the college football all night. Like this bring to Atlanta will or stomachs. It's a nice setup going to be images go reassuring to have here of course Tom. Or not in Birmingham the first time since 1980. Think the decision to move. Well it was all Mozilla yeah it was a pragmatic particularly while almost pragmatic or most cosmetic pragmatic buying was there are some relations all the quicker sale that might comport with this but I do know this from a year ago I was talking the number SEC people said. You know partly to move so some of us are you say it could it could use a colored. You gotta. And I think that's what they're trying to do here induce a bit exciting they had to. Big gathering across street here Centennial Park. SEC nation joke too well Lotta votes that are so yeah they're they're trying to expand that at Eds adds new bills will. I guess it does get a little or can get a little stale. I mean you know it did occur I mean ID act I think that's and a news it's certainly evolved and changed over the years. But I suppose that it and then after this originally NFL draft all over the place you can certainly move this all over the place. And it's gonna move to other SEC I I gather is that your understanding perhaps the other tour. The epic about this of all the states that are in the the FTC footprints here or did the other the other states you know the copper build teams in the conference go on or direct wash and always being murmured. What like Richard Lugar out topic I think that will be a discussion or Lou import a legacy of a Mac go back to Hoover next year. And then after that they're gonna have a pretty pretty serious internal discussion about movement as Lara. So will have the same collection of Yahoo!'s ad in Alabama fans that I'm a bit of colorful fans who showed up in the lot what is the bar going to be different because it's someone else. Well I think it might because booted the what's interesting is you've been here the big credit media room big. Did best in the blue beer artificial surface which takes which is the main meeting room at college I'll buy it. Everything else is about 200 yards dale on. Maybe. Two the omni hotel. And so it sort of sort of separate eyes shot Greg alarmed at the lobby of the omni hotel also service that gallery is handled just like. They went for you go percent of escalators were all the other stuff so that every when it Alabama today I'm going to be anxious to see how many. Alabama pre show. So. In today talk about general themes as we go along but today got the commissioner. And then you've got LSU. Texas and a M in Kentucky. Whether any pressing issues to be addressed by the commissioner. I don't think so optic they're continuing to look topic a couple of thank obviously. But the game the gambling. Carter sort of being out there. Possibly having gambling in the cup we know that Mississippi's. Certainly got to do it. How do you deal with those shall look like there's been some discussion from big and about coming up will they universal. Injury report that everybody would have to use a you don't have this. This cat and mouse game coach is trying to hide injuries from the from the media from their opponent so thank regrets going to be. But Al regularly turning completely. Pressing. Original at. After we've been here about brigade just never enough. Never know yeah there's been some wild ones in the past I think maybe the wildest was a year that that Phil Fulmer didn't show up in Birmingham instead talked by. Over to the wanna be served as this subpoena Tony Brown are talking to mr. college football on Twitter mr. CFD. On the Twitter. Jumbo is gonna talk what do you think about the fit their what do you think Jim Bob Fisher is gonna be able to accomplish the accident and. Jimoh Pritchard is a perfect fit protect society can be a bit technically you know and I've been there. We're a four years in a row have they have everything you need to be successful lives global. Facilities stadium unite they've got. But they haven't had somebody to establish an identity and that's what Jim Fisher is gonna do need to go do it this year type one quick look at their schedule. And you'll see they have the compass SEC road schedule a cop and oh by the way there's this little matter point clumps of all soccer strictly by. Long term topic going to be successful walk on the gonna beat our national chain each. The other one is at a lower Jauron Jeffrey Wright my producer asked me to askew if at a large Iran. How soon might he be on the hot seat isn't just seem to talk that way what what's your status at LSU. I think this for an awards are on alert saying this is sort of hold on. Tight got a year coast things a governor there grouping is gonna happen bad things don't happen next year is the year plural she. This this year and several people and out of there in spring oh this is. This recruiting class in the state of Louisiana is one of the best current generation. Endorsed Ron's got a clean up a guy and that's gonna send the sign that things are gonna get better. Pursuit there use at their look at bill she's schedule nearly had to go to Florida again this year because like crazy hurricane bank. They played Miami in the first game at Franklin mining battered. And so I think I think seven. Eight or be a really good year program that fans to. Not think this is social hold on. Hold on by the Stevie branch year guitar next year create or order. Let's interest they would have I think you're exactly right what will determine the level of enthusiasm heading in the next year is. Is the recruiting because he is not clammed up and and the expectation was that he would cleanup and he has the cleanup I mean isn't in the end the thought was Louisiana guy comes back he's a monster recruiter. And he has not had the results there is the expectation that he will clean up is that your sense it was a optimism about that. That is not that is my assessment is all the great ironies about god great recruiter becoming their coach when a great when the great recruiter bin the company head coach. You can't go out on the road and Manny. Can look at jr.'s. Actually I actually do great recruiter actually recruits left wants to become a sort of the list the delicious irony of the sport. OK moving on to some other. Big picture stuff what one has the and a lot of new coaches animal world will will go through some of bomb Jimmy true thoughts on Jeremy pro. Jerry Pruitt is going to be fine he's under manned right fail the talent that Josie users is. I would say lows not seen it then a lot of long con. But they will be they will be a well coached team there will be disciplined dreamed they would do thank you got duke. I've got them going forward or in the league at best. And that includes a window. Or. Is that talent they've Butch Jones was putting together good class after good class after a good class and then you look up and there's. No one drafted. You know if something happened along the way. Some an epilogue noise some Gaza left some guys were not as good as you thought they were you know that that's why the bit the danger of highly ranked recruiting classes that they're not as good as everybody thinks when it comes time like. They're just they're frankly just not that good I was it. Tennessee's pro day and more a couple of the scouts and are really trusted that was the worst back to Tennessee players they've seen it. So I'm just I'm just telling. There for whatever don't pay that much attention to recruiting right can you change in the gas to comply. And Kelsey Kelsey had players who don't have anywhere need me here the depth of what they need to complete at this level that's which Schwab got what it there's. A team with better talent than Tennessee you wouldn't normally say this but I think it's true I mean it's indisputable it through his Mississippi State also with a new coat after a morning. God did and this was a team that Dan Mullen had been building what he left take the job for four years and there were ranked number one up weeks. Nineteen scholarships English crude quarterback in the six this Cheryl Scott to. Pros on their defense of live. They did just got a dollar in there and I've got impatient or behind Alabama all the bishop I think they're gonna do well although all the lakes Florida comes at Mississippi State September. Yeah I was gonna ask you about that Dan Mullen Florida when he sat. Plague beer at least two or three years away here's another place dealt a coach in this league. Mentioned to me should be taken a real good look at order recruiting the last three years so it. Obama will sit look at it at the application most. They simply have not. Recruited well at Florida over the last year so that's going to be critics were got a good quarterback tricks. You're. The quarterbacks of Florida will play better because then mullah coached. But right now they're pretty ersatz I've got Florida beach or the division I adored South Carolina. This time last year nobody would've given mad that much of a chance of emerging with the old miss job he did a good enough job to emerge with the Obama's job thoughts. He did an incredible job because there. There was a team there was situation that could have easily follow our I mean people could have failed they contracted in fact they came back and qualify for a bowl after just a couple of brutal losses that does sources. Really hard absorbed they came back. You know beat Mississippi State in the egg roll up our opera Madeline Bennett credible job capsule desert even a coach he's got a feel for the place they're recruiting well given. You know they're they're they're in them up their sanctions now so it. It up but again the problem Ole miss is that they're going to be great don't op pets and just. Brutal on the defense which LS they give a lot better. The numbers last year would just decorate how bad they're big critical against the will. Trying to targeted by an out mr. college football and he is on Twitter at mister see asked the finally Alabama is there real character of quarterback controversy what do you expect gonna how's that gonna play. They only controversies reformed if Portland so absolutely graphic everybody's. There's there's no question that Tutan below has a greater steals that accounts grow on the football I'll knows Jerry well Kurtz is two plays away. From one in two national championships and Alabama star quarterback you know could recover easily won one as a freshman against Clemson. The defense sold out last year. That was removed it had to be I saw my uncle anxious to see how it pans out probably to win or else that does the what does jail arched. The reached around and play and a man who won a championship and leave so you know he's gonna sit out a year from now awarding. At least basic and play he can actually play as many as in four games. Because of the new redshirt so it to me it's going to be fast verdict watched. It's interesting that you mentioned the voting and who you have I wondered if the voting is slanted at all by the fact that it's in in Birmingham and there's obviously a lot of Alabama media media column emotional highs beat that one now there's no question. Auburn I think it's highly ranked sometimes does the prevalence are. Of of Alabama media in Birmingham I wonder if it'll be different. But this year's pretty clear isn't it I mean it's Alabama and Georgia and Alabama is the winner here everyone's gonna kick back and end. I think there's there's no dispute about how people's view this year isn't that is there. No there's not. There's not don't the only question is how many boats what Alabama not given the many votes or Georgia or not you at least. The percentages are huge. There in the it is hard to see any other trick you all Auburn has the talent. To do it but all we're also plays. Washington Atlanta and Georgia and Alabama all girl so back that Swedish. If someone if someone is the knock off each of those teams in the west and the east. Com to win the last air to win these that are not Alabama or not Georgia. Who debate to the side. I got I've got a joy to lose in the soccer game at South Carolina September. I didn't go wonder. Columbia a long long common watching George struggle or even when they've got a much better team it's going to be 9000 degrees in Columbia sucker. Or we're always here so that's a dangerous game. Alabama. You know it. Auburn is capable of beating Alabama it. At Bryant Denny. Because of their ability to pro football. They're not their defense. I'll Auburn's defense later I was going to be better this year last year great so Auburn could do Auburn's got alum to do. The south Carolina at the L street George. Tony you're awfully nice to join us thank you very much appreciate have a great week. That is Tony Barnhart mr. college football writer broadcaster this network and Thomas 14 am G. Sport. You disagree with any of that different. Not really because I kind of tender agree it's like. It's ever been a year and maybe I'm sure there has been a just doesn't leap to mind. Where that the favorites are so prohibitive and either side of the conference I mean typically itself Florida's the favorite in the back in the good old should. But that was always Tennessee looming strike hasn't had a decade of dominance in what's Atlanta Renee yeah Alabama might have been an Alabama might have been. The favorite in the last but yet LSU. And you had Auburn both. With the potential to not come off right the biggest problem that and like whenever I look at if anyone's gonna knock at Alabama. To me the questions always OK well first you start the Auburn. But Auburn Oscar to dusk was this year. They had a chance Lester they knocked out there on the west Andy look at LSU and I just think LSU stakes accident there like around wildly mediocre. Yeah they're seven about the Baltic.