AUDIO: Penny Hardaway on the Gary Parrish Show on Monday, May 21, 2018

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Monday, May 21st
AUDIO: Penny Hardaway on the Gary Parrish Show on Monday, May 21, 2018

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And former consensus first team all American mad at first team all NB begala the Orlando Magic getting now of course coach. Of the University of Memphis tiger has been on the job only about two months we've already secured commitments for. From four top 150 prospects three of whom are from Memphis he's going to be. Hosting caps on campus throughout the month the dew in the first with a debit starts June 5 they're they're two different Akayev family camp as well for information on all of that. Go to Penny Hardaway basketball camp dot com it's Penny Hardaway basketball camp back got a Penny Hardaway. Joins me now penny it's scary I don't man. Are you everything's all right I appreciate your being here like I said. Two months on the job Pettitte won't buy or have have you settled in have you had a chance to catch your breath yet. Yelled finally. Able to catch my breath right now on the mall the made a mop the mayor council drugs and start back up again in June and July. Organ declared that feel a little bit and make. You obviously get the job in very quickly come secure commitments from. Relevant recruits both in this market but also outside this market like I said commitments right now. From four top 150 kids according to 24 sevenths sports or composite rankings three with Memphis connections. Obama won outside of the city three in a class of 2008 team won the class of 2019. As it relates specifically to recruit. Has it gone as well as you fault as it been easier more difficult what you learn too much on the job doing that part of the job. Well I've actually been more difficult because we got into the game late in it would understood that you know we got to get a job there ever what it already had their relationship still. What's different colleges different coaches and we were coming in late. So I get not to be soaked up on ourselves if we still got the job gone by it would fit it would mid it DB. And we thought it would have been up and god spoke to jump at the opportunity but it. We got in late into the relationships already broke so what we're able to do with the short period of problems. What was really good well. It's interesting to hear you expressed. A bit of disappointment about how recruiting is gone because. Here's the truth that I was talking about this with or one of my colleagues CBS sports last week. You still secured the top thirty recruiting class in America and when you combine that with just enthusiasm around the program season seek its ticket sales donations. I think you could reasonably say this in fact accurately say this no other coach who's hired and a new job this off season. And I say this about due respect everybody involved Jeff Capel at Pitt. Chris Mack at mobile Dan Hurley UConn I don't think anybody has accomplished more in the first two months on the job. Then you have in these first two months on this job and yet you still don't seem satisfied at. All who know I don't know Ed elbowed out like they're wrong I got came and picked him across the web advocated that we GAAP. Then that we want it I don't remain so we got a really good cal I'm not a bad horribly disappointed yet. We went up here early right and job you know that didn't work and that would be it but as far as the kid that we gap we're met we're static Wear it where it. All the excited about the kid they were bring it that a program Emmerich right about there is yet. It what it easy you know sort of recover the treatment because they had all the get go relationship. Republic without school. I guess my larger point with just the ambition here you are. By all accounts from people in this market but also outside this market. I'm absolutely killing it so far in yet you're your your goals are so much higher that the ambition is impressive that's the larger point. I was I was trying to make a dug a Penny Hardaway here universe to Memphis men's basketball coach. Ask about this because for about two months. Everything you've done. Has been news has created conversation we've done segments on this radio station about you. Wearing a hat at any wide PL a bit about your Mercedes bin sprint ahead and weird at all that everything you do becomes a massive. Positive not topic of conversation. Did a little weird accident on carpet. You know I'm enjoying. His that energy city you know men joined at the people are happy. It in the already anticipating you know what what upcoming what to look coming mic stand. So everything that's going on with the energy of the city the productivity. Everyday that go along with debt that comes along with my name that can make people smile get excited about it. Matt Calcutta or enjoy it there's been bargains and where the cubs until you are being near. I've been a pro yet let middle school to coach it that you type who last eight years. And then now to be in nickel universe commitment. To get explode when it's another direction what do you know I think fun is that a lot on. Dogma Penny Hardaway here Memphis basketball coach or manager nine FM ESPN you know you're 46 years old I would argue you've been famous in this city. For thirty years and been famous worldwide for probably 47627. Year. I'm just curious when you when you sitting out you always been Penny Hardaway anywhere you've gone but it's different. Penny Hardaway Memphis basketball coach two people react differently to you now. Yet it it's weird like I did hear that retired in 2008. I've been admit that soul and people see me. And they look talk me and they weren't you know it was speech but it wouldn't be. The same energy that has now been nickel that your heartbeat because of everything and at Garnett who. The movement and getting the jobs in the inner city record they have to bite bite him. Everybody wanted. Can get back to bet that promise. Big Calcutta that that you know you had a on the top world when he was here all tell you brought. And winning and expected to wind up I want to read it can be no it. We've always been tiger brand. One bit when you when you know you only important not knowing wading into the atmosphere I want to have around the game. And you have already suggested that you expect. To be at or near the topic the American athletic conference in your warned you it knowledge that what Mick Crowley has done at Cincinnati is incredibly impressive Gregg Marshall with Gregg Marshall. Dan Hurley should have UConn respectable again but you'll assembled a roster. That is gonna give you liked your realistic she said that how optimistic are you. That the NCAA tournament is something Memphis is gonna be and next march. Mom very optimistic you know our schedule we have a really good. Out of comfort giggle and of course our property stuff now we only had a couple pick up lecture in a conference where it. No doubt ornate Carolina came they're they're gonna get better this year but honestly elegant head coaches meeting in Phoenix. We have a really impressed that. Global Coke gives. In the copper so it's not like small copper but I'm very optimistic that with the talent that we have our code that the world we're gonna do. Our with our guys here on the opera to bend to decrypt band that we can compete for a prototype next year and if not any disrespect anybody up and yet. No comment but made and that is how we think we don't we don't -- ticket you don't did settle rob maybe next year no it right now and that's what we're fighting for. Talking to Penny Hardaway you're a nanny to none of them ESPN you mentioned being at their coaches' meetings in Phoenix you've also been out on the circuit. You've gone in a matter of months from somebody these coaches were right to recruit from. To somebody who is now recruiting against these coaches how Allah those relationships change how you been treated. When you're around other division one college basketball coaches. The majority. Of the cold cheap it's been up the object became popular game. What do they mean to not know they kill the pot to become doc could be a few guys they're like hey I'm not all for the NBA. And how to pack being you got to show meat purse you worked great player you got a great player on Mike but it. Probably they're spread and you gonna have get it and let you know but it didn't mean you're going to be yet but it. Up for the most part the large majority of the cold have been like pot their particular hand and then we're gonna kill it and NB a blog. Targeting Hardaway here on 929 FM ESPN Mike Miller was on the station last week and he said that. Memphis man this is going to be absolutely bananas how much ball to have you put in the that already or is that still a little ways down the road. Think that I wanted to do on board Burke took over head coaching job that was too. And they admit the man who are already in and ebb and make it beat the statement of what these are going to be. And our number two would even student section. Back into the arena so that we haven't allege here. Student section so Mitt met it with number one because that's how you show your recruit in the city what you gonna explode into portrait it would be even though. Mike Miller was right would probably make river rather than bet that it never band and it isn't even our net. It's argument to the student section because I believe the first time I ever spent my own money. To buy a ticket to an event was to buy tickets to go to the pyramid to watch you play. And beat in the student section at the so called tomb of dough and like that was eight. I mean that was it is good in those years as anything you see Cameron indoor everything you see Kansas and anything you see anywhere. What's the key to get to getting that back how do you connect come with the students on campus now to get them to make it look more like it looked when you were playing. Well you have to give them look at their and you have given the attention you have let them know that they are very important to you. And dead dog that there need they are really needed out CNET news student on commitment been ripped up around campus and they're all excited. And at the same thing everyone I'm hey we need to gauge you got together we're gonna give all of the student the student that we can. Together and you know I talk to them about inner they'll come into the game to correct yup can't get we're talking about Vietnam. Are in a meeting last week about what we wanna name of the student Nixon because we need to give a spirit that I dignity and a name. And we my outlook bring back wouldn't leaders. Some old. I'll capitulate and a better form the let them okay this is their area because we're gonna meet their addiction to beat. Live amid an app would be energy lie all that this started back not that other credit aren't going to be what you gotta makers donors go like. That you're part of your game that we wanna do. And wrap it up to a Penny Hardaway universe to Memphis head coach. A night to night if ME SPN last thing before I let you go on it's a little off topic but it's what we've been talking about in this market that the lottery was set. You have a unique perspective on a lot of these prospects who were in this draft because you coached against them. On the web be a circuit you bid against Marvin Bagley you've seen Michael Porter you've seen tree young. Is this guy lying that you remember from the grass roots level that. You. Can envision being a star either in Memphis or somewhere else who always Penney art always favor prospect in the 2018 NBA draft. Well those two got its name Mormon Bagram mark order on the market what it got derailed by a back injury but I can help beat up vomit at the height of its. No high school career when he was healthy. Decades have become felt the need these second and no one in the regular Marvin back and watch it than he couldn't think straight. He's been dominating on that level since the great all the way outsold those two guys are slightly and confidence level and do the same exact thing. There's interest in this Penny Hardaway head coach at University of Memphis remember. The up and Hardaway basketball camps they start a next Martha June 5 of the team camp. Then they got two different day camps in the league camp in if you or team or your child wants to be involved go to the website get all the information Penny Hardaway basketball camp dot com. That's Penny Hardaway basketball camp that count pity at New York I appreciate you covered at a few minutes and I'll see you real sewn up. Garrett producers are right there on the way here on nanny to nine. FM ESPN.