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Wednesday, August 15th

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You know Memphis has an opportunity they're there obviously picked to win they were picked to win you know Doug the west west or a reason and that's because they were turn. Basically everybody except. Probably person and instability and one of those returnees are a source. Is the great DJ Carter defensive back for the universe him it was he just wrapped up practice he joins us now TJ what's up brother. I also and man everything's good here how is camp going so far. Along real good dome today definitely it's not quite this open if you've progressed debate big step in the right direction and now we want. Take it one bit of panels keep progressing though from good to great earth keep making it. Few days ago you said you wanted to see dead defense netbook and the number formal way. That you want to do as little as it cents to Asia. The problem also upgrade and what you broad appeal of course the going to be hard China. Give up in Kabul shoulder. There's a policy every day of course will be in practice nor does an artist whose local whirlpool foot. There wasn't okay. Former little mad if you need quickly bounced bay coaches got on the that there was killed each other accountable and reduced mean my god David you've won or progress in order to. Oh he could account information we get Betty date. Guys obviously as you go to jail lots of attention on the quarterback competition when you're going up against those guys Everett ever practiced. Give us sort of a breakdown of of both of those guys both Brady Wyatt and David Moore what do they do well each of them. I'm being upset like both from a really good quote they can disperse it too much don't you mean it was one of the critical. Wouldn't. Afterlife. David he's been doing it takes. Turning making. I'm not in the top pick in a decade. Taking it when he also needed me. What all other people on the Quebec it is a bit of it come out there because it's watermelon also. Never became too big too much on it. Went when you committed says to Memphis obviously you're you're there. At a national yet 615 you know in your Twitter handle. How much did you know about Memphis. Before they they started recruiting you like had you ever thought that grew up in nationally did you ever considered it. Meant to stop by as a place you might like to play her or was that something that the coaching is that the coaching staff sort of convinced you about. The educational but did not mean what I got op Ed is a Palin you. Going to be huge so well I'll play it however there wasn't thinking about coming and it is gonna have mother. Big panel also related to the office thought about. It. For me about all I got older and up by the mob looked about long light their personal problem people. The love what I really want out of the school anyway outlook for. And at left so don't look at the pump oil addicted and have been a bit if you make of that what they hope will include the good view in the program. Loom. I'd go walking people yeah it's overhead altogether and I think it's a lot and it's available at Villanova graduate it. Nobody is what it is target nothing like I've come here and make intake and depression so Golden League ball. That's what I want to stick with two did that decision you couldn't you had those big offers right you could have gone there and maybe you start right away or maybe they went to church you Reich is they got other lifetime prospects to you decide to go somewhere you can be impact. You know right off the bat you start eleven games as a true fresh but what advice would you give to a prospect who maybe got that big school to. But then got us all come into telling them as you play right away here it worked out great for you what what would you tell that Q. Right I'll. I mean at individual to see him debate. If you mean the best if you so. That it came out to a team that if this will be the in my family it really coast all up and they're best at this if not anybody at this is all did you ignited by a suitable that you could you don't want to get it up before you assurance or amend it if so let us. We of course talking amid this defensive back TJ. Caught the rabbit a practice get ready to head. Two Lamberth TJ got to ask you know what year when you're cornered you gotta have a certain mentality. Every snap every play you like of the best defensive back in America. Of course I made. It. Look as want to be known is focused hitters on the list of who I care about them. Eager the first day at all. Came to victory over to some old doorknob. I want this simple look at it dead quantity at the Manila educate. And it cannot account in any. All being a good good good course Beckett allowed to. Compete with those guys they've been able to get ready for the deep pain. Oh top adaptor with a chuckle muscular guys want to dominate. You look across from it could create it agreements so I mean this attacker must serve. Who's next in terms of you know receivers obviously a big you know your unit you governor plays about the were they and their like a who's the guy or the guys are gonna step up and and sort of help fill that void. We velcro ball well on me we got the mop content. I'm you don't have popularity don't have a breakdown of the regular season this year political dispute the some people didn't pay as if Chris doesn't injured in the head got like if bill. Well all globe dot probably another Riddick received well over there to create a world. Make bank have over the over the bottle hidden ball play. All the medal would isolate it for another group that anybody would have loved at all about it or if I'm the. Quote set a tone which when underdogs today set the tone for the defense and Donald who's who's the vocal leader. I mean. Of course that we gotta I'm I'm mark an audience yes. What are going to be notebook that can't believe that all on Chris making course. Can you all the off. It won't. But it won't look a little. Alcohol we got me. Everybody now as we progress into camp I think like everybody is trying to take on narrow hold everybody accountable all they needed one leader. You don't answer it is everybody it's kind of making go to bed and let us say Cody could account also making me grow or any behavior that is definitely. You guys arrives the pick to win the division you know short in the in the title game last season. How much do you think about that given how close it was and how close you were to be in a New Year's Day bowl. How much does that loss last season drive you heading into this year. It is rather in the gave us that. Economic model. This year I mean gone from good to great don't think we had a good seat that ship aware Griffey because it. The British haven't wanted to finish and that's. There's been an umpire I don't know. It would also working at the apartment and it felt they did it in mission was tell the commode that it. We of course are at a Memphis defensive back TJ Carter here on Jason and Jon showed. Amen do you think there's any body else in the country that's got better uniforms and Memphis tiger football. Quote not culpable so we got they couldn't although. CE prior goes don't want and kept it on issues need to get this way because a bullet really know how to put together. You've got a great relationship with jailer Ramsey was also from Nashville what what did you learn to enter from him in training with him like you have. Well. That is what it did in all of cable the he's. Were all economy he walked out what everybody copied your local. People want to welcome our new word David if you do that did we don't want it all since he bought something like this is in the playbook is studying tape us so let there. And this I just got to market what. He worked at each needed. How he approaches the game up or whether it's simple sort of let us say before. It must recognize greatness yet are the last thing today for let's go no you're very busy we were talking about this last week on the show. I'll just asking the questions settle this and a seven on seven setting is just harassed and could you pick off Marcus Mario at a you don't have any tricks how to fix that you can get on bargains Marianna. Oh I may not Chris admitted being but if they get little blood money yes. Or admit that this top approach I mean that's why hubble's old Ella dominate the personal friend of the al-Qaeda who it is so. This is this without my mentality is an opt in like my whole team had this same mentality where. Did you have thought this was a pleasant absolutely TJ get good against her ma'am best of luck this season was a sort of document that you haven't written here is TJ Carter may have thought about favorite well I'll let me clear up what we already knew when it can be I didn't miss or don't call it if you won't be. One of the best cornerbacks in the coming up. I have sweat no doubt that I have so all of you gotta have profited you know what he was gonna say that to that question I met but he could've played a political we could have been out and now we needles in my speech to the far. Then it means no vote could come up. Do you believe him now that you've heard from TJ cart. Odds I believe in his confidence man. Odd. Bounce RI endorsement does it you're against us last week when we said that he would pick off marks Mario Annie which electric. You know adjuster state interstate. Not just to say that you had to have been they need to and is that still in denial and I don't think so he's gonna do it he he's got it I'm telling you that's the best corners in the race in college football it's gonna happen he's got to be in the NFL he's got a piece of art collaborating does that refresh us through debt I think he'll do when he gets in the league thanks to TJ Carter and thinks you the University of Memphis for up a set that up no that was thank you Memphis every you know -- the terrorists so we appreciate that as always we'll come back. Jason John edited out of heaviest via.