AUDIO: Rapoport on 929's Gary Parrish Show discussed Jalen Ramsey Comments

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Wednesday, August 15th
AUDIO: Rapoport on 929's Gary Parrish Show discussed Jalen Ramsey Comments

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You know wrap Forte NFL network inside even bottled water act rap sheet. And watch him of course all the NFL network which is carrying a total of five games in this second week of the pre season started Friday 6:30 PM central. Deal Brown's it'll grab boards here right now making a big interview. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports these are giving Barry show big interview. Presented by Ruth's Chris steak. Inez venomous ESPN Vienna rapper. Florida cherry pears they've done that. What's going comment area everything's gone my way up pressure to be an L keep it too long and you've been busy all dashing young TV com Jarrett. Really I'm actually hang out watching T. Hiking in jaguars settled joint practice or more on the night just practice facility and other events. Oh and I guess they are the conversation is also Jalen Ramsey who wanted to do is suspended this week. Because. The attack on the local media I gather but it may be even bigger headlines earlier today. When he just basically trash about a half of the quarterbacks in the NF ballots how thick going over is a whip in the Jacksonville organization and just in the diligent. DD trash orally and on mobile dot. Audited also trashing the right I've got lifted its thing I think he's right about most of the stuff he said but it's still not stuff you usually hear. Like it is in because right amount and obviously and I you need even the basketball world like in basketball like this happens all the time. You know guys are asked and they are on a steady diet can build obesity media kind of talks about it. You know everyone's always available and it's. Count on in football this is not ranked. So it actually been really intriguing but didn't feel like you're like oh my goodness sake this is what he's saying it's like a. Okay just had already done and that's one thing with a Randy is and I really like it but he's always gonna say what he banks and. You know I think. You know Erdogan as they were intent and I think with the jet are they trying to get over it our all. Because god made a lot of headlines by. That's the things its point three year old Pro Bowl quarterback I mean he is awesome this isn't just some random scrubbed he'll talk and wild about Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. He is awesome but it is still unusual I guess I would say the difference between what happens the basketball world in this would be. In the basketball world it's usually like one guy talking about one guy like they got beat so it's like. Come to see all dark yet did he went re just like mid August just like trash about a dozen NFL quarterback which which I don't actually think Evans too often in the NFL I mean in the MBA or anywhere else that's what was so like com. Surprising about it but like you said he's got this reputation he seems. Happy to give you if honest opinion about anything in this world. Even if it if you know there's there's no long term win for him you know speaking like this that I can that I can in vision. We and you show last year when he beat out AJ green and chill and tip line cynical of the week every putt I. OK I guess yeah I guess I would feel it and you know that sort of thing I think now I look at me. Yes he does talk a lot of trash. He's one of the good is it really could trash talking her cell. And this could usually used as day. Trash talker he'd better as the players show you favor direct you want right now is that ever dipped then you might be in trouble but. You know as always you can back it up and shoot like part whatever you walk right. And Atari and Rappaport NFL network is on Twitter at rap sheet what happened what the local media I can't imagine the local the media in Jacksonville. Is some incredibly difficult to deal with or critical of the jaguars organization. Oil and certainly Jalen Rea RRY or maybe I don't know I'm speak. Oh what happened. No you're right they're not overly critical but they were critical of him because he. She showed up late to camp Pickett had a child and it certainly seems smarty comment that he Shah could be if people about how much army took off. Which is not cool and their mistake and I'm offered the birth but did you disarm and can't be asked. The other thing lies. Egypt didn't want them to post practice studio I didn't want to post posted videos the white pants you know it doesn't work like I mean correction are open to the media. And people video him and let it go out to be shocked people shoot at and that pushed it. And that's life and at a young player I think he needs to learn like what you can control whether or not your cover and they do on Sundays but you cannot control what the media report so that's employee to stop. Talking in Rappaport NFL network insider on Twitter at rap sheet moving on are we at a point now. Where the only way baker may Phil plays this season is if Tyrod Taylor is horrible org gets hurt it seems to be fair that seems to be the stance in Cleveland. Yeah I think Israel and he'll sort of hurt this Pluto like oh these guys my quarterback BY you know that escalating in the way and I thought it is. It seems to be pretty real. And I don't think they want a baker I don't think they need to their pain Tara a lot of money and this is YE. It shortest saw the article this year different tact. Because every single team attracting young quarterback are at a start. You know it's not like cardinal at Hambrecht and you know he goes back to backs you know basically have an agent retired. You know they see browns traded for Tyrod can Ottawa. You know aside I think what we saw why is everyone in the league realizing like I don't want eighty guys and yeah. The browns go out and our average and parents playing decent then I don't think we see baker pre IP next year that we probably don't know what Tarek el. I Dez Bryant is scheduled to meet with the Cleveland organization I believe tomorrow do you expect and we end up playing with the browns. I think there's a real chance to earn you know that that organization. Has 400 and to come for some time. You know they have wanted to to show up in except Akeelah and all that. You can probably two extra weeks and we realize script actually show up but. Yeah he is scheduled to visit it will be there and. You know if you like (%expletive) Adding if they opt for the returning them on the money he's got a lot of money but also offered not free it's an upside gotta peeling your deal. I got much is clear and and also right there aren't best opportunity comment. And really polite. So yeah I mean there's a real threat that it happened otherwise I don't know why would you go visit. And Ian Rapoport FL network insider on Twitter at rap sheet on how do you expect that a little Mac. Situation with the raiders to get resolved there. I think the first thing many Japanese in each comment I parent you know reaching seventeen all simple. There are some players holding hostage in almost. Make him play short of a gun portal whatever AFLAC and I happened graders now. Mac you've got to commit and I think when he does that not start talking Norman. You know I don't know the immediate trigger and actually put them you know I'm sure that I have to reach her dog. That it's going to be really have to if they don't reach some sort of deal. Former almost quarterback Chad Kelly is now the number two quarterback in Denver Memphis court former members quarterback packed alleged demoted working with a 3-D a sense for. Just why this hasn't worked for Paxton lynch they have wanted him to be. The starting quarterback for awhile and now he's farther away from that spot that he's been he's actually ever began. Uh oh won't wipe this out worked. It's not talent. Corner flood summit that is and he's worked just. Not quite putting in the working eight due to be starting quarterback kind of like a lot but is it doubt mental doubt you know. He's struggled to a lot of situations he's been injured he's played he's he's got a lot of adversity young extreme version all that in. At some point confidence kind of guy on the orwellian and came into this year with a new attitude than. You know got picked almost right away you know all of a sudden. Chinese and they don't have again and once you get to adapt forty that you really really tough to come back from it really isn't so sound. I think. There are certain players. Where a fresh start is probably not the worst idea. Earned rapper appear with the Ian Rapoport NFL network is on Twitter rap sheet last thing before let's ago. Tom Tom Brady is expected to make his pre season debut tomorrow night against the Eagles how much of him do you think we'll actually see. What. Got a couple figured it out to 200 series not to Wear. You know comes out those little bit manipulated touched down like are going to be nothing. It features like actually playing so my guess is they'll be like to mystery series dough ball around look like Tom Brady and then packed it couldn't have done earlier on the show. We estimate that Ian Rapoport from the NFL network to make sure your bottom on Twitter at rep she watched him on the NFL network based forbid your Buddy Guy Elliott take itself.