AUDIO: Parrish Discussed Jon Rothstein Tigers "Power Ranking"/AAC

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Tuesday, July 10th
AUDIO: Parrish Discussed Jon Rothstein Tigers "Power Ranking"/AAC

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Got up this morning just like always and I am a sub couple coffee and said sit down at my desk and I can't jump on some read and see what's going on on Twitter account and start preparing for for my day whether write a column are torn up podcast for CBS sports are radio show right here on 99 of them ESPN all of the media I am getting tagged. And all sorts of tweets would job Rothstein at people tell me to calm a friend and colleague John Ross dean and explained Jim what's going on and down here in Memphis Tennessee because Hardaway is now in charge of the tigers and you can't possibly picked Memphis eight. In the AAC which is exactly where rusty has picked the tigers beat them eight BAC behind you see up Cincinnati Houston. SMU temple UConn and Wichita. Stay inside and get messed his own FaceBook about this. And get messed is on Twitter about this they're like John Ross Dini hates man is John Brownstein don't know anything about that AEA stayed. John Brownstein is high so long and so forth and so people ask me what you think about this is what I think our stuff. To the both of you who are saying John rusting doesn't know any of them at the American analytic conference let me explain something to you about general rusting. I would guess. He knows more about the American athletic conference than anybody on this plan. Wow sane thing for the sun belt same thing for the big east allow same thing for every basketball league in America. There is nobody who no more I mean this sincerely yeah they were is nobody who knows more about college basketball the John rusting. Nobody it is actually weird how much he knows about college basketball star married. Like on some days he's ease ease unmarried and and without children but even like when I was not married him without children my gate I don't know this much about anything. He's level of knowledge about college basketball the history of it and like everything that's going on right now is. It's almost like Rain Man ask wow. Like as an honest basketball's about every once in awhile producer I won't be in studio on the come to me and they're like a GP we got a mountain west game coming up late tonight. I need jurors were the sleepers. Or did need to know your X-Factor of cash for Fresno state on the day you talked Rothstein about X-Factor for presidents ought to not a he knows these roster and everything up. Or equipped to talk to about issues and like I big stories right now we end up. You we needed X-Factor for San Jose state that's rod he's saint Bonaventure how they look at this year in he can get three yup I got you leg he can you can really like. And I dull and the little inside. College basketball analyst stump yeah when we're doing highlights whether it's an post game show or at halftime or whatever part of shot sheets shot she has remained a work in television is that the highlight whilom. Omelet this it has four plays six point seven plays whatever and these plays will be broken down. On these highlights will be broken down by play and literally in front of it's it says what it is were about the watts so it fits com. Trade young. Three from the waning. Probably on a piece of paper as I'm doing that highlighted a six re younger I can read it if I wanted to and get away with that most people don't I don't UK. I think that this latest rusty doesn't even use shot sheets he just watches highlight and it doesn't matter what the game is. It doesn't matter what league it is he knows exactly what is happening it's very easy to pick out so was Marvin back later I'm talking about he could be doing a Fresno state San Jose state highlight. Not every roster Horry shot sheet or anything or box score in front of him and he can watch a play he can go that is. This guy that this guy that's this guy that's this guy this guy has this got all it's insane all right so I'm with you now so like just know this if you think he doesn't know anything about the American Erica you're adding in my emailed every knows it he knows everything about it everything it enough. Pete might just be wrong. Because we're all wrong when we offer predictions. Go find somebody who had a Ohio State. At or near the top of the Big Ten yard last season in July to July of 2017. But you know what he's talking about I think more than any thing. This is some. A reminder that this isn't Kentucky hi Aaron John cal Perry and him immediately flipping the roster in the John Wall DeMarcus Cousins Eric Bledsoe. And putting himself in a position to win a national championship after just a few months on the job. I Penny Hardaway did flip the roster and recruited at like fifty levels higher than the previous staff was capable of doing. But. Alex harris' I mean Alan Lomax is not. You know McDonald's all American Tyler Harris is not a McDonald's all American. Antoine Jones is not a McDonald's all American the players they were older players you wind whipped when they're sophomores and juniors and seniors. Not so much when their freshman. So this might just be a reminder. For Memphis fans who were caught up in the hysteria and you should be enjoyed this 'cause the past couple years socked. On the bed it's it's probably gonna take more than a year to get Memphis basketball back to where it ought to be a fair it'll take only a year. To get the building looking bright and to get people excited. And to get. Fund raising up. And to get. That kind of stuff right it's it's Soledad S and all the marketing study but I but the actual product the floor is probably going to take more than the air. If you asked me to take over under eight in the AAC. I would take. I think they'll be better than eight the BAC down and I just base it on this. I think they've got a better roster than they had last year they finished fifth last year. I think with a better roster they can finish in the top seven this year imply that. If you ask me to put together a C rankings I'd probably have them third fourth or fifth and not eight. But they could take reasonable BB eight and some might just be. I mean look at. Who they're behind. UCF is clearly better on paper Cincinnati is just it's Cincinnati no they're good they're all they're all they're never not good so let's just assume that they will be. Houston's got Kelvin Sampson whatever SMU wasn't very good Lester without shake militants they might not be good again but but Woolsey. And that's Fran dumb thing. Dan Hurley and Gregg Marshall you know those three guys got a common they're all across some basketball coaches. And in Memphis for all of the great things penny has done so far. And there's a bunch. And there are still questions about can he do the job on on game day and I would assume without talking to John about the specifically that he has. As similar questions that might just be safer to assume friend dump he's going to be good. Assumed in her he's gonna be good. As soon Greg marshals going to be good. I'm than it is to assume a first year division one head coach is going to be good that's a reasonable opinion it might end up being wrong. For the sake of the program I hope it is. It's not unreasonable he doesn't hate Memphis he doesn't not know what he's talking about is just a pre season ranking and appear Memphis and you wanna use it for Baltimore material. In that I can encourage you to do so.